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Bus Rises 6:40
Bus Sets 4: SO
High Water at Savannah .... Mam. 6:14 pm
Monday. Dec IS, 1887.
Steamship Nacoochee, Kempton, New York
C G Anderson.
Steamer Ethel, Carroll, Cohen’s Bluff and way
landings—W T Gibson, Manaeer.
Steamer St Nicholas, Usina, Fernandina and
way landings—C Williams, Ajrt.
Lighter Florida, Port Royal, SC, in tow of
tug Sophia, with phosphate to Hammoud. Hull
& Cos.
Steamship Chattahoochee. New York.
Steamship Dessoug, Philadelphia.
Schr John K Souther, Perth Amboy.
Schr F C Yarnall, Baltimore.
Schr Willis S Shepard, Bull River, S C.
New York, Dec 9—Arrived, steamship Tona
wanda, Brickley. Brunswick: bark Anita Ber
wtnd, Mcßride. Savannah; schr Sarah A Fuller,
Brown, Apalachicola.
Bayonne, Dec s—Arrived, bark Myrtle (Fr),
Gaborie, Pensacola.
Cette, Dec s—Sailed, bark Wellamo (Rus),
Bjorkqvist, Pensacola.
Hull, Dec B—Sailed, bark Prince Patrick (Nor),
Newman, Pensacola.
Montevideo, Nov I—Arrived, ship Herman
Lebinkuhl (Nor), Paulsen, Pensacola.
2d— Sailed, bark Sylvia (Nor), Gabrielsen, Pen
Reval, Dec 4—Arrived, steamship Hawarden
(Bn, Wilson. Savannah.
Boston, Dec 9—Arrived, bark Levi S Andrews,
Watts, Pensacola.
Charleston, Dec 9—Cleared, schrD W McLean,
Hudson, Georgetown, S C, to load for New York.
Darien, Dec 9—Arrived,, bark Nellie Smith,
Wallace, Havana; sChr Meyer A Muller, Patter
son. New York.
Jacksonville. Dec 6—Arrived, schrs Charlotte
T Sibley. Bartlett, Belfast; 9th, Tamos, Moule,
New York.
Mobile, Dec 9—Arrived, bark Nymphen (Nor),
Eriksen. Pensacola.
New Bedford, Dec 9—Arrived, scbrs Lida J
Lewis, Cassie Jameson, and Fannie B Gorham,
all to load for Southern ports.
Pensacola. Dec 9 Arrived, schrs Wm P Ball
(:■ Win B Woods), Havana; Ella M Johnson,
Gloucester; Gertie Lewis. Portland.
Cleared, schr Annie & Millard, Steelman, Wil
mington; Bd, bark San Giovani E (Ital), Boero,
Port Royal, S C, Dee 9—Sailed, schr Eleanor,
Mott, Georgetown, SC. (Got ashore twice in
going out without a pilot.)
Philadelphia, Dec 9—Arrived, bark J B Rabel,
Sawyer, Savannah.
St Augustine, Dec 6—Arrived, schrs Christian
Bergh, Sanchez, Nassau; Ida C Schoolcraft,
Booye, New York.
In port, schr E V Glover, Ingersoll, from New
Schr Five Brothers, before reported aban
doned, was bound from Fernandina to Philadel
phia. After capsizing she remained in that
position for four hours, when the masts were
carried away and she righted. The crew, who
had succeeded in lashing themselves to the miz
zen channels, where the sea continually washed
over them, managed to reach the poop deck,
and remained there until Dec 2 without food or
water, when they were taken off by fishing schr
W Fisher and carried to Brunswick. The
schooner was abandoned in lat 28 45, lon 79 50.
Boston, Dec 9—Bark Levi S Andrews, which
arrived here to-day from Pensacola, encountered
Nov 29 a heavy gale, during which a boat and
part of the deck load were lost and rails bi oken.
Dec 4, 50 miles S\V from Frying Pan Shoals,
schr Wm W Converse, from Savannah to New
York, had lost some sails.
Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina and
landings—27l bales cotton, 132 crates oranges, 3
bales hides, 1 case clothing, 10 empty bbls. 217
sacks rice. 1 organ, 56 bbl 6 spirits turpentine, 1
pocket cotton. 1 book. 22 bbls rosin, 1 case w ine.
6 bbls empty bottles, 2 boxes mdse, 1 iug wine,
8 bdls sacks, 4 cases empty soda water bottles.
Per steamship Dessoug. for Philadelphia—642
bales cotton, 167 bales paper stock, 76 bbls rice,
151 bales domestics, 40,511) feet lumber, 154 hhds
sugar, 126 empty kegs, 163 pkgs mdse, 8,706 pkgs
fruit and vegetables.
Per steamship Chattahoochee, for New York—
-1.497 bales upland cotton, 342 bales domestics, 3 to
bales sea island cotton, 390 bbiscotton seed oil,
822 bbls rice, 467 bbls rosin, 1,438 pieces p p lum
ber. 11 bales hides, 204 hhds sugar. 28 bbls fish,
10.795 pkgs fruit and vegetables, 225 pkgs mdse,
128 tons pig iron.
Per steamship Chattahoochee for New York—
F M Hull, Dr Chas H Brown, Mr and Mrs Levy,
J B O'Hara. 1 colored, and 9 steerage.
Per steamship Nacoochee, from New York—
Miss K A Must in. H S O'Brien. M C O’Brien, Mrs
O’Brien, L O’Brien, Master H O’Brien, Master E
O'Brien. J A Blitch, Miss T Coyne, S N Harris
and wife, Rev J O'Byrne, W B Southwick. A
Perceville, O O Davenport, T Marshall and wife,
Mrs J L Brainard, J K Jackson, Miss S Kirkland,
I) G Downey, C C Downey. Mrs Oliver aud inft,
O Guttarman, Lizzie Keil, Lizzie Dow, Ellen
Ramsey, K McMahon, C Smith, N McNamara
and wife, J M Dickinson, F Tompkins. Mrs C
Mangel (col), D G Abbey, C N Durden, Miss L
Powe 1, Miss ' Dougherty. Miss A Dougherty,
Miss Josie L Kenny, Miss Jennie Kenny, Lucy "D
Todd (col). Miss Jane Degman, and 29 steerage.
Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina and
landings—C J Moller, Wm Layarou, J G Bur-
M Green, F Curdone, Jerry Usher, and 2
Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. Dec
10—Fretwell & N, Blodgett, M A Cos, J F Torrent,
Kavanaugh A B, McMillan Bros, H A Ulmo, Wm
Smith, G V Hecker A Cos, Brown Bros, M Laski,
M Maclean. H M Comer A Cos, Herron 4(1, TD
McMillan, Garnett, S & Cos, Montague A Cos, E A
Fulton & Son, Woods A Cos, J S Collins A Cos, S
W Register, B.vck A S, J Perhnsky.
Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina and
landings—M Y Henderson. H M Comer A Cos. G
Meyer, W W Gordon A Cos. Jno Flannery* Cos,
Baldwin A Cos. Peacock, H A Cos, Warren AA,
M Y A D I Mclntire, Butler AS, R J Havant, J
R Cowan, J P Williams A Cos, Order. F M Hull,
Prof C Piggot, C R Holmes. J W Tynan, W D
Johnston, E M Green, Ellis, Y * Cos. Herron & G,
Hammoud. H A Cos, Woods * Cos, Chamberlain
A Cos (Boston), Garnett, S A Cos. Christy Ritteu
house (Philadelphia). A U Ditwiler & Cos (Phila
delphia). J E Belt A Cos (Baltimore). J H Seward
A Cos (Baltimore). H Myers.Meinhard Bros A Cos.
W D Simkins A Cos, D Y Dancy, H F Dutton A
Cos, Ludden A B, Grady. DeL A Cos, I Randolph.
Per Savannan. Florida and Western Railway,
Dec 10—Transfer Office. Jno Flannery A Cos.
McDonough A Cos, Frierson A Cos, Beasley &Z,
Stillwell, P A M, W W Gordon A Cos. W C Mc-
Donough, Meinhard Bros A Cos, Standard Oil Cos,
G W Tiedeman, Lindsay AM, Kavanaugh A B,
Mutual Co-op Asso'n. D Y Dancy, J M Wheeler,
W D Simkins A Cos, Luke Carsou. C E KehlmaD,
M Ferst A Cos, D A Altick A Sonu, M Norman, J
E Freeman, M J Doyle. Lee Roy Myers A Cos, W
G Morrell, W W Chisholm, Epstein A IV, R G
Fleming. Lilientbal A Son, G V Hecker A Cos, T
Keller, Grady, DeL A Cos, A Ehrlich A Bro, R L
Wylly, C E Stults, A Einstein’s Sons, W I Miller,
F M Hull, Bendheim Rrtis A Co.Garnett, S A < o.
R B Cassels, Dale, D a Cos. Montague A Cos. Ben
Bittle, Herron A G, H M Comer A Cos, D N Har
ris. Baldwin A Cos, G Walter A Cos, M Maclean,
M Y A D I Mclntire.
Per steamshio Win Crane, from Baltimore -
G W Allen. D A Altiok & Sons, Bond. H X E, M
W Brown, Byek A: S, Bendljeim Bros & Cos, A S
Coken, O Butler, W G Cooper, 8.1 Cubbedge,
Cornwell <£ C. ChasiS; Sav Ky, M.l Doyle. G
Davis <st Son, Dryfus Bros.T Doyle,Epstein X W,
A Ehrlich & Bro, G Eckstein & Cos, M Verst & Cos,
P Fox, S Guckenheimer A Son, J C Gilman, C F
Graham, W W Gordon & Cos, G M Heidt & Cos, ,T
F Hutty, A B Hull, A Hanley. Kavanaugh * B,
Miss M C Johnson, E J Kellter, Lindsay & M, N
Lang, C L Jones, B H Levy & Bro, Lovell &L,
Lippman Bros, Jno Lyons & Cos, A I-eftter, Jno
Lynch, Mendel & D. Lee Boy Myers & Cos. J II
Martin. Meinbard Bros .t Cos. A J Miller X Cos, C
Meitzler, G S McAlpln, T II Jlßssey, S L Newton,
J G Nelson & Cos, Order Storeb & Cos. A B Hull,
Moore, H & Cos, Miss Daisy McAlpia. J O'Byrne,
W D Simkins X Cos, T P Bond & Cos. J Schley, T
J Davis A Cos, Palmer Bros, Harmon XC, A
Snint X Bro. Rieser&B. J J iteilley. Strauss
ros, Jno Sullivan,Southern Ex Cos. Pearson A S,
Wm Scheibing, sehr Bertha, Savannah Guano
Cos, stmr Katie, H Solomon A Son, Savannah
Furniture Cos, Solomons & Cos, G W Tiodemau, B
F Ulmer.Teeplo & Cos, J D Weed & Cos, J B West
& Cos, A M X C W West.
Per Central Railroad. Dec 10—Fordg Agt,
Jno Flannery & Co,Garnett, S A Co.F M Farley,
W W Gordon A Cos, Montague A Cos. JI Maclean.
Herron AG, Butler AS, G Walter A Cos. R D
Bogart, W W Chisholm, J S Wood A Bro, B B
New ton, Warren A A, MY A D I Mclntire. W C
Brown, Baldwin A Cos, Woods A Cos. J C Thomp
son. Slater M A Cos, Pearson A S. Williams, C A
Cos, J P Williams A Cos, Hammond, H A Cos. D L
Roberts, 1 < 1 Haas, Peacock, H A Cos, Moore, H
A Cos, C H Carson, Standard OH Cos, Byck A S,
Southern Cotton Oil (Jo, Stillwell. P A M. Smith
Bros A Cos, G W Tiedeman, A J Miller A Cos, E A
Schwarz. Hirsch Bros, E Lovell A Son, S Cohen.
Decker 4f.RH McDowell, M Ferst A Cos, C A H
Umbach, Ludden A B. A Ehrlich A Bro, G Fox,
C E Stulls, L Putzel. G Eckstein A Cos, A Lether,
M Y Henderson. Barlmry Perkins. Mendel A D,
A B Uull, H Solomon A Son, Mohr Bros, W H i
Price, Palmer Bros. D Weisbein, Rieser A S. O T
Rnrers, J D Weed A Cos, Lee Roy Myers A Cos,
J G Nelson A Cos, City A Sub Ry. Eckman A V,
Frank A Cos. I Epstein A Bro, Lilienthal A Son,
® Dub. S Guckenheimer A Son, Slater, M A Cos,
M J Frankenstein. D P Tlyerson, Ellis, Y A Cos,
'V C Jackson, H E Archer, A S Butler. B Koth
well, \V L Wood.
Per steamship Nacoochee, from New York—
A R Altmayer A Cos, G W Alien, T P Bond A Cos.
T heo Basel). Bendheim Bros A Cos, O Butler, J F
Brundage, Byck Bros, Byek A S. L E Bvck A
Son. W S Cherry A Cos, A H Champion. Clark A
D, Cornwell A C, W G Cooper, J S Collins A Cos,
Collat Bros, L Charrier, Crohan A D, Cohen A
B, E M Connor, J H Clinch, I Dasher A Cos, P F
Collier. J Derst, Davis Bros, Decker A F, H A
Dumas, J A Douglass A Cos, A Doyle, M J Doyle,
B Dub. Mrs J Dub. Eckman AV. Einstein A L,
G Eckstein A Cos. Einstein A L, A Ehrlich A Bro.
J A Einstein, I Epstein A Bro, Epstein A W.Wm
Estill, J H Estill, A Falk A Son, M Ferst A Cos,
Fleischman A Cos, Fowler Mfg Cos, H Fowler. G
Fox. P Fox, Frank A Cos, C M Gilbert A Cos. B M
Garfunkel, M Golina, J Gorham, A M Goodrich,
Grady, DeL A Cos, J M Greene care B J Cub
hedge, S Guckenheimer A Son, W P Hardee, A
L Hartridge, A Hanley, das Hart A Bro, J M
Hyde, Harms A J. D Hogan. Hymes Bros A Cos,
Hirsch Bros. Hexter A K. J H Iramen. Gen H R
Jackson, Kavanaugh A B, 8 Krouskoff, N Lang,
A Krause, Kuckuck A S, Lloyd A A, 1 auney A
G, B H Levy A Bro, Lindsay A M, Ludden A B,
A Leffler, Lovell A L. E Lovell A Son, M Bavin.
Lippman Bros. H H Livingston, D J Lyons, H
Logan, J Lutz, Marshall House. R Molina, (j S
McAlpin, A Minis A Sons, Jno Lyons A Cos. J .1
McMahon, J McGrath A Cos, R D McDonell, H
Miller, Mendel A I), Mohr Bros, A J Miller A Cos,
L R Millen. B Mathews, Lee Roy Myers A Cos,
DPMyerson, AS.Niehols, Jno Nicolson Jr, F
Niamias. Dr A Oemler, T J O'Brien, L Putzel,
Palmer Bros, Dr E Parsons, Peacock, H A Cos,
Pearson A S, M I’rager, Theo Raderick, Dr O H
Stone. M Roliski, Rieser A S, C I) Rogers, F J
Ruckert, H Sanders, J H Scarborough, Wm
Scheihing, HI. Schreiner, J S Silva A Son, M
Sternberg, P B Springer, Smith Bros A Cos, Capt
W H Stetson care McDonough A Cos. 1, C Strong,
H Solomon A Son, Solomons A Cos, Jno Sullivan,
Southern Ex Cos, W D Simkins A Cos, Theus Bros,
Mrs J Thompson, G W Tiedeman, A Tanner
baum, J W Tvnan, Vale Royal Mfg Cos, Mrs ,1 J
Wilder, J G Watts. J D Weed A Cos, Wvlly AC,
A M &C W West, D Weisbein, W H W inn. Mr
Willinsky, TV U Tel Cos, Southern Ex Cos, C R R,
Ga & Fla 18 B Cos. str Katie, S, F A W Ry.
Up, Cleared and Sailed for this Port.
Lake Nepigon (Br), Owens, Liverpool, sld Nov 25.
Etta (Br), Arthur, Rio Janeiro, sld Nov 4.
Glimt (Nor), Olsen, Santos, sld about Sept 12.
Niobe (Nor). Olsen, at Buenos Ayres, Sept 27.
Remittent (Nor), Pedersen, Buenos Ayres, sld
Nov 6.
Agnes Campliell (Nor), Nielsen, at Buenos Ayres
Aug 31.
Amaranth (Nor), Barentsen, Port Vendres, sld
Oct 24.
Uuione P (Ital), Zino, Genoa, sld Oct 26.
Unione (Ital), Esposito. Oporto, sld Oct 22.
Meteor (Ger), Voss. Stettin, sld Nov 1.
Unione (Ital), Garibaldi, Buenos Ayres, sld Oct
Sigurd Jarl (Nor), Olsen, Santos, sld Oct 14.
Republic (Nor). Sarbo, Amsterdam, sld Nov 12.
Peabody (Nor), Nielsen, Santos, sld Oct 18.
Samuel Welsh. Thiessing, Philadelphia, old Dec
Ossuna (Br), McKay, Belfast, I, sld Nov 18.
Alliance (Nor), Salvesen. Hamburg, sld Nov 18.
Madre (Ital). Costa, at Malaga Nov 6.
Salvador (Ital), Valle, at Port Vendres Nov 20.
Lady Gertrude (Br), Coutts, Buenos Ayres, sld
Oct 29.
Orion (Sw), , Grangemouth, sld Nov 29.
Cohnheim (Ger), Zepleiu, Lisbon, sld Nov 17.
Alfred Gibbs (Nor), Reinert, Buenos Ayres, sld
Nov 4.
Frederick Stang (Nor), Buenos Ayres, sld Nov 9.
Lady Gertrude (Br), Buenos Avres, sld Oct 29.
John Wesley. Van Gilder, Baltimore, cld Dec 7.
Belle of the Bay, Behrman, Richmond, up Nov
Florence, Flynn, Philadelphia, up Nov 16.
Island City, Voorhees, Baltimore, sld Nov 23.
Lizzie Dewey, Clark, Baltimore, sid Nov 26.
John B Hamel Jr, Fennimore, Baltimore, up
Dec 8.
Spotless. Eldridge, Baltimore, up Dec 8.
Win Frederick. Burgess, Baltimore, up Dec 8.
Joseph Rudd, Hallock, New York, sld Dec 7.
Cassie Jameson, Collins, Boston, sld Nov 30 via
Clark's Cove.
John H Tingue, Burdge, New York, up Dec 8.
Gertie M Rickerson, , New York, up
Dec 8.
Jose Oliverri. Avery, Boston, cld Dec 7.
Annie Bliss, O’Donnell. New York, up Dec 7.
Lida J Lewis, Townsend, Boston via Clarks
Cove, cld Dec 5.
June Bright, Barter, at New Bedford. Nov 29.
Senora Villena, and Gray; An Old Haven
romance, two volumes in one. By the author
of ’ Real People." White, Stokes A Allen,
Publishers. New York.
The author of these interesting volumes
is Mr. Marion Wilcox, who is rapidly be
coming known as a writer of much more
than average merit. He shows a skill in
his work that is felt rather than seen.
“Senora Villena” is a continuation of “Real
People. “Gray, ail Old Haven romance” is
a story of brilliancy and power. The two
are combined in a volume gotten up in their
usual excellent style by White, Stokes &
Allen, New York publishers. We have had
the pleasure hitherto to notice “Real Peo
ple,” a most charming work, and in these
last two productions Mr. Wilcox has pre
served his’ piquant style, and has presented
the public with a volume of rare excellence,
interesting from one cover to the other.
Critics of fiction will find in this new effort
of Mr. Wilcox much to admire, little to find
fault with and nothing to condemn. The
books shows originality, strength, dramatic
brilliancy, and is clean and readable
Faust, the Leoend and the Poem. By William
S. Walsh, with etchings by Hermann Faber.
J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.
Cloth $3.
Seldom is there issued from the press a
finer specimen of the printer’s and binder’s
arts than is presented in the above work.
The binding is superb, the paper heavy and
fine, and the printing as nearly perfect as it
is possible for it to be. The chief attraction
of this volume, however, is found in the
etchings. There are six of them, and they
alone are more than v.orth the price of the
volume. For a Christmas present “Faust,'
as presented by J. B. Lippincott Company,
could not well be surpassed.
The Story of Keedon Bluffs. By Charles Eg
bert Craddock, author of “In the Tennessee
Mountains." etc. Houghton Mifflin A Cos..
Boston and New York, Publishers. Wylly A
Clark, Savannah: Cloth SI.OO.
This charming story is one of the best of
the famous Tennessee author’s. The portraits
of character are very fine, the dialogue is
bright and interesting, and the plot is one
with which no fault is likely to bo found.
The reading of one of the stories of this
author excites a desire to read others.
There is a flavor about them that is very at
Paul Patoff, by F. Marion Crawford, author of
"A Roman Siuger," etc., Houghton, Mifflin A
Company, Boston uud New York, publishers.
Wylly A Clark, Savannah. Cloth, 51.50.
There arc few writers of fiction who have
more enthusiastic readers than Mr. Craw
ford. He has the fat uity of pleasing. While
his fiction is pure, it is deeply interesting.
The above story will bA found to be one of
his best, and it will repay perusal. There
are no dull parts iu it. and the reader will
find himself all the time anxious to reach
the end, and sorry when he does reach it.
Mingo and Other Sketches. By Joel Chandler
Hams. Boston: TicknorACo.
All the papers in this volume are com
pounded of laughter and sentiment, the lat
ter element somowliat predominating.
“Mingo" is an exquisite little sketch in
which the poor whites, the quality and the
faithful old negro are finely contrasted, and
in this occurs one of Mr. Harris’ most
brilliant strokes—an inspiration which may
be called a flash of genius.
Prince Little Boy and Other Tales Oct or
Fairyland. By S. Weir Mitchell, M. D., LL.
D. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.
These charming fniry tales are well ealeu-'
lated to interest and amuse children, with
out in any respect arcusing their fears.
They are tales which children can hear re
peated time and time again without loss of
pleasure. Even young people oould find
much in this volume that would claim their
attention. *
Prince Coastwinb’s Victory By Miss Miles
H. McKamara. Belford, Clark A Cos., Chicago
and New York.
This pretty little story is superbly illus
trated, and is printed on magnificent pajier.
The binding is also a work of art. The
story and illustrations will interest the
young folks, and the beauty of the volume
will attract the attention of the lovers of
the beautiful.
Ten Days in a Mad-House; or, Nellie Ely’s Ex
perience on Blackwell's Island. Norman
L. Munro, publisher, 24 and 26 Vandewater
street, New York. Paper, 25c
The author of this little work spent more
than a week in the pauper mad-house on
Blackwell’s Island, New York harbor, and
she gives a graphic account of how pauper
lunatics are treated.
The Gaverocks. By S. Bsring-Gould. J. B.
Lippincott Company, Philadelphia. Paper,
This is one of Lippineott’s series of select
novels, and a very interesting story it is.
The eighth number of Battles and Leaders
of the Civil War is now ready for subscrib
ers and purchasers. It deals quite exten
sively with the naval features of the war,
and is a very interesting * number. The
Century Company, New York.
The December Century opens with a
frontispiece portrait of Lincoln from a
photograph made about the time of his in
auguration, which event is the subject of
the present part of the Lincoln history.
Me sre. Nicolay and Hay continue in this
number the promised publication of new
material. Prof. Charles W. Shields, of
Princeton College, contributes an important
and interesting paper, entitled “The United
Churches of the United States,” being a re
view of the Century letters on Christian
unity, which were written as comments on
Ids former article of the same title. Mr.
Kennan’s second paper deals with the
“Prison Life of the Russian Revolutionists,”
and answers the question, “What, is the
specific nature of the wrongs which call
forth, especially among the youth of Russia,
such manifestations of fierce, passionate
hatred for the Tsar, aud which inspire such
persistent and desperate attempts to take
his life l” An illustrated paper on the Sea of
Galilee is contributed by Edward L. IV iison.
The narrative is the result of personal obser
vation and experience in Palestine, during
which Mr. Wilson made a large number of
photographs, which Have been utilized iu il
lustrations which accompany the article.
Mr. Brauder Matthews contributes an inter
esting study of journalism entitled “Notds
on Parisian Newspapers.” Mrs. M. G. Van
Rensselaer writes this month, in her series
on the English cathedrals, about Durham,
of which she says: "Among all the cathe
drals of England Durham is perhaps the
most imposing, and its situation is magnifi
cent, past rivalry.” The fiction of this num
ber is especially interesting. The number
contains no battle paper, but, as announced,
a few pages of “Memoranda on the Civil
War,” including a demonstration of the
Confederate strength in the Atlanta cam
paign, by Maj. E. C. Dawes, of Cincinnati;
a rejoinder to Gen. Robertson, by CoL
Mosby; a short article by Gen. Robert Ran
som on the service of his division at Fred
ericksburg, together with anecdotes. The
Century Company, Union square, New
The readers of St. Nicholas will discover
in the December number that Mi's. Frances
Hodgson Burnett has created a worthy com
panion character to “Little Lord Fauntle
roy” in the heroine of her story, "Sara
Crewe: or. What Happened at Miss Minch
in’s,” and, as in the earlier story,the author’s
conceptions are aided in their setting forth
by the work of the illustrator, Mr. R. B.
Birch. Mr. Frank R. Stockton administers
a salutary little lesson to both young and
old in one of his admirable stories, “The
Clocks of Rondaine,” the first part of which
appears in this number; and the Rev.
Washington Gladden, in “Santa Claus in
the Pulpit,” reveals the good old saint in a
new role. H. H. Boyesen tells the strange
story of “The Bear that Had a Bank Ac
count,” while J. T. Trowbr dge gives an ac
count of “How the Hart Boys Saw Great
Salt Lake,” aud Sarah J. Pritchard draws
an interesting sketch of Puritan days and
of the difficulties which attended the setting
up of “The First Christmas Tree in New
England.” There is the usual complement
of short sketches, jingles and pictures. The
Century Cos., Union Square, New York.
Christmas Wide Awake is made up of
thirty-five poems, stories, sketches, papers
of all sorts long and short, and pictures
fifty-seven. Both writers and artists are
such as stand for timely help along the
highway of life with good cheer in the bar
gain. If such an amount of such work of
pen and pencil was made into Christmas
books, they would cost as many dollars as
cents in Wide Awake. There is many a
boy and girl who will find iu its 32 pages
not only Christmas delight but hints to
ward wider fortune. D. Lothrop Company,
With the December number, The Writer
ends its first volume. The magazine was
started as a sixteen-page monthly. It has
been increased in sizo to thirty-two pages,
and the success that has warranted this en
largement assures for it a prosperous fu
ture. Iks value aud helpfulness to all who
write have been reiterated in nearly 2,000
newspaper notices, written by practical
newspaper men, who know better than any
body else what such a magazine should be.
The Writer, box 1905, Boston, Mass
The Pansy has begun its new year
already, the year we shall shortly be calling
1888. Pansy's story to last all through the
year is "Up Garret,” sequel to “A Seven
fold Trouble,” with the same people iu it.
Her Golden Text Story is “We Twelve
Girls.” an actual history how twelve girls
did try to live by certain golden texts. I).
Lothrop & Cos., Boston.
The Swiss Cross for December aims to
show how to collect facts, and how to
use them when collected It is well illus
trated. The articles are good, and will add
to the reader’s stock of ideas, and lead
them to think. There is no nonsense about
The Swiss Cross, it is safe, pure, health
ful reading. N. D. C. Hodges, 17 Lafayette
Place, New York.
Home Knowledge for December has an
attractive table of contents. Several live
questions are discussed by writers of recog
nized ability. Home Knowledge Associa
tion, New York city.
The Decorator and Furnisher for De
cember is a splendid number. The illustra
tions are numerous and attractive. Pratt
& Sanford, 30 and 32 East Fourteenth
street, New York.
Per Bushel (sl2 per ton) paid for good
Delivered In Carload Lots at
Southern Cotton Oil Cos. Mills
Price subject to change unless notified of ac
ceptance for certain quantity to be shipped by a
future date. Address nearest mill as above.
And Every Species Ci‘
Itching and Burning
Diseases Cured
by Cuticura.
IT'CZF.MA, Or Salt Rheum,, with its agonizing
'j itchiugand burning, instantly relieved by a
warm bath with (’uticura Soap, and a single ap
plication of Cuticura, the great Skin Cure. This
re|>eated daily, with two or three doses of C'UTl
cura Resolvent, the New Blood Purifier, to
keep the blood cool, the perspiration pure and
nuirritating, the bowels open, the liver and kid
neys active, will speedily cure Eczema, Tetter,
Ringworm, Psoriasis, Lichen, Pruritus. Scald
Head, Dandruff and every species of Itching,
Scaly and Pimply Humors of the Scalp aud
Skin, when the best physicians and all known
remedies fail.
I gratefully acknowledge a cure of Eczema, or
Salt Rheum, on.head, neck, face, arms ami legs
for seventeen years; notable to walk except on
hands and knees for one year; notable to help
myself for eight years; tried hundreds of remo
dies; doctors pronounced my ease hopeless; l>er
mauently cured by the Cuticura Kkmfiues.
will McDonald,
2542 Dearbon Street, Chicago, 111.
Some five months ago I had the pleasure to
inform you of my improvement in the use of th-'
Cuticura Remedies iu mycaseof severe Chronic
Eczema Erythematosa, aud to-day cheerfully
confirm all f then said. I consider my cure per
fect and complete, and attribute it entirely to
yoiu - remedies, having used no others.
3306 Peniia Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
I have suffered from Salt Rheum for over eight
years, at times so l>ad that i could not attend to
my business for weeks at a t ime. Three boxes
of Cuticura and four bottles Resolvent have
entirely cured me of this dreadful disease.
Mr. JOHN THIEL, Wilkesbarre, Pa.,
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura. 50c. : Soap.
25c. ; Resolvent, sl . Prepared by Iho I'ottkr
Drug and Chemical Cos., Boston. Mass.
LJy-Srn 1 for “How to Cure Skin Diseases," 74
pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
pi \IPLKS, black-heads, chapped and oily skin
llJl prevented by Cutk uiu Midk vti and Soap.
My Back Aches!
\ Back Aches. Kidney Pains and Weak
Soreness, Lameness, Strains and
Loin relieved in one minute by the
Ttty Cuticura Anti-Pain Plaster —in
w. j. marshall. h. a. m’leod.
Auction and General Commission Merchants.
Real Estate anJ Stocks and Ronds
116)4 Broughton Street, Savannah, Ga.
/ 4TH Session of nine months began October
Ot Ist, 1887. Students can enter at anytime,
and after January Ist reduction of one-third of
charge? Thorough instruction in Literary,
Scientific and Professional Departments, includ
ing Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering and
Agriculture. Fur catalogue appiy to C. S. YEN
ABLE, Chin, of Faculty, P. O. University of
Va., Va.
An Ordinance To permit McDonough A Cos. to
build a railroad track across Wheatou street
so as to connect the track? of the Savannah,
Florida and Western Railway Company with
the lumber yard of McDonough & Cos.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city of Savannah in Council
assembled. That permission is hereby given the
firm of McDonough A Cos. to connect the tracks
of the Savannah. Florida aud Western Railway
Company with the lumberyard of the said Mu
Donuugh & Cos. dieretofon* known as Hawkins’
yard) oy means of a railroad track across
Wheaton street, between Liberty street, anil
B/lbo canal, to lie used in the transportation of
lumber and other merchandise, provided that the
said track and three feet outside of it shall be
well paved on Wheaton street, that said street
shall not he obstructed more than three minutes
at a time, and that the said Mayor and Aider
men reserve the full right and power to further
restrict aud limit the use of the said street, and
to withdraw the permission herein contained
Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That it is
also required that, the said track lx* enclosed bv
gatus on Wiieaton street extending the full
length of Wheaton street on both sides of said
track, which said gates shall be kept closed so
as to prevent the crossing ot said track by vehi
cles or pedestrians immediately lefore its use
by trains or cars, and while the same is being s>
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That for every
violation and disregard of any of the provisions
contained in the preceding sections, the said
McDonough & Cos., their successors or assigns,
shall be liable to a line not exceeding fifty (50)
dollars upon conviction before the Police Court
of the City of Savannah.
Sec. 4. Be it further ordained. That all ordi
nances and parts of ordinances in conflict with
this ordinance, are hereby repealed.
Ordinance passed in Courted Nov. 30, 1887.
Attest: Frank E. Rebaricr, Clerk of Council.
An ordinance to suspend the ordinance passed
iu Council April 25, 1883, relative to obstruc
tions of sidewalks.
Section 1. Beit ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city of Savannah iu Council
assembled, and it is hereby ordained by the au
thority aforesaid, Th.at the ordinance passed in
Council on April £5, 1888, relative to obstruction
of sidewalks by the displaying of dry goods,
etc., Ite suspended from December 17th. 1887, to
January 3d, 1888, inclusive, upon condition that
the space occupied by dealers in displaying their
goods shall not exceed iwo and a half feet from
store to sidewalk, and shall not exceed three
feet from the curb toward the street, but no
goods or boxes shall be left on the i>avemeut or
street after 0 o'clock p. in. of each nay.
Ordinance pass *d in Council Nov. .'O, 1887.
Attest: Frank E. Rkbarer, Clerk of Council.
Ordinance read for the first time Nov. 2, 1887,
read a second time Nov. 10 and laid on the table.
Taken from the tabu* Nov. SO, 1887, and together
with substitute, referred to a special committee
of three, consisting of Aldermen Duncan, Myers
and Wells.
An Ordinance to amend an ordinance passed
Nov. 3, 1888, and entitled “an ordinance to
provide for the improvement of the sidewalks
of the city of Savannah."
Section 1. Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the city of Savannah in Council
assembled. That the above recited ordinance is
hereby amended so as to include in divisioa‘‘A"
as a part thereof both sides of Liberty stre t,
from Wheaton to East Broad street, the north
side of Bay street, between Drayton and Lin
coln streets, the north ideof Bay street, be
tween Jefferson and West Broad street-, both
sides of Montgomery street, between William
son and Bay street, east side of West Broad
street, between River and Bay streets.
Sec. 2. IU? it further ordained that all side
walks on the parts of the streets designated in
the preceding section shall l>e paved in terms of
the existing ordinance in relation to the paving
of sidewalks by the ilivt day of February, 1888;
and if not pa-ved by that time the work may be
done by the Mayor and Aldermen of the city cf
Savannah under the terms and provisions and
with nil the rights and powers ofsecion five of
the said ordinance of November 3d, 188 ft, in
cluding the manner and means of collection
mentioned iu said section fives.
Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, Tliat the side
walk on the cast side of Eas* Broad street, be
tween Liberty and Gaston streets, is hereby
placed in Division K of the raid ordinance of
November 3. 1886, and the said sidewalk is
hereby required to be graded under the terms
of said ordinance, and In the manner the. ein
provided by the first day of February, 1888. in
cose the said grading is not done by the first
day of February then the said Mayor and Al
dermen of the city of Savannah uutr proceed
in the manner pointed out in section nre of the
said ordinance, with ail the rights and powers, j
including the manner and means of collection
for the work done provided for by said section
to*. 4. Be it further ordained, That ail ordi- j
nances and parts of ordinances in conflict with
this ordinance are hereby repealed.
Ordinance passed in Council Nov. Si, 1887.
Attest: Frank E. lit barer. Cierk of Council. 1
I have Established My Head
quarters at LINDSAY & MOR
GAN’S, as there I find the best
assortment of CHRISTMAS
PRESENTS in the City, which
are both useful and ornamental,
Read Over the List:
Bedroom Suits.
Parlor Suits,
flat Racks,
Writing Desks,
Music Cabinets,
Rockers in Plush,
Rockers in Leather.
Rockers of Rattan.
Reception Chairs.
Easy Chairs,
Hall Chairs, and many others,
all of which can be found in all
the latest designs and coverings.
For the children can be had
Bicycles and Tricycles, Veloci
pedes, Doll Carriages, Wagons,
ifaj i ip
Warren-Scharf Anhalt Paving Ca,
Genuine Trinidad Asphalt
This Pavement has been thor
oughly tested in actual ser
vice and is found to possess
the following points of su
Ist. Cheaper than stone blocks equally well
2d. Durability; the company guarantees it
for a period of years.
Bd. Almost noiseless under traffic.
4th. The cleanest pavement made.
Stria. A perfect sanitary pavement. Being im
pervious to water and filth, it cannot exhale in
fectious gases.
6th. Easily and jrerfectiy repaired when opened
to lay pipes, etc.
7th. Haves wear and tear of herses and
Btli. Being smoother, less power is required to
haul over it than any other pavement.
9th. It enhances the value of abutting prop
erty more than any other pavement.
10th. it is therefore, all things considered, the
le-! and most, economical pavement that can be
laid on any street, whether the traffic is light or
Agent Hazard Powder Cos.,
MI LLSTUFFS of all kinds. Genuine TEXAS
prices carload lots HAY and GRAIN.
Prompt attention given all orders and satis
faction guaranteed.
ONE car load choice Hand-picked Virginia
Peanuts just received and for sale low by
or SIN*
ft . Bert Work ui! Lowert Prices
'id. ■ Guaranteed, 100 page Illuat’l
Catalogue. atowtwrpriated. *.&&■.triage 7c,
Eckstein's Holiilay AionnceMt
Congress Street Lave Bargain Sales.
Our Sales "Doubled. Low Prices Did It
Efninj Sis. Ertig Sib Ertig Sis
Closing Out Our Choice Line Below Cost.
Black Silts. Black Silks. Black Silts.
Best, lost BeliaUe Bargains in ilia City.
Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs
No Such Line to Be Found in This City.
Dress Patterns. Dress Patterns. Dress Patterns
Lale Styles, Superior Goois. HI Prices
Eckstein's Week of Grand Bargains.
Most Reliable Goods, Xjowest Prices, at Bokstein’l.
< ltA3i ]> JL> ISPLAY
West’s China Dalace
New Mat Gold and Beautiful Decorations in Haviland & Co.’s Celebrated
China. Pompadour Shape all th* Rage.
New Borogue Ware. Satin Ware, in ail Shades and Golait. Celladonna,
Burmese, Brilliantine and Beaded Ware. French and Belgian
Rich Cut Glass Ware. All of our own direct importation.
Gas Shades in all the Most Delicate Shapes and Tints.
Wo are receiving on every steamer NEW GOODS from all countries, suitable for WEDDING
and HOLLIDAY PRESENTS. Call and inspect the immense stock of STAPLE AND FANCY
Now is the time for Bargains In Carpets.
A fine selection of Cotton Chains, Union’s Extra Supers,
All Wool, Two and Three-Plys, Tapestries and Body Brus
sels just arrived. Our line of Furniture is complete in all
its departments. Just received, a carload of Cooking and
Heating Stoves. So call on us for Bargains. We don’t in
tend to be undersold, for cash or on easy terms.
H 111 3 Combining Comfort and Durability.
Era t'-T) gs*sj brass sprincs furnish the elasticity.
@ Your Dealer for ThemU
VSjW JPr m, Sant by Mall, Poet Paid, on receipt of price, at the following Li*t
O tijijv A Quality, Plain or fy. web. 8010 Quality, pl'nor fancy web $1.23
// '?>, / ‘f*'\ \ .kPY&i B “ " 78 E plain Bilk web ISO
£/' ),>Sy 'Kv c 100|F ■ fancy “ 3.00
r M’F'O CO.lß?&lfc!fc6wE
Forest Citj Sills.
are making an extra quality of GRITS
and MEAL, and can recommond it to the trade
as superior to any in this market. Would be
pleased to give special prices on application.
We have on hand a choice lot of EMPTY
SACKS, which we are selling cheap.
6 Whitaker Street, Savannah, Georgia.
Office and Planing Mill, Liberty and East Broad
A full stock of Dressed and Rough Lumber,
Laths. Shisoles, Etc . always on hand. Esti
mates given upon application. Promptdeliv*
guaranteed. Telephone 117.

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