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Savaxwau, GU., July 2,4 p. m. f
Cotton— The market was very dull, but prices
continue firm and unchanged. There were no
Bales reported during the day. On ’Qhange at
the midday call, at 1 p. m., the market was re
ported Arm at the following official spot quota
tions of the Cotton Exchange:
Middling fair 103$
Good middling 10
Middling 9
Low middling 994
Good ordinary Bs4
Ordinary BJ4
Comparative Cotton Statement.
Receipts, Exports and Stock on Hand July 2, 1888, and
for the Same Time Last Year.
1887-88. 1886-87.
litnd. U *> tand Island. U * >land
Stock on haDd Sept. 1 575 6,81 k 1,149 4,304
Received to-day 164 .... 1
Received previously 23.495 848,806 27,230 771,202
Total 24,070 855,848 28.379 775,507
FAiported to-day 1,205
Exported previously 24,002 851,144 27,706 775,010
Total. 24,002] 862.349 27,706 775,010
.Stock on han and and on ship
* board to-day 68l 3,499 y 673 1 497
ryce—The market was very dull and nominal.
There was little or no stock offering and no
sales. At the Board of Trade the market was
reported dull at the following official quota
tions. Small job lots are held at %®%c higher.
Fair 4%®4%
Prime None.
water $1 15® 1 30
Country lots 92® 1 10
Naval Stores—The market for spirits tur
pentine was quiet but steady at quotations.
The sales for the day were only 60 casks, at
32%c for regulars. At the Board of Trade on
the opening call the market was reported
Steady at 32%c for regular?. At the closing
call it was steady at 32%c for regulars. Rosin
—The market continues quiet but firm. There
was a fair inquiry. The sales for the day were
about 1,800 barrels. At the Board of Trade on
the first call the market was reported firm at
the following quotations: A, B, C. D, E. F and
G 95c. H Si 00, I Si 10, K $1 25. M $1 35, N Si 65,
window glass $2 10, white, $2 00. At the
last call it closed firm, with sales of 233 barrels
at unchanged prices, except for N, which was
quoted at $1 60®1 65.
Spirits. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 3,670 66.654
Received to-day 2,989 2,271
Received previously 56,093 18^,441
Exported to-day 400 2,689
Exported previously 55.228 122,586
Total 65,628 125,275
6tock on hand and on shipboard
to-day 7,124 82,091
Receipts 6ame day last year. Holiday.
Financial —Money market easy and in good
Domestic Exchange—Steady. Banks and
bankers are buying sight drafts at par and sell
ing at cent premium.
Foreign Exchange The market is steady.
Commercial demand, S4 87%; sixty days. $4 86;
ninety days, $4 85%; francs, Paris and Havre,
commercial, sixty days, $5 21; Swiss, $5 21*4;
marks, sixty days, 95%c.
Securitikh The market Is very quiet, with
some little demand for investment and light
Stocks and Bonds —City Hands Atlanta 4
per cent long date, ex interest. 108 bid, 116
asked; Atlanta 7 per cent, 118 hid, 121 asked;
Augusta 7 per cent loDg date, 113 hid, 115
asked; Augusta 6 per cent, long date, 109 hid,
112 asked; Columbus 5 per cent. 100 bid, 105
asked; Macon 6 per cent, 112 bid. 113 asked;
new Savuirmh 5 per cent, July coupons, 102
bid, 102% asked; new Savannah 5 per cent,
August coupons, 101% bid, 102% asked.
State Ronds— Georgia new 6 per cent, 1889,
10,1% bid, 101 asked; Georgia new 4% per cent,
105 bid, 106 asked; Georgia 7 per cent gold
Quarterly coupons. 103 bid, 104 asked; Georgia
/percent, coupons January and July, ma
turity 1896, 111 bid, 115 asked.
Railroad Stocks— Central common, 114%
bid, 115% asked; Augusta and Savannah
7 per cent guaranteed, 129 bid, 132
asked; Georgia common, 196 bid, 199
asked; Southwestern 7 per cent guaranteed,
125% bid, 126 asked: Central 6 per cent
certificates, ex-July interest, 99% bid, 100%
asked; Atlanta and West Point railroad stock,
108 bid, 109% asked; Atlanta and West Point
6 per cent certificates, cx-July interest, 100 bid,
101 asked.
Railroad Ronds—Savannah. Florida and
Western Railway Company general mortgage
6 per cent interest, coupons October,
111 hid. 111% asked; Atlantic and Gulf first
mortgage consolidated 7 per cent, coupons
January and July, maturity 1897, 113 bid.
114% asked; Central consolidated mortgage 7
per e *nt. coupons January and July, maturity
1893. 108% hid. 109 asked; Georgia railroad 6
Ser cent, 1897, 108(&114 bid, 109® 110 asked;
[obile and Girard second mortgage in
dorsed 8 per cent, coupons January
and July, maturity 18*9. 100 bid,
101 asked; Montgomery and Eufaula first
mortgage 6 per cent, indorsed by Central rail
road. 106 bid, 107 asked; Marietta and North
Georgia, first mortgage, 50 years, 6 per cent,
#9 bid, 100 and mt rest asked; Charlotte.
Columbia and Augusta first mortgage, 109
bid, 110 asked; Charlotte. Columbia and Au
gusta second mortgage, 112 bid, 113 asked;
Western Alabama second mortgage Indorsed 8
percent, 107 bid, 108 asked; tfouth Georgia
and Florida indorsed, 117 bid, 118 asked;
6outh (Georgia and Florida second mortgage,
114 bid, 116 asked; Augusta and Knoxville first
mortgage 7 per cent, 107% bid, 109 asked;
Gainesville, Jefferson and Southern first mort
gage guaranteed, 111 bid. 115 OSked;
ville, Jefferson and Southern not guarflfteed,
110 bid. 112 asked; Ocean Steamship 6 per
cent bonds, guaranteed by Central railroad,
101 bid. 101% asked; Gainesville. Jefferson and
Southern second mortgage guarnuted,
1) J bid, lit asked; Columbus and Rome first
mortgage bonds, indorsed by Central railroad.
104 bid, 105 asked; Columbus aud Western 6
per cent guaranteed, 106 bid, 107 asked; City
and Suburban railway first mortgage 7 per
cent, 100 bid, 110 asked.
Hank .SVoW.s—Nominal, Southern Bank of
the State of Georgia. 2uo bid. 202 asked; Mer
chants* National Bank. 100 bid, 10l asked;
Savannah Bank and Trust Company, 94 bid.
90 asked; National Bank of Savannah, *x divi
dend. 122 bid, 123 asked; Ogletliorjie Savings
and Trust Company, 116 bid, 117 asked;Citizens’
bid, 95 naked.
das Stock. Savannah Gas Light stock, 18
bid, 19 asked; .Mutual Gas Light stock, 15
bid, 20asked.
Ba on Market steady; demand good; smoked
cle r rib sides 9%c; shoulders. 7%r: dry Halted
clear rib sides, B%e; long eFar, B%c; bellies,
8% .-; shoulders, 6%c; hams. 13c.
Bagging and Tibs—Market nominal. We
quote; Bagging. 2% lbs, B®B%c; 2 lbs, 7%®
7%c. 1% tbs, 6|%®7c, according to brand and
Quantity Irontiei $1 *-J0 per bundle, accord
trig to brand and quantity Bagging and ties m
refail lots a fraction higher.
Butter— Market steady; fair demand; Goshen,
20c; gilt edge, 28% c; creamery, 25c
Caiuiaois—Supply light; native and Florida,
$2 50®2 75 per barrel.
Cheese -Market steady; fair demand. We
quote, 9® 18c.
Coffee— I The market is higher We quote:
Fancy, 17%c; choice, 17c; prime, 16c; fair, 15%c;
ordinary, J4%e; common, 14-*.
Dried Fri it—Apples, evaporated, 9%c; com
mon, 7%c. Beaches, peeled, 22c; unpeeled, 5®
7c. Currants, 7c. Citron, 25c.
Dry Goods- The market is firm, with a ten
dency to advance; stock full; demand good.
We quote: Prints, 3%®oV£c; Georgia brown
shirting, ,34, 4%c; 7 8 do. 5%r; 4 4 brown sheet
ing, 6%c; white iMnahurgH. '.♦% •; checks, 5%®
6c; yarns, 85c for bert makes; brown drillings,
Finn—Light demand on account of high
prices. We quote full weights: Mackerel—No.
1, $lO 00; No. 3, half barrels, nominal, $7 00(24
7 50; No. 2, ssso. Herring No. 1. 22c: scaled,
25*- Cod. 6®Be Mullet, half barrels, $175.
Fruit—Lemons—Demand good. We quote:
Choice, $5 00® 5 50.
Elovr—Market steady; demand moderate.
We quote: Extra. $4 25®l 4J; fancy. $3
6 20; choice patent, $5 5C®5 93c; family, $4 65
fit I 75.
Grain— Corn- Market firm: demand light
Me quote White corn. Job lots. 75c: carload
lot, ?lc; mixed, job lots, 71c; carload lots, 69c.
Oats steady; demand good. We quote: Mixed
oaf s 4*'C. curioarl lots, 4dc. Bran, carload lots,
$1 00 Mal, 73c. Orits, per bushel, 80c.
Hay -Muract very firm, with a fair demand;
stock ample. We quote, iob lots; Western,
$1 10; carload lots, $1 07%c; eastern, none;
northern, none.
Hides, Wool, Etc—Hides—Market very weak;
tendency to decline; receipts light; dry flint,
9c; salted, 7c; dry butcher, 6c. Wool—Market
dull; receipts fair; prime, in bales, 22®22%e;
burry, 8® 12c. Wax, 18c. Tallow, 3®4c. Deer
skins, flint, 25c; salted, 20c. Otter skins, 50c&
$4 00.
Iron—Market firm; Swede, 4%®5c; refined,
Lard-Market steady; in tierces, B%c; 50 Ih
tins, B%c.
Lime, Calcined Plaster and Cement— Ohew
acla lump lime is in fair demand, and is selling
at $1 25 per barrel; Georgia and Shelby, $1 25
per barrel; calcined plaster, $lB5 per barrel;
hair, 4®sc; Rosendale cement, $1 45; Portland
cement, $2 50®3 00.
Liquors—Full stock; steady demand. Wo
quote: Bourbon, $1 50®5 5Q.; rye, $1 50®6 00;
rectified, $1 00®1 35. Ales unchanged and in
fair demand.
Nails-Market firm; fair demand. We quote:
30d, S3 30; 4d and sd, $2 90; Od, $2 70; Bd, $2 65;
10d, $2 40; 12d to 40d, $2 30.
Nuts—Almonds-Tarragona, 18®20c; Ivicas,
17® 18c; walnuts, French, 15c; Naples, 16c; pe
cans, 10c; Brazil, 10c; Alberts, 10c; cocoanuts,
Barracoa. $2 00®3 25 per 100.
Oils—Market firm; demand good. Signal,
45c; West Virginia black, 9® 10c; lard, 62c;
headlight, 15c; kerosene, 7%®10c; water white,
13%c; neatsfoot, 60®80c; machinery, 25®30c;
linseed, raw, 50c; boiled, 62c; mineral seal, 16c;
fireproof, 18c; homelight, 180.
Onions —Bermuda, per crate, $2 00.
Potatoes—Nominal; now, $2 75®3 00.
Peas—Market Imre and domand light; prices
nominal; Clay peas, $1 30; whippoorwill, $1 25;
red rippers. $1 25; blackeye, $1 50; white crowd
ers, $1 6<)®) 75. Dealers reluctant to buy, de
mand being light and weevils making their ap
Prunes—Turkish,6® 6%c; French, 10%®!2%e.
Raisins -Demand light; market steady. Lay
ers, $2 85 per box; London layers, new, $3 25
per box; California Loudon layers, $3 00 per
Salt— The demand is moderate and the mar
ket is quiet; carload lots, 70c fob; job lots, 80
Shot—Drop, $1 40; buck, $1 65.
Sugar The market is higher; cut loaf, B%c;
cubes, 7%c; granulated, 7*%0; confectioners' A,
7c; standard A, 7c: off A, 6%c; white extra
C, 6%c; golden C, 6%c.
Syrup Florida and Georgia dull at 34®38c;
market quiet for sugarhouse at 30®40c; Cuba
straight goods, 28c in hogsheads: sugarhouse
molasses, 18®20c.
Tobacco-Market higher; demand moderate.
We quote: Smoking, 25®$1 25; chewing, com
mon, sound, 25® 30c; fair, 30®35c; medium, 38
®soc; bright, 50®73c; fine fancy, 85®90c; extra
fine, 90®$1 10; bright navies, 45®?5c; dark
navies, 40®50c.
Lumber Coastwise demand continues active
and indications \ oint to large consumptian and
improvement in demand. Foreign demand is
fairly active. Prices are firm at quotations,
witli an upward tendency. Mills are all full of
work We quote fob;
Ordinary sizes sl2 25® 16 00
Difficult sizes 15 00®21 50
Flooring boards 16 00® 21 50
Shipstuffs 17 (X)®2l 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We quote:
700 feet average $ 9 00® 11 00
800 “ “ 10 00® 11 0 ‘
900 “ “ 11 00® 12 00
1,009 “ “ 12 00® 14 00
Shipping timber in the raft
-71 K) feet average $ 6 00® 7 00
800 “ “ 7 00® 8 00
900 “ 8 00® 9 06
1,000 “ “ 9 00®10 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures.
Lumber—By sail—There is very little inquiry
for tounage at present, and the offerings are
well up to shipping requirements. Freight
limits are $5 00®0 50 from this and the near
Georgia ports to the Chesapeake ports, Phila
delphia, New York, Sound ports and eastward.
Timber, 50c®?l 00 higher than lumber rates.
To the West Indies and Windward, nominal; to
South America, sl3 00®14 00; to Spanish and
Mediterranean ports, sll 00®12 00; to United
Kingdom for orders, timber. 27®28c; lumber,
£3 15s. Steam -To New York, $6 00; to Phila
delphia, $6 00; to Boston, $7 00.
Naval Stores - Strong. Foreign—Cork, etc.,
for orders, 3s, and, or 4s 3d; Adriatic, rosin, 3s;
Genoa, rosin, 2s 10% 1. Coastwise Steam To
Boston, 45c on rosin, 80c on spirits; to New
York, rosin 30c, spirits COc; to Philadelphia,
rosin 30c, spirits HOe; to Baltimore, rosin, 30,
spirits 70c. Coastwise quiet.
Cotton--By steam -The market is very dull
Liverpool via New York lb 18-64d
Liverpool via Baltimore 7 32d
Liverpool via Boston lb 13 04*1
Havre via New York V lb %c
Breven via New York fl) %c
Bremen via Baltimore 53c
Reval via New York !h. .25 04d
Genoa via New York V lb 23-64d
Amsterdam via New York 67%c
Boston bale $1 25
Sea island $ bale .. 100
New York $ bale 103
Sea island $ bale 1 03
Philadelphia $ bale 1 00
Sea island $ bale 1 00
Baltimore $ oale 1 00
Providence $ bale 1 25
Rice—By Steam-
New York $ barrel 50
Philadelphia $ barrel 50
Baltimore $ barrel 50
Boston $1 barrel 70
Vegetables—By steam —By special contract:
To New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Boston, standard crates, 20c; standard barrels,
40c. Without contract: Standard crates, 35c;
standard barrels, 75c.
Grown fowls $ pair, $65 ® 75
Chickens, %to % grown 40 ® 5
Eggs, country, %! dozen 10 ® 12%
Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Va. lb 5%®
Peanuts Hand picked slb 4%®,
Peanuts—Ga, $ bushel, nominal. 75 ®1 00
Sweet potatoes, yel. j ams hush 75 ® 1 (X)
Potatoes, white yams $ bushel.. . 60 ® 75
Poultry—Market easy; young chickens scarce
and wanted; old fowls plentiful and dull
Foos Market easy, with a full supply and
light demand.
Pkanitte—Fair stock; demand moderate;
prices firm and advancing In Virginia.
Sugar Georgia and Florida nominal; none
in market.
Honey—No demand; nominal.
Sweet Potatoes In good demand; receipts
New York, July 2, noon.-Stocks steady.
Money firm at 2%®3 percent. Exchange—long.
$4 M<*%®4 87; snort, $4 Bs%®4 *>%. State
bonds neglected. Government bonds dull but
Eri„ 24% Rlohm'd &W. Pt.
Chicago <fc North. 106 Terminal 22%,
Lake Shore 89% Western Union... 75%
Norf. £W. pref. 40%
5:0) p. m. - Exchange dull but steady at $i 87%
®4 89% Money easy at %®2 per cent. Sub-
Treasury balances Coin, $1 47,53: ,000; currency,
$17,943,000. Government bonds dull hut steady;
foui per cents 12.'%; four and a half i*er ceuls
107%. State bonds neglected.
I hrt stock market opened the new week with
out change in its character, Ix-iug still dull.
Fluctuations were confined to the narrowest,
limits and of little or no significance. The deal
jugs were almost entirely professional, arid,
outside of those in Union Pacific, developed no
feature worthy of mention. There was n hope
ful feeling n Union Pacific upon the announce
ment that Speaker Uarlisle would not oppose
the calling up of th* funding bill, and some
improvement was made in the price of the
stock, but the filibustering operations of the
opponents of the bill disheartened holders of
the stock, and a material decline followed.
Northern Pacific and Oregon stocks were strong
on very limited business on trie recent good
showing of earnings. Total sales 71,000 shares.
The following were the closing quotations:
Ala. j lass A. 2to 3.105% New Orleans Par
Ala.clast B, •*. 197 ctflc, firrt mort.. 94%
Georgia 7s, in >rt. *103% N. Y. Central 1U2%
N. Carolina6s 120 Norf. AW. pref.. 46%.
N. Carolina4s..... 92 Nor. Pacific 23%
So Caro. tßrown “ prof... 51%
consols .103 Pacific Mail 32%
Tennessee set. . 6*3% Reading 58*%
Virginia Os *4B • Richmond A Ale.. 6
Va. consolidate 1 *32 Kichm’d &W. Pt. 22%
Ch'peake & Ohio.. Rock Island .102
Northwestern 195 H bt. Paul 63%
" preferred 137% preferred. 102%
I>ela. and Lack...t127% Texas Panflc. ..20%
jCri 24% Tenn. Coal & Iron. 27
Fast Tennessee 9% Union Pacific 54%
Lake Shore. .. . 89% N. J. Central 80-y.i
L'vtlle. Noah ... 53% Missouri Pacific... 71%
Memphis A Char.. 52 Western Union . 75%
Mobile A Ohio. .. 7% Cotton Oil certifl. 35
Nash. & Ciiatt a.. 74
Liverpool, July 2, 12:30 p. m.—Cotton steady
and in fair demand: middling uplandss%d. mid
dling Orleans 5 9-lrtd; sales 10,090 bales, for
speculation and export 1,090 bales; receipts
10.000 teles American
Future*-Uplands, low mld<lline clause, July
delivery 5 32-64d; July ami August 5 30-641;
August and September 5 2'6il: Sentomber and
October 5 P 64®5 19-6ld; Novomlier and ue
cemlsT 5 12-64d. Market steady
The tender* of deliveries at ro- lay's cle* rings
amounted to Cu 9 bales new dock eta an l 300 old
’ 2p. m!—Bale* of thoday included 8,000 bales
of American
Futur 's - ITnlands, low mid l ing cla>i*e, July
delivery 531 64d. buyers; Jul\ and August
630 64J. value. August anand
buyers; September and October 5 19-64d, sellers;
October and Novombor 5 14-0-id, sellers; No
vember and December 5 12-6 id, sellers; Decem
ber and January 5 12-04d. sellers: January and
February 5 12-64d, sellers; beptember 5 2S-6id,
Market quiet.
4 p. m.—Futures: Uplands, low middling
clause, July delivery 5 31-84d, buyers; July and
August 5 30-64d. buyers; August and September
5 2S-84d,buyers; September and October 5 19-fl4<L
sellers; October and November 5 14-643, sellers;
November and December 5 12-64d. sellers; De
cember and January 5 12-64d, sellers: January
and February 512 64d, sellers; September
5 23-G4d. Market closed steady.
New York, July 2, noon-Cotton ouiet;
middling uplands 10 3-160, middling Orleans
10 5-lfic; sales 163 bale*.
Futures—Market opened quiet but steady,
with Bales as follows: June delivery 10 14c;
July 10 20c: August 9 70c; September 9 58c;
October 9 49c; November 9 49c.
6:<*3 and. o.— Cotton closed steady; middling up
lands 10 3 lCc, middling Orleans 10 5 Uc; sales
to day 194 bales; net receipts bales, gross
157 bales; sdes last week, not before reported,
1,739 hales for spinning.
Futures—Market closed steady, with sales of
284,000 bales, as follows: July delivery 10 I s ®
10 19c, August 10 24® 10 25c, September 9 so®
9 81c, October c, November and Deoember
9 40®9 45c, January 9 02®9 63c, February
9 70®9 71c, March 9 i S®9 79c, April 9 86®9 87c,
May 9 94c.
Messrs. Hubbard. Price & Co.’s cotton circu
lar to-day says: “The market opened a little
slack, but upon the development of a demand
to cover, sales of winter months on the part of
local operators strengthened up, and finally
closed 4®5 points above Saturday noon. The
large percentage of trading lias neen of a local
character, am4unimportant in itself, hut served
to indicate the undercurrent of confidence, with
a tendency to quickly respond to strengthening
features. The approach of the holidays has
undoubtedly had some effect in causing the
covering demand, and as the fear of au August
squee/.e continues, small buying of that position
is sufficient to cause an improvement along the
entire line.’’
Galveston, July 2.—Cotton nominal; middling
9 1116 c; net receipts 146 bales, gross 146; sales
none; stock 2,495 Dales; exports, coastwise 80
Norfolk, July 2.—Cotton steady; middling
10 116 c; net receipts tiv* bales, gross 09; sales
29 bales: stock 9,327 bales; exports, coastwise
326 bales.
Baltimore, July 2.—Cotton quiet; middling
10%c; net receipts 102 bales, gross 104; sales
none; stock 9,476 bales; exports, to the conti
nent 400 bales.
Boston, July 2.—Cotton quiet; middling
10%c; net receipts 8 baleft gross 340; sales
none; stock none.
Wilmington, July 2.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 9%e; net receipts 36 bales, gross 56; sales
none; stock 1,037 bales; exports, coastwise 112
Philadelphia, July 2.—Cotton dull; middling
10%c; net receipts bales, gross 6; stock
12,930 bales.
New Orleans, July 2.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 9 ; V4c; net receipts 136 bales, gross 454:
sales 600 bales; stock 45,585 bales; exports, to
Great Britain 5,176 bales.
Mobile, July 2.—Cotton, nothing doing; mid
dling net receipts 23 bales, gross 23; sales
none; stock 4,650 bales; exports coastwise 100
Memphis, July 2.—Cotton quiet; middling
9'Kc; receipts 114 bales; shipments 808 bales;
sales 1,250 bales; stock 12,115 bales.
Augusta, July 2.—Cotton firm; middling
receipts 22 bales; sales 25 bales.
Charleston, July 2.—Cotton quiet; middling
9%c; net receipts 17 bales, gross 17; sales
none; stock 1,36§ bales.
July 2.—Cotton firm; middling
9>fic; receipts 12 bales.
New Your. July 2. — Consolidated net re
ceipts for all cotton ports to-day 855 bales;
exports, to Great Britain 6,439 bales, to the con
tinent 1,771; stock at all American ports 258,977
Liverpool, July 2, 12:30 p. m. — Wheat firm;
demand fair; holders offer moderately. Corn
steady; demand fair.
New Yore. July 2, noon.—Flour active and
steady Wheat steady and higher. Corn ir
regular. Pork dull; mess $l5 00® 15 25. Lard
steady at $8 40 Freights dull.
5:00 p. in -Flour, Southern steady. Wheat,
spot moderately active and firm; options fairly
active and c higher,closing firm at 44®44 c
reaction fr>m best; No. 2 red, July delivery
86%®8744c; August delivery 87->4f&B7 3-16 c,
September 88%®8944 c - Corn, spot moderately
active and steady; options fairly active and
(ft r '£c higher, closing firm; ungraded, mixed 53
®s4Vjo; No. 2, July delivery 5.3 535*; August
54Uyrt55!4c, September hyfaor.&Sc. oats, spot
moderately active and steady; options fairly
active at 4£c higher on July and August and W*
lower on September, closing steady; No. 2, July
delivery 3444® 3August 314*c, September
delivery 30%®30$£c; No. 2 spot 35® 3544 c; West
ern 33®38c. Hops dull and unchanged. Coffee,
Brazil growths nominal at 15c; No. 7, cost and
freight. 10c; options quiet and easy, closing at
a decline of s®lo points; July delivery 11 20®
11 400, August delivery 10 10® 10 20c, September
9 80®9 9oc. Sugar, raw 6trong at 413 16c in
fair refinery; refined strong—C s%®&9ie. extra
Cs3£®s?4c, white extra C 6c, velloiv off
A 6*4c, mould A 744 c, siandard A 644 c, confec
tioners' A 6 69c, cut loaf and crushed Bc, pow
dered 7b;c, granulated 7c, cubes 74fcC. Molasses
firm; 1944 c bid for 50 test. Petroleum firm;
crude, in barrels relined 7440 at three
ports. Cotton seed ml quiet; crude 43c, refined
47c. Tallow easier; prime city quoted at 3 15-16
®4c. Potatoes active and firm; Norfolk s2®
2 25, Charlestons $2 [email protected] 24. North
s2®2 75. Hides dull. Wool quiet; domestic
fleece 20®3Ge, pulled 18®30c, Texas 13® 19c.
Pork dull and unchanged; mess sls® 15 25 for
new. $14®14 25 old. Beef dull and nominally
unchanged. Beef hams steady at $l5 75®16 o>.
Tierced beef dull ; city extra India moss $l5 25
®lO 6<>. Cut meats quiet and unchanged. Mid
dles dull. Lard, spot lots dull and lower; West
ern steam 37V4‘bid; options dull and lower,
closing weak; July delivery $8 30®8 32. August
$8 32‘.fc, September $8 83®8 35, refined $8 45 to
the continent. Freights quiet; cotton 11-64(1;
grain l%d.
Chicago, July 2.—Those who anticipated
large deliveries of wheat this morning were
disappointed. Instead of 3,000,000 bushels there
was one tenth of that. The tendency was to
help prices for July. This option closed Satur
day H|C under August. It opened %•: under,
but soon advanced nearly 44°• while August
moved up but a fraction, putting the two
futures together at and later they
together at 7946<\ and not full apart for tin*
rest of tiie forenoon. A part of the general
strength in the pit early was due to cables
which quoted 44° bettor prices at Liverpool.
There was VfoC advance at New York also. After
the first hour the market was an indifferent
one. At this point the range for July to near
the close was 7f>V6c, the opening and lowest
price, and • the outside price. Au
gust sold within a narrow limit of 7vM6®79*>gc.
The visible supply figures, posted about noon,
gave a decrease in the visibly supply of 933.000
bushels, somewhat larger than expected, but
not large enough to do more than stiffen the
market. The deliveries of corn wero very large
t his morning, being estimated at about 250,000
bushels, on account of the character of the
holdings deliveries had a firming tendency on
Hie market, as the stuff passed from the hands
of a oinbination into the hands of parties who
are likely to move the corn. The decrease in
the visible supply was large, 1,274.000 bushels.
The market for the day was marked by strength
early, with prices about. 4i'‘ higher, and weak
ness about noon, which took prices to the clos
ing point. Oats were very quiet, but a general
condition of trade was fairly favorable and a
steady feeling prevailed. Arrivals we re rather
small. Deliveries on July contracts were light
and there was quite a liberal decrease in the
visible supply, while other markets showed
steadiness. These several influences had no
special effect,owing probably to there not being
much of a speculative trade. Fluctuations in
prices were too small to be important. A com
paratively light trade was reported in the mar
ket for hog products and the feeling was easy
during most of the day. Deliveries on July
contracts were light, excepting short rib sides,
and had little effect on the market. <)perators
are calculating on an increase in the supply of
all kinds in the monthly statement of stocks on
hand, excepting in mess pork and pickled
in.-ats Prices ruled lower in all leading arti
ties, and the market closed quiet at outside
figures. Contracts were transferred ar 744®15c
difference per month in mess j*ork, 74400:1 lard,
aud 7W® 10c on short rib sides.
Cash quotations wero a follows: Flour
steady ami unchanged Wheat—No. 2 spring
79Vac; No. 2 red 6044 c. Corn —No. 2, 47A4c. Oats
—No. 2,30 c. Mei*s pork, per barrel, ; ;,u.
lArd at $8 02U. Short rib sid<36, looso $7 3744
®7 40 Dry salted shoulders, boxed s6i>®6 25.
Short dear sides, boxed $. 95®8 00. \\ nisky
$1 20.
Leading futures ranged as fallows:
Opining, iligncst. Closing
No. 2 Wheat
July delivery.... 7944 7944
Aug. delivery 7944 79)4 7944
Corn. No. 2
July delivery... 4744 4744 47*4
Aug. delivery. . 4844 4344 48^
Oats, No. 2
July delivery 3044 3(144 SOW
Aug. delivery. . 26 20 25J4
Mess Poke—
July delivery. $!3 45 $l3 45 $l3 50
Aug. delivery... 13 5244 13 00 13 00
July delivery. . $80244 ? $
Aug. delivery... 8 10 8 1244 8 12V4
Short Rihs—
July delivery... $7 3214 $7 3744 $< 3744
Aug.delirery... 747 44 750 750
July 2 -Flour dull but steady;
Howard street and Western superfine $2 35®
2 85, extra $3 Ift(sflBs, family 10®4 a*. cltv
lu.Lnsup jflUe $2 60#2 tL, oxii a4 l 00®1 75; Rio
brands $1 00®4 65. Wheat -Southern quiet but
steady; Fultz 85®90c; Longberry 86®$9c; West
ern dull but stiwly; No. 2 winter red, on spot
and July 83%®64c. Corn Soiithcru dull but
steady; white f*2®63c, yellow 58®59c.
Bt. Louis, July 2.—Flour closed quiet and
easy. Wheat, No. 2 red, cash *2® S3c; July de
livery 78%® 79c, Decernbor 83%®84%c. Corn
firmer; July delivery %c higher; N<>. 2 cush
closed at 4* %c, July delivery 44ty®V>V;iC, Au
gust 45 ; %®.45%e. Oats steady; No. 2 cash, 32
®32%c; July delivery 26V‘- Whisky steady at
$1 14. Provisions very dull.
Cincinnati, July 2.—Flour m light demand.
Wheat dull; No. 2 red 85c. Corn quiet; No. 2
mixed sd%c. Gam easy; No. 2 mixed 34®34%c.
Provisions i'ork dull at sl4 25. in fair
demand and lower at $7 85. Bulk meats quiet;
short ribs $7 50. Bacon in fair demand; short
clear $8 90. Whisky steady at $1 14. Hogs
scarce and higher; common and light $4 25®
5 60, packing and butchers' $5 50®5 90.
New Orleans, July 2. -Co(Toe unchanged;
Rio cargoes, common to prime 12%®lV>ic.
Cotton seed products nominally unchanged.
Sugar strong; Louisiana centrifugals, off plan
tation gi'Ruulated 6 9-lGe, choice yellow clari
fied 6%c, prime yellow clarified 6%c. Molasses,
Louisiana centrifugals, prime to good prime
Louisville, July 2.—Grain and provisions un
New York, July 2, noon. - Spirits turpen
tine quiet at 35%e. Rosin quiet at $1 07%®
1 15.
5:00 p. m.—Rosin easier at $1 10%®1 15 for
strained to good strained. Turpentiue quiet at
35 %e.
Charleston, July 2.—Turpentine nominal.
Rosin steady; good strained BV.
Wilmington, July 2.—Spirits turpentine
steady at 32%c. Rosin dull; strained 80c,
good strained 5%c. Tar firm at $1 40. Crudo
turpemino firm; hard $i tX>, yellow dip $1 85, vir
gin $1 90.
New York, July 2.—Rice dull and un
New Orleans, July 2.—Rice unchanged.
Fruit and Vegetable Markets.
New York. July 2. The Savannah steamer
did n*‘i arrive until lit-* Saturday, bringing
twenty cars of melons too late for sale, and
were carried over until to-day Olondav). Many
in bad order will not realize freight. I would
advise shipments via all rail route. Good mel
ons are wanted and are selling at S3U 00®35 00
per hundred. Lo Conte pears, s3uo®3 5,i per
crate. Tomatoes, $2 50®2 75 per crate Peach 's,
$2 00®3 00 per crate. G. S. Palmer.
New York, June 30. The week just closed has
been an active one in most lines of southern
produce, receipts having been light and demand
steady; choice watermeloimespcciakyhave met
with ready sale at good prices, $25 00®30 00 per
liundred and from that down to sl6 00, accord
ing to quality. To-day’s Savannah steamer
brought nineteen carloads, while the previous
one bad some thirty two cars. Tomatoes are
doing well, with the demand better; Savannah
selling to-day at $1 00®2 25 per crate, the latter
for fancy stock; Charleston, 75c®$l 75. Sa
vannah cucumbers. 5)®75c per crate; Charles
ton. 50c®$l 75. Peaches, Georgia. 50c®$1 25 for
% barrel crate. Wild goose plums, 50®75c per
basket. The demaud continues good for Le
Conte pears and the outlook is favorable; sell
ing to-day at $4 o()®5 00 per barrel, ?M 50®2 00
per crate. Southern muskmelons, $3 00®3 50
jer barrel crate. G. S. Palmer.
Philadelphia June 30. Watermelons have
mostly been small sizes, and sold at S2O 00®
25 00 per hundred for medium to fair cars; some
choice to extras at $26
ami a few culls at lower range. The market is
clean and the week’s demand will exceed the
supply unless receipts multiply beyond present
ad vices. Peaches sell only tairiy, o wine to poor
quality, at $2 <o®4 00 per crate. First Le Conte
pears are small in size, and command $3 00®
4 00 per bushel. PanOoast £ Griffiths.
Attn Risk® 4:57
Sun Sets. 7:03
High Water at Bavannaii 3:25 am, 4:18 p m
Tups day. July 3, 1888.
Steamship Chattahoochee, Daggett, New York
—C G Anderson.
Steamship < late City, Taylor, Boston—C G An
derson, Agent.
Steamship Johns Hopkins. Foster. Baltimore -
Jas I West & Cos. A *
Steamer Katie, Bovill. Augusta®ijl way land
ings—J G Medlock, Agent
Bark Brabant (BeTg), Bowman. Antwerp,
with empty barrels to order; vessel to A It Salas
& Cos.
Schr Thos P Ball, Ryder, New.-York, witli mer
chandise to order; vessel to Mas?or.
Steamship Tallahassee. Fisher, New York—C
G Anderson. Agent.
Steamer Ethel, CarnolL Cohen’s Bluff and way
landings—W T liibsoa. Mmuurer
Steamer St Nicholas, Usina. Fefnandina—C
Williams, Agt.
Steamship Tallahassee. New York.
New York, June 30—Cleared, steamship India
(Ger . Hulson, Pensacoia; schrs Florence A
Lillian. Smith. Jacksonville; Matilda Brooks,
Jones, Georgetown, S C.
Sailed, brig Sparkling Water, Fernandina.
Brow Head. June 30— Passed, bark Rebus
(Nor), Irens, Pensacola for Fleet wood.
Hull, June 29—Arrived, ship Iris(Br), Griffiths,
Apalachicola. June 30—Arrived, bark Freeda
A Willey, Willey. New Orleans.
Boston. June 30 Arrived, schr June Bright,
Barter. Savannah.
Baltimore, June 30 - Cleared and sailed, schr
Ida Lawrence, Young, Savannah.
Beaufort, N C, June 30—Sailed, schr Robert
Center, Weeks, Darien.
Darien, Juno 80--cleared. steamship Tona
wamiu, Buckley, New York; schr Clytie,
Fernandina. June 30—Cleared, bark Albert
Schultz, Thacher, New York; senr Welaka,
Cottrell, do.
Pensacola, Juno 29—Arrived, barks Jonnio
Sweeney, Hudson, Galveston; 30th, Michel a
(Ital), Vincenzo, Barbados.
Port Royal, S O, Juno Arrived, schr Sarah
I) Fell, Loveland. Philadelphia
Vineyard Haven, June 29 Arrived, schrs Cora
Dunn, Harrington, Apalachicola for Boston;
June Bright, Barter. Savannah for do, both
sailed 30t h.
New York. July 2—Arrived out. steamships
Fulda. New York for Bremen; Spain, New York
for Liverpool; City of Chester, New York for
Fernandina. July 2 Arrived, steamship Caro
line Miller, Miller, Perth Amboy; schrs G L
Drake, (foldthwaite. Fall River; H S
Woodland, Baltimore
Cleared, schr Alincda Willey, Copeland, Fall
Ship Arbela fßr), Smith, from Pensacola
(March 22) for Buenos Ayn s. no date, Int 12 N,
lon 29 W (by bark Gerard C Tobey, at Liverpool
from San Francisco).
Ship Mary Stewart (Br), now on her passage
from Brunswick to Plymouth, has been sold,
subject to safe arrival, for £2,550.
Beaufort, N ('. June3o- Schr Jeannette. Alex
ander. from Beverly. Mass, bound to Pensacola,
is as non* 25 miles from Cape Lookout. Owing
to leakiness and strong head winds the
was forced on the beach. The crew's personal
effects and the sails and rigging were saved.
The hull is a total loss. Capt Alexander is here.
Per Charleston aud Savannah Railway, July
B—B8 —8 bbls rosin, 4 bbls spirits turneiitine, 1 car
empty bbls, ft boxes medicine supplies 4 bait s
sheeting. 2 plate irons, l&doz brooms, 1 sample
trunk, id boxes tobacco, 10 qr boxen tobacco, 15
boxes tobacco, 1 case cigars, j bale waste. 1 chest
tool <. 1 bale burlaps, and mdse.
per Savannah, Florida and Western Railway,
July 2 1,819 bbls rosin, 1,278 crates vegetables,
739 bbls spirits turpentine, 23 cars lumber, 6
cars wood, 40 bales wool. 872 bbls vegetables. 19
bales hides, 6 sacks rice, 2 cars cattle,! car empty
bbls, 73 cars watermelons, 67 bbls pineapples, 25
boxes lemons. 54 crates pears, 74 pugs mdse.
Per Central Railroad. July 2—164 bales cot
ton. 20 bales vara. 8 bales domestics, 3 eases do*
■nestles, 9 bales woo). 151 bbls spirits turpentine,
29 pkgs tobacco, 32,608 lbn bacon, 2>) b rosiu,
100 bbls lime, 38 crates fruit, 1,0 0 bushels oats,
67 bbls vvifinky, 6) hf bbls beer, 132 qr bbls beer,
5 pkgN furniture. 315 bbls llo.ir, 19 oars lumber.
72 c-rds wood, 111 bbls ric, 433 tons pig iron. 1
pkg wax. 23 pkgft machinery, 60 sacks |>eanuts.
107 pkgs mdse, 1 f>kg junk, 6 oars hrunstone, 25
cases eggs, 3 pkgs hides, 6 cars watermelons.
Per steamship Tallahassee, for New York—
-IMI cotton, 74 bales dourest lofl 6 bbls r ofl,
1.043 bbls rosin. 855 bids spirits turpentine, 1,10.)
pkgs vegetable#*, 68,304 r*et lumber. 59.215 water
melons, 390 pkgs mdse, 180 tons pig iron.
Per teamsbi|i Oata City, from BosloU"E
P Bannon, Rose 31 Stephens. Emma Daly, Chas
Oowari, Miss Paine, Lizzie F Haynes, Geo C
Orsborn, Annie L F.dwarJ*. Mrs M Riddell.
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, from Baltimore
-R E Hardee, S L Muinford, <> Seiler, F M
Slmonter, John Morris, J R Watkins, II Foster,
G P Horner, James Mason.
Per steamship Tallahassee, for New York—
Master T C llubbHl, Mrs Hubbell, L T Hubbell,
W .1 Thompson. Sister Loyola, Sister Patronilla,
K Knapp, Mr Gill, Dr 0 R (Mil, Misses Gill, Miss
O Tones, Miss M Thos French, Mrs G
A. Hailey, T Zizinia, Miss M AC Stewart, Mr and
Mrs L Abreeht and 3 ehildren, (i A Hudson ami
wife. Miss Hudson, Miss A Pflzetienmyer, Mrs .1
OofiinjEfer. B Stuart, L Hartshorne. E J Rogers
nnd wife. J K Carlton, G A N’icolson. (’apt ll I*
Smart. Dr .1 L Howe, D C Bacon ana family, J
I> Meed. V.' V Merry, Mrs P W Meldrim, servant
and children. Miss Carrie L Meldrim. Owen W
Flynn. F C Richmond, H L Richmond, O Vexer
ir, M Steward. J E Crawford, A G Brown. Geo
Weymouth ami wife, L G Middaugh, 4 colored,
and 3 steerage.
Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. July
2 .1 K Torrent. Medical Officer Marine Hospital,
J W Tynan. Limlsay £ M, Lee Roy Myers X Cos,
S Guckonheimer A Son, Blodgett, M & Cos, M
Buckler, H Myers & Bros, M Beley Son, A J
Miller A Cos.
Per Savannah. Florid;i and Western Railway,
July 2 Ford £ Office, Dale, I>A Cos, A L
PJiilllps, McDonough A 00, Lee Roy Myers A Cos,
Stillwell, PA M, M Y Henderson, M \i Brunson.
M Holey A Son, H Myers A Bros. Butler A S, .1.1
McDonald. Keppmvl A Cos, Baker A S. D S Lin
stein, K B Cassels. T McAulitTe A Cos, Prof R C
Browy, Mein hard Bros A co, Grady. 1)L A Cos,
G W Tiedoman, II Solomon A Son. Eekinan A V,
.1 P Williams & < Jo, \ B Hull. Stillwell, P & M,
A H Champion, I G Ilans,Standard nil Cos, Dr I)
Cox, Baldwin A Cos, Ellis. Y A Cos, CL Jones,
Peacock, 11 A Cos.
Per Central Railroad, July 2 Fordg Agt,
II M Comer jc Cos, McDoijough & Cos, T Baseh.
II Solomon A Son, M Ferst A Cos, Lippman Rros,
J A Alexander, City A Sub Ry, s K lowin' S M
Whitesitles. A Einstein’s Sons,Grady, PeL A Cos,
A Leffler, Geo Schroder, <1 W Tie toman. City of
Savannah. C Seiler, Mohr Bros, Geo Shearouse,
Harvey Bros, .1 A Hester, Hammond, H A <’ .
Jos A Roberts v Cos. J P Williams ,v Cc. W I>
Waples, S Guckonheimer A Son, Moore, H A Cos,
Telephone Exchange. J II Pitts. B Hymes, E M
Hole**. Puder A I), Standard Oil Cos, L Putzel,
Stillwell, PA M, .1 1> Weed A Cos, T L Kinsey,
J McGrath A C o, Chesnutt A O'N, Ellis. Y A Cos,
Wilcox. (J A Cos. PeacocK. !L.\ Cos, Baldwin Fer
tili/.er 1 Freid, A J Miller A (Jo. s L Newton,
McDonough A P. M Y Henderson, W II Moore.
Per steamship (into city, from Boston
A R AltmayorA Cos, M Boley A Son, N Ijuilt.
S W Branch, Clark A D, W S Cherry A Cos, H
Logan, A Ehrlich A Bro, I Epstein A Bro, tchrC
A Raynor. A Einstein's Sons, Grady, DeL A Cos,
M Fe.rst A Cos, C M Hilbert A < \>. Herman A K,
Hexter A Iv. J S Haines, A lvrauss, Ludden A B,
if Lovell A Son, Lindsay A M, J McGrat h A Cos,
I> PMveraon, A J Miller A Cos. W B Moll A Cos,
Meinhard Bros A Cos, A S Nichols. Palmer Bros.
Neidlinger A It, G N Nichols. New Home S M
Cos, N Paulsen A Cos, J Rosenheim A Cos, .1 H
Schroder, Jno Sullivan, J T Shuptrine & Bro,
E A Smith. Savannah Cotton Mills, Teeplo A Cos,
H Solomon A Son. P Tuberdy, J I) Weed A Cos,
C R R. S, F A W Ry, Southern Ex Cos. Ga A Ida
I S B Cos.
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, from Baltimore
—Jas Atkins. C Asendorf, Augusta Steamboat
Cos, Brush E L Cos, Byek A S, M Boley & Son, W
1> Hearing, Bond. H A E, W G Cooper. City of
Savannah, Chas A Sav Ry, Cornwell A C, W S
King. (J Davis A Son. M J Doyle, Dale, I) A Cos,
J A A Cos, J H Estill, A Ehrlich A Bro,
I Freid, Frank A Cos, A Falk A Son, J B Fenian
dez, S Guckonheimer A Son, A Hanley. II Hesse.
\j J Gazan, J B Howard. A B Hull, Helinken A
S, C< > Haines, E.l KeilTer. A Leffier, N Lang,
Lippman Bros, H I Ludcman, E Lovell A Son,
1> B Lester, Lovell AL, .) J Lutz, Mendel A D,
Jno Lyons A Cos, Jno McAleor, J McGrath A Cos,
McGillis%: M, DPMyerson, R F McCoy, A F
Mackey, T A Massey, P Manning Parsons, S A
Cos, J G Nelson A Cos, W H Price, Hiesor AS, S
Selig, H Solomon A Son. 8 PShotter A Cos, H
Suiter, Strauss Bros, Standard )il Cos. D Silver
strain, Southern Ex Cos, J S Silva, Thos VWst,
(4 W Tiodeman, A M A C W West, Hirsch Bros,
J D Weed A Cos, J P Williams A (V. 1- R A N Cos.
J B West A Cos, Epstein A W, Order J Schley.
Cracked Corn, Mixed Feed, Corn Eyes.
Try rny Choice Patent and Family
1C <> I It
and you will use no other.
at lowest market figures.
BROK i:hh.
BUYS AND SELLS on commission ail i-laaaoa
of Stock* and Bond*.
Negotiates loans on marketable securities.
Now York quotations furnished by private
ticker evefy fifteen minutes.
BUYS and sells on commission all classes of
securities. Business respectfully solicited
and promptly attended to.
Grocers, Provision Dealers A Corn'n Merchants,
W W OOADON. F. D. Bf/OODWOKTII. ukirneuordon.
Cotton, Rice, Naval Stores,
—„ q -
Garnett, Stubbs & Cos.,
Commission Merohants,
Liberal advances made on containments of
Wholesale Fish and Oyster Dealer,
ISO Bryan Rt and 152 Bay lane. Savannah, On.
F lah orders for Cedar Keys received here have
prompt attention.
mwm goods
O*.r now .%'!’% I.OOrjK OF
rj # FAIUN OUTFIT*, with cormtllution
a dull tactic* anJ full Information utou|
li . organizing and drilling Marching ( iubn
MM lOH MmhMtn Bt., '24 1 Inslws,
2rp CENTS Will pay for THE DAILY
ik Ml KMM I NEWS one weak, deliverel
j to any part of tha city. Send your ad
dr--R nitli 25 e.-tif, to the iiu.iin<*ss
OC.oe and Lata the papal deli fried recnlarU.
WE ARE IX A BAD BOX (below Is a diagram of the box). The thing is this:
Summer (Allah bo praised) won’t last forever, and we are quite nervous lest it should get
away and leave us high and dry with a right smart muebuess of Snturner Wearing
Apparel on hand, so wiping wet beads of perspire from our thoughtful brows we regis
tered (not at the post-ofnee) a rut and dried resolution to SELL, SELL, SELL—no mat
ter what prices aro offered—SELL, or words to that intent. So now is the time to SCOOP
us on low prices.
Light Weights,
Cassi meres,
Children’s Star Shirt Waists,
Gold and Silver Slrirts,
Gents’ Cool Neckwear, Umbrellas.
Wo never humbug the public and the public appreciates
They Have Coma
Artistic Designs ! Latest Colorings !
Elaborate Assortments !
Inspection solicited; estimates furnished. Refrigerators,
Baby Carriages, Ice Boxes, Mattings, Oil Cloths, Shades,
Mosquito Nets and Canopies.
125 and 127 Broughton Street.
- —-■■■'- ' — 1 '■ ..']■■■ a
We contemplate doing some work on our store in the early
part of July and will have to do some CROWDING UP.
In order to facilitate matters will make Bio Cuts on prices
to reduce OUR IMMENSE STOCK. Chamber, Parlor and
Dining Room Suits in endless variety. Refrigerators, Mos
quito Nets, Baby Carriages and all seasonable goods marked
surprisingly low.
Call early and help us to unload.
Lindsay & Morgan.
W ■ 1 liETHRS!
Fvrr offcrivl to tlm Southern trade. Manufacturing all these goods at our own factory,
under our personal supervision, we challenge competition, both in stylo, durability and
prices. Inspect our stock beforo buying elsowhoro.
Fullness After Fating
Morning News Steam Printing House
Lithographing and Engraving Department
which is comolete within itself, and the largest concern of
the kind in the South. It is thoroughly equipped, having
five presses, and all the latest mechanical appliances in
the art, the best of artists and the most skillful lithog
raphers, all under the management of an experienced
It also has the advantage of being a part of a well
equipped printing and binding house, provided with every
thing necessary to handle orders promptly, carefully and
Corporations, manufacturers, hanks and bankers, mer
chants and other business men who are about placing
orders, are solicited to give this house an opportunity to
figure on their work, when orders are of sufficient mag
nitude to warrant it, a special agent will be sent to make
R ll Levy <S Bro,
161 Congress St.,
Savannah, Ga.
Fine French, Silk
and Flannel
Balbriggan and
Silk Underwear
and Hosiery,
Pongee Helmets,
Pearl, and all
Light Shades in
Derby Hats,
Knox’s Fine Hats,
Bathing Suits,

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