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Si.UNXUI, Cl*., July 4 i'. m. i
C<xtTt‘S— Tliu market was dull and entirely
nominal. On ’Change at the midday call, at
i p. m., the mai'ket was reported quiet and
uncUaueed, with stiles of 2 bales. The following
ire the official spot quotations of the Cotton
Middling fair 10^
(food middling 10%
Middling 10
l/>w middling 9%
Good ordinary ‘.l*4
Sea ls!nnd -The market continues very dull
and nominal. There were no sales. We quote:
Common Georgias and Floridas H <3115*4
Medium 18*4<(>4r
Good medium 17%f018
Medium fine ISVsSj.
Fine 19*420
Extra fine [email protected]
Choice 22
Comparative Cotton Statement.
I Receipts, Kxports and Stock on Hand July 25. 1887, and
for the Same Time Last Year.
1886-87. 1685-86.
Mnd. jVP ta * ld |
Stock on hand Sept. 1 1,149 4,304 j 551 j 3.298|
Received to-day 8 ! 410;
Received previously 27,237 , 771,335 j! 23,386! 779,683 j
Total 28,386 1 775.650); SB.k| 783,421!
— 11-— — L- ; t
Exported to-day .... 17 j 281
! Exported previously 27,531 ! 775,077 22.521 G ,
•• Total 27,831 775,094 22,52
! Stock on hand and on sbip
i board this day l j 556| 566|i 1,416; 4,G.0
Kk r fho market was active and firm, but
qn t.ui !i.-' were not quorably higher. The sales
for th * day were 201 barrels at about quota*
(ions, as follows:
Fair 1%
Good 4%(&4%
Prime 4%(<i,5
Rough -
Country lots HO
Tide water 90<7>|1 15
Naval Stores—The market for spirits tur
pentine was quiet and weak and prices de
clined %c. The sales for the day were only 50
c:usks At 38c for regulars. At the Boat'd of
Trade on tho opening call the market was re
ported dull at 28%c tor regulars. At the closing
call ii was firm at ‘-’Sc* for regulars. Rosin—The
. was dull and unchanged. There was very
little inquiry and business was merely nominal.
At the Board of Trade on the first call the mar
ket was reported dull, with sales of 103 barrels,
ii the following quotations: A, B, C and D
•or. E Dae, F $1 00, G $1 05, H Si 10, I Si 15, K
$1 i>, MSi 47%. N Si 6O, window glass
85, water white $2 37%(&2 10. At the closing
\ill it was unchanged
. Spirits. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 2,543 .. ;< ’
Received to-day D7O i.925
Received previously 80,006 161,C58
Total 83.570 260,621
Exported to-day <2l 4,763
Exported previously 70.473 202,016
Total 71,194 206,779
Jtock on hand and on shipboard
to-day 12,385 53,842
Receipts same <lay last year 1,490 2.413
Financial >l< ney is very quiet.
Domestic Exchange- Easy. Banks and
bankers are buying sight drafts at % per cent,
discount and selling at par(gt% per cent, pre
foreign Exchange— The market is weak.
Commercial demand, Si *3%; sixty days,
£4 81%; ninety days, $4 Bj%; irunes. Paris and
Havre, commercial, sixty days, $5 24%; Swiss.
S5 21%; marks, sixty days, 94%.
Securities—The market is without life,
neither buyers nor sellers being in the market
to-day, except in a retail way.
Stocks and Bonds —City Bonds -Quiet. At
lanta 6 per cent long date, 10S bid. 110 asked;
Atlanta 7 per cent, ilB bid, 121 asked; Augusta
7 per cent longdate, 115 bid. 118 asked; Augusta
6s long date. 108 bid, 110 asked; Columbus 5 per
c.inf, ];* bid. 105 asked; Macon 0 per cent, 111
bid. 112 asked; new Savannah 5 jxt cent. October
coupons, 102 bid, 102% asked: new Savannah 5
l*r cent, August coupons. 102%bid, 103%.asked.
State Bonds— Market steady, with light sup
ply. Georgia new Gs, 1889, 102% bid, 103% asked;
Georgia new 4%5, 104% bid, 105% asked; Geor
gia 7 per cent * gold, quarterly coupons, 106
bid. 10i% asked: Georgia 7 per cent, coupons
January and July, maturity 18%, 120 bid, 121
Boi/road Stocks— Central Common, 119 bid.
130 asked; Augusta and Savannah 7 per cent
guaranteed, 132 bid, 133 asked; Georgia com
mon, 196 bid, 198 asked: Southwestern 7 per
rent guaranteed, 128 bid, 128% asked; Cen
tral 6 per ’ cent certificates, 100%
Did, 101% asked; Atlanta and West Point rail*
rtffid stock, JlO bid, 112' asked;
Atlanta and Wed Point 6 per cent certificates,
103 bid, 104 asked
Railroad Bonds —Market quiet. Savannah,
Florida and Western Railway < ‘ompany general
mortgage <> per cent interest, coupons October,
115 asked; Atlantic and Gulf first
mortgage consolidated 7 per cent, coupons
January and July, maturity 1897. 118 asked;
Central consolidated mortgage 7 per cent,
coupons January mid July, maturity 1893. 109%
bid. 110% asked; Georgia railroad 6s. 1897. 106
bid, 10s asked; Mobile and Girard second mort
gage indorsed 8 per cent, coupons January and
July, maturity 1889, It>2 bid. 104 asked; Mont
gomery and Eufaula first mortgage 6 per cent,
indorsed by Central railroad. W 6 bid, 107%asked;
Marietta and North Georgia first mortgage, 50
years, 6 per cent, 99 bid, 100% asked; Char
lotte, Columbia and Augusta first mort
gage, ill bid, 112% asked; Char
lotte, Columbia and ~ Augusta second
mortgage, 110 bid, 112% asked; Western Ala
bama second mortgage indorsed 8 per cent,
108 bid. ion asked: South Georgia ana Florida
indorsed, iisbkl. 120 asked; South Georgia and
Florida second mortgage, 114 bid, 116 asked;
Augusta and Knoxville first mortgage 7 per
cent, in bid. 112 asked; Gainesville, Jeffer
son and Southern first mortgage guaranteed,
115% bid, 116% asked; Gainesville, Jefferson
and Southern not guaranteed, 113 asked;
Ocean Steamship 6 per cent bonds, guaran
teed by (Vntral railroad, 102% bid, 103% asked;
Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern second
mortgage guaranteed, 113 asked;
Columbus and Rome first mortgage bonds, in
dorsed by Central railroad, 105 bid, I<K> asked;
Columbus and Western 6 per cent guaranteed,
109 bid. 111 asked; City and Suburban rail
"'ay first mortgage 7 per cent. 1% bid. 110
R*ked; Oglethorpe Savings and Trust Company,
106 hid, 107 asked.
Bonk Stock* —Nominal. Southern Bank of
11 • State<>f Georgia, 200 bid, 205 asked; Mer
chants' National Bank, 157 asked: Sa
vannah Bank and Trust Company, 99 bid, 101
a • "and; National Bank of Savannah, 120 bid, 121
Of < Savannah Gas Light stock, ex
-1 hd. 21 bid, 21% asked; Mutual Gas Light
30 bid. 23 asked.
Bacii.n •U.rket firm acd advancing: demand
t : • i:c I dear rib sides, 9%c; shoulders,
Uted clear ilb ifatta, 9c; long door*
* -'i 1 • • *i*l**i*£, none; hams, 13c.
BiautNO and Ties -Market quiet. We quote:
J and i’i; 2% lbs, 8 3 i(&b%c; 2 ihs, 7%(&7%c; 1%
; 1 • %e, according to brand and quantity.
Iron ties- Arrow and other brands. $1 00(/V 1 95
P 'r h.iudlc, according to brand and quantity,
it urging and tie?; in retail lots a fraction higher.
Urn-Eit- -Market steady; oleomargarine, 14®
IG-; choice Goshen, 18c; gilt cage, 22c; cruun
wy. 34®a>c.
C ambaoz -Northem, 10®12c.
< iiKKNK - Market nominal;small demand ;stock
“K f We <ji iott 11® t 3c.
Crp>:j.; -T!ie market Is firm. Wequotofor
iniMll lots: Ordinary. 19c; fair, 20c; good, 21c;
Sfioic ■. 2 ‘c: peaberry 25<*.
f Buna* Frtui r Apples, evaporated. 13c: peeled,
c: (teaches, pooled, 19c; tuipeeled s®7c; cur I
rants, <•; citron, 25c.
i-JCY .ls The market Is firm: business fair.
•J® p'lote: Prints, 4®6c; Georgia brown
i urtlng, 3.4, 4%,. ; •; -h do, 5%c: 4-4 brown sheet
*7!white osnaburgs, 8%(3G0c; checks,
ranis, 85c for ixisi makes; brown drill
7®r; v c.
1’ iHH \\ c quote full weights: Mackerel —No
•• 5 59<" lo o); No. 3. half barrels, nominal,
J' u(,1 9 •W: No. 2, $7 50® 8 00. Herring—No. 1,
*•_, scaled, 25c; cod, suf*Bc.
r i. UKr—Mnrlcot unsettled: demand moderate.
t 'l u ‘dr* : Extra, $4 UO&4 10; fancy, £4 85®
I 60 : lhoioe P**oß* $5 2500; family, $4 50®
rrit— Lemons— Market advancing and de-
F<kkl. Wo quote: §1 00®5 00.
oiAiN— Corn Market very firm; demand
“f 1 ? 1 - quote; WJiite corn. Job lots, 62<';
wark>,vl lots, o.‘c; mixed corn, job lots. 60c; car
*“**• lots. 58c. oats steady: demand good. We
3'lot.*: Mixed oats. 46c: carload lots, 40c. Bran,
'-o. M‘U, Georgia grist, per sack, $1 40;
tier Gu.i.cl. 7jc.
llay—Market very firm, with a fair demaud;
stock ample. *\V auote joc* lore: Western
-51 09; carload lots, 90c. Eastern none. North
ern none.
Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides --Market, dull; re
ceipts lijifiat; dry flint, lfc; salted. 10c; dry
butcher, be. Wool—Market weakand deeiiuinir;
prime in bales, burry. [email protected] Wax, 18c.
Tallow, [email protected],lc. Deerskins, flint, Ale; salted, 16c.
Otter skius, 50(2,54 MO.
Iron—Market Arm; Swede, 4W<asc; reflned.
tins t
Lard—Market is firm, in tierces 50tb
Lime. CAlcine Plaster and Cement—Ala
bama lump lime is in fair demand, and is selling
at 30 per barrel; Georgiasl 30; calcined plas
ter, $1 50 per barrel; hair 4c. Rosendale cement,
§1 50; Portland cement $2 50.
Liquors—Full stock; steady demand. Bour
bon, Si
Si 00(gG 35. Ales unchanged and in fair de
Nails—Market firm; fair demand. We quote:
3d, $3 90; 4d and sd, S3 25 ; 6d, $3 00, Bd, S2 75;
lOd to OOd, S2 50 per keg. •
JS uts—Almonds, Tarragona, 18©20c; Ivicas,
walnuts, French. 12c; Naples. 16c; pe
cans, 10c; Brazil, 10c;i filberts, 22c; eoeoanuts,
Baracoa, $5 25 per 100.
Oils—Market firm; demand good. Signal,
45c; West Virginia black, 9®loc; lard, 6(k*;
headlight, 15c; kerosene, 10c; water white,
13U 2 c ; neatsfoot, 62©80, machinery, 25©:f0e;
linseed, raw, 52c; boiled. 55c; mineral seairi6c;
fireproof, 18c; homelight, 18c.
Onions— Bermuda, Si 60 per crate; native,
Si 00© 1 25 per crate; Egyptian, $2 75 per case.
Potatoes—Long Island Rose, $2 75.
Peas— Demand light; cow peas, mixed 75©
80c; clay, $1 00©1 15; speckled, Si 00©1 15;
black eye, Si 25© 1 50; white crowder, $i 50©
Prunes—Turkish, 5%c; French, Bc.
Raisins—Demand light; market steady; loose
new Muscatel, $2 00; layers, S2 00 per box; Lon
don layers, S2 25 per box.
Salt—The demand is moderate and the mar
ket is quiet; carload lots. 00c fob; job lots. 75©
Shot—Drop. $1 40: buck, Si 65.
Sugar -The market is firm: cut loaf, 6%c;
standard A, 6V£c; extra O, s*Kc; C yellow, SVfce;
granulated. powdered, tifcje.
Syrup —Florida and Georgia syrup, 40©45c;
the market is quiet for sugar house at 35©40c:
Cuba straight goods, 28c in hogsh.eads; sugar
house molasses. 2)c.
Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate.
We quote: Smoking, 25©$ 1 25: chewing, com
inon, sound, 25©30c; fair, 30©35c: medium, 38
©soc; bright. 50©75c; tine fancy. 85©90c; extra
fine, 90c©Sl 10; bright navies, 45©75c; dark
navies, 40©50c.
Lubiber —The demand from the West is quiet,
owing to fear of effect of interstate commerce
bill: coastwise and foreign inquiry is only fairly
active. Prices for average schedules are firm at
quotations: We quote, fob:
Ordinary sizes sl3 50© 17 (>)
Difficult sizes 16 00©21 50
Flooring boards :6 (X)©2o 50
Shipstufif 18 50© .! 50
Timber —Market dull and nominal. We quote:
709 feet average $ 9 00© 11 00
800 “ 10 00©11 00
900 “ “ 11 00© 12 00
1,000 “ 12 00©14 00
Shipping timber in the raftr—
7(H) feet average $ 6 00© 7 00
800 “ “ 7 00© 800
900 “ “ • 8 00© 9(0
1,000 “ “ 9 00© 10 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures.
Lumber—By Sail -The market is very dull and
unchanged. It is, however, bare of tonnage:
but one arrival this week. Freight
limits are from $5 00 to $6 25 from this
and the near Georgia ports to the Chesapeake
ports, Philadelphi New York, Sound parts
and eastward. Timber, 50c©$l 00 higher than
lumber rates. To the West Indies and wind
ward, nominal: to South America, sl3 00© 14 00;
to Spanish and Mediterranian ports, sll 00©
12 00; to United Kingdom for orders, timber,
27'©28s; lumber, 423 15s. Steam To New York,
$7 00; to Philadelphia, $7 00; to Boston, $9 00.
Navai. Stores—Firm but nominal, owing to
the scarcity of vessels. Foreign—Cork, etc., for
orders, 2s and, or, is lj4d; Adriatic, roeln,
3s; Genoa, rosin. 2s 10WI. Coastwise—Steam
To Boston, 50c, on rosin. $1 (X>on spirits; to New
York, rosin 50c, spirits, 80c; to Philadelphia,
rosin, 30c, spirits 80c; to Baltimore, rosin, 30c,
spirits7oc. Coastwise, two or three cargoes of
fering by sail.
Cotton —By Steam— I The market is nominal.
Liv.-r|\*l via New York gift 8 16d
Liverpool via Baltimore tt ... 3-16d
Antwerp via New York lb Jqd
Havre via New York $ I£> 9-16 c
Havre via Baltimore. 66c
Bremen via New York ip tb 11-I6c
Reval via New York 11-32d
Bremen via Baltimore ip 1b
Amsterdam via New York 65c
Amsterdam via Balttrnoie 61c
Genoa via New York $ lb %<l
Boston bale - 1 35
Sea island ip bale 1 75
New York <p bale 1 35
Sea Island bale 1 75
Philadelphia -p bale 1 85
Sea island bale 1 75
Baltimore ip bale 1 25
bale 1 50
Rice—By steam—
New York barrel 60
Philadelphia ft barrel 60
Baltimore ft barrel 60
Boston $ barrel 60
Vegetables -By Bteam—(By special contract)
—To New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Balti
more, standard crates, 20c; barrels 10c. With
out the contract, crates 35c; barrels 75c.
Grown fowls fl pair $ 65 © 80
Chickens. %to £4 grown —4O © 60
Spriugers 25 © 40
Ducks pair 50 © 75
Geese pair 75 ©1 00
Turkeys pair 125 ©2 00
Eggs, country, # dozen 12Hj©
Peanuts—F|tncv h. p. Va. *p Tb .. © 7%
Peanuts—Hand picked : p lb .. © 6V6
Peanuts—(ia. $1 bushel, nominal. 75 © 90
Sweet potatoes, yel. reds bush. 50 (a, <lO
Sweet potatoes, ye I.yams U bush. 65 © 75
Sweet pot's, white yams bushel 40 © 50
Poultry—Market steady; receipts heavy;
demand light for grown; half to three-quarter
grown in good request. Egos—Market steady,
with a good demand aiul scarce. Peanuts
Fair stock; demand moderate; market ad
vancing and higher prices predicted.
Sugar—Georgia and Florida, nominal; none in
market. Honey—No demand, nominal. Sweet
Potatoes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand
New York, July 25. noon.—Stocks dull but
steady. Money easy at 4® 5 percent. Exchange
—long 84 [email protected] 88, short $4
bonds dull but steady. Government bonds dull
but steady.
5:(K) p. m.—Exchange dull but steady.
Money easy at |ier cent., closing offered
at 5 Sub-Treasury balances—Gold. $185,(171,000,’
currency, $12,655,000. Government bonds dull
anil rather heavy: four per cents 1875*,: four
and a half per cents 110%. State bonds dull
but steady.
The week opened with the market showing
no improvement over the past two weeks, but
trading is still entirely in the hands of profes
sionals. Transactions were exceedingly dull,
and fiuct nations, except where sjieoial pressure
is brought to bear, extremely neutral. There
was a moderately bullish feeling in the room
tills morning, and London did some buying.
Several of the most influential traders, however,
organized a raid upon values. Some ship or
ders were reached. Pacific .Mail, Richmond
Terminal and Missouri Pacific were the heaviest
sufferers, chough the entire unlive list partici
pated ill the decline. The market opened strong
at advances over Batnrday’s Anal figures from
U(o,dd tier cent., the latter for Louisville and
Nashvill ■. Tim market was very dull, and
further slight gams wore made in the early
dealings, but. these wwe soon neutralized. The
tone was moderately Arm till noon, when de
cided weakness was developed in some stocks,
w hile the general market was heavy. Some im
proveinent was noticeable at 2 o'clock, and
sli riit gains were made in the last hour, but the
'dose was oul'. steady and very dull at. insignifi
cant fractions 1 letter than lowest figures. Total
sales 114.(109 shares. The following were the
closing quotations:
Ma class A,2 to 5.196 New Orleans Pa
Ala. class B, 5s UK) cific, Ist mort... 78
Georgia 7s, inort, 108 N. Y Central 109
N Cnrollna (is... 127,* Norf. *W. prof... 45*j
N Carolina 45.. 96% Nor. Pacific. ..... 34%
so Caro. Girown) “ pref... 60%
comurfs 105 racifle Maif GU
TnnßsceC3 72 Re0d1ng..........
Virginia Os ... 48 Richmond A Ale.. a
Va consolidated. 40 Richmond & DanvlDO
Cli'peoke & Ohio. 8* Richm'd& W. Pt.
Chlo* NortkwTi.llfSyt Terminal 30%
** preferred... 146 Rock island 199
Dela., Lack &W. 132% Ht. Paul^
Erie 31 preferred.. 109%
East, Tennessee, Texas Pacific.... 49
new stock 12% Tenn. Coal A Iron. 33%
IjUcc Shore 98% Union Pacific sft '.l
L'vllle A Nash . 62% N. J. Central 6-%
•Memphis* Char. 50 Missouri Pacific...
Mobile* Ohio. .. U Western Union .. ,5%
Nash. * Chatt'a.. 79% CottouOilTrust cor 85%
cotton. ,
Liverpool, July 95, 12:30 p. m.—Cotton-
Prices practically easier; nilddltng uplands
ft ll ltld, middling Orleans 5 IMOd: sales 10.000
bales, for speculation and export 1.000 boles; re
ceipts 6,000 bales American 2.1K10.
Futures--Uplands, low mliklllnrf clause, July
and August delivery 5 37-Wd: August and Sep
tember 5.36 0 Id. also 6 85-4dj Seut-unbcr aud
Octob 5 28h4d: October f I>l NovemberC LMMd:
November and December 5 12-64d. also 5 10-64d;
December and January 5 10-64 U. Market dull at
the decline.
The tenders of deliveries at to-day’s clearings
amounted to 200 bales uew dockets and 300 old
2 p. in.—The sales to-day iueluded 8,000 bales
of American.
Middling uplands 55jjd, middling Orleans
Futures—Uplands, low middling clause, July
delivery 5 34-04d. sellers: July and August
534-64(1, sellers; August and September 5 33 64d,
buyers; September aud Octobers 19-64d, buyers;
October and November 5 32-G4d. sellers: Novem
ber and December 5 CMWd, sellers: December
and January 5 9-6 M. se)lei*s; January and Feb
ruary 5 9-64d, stdlers; September 5 33-6*ki,
buyere. Market easy.
4 p. in.— Futures: Uplands, low middling
clause. July delivery 5 82-64d, buyers: July and
August 5 32-64d,buyers; August and September
5 32-64d,sellers: September and October 5 18-04d,
buyers; October and Novembers il-64d, sellers;
November and December 5 8-64d, sellers; De
cember and January 5 8-04d, sellers; January
and February• 5 8-64d. sellers: September
5 32-64d. sellers. Market closed dull.
New York, July 25, noon.—Cotton opened
easy; middling uplands 10%c, middling Orleans
l<%c; sales 135 bales.
Futures—Market opened weak, with sales as
follows: July delivery 10 10c, August 10 14c.
lSepteml>er 9 58c, October 9 37c, November 9 30c,
December 9 30c.
5:00 p. m.—Market closet! easy; middling up
lands 104nc, middling Orleans sales to-day
148 bales; gross receipts 2,138 bales.
Futui*es—Market closed easy, with sales of
160,900 bales, as follows: July delivery l<> &)©
10 22c, August 10 21 ©lO 22c, September 9 51(0
9 52c, October 9 31 ©9 32c, November 9 26© 9 27c,
December 9 25© 9 26c, Jauuary 9 27©9 28c,
February 9 83© 9 35c, March 9 April 9 45©
9 46c, May 9 52© 9 63c
Green A Cos. 's report on cotton futures savs:
“The market has been irregular, with a show
ing of strength on old crop ana weakness on
later months. Early in the day August dropped
some 7 points under tame account* from
abroad. But there appeared to be a fear of
some sort of manipulation, and the lnss was
afterward recovered. The new crop, however,
has been pretty freely offered throughout and
shaded 1 4©1(> points, sellers appearing to be
impressed with the favorable accounts from the
South and shorting the market with a some
what liberal method. At the close there was a
small recovery, but not much improvement in
the demand and feeling badly."
Galveston, July 25. — Cotton dull; middling
9jkc; net receipts 51 bales, gross 51; sales 13
bales; stock 2,167 bales; exports coastwise 00
Norfolk, July 23. —Cotton nominal; middling
101.4 c; net receipts none, gross none; sales
143 bates; stock 2,541 bales; exports coastwise
76 bales.
Baltimore, July 23.—Cotton nominal; middling
11c; net receipts none, gross none; sales none;
stockist bales.
Boston, July 25.—Cotton steady; middling
10V£c; net receipts none, gross 552 bales; sales
none; stock none.
Wilmington, July 25.—Cotton nominal; mid
dling IOV4C; net receipts none, gross none; sales
none; stock 538 bales.
Philadelphia, July 25.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 10%c; net receipts none, gross none; stock
15,722 bales.
New Orleans, July 25.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 9%c; not receipts 1.268 bales, gross 1,263;
sales 250 bales; stock 49,781 bales; exports to
Great Britain 368 bal**s, coastwise 1,186.
Mobile, July 25.—Cotton nominal; middling
9%c; net receipts 1 bale, gross 1; sales none;
stock 822 bales.
Memphis, July 25.—Cotton dull; middling
receipts i4 hales; shipments 204 bales;
sales bales: stock 6,795 bales.
Augusta. July 2.. Cotton dull and nominal;
middling receipts 1 bale: sales none.
Charleston, July 25. Cotton quiet; middling
lOV.p* bid. 10*4e asked; net receipts 1 bale, gross
1; sales 20 bales; stock 837 bales.
Atlanta, July 25.— Cotton—middling 10>£c;
receipts none.
New York, July 25.—Consolidated net receipts
for all cotton ports to-day 1,324 bales; exports,
to Great Britain 7,748 bales, to France 2,216, to
the continent 733; stock at all American ports
198,375 bales.
Liverpool, July 25, 12:30 p.m.—Wheat dull;
demand poor; holders offer freely. Corn quiet;
demand poor; new mixed Western 3s ll%u.
New York, July 25, noon.—rlour dull and
heavy. Wheat lower. Corn In-tter. Pork
firm; mess sl6 25© 16 75. laird easy at $6 90.
< >ld mess pork steady at sls 25©15 75. Freights
5:00 p. m.—Flour, Southern quiet but barely
steady. Wheat p4©l!4c and options
lower, closing heavy; No. 2 red, July delivery
78?£(5 79 9-16 c, closing at 78‘4<*; August 79L. /
closing at 7964 c; September
Corn quiet but steady; options opened heavy but
closed steady; No. 2, July delivery 14©44Vn
August 41 September 463-16© tfitke.
Oats s4©3£cc lower; No. 2, 32*16©33; mixed
Western 34©37c; No. 2, July delivery 32t$c.
closing 3214 c: August September
; 40H©30>4C. Hops dull. Coffee, fair Rio, spot
quiet at 20c; No. 7 Rio. July delivery 17 95c, Au
gust IS 50c, September 18 4C©lB 60c. Sugar firm
but quiet ; fair refining quoted at 4 9-16 c; re
fined <iiiiet. Molasses nominal. Cotton seed oil
quoted at 2T©3oc for crude, 10© 43c for re
fined. Hides steady and quiet. Wool quiet
and weak. Pork steady; mess sls 25© 15 75 for
old, sl6 25© 16 75 for new. Beef dull. Middles
dull and nominal. a trifle higher but
trading light; Western steam, on spot $6 80©
6 90. choice $7, August delivery $6 98©6 95, Sep
ternber $7 02©7 04. Freights dull; cotton 5-32 U;
wheat. 3d.
Chicago, July 25.—Wheat was l>earish at the
opening to-day under free receipts and local un
loading, but the market was not particularly
active. August opened at 689gc, sold 68U|c. then
at but reacted again. The same
relative conditions were observed in other fu
tures. September opened at fell back to
7014 c, advoucod to 70%, and again receded to
70%c. It was at this figure when the Secretary
announced the visible supply as having made an
increase of 605,000 bushels. September immedi
ately dropped to 7044 c, but before 12:30 o'clock
had picked up a small fraction. There was not
muen in sight to bull wheat after this, as the
whole crowd was not prepared for an increase
of the visible supply, and on the strength of it
considerable wheat was forced to a sale. Sep
tember dropped to 70c a few minutes before tin*
close and closed at 70©70V6c. August closed at.
6HUc. Corn opened higher and with a bullish
feeling prevalent. August started at 37c, quickly
sold up to 37tyc. More is now done in Septem
ber corn than In nearer options. Prices in this
were firm, because no rain has fallen in the corn
belt, though everywhere else in the country it is
moderately moist. September opened at 37H*<*
fell to 37J4c, and then bulled up a full cent at
the close and firm at 38Vie for September and
for August. In this grain th*visible sup
ply showed a decrease of 728,000 bushels Oats
wen active early in the day. The feeling was
quite weak, and for near futures there were
declines of but this was afterward re
coven'd. the market becoming more steady.
Arrivals were very heavy, new oats arriving in
excess of the demand and thereby unsettling
the sj>eeulative feelings. September opened at
24 V4c. sold down to 24%c and up to 26V£c, closing
at 24%c. Provisions were again stronger, and
despite heaviness in wheat prices were stronger.
Trading was heavy, but tna belief that several
large packers were quietly buying short ribs
through brokers, higher prices for hogs and
corn caused holders to keep their products and
scared shorts into covering, and although out
side prices were not maintained, closing prices
were at a net advance over Saturday's close of
2V£e on lard and 12Uc on short, ribs. Septemlrer
lard sold at $6 70©6 75 and closed at $6 id. Sep
tember ribs opened at $8 advanced to
$8 22*4j. and closed with sellers at that price.
Pork was slow and light transactions were made
at lower prlce.
(?ABli quotations today ruled as follows: Hour
quirt, without quotable' change and steady.
Wheat, No. ‘J spring 67t>4c; No. 3 spring nomi
nal ; No. if red 76W*. Corn, No. 2, 3<*4<\
No. if, tf4c leard. per 100 lbs $6A714©6 60.
Short rft> sides, loose, $H I0(7r Dry salted
shoulders, boxed sf 60©*5 95; short clear sides,
boxed. $s i}.*)©* 4<>. \Miisky $1 10.
Leading futures r.tmcod as follows:
Opening. lliKhesi. Closing.
No. 3 NVhkat—
July delivery.. 6f*J4 Wbi 07^4
AuKUHt delivery, 60
Hept. delivery... 70q
July delivery.., 9716 ....
August delivery. 87 87/$ 37W
Sept, delivery... 37V$. 37*4 ;fi
July delivery.... 34 .... ....
August, delivery. 34{4 34Ui
Sc*nt. delivery...
Mem Fork
Year sll 00 .... ....
July delivery.... $6 60 $6 624 $6 574
August delivery. 660 6 62*4 6 (K)
Sept, delivery.... 0 7*4 C 724 670
Short Hina -
July delivery $H 05 $# 15 $# 124
Auxu-st delivery. KOS fi 15 124
Se|t delivery. 815 8 224 W
Haltimori:, July 25.—Flour dull and nomi
nally steady ; Howard street and Western giipcr
flne $2 85©2 20. extra $3 00©3 75, family $4 00
©4 10, city mills suj)erflne $2 50©3 00, extra
$3 25©8 75; Kio brands $4 37©4 02. Wljeat r~
Southern easy sn<l fairh active; red HKit 7zt•;
amber ftl©B4c; Wee tern lower but quiet; No. 2
winter hml. on spot and July delivery 784 c bid.
Corn—Soul hern stexuly and firm; white 50©58c,
yellow 47©48c; Western neglected.
Bt. Loris. July 25.—Flour nulet and easy.
Wlxoat —No. 2 n:d, cash7o4c: July delivery7oc;
August 70©704c. Cora-oum 884 c. August de
livery 884 c. Oatcaeh J*l4©2B>4C. .July de
livery 23) ._)■/, 34c. Whisky at $lO5. Provisions
firm: PorK trrcuiUar: new tuees at sls 50.
Lard, JO 45. Pry salt meats, boxed shoulders
$5 75; long clear $$ lt. dear ribs (8 lv’U
8 25, short clear £8 37bj®S 50. Bacon—boxed
shoulders $0 ‘S', ionp deiu' and clear ribs #0 oft
0 10. short clear 89 [email protected] 30. Hams steady at
Ciscixx ati, July 73. — Hour lower ; family $3
®8 as. Wheat heavy and lower; No. 2 red 78c.
Corn in bet ter supply but lower ; No. 2 mixed
41L,®42c. Oats active but lower; No. 8 mixed,
new 96c, old 73Vi>c. Provisions- I*ork in moder
ate demand at $lO. Lard stronger at $C 3‘.’h,
Bulk meats stronger: short ribs $$ 25c. Bacon
tinner; sliort, ribs gw 83, short clear 89 50.
Whisky active and Arm at 03. Hops steady.
I,orisvn.i.tf. July 25.—Wheat No. 9 reit, 70c.
Corn - No. 9 mixed 4(>e. Oats No. 8, ;!o<a.hOtjc,
new outs 37c. Provisions firm: Bacon—clear rib
sides 89 95, clear sides $9 50. shoulders 86 75.
Bulk meats—clear rib sides $S 50, clear sides
Js tk)t<; shoulders $0 00. Mess (x>rk nominal.
Hauls, sugar-cured firm at [email protected]ß. Lard,
choice leaf 8-6.
New Orleans, July 95.—Markets unchanged.
London. July 95.—Spirits turpentine 25s 10t£d.
Liverpool. July 25,12:30 p. in. Spirits tur
pentine 90s tid.
New York, July 95, noon.—Spirits turpentine
dull at 31 t<jO. Kosin dull at $1 000 ! 10.
5:00 p. m.—Kosin dull at 8l 05©1 10. Tur
pentine dull at 3H4C.
Charleston, July 25. -Spirits turpentine
firm, 2flc l)id. Rosin steady; good strained 90c.
Wilmington, July 95. Spirits turpentine
quiet at 98tkc. Rosin dull; strained 80c, good
strained Tar firm at 81 30. Crude tur
pentine firm; hard $1 10, yellow dip $1 95; vir
gin $8 00.
New York, July 25.—Rice Arm.
New Orle ans, July 95. — Rice unchanged.
Fruit and Vegetable Market.
The following special to the MornAi News
is published for the beneAt of our Florida and
Georgia readers and those interested in fruits
and vegetables, and can be relied upon as accu
rate and reliable:
New York, July 25.—The Savannah steamer
arriving to day brought only twenty-six car
loads of melons, anil for choice s’O 'k prices are
firmer at J3O [email protected] 00 per hundred. Many are
overripe, however, nud such lmv to be sold at
low prices and will not pay to ship longer.
!>■( ’onto pears continue in good demand at 81 50
<sjl2 00 per crate; 84 [email protected] 00 per barrel; Burt
letts, $2 [email protected] 3 00 per el ate.
G. S. Palmer.
Sitn Rises 5:11
Son Sets 6:58
High Water at Savannah 12:00 m. 12:37 p u
Tuesday, July 86, 1837.
Steamship Gate City, Taylor, Boston—C G An
derson. Agent.
Sohr Island City, Voorhees, Baltimore, with
coal to Dixon & Murphy, and empty banvls to
order; vss ! to Dale, Dixon ,V Cos.
Steamer David Clark. Ustna. Femandina— C
Williams, Agent.
Steamer Katie. Bevill, Augusta and way land
ings—.1 O Medlock, Agent.
Steamer Seminole, Strobhnr, Beaufort, Port
Royal and Bluff ton H A Sfcrobhar. Manager.
Steamer (irace Pitt, Willetts, Beaufort, Port
Royal and Bluftton—Master.
Steamship Wm 1 awrenee, Snow, Baltimore-
Jas B West & Cos.
Steamer Ethel. Gibson, Cohen's Bluff and way
landings—W T Gibson, Manager.
Steamship v. awrence, Baltimore.
London, July 23 Aitived, steamship Hatfield
Rr■ Bevan, Port Royal, SC.
Montevideo, Tune 90 Sailed, hark Sed (Nor),
Haur, Pensacola,
Apalachicola, July S3—Arrived, brig Irene,
Yates, Calves ton; schr Chas H Faliens, Curtis,
Boston. July 23—Arrived, schr Elia M Watts,
Stevens, Brunswick.
Darien, July 23 Arrived, schr Helen L Martin,
Fountain, Philadelphia.
Fernandlna. July 23—Cleared, schrs John R
Fell, 1 loane. Fall River; Frank MeGear, Hender
son, Baltimore.
Fall River, July 23—Arrived, schr Belle O'Neil,
Butler, Savannah.
Pensacola, .July 16—Arrived up, ship Arvio
(Rus), Wadman, Punta lara.
15th—Cleared, ship White Rose (Nor). Tofte,
TiOndon; 16th, bark Athlet (Nor), Natvig, Lis
bon; sclir Sallie I’on, West, —.
23d—Arrived, ship Canute (Br), Fraser, Liver
pool; bark Agra (Nor), Auli, Montevideo; schr
Jos Baker, Edton, Galveston.
Arrived up. barks slarthn Birnie (Br). Noble,
Buenos Ayres; Livingstone (Nor), Sakkestud,
Rin Janeiro.
Cleared, ship Adelaide Baker (Br), McGregor,
phin; S,trail A Fuller, Hart, New York
New York, July 25—Arrived, steamship De
vonia, Glasgow.
Arrived out. steamship City of Chester, from
New York for Liverpool.
per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way
landings 7 bales sea island cotton, 1 lot staves,
114 bids spirits turpentine, 261 bbls rosin, 1 lot
lumber, 12 cases eggs, 8 coops fowls, 9 calves, 1
horse and wagon.
Per steamer David Clark, from Fernandlna
5 bales cotton. 20 bbls grease, 1 baby carriage, 5
bales hides. 1 bale wool. 1 pkg wax. 1 box bacon,
96 bbls spirits turpentine, 1 bbl aud 8 bxs pears,
342 bbls rosin. 215 empty barrels, 11 bars iron.
Per Charleston and Savannah Kail wav. July
25—3 ears melons. 50 bbls rosin. 2 bales hides, 55
caddies tobacco. 30 hf caddies tobacco, 25 boxes
tobacco, 2 cases boots and shoes, 1 case clothing,
3 boxes handles.
Per Savannah, Florida and Western Railway.
July *5 1,078 bota rosin, 719 bbl* fptrlta turoen
tine. 24 cars lumber. 3 cars coal, 2 cars wood, 1
car blocks. 255 cases matches, 9 bales bides, 2
bales wool, 11 pkgs li h goods, 3 bbls syrup. 21
axles, 3 sacks peas. 1 organ. 52 bbls vegetables,
15 pkgs mdse. 611 lioxes vegetables, and mdse.
Per Central Railroad. July 25—8 bales cotton,
18 bales yarn, 18 bales domestics. 8 hales planls. 1
bale wool, 3 bales hides, 3-3 rolls leather, 2,455
lbs bacon, 1 pkg j>aper, 115 pkgs tobacco, 128
bbls spirits tur])entlne, 618 bbls rosin, 1 cur coal,
2,926 lbs fruit, 1 case eggs. 4 ears melons. 20 doz
brooms, 200 sacks bran, 60 bales bay, 1 pkg wax,
5 bbls whisky, 30 pkgs h h goods, 11 cars luml>er,
1 car wood, 102 tons pig iron. 5 pkgN twine, 108
pkgs mdse, 4 pkgs carriage material, 9 bale-s
paper stock, 3 pkgs empties, 74 pkgs hardware.
Per steamship Win Lawrence, for Baltimore
251 bbls rice, 1.468 bbls rosin, 57 bales domestics
and yarns, 400 bbls spirits turpentine. 16,000 feet
lumber, 32 bales paper stock. 17 rolls leather, 09
bdls hides, 168 pkgs fruit. 32S pkgs mdse.
Per steamship Gate ('itv. from Boston—Mrs J
Barry. Mlsh Durant, O M Tiffany. C A Hall, A C
Hall, Mrs M E Brown. R C Stearns. Leo Taylor,
Mrs Stearns, Mrs Curtis, C H Strickland, A P
Engles ton.
Per steamship Wm lAwrence, for Baltimore
E Coleman, O W Oliver, K Poezolt ami wife,
Harry Poezolt, F O Exlev, .Mrs Bailey, Miss Me
Ilvaine. Miss L Lehigh, M W Diwon and wife, (l
A Mnrr and wife. Mr and Mrs R W Atkinson and
2 children. K Y Atkinson, Ii Atkinson, Miss G
Atkinson, Miss .! Atkinson.
Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way
landings Miss Groover, O Gnann, R L McCall. J
A Tisou. N A Patterson and wife, D K Bramble,
T H Cassels, and 15 deck.
per steamer David Clark. from Fernandina -
F W Craner, Capt Gibson. Jacob Paulwn, A S
liarnwell, J J Kirby, Hairy Poizedp, E Polzolp
and wife, and 4 deck.
Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and wav
landings Baldwin & Cos, II M (V>m r & Cos, D K
Bramble, Peacock. H & (>), J P W illiams A: Cos,
(Jhesnutt & O’N, VV ! Miller. J O Sullivan and Cos,
Decker X. F. JllO Lawton. Lay <J. 1) B Ijester,
A B Hull, A Ehrlich Si Bro, D Cox, E Ii Flood.
Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. July
25—Transfer Offic -. .j M Fuller, M Y Henderson.
\. Gabel, A J Miller & Cos, J Rosenheim A: Cos,
Harms AJ. M Ferst & Cos, Peacock, II Si Cos,
Decker & F.
Per Savannah. Florida and Western Hallway,
July 25—Transfer Office. Lee Roy Myers & Cos,
M Y Henderson, B Guckenbeimer &. 8011, f’ar
rHsnter & B. Jno Lyons & Cos. A Einstein's Hons,
McDonough Si Cos. Dale, D & (k>. Bacon, J A Cos,
Ludden & B. H Myers A Bros, A Ehrlich & Bro,
Epstein Si W, Hlrsch Bros, O Keteiksn & Cos, A
Krauss, IJndsay & M, W K Hawkins, C L Jones,
M Ferst & Cos, F M Hull, Gnwly DeL A Cos, G W
Tiedeman, Peacck, H & Cos, w W Gordon A Cos,
BaldwMn A Cos, Ellis, Y & Cos, J P Williams S. Cos,
W C Jackson.
Per Central Railroad. July 2ft—Fordg Agt.
Wffsis A Cos,W r W Gordon & Cos, T P Bond & Cos,
L l*utzel, A B Hull, O W Tiedeman, Frank & Cos,
E Lovell & Bon, Eckman & V, H Myers A Bros,
jkmdheirn Bros Si Go. I Kjishfin A Bro, B Cohen.
H Solomon A Bon. G V Hector A Cos, F Carr,
W C Jackson. Vale Royal Mf| Cos, Decker A F,
J T Hhuptrtne A Bro, M Y Henderson. Gorrie
M Ferst A Cos, Loflll A L M Boley A Bon, I) A
Altick's Sons, Standard Oil Go. O *nedeniAn,
Southern Colton (}i\ Cos, J McGrath A Cos, J P
Williams A Cos. Weed AC. Stillwell. PA M,
MeDouough A Cos, II A Cos, A H Chazu-
Per steamer David Clark, from Fernajidino—
T Epstein &. Bro, I> Y Dancy, H Myers & Bros. C
Kills, Ray & Q, Lee Roy Myers \ Cos, Weed & C,
G W Tiedeman. Hlodmstf, M & Cos, W 0 Jackson.
Grady. l*eL A. Cos, A i, Hull, Peacock, 11 A Cos, S
Byek. Kills. Y A Cos, M Byek. Standard Oil Cos,
S W Branch, ,1 1‘ Williams A Cos, M First A' Cos,
M Y Henderson, W W Chisholm, Geo S Owens.
M Blnibamn.
Per steamship Gate City, from Boston—
A R Alt mayor A Cos. S W Branch, Byek Bros,
Byek A S, M Beley A Son, Bond, H S K, C R R,
Collat Bros, W G Cooper, E Coo, 1 Dasher A Cos,
W S Cherry A Cos, C Ellis, A Ehrlich & Bro, I>
Ilogan, A Einstein's Sons, M Ferst A Cos, Flood
FretwellA N. Garnett, S A t'o, Graham AH,
Grady. Del, A Cos, Haven Home, Herman A K,
A Kronas, Ktnan.iugh A B, Lindsay A M, H 11
Livingston, Ludden AB, N Lang. Lloyd &A.
D P Myerson, McDonough A B. River Lt A W
Cos. Meinliard Bros A Cos, Paterson. DA Cos, Mr
Katie, J Rosenheim A Cos, Ga A Fla 1S 11 Cos,
Southern F.x Cos. Southern Cotton nil Cos, G
Treanor, F A Schwarz, PTubenly, S, FA W Ry,
Savannah Steam Bakery, Vale Royal Mfg Cos,
Solomons A Cos, Weed A C.
A Pensioned Donkey.
From the Portland Oregonian.
A small old gray donkey, a regular
“burro,” an animal familiar in mining re
gions, but seldom seen here, passed through
the city yesterday by express consigned to
Mrs. J. R. Ward, Forest drove. A notice
on the side of the crate informed the curious
that the animal's name was “John Kellogg,”
and that it was tlio pr<>perty of N. S. Kel
logg, with whom it, shares the honor of dis
covering the Bunker Hill mine, the richest
mineral lode of the West.
The story gres that the patient, faithful
animal has shared with his master the toils
of prospecting for many years, packing his
bacon anti beans, his pick and shovel, and
all his other belongings, sustaining himself
on bacon gunnies, tin cans and what odds
and etuis and crusts his kind master could
provide, eked out by any vegetation which
came to hand, or ratlin to mouth. While
prospecting in tilt- Wardner Hills, Mr. Kel
logg one day sat down to eat his luncheon
ana the burro, probably tired of his wan
dering, unsettled course of life, begun to
paw away the snow and uncovered a crop
ping of mineral. Mr. Kellogg wiped his
lips, took ui) liis pick, and the rich discov
ery of the Bunker Hill was made and his
homestnke secured.
Like ti thoughtful, kind-hearted man, he
determined his faithful burro should sltaro
his good luck, and so he sent the animal by
express all the way to Forest drove, there
to revel in the clover the remainder of Ids
days. The little animal, as it stood in the
Wells, Fargo A Co.’s yard, attracted much
attention. He had gorged himself on oats
and stood in the shade a picture of content,
carelessly dirking a fly off his rump with
oue ear and another from Ins fetlock with
the other. The hair was all wont off his
back, and he looked rough anti shaggy, but
he has earned his rest, and it is to bo hoped
he may long live to enjoy it.
Advice to Motners.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup should
always be used when children are cutting
teeth. It relieves the little suffer at once; it
produeos natural, quiet sleep by relieving
the child from pain and the little cherub
awakes as “bright as a button.”
It is very pleasant to taste. It soothes tho
child, softens the gums, allays all pain, re
lieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the
best known remedy for diarrhoea, whether
arising from teething or other causes. 115
cents a bottle.
Gas Fixtures,
JVI ill Suppli es.
Steam Packing,
Hydrant, Stsam and Suction
Lift and Force Pumps
tIO .-mil Ufi I M-rivton St.
BUYR AND KRLI,S on commitwlon all claraes
of Storks and Bonds.
NeffotiuU*# loans on marketable NecuritieK.
Now York quotations furnished by private
ticker every flrteen minutes.
ORDERS EXECUTED on the New York, Chi
cago and Liverpool Exchanges.
Received in large quanti
ties daily. In packages to
suit all buyers.
For Sale Very Cheap
PAINTS AM) oil,*.
6 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Georgia,
1865. riIKIS. MURPHY, 1865.
House, Sign and Ornamental Painting
I EXECUTED NEATLY and with dispatch.
j PtuntH, Oil, VuniisheH, ItriiHheH, W indow
(iliiKwM, etc., etc. Estimates furuiidjod outp
Rear of Chrint Church.
43 Bull street. Residence 59 Liberty street.
Our trunks Have Arrived,
And we are read}” to show you the largest assortment ever
brought to Savannah. If you propose to take a summer va
cation don’t wait until you are ready to leave, but come
around to see us at once and make your selection while our
assortment is complete.
Trunks, Trunks.
Ladies’ Louisa Leather Saratoga Trunks, Ladies’ Lady
Washington Leather or Zinc Saratoga Trunks, Gents’ Sole
Leather Trunks, Ladies’ and Gents’ Leather Satchels, Ladies’
and Gents’ Leather Club Hags. All styles and at Rock Bot
tom Prices.
Don’t Fail to examine our Gents’ Calf $.5 Shoes, in Con
gress, Lace and Button, best in the city, at
N. B. The repairs in our store having been completed we
are again ready for business.
Artistically Decorated, Plated Lever Faucets, at the Following Low Priees:
IV6 Gallons. 2 Gallons. 3 Gallons. 4 Gallons. 6 Gallons.
90c. $1 60. $1 85. $2 20. $2 80.
Also Watering Pots, with Drfaehahlc Rose.
2 Quarts. 4 Quarts. 6 Quarts, 8 Quarts. 10 Quarts. 12 Quarts. 18 Quarts.
30c. 35c. 45c. 55c. 65c. 75c. $1 15.
And Refrigerators, Kerosene Stoves, Ice Cream Freezers, Fly.
Fans, Hair Dusters, Feather Dusters and the
Celebrated Charter Oak Ranges and Stoves,
With Wire Gauze Oven Doors.
The Construction of Which Equalizes the Heat In all Parts of
the Oven. For Sale by
Guards Armory, Corner Whitaker and York Streets.
Errs m o 3sf s.
30,000 bushels CORN, 15,000 bushels OATS,
Grain and Hay in carload a specialty.
COW BEAK, all varieties.
Our STOCK FEED is prepared with tfreat , are
and is just. the thing for Horws aDd Mules in
this weather. Try it.
T. P. BOND & CO.,
Ids Hay Street.
169 BAY.
FRENCH CLOCKS, etc., is to he found at
A. L. Desbouillons,
the dole agent for the celebrated ROCKFORD
RAILROAD WATCHES, and who also
makes a specialty of
18-Karat Wedding Rings
Anything you buy from him being warranted
as represented.
Opera Glasses at r'ost.
.A.. 18. HULL,
Wholesale Grocer,
Floor, Hay, Grain and Provision Dealer.
rr'RKHH MEAL and GRITS lu white socks.
Mill Ktu 17;: of nil kinds always on liaud.
Georgia raised SPANISH PEANUTS, also
PEAS; every variety.
Special prices cur load lots HAY and GRAIN.
Prompt at tention given all orders and satis
faction guaranteed.
line Central Railroad.
BA N K*.
Kissimmee City, Orange County, Bio.
, CAPITAL - - - *.’50,000
TRANSACT a regular banking business Give
(•articular attention to Florida collections.
•Corresiiondetieo solicited. Issue Exchange on
New York, New Oriouue, Savannah and Jock
eonville, Fla. Resident Agents for Coutta A Cos.
and Moiville, Evans &Oo of London, Engnud. *
New York correspondent: Tbo acuhvarj
National Bank.
-— j
11 garden:
Lawn Mowers, Three Sizes,
Ladies’ Garden Hoes,
Hand Plows, Hedge
Pruninng Scissors and Knives,
Garden Trowels and Weeders,
Fountain Pumps,
Rubber Hose and Reels,
Palmer Bros
14ft and 100 Conyraas Street.
Attention In called to the following reduced rate#
of HiibHcription, cah in advance:
One Year $6 otf
Six Month* 8 00
Three Month* f M
One Mouth ga
One Year $1 fXJ
Six Month* go
Three Month* 30
Our Telegraph New* eerviee ha* recently been
largely increu*ed. and it i* our detennliiaitfon to
keep the Htar up to the hlyheHt etuudard oC
newspa|>er excellence. Address
Wihriingtou, N. C.
McDoilll & MailJH
Machinists, Boiler Makers and Blacksmith^
AGENTS for Alert and Union Injectors, th
simplsKt and most effective on the markets
Gullett light Draft MagnoUa Cotton Gin, thi
best in the market.
All orders promptly attended to. Send for
Price List.
S l ot K FEED.
Keystone Mixed Feed,
All Kinds of Feed For Horses
and Cattle, Sold By
White Bluff Road.
1 FUiWers tmroMfvfto ordsr. Lease orw
oarsat DAVIS HMOHAeonteußun and York
streeti*. Tol—kew rdHRI

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