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Savannah. Ga. , Match 13, 4p. m. i
rorroN—The market was quiet, with but few
*,!versoti the spot. The offer! g stock is lield
rv firmly- and factors are asking higher than
ve y mtions . H olders are very much encouraged
h!) the firmness of controlling markets aud the
rort of the Agricultural Burean The total
“L for the day were 145 bales. On 'Change at
h opening call, at 10 a. in., the market was re
irted steady and unchanged, but with no sales,
it the second call, at 1 p. m , it was steady, the
lies being 33 bales. At the third and last call,
*7. _ m-, it closed steady and unchanged, with
farther sales of 110 bales. The following are the
c ial closing spot quotations of the Cotton
Middling fair 10 *-}
Rood midaling 9 15-18
Good ordinary 6 18-16
Ordinary 8 8-1&
„ Tg,'and.—' The market was dull and some-
A„, nominal- There was uo inquiry, aud the
market closed without a single transaction.
TO last sties were ou the basis of quotations.
TCe quote:
Common Georgias t iqntttyao
Common Florida* !
Medium fine
Extra flue 2d (&
Choice. • 24 (ft
Comparative Cotton Statement.
Receipts, Exports and Stock on Hand March 12, 1888, and
for the Same Time Last Year.
1887-88. *\ 188(5-87.
Stock on band Sept. 1 57.“ O.Slf I 1,1 41i 4.804
Received to-day 411 j 1,107
Received previously 22,377 800,472; 1 27,7,5 747,937
Total j 22,952 807, 70s I 28.K74 753,848
.. ... | 1
Exported to-day I . . 134, j 1.221
(Exported previously . ... 19,124 704,951 25,3 9! 714,209:
1 Total 19,124. 705,08ft' 25 .Tv 9’ ?i6.430
iStock on lmn*l anti on Khifi i ■ i ' I
l board to day \\ a,Witt 42,63', l,sxr> 3?,0l8l
RiCß—The market was very quiet and un
changed. There were no sates during the flay.
At the Board of Trade the market was reported
dull for grades of fair to good aud firm for
prime, at the following official quotations of
the Board of Trade. Small job lots are held at
Fair 5 ®5%
Good 5% -
Prime 5%®6
Tide water 81 15®1 30
Country lots 95®1 10
Naval Stores—The market was quiet for
spirits turpentine. Prices, however, were steady
t a decline of %c. The sales for the day were
J2i casks, a 35%e for regulars. At the Board
of Trade on the opening call the market wa f
reported steady at 35%c for regulars. At th -
closing call it was steady at 35%e for regulars.
Rosin—Tue market was very q net. There was
a moderate inquiry and a light business doing.
At the Boat'll of Trade on the first call the ma-
Let was reported quiet at the following quota
tions: A. B, C, I>, E and F 97%a C* SIUO, H
$1 06. I $1 13. K $1 30. M Si 85, N $; 55. window
glass $2 89, water white §2 50. At the last cal! it
was unchanged.
naval stores statement.
Spiiits Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 2,543 i 7,406
Received to-day 37 2,361
received previously 168.053 608.9,U
Total .170.683 088,678
Exported to-day 138 82
Exported previously 163,516 012,262
Total .165.676 612,31)
Stock on hand and on shipboard
to-day 4,957 76,331
Ke.cipts same day last year 184 1.5,6
Financial—Money is easy and in good re
Domestic Exchange— Is scarce. Banks anti
bankers are buying sight drafts at )<j per ce it
premium and selling at % per cent pre
Foreign Exchange— The market is firm.
Cnminer ill demand, $4 .*4; sixty days. SI 85;
ninety days, $4 84)4: francs. Paris and Havre,
commercial, sixty days. $5 21%; Swiss. $. 22)4;
marks, sixty days, ho l-16c.
securities—The market is dull for all classes
of securities.
Stocks and Bonds — City Bonds -Atlanta 6
pereint long date, ex-int -rest. 10? bid, 114
asked; Atlanta 7 per cent, 118 bid, 121 asked;
Augusta 7 per cent long date, 113 bid, 115
asked; Augusta 6s long date, 10.) bid, 112
Asked; Columbus 5 per cent. 98 bid, 10!
asked; Macon 6 per cent. 106 bict, UO askei;
new Savannah 5 per cent. April coupons. 102)4
bid, 1 2% asked; new savannah 5 per cent, .ilay
coup <ns, lOH-j bid. 101% asked.
State Bo da—Georgia new 6s. 1989, ex-coupon,
100% bid, 101% asked; Georgia new t%s. ex
coupon, 105 bid, 105*4; asked; Geo gia 7 per
cent gold, quart* ly coupons, 105 bid. 106
asked; Georgia 7 per cent, coupons January
aud July, maturity 1896, ex-coupous, 117 bid.
119 asked.
Railroad .Storks—Central Common, It 7% bid,
118 asked; Augusta aud Savannah 7 per cent
guaranteed, 132 bid, 134 asked; Georgia com
mon. 205 bid, 2.-6 asked; Southwestern 7 per
cent guaranteed. 129)4 bid, 130 asked; Central
6 per bent certificates, 101% bid, 102 as ed;
A lama and West Point railroad stoc , 109%
bid, UO4 asked; Atlanta and West Potato
per cent certificates, ex-interest, 102)4 hid, 103%
Railroad Bonds— Savannah, Florida and
Western Railway Company general mortgage 6
per cent interest, coupons October, ex-interest,
112 bid, 114 asked; Atlantic and Gulf first
mortgage consolidated 7 per cent, coupons
January and July, maturity 1897, 118 bid,
116 asked; Central consolidated mortgage 7
per cent , coupons January and Ju y. maturity
U3B, 1D0)4 bid, ilO’4 asked; Georgia railroad 6s.
1897. 10 bid, 110 asked; Mobile and Girard
second mortgage indorsed 8 per cent, coupons
January aud July, inatmity 1889, I bid,
104 asked; Montgomery and Eufaula first
mortgage 6 per cent, indorsed by Central rail
raid, 108 bid, 109)4 asked: Marietta and
North Georgia first mortgage, 50 years, 6 per
cent, 99% hid. 100% aud interest asked;
Charlotte, Columbia aud Augusta first mort
gage, 110 bid, 112 asked; Charlotte, Colum
bia aud Augusta second mortgage, 109 bid,
110% asked; Western Alabama second mort
gage indorsed 8 per cent, 109 bid. 110 asked;
South Georgia aud Florida indorsed, 117 bid,
118 asked; south Georgia and Florida second
mortgage, 111 hid, 116 asked; Augusta and
Knoxville first mortgage 7 per cent, 110% hid,
111% asked; Gainesville, Jefferson and Soutta
fru first mortgage guaranteed, 115 bid, 117
asked; Gainesville Jefferson and Southern not
guaranteed, HO hid. 111 asked; Ocean
Steamship 6 per cent bonds, guaranteed by
Central railroad, 103 bid, 104 asked; Gaines-
File. Jefferson uud .Southern second mortgage
guaranteed. 113 asked; Columbus and Rome
first mortgage bonds, indorsed by Central rail
road, 106 bid, 107 asked; Columbus aud
western* per cent guaranteed, 108 bid, 1.0
asked: City and Suburuan railway first mort
gage 7 per cent. 107 bid, 108 asked.
Bank Stocks —Nominal. Southern Bank of
tbe State of Georgia, 200 l>id. 204 asked;
Merchants' National Bank, 162 bid, 165
joked; Savannah. Batik and Trust Company,
f' bid. 97 asked; National Bauk of Savannah,
140 bid. 128 asked; Oglethorpe Savings and
t rust Company, 115 hid, 116 asked; Citizens'
bauk, 90 bid, 95 asked.
boa Storks— Savannah Gas Light stock, ex
“lvidend, 18% bid. 19% asked; Mutual Gas Light
“took, u hi,{, 40 asked.
Bacon—Market steady; demand good; smoked
tie r rib Sid a, B%c; shoulders. 7c: dry salted
tear rib sides, Sc; loag clear, 8c; bellies, 8c;
3.elders, i.%c; hams. 13c.
Bagging and Ties—Market quiet. We quote:
bagging, 2% lbs, B®B%c; 2 IK 7%®7%c; 1%
6%)5;7c, according to brand a id q antlty.
Iron ties -#i ao per bundle, according to brand
tnd quantity. Bags ng and ties in retail lots a
''■action higher.
Butter— Market firmer; Goshen, 20c; gilt
sage. 4Jc; creamery. 26c,
. ( (Ga nuAOE—Supply light; native and Florida,
Cheese—Market steady; fair demand. Wo
luote. [email protected]
Coffee—The market is quiet hut steady. We
ptote: Fancy, 19c; choice. I8%c; prime, 17%c:
taod, 17c; tag, J6%c; ordinary, 16c; common,
T'kieS Fruit Apples, evaporated, 11c;
J!‘ , *d„7%c. Beaches, peeled, 20c: unpeeled, 5
®'C. CurranU, Tc. Citron, 45c.
, '*l Gooue—The market is strung, withs teo
“ncy to advance; stock full; demand good.
We quote: Prints. 4%®7c; Georgia brown
starting. 8-4. sc; 7-8 do. lie; 4-4 brown she-L
nig. ic; vuite osnahu.gs. ss>4c; checks, 6%®
fC; yarns, 85c for best makes; brown drillings,
' ish Light demand on aocount of high
Pn„e.. We quote full weights; Mackerel—No
1, SiO 00; No. 8, ha.f barrels, nominal, $7 00®
. No. 2, srt 50. Herring—No. 1, 20 c; scaled,
25c. [email protected]
1' RiTT—Lemons—Demand fair. We quote:
53 SU®B 15. Apples—Northern Baldwins,
scarce at $4 50. Oranges, Florida, supply light;
selling at S3 Uo®3 50.
b lour Market firm: demand moderate.
We quote: Extra, $4 00® 4 10; fancy, 4 75®
4 50’ ouo ‘ ce i' aU ' ,lt - >5 25®5 75; family, $4 40®
Grain—Corn-Market firm; demand light.
'Ve quote; White corn, job lots, 75c; carl’ad
tats. 1 Sc; mixed, job lots, 73c; carload lots. 71a
Oats ste dy; demand good. We quote: Mixed
oats, 47c; airload lots. 45c. Bran, $1 20. Meal,
70c. Grist, per bushel. 60c.
Hay—Market very firm, with a fair demand;
stock ample. We quote, job lots: Western,
51 10; carl ad lots, 81 02%; Eastern, none;
Western, none.
Hides. Wool, Etc.-Hides—Market weak,
tendency to decline: receipts very light; dry
flint, 10%o; salted, B%c; dry miteLer, 7%c. Wool
—nominal; receipts lignt; pri ne, in bales, 23c;
burry. 8® 13c Wax. 18c. Tallow, [email protected] Deer
skins, flint, 25c; salted, 200. Otter skins, 50c®
$4 00.
Ikon—Market firm; Swede. 4)4® 5c; reflned,
Lard —Market steady; in tierces, 7%®Be; 50
lb tins, 7%@8%0.
Ijsik, Calcined Plaster and Cement—Ala
bama lump lime is in fair demand, and is sell
ing at $1 30 per barrel; Ge >rg a, 5130 per bar
rel; calcined plaster. Si 85 pel- barrel; hair, 4c;
R iseudale cement, $1 50. Portland cemeut,
$2 50.
Liquoßs—Full stock: steady demand. Bour
bon. 81 50®5 50; rye, 51 50®0 00; rectified. SI 00
®1 35. Ale: unchanged ana in fair demand.
Nails—Market firm: fair demand. We quote:
3d 53 75; 4d and sd, $3 40 ; 60, $2 85; tJd, 52 60;
lud to OOd, 54 35 per keg.
Nuts—Almonus—Tarragona, 18®40; Ivicas,
17®l8c; walnuts, French, 15c; Naples, 16o; pe
cans, 10c; Brazil, 10c; filberts, 10c; cocoauuts,
Baracoa. $4 00®4 25 per !00.
Oils —Market firm; demand good. Signal,
45; West Virginia black, 9® 10c; lard, 6(e;
headlight, 15c; kerosene, 9%@10c; water white,
13%c; neatsfoot. 60®s0c; machinery, 25®30c;
linse and, raw, 60c; bui ed, 63c; mineral se..l, 16c;
fireproof, 16c; homelight, 18a
Onions—Northern, per barrel, $5 50®6 00.
Potatoes—Northern eating. $3 urt®3 45;
Scotch sacks, $3 00®3 25; seed potatoes, dif
. erent variet.es, 88 50®4 ot.
Peas—Following are prices asked by dealers;
New crop in fair su ply and moderate demand;
Clay peas, 51 25; whippoorwill, 51 25; red pip
ovs. *1 95; blaokeye. $! 60® [ 75; white crowd
ers, $1 75®2 CO. Jobbers are buying at the fol
uwiu- prices: Cow peas, mixed, 75c; clay, 90c;
speckled, 90c.
Prunes—Turkish. 7c: French, 12%c.
Raisins-Demand light : mar et steady. Lay
ers. $2 50 per box; Loudon layers, ueiv, $2 75
per bux.
Salt—The demand is moderate and the mar
ket is quiet; carload tats, 65c fob; job lots 75
Shot—Drop, $1 50; buck, $1 75.
Sugar—'The market is steady, cut loaf, 7%c ;
standard A. 6 %e; extra C, 6)4®6%: yellow C.
5%c; granulated. 7%c; pow dered, 7%c.
Syrup—Florida and Georgia dull at33®4oc;
the market is quiet for sugurhouse at 30®40c;
Cuba straight goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar
house molasses. 18®20c.
Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate.
We quote: Smoking, 25c®$l 25; chewing, com
mon, sound, 25®30e; fair, 30®35e: medium, 38
®soc; bright, 50®7.3c; fine fancy, 85®U0c; extra
fine, 90o®$I 10; bright navies, 45®7.3c; dark
navies. 40®50c.
Lumber -There is a continued improvement in
the demand, in anticipation of opening of uavi
gatiun h and East. Prices on ordinary and
(lifficul orders remain unchanged, while there
is some slight shading of pt ices on the part of
the smal.er mills for very easy sizes. We quote
Ordinary sizes sl2 25®16 00
Difficult sizes 15 [email protected] 50
Flooriug boards 16 uo®. 1 60
Sbipstuff 17 00®21 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We quote.
7iX) feet average $9 00® 1: 00
80.) “ “ 10 00® 1! 00
900 “ “ 11 a ®l2 CO
1,000 “ “ 12 00® 14 00
Shipping timber in the raft
-700 feet average $ 6 00® 7 On
800 “ - 7 00® 800
900 “ “ 8 00® 900
1,000 “ “ 9 00®10 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures.
Lumber—By sail—Vessels are in good demand
at this port and full rates are obtainable, with
good loading dispatch. Freight limits are from
85 00®6 50 troni this and the uear Georgia ports
to tne Chesapeake ports, Philadelphia, New
York Sound ports and eastward. Timber, 50c
(3 ?1 00 higher tnan lumber rates. To the West
indies and windward, nominal; to South
America, $lB 00® 14 00; to Spanish aud Medi
terranean por.s. sll 0 :® 12 00; to United King
dom for orders, ti ylier. 27®98<; homier. 83155.
Ste m—To New York, $6 00; to Philadelphia,
$6 00; to Boston. $7 00.
Naval Stores—Weak. Foreign—Cork, etc.,
for orders, 2s !o%d. and, or, 4s 1%1; Adriatic,
rosin. 3s; Genoa, rosin, 2s 10%d. Coastwise—
steam—To Boston, 45c on rosin, 90c on spirits,
to Ne.v York, rosin 30c, spirits 80c; to Phila
delphia, rosin 30c, spirits ode; to Baltimore,
rosin Stic, spirits 70c. Coastwise qui t.
Cotton—By steam—The mar..et is dull.
Liverpool via New- York p lb 7-32d
Liverpool via Baltimore ft lb 7-32d
Liverpool via Boston $) if 7-32d
Antwerp via New York i4 Th 17-64d
iiavre via New York tb
Bremen via New York $ lb fee
Revai via New York $ tb 25-64d
Geuoa via New York p) 18 23-64 i
Amsterdam via New fork 57%e
Amsterdam via Baltimore. 60c
Boston $1 bale $ 1 25
Sea isianti bale 100
New York f) bale 1 00
Sea is and 13 tale 1 00
Pnilidelphia j3 bale. l 00
Sea island bale lOn
Baltimore $) bale 1 50
Providence $ bale 1 75
By sail-
Rovai 6-16d
Rice—By steam—
New York 13 barrel 50
Philadelphia# barrel— 50
Baltimore $ barrel 50
Boston ¥ barrel. 70
Vegetables—By steam—By special contract;
To NewqYork, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Bos
ton, standard crates, 2ne: standard barrela, 400,
without contract: Standard crates, 35c; stan
dard barrels, 75c.
Grown fowls $ pair $ 55 ® 56
C .ickens, %to fe grown 85 ® 50
Dacks *) pair 50 ® 75
Turkeys ? pair 200 ®2 50
T rkeys, dressed, #lb 17 ® 20
Eggs, country, k dozen ... 15 it.
Peanuts—Fancy n p. Va. f11b... 5 ® 5%
Peanut*—Hand picked lb 4 OJ. 4%
Peanuts—Ga. nominal. 75 ® 90
Sweet potatoes, yel. yams 13 nush 60 ® 70
Potatoes, wbi to yams 13 * ushel.. 40 @ 4.5
Pool dry—Market for chickens overstocked;
turkeys scarce and wanted.
Eggs—Market steady, with a full supply.
Peanuts—Fair stocdemand moderate; mar
ket steady.
Sugar—Georgia and Florida nominal; none in
marke .
Honey—No demand; nominal.
Sweet Potatoes—ln fair demand; receipts
Fruit and Vegetable Markets.
Philadelphia. March 10 —A poor quality of
ne .v cabbage broke on the mar ,et this week,
and this afternoon finds most all cleaned up at
little higher prices than cost of transportation—
sl sU®l 75 per barrel. These prices will stop
shipments, and our market will bo Imre next
week, and in consequence prices will advance
sharp the next two weeks for good solid cabbage.
Pancoast 4 Griffiths.
A Candidate for Governor of Arkansas.
Little Rock, March 12.—C01. John G.
Fletc er decided to-night to formerly an
nounce himself in to-iuorro.Cs Gazette as a
candidate for Governor, subject to the ac
tion of the Democratic party. He was a
very strong candidate in 1884, and in fact
hid the nomination, but was fl ally beaten
by Gov. Hughes, who is a candidate for
re-election. Fletcher 'accepted trio Wheel
domina ion a few years ago and then de
clined, and it wus thought this would kill
him politically, but ms friends have pre
vailed upon him to mase the rac for the
Democratic nomination again, aud it is ex
pected t at on acc uit ot ih ; feeling ex.st
lug lx* ween the Hughes and F etcher con
stituencies that things will be red-hot from
now until the election day. „
H. Rider Haggard's new story, “A Tale of
Three Lions," was through iuadvertanee headed
“A Tale of Three Liars," iu a well-known paper.
Tuat was six weeks ago. but the editor isn't
yet through aoswering communications as to
who the other two are.
D. B. Lester Bells
Good Sugar Corn l<c per cam
Okra and Tomatoes 10c. per can.
Sr* Rises 6:08
Sw Sera 3:5*
High Water at Savanxah 6:54 A m. 9:l2pm
Tiesoay. March 13. 1808.
Steamer Progress. Wait!. Augusta aud way
landings—W T Gibson. Agent.
Steamer Katie, lievill, Augusta and way land
ings— J G Medloek. Agent.
Bark TJonao (Nor), Torgensen, Vigo, in ballast
Steamship Nacoochee. Kempton. New York—
C G Anderson.
Steamship Johns Hopkins, Foster. Baltimore—
Jaa B West & Cos.
Bark Ibis tNor). Christensen, Coruna and
Marin—A R Salas & Cos.
•' ebr Mary Lord, Lord. Mayaguez. P R—Jos A
Roberts 4 Cos.
Steamer St Nicholas, Esina. Fernandina aud
way landings—C Williams. Act.
Steamer Ethel, Carroll. Cohen's Bluff and way
landings—W T Gibson, Manager
Steamship Nacooehee, New York.
Steamship Johns Hopkins, Baltimore.
Bark lioltiisdule (Bri, Reval.
Bark E V Aimqvist (Sw), Pooteeloff Harbor.
Bark Elios (Aus), Ti ieste.
New York. March 10— Cleared, sehrs Lester A
I-ewis, Moodv, Pensacola and Key West; John H
Tingue, Unr ig- Savannah.
Genoa. March 7—Arrived, bark Canada (Sw),
Nilsson, Pensacola.
Liverpool. March 10—Arrived, bark Esther
(Nor), Tennesson. Brunswick. Ga.
Tarifa. March 3—Passed, bark Kraven (Aus),
Tiscovich. Pensacola for Castellamare.
Nassau. March V— Arrived, schr Mary H Wil
liams (Br>. Russell, Jackso ville.
Sailed March 3, schr Christian Bergh (Bn.
Sanchez, St Augustine.
In port Marc- 8, bark Adelheid & Bertha (Bn.
Evans, from Brunswick for Monte,ideo (ate
Bos on. March 10—Cleared, schr Richard F C
Hartley. Falker, Brunswick.
Brunswick, March 10—Cleared, brig Laura
|Port), arneira, Can- Verde Island.
Bull River, SC, >laroh 10 Sailed, at • Watliug
tou (Bn, Sira ack. United Kingdom; bark
Croydon (Bri, Brown, do
Charleston, March 10—Arrived, bark Folkvang
(Non, Henricksen, Savannah.
Cleared, schr Maggie G Hart, Fernandina, to
load for Baltimore.
Darien, Ga, March 10— Cleared, schr Austin D
Knight., Drinkwater, New York.
Providence, March 10—Sailed, schr Annie S
Conant, Blackford. Fernandiua.
Jacksonville, March 10—Arrived, schr Tamos,
Moule, New York; Mary F Corson, Robinson,
New Y’ork.
Bullßiver.SC, March 7—Arrived, bark Rei
gate (Br), Welsh, Philadelphia.
Jacksonville, March B—Schr Five Brothers,
which was abandoned on tue voyage from Ker
nandina for Philadelphia, and subsequently
picked up and towed into Mosquito Inlet, re
mained at latter place until Feb 28. when she
was purchased by Dr G C L'Engle, of this oily,
she was towed up to Jacksonville on Monday
(as before stated). leaking badly Her cargo ls
now being transferred to schr Ridgewood, for
shipment North As soon ns her cargo is dis
charged she will be thoroughly repaired.
Nassau, March s—Bark Ade held & Bertha
(Br). from Brunswick for Montevideo (before
reported) is now at Salt C'ay Anchorage, and
will undergo the necessary repairs there and
The sunken canal boat off Bowker’s Works
having been raised, the black spar buoy near it
has been removed.
By order of the Lighthouse Board.
Steamer Maharajah (Bri, Ainslee, from Coo
saw for United Kingdom, March 5, lat 38, lon 32.
Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way
landings—l 2 bbls tar. 10 cords wood, 5 case>
g rs, 22 bids rosin, 2 Mis hides. 5 tils syrup, 3
bales cotton. 1 lot cottoo seed, 2 coops fowl s 7
i, s s i- Is turn ume.
Per Central Railroad, March 12—144 bales cot
ton, 17 bales varn. (99 bales domestics. 36 hale
ildes, 28 rolls learner, 213 pKgs tobacco, 3.339
lbs bacon. 8 bn s si tints turoenTi.Tc.2o7 bbls rosin.
300 bbls floor. 2 sacks flour. 11 cars lumber. 3
cars wood, 6 bushels rough rice, 7 pkgs twine, II
pkgs wood iu shape, 159 ioils i>ig ire , 2 cases
liquor, 2pk s egetabtes, 142 pkgs mdse, 1 car
porltry. 40 pkgs carriage material. 1 pkg junk.
17 bales paper stock. 8 pkgs empties. 1 cai s cot
ton seed, 55 unis cotton seed oil, 2 pkgs paint, 2
saers ii, un its. 10 nkgs hardware. 30 cases eggs,
3 bbls whis v, Shfdo.
Per savannah. Florida and Western Railwa v,
March 12—253 bales cotton, 1,8 9 bids -si .33
bbls spirits turpentine. 150 bbls flour. 5 a.
to -estic . 51 tons pig iron, 5 cases boots and
shoes, 5 cases hats. 1 car heads and staves, 1
car coal. 5 kegs win \ 24 bils buggy springs, 1
car brick. 2 ears vegetables. 3 clot ling. 28 cs
ii tier. 10 bols ric. 2 cars cotton seed, 4 cars
wood. 15 cases e npty tins, 188 bbls wine, 5 bid
tobacco, 27 refrigerators strawberries, 36 cases
ciga s, 20 bales hides, 1,390 mixes o -anges. 15
bbls ranges, 800 crate* vegetables, 120 bbls veg
Per Charleston and Savannah Railwav. March
12—2 tanks coil, 15 sewing machines, 12 k and
robes. 390 lioves tobacco. 5 cases cigars 5 kegs
tobacco, 7 kegs wine, 4,t800 k castings. 1 ca rs
fertilizers, 8 cars rock. 10 cases hats, 75 bbls oil.
5 bbls whisky, 40 bbls rice, 25 sacks meal, 3.)
trunks, 20 sacks peanuts, 5 cases shoes 15 case,
cl’thi g. 20 boxes glass. 25 sacks peas, 10 kegs
ails. 8 tubs buttea, 197 bates hay, 5 bbls gaso
line, 300 pkgs tiara ware, and mdse.
Per steamship Nacoochee. for New York—
-1.399 bales cotton, 252 bales domestics, 254 bbls
cotton seed oil, 1,289 bbls rosin, 21 bale bides,
25 bbls spirits turpentine, 6,000 feet lumber, 12
turtles, 124 bbls fis i. 3,914 pkgs fruit and vege
tables. 33 refrigerators strawberries, 1 crate
strawberries, 251 ”< s -due, 234 tons .tgirou.
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, for Baltimore
-14 bales upland cotton. 1,0-18 bales sea island
cotton. 890 bbls rosin. 21 bbls spirits iirpe. tine.
125 bbls rice, 80.000 feet lumber, 28 bbls fresh
fish, 10 bbls honey, 50 bales hides, 18 rolls leather,
28 bales domestics and yarns, 1,8 8 p cs fruit
and vegetables, 14 bales jiaper stoex. 286 pkgs
Per bark Ibis (Nor), for C0runa.—64,306 feet p
p lumber—ttutier ,v Stevens.
Per hark Ibis (Nor), for Marin—267,3Bs feet p
p lumber—Bml r -tevens.
Per schr Mary Lord, for Mayaguez. P R—267,
674 feet p p and dressed luinoer—Butler 4 Ste
Per steamship Johns Hop ins. for Baltimore-
Frank Brunette, J M Lloyd, W D Palmer, J E
Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way.
landings—Dr J F Wyender, J D Grover. WH
Ellis, A M lorgati, .1 G Fox, R F Flake. C L
Peeples, E H Wyender, D \V Waiker. C Roun
tree, J W Morel, It A Smith, Mrs Caruty, and 15
Per steamship Nacoochee. for New York—
O Treitcbel. Mr and rs P Rourke. II J Ronrke,
G B Caldwell, H E Itoge s, <! Avery. J Sweezy.
D Sweezy, N Orr, W J Witbank. tors Heal, Miss
Hou e. T Schrnenger, Miss B 1 e Stanton, .Mrs .1
Mtmayer, Miss Emma D Khapp, H Scherf, W .1
James. U B Jones, N H Jones. W E Webb, and
11 steel age.
Per steamer Katie, from Augusta and way
landings -A Leffler. 5V I Miller, ontagee vc...
Hirscti Bros, Lee Roy Myers A Cos, Ellis. Y & Cos.
Garnett. 8 4 Cos. Baldwin v Cos, N Paulsen 4 Cos.
Peacock. II 4 Cos, W H Ray, Southern Cotton
Oil Cos, • )r ier.
Per Central Railroad. March 12—Fordg Agent,
L Putzel, Peacock, H 4 Cos, Bond, 11 4E, WII
Price, Soutneru Cotton Cil Cos, Stillwell. P& 4,
Eckman 4 V, .1 Uoette. Orolmn 4D, S Cohen,
Morris in, F 4 Cos, Warnock 4W, J Gardner.
Wniiione4Co. '-I feist 4 Cos, W G CoOfier, C
It Matsln ier, Solomons 4 Cos, I ipprnan tiros.
Pearson 4 8. G Ecxs’eiu 4 Cos. I Epstein 4 Bro.
H Myers 4 Bros. Ludden 4 B, Smith Bros 4 Cos,
X . J Gazan. Rieser 4 S, C K -tmte. Fills, Y 4 Cos.
J P VV.lliaini 4 Cos. C I. Jones. Hexter 4 K. But
ler t ros, S Uuckenheuner 4 son. Ocean S S Cos,
Grady, DeL 4 Cos, h M Comer 4 Cos, M Maclean.
Herron <’ i, MY* 1) I Mclntire, E M Failey,
5V W Gordon A 'o. Jno Flannery 4 Cos.
Per Savannah, Flo Sila and Western Railway
March 12—Transfer Office. Reppard 4 Cos, J It
Miller. Dale, D 4 00. C O Haines. A A Aveilhc,
McDonough 4 Cos, Baker 48, K I.oveil 4 Sm,
R B Casseis. A 8 Bacon, Southern Cotton i il Cos.
II Myers ■■ Bros, J D Weed A Cos, McMillan Bros,
Einstein AL, 0 W Tied# nan. M Y Henderson,
Lee-toy dyers 4 Cos, A B Hull, M J Downing.
A Falk 4 Son. M Fend 4 Cos, M Boley 4 Sou.
IJndsav t . W D Sira kins 4 Cos. Decker 4F,
T P Bond 4 00, Lippiuan Bros, Chesnutt 4 O'N.
B J Cubbedge. Eckman a V. J W Moore. J R
l asm I Hexter 4 K. K Barton. Slater, M 4 Cos,
W S Hawkins, J A Douglass 4Co Trepie 4 00,
Baldwin A Cos, Bnte r . Juo Flame-jr 4 Cos.
U M Comer * CO, Herron 40, Gw alter 4 Cos,
Peacock, H 4 Cos. Ellis, TS Go, W 0 Jackson,
E T Roberts. J P iVillia -s 4 l o.
Per (‘hart ston anJ Savannah Rallwav. March
12— Fordg Office, J 8 Woiwl 4 tiro. E A M Sr rev
del-, G W Tiedeman. D Gwinn, S t’o, G W Par
isu, Blodgett, H 4 Cos, A Falk 4 Son, T F John
son, Lee Roy Myers 4 Cos, ode! 4 I). P Butti
mer, ByckAS, E Lovell 4 Son, Commercial
■ nano Cos. T W Harris 4 Cos, W B W Howe. .1 H
Hodges. Smith Bros 4 Cos. A Leffler, Har .1.
l.ud-cii 4p, A Ehrlich 4 Bro, It ..vers 4 Bros,
3!cGfills 4 .11, Standard Oil Cos, R S Melt.
A Dear, Vivacious Girl Sees Much in
Her Well-to-do Uncle’s Fiat.
FYoin the Chicago Tribune.
“Oh, uncle,” said the dear, vivacious
girl, “I’ve got something 1 want to tell
“All right, Isabel, all right; go ahead and
tell it," and he beamed ou his neice a father
ly gaze.
“It’s about your character; t know it
just as well if i had known you it long time,
aud here tuis is the first day I ever saw
"Oh, I suppose your father —”
“No; no cue ever told me a word. I read
it in your handwriting. You know 1 have
learned to rea r character iu w riting, aud -o
i read yours aud know it perfectly. '*
“U, yes. Isn’t it nice? Yes, you seel
got a couple of your business letters to papa
down at tue oili e, uud your cua actor was
just ns cle ir to me as could be. Your down
strokes indicate great force aud decision and
jjpur capitals are large, wh.cn show lofty
imagiuutiou. Then ail the way througu
your writing I coidd de.ect gnat beuov
oieuce aud love of doing good.
"Kr —urn,” sai i tue old man us he rubbed
ms head. "Well.”
"Then your ‘lt’.-’ and VP’s,’ and ‘B's’ sho
great fancy and love of the o.aut.ful; and
me decided full stop iud.caus that you
. ave no flckleue-s aoout you, and the line
of writing inclines up slightly, .iliieu
means loft.ness ot aim and a uigli purpo e
in life.”
"Uaii! Anything more?”
“Uu, yes; *iu’s’ and ‘W’s’ readily
tell that you have a fine poetical and ur
list c leefuig, and your ‘D’s’ and 3S s’ a.eex
icily like those of the most celebrated mu
-ic.ans; then 1 should judge tu;tt you e e
endowed with reverence uud ih * lore oi
truth, aud also hud excellent judgment uuj
a weu-balanc and mind.”
"AleOoe! Tutti alif”
"No. 1 read lo.s more. You have a
stru. g love or tome and family, which
-how., iu your small letters, and ihe way
you round all your characters indica.es
much ab.lioy for organization as well as
gr. at business aptitude; the way you dot
your *iV sows liberality and desire to give
every man his due; a certain uiievenne s to
•ome loiters indicates humor and originality
combined with hearty good fellowship; and
you cross your Vs so uear like all great ora
tois and statesmen that 1 i eally wonder you
nave never entered pubuo lue aud gut into
C ngress.”
“Hoy ? Hey ? Go on!”
“Vv oil, I don’t think of much more just
now, except t hut your signature seemed to
me to vary ra tier more from tne Laxly of
your wri Ing t..au most pw,pie’s; but that I
suppose, is because you have to write it so
often. I thought I detected a little s u -
uoruutss in it, as well as a sAade of bigot y,
and S‘une indications of u litgn and quick
temper, and perhaps a l ttle that would n.-
iicute a j;. c- oi appreciation of other peo
jde’o accompiisnm ins, w itn a fair touch of
combativeuesu aud ability to g>asp new
ideas. But, then, that s nothing. O, Ido
want to show you the lovely Christmas
pre-ent j apa gave mamma,” and sue tripped
away with uu engaging sudlo.
“Isn’t a wonderful,” said Isabel’s young
man, who s i acros . tne room on the <dg
of tue s ’fa, “how Miss Isabel can read
cua. actor Irony naudwmiugi Really sur
i’i'i mg!”
“Y-a-e-s-y-a-e-s,” said the old man;
“y-n-e-s, very wonderful, remarkably sur
piisingi Tne dudgusiedest, woude. fullest
filing i ever saw !” And tue old man got
up uud glared over his spectacles after Ins
..at. “ i -a-e-s, duturned sutq rismg, I must
,ay! I hire a siimpsv-lcgg and, shallow
mi ded young man that ioo s tike you, and
pay him $8 a week to w rite ail my business
ietieis, and ad I ever do is lo sign niy name
iXJ’em! On, yes,awful wo-al l fui.”
And he went ou. the front door and near
ly sprain and h.s font in boat ding a street
c r, and ripped and swore u. der ni breath
till he scared off iso lady passengers.
The Most Popular Ballad Ginger in
Lo-.d ju.
Erom the New York Press.
Male. A.itjO.nutti; iSteriiug, as the play
bil.s always anuou ice uer, nos not sung in
this country for more than twelve years.
• lieu, although she appeared at Hleiaway
Hall, under tho very best auspices, witn
Taotn. s’ orch stra to accompany her, the
house was not half fu.laudshe we ,t hick o
England disappointed tua her own couii
try men di 1 not recognize in her what all
London ravel about. -She is, among the
women, the most popular balled singer in
London, and the storms oi applause that
greet her when she appears in the concerts
given each writer at fit. Jomes’ Hall never
gro wle s hearty as tne years roll on. 8 e
ba> very strong features uud a fine presence
and mak e her oowtj tho audience w hen
stie comes oil the stage wita the graciounuss
of a que 11.
Sptakiugof queen's, Mme. Sterling’s lit
tle episixio with “Victoria Regi .a” when
she was summoned b fore the royal pres
ence lo sing, aud re us il point blank to do
so uni ss sue was allowi-d to dress as she,
wished, is only one instance of many in
which she ho pi eed herself 1 n the side of
reform. Toat she sang ior the Queen in
high-necked dress and received a silver tea
set—her m ijesty must have shopped a long
time before sue found anything so small—
is a fact already known. She does not be
lieve in decollete dre.-ees nor wasp line
waits. .She is stout, but doe< with tit tu.t
article of dress wmch consists of steels at id
b ties, aud without which the dress nakers
say a "good tigger” may not be produced.
Yet her clot 16-. tit to p. rfe tiou. H r feel
ings on the subject ur. so nag that she
ivasotteu heard lo say in a burs of euutliusi
osm that she would go on to that very stage
at St. Janies’ Hall, w. .ere sue has ach ovod
tier popu a ity, and deliver to the we ll
her sentiments, in the ho|ie of winning
poor feeble nuinatiry m the shape of fash
ionable women Vo her way of tnmking and
Earning $l5O every time she sings bus
made it t-a-y lor her 10 gam a fortune, but
it would not be easy for her to ke p it, ex
cept for her busban 1, Mr. M ickiulay, wh >
manages her business perfeo ly a.id is also
the more clover housekeopor of the two.
tie is a talented plan st. and although no
rarely accomp mien his wife when she sings,
the music has additional charm when he
consents 10 do so. Their house is a spa
cious o.e, within a stone’s throw of one of ti.e
gates to Hide Park, aud is filled with lare
and costly brio alrao. Eaen piece of fui ni
lure is rema kable fur its age or beauty.
Mr. Mackiu ay ba. fine lAste and tne power
to exercise it, as lie is pose . sand o; a priv .10
fortune cf bis own. His habit of diiv t-on
extemlseven to tho cuunary department,
although many words are not need, and when
lie po sesses a cook capable of producing a
dinner for sixteen at a few hours’ notice.
Antoinette riter ing is xnown quite well so
cially as M,s. Moekiniay auil extends a
km tly baud tu all Americans who come to
see her, many struggling beginners 111 h:.-r
profession among toeiu.
Her cnildien are her idols—three in num
ijpr—and no one, not even her husband, lias
any power of interference in her govir.t
me tof them. Her eldest child Is a boy
of 18, who is already making rapid pro
fres-, in the itudy of ihe art which cotnm 10
itn as su -h a rich inher.tanc.. from both
fat .er and mother. The seconii boy is some
thing of uu invalid, but tho youngest, a lit
tle girl, has the romping spu ,t of ixnh her
brothers put together. Nothing content'd
her until her mother allowed her to put
on one of her bitMtier’s cast off suits, and
in the kntak.-rbockers her wild spirits
ate allowed to have lull sway for days to
Green Corn 10c. per Can.
Green Peas 10c. per Can.
Okra and Tomatoes 10c. per Can.
Loose Preserves 10c. per Pound.
Mixed Pickles 15c. per Quart
Chow Chow 15c. per Quart-
Sweet Pickle Pickles.
Hirsch Bros.
Before Having Your
Painting Done call
for Prices at
44 J-turnarci Street.
Psinls. Oils, Class, Varnishes, Elf.
RESERviI M 11.1.5.
Choice Meal and Grits,
Cheaper, Fresher an l More
Nutritious than the Western
Get a choice article and save
money by sending your orders t o
PLA rv TS.
New illustrated catalogue of
Greenhouse. Bedding Plants, Roues, etc.,
is now ready.
Our stock of PLANTS, etc., Is the largest and
most extensive in the South. Catalogue mailed
free on application. Address
Fmitland Nurseries, Augusta, La.
N. B.—We employ no agents.
Prepared Barley!
A.JI. & t. W. WLIST'S.
Savannah Steam Latmdry.
RECENT ADDITIONS of the most Improved
machinery enables in* to do up all work
offered with quickness and in first-class style.
All Work Called For and Delivered.
TEI.K, Pll re 3K J.
G KOI Kill IN.
CG. DAVIS <Sr Sf >N.
Provisions, Grain and Hay.
ders by mail solicited. G. DAVIS & RON,
190 and 19S Buy street, Savannah, O.v
Grocer, Provision Dealer i fom’n Merchant,
Cotton, Rice, Naval Stores,
Garnett, Stubbs & Cos.,
Commission M <Tchants,
i Liberal advance* made ou of
colt. ’li
CROCK KR* , l . i ( .
Nos. 165 an<) Broughton SLroet,
Wholesale Fish and Ovs er Dealer,
ISO Pryan at amt 1 X! Kay lane, Sivunnab, Oa.
Klah orders for Cedar Keys received liens nave
prompt attention.
BUYS AND SELLS on coimnlaaioa all claws*
of Stock* anil Bond*.
Neifotiate* loans ou marttolable securities.
New York niiotationa furnished by private
ticker every tlrUsen minute*.
—'"• ■ 1 ’ 1
f CI.NTS will jsay tor THE DAILY
■lk M KNINO NEWS one i, delivered
M J to any part of the city. Send your a.l
£■ll drc-A with —> cents to the Bmunnag
.CCS.'* W fc• v tin. paper d.slnoi'ed re.iru'eet*
III# Old Mil Island tail istaUislimt
v o
AVo dnsiro to call tlm attention of our customers to the improvements that have heed
made by this company in their Cleansing Department
After many years of study, they have at last succeeded in establishing an entirely
new process of DRY CLEANSING by which La Lies’ and Gentlemen's Garments, includ
ing Party and Evening Dresses, I’iush and Velvet Wraps, Clonks, Costumes, and House
hold Goods of all kinds, such as Portieres, Lambrequins, ( urtains, Draperies and nil the
finer class of Furniture Covering, no matter how Milled, can be Cleansed quite equal to
new, without ripping or taking apart, and without injury to the fabric.
Their Cleans ng business has increased tenfold since this adoption of the process.
Goods left with us and also for DYEING will be done attho same prices as are charged
at their New York offices, without any extra charges for sen ling or returning goods.
(roods entrusted to our care will lie done in a manner unsu pass,- 1 by any concern ia
the country; and customers have the advantage of having brought to their do as tha
host work in Dyeing and Cleaning that is possible to be done. Garments that have been
east away can tie renovated, and in most cases save the outlay necessary for new material.
We ask special attention of our friends to this subject, feeling coulLlont that they
will lie great ly benetltted thereby.
As we are constantly sending goods to this establishment, there will be no delay.
—— - ■■■■ ■ ■ - ———" - ————- - -a
Tim vast crowds which visited our store last week have unhesitatingly pronounced ourstodc
the handsomest and most nr.siiiAßi.ic ever exhihlted In Savannah. Their very literal purchase#
fully n bstantiato our claim to lowmt i* hicks rou first-clash goods. Wo mention a fow speci*
men values for this week.
1 ca.se Apron Ginghams, 4c. a yard.
1 cast' floe Seernuc - fi >. Bt,e. a yard.
2 oases of genuine Fruit of the Loom Shirting,
Hfrji i.i ard.
2 bale good Brown Sea Island Cotton, 4c. a
ya and
75 do/en White, R and and Fancy Linen Doylies,
at t ) . a down
16 pieces genuine Turkey Red Damask, only
IP -. •< vaid.
50 pie *s Yard-Wide Fine Ratteens, Handsome
Sty !• . m 12t^e.
t case White Check Nainsook. Satin Finish,
.V a yard
2nd | jeeps White India Linen Lawn, very
showy, at 15c,; vtorthttfto.
Morrison, Foye & Cos.,
Great Harps Ik Is fi Oily,
500 pieces LAWN’ .-it 4\ ; worth He. 50 pw*cf*s SICA ISLANDS (1 yard wide), sc.{
60 pieces CHECK MUSLIN, 6c.; worth Rc. He
60 pieces CHEESE CLOTH (all colors), 3c.; 800 FINE SPREADS, 75a. (Worth $1 60.
* a* down MALBRIGUAN HOSE, 5c.; worth
worth 8c - liIXo. per pair.
50 pieces FRUIT OF THE LOOM, Bc.; aoo drwen HOI.IL COLOR HOSE, 5c.; worth
worth 12'Afi. 10c. per jwiir.
We have also a full line of EMBROIDERIES from Ic. per
yard up.
C O H E N,
P. S. Loo out for my next week’s Ail.
■ ■ 'J
Mmrrjpn \ A nM |yfUf
.illiijo, Milllliiljij, ftlilillAljO,
As “fwwinj; Is believing,” wo respect fully Invito everyone to inspect our immense lino of
Fresh nttin.s and eonvinee yourself that we ore the leaders of NEW hi", SI ,NS. LARUE AS
Special X:n_cLTU_coxxßeii_'bs Ixl
We are Positively Closing Out Our Entire Line of Fringes and Upholstery Goods.
Our stock of Sit ALES is unusually hnavy, on which we are quoting special figures.
Accommodating r Forms at
Morning News Steam Printing House
Lithographing and Engraving Department
which is complete within Itself, and the Largest concern of
the kind Ln the South. It Is thoroughly equipped, having
live presses,.and ail the kitest mechanical appliances In
the art,, the best of artists and the most skillful lithog
raphers, all unuer the management of an experienced
In also nas the advantage of being a part of a well
equipped printing and binding house, provided with every
thing necessary to handle orders promptly, carefully and
Corporations, manufacturers, bauks and bankers, mer
chants and other business men who are about placing
orders, are solicited to give this house an opportunity to
figure on their work, when orders are of sufficient mag
nitude to warrant It. a special agent will be sent to make
J. M. t.S fI L3
Drives in Colored Border Handkerchiefs, at
Ic., 3c . 5c.. 10c. and IgUc.
s,iMoy.ula Two Toned tiros (train Silks, High
Lustre, at 49c a yard.
1 lot handsome All Silk Satin Rhadames—•
among the pretty coloring may lie found Sea
Green. (h.I * ii. Mahogany. Tau farown, Pf star he
(Ireen, Serpent Greys, Drubs and Terra Cotta—
at lev. u yard.
Moire Silk* in 25 different Shade*, very cheap.
S|M--ial nff' , r ng* in Black Uros Grain Silk*, at
75c., K'k* an 1 $! per vard.
jK) dozen Ladies's Button Kid Glovhh, at 49c.
and 7.V*.; worth 76c mid SI.
75 dozen Ladies' l.isl“ Thread Hose, at 19c. a
pair; sold everywhere for 36c.

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