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A ' Thoinasvllle Lady who Keeps a
Store Supposed to Have Been Fleeced
j—A Scarcity of Houses at Athens—
The Levee Project for Rome A
Horse Almost Maddened by Flies.
O. TV. Hemphill, of Wilkes county, died
The fitting up of a building for Griffin’s
broom factory will begin to day.
The colored Episcopalians of Augusta
will let the contract to-day for a $5,000
Predictions are made that a car load of
melons will be shipped from Quitman on
June 8.
The Variety Works at Marshall ville are
running every day. They are now turning
out crales and coffins.
There appears to be a scarcity of new
houses in Athens to meet the demand of
persons desirous of moving there.
A seining party caught a carp last
Wednesday in Hooky creek, Wilkes countv,
that weighed twelve pounds. It was 2(5
inches long.
The Democrats of Walker county will
meet at LaFayette, Saturday, for the pur
pose of selecting delegates to attend the
State convention in Atlanta.
The negro boy, Andrew Patterson, who is
in jail at Quitman for killing Lucius
Williams some months ago, will probably
be tried for his life at the coining session of
the Superior Court.
Friday a large four-horse wagonload of
corn in the ear, and pulled by four sleek fat
mules, was sent into Americus from a
Sumter county plantation and sold, the
owner having a surplus.
Saturday the morning train on theAmeri
cus, Preston and Lumpkin brought into
Americus sixtv-three big cotton bales from
the Stewart county plantation of S. P. Kim
brough, consigned to the several warehouses
in Americus.
In looking over the list of the member
ship of a leading congregation in Athens
the other day it was found that out of
thirty-six families twelve were divided,
either husband or wife being a member of
some other church.
Capt. Bradeen states that about twenty
milesof the Macon and Athens railroad have
been graded between Madison and Athens,
and that cars will be running into Athens
about July 1. The entire distance of twenty
eight miles is graded with the exception of
a few short gaps.
It is reported that the Americus. Preston
and Lumpkin survey from Louvale to the
Chattahoochee river at Chosnut’s landing
has been completed, and the route is just
seven and five-eighths miles long. Another
survey will probably be made to some other
point on the river.
The adjourned term of Rockdale Superior
Court left unfinished most of the business
on hand last week. Judge Gleaton being
interested in many of the cases on the
docket, and being unable to attend, it wss
thought expedient tw leave all the business
over to the regular term in August.
The editor of the Washington Gazette is
a delegate to three conventions which meet
on three consecutive days this week—the
temperance convention, which meets at At
lanta, Tuesday, the Democratic convention,
which meets at the same place, on Wednes
day, and the press convention, which meets
at Canton on Thursday.
About a year ago the post office at Albany
was entered by burglars, and the safe
robbed of something over SI,OOO of the
funds of the government, and about S4OO
of the private funds of t.he Postmaster
Capt. Y. G. Rust. Recently Cong ress
passed a bill relieving Capt. Rust of tko
payment of the lost government funds.
A couple of negroes living on the ITu
guenin plantation, near Americus, "fell
out and fit” a dav or two since, during
which one of them bit the oth-n-’s under lip
entirely off. The negro said that bo did not
mind the loss of a part of his lip as he had
entirely too much anyway and could get
along pretty well with what was left him.
A couple of gentlemen who were driving
in Dooly county, Friday, were attacked by
immense swarm of horseflies, which lom
pletely covered the animal and drove him
almost frantic. They were compelled to
get out of the buggy and go to the rescue of
the poor beast, and it took them somo time
to beat the ttios away with their hats and
At the Goree House, at LaFayette, on the
south side one of the piazza columns, made
of inch plank, is battle scarred. During
Pillow’s attack on LaFayette, Juno 24, 18(54,
a Confederate soldier was using it as a shel
ter, as he joined in the fight. A ball from
a gun fired from the north window of the
second story of the old court house passed
through it and killed him. The track of the
bullet as it passed through on its mission of
death can still be seen.
Major R. L. Hoxie, United States En
gineer in charge of rivers in Georgia, Ala
bama and Florida, and who also has charge
of the harbors at Pensacola and Apalachi
cola, Fla., favors a levee as Rome’s surest
protection against floods. The two moun
tain rivers fill the Coosa with more than It
can discharge, and, also, fill it faster. It is
the baok waiet- from this river that floods
Rome. A levee properly built would keep
the water out of the city. The cost would
be about $60,600.
At Thomasville Friday Frauk L. Wilson
walked into the millinerv store of Miss
Katje Collins, in the Mitchell House bio 'k
and claimed to represent B. Altman & 7jo.'
one of the leadlug houses of New York, He
said his house wished to place a line of their
fancy goods with some good party at
Thomasville on consignment The house,
he said, proposed to invoice the gooris to the
party selected to handle them, th*. sales to
be reported and accounted for mofitly. H e
said the freight, insurance, packing and
cartage would amount to $9 o o the hill of
goods they proposed to send cm consign
ment, and this must be paid to the agent
Miss Collins paid the money, and it is now
believed that the man is a fraud, as one
making similar representations in other
part* of the State hns been proven to be
Some weeks ago a family party of Wor
leys passed through Lafayette. They were
from Tennessee, were t,-ampin- it, and
were as poverty-stricken as men, women
and children ever get to Is-. With them
were their faithful dogs. They stopped in
the lower edge of Walker county, in
Broomtown Valley, ar.d the men went to
work. The women V-d abandoned lives,
and the house became the resort of
railroad hands. The citizens deter
mined to stamp the nest out. They
gathered there Wednesday night of last
week, armed with wythes. The dogs were
first shot All vrho were there, railroad
hands, men, women and children, shared in
the shower of blows. Only one escaped.
One of the women, at the f..wt alarm, saved
herself by hidirug. That night the Tennes
seeans decamped. The railroad hands got
back to camp, but were too sore next day
to work. At the deserted cabin next morn
ing the ground was ooverod with wythes
worn to a frazzle.
Gadsden county is greatly in need of
Circuit Gcurt convenes at Chipley next
Dr. Gary and Mr. William Fox are spoken
of for Ms.yor of Ocala.
The old Prosbyterian church property at
Gainesville is for sale.
l'h health nfß'-er reports Palatka in a
good sanitary condition.
MjA. LanuAsta. of Ocala, is a candidate
ior ajirdft of Marion county.
Ah Orhngo City, the dry weather caused
m,*Ay of the young oranges to drop.
t<eon county’s new jail is being pushed
w completion as rapidly as possible.
The Tallahassee Gas Company has a large
force at work putting in new pipes.
The young men of Ocala organized last
Tuesday night a Hose Reel Company.
F. F. Koonco, living a short distance west
of Ucalu, has shipped 2,000 crates of b-ets.
Strangers continue to arrive at Quincy,
and are looking for lands on which to
11. V. Morrow, of Madison, shipped 1,000
dozen eggs during the first three days of
last week.
Mrs. M. J. Chaires, wife of the late Benj.
Chaires, died May 1, at Tallahassee, in her
55th year.
On the fourth Sunday in this month
Bishop Weed will hold confirmation ser
vices at Quincy.
Dr. Brewer, of Apopka, removed a large
tumor from the person of Miss Pyles, of
Santos, Tuesday.
T,eßoy is moving along nicely. Mr.
Gate’s cottage is completed and he will im
mediately occupy it.
The bell, weighing 570 pounds, for the
new Congregational church at Orange
City, arrived last week.
Bids are being received by the Merchants’
National Bank of Ocala for its now build
ing, ns per Architect McKay’s plans.
W. It. Atkins has sold (540 acres of Wak
ulla land, near the wonderful Wakulla
Spring, to George Preston, of Virginia.
The Treasurer has just received a dona
tion of money from Gov. Perry for the
building fund of the Episcopal church in
A number of colored people met at the
court house at Quincy last Saturday after
noon for the purpose of organizing a U uiou
A. Usina, of Palatka, has been unfortu
nate in having 100 orange trees in his grove
down the river, aud considerable fencing,
destroyed by fire.
About forty took part in the spelling lieo
at the Congregational church at Orange City
last week. Miss Alice McDuffeo, of Mr.
Provatt’s side, won the prize as best speller.
From April 13 to April 30 Fernaudina
shipped to New York 2,287,000 feet of lum
ber; 3,100 crossties, 90(5 logs and 980 cases of
cedar; Jacksonville, 1,298,275 feet of lum
Abel Fauria, of Pensacola, whose arm
was severely Injured by a charge of bird
shot, is doing very well. It is almost a
foregone conclusion that the limb will bo
Tho Ocala Gaslight and Cooking Com
pany, incorporated under the laws of tho
State of Florida, with capital stock S2O,(X*)
fully paid up and nouassessible, is Ocala’s
latest enterprise.
The quarterly contest for the David S.
Koonce gold medal, for the best drilled man
in the ranks of the Ocala Rifles, took place
at mo Opera House Thursday. Glover Mil
ler won the prize.
At Orange City, workmen have com
menced getting material out for the new
brick block to go up for Messrs. West &
Grover, on the lot where they were burned
out last December.
Clay c'iunty warrants to the amount of
$51,095 27 have lieen issued during the four
teen months ending May 1, 1888. During
the same period the sum of $11,075 17 was
paid into tho treasury.
The Ocala Council has had the ditches
along the run cleaned aud lime freely scat
tered; over tho low and wet places. The
Council has also given an order for fifty bar
rels of lime to be used as a germ destroyer.
The lYesbytorian church of Ocala is out
with a neat foldor, showing 92 members.
Its Sunday school has 60 pupils; pastor’s
salary, $7(50; sexton’s wages, $24, organist's
salary S3O. It is in a most flourishing con
< Despite the dry weather the Gadsden
County Tobacco Company has succeeded in
planting 158 acres of tobacco up to the first
of the month, and has made extensive
preparations to irrigate the laud in case
the dry weather continues.
Mr. Lambuth, of Noith Carolina, who
has cast his fortunes with Is? Roy, has pure,
chased Mr. Taylor’s saw mill, of the Ocala
sash, door and blind factory, will take it to
I,eßoy and open operations. He has an
order as a suirter for 100,000 feet of pine
Mrs. Julia Church Croom, wife of George
A. Croom, died at Tallahassee April 30,
aged (54 years. Mrs. Croom was the daugh
ter of the late Rev. Alonzo Church. D. I).,
of Athens, Ga., in which city she was born
May 8, 1824. In 1843 she was married to
Mr. Croom, since which timo she has resided
in Florida.
The Florida Railway and Navigation
Company received at Fernandina miring
the month of April cars loaded as follows:
Merchandise, 116; lumber, 878; ties, 37; iron,
8; cedar, 31. Forwarded during the same
period: Merchandise, 244; lumber, 16; iron,
67. Tho lumber received amounted to
nearly 7,00(1,000 feet.
The latest in railroad matters in Marion
CountyJ ij. that 1,000 acres of land has
been donated for a spur from Rummecfleld
on the V. R. &N. to north Lake (Voir.
Thepecple of tVatuln are pressing tho Sum
morfield people hard, and say they will
have (.he spur, as they will give more land.
If so. it will pass around Carney’s island.
Secretary Whitney evinces the greatest
interest in the proposition to construct a
syr tun of docks for the Pensacola navy
ya rd, but objects to the use of facilities at
the yard as presently located, being in
clined to favor the recommendation of
Commodore Harmony that the yard be re
moved to another point on Pensacola Bay.
The new driving rood across the Lake
Hart marsh lauds from Narcoosseo to Or
lando will he ready in a few dav*. This
will give an opportunity to Orlandoites to
visit the sugar lands around East Lake and
to come to Kissimmee via St. Cloud. It
will also enable farmers at Narcoosseo and
Runnymcde to send their farm products
directly to Orlando market.
Kernandina has anew corporation known
as "The Knights of Honor Investment Com
pany of Kernandina.” The subscription
list, is open only to membei-s of the Knights
of Honor and of the American Legion of
Honor. The new organization has in view
the erection, in the near future, of one or
more substantial mercantile buildings in the
business portion of the city.
Thehouseof John Pinkerton, on his home
stoad near Lake By rant, in Marion county,
was consumed by* fire last Friday, with
quite a quantity of furniture nil 1 several
hundred dollars worth of lumber, with
which he proposed to build anew house,
and the loss of a tine nursery, ami about all
the fencing around the inclosure. There
was no insurance. Incendiarism is sus
A Btrenuous effort is being made by the
citizens of Kissimmee to oxt-nd substantial
aid to the railroad projected to Ht. Cloud
and Bunny nu-de. This road will bo built
by Jan. 1, or perhaps before. It is an
nounced that J. 11. D.iwe, the contractor of
the Florida Midland railroad, lias in baud
sufficient money to complete that road into
Kissimmee, and that work will lie com
menced at an early date.
Two negro women, Mollie Wilson nnd
Henrietta Johnson, got into a lively fight in
Leesburg last Friday night. After they
had fouzht with tooth and finger nails foru
time, the female spectators in
separating them and carrying Mollie into
the house occupied by Alice Ha-Mull and
lior children, Henrietta thereupon pro
cured a shotgun and. going up to th o|>en
window, poked it into Hie room and tired
indiscriminately at the inmates. No injury,
however, was done to any one.
The Democratic County Executive Com
mittee of St. Johns county have issued a
call o the Democracy of the county to hold
their primary meetings on the 15th of Mav,
for the purposo of electing delegates to the
county convention, which meets in this city
on the 22.1 inst., to elect delegatee to tho
Htate convention to he hel tat Hf. Augus
tine on May 29. Sixty-two delegates will
be chosen in the several districts. Of these
thirty-three, or a majority of the delegates,
arc appointed to Urn city of fcL Aiuustiuo'
At a meeting held in Judge J. W. Ashby’s
office at Gainesville Friday the organiza
tion of the First National Bank of Gaines
ville was effected, with a capital of $50,000.
The following officers were elected: Judge
J. W. Ashby, president; J. H. Graham,
cashier; T. Y ovlo, book keeper; J. W. Wil
liams, J. A. Carlisle and W. W. Scott, of
this city, J. J. Barr, of Mieanopy, and an
other gentleman whose name we did not
learn, are the directors. The company
purchased from Mayor J. B. Brown the
brick building formerly occupied by Ferd
Bayer, which will be immediately fitted
up, and it is expected the new bank will be
open for business in a few weeks.
During a thunder shower at Ornnge City
Wednesday afternoon, the residence of
Charles Parker, on Stillman avenue, was
struck bv lightning, the bolt shattering the
top of tho chimney and passing down the
stove-pipe into the lower room, where it
scorched the carpet near a sewing machine
that. Mrs. Parker had left*ju9t a moment
before to go into an adjoining room. From
this room the electric current passed out,
doing no other damage, except shattering
some of the well frame ns it went down it.
The stove pipe, whero it passes through tho
chamber above, was torn, and an escaped
spark set a bed on fire, hut the fire was
extinguished before much dainafcfo had been
Florence hopes to have the Southern
shops of the Pullman Palace Car Company
built there.
By (♦der of Route Agent the
citizens of Darlington will hereafter have
the benefit of a free express delivery.
Gov. Richardson lias appointed two as
sistant supervisors of registration for Ches
ter county, Messrs. John B. McFaddon and;
I. N. Cross.
The residence of W. O. Cromer, |\vh
lives about four miles from Abbeville, wi
burned down a day or two ago. There wfcs
no insurance.
W. E. Dargan, of Darlington, lost his
saw mill by fire a few nights ago. The total
10-s, including a lot of lumber, is about
$1,200. No insurance.
At Johnston four candidates have already
come out for the Senate and more ex
pected. The inseresting feature ‘it the
campaign will bo tho<Benatorial racL
In a personal difficulty in the western
part of Darlington county betweeij’Simpsou
Skinner aud Bur well Kelly, thq latter re
ceived a dangerous wound frow a pistol
In Chester county the candid o'; as are be
ginning to be announced. Tifi came out
last week, Paul Hemphill for. the Legisla
ture, and S. M. McDill for cqfinty commis
Capt. J. D. Smith, of Mississippi, has re
cently organized a subonjnate Farmers’
Alliance at Crosby ville. 1 1. B. Crosby was
elected president and W. fi. Durham vice
The Johnston Stock ShAw and Fair Asso
ciation has now boen established on a sure
foundation, and from tlje enthusiasm mani
fested the fair this fall will far exceed any
previous ones.
State Treasurer Romberg has returned
to Columbia from Barnwell county, where
he has been spenijing a week in the en
deavor to recuperate after a severe illne.s.
His condition is much improved.
The Holiness Band are now holding
meetings in Darligton iti a large tent, near
the Baptist ehuroh, capable of holding 1,500
people. Among others who are ther is
Miss Mattie Gordon, the friend of Mrs.
The regular annual meeting of the State
Bailroad Board of Equalization will beheld
in the office of the Comptroller General at
12 o’clock. May 9. A meeting of the Sink
ing Fund Commission will be held on
May 8.
Soma citizens of Show Township, of
Edgeflrid County, have employed E. H.
Folk to enter legal proceedings tH restrain
the County Commissioners from is uiug
bonds voted several years ago in aid of the
Cumberland Cap Railroad.
It is rumored that some of the grading
and l.restliug on the Carolina, Cumnerland
Gap nnd Chicago railroad, between Aiken
amt Edgefield, has been abandoned, and
that Contractor Potts has left. This is cer
tainly a great disappointment to Edgefield
Court House, for her hopes in securing a
railroad seemed about to be realized.
The one thousand dollar 4'oj ]>er cent,
bonds have been received from the engrnv
ers, and sue 1 of them as were ordered in
exchange by holders of tho deficiency bonds
have been signed by the Governor and are
ready for delivery. There have been vari
ous inquiries about the new bonds, and thero
are assurances that several bids will be
made for the whole lot, which can be placed
on the market. The bids must be tendered
by May 25.
A dispatch from Bennettsville savs:
“Dock Dorgar, a negro boy, deliberately
shot with a gun and instantly killed a white
boy, W. E. Cox, Jr. All the parties live
ua-vr Beniietteville. The negro is in jail
there. Several attempts liavo been made
to lynch him. The Sheriff keeps the jail
guarded. 1 .ast night a number of enraged
men shot into the house of Essex Dorgar,
the father or tho murderer, and killed a 3-
year-old child. The entire section is
A meeting of the stockholders of the
Darlington Manufacturing Company was
held Fi iday, at. which most of the hu-im-ss
was routine. It was, however, decided to
increase the capital by $70,000, making a
total of $250,000. A semi-annual dividend
of 3 ptr cent, was declared. Capt. New
man, the superintendent, handed in his
resignation, which was accepted. A reso
lution was adopted thanking him for th*
efficient manner in which his duties had
been discharged. Capt. Newman goes to
Maryland to take charge of a mill there.
The People's Hank of Darlington is a
fixed fact, under the management of the
following named officers: Directors, E.
Keith Dnrgan, W. A. Carrigau, J. E. Net
ties, C. S. McCufiough. John Siskron and
John McSween. The bank officers are:
President, E. Keith Dargan: Vice Presi
dent, IV. A. Carrigau; Cashier, H. L.
Charles, who is at present the efficient
cashier of tho Darlington Bank. More than
$35,000 have already been subscrilied, and
new subscriptions are coming in daily.
Twenty per cent, of all money subscribed
lias already been paid in. The shares have
lieen fixed at ti e low value of $25, thus
enabling every one to subscribe, and make
it truly a people’s batik. <
Tho Pension Board will send the monthly
warrants for the paymmit of pensions in
bulk to the county tremmrers, asking them
to procure from each pensioner residing in
their several counties a power of attoieioy,
enabling the treasurers to collect and dis
burse the pension money. In this way
each county t easurer will act as the aren’t
of all the pensioners in his county, tii a
day nr two the board will begin to send out
warrants for the payment of all pensions
absolutely granted. The first pavmi ut will
be for the month of April, the date of
approval of the effective Over
two thousand applications have been filed,
and a sufficient number havo lieen already
provisionally approved to entail a cost of
$1(0,000 ay. ar. It is possible that $150,000
n year may have to be devoted to pensions
on the pro ent basis.
A mysterious shooting took plai-e near
Cnmpobello, a few days ego. Mary Young,
about IS years old, daughter of An
drew Young, n worthy and industrious citi
zen. was parsing the Grnmhlingold place, at
which Isaac Hallow and family lived. W hen
near the house, perhaps 200 yards away, she
was tinxl on with n pfs rifle, by some
one secreted in th * woods. The ball struck
her on the hack, near the *.piup, and ranged
upward, nnd was cut out near the shoulder
bv Dr. Landrum. Mr. Bailee and his wife
w re away from home at the time, but some
of their children ran out to the girl’s assis
tance. It is not known who did ihe nhoot
i g. or what tho motive was. Thero were
t acks nosr tho road in the neighborhood
from which the hall came, but they were
muni!, indicating th it it was a man with a
s.ujll loot, or wore probably a woman.
An Oregon Priest Goi4to Minister to
the Leper Exilealn Molokai.
From the Catlu/ie Sentinel.
For some time posy it bus been pretty
genarally known thattke Rev. L. L. Con
rardy, of Umatilla /reservation, had de
cided to go to the reUf of Father Damien,
the apostle of the kpers in the Island of
Moloka, Sandwich Islands. The reverend
father, having reseived permission fiom
Archbishop Gr<jss has bjen waiting for
some time to boj relieved as Indian mission
ary on the r sta-TAtion; and now that his
place is supplied by two young priests, he
is here, in tnis'e.'ty, en route for Molokai,
the home of the poor lepers, to whom he
proposes to cdasecrate, we may add sacrifice,
his life.
Earner (jmrardy is a countryman of
Father Dahien, having been born in the
city of Luff*, Belgium, where also received
his early dTucation. Father Conrardy is a
typo of Ihoso intrepid, fearless souis who
court sai/fico and peril to further tho in
terests of religion and give glory to God.
ImpelleJby the missionary spirit, he gave
up a las{e parish, to wbicn he had lieen ap
pointei/mimedirtely after his ordination, to
duvotyhiauolf to foreign missions. Going
to Pa|is to the celebrated seminary which
has tpr more than 2')o years supplied Ind a,
Japun and China withs > many missionaries
andsiariyrs, he remained there sometime,
and in 1871 was assigned to the mission at
Pfudielierry, in Soutneru India, where he
labored nearly three years under the killing
lent of the tropical sun, and enduring all
kinds of privations. His health failing, he
was advised to go to a temperate climate,
and chose to cast his lot among the Indians
of Oregon, where ho arrived in 1874. He
was placed in charge of the Indian tribes
on the Umatilla reservation by tho saintly
Archbishop Blanchet, where he has re
mained ever since.
But Father Conrardy, whose ambition
has always been to take’the worst and most
difficult place, was not satisfied. It was in
187(5 that he, having heard of the heroic un
dertaking of Father Damien among the
lepers of Molokai, conceived the idea of be
coming his companion. As early as 1881 he
was accepted for that mission, but, owing
to the scarcity of priests in this archdiocese,
he was constrained to postpone his depart
ure for this field till a more favorable time.
Letters received from Father Damien re
cently show that the leper colony has in
creased to 1,500 souls, ami they are arriving
in large numbers, sometimes as many as
thirty a week.
It is well known that Father Damien has
fallen a victim to his charity. He writes
Father Conrardy that, disease having set
tled in his hands, he will soon be unable to
celebrato mass, and there will be no one to
break the bread of life to these poor creat
ures. In order to hasten to his relief Father
Conrardy gives up a farewell visit which he
contemplated paying to his family in
Europe. A short time ago Father Cou
rardy was offered a fine parish in the Ar -
gentine Republic, but that did not fill his
ideal of self-sacrifice. The reverend gentle
man leaves the city next Sunday, and will
soon be among the stricken ones of Molokai.
We bespeak for him the prayers of all.
A German journal gives the following
process for making blotting paf>er able to
give copies of letters: Boak 4 parts of the
best clear glue in a mixture or 5 parts of
pure water and 3 parts of ammonia liquor
until the glue is thoroughly softened. Warm
it fill the glue is dissolved and rdd 3 parts
of granulated sugar and add 8 parts of
glycerine, stirring the whole well and let
tne it come to the boiling point. While
the mixture is hot paint it with a broad
brush on clean white blotting paper until
the latter is thoroughly soaked and a thin
coating remains on the surface. Let it dry
for two or throe days and it will be r< a >y
for use. The writing or sketch to be copied
is done with the usual aniline ink on writ
ing paper. Before transferring it to the
blotting paper wet the latter with a sponge
or bn sh and clean water and allow it to
stand for one or two minutes. Place the
written side on tho blotting paper and press
out the air bubbles. After a tew moments
of gentle pressure remove the written pa
per. A number of copies can then be made
after the manner of the “graph” processes
from the blotting paper. When the im
pressions grow faint dampen the surface of
the blotting ] aper again.
These diseases constitute three-fourths of
the ailments of humanity.
Is there a positive cure?
"I suffered with Dyspepsia nnd disordered
I.iver, and wonl-l frequently throw up bile. I
procured a l ot:lt* of Simmo-is Liver Regulator,
and after using half of it was completely cured.
One of my lady customers told me the Regula
tor cumpp-lely cured her of Sick Headache.—
1). Ol.us, Cedar Rapids, la."
See that you get the Genuine with the Z-stamp
in red, on front of Wrapper.
icloil k film
Machiuists, Boiler Makers ami Blacksmith^
\ GENTS for Alert and Union Injectors, the
simplest and most effective on tue market;
Oullett Light Draft Magnolia Cotton Cm, the
brat in the market.
All orders promptly attended to. Bend for
lYloa List.
Blank Books that Open Flat a Specialty.
in all St\lt s.# r Public And Private Libraries,
Turkov Morocco, Crushed Seal, or Ijo
vaut, Kusma ami other Qualities.
Morning News Steam Printing House,
Printing, Lithographing and Binding,
Corporations, Official*. Merchants, and busi
ness men generally who require tho very best
quality of work are invited to favor us with
their patronage. Our Account Hooks have been
used by the lending house* in the South for the
post twenty yoars. and have stood the test tor
s-rfiKNtrrn. ni RABu.lTt and workmanship. New
concerns can tie fitted out promptly, at reason
able pric-M, with whatever supplies they require
in our line
New York, Boston and Philadelphia.
CABIN {2O 00
(VIA Nxw Yorsj.
CABIN J 22 50
excursion ae oo
'T'HE magnificent steamships of these Knee
I are appointed to oail as follows—standard
May 8, at 4:80 p. si.
FRIDAY, May 11, 6 a. m.
CITY OF AUGUSTA. Capt. J. W. Catharine,
SUNDAY, May 13, at 7 a. u.
TALLAHASSEE. Capt W. H_ Fisheh,
TUESDAY, May 15. at 8 p. M.
CHATTAHOOCHEE. Capt. H. G Daooett,
FRIDAY. Slay 18, at 11 a. a.
DAY, May 10, at 5:30 p. a.
GATE CITY, Capt. E. R. Taylor, THURSDAY.
May 17, at 10 a. e
Iron rre Hill r orlt.i
May 12, at 6:30 p. m.
May 19, at 12 u.
Through hills of lading given to Eastern and
Northwestern points and to ports of the United
Kingdom and me Continent.
For freight or passage apply to
C. G. ANDERSON, Agent,
City Exchange Building.
Merchants' and Minora’ Transportation Corny.
CABIN sl2 50
THF, STFAMSHIPS of this Company are ap
pointed to sail from Savannah for Balti
more as follows—city time:
\VM. CRANE. Capt. Billups, TUESDAY,
’day 8. at 5 p. M.
May 14, at 7 p. m.
WM. CRANE, Capt. Billups, SATURDAY,
May 19, at 1:30 p. M.
DAY May 24. at 5:30 p. m.
And from Baltimore on the above named days
at 3 p. m.
Through bills lading given to all points West,
all the manufacturing towns in New England,
and to ports of the United Kingdom and the
JAS. R WEST & CO., Agents.
114 Bay street.
Capt. M. P. USINA.
V J leave Savannah from wharf foot of Lincoln
and FEKNANDINA. every MONDAY and
THURSDAY at 5 P. M. connecting at
Savannah with Now York. Philadelphia,
Boston and Baltimore steamers, at Fer
nandlna with rail for Jacksonville and all points
in Florida, and at Brunswick with steamer for
hat ilia river.
Freight received Dll 4:30 p. u. on days of sail
pickets to be had at Gazan's Cigar Store, in
Pula.ski House and on board the boat.
f l'aiiipr\. Key West, Havana.
Lv Tampa Mondays, Thu. and Sat. 10 p. m.
Ar Key West Tuen., Fri. and Sunday 4 p.m.
Ar Havana Wed.. Sat. and Monday 0 a. m.
Lv Havana Tups.. Thu. an l Sat. 1 p. m.
Lv Key West Tues., Thu. and sat. 10 p. m.
Ar Tamim Wed , Fri. and Sun. 1 p. m.
Connecting at Tampa with Went India Fast
Train to and from Northern and Eastern cities.
For stateroom accommodations apply to City
Ticket Office S.. F. A W. R'y, Jacksonville, or
Agent Plant Steamship Line, Tampa.
C. I). OWENS, Traffic Manager.
H. S. IIAINES. General Manager.
Compagnie Generate Transatlantique
—French Line to Havre.
FT WEEN New York ami Havre, from pier
J No. 1%, N. K., foot of Morton street,. Trav
elers by this Hue avoid both transit by English
railway and the discomfort of crossing the
Channel in a small Uvat. Bpecial train leaving
the Company’s dock at Havre direct for Pans
on arrival of steamers. Baggage checked at
New York through to Paris.
May 12. 6 a m.
May 19. 11 a. m.
May 2tV *1 a. m.
PRICE OF PASSAGE (Including winv.
TO HAVRE First Cabin, $l9O, SIOO and
SSO; Second Cabin, $00; Steerage from
New York to Havre, s2<i; Steerag.* from New
York to Paris, $39 00; inoluding wine, bedding
and utensils.
LOUIS DE BEBIAN, Agent, 3 Bowling Green,
foot of Broadway, New York.
Or.l. c. SHAW, Esq., 90 Bull street, Messrs.
WILDER A CO., 196 Bay street. Savannah
For Augusta and Way Landings.
Cart. J. 8. BEVILU
1“ o'clock a.. (city time) for Augusta aud
way landings.
All freights payable by shippers.
rp 1 J n MORNING NEWS earners reach
j I I I p. every part of the city early. Twenty
I X AX XJ oeuM • week psjs lor theDaUy
Savannah, Ga„ Oct. 16, IW.
ON and after this date Passenger Trains will
run daily unless marked t. which are da.!/,
exoept Sunday.
No. 1. No. 3. No. 7.
I,v Savannah. .7:10 am 820 pm. 5:40 pm
Ar Guyton. .. 8:07 am 6:10 pm
ArMiUen 9:40 am 11:03 pm 8:23 pm
Ar Augusta.. 11.-15 am 6:45am
Ar Moooa 1:40 pm S: am
Ar Atlanta 6:4opm 7:lsam
Ar Columbus .9:83 pm 2: spm
Ar Montg'ry. .7:25 arn 7:13 pm
Ar Eufonla.. 4:37 am 4:10 pm
Ar Albany... 11:05 pm 2:55 pra
Train No. 9t leaves Savannah 2:00 p. m,; ar
rives Guyton 2:55 p. ra.
Passengers for Sylvan!* Wrights villa, Mil
ledgeviile and Eatontou should take 7:10 a. ul
Passengers for Thomaston, Com-iliton, Perry,
rort Gaines, Talbotton, Buena Vista, Blakely
and Clayton should taka the 8:20 p. m. train.
No. 2. No. 4. Hal
Lv Augusta. 12:00 n'n 9:10 pm
Lv Macon, ..10:35am 11 :00pm ", I
Lv Atlanta.. 6:50 am 7:15 pm
LvColumbus 10:30 pm 12: 15 pm
LvMontg ry. 7:25 pra 7:4oam ..r
LvEufaula. .10:12 pm 10:47 am
Lv Albany.. 4:46 am 11:55 am
Lv Millen 2:28 pm 8:20 am 5:30 am
Lv Guyton.. 4:o3pm s:o7am 6:sßam
Arbavannah 6:00 pm 6:15 am 8:00 am
Train No. lOt leaves Guyton 3:10 p. m.; arrives
Savannah 4:25 p. in.
Sleeping cars on all night trains between Sa
vannah. Augusta. Spartauouiyr, Macon and
Train No. 3, leaving Savannah at 8:30 p. m.,
will stop regularly at Guyton, but at no other
point to put off passengers between Savannah
and Millen.
'Train No 4 will stop on signal at stations be
tween Millen and Savannah to take on passen
gers for Savannah
Connections at Savannah with Savannah,
Florida and Western Railway for all points in
Tickets for all point, and sleeping ear berths
on sale at City Oill oo, No. 80 Bi2l street, aud
Depot Offloe 30 minutes before departure of
each train.
Agent. Gen. Pass. Agent.
ON AND AFTER MARCH 19,1888, trains leave
Jacksonville Depot, foot of Hogan street,
as follows:
7:45 a. m.—New Orleans Fast Mail, dally,
for Lake City, Live Oak, Madison, Monti
cello, Tallahassee. Quincy, DePimiak, Pen
sacola, Mobile, New Orleans, Nashville, St.
Louis, Cincinnati, Chicago, etc. Arrives
Jacksonville at 7:30 p. m.
8:10 a. m. Fernaxdina Accommodation,
daily. Stops at way stations. Arrives Jack
sonville at 6:30 p. m.
9:00 h. m.—South Florida Limited (Flying
Cracker), daily, except Sunday. Quickest
time to Ocala, Gainesville. Leesburg, Or
lando, Tarpon Springs, Tampa, Bartow and
Charlotte Harbor. Arrives Jacksonville
6:35 p. m.
12:20 p. m.—South Florida Mail and Ex
press. daily, for Gainesville, Cedar Key,
Silver Springs, Ocala, Wildwood, Plant City,
Leesburg. Tavares, Orlando, South Florida.
Arrives Jacksonville 2:15 p. m.
2:45 and. m.—Cumberland Route Limited,
daily, for Fernandina, Brunswick, Albany,
Macon, Atlanta, Chattanooga., Cincinnati,
St. Louis, Chicago and all points North.
Connects Sunday with Clyde steamers for
Charleston and New York. Arrives Jack
sonville 11:57 a. m.
3:45 p. m.—West Florida Express, daily,
for all points in West Florida, Pensacola,
Montgomery, Nashville and all points North.
Arrives Jacksonville 11:55 a. m
6:00 p in.—Ff.rna.ndina Mail and Express,
daily, except Sunday, connects Tuesda} 7 and
Friday with Savannah steamer, Thursday
with Mallory hue. Arrives Jacksonville
a. m.
8:30 p. m.—South Florida Night Express,
daily, except Sunday, for all points in South
Florida. lias through Pullman Reclining
Chairs and Sleeping Car to Orlando. Ar
rives Jacksonville 6:25 a. m.
For local time cards, folders, maps, rates, and
any other information, call at City Ticket
Office, 86 West Bay street, corner Hogan.
A. O. MacDONELL, G. A.
D. E. MAXWELL, Gen. Supt, Jacksonville, Fla.
East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Hll
The Shortest Line
Savannah & Atlanta.
C COMMENCING Feb. 5. 1888, the following
J Schedule will bo in effect:
Fast Night
Express. Express.
Lv Savannah...... 7:06 am 1:30 pin 7:05 p m
Ar Jesup B:42am £:2opm 8:55 pm
Lv Jesup 3:35 pin 3:30 am
Ar Brunswick 6:33 pin 6:00 arn
LvJesup... 21:00am U:01 pm
Ar Eastman 2:46 pm 2:07 am
Ar Cochran 3:25 pm 2:4lam
Ar Hawkinsville. 4:20 p m 11:50 a m
Lv HawkinsviHe.. 2:3opm
Ar Macon 5:10 pm 4:OOam
Lv Macon 5:20 pm 4:05 a rn
Ar Atlanta 8:30 bm 7:25 am
Lv Atlanta 10:30 p m 12:56pm 1:40a m
Ar Home 1:35 a m 3:55 p m 10:40 a m
Ar Dalton 3:42 am 6:20 pm 12:00 n n
Ar Chattanooga .. 5:20 a m 6:50 pm 1:35 pm
Lt Chattanooga... 10:00 ara 10:00 p m
Ar Knoxville 2:05 pm 2:00 ain
Ar Bristol 7:25 p m 6:20 am
Ar Roanoke I:4lam 12:45 pra
Ar Natural Bridge. 3:54 am 2:29 pm
Ar Waynesboro ... 6:20 am 4:30 pm
Ar Luray 7:soam 6:49 pm
Ar Shenando’J’n . 10:53 ain 0:25 pm
ArHagerstown 11:55 p m 10:20 p m
Ar Harrisburg ... 3:30 pm 12:4,ram
Ar Philadelphia.... 6:sopra 4:25 am
ArNewYork ...,9:35pm 7:3oam
Lv Roanono 1:41 ain 12:4'. noon~
Ar Lynchburg 3:45am 2:35pm
Ar \\ otshington—lo:4s a m 0:40 pm
Ar Baltimore 12:05noon 11: ‘5 p m
Ar Philadelphia... 2:3opm 3:ooam
Ar New Yon: ...5:20 pm 6:50a in
Lv Lynchburg 6:45 a m 3:oopm " ... .
Ar Burkville 0:10a in s:l7pm
Ar Petersburg 11:05am 7:iX)pm ...
Ar Norfolk 2:25 pm 9:55 p m
Via Memphis amlTihariesToiTltTK.
Lv Chattanooga... 8:45a m 7:00 pm
Ar Memphis. ... B::iopin 6:loam
Ar l-ittle Rock. ... 7:10 a m 12:55 p m
Via K. C., V. S. and (1. I{. H.
Lv Memphis 10:15 am 5:50 p in
Ar Kansas City H:o,i a m 5:30 p m
Via Cin. So. R'y.
Lv Cliattanooga... s:ooam 7:lopm 9:ooam
Ar. Irfmtsville 6:50 p m 6:30a m 6:50 pm
Ar Cincinnati 6:l2pm 6:sonm 6:42pm
Ar Chicago U:6oam 6:50 pm 6:soam
Ar St, Louis 6:50 am 6:40 pm 6:50a m
Train leaving Savannah 7:35 pm, arriving at
Chattanooga 1:85 pm, makes close connection
witn N. (A S. L. for Sewaneo. Muuteagle,
Nashville, St. Louis and Chicago.
Pullman or Mann sleeping cars leave as
follows: Atlanta at 10:30 p. in. for Chatta
nooga; open for passengers at s:00 p. m.
Rome at 8;io p ni for Vfashiugton via
Lynchburg: Chattanooga at 10:00 p, m. for
New York via r-henandoan Valiev, and at 9:3u
a m for Washington via Lynchburg; Chatta
nooga at 7:lopm for Little Rock; Bnuiswigk at
8:30 p in for Atlauta; Jacksonville at 7 p. m. and
Jesup at 11:07 p. in. for Cincinnati.
B. W. WRENN, O. P. AT. A.,
Knoxville, Tonn.
L. J. ELLIS, A. G. P. A., Atlanta.
Nichols —bax street.
imm' Mirimm
Way cross Short Lina
Time Card in Effect Jan. 8, 1888
ALL TR AINS of this road are run by Central
Standard Time. Passenger trains will leave
and arrive daily as follows:
i .On am Lv Savannah Ar 12-23 n m
12:30 pm Lv Jacksonville Lv 7-30 ain
J;* P“Lv Sanford Lv l"aS
9.lUpm Ar Tampa Lv 8:10pm
Monriny and l /Thursday
Thursday VLv....Tampa. ..ArUnd Sun
-9:.i0 pin. I | day 2:30 p m
Knday.y *' ld I' Ar. -Key West.. Lv |
W edit P S day / Wedn e sday
* 3 at,,r , A-r.. Havana.. .Lv -and Satur
dav 6:00a m. I j day Ipm.
Pullman bullet cars to and from New York
and Tampa.
7:06 am Lv Savannah Ar 7-58 nm
B:3Bam Lv Jesup Ar 6:l6pm
:i:46am Ar \\nycross Lv s:ospm
I:Bspm Ar Brunswick. .......;.ij .
11: -f. aID Ar Callahan - Lv 2:33 D m
12:(0noon Ar .'Jacksonville Lv ] :5.> p, u
7:30 am Lv Jacksonville Ar 7:45 pm
10:10am Lv Wuyoross Ar 4:40n m
12:01 pm Lv Valdosta Lv 2:56pm
12:34pm Lv Quitman Lv 2:2Bpm
1:22 pm Ar Thomasville Lv 1:45 pm
3:3opm Ar..~Hainbridge Lv 11:25 a m
4;o4pm Ar. Chattahoochee Lv 11:30 ami
Pullman buffet cars to aud from Jacksonville
and New York, to and from Jacksonville aud
New Orleans via Pensacola
3:25 p m Lv Savannah Ar 12:23 p m
S:2opin Lv Jesup Lv 10:53 am
4:4opm Ar Waycross Lv 9:soam
Brunswick. Lv (TOO ami
7:lspm Ar Jacksonville Lv 7:3ua rri
_4:lsptn Lv .Jacksonville Ar 9:35 ain
7:2opm Lv Waycross Ar 6:3s an i
Ar Dupont Lv 6:30a m
3:10 p m Lv Lake City Ar 11:05 a m
4:05 pm Lv Gainesville Ar 10:30 a in
6:55 pm L\a Live Oak Ar 7:10 ain
8:40 p m Lv Dupont Ar 5125 ain
10:55 pm Ar Thomasville Lv 3:25 am
I:22am Ar .. Albany Lv I:2sam
Pullman buffet cars to and from Jacksonville
aud St Louis, via Thomasville, Albany, Mont
gomery and Xashvillo.
7:35 pm Lv Savannah Ar 6:10 am
10:05pm Lv Jesup Lv 3:lßam
i:2oa m Ar... ....Atlanta Lv 7:05 pm
12:40a m Ar. .Waycross Lv 12:10 am
7:25am Ar Jacksonville Lv 7:00 pin
7:00 p m Lv Jacksonville Ar 7:25 a m
I:osam Lv Waycross ArTI:M p m
8:30 a m Ar Dupont Lv 10:10 pni
7:loam Ar Live Oak. Lv 6:55 p m
10:30 a m Ar Gainesville Lv 4:03 p m
11:03 a m Ar Lake City Lv 8:10 p"ni
2:55am Lv Dupont Ar 9:45pm
6:30 am Ar Thomasville Lv 7:00 pm
11:40am Ar Albany Lv 4:oopm
Stops at all regular stations. Pullman sleep
ing cars to and from Jacksonville and Savannah.
3:45pm Lv Savannah Ar B:3oam
6:lopm Ar Jesup Lv 5:25am
Stops at all regular and flag stations.
Pullman Buffet Cars Jacksonville to Cincin
nati, and through coaches Jacksonville to Chat
Pullman Sleeping Cars to and from Jackson
ville and Savannah.
Pullman Sleeping Cars to and from Gainesville.
Through tickets sold to all points by rail and
steamship connections, and baggage checked
through. Also Sleeping Car Berths and Sections
secured at Passenger Station, and Bren’s Ticket
Office, 22 Bull street.
Superintendent. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Charleston & Savannah Railway Cos.
Trains leave and arrive at Savannah by stand
ard time, which is city time.
No. 66. No. 14. No. 78.
Lv Savannah 6:45 a m 12:43 p m 8:23 p m
Ar Beaufort *10:15a m 5:50 p m
Ar Allendale 10:5? a m *7:io p m
Ar Augusta 1:15 pm
Ar Charleston.... 11:32a m 5:20 pm I:2sam
No S3. No. 33. No. 27.
Lv Charleston.... 7:3oam 8,50 pm 3:43a in
Lv Augusta 9:46 am -
Lv Allendale.. ‘Bri'iam li:’2pm ........
Lv Beaufort 7:12a m*12:83 p m
Ar Savannah ... 10:5cam 6:30 pm 6:4lam
•Daily except Sunday.
Train 14 stops only at Yemassee and Green
Train 78 stops only at Ridgeland, Green Pond
and HaveneL
For tickets, Pullman car reservations and
other information a; -ply to WM. BREN, Ticket
Agent, 22 Bull street and at depot,
Superintendent. Gen. Pass. Agent
Savannah and Tybek Railway Company, i
Savannas, Ga., April 13th, 1888.)
f COMMENCING SATURDAY, April 14th, 1888,
\_9 the following schedule will be in effect:
Lv Savannah. 8:30 am, Ar Tybee 10:30 am
Lv Savannah. 3:00 pm, Ar Tybee 4:oopm
Lv Tybee —l2:9opin, Ar Savannah. I:9opm
Lv Tybee— 5:20 pm, Ar Savannah. 6:20 pm
All trains leave Savannah from Savannah
and Tybee Railway Depot, in yard of S., F. &
W R'y.
Tickets on sale at depot ticket office half hour
IfNre leaving ot trams, also at J. B. Fenian
cYv.'s cigar store, corner Bull and Broughton
sheets, and at ticket ofllfte of Coast Line Rail
Ample tsne will be given passengers to ges
on ana off o> Tybee trains at Coast Line Rail
road Depot.
llissengers for Tybee Depot will take City
and Suburban and Belt Line street cars.
Passengers for Bolton Street Depot will take
Coadt Line Railroad street cars.
Passengers not provided with tickets will bo
charged 20c. extra by conductor.
City and Suburban Railway.
Savannah. Ga„ May 4, 1888.
ON ami after SUNDAY. 12 o'clock m.. May
C, the following schedtilo will be run on
10:25 a. in ' 8:38a. tn. J 8:17a.m. j 7:50a.m.
*3:2.3 p. m.I 2:00 p.m. | 1:35 p.m. | 1:10 p.m.
+7:2ii p. in ! 6:38 p. in. j 6:15 p. m. | 5:50 p._m._
Every Monday morning there will be a train
for Montgomery at 6:50 a. m.
•This 3:25 p. in. train is the last one out of
city Sunday afternoon. m
tOn Saturdays this train leaves city at 7:50
p, m. J. H. JOHNSTON, Prealdent.
Coast Line Railroad.
The following suburban schedule will be ob
served on anl after MONDAY, March 26,
week day*. tBo special schedule for Sunday.)
Leave Savannah 7:10, 10:35, A. M., 8:00, 4:00,
6:00. *6:45 p. m. „
IsHtve Thtuiderbolt, 6:50, 8:00 A. 12:90, 3:30,
4:30, 6:20 p. u. ...
lsiave llonaventure, 0:00. 8:05 A. u..
3:3.\ 4:35, 0:95 p. m.
•Saturday night last car leaves city 7:15, in
stead of 6*45
Take Broughton street car* 25 minutes before
departure of Suburban trains.
R. E. COBB, Stipt.
J. D. WEED & CO.

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