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< o>: m i:k; ia a.
~~nlr.vNNA:' _v .ik nr.
o.vioe of t;i ' im win'g news. >.
Savannah Ga., No.a £7, 4p. m. f
Cotton—The market was quiet and firmer,
but ih t qjota .lv higher. There was a better
inquiry, but it v. a: coi.fined principally to the
extreme high grades and the very lower quali
ties, and resulted in more business being ac
coroplished. The total sales for the day were
„ „ 60 bales. On ’Change at the opening call at
,’* a m . the market v.as reported quiet and un
changed. but with no sales. At the second call
at lp.ni.it was quiet, the sales being 1,011
tales. At the third and last call at 4 p. m. it
closed quiet and unchanged, with further sales
of ! 249 bales. The following are the official
closing spot quotations of the Cotton Ex
Middling fan - *“
flood middling
Middling *
i,o\v middling Jj * 10
Good ordinary h
i H
<-, a islands— Taere was a good inquiry, and
the market held quite firmly. The bright cot
tons were in most request, and about 300 bags
were deposed of oil me basis of quotations.
storm cotton. 13
i ■ ,mon Georgias and Floridas iS @!
Medium fine . ®
Extra fine W <&-
i Choice -3%®—
1 Comparative Cotton Statement.
Receipts. Exports and Stock on Hand Nov. i7, 1888, and
for the Same Time Last Year.
|| ,1 SBS-83. ! 1887-88.
!i ItUnd.\ Up,and
Stock oil hand Svpt. 1 ' OIJ 7,10 1 5*5 O.ttlh
Received to-Jay 4 0,20 > 82: 5,482
Received previously. 11, | 459,467; jO,-3£B; 603,157
Total H,4 478,870 10,! 95 575,4571
Exported to- lay 50 h.4J .. 8,614 1
Exported previously ; 6.71 M 5.7*5 44-,67U
Tula! o,i 51 EGG, iO.. 5,725 443,184 ';
, Block on lt&nfi .c ■ • i ship i
l bourd lo day. t . 4.096 100.371: 5 210 120,213
Rice-Tbe market is dull, although there is
soma demand for the b3st qualities. The sal 8
for the day were 141 barrels. At the Board of
trade the 'market was reported quiet at the fol
l,win<: quotations. Small job lots are held at %
Fair • • 4)4® 4%
(ood 4-4'dis
Fancy 6
Country lots $ 75® 90
Tide water 1 00® 1 25
Naval Stores—The market for spirits turnen
tine was very quiet, owing to buyers and sellers
l.eing apart. There were no sales reported dur
ing "the day. At the Board of Trade on the
opening call the market was reported at 42Uc
hid. At the closing call it closed at 4214 c bid.
Kosin The market was quiet but firm and
higher for the better grades. The sales for the
dav were about 2.22(5 barrels at about quota
tions: A, B, C and D 85c, E 87)4c. F 90c, G
<>sc, H $1 05, ISi 1?, K $1 25, M SI 65, Ns2 10,
window glass $2 70, water white $3 !0. At the
last call it closed unchanged.
Spirit*. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 3,070 66.054
pj.v-€ived to-day 568 2,227
Received previously 134,60} 349,435
Total 138.817 418,316
Exported to-day
Exported previously 122,2 33 347,440
Total 122.223 347,44 G
Stock on hand and on shipboard
today 16,634 70,670
Receipts same day last year I,oco 3,229
Financial—Money is easy.
Domestic Exchange—-Steady. Banks and
bankers are buying sight drafts at % per cent,
d.scount aud selling at )£ per cent discount to
foreign Exchange —The market is very
easy. Commercial demand. $4 8544; aixty
days. Si 82%; ninety days, $4 81)4; f rancs. Paris
fmd Havre, commercial, sixty days. $5 2444;
Swiss. $5 25; marks, sixty days, 94% 2.
Securities—The market is very t asy, with a
tendency to realize at ruling prices for both
Central and Southwestern stocks. Bonds are
firmly held.
Stocks and Bonds —City Bonds— Atlanta 4
per cent long date, 108 bid, 114 asked; At
lanta 7 per cent, 118 bid, 121 asked; Au
gusta 7 per cent long date, 110 bid, 117
Asked; Augusta 6 per ceut long date, 113 bid,
114 asked; Columbus 5 per cent. lU2 bid,
101 asked; Macon 6 per cent, 110 bid, 11114
asked; new Savannah 5 per cent, January
coupons, 102% bid, 102% asked; new Savannah
5 per cent, Feoruary coupons, 101% bid, 102%
.SYafr Boards—Georgia 6 per cent, 1889, 100)4
hid, 10] % asked; Georgia new 4)4 per cent, 107V*
hid, IGB% asked; Georgia 7 per cent go.d
quarterly coupons, 103)4 hid, 104)4 asked; Geor
gia 7 per cent, coupons Jauuary aud July, ma
turity 1896, 113 bid, 119 asked.
Riilroad Stocks- Central common, 128% bid,
129)4 asked; Augusta and Savannah 7 per cent
guaranteed. 135 hid, 136 asked; Georgia com
inon, 196 bid, 198 asked; Southwestern 7 per
cent guaranteed, 134 bid, 136 asked: Central
f* per cent certificates, 102 bid, 102)4 asked;
Atlanta and West Point railroad stocks, 107
hid, 109 asked; Atlanta and West Point 6 per
cent certificates. 103 bid, 104 asked.
Railroad Bonds —Savannah, Florida and
Western Hallway Company general mortgage
6 per cent interest, coupons October, 115 Did,
116 asked; Atlantic and Gulf first mortgage,
consolidated: j>er cent, coupons January and
July, maturity 1897. 115 bid, 117 asked; Cen
tral consolidated mortgage 7 per cent, coupons
January and July, maturity 1893, 110)4 bid.
11l asked; Georgia railroad 6 per cent, 1897.
108®114 bid, 109®116 asked; Mobile and
Girard second mortgage indorsed, S per cent,
coupons January ana July, maturity 1889, 102)4
hid. 103 asked; Montgomery and Eufaula first
mortgage 6 per cent, indorsed by Central rail
road, 109 bid, 110 asked; Marietta and North
Georgia first mortgage, 50 years. 6 ppr cent,
98 bid. 100 and interest asked; Marietta
and North Georgia railroad first mortgage 6 per
cent. 106 bid lO 4 ' asked; Charlotte, Colum
bia and Augusta first mortgage. 11l bid. 113
asked; (’harlotte, Columbia and Augusta second
mortgage. 111 bid, 112 asked; Western Ala
ham a jK'ooni mortgage indorsed 8 per cent,
l‘d)4 bid, 105)4 asked; South Georgia aud Flor
id* indorsed, 117 hid, 119 asked; South Oeor
gia aud Florida second mortgage, 114 bid,
116 asked; Augusta and Knoxville first mort
gage 7 percent, 111)4 bid, 112)4 asked; Gaines
ville, Jefferson and Southern first mortgage
guaranteed, 115 bid. 116 asked; Gainesville,
Jefferson and Southern, not guaranteed. 111
hid, Ilf sited: Qoesn Steamship • per cent
bonds, guaranteed by Central railroad, 10?
bid. 103 asked; Gainesville, Jefferson and
B<Kithern second mortgage guaranteed, 114
hid, no asked; Columnus and Home first
mortgage bonds, indorsed by Central railroad,
107 bid, 103 asked; Columbus aud Western 6
Per cent, guaranteed, 109 bid, 110 asked; City
and Miburbau railway first mortgage 7 per cent,
Fb bid, 108 asked.
Bank Storks —Nominal. Southern Bank of
th • State of Georgia. 2.K) bid, 203 asked; Mer
chants' National Bank. 163 bid, 165 asked;
Savannah Bank And Trust Company, 100 bid,
I6OUI asked; National Bank of Savannah, 125 i
bid, 126 asked; Oglethorpe Savin sand Trust
Company, 110 bid, 118 a.*k-d; Citizens' Bank,
*3 bid. 95 asked.
Go* Storks —Savannah Gas Light stock. 18)4
bid. 19 asked; Mutual Gas Light stock, 15 bid,
fO asked.
Ba< on- Market steady; stocks everywhere
bt; demand good; smoked clear rib sides,
shoulders, none; dry salted clear rib sides,
w kc; long clear, B%e; bellies, 8)4c; shoulders,
none; hams. 12Uc.
Baoqjno and Ties—The market is easier and j
stocks an? somewhat reduced. The following j
Rre quotation* on actual offering*: We quote j
jnutfl lots: Bagging, 2% lbs, 14c; 2 fi>s. 12U
Cfcl2%c: 1% lbs. ll)4®ll%c, according to brand j
*nd quantity. Iron tie* -$l 1 @1 20 per bundle,
according to brand and quantity. Sea island
bugging ' ery scarce, 15)4c. Bagging and ties in
retail lots a fraction higher.
Butter—Market steady: fair demand;
'•oshen, 21c; gilt edge, 24c; creamery, 26c.
Cheese -Market steady; fair demand. We
quote. 9)4(^13)4c.
f CprrEE-MaAet higher. We quote: Peaberry,
18 Hc; fancy, 18c; choice, prime, 17c;
®on *l/)jjc C * 18°; orJinary, 15c; com-
Cadbaoe—Northern, 8® 9c
Pried Fruit-Apples, evaporated, 9c; com
®on. 7V4c. Peaches, peeled. lGc; unpeelod. 5®
7 c- Currant*, 7c. Citron, 22c.
Bar Goods—The market Is quiet and steady;
•lock full. We quots: Print*. I)4&*ttc;
Georgia l rown sfcirtin*. 3-4, 4%c; 7-8 do, 5%c;
4 4 brown sheet incr, 6%c; white * snaburjc*, 9®
9%c; checks, s%®Cc; yams, 85c for ibe best
make'; brown drillings, 6%®7%c.
Fish—lJfrht demand on accnmt of high
prices. Market nominal. We quote full weights:
Mackerel—No. 1, $1100; No. 3, half barrels,
nominal, $8 50; No. 2, $9 50. Herrin#—No. 1,
28c: seal a, 2rte. Cod, G®9c. Mullet, half bar
rels. $5 50.
Kkitt- -Florida oranges, $2 25®2 75. Lemons
—Fair demand. We quote: Choice, $3 50®3 75.
Flour--Market weak. We quote: Extra,
$5 10®5 25; fancy, $ Po®6 10; choice patent,
86 25®675; family, $5 40®5 50: spring wheat,
be<t patent. $8 00.
Grain—Corn— Market firm. We quote: White
core.,retail lots. 05c; ioblots, 62c; carload lots,
Coc; mixed corn, retail lots, 62%c; job lots, 60c;
carload lots, 53c. Oats—Retail lots, 45c; job lots,
42c; carload lots, 33c. Bran—Retail lots, $1 10;
job lots. SI 05; carload lots, $1 00. Meal, 65c.
Grits. 70c.
Hay—Market firm. We quote: Western in
retail lots, $1 10; job lots, $1 05; carload lots,
8: Of).
Hm*s, Wool Etc.—Hides—Market dull; re
ceipts light; dry flint. 9c; salted, 7c; dry
butcher. 6c. Wool- Market active: receipts
fair; prime in bales, 22c; burry. 8(2812c. Wax,
18c. Tallow. 3®4c. Deer skins, flint, 25c;
salted. 20c. Otter skins, 50c®$ 1 00.
Iron—Market firm; Swede, 4%®5c; reficed,
Lard—Market steady; in tierces, S%c; 50 1b
tins, B%c.
Lime, Calcined Plaster and Cement—Chew
acla lump lime in fair demand, and selling at
81 25 per barrel; Georgia/and Shelby, $1 25 per
bairef; calcined plaster, $1 85 per barrel; hair,
4®sc; Roseridale cement, $1 45; Portland
cement. $2 [email protected] 00.
Liquors—Full stock: steady demand.♦We
quote: Bourbon, $150®5 50; rye, $1 50®6 00;
rectified, $1 00® l 85. Ales unchanged aud in
fair demand.
Nails—Market firm; fair demand. We quote:
3d. $2 30; 4d an l sd, 82 90 ; 6d, $2 70; Bd, 82 55;
lOd, $2 4C; I2d to 40d, $2 30; 50d to COd, $2 55.
Nuts—Almonds—Tarragona, 18®29c; Ivicas,
17®18c; walnuts. French, 15c; Naples, 16c; pe
ca:.s, jOc; Brazil, 10c; filberts, 10c; cocoaoutH,
Barracoa. 82 00®8 25 per 100.
Onions—Per carrel, $2 50; per crate, $1 10;
Spanish, crates, $1 15.
Oils--Market firm; demand good. Signal.
50c; West Virginia, black, 9® 12c; lard. 72e;
kerosene. 10%c; r.eatsfoot, 65®80c; machinery,
25®30c; linseed, raw. COc; boned, 63c; mineral
seal, 16c; homelight, 16c; guardian, 14c.
Potatoes—N or them, 50®2 75.
Raisins—Demand light; market steady. Thay
ers. ®S 'X) per box: London layers, new. $3 50
per box; California London layers, $2 75 per
box; loose, $2 50
Salt—The demand is moderate and marker is
quiet; carload lots, 80c, f. o. b.; job lots, 85®
Shot—Drop, $1 40; buck. $1 65.
Sugar—The market is dull. We quote: Cut
loaf, BWgc, cubes. Sc; powdered, Sc, gran
ulat'd, 7-%c; confectioners', 7%c; standard A.
?%e; off A. 79£0; white extra C, 7%c: golden
C, 6%c; yellow, 6%c.
Syrup—Florida and Georgia dull, at 2S®3oc:
market quiet for sugarhouse at 30®40c; Cuba
straight goods, 2Sc in hogsheads; sugarhouse
molasses, 18® 20c.
Tobacco—Market steady; demand fair. We
quote: Smoking, 25c®$1 25; chewing, common,
sound, 26®30c; fair, 30®85c; medium. 38®50c;
bright, 50®75c; fine fancy. 85®90c; extra tine,
90c®$1 10; bright navies, 45®75c; dark navies,
Lumber—The demand has fallen oft some
what. Mills full of work on back orders. Prices
firm at quotations: We quote f. o. b.:
Ordinary sizes sl2 50® 16 00
Difficult sizes 15 00f(&21 50
Flooring boards 16 00®21 50
ShipstufTs 17 00®21 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We quote:
700 feet average $ 9 00® 11 00
80) “ “ 10 00® 11 00
90*) “ “ 11 GO® 12 00
1,000 •• “ 12 00® 14 00
Shipping timbei+in the raft
-700 feet average $ 6 00 ® 7 00
SCO “ * 7 00® 800
900 “ “ 8 00® 900
1,090 “ “ 0 00®10 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures.
Lumber—By sail—The market is easy,
with tonnage in good supply. Freight
limits are $5 00®6 50 from this and the r.ear
Georgia ports to the Chesapeake ports, Phila
delphia, New York, Sound ports and eastward.
Timber 50c®$l 00 higher than lumber rates.
To the West Indies and Windward, nominal;
to South America, sl6 50; to Spanish and
Mediterranean ports, sl4 00® 15 00; to United
Kingdom for orders, timber £5 10s standard:
lumber, €5 ss. Steam—To New York, $6 00: to
Philadelphia, $6 00; to Boston. $7 00; to Balti
more. $6 50.
Naval Stores—Firm. Foreign- Cork, etc.,
for orders, 3s 9d, and, or 5s 31: Adriatic, rosin,
4s; Genoa, rosin, 3s 9.1; South America, rosin,
$1 00 per barrel. Coastwise—Steam—To Bos
ton, 45c on rosin, 90c on spirits; to New York,
rosin, 30c, spirits, 80c: to Philadelphia, rosin,
30c. spirits, 80c: to Baltimore, rosin. 30c. spirits,
70c. Coastwise quiet.
Cotton--By steam—The market is steady;
room for botii sail and steam ample.
Liverpool 13-32 1
Reval %and
Bremen 7 161
Havre Sl-64d
Barcelona Wi
(ienoa %and
Amsterdam 33-64d
Liverpool via New York lb 13-62d
Liverpool via Baltimore 27-64d
Havre via New York $ fir* 29 64d
Bremen via New York $ lb 15 16c
Bremen via Baltimore 15-32d
Reval via New York lb 21~32d
(ienoa via New York ... .33-04d
Amsterdam via New York 98c
Antwerp via New York 15-32d
Antwerp via Baltimore 15-32d
Boston $1 bale $ 1 75
Sea island $ bale 1 25
New York fcf bale 1 50
Sea island bale 100
Philadelphia # bale 1 50
S*a island p-r bale 1 00
Baltimore $1 bale 1 50
Providence <1 bale 1 75
By sail—
Liverpool %and
Genoa 7 16d
Bremen 13-32d
Havre 13-82d
Barcelona 29-64d
Rice—By steam—
New York & barrel 50
Philadelphia barrel 50
Baltimore $ barrel 50
Boston $1 barrel 75
Grown fowls V pair $ 55 (*$ ®5
Chickens. %to % grown 40 ® 50
Turkeys # pair .... 1 50 ®2 50
Eggs, country, W dozen 22 ® 25
Peanuts, facer, n. p. V T a. lb— 6 ®
Peanuts, hand picked. slb 5 ®
Sweet potatoes, yel low, bushel 50 ® 60
Sweet potatoes, white, # bushel 40 ® 50
Pottltry—.Market well supplied; demand fair.
Egos Market firmer, with good supply;
fair demand
Peanuts Fair stock; demand moderate;
prices firm.
Sugar--Georgia and Florida nominal; non© in
Honey—No demand; nominal.
Sweet Potatoes—ln go<xi demand.
Nbw York, Nov. 27, noon.— Stocks dull hut
firm. Money eaxy at 2®2!4 P r cent. Ex
change-long, $4 8494
4 as Government bonds dull but steady. State
bonds dull hut firm.
Erie 88 % Richm’d &W. Pt.
Chicago & North. Terminal 2594
I,akoShore 100>* Western Union... S%
Norf. & W. pref . 4744
s:>Ml p. m. —Exchangedull but steady at Si SS>4
(J 44 89. Money easy at per cent. Sub-
Treaaury balances—Gold, sls ,82c,000; currency,
sl. 4..,,0(10. Government bonds and ill butllriu;
four per cents 128 ; four and a half percent,
coupons 10 Hi- State bonds dull but steady.
The stock market wa> a abode more active
to day and quite strong, especially in the after
noon, und prices this evening are in most stocks
materially higher than those of last evening.
There was a more confident tone to sjieculation
this morning, and many operators who have
held aloof from the market for some time were
buyers to day. While foreigners put out some
stocks in the forenoon, they were later buyers
of their favorites, and throughout the day the
principal sellers were traders In the afternoon
the upward movemeut inaugurated was accele
rated by reports from Chicago in regard to a
new agreement in the southwest, and later by
rumors of a complete settlement of the trunk
line difficulties. New England was again a
marked feature in the list, and became quite
strong, though it wss not until later that tne
general list joined in the movement. When it
(lid, however. lake Shore was very prominent,
but all trunk line stocks, as well as South
westerns. Grangers, and Northern Pacifies,
made marked improvements. The extent of
the rise encouraged the taking of profits toward
the close, and some reaction was had, though a
portion of the loss was afterward recovered.
The active list to-night is almost invariably
higher, and New England is up lji St. Paul and
Norfolk preferred 194. Ijike Shore 11-v lacks
wanna, Erie, Missouri Pacific, Northern Pacific
preferred, and Richmond preferred 1 pur cent,
each Louisville and Nashville. New York Cen
tral and Union Pacific 1 per cent, each, and
others fractional amounts Total sales *2.(WO
shares. The following were the closing quota
Ala class A, Jto 5 105 ctflc, first mort 91
Als.olastß.aa ...108 !. Y. Central MW
Georgia 7s. mort. 104 Norf.& W. pref. . 4866
N.Carolina cons 65120 Nor. Pacific 24%*
N.Carolina* ous4s 91W “ pref...sßt^
So. Canv. (Brown Pacific Mail 37%
consols 106 Reading 47J4
Tennessee set. 35.. 72 Richmond & Ale.. 134^
Virginia 6s. *4B Richm'd& \V. Pt.
Va. 6s eonsoli'ted. 85 Terminal. 25V£
Northwestern 1)0>4
“ preferred. 141 St Paul 63Vg
Del a. and Lack 137 “ preferred.. lOr-4
Erie . Texas Pacific
East Tennessee... 9% Tenu.CoalA Iron. 34’r
Shore IOQI4 Union Pacific 62?*
Memphis & Char 56 Missouri Pacific... 7744
Mobile 4: Ohio 7 Western Union.. 83t$
Nash, .fc Chatt’a .81 Cotton Oilcertifl. 64^r
New Orlean3 Pa
Liverpool. Nov. 27, noon.—Cotton quiet
but steady: American middling .*>Vfed; sales 8,000
bales, of which 1,000 bales were for speculation
and expert; receipts 37,000 bales—American
25. TOO bales.
Futures— American middling, low middling
clause. November delivery 5 25-64®5 24-64d; No
vember and December delivery 5 21-64®5 20*64d;
l ecember and January 5 19-6 id; January and
February 5 19-64d; February and March 5 20-64d;
March an 1 April 5 22h04® 2l-64d; April and
May 5 23-64d: May and June 5 25-64 J: June
and July 5
2:00 p. ra.— Sales of the day 8.500 bales of
American middling sV*d.
Futures—American middling, low middling
clause. November delivery 5 26-64d. sellers;
November aud December 5 2^-64d, sellers; De
cember and January 5 c -C4d. sellers: January
and February 5 21-64d, sellers: February and
March 5 21-tMii.buyers: March an i April 5 *2-04d.
buyers; April and May 5 24-64d. sellers; >lay
and June 5 ~ ; o-84d. sellers: June and July
5 28-64d, sellers. Futures steay at the ad
4:00 p. m.—Futures: American middling, low
middling clause, November delivery 5 25-64d,
buyers; November and December 5 2!-64d,
buyers; December and January r> 21-64d, sellers;
January an l F bruary * 21*. 4 i. sellers: February
and March 5 21-(4d, buyers; March and April
5 22-C4U, buyers; April and May 5 24-640. sellors;
May and June 5 2 >-6M, sellers: June and July
5 vh-64d. sellers. The market closed steady.
American m.* and i ig
New Yoi;k. Nov. 27,"n00n. —Cotton steady;
sales 367 bales; middling uplandr 9 13-16 c; mid
dling Orleans j 1516 c.
1 market opentn : iivly steady,
wifi: sales a Novembt- delivery n .‘>l c;
1 e vmber k 52c: January y f,Cc; February 9 78c:
March 9 90c; April 9 99c.
5:00 p. m.— Cotton closed steady: middling
uplands 9131 <c; middling Orleans 9 15-lOc;
sales to day 516 bal s; aet and gross receipts
2,- I*', bales.
Futuies—Market closed steadv. with sales of
90.3(0 bales, as follows: November delivery
9 5-®9 c: December 9 54®v rc. January 967
®9 68c, February ■.. @9 8(c, March 9 1 91c,
April ]0 00tt4l<i> c, May 10 0,-'®lrt Ofc, June
10 1 ®lO Ifc. July 10 25® 10 2 c, August 10 30®
10 31c SoDtemoer 9 92® 9 95c.
Hubbard. Price & Co.'s cotton circular says:
“Although there was some reaction this morn
ing upon heavy selling of a largi German
house, the market afterwards yielded to the
pressure of favorable crop advices and a sub
stantial giiin iq values was established, the close
being steady at the highest of the day."
Galveston, Nov. 27.—CJotton dull; middling
9 11-ltic; net receipts 3, '• 86 bales, gross 3,786;
sales 396 bales; stock 01,272 bales; exports,
to ’he*- *ntn. ml 4j>3> bales.
Norfolk, Nov. 27. Cotton steady; middling
net receipts 4,071 bales, gross 4,071; sales
1,16 j bales; stock 4 4,366 bales; exports, to Grea t
Britain 6,3 > .*G bales, coastwise 1,484.
Baltimore, Nov. 2 . —Cotton nominal; mid
dling 954 c; net receipts none, gross 327; sales
bales; stoex 15,577 bales; exports coastwise
210 bales.
Boston, Nov. 27.—Cotton quiet; middling 10®
net receipts 740 ba.es, gross 1,259; sales
none; stock none
Wilmington, Nov. 27.—Cotton s eady; mid
dling 9.V4C; net receipts 1,62• bales, gross 1,620;
sales none; stock 25,696 bales; exports, coast
wise 1.475 bales.
Philadelphia, Nov. 27.—Cotton firm; mid
dling 10>4c; net receipts 23 bales, gross 64;
stoe v 5.769 oales.
New Orleans, Nov. 27.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 9 not receipts 21,173ba1e5, gross 22,519;
sales 5.600 bales: stock 212,015 bales; exports,
coastwise 2,711 bales
Mobile, Nov. 27.—Cotton dull; middling
94 - jbe; net receipts 2,691 bales, gross 2,694; sales
300 bales; stock 27,212 bales; exports, coastwise
1,08 y bales.
M emphis, Nov. 27.—Cotton quiet; middling
9 7-lttc; receipts 3,888 bales; shipments 4,905
bales; sales 2,500 i>ales; stock 105,813 bales.
Augusta, Nov. 27.—Cotton easy, buyers and
sellers aart: middling P*4c: receipts 1,378
bales; shipments 867 bales; sales none; stock
22.422 bales.
Charleston, Nov. 27.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 9joc; net receipts 2.253 bales, gross 2,253;
sales 800 stock 67.114 bales.
Atlanta, Nov. 27.—Cotton steady; middling
99kc: receipts 700 bales.
New York, Nov. 27.--Consolidated net re
coiDts for all cotton porta to-day 50,423 bales;
exports, to Great Britain 15,013 bales, to the
continent 9,887, to France 14,269; slocii: at all
American ports 713,824 bales.
provisions, groceries, ett. *
Liverpool, Nov. 27. noon.—Wheat dull; de
mand fair; holders offer freely; receipts of
wheat for the past three days were 525.000
centals, of whicn 5,000 were American. Corn
dull; demand fair; receipts of American corn
for the past three days were 101,100 centals.
Weather variable.
New York, Nov. 27, noon.—Flour weak and
quiet. Wheat strong and higner and
active. Corn quiet but steady. Pork steady
and quiet; mess sls 75®16 25. Lard firm and
wanted at $8 99. Freights steady.
5:00 p. m.—Flour. Southern quiet and steady.
Wheat higher and unsettled; No. 2 red
Si 014i®l 02 in elevator; options closed firm
over yesterday; No. 2 red, November de
livery Si 01%; December delivery sloo%®
1 01%; May delivery $1 08%®1 lOV4. Corn weak
and lower; No. 2, 48®48Fic in elevator; op
tions \\®%c lower and heavy; November deliv
ery 47%c; December delivery 47%®48%c; May
delivery 47%®47%c. Oats lower aud
weak; options dull and %®%c lower; November
delivery 31%c; December delivery 31%c; May
delivery 35%®35%c. Hops dull. Coffee—op
tions closed steady at last night's price-; spot
Rio steady; fair cargoes IB%c. Sugar strong;
fair refining 5 3-16. Molasses, New Orle ins
steady. Cotton seed oil quiet. Hides steady.
Pork lower; mess sls sd® 5 75. Beef dull. Cut
meats quiet. Middies quiet. Lard active; west
ern steam $8 87%: city M 0; options -November
delivery $8 80; May delivery $8 52. Freiguts
Chicago, Nov. 27.—Operators were aga in sur
prised at the action of trie wheat market to day,
which, after a lower opening, became strong
and dosed quite firm at higher prices. Tne
opening was very unsettled, with sales from 14
c below yesterday s closing figures, but
almost immediately rallied, selling up l%c from
the inside point, reacted ana sold up l%c,
reaching a point 2c above Inside figures. From
this point prices settled back lc, again rallied
to outside figures, and the closing was l%e
higher than yesterday. Corn again ruled easier
and a lower range of prices was established.
Tne feeling on the whole was considerably
weaker, and the opening sales were >ic under
the closing prices of yesterday, after which the
market was steady for a time, became easy and
closed 4*®%c lower for December and 154 c
lower for November than yeHterday. Oats were
quiet and steady. The feature of the trading
was increased business in transferring contracts
from December to May delivery at 4c difference,
guite an active speculative trade was report© 1
in mess pork, out the feeling was somewhat
unsettled and weak. Offerings were liberal
early and owning sales wore made at 10® 12%c
decline,which was qui kly followed by a further
depreciation of 3®32%c. the market
showed rather more steadiness and prices rallied
7%®10c and the market cl* sed comparatively
steady. Trading was moderately active in lard
and the feeling was easier. Prices receded
12%® 15c, but again rallied 2%®. r c and closed
steady. A fair trade was repot ted in short rib
sides. Prices ruled 15® 17%c lower.
Gash quotations were as follows; Flour
dull and weaker nut not quotably lower. Wheat
—No. 2 springs: 04®®1 No. 2 red $1 u3
®11 >3%. Corn—No. 2, 34Uc. Oats -No. 2,2
Mess pork ai sl4 25® 14 3. *4. Lard, per 100 lbs.,
$s 40. Short rib sides, loose $7 35®7 50. Dry
salted shoulders, boxed $7 25®7 a7%. Short
clear sides, boxed. $-®3 Whisky at $1 20.
Leading futures ranged as follows;
Opdniug. Highest. Closing.
No. 2 Wheat—
Nov. delivery... $ ... $ $1 f>B%
May delivery...., 107 1 09% 1 09%
Corn. No. 2
Dec. delivery... 36% 36% 3tJ>4
May delivery... 38% 38% 38%
Oats, No. 2-
Dec. delivery ... 26% 26% 26%
May delivery.... 30% 30% 30%
Mess Pork—
Dec. delivery sl4 27% sl4 27% sl4 10
Slay delivery. 14 65 14 67% 14 47%
Lard, Per 100 lbs—
Dec. delivery ... $8 30 $8 32% $8 27%
May delivery 8 35 8 35 8 27%
bHoRT ID as, Per 100 lbs—
Jan. delivery. . $7 35 $7 35 $7 25
May delivery.... 755 755 745
Baltimore. 4NOV. 27.—Flour in slightly better
Inquiry; Howard street and Western superfine
$3 00®565; extra $3?5®4 66; family $4 804$
5 60: city mills, Rio brands, extra $5 75®6 00.
Wheat - Southern quieter and steady; Fult*
$1 0-<®l 11: Longberry $1 J0®118; No. 2 South
ern $1 15; Weet**rn steady; No. 2 winter red, on
spot 97%®97%c Coro—Southern easier, with
offer.ngs small, all new; whitess®s6o, yellow
50®51c; new Southern, fair to prime 48®49c;
Western quiet and easv.
St. Louis, Nov. 27.—Flour quiet and nominally
unchanged. Wheat—buyers and sellers apart
on cash: options unsettled, closing firm, with
May delivery lc above yesterday; No 2 red,
cash $1 00% Thid; December delivery sl®l 01%;
May delivery $1 06%®l 08. Coro -cash steady;
options unsettled, but generally lower; No. 2,
cash 35c ; May delivery 34%®35%c. Provisions
dull and weak—Pork at sl3. Lard nominal at
25®8 30 for prime steam.
New Orleans. Nov. 27.—Coffee quiet and
unchanged. Cotton seed products unchanged
and quiet. Sugars. Louisiana open kettle easier;
strictly prime 4%®5c; centrifugal grades, plan
tation granulated 6%®6%c. choice white 6%e,
choice yellow clarified 6 1-16®6%c. Molasses
unchanged and quiet; Louisiana open kettle,
fancy 43c. choice white 41®42c; Louisiana cen
trifugals, strictly prime 24®25c. Louisiana syrup
Louisville. Nov. 27.—Grain close* l unchanged:
Wheat—No. 2 red, $1 02. Corn—No. 2
mixed 44%c. Oats—No. 2 mixed. 27%c. Provis
ions unchanged. Bacon—clear ribs $8 75, clear
sides $9 50®9 75. Bulk meats clear si les $8 59.
Sugar cured meats—Hams. sll 50®12 50.
Cincinnati, Nov. 27.—Flour firm Wheat
scarce ami higher; No. 2 red $1 U>. Corn m
moderate deman 1; N*' 2 mixed 44c. Oats
easier; No. 2 mixed 29c. Provisions- Pork steady
and quiet; mess sls 00. Lard easier at $8 22%
®8 37%. Bulk meats steady and unchanged.
Bacon quiet. Whisky active at $1 li.
London, Nov. 27.—Turpentine 24s 3d.
Liverpool, Nov. 27, noon.—Common cosin 4s
New York, Nov. 27, noon.—Spirits turpentine
quiet at 46c. Rosin dull at $1 02%®1 o'%.
5:00 p. m.—Rosin quiet for common to good
strained. Turpentine dull at 46c asked.
Charleston, No*. 27. —Turpentine firm at
42%c. Rosin unchanged.
Wilmington. Nov. 27. Spirits turpentine
firm at 42c. Rosin firm; strained 80c, good
strained 85c. Tar firm at $1 59. Crude turpen
tine firm; hard $1 35; yellow dip and virgin
$2 25.
New York, Nov. 27.—'The petroVum market
opened steady at 86c. but after first sales be
came weak and declined to s7>%c; the market
then improved slightly and closed steady at
8546 c.
New York, Not. 27.— Rice, domestic 4%®
New Orleans, Nov. 27.—Rice unchanged.
slllPPl\o 1 NTELLKi KN('id.
Sun Rises 6:59
Sun Sets 5:01
High Water at Savannah 3:14 a v. 3.30 p m
Wednesday, Nov 28 1688.
Steamship Johns Hopkins. Foster. Baltimore—
Jas B West Cos.
Steamship Peconic (Br), Evans, New York, in
ballast—Richardson & Barnard.
Schr Mary E slorris, Facemire, New York,
with guano to C R R & Bkg Cos; vessel to Jos A
Roberts & Cos.
Steamship Tallahassee. Fisher. New York—C
G Anderson. Agent.
Steamship Elvira (Sp), Aspuru, Barcelona -
Richardson & Barnard.
Schr Ida Lawrence, Young, Baltimore—Jos A
Roberts A Cos.
Schr Jennie Rosaline. Barto, Brunswick, in
ballast, to load for New York—Jos A Roberts &
Streamer St Nicholas. Usina. Brunswick and
wav landings—C Williams. Aert.
Steamer Advance. Henry. Augusta and way
landings—Moore, Hull & Cos.
Steamship Tallahassee. New York.
Steamship Monica (Br). Liverpool.
Schr Ida Baltimore.
Schr Harriet C Keriin. Charleston.
Schr Spotless, Baltimore.
Schr El wood Burton, Philadelphia (not previ
Schr Alice Borda, Darien (not previously).
New* York, Nov 25—Sailed, steamship Ozama
for Mayport, Fla.
Matanz&s, Nov 15—Raiied, schr Humarock,
Thatcher, St Marys, Ga.
Baltimore, Nov 25—Sailed, brig Clara Pickens,
Bangor, Nov 23—Sailed, schr Mary F Corson,
Robinson, Palatka.
Charleston. Nov 26—Sailed, 6chr Nathaniel
Lank, King's terry, Fla.
Cleared 24th, schr Belle O'Neill, Butler, Fer
Coosaw, BC, Nov 25—Arrived, strar Sunbeam
(Bn, Nevin, New York.
Schr F C Yarnall, for Wood’s Holl, and Three
Sisters, for Philadelphia, proceeded from lower
roads to-day.
Woods Holl, Nov 23—Arrived, schr Ida, Bailey,
Boston, to load for Savannah.
Brunswick, Nov 27—Sailed, steamship South
wold (Br), Savannah.
New’ York, Nov. 27—Arrived, steamships Ari
zona. Gallia. Liverpool; Polynesia, Hamburg;
France, London.
Arrived out, Moravia for Hamburg, Egypt and
Alaska for Liverpool.
Pennacola. Nov 22—Bark Fiume (Aus), from
Barbados, was hauled in alongside of the wharf
yesterday and hove down. A leak was discov
ered just below the water line, which was
stopped, and the vessel hauled into the stream
New York, Nov 24—A derrick lighter will be
moored for about two wi'eks in the stream off
Port Morris, New York city, for the purpose of
laying a pipe to North Brother Island. She will
show a white anchor light at night and a red
flag by day. Captains should give her a wide
berth or ÜB3 the east side of the channel.
Office U S Lighthouse Inspector, i
Sixth District, Charleston, Nov 26. C
The Frying Pan shoal light vessel is adrift
from her station and will be immediately re
placed by the Relief light vessel.
By order of the Lighthouse Board.
R. D. Hitchcock, Lt Com U S N..
Lighthouse Inspector Sixth District.
Per Charleston and Savannah Railway, Nov 27
—231 bales cotton, II bols spirits turponrine. 12
bbls rosin, • tank coil, 3 cars wood, 2 bales bides,
111 pkgg tobacco. 103 nests trunks, 1 oar bulk to
tatoes, .0 sacks peanuts, 84 iron axles, 3i uoz
brooms. 1!) pkirs mdse.
Per Savannah. Florida and Western Railway,
Nov 27—1,1178 bains cotton. 1,501 bbls rosin. 271
bbls spirits turpentine. 11,070 boxes oranges. 47
boxes lemons. 1 car cotton seed, 27 cars lumDer.
4 cars wood, 56 pkgs hardware, # bbls whisky, 2
hfoblsw is v, 19 bblseggs.il bales hides, 188
pkgs furniture, 285 sacks rice. 16 sacks corn, 1
car brick, 25 bead cattle, 52 hogs, 4 calves, 14
sheep, 1,100 lbs fresh meat. 1 bbl sugar. 43 bhls
lub oil, 17 bbls syrup, 2 bbls molasses, 12 bales
sponge, bf bbl molasses, 35 pkgs tobacco. 22 bbls
p grease, 1.500 sacks cotton seed meal. 10 bbls p
meal, 141) bbls grits, 10 wagons, 58 tons pig iron.
1 car sewer pine, and mdse.
Per Central Railroad, Nov 27—4.188 bales cot
ton, 44 bales yarn. Ivl bales domestics. 27 bales
hides, 157 pkgs tobacco, 1,885 bushels oats. 480
bales hay, 28,000 lbs bran, 36 bbls whisky. 9 hf
bbls whisky, 79 pkgs furniture, M 2 bushels corn.
201 bbls flour, 3M bead catt.le, 24 cars lumber, 1
horse, 6 cords wo id. 3 bbls syrup, 1 case liquor,
1 sewing machine, .372 pkgs mdse, 2 empty bbls.
5 cars cotton S ’ed. 150 bids cotton seed oil. 5 cars
brick and stone, 37 pkgs hardware, 200 kegs
spikes, 3 cases plaids, 23 cases eggs, 7 cars coal,
325 bbls grits, 143 tons pig Iron.
Per steamship Tallahassee, for New York—
-2,488 bales upland cotton, 298 bales sea Island
cotton, 35 bales domestic*, 574 bbls roslo, 6 2 0
feet lumber. 80 bbls spirits turpentine, 14 turtles.
37 bales hides, 22 bales wool, 13 bbls oranges. 50
bbls cotton seed oil, 2.116 crates oranges, 252 tons
pig iron, 13 bbls vegetables. 247 pkgs mdse
Per steamship Elvira (Sp), for Barcelona
-2,400 bales upland cotton, weighing 1,'.90,587
pounds, 590 staves,
Perstoamship Johns Hopkins, from Baltimore
—W C H Will, E Harder, S J Spreeker, Wilmer
Johnson, F Smith. T Kogors.
Per steamship Tallahassee, for New York—
H L Lyman. A H Gillis, V I Basler Jr, 8 K Gar
w ood, 1 colored and 3 steerage.
Per Charleston and Savannah Railway. Nov 27
—Transfer office. Standard Oil Cos, K U 1 ‘assels.
Brown Bros, M Y Henderson, Morrison, F & Cos,
A Issfller, E Lovell's Hons, A Ehrlich A Bro, /. C
Windier, Byck 43. WB Cherry & Cos, Baker A
B, A R Lawton, H 'lvors /t Bros, Lippman Bros,
Rieser AB, Signal 1 ibserver, H Solomon A Hon,
Mendel A D. A B Hull, H M Comer A Cos. J Vo
laslti. Garnett. 8 A Cos. Montague A Cos, J Kuck,
Decker A F, Order, E W Connor, E K Hernan
Per Savannah, Florida and Western Railway,
Nov 27—Fordg Office, McDonough A Cos, K 1 e
Page, W W Gordon A Cos. Jno Fiannerv A Cos,
Dale, D A Cos. McDonough A Cos. M 1 erst A Cos.
A Ehrlich A Bro. Harms A J, A J Miller A Cos, C
O Haines. H Myers A Broe, J W Tynan. Sophia
Cone. J S Collins A Cos, C E Stult*. Einstein A L,
Decker A f, I Epstein A Bro, M Y Henderson,
M D Riley, Lee Roy Myers A Cos, A Hanley. W S
King. A Einstein's Sons, Grady. PeL & Cos, Mrs
M R Silverberg, Smith Bros, Butler <7 S, Mamie
Sickles, J H Furber, Mendel A I), Kckman A V,
Standard Oil Cos, M Y A D I Mclntire. S Lovett,
W D Slmkins A Cos, Meinhard Bros A Go. J J Mc-
Mahon. Mohr Bros, a A A veil he, FriersSn A Cos,
Epstein A W, L Putzel, Appel A S, J F Tietjen,
Chesnutt A O’N, J P Williams A Go. T M Keller,
Peacock, n A Go. Herron A G.H M Comer A Cos.
Hammond, H A Cos. Baldwin A Cos, O L Jones. J
H Schroder, W W Chisholm, Garnett. 8 A Cos, J
B Knight, I) Y Dancy, Chas Ellis. Kills, V A Go,
F M Farley, Montague A Cos. J S Wood A Bro,
M Maclean. E T Roberts, Woods A Cos, W C Jack
son. Warren A \
Per Central Railroad. Nov 27—Fordg Agt,
Jno Flannery A Cos, Montague A Cos. M .Maclean,
Herron A G. H M Comer v Cos, Garnett, s A Cos,
W W Gordon A Cos. Warren A A, Baldwin A Cos,
J S Wood A Bro,M YA u i Mclntire.Butler AS,
F.M Farley. Woods A Go. Ji * \ illlams A Cos. J A
DeWitt. Slater. 1 > Cos. Warnock AW. Mrs J
W Latrop, S Guckenbeiiner A Son, Smith Bros,
Mendel AD, g.mli-;. Lee Roy Myers A Cos,
1 Epstein A Bro, Eel:man A V, F. \ Scnwarz. S
Se.ig, Savannah Steam Bakerv, Lippman Bros,
Savannah Guano Cos. J\V TioJoinan A Bro. B
Roth well, Solomons Ac. Uepj>ard A Cos, W l>
Dixon, Hanuuond. fl G>. erst A Go. G W
Parish, A Ehrlich A Bro, Be oiks \ K. J R Kof
flu, MY de ideivon, L it.- .T J Davis A Go, H
Traub, A B Hull, J D Weed A Go. S L Newton,
W D Simkins A Oo.Wm K. .kk* A ( v. Moore A J,
McDonough AB. Srilluv.l. Xi (’o. I{ EG.hb,
Southcm Cotton Oil Cos, Stanly A S, City of Sa
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, from Baltimore
* G v* Alh :t, c w Au din, a i; MtmayerA Cos
A A Aveilhe. Bvck A S. Blodgett, 'l A Go, G A
Burkamp. L F Bvck A Son. Bond, H A K,Clarke
A D. A H Champion. J S Collins A Go. .1 t o:n*n,
W G Cooper, Ooruwell AG. I J Doyle, Decker A
F. J A I'ougkus A t*o, Epstein A G.*p: Jno
Fitzge ad. A Ehrlich A Bro, M FerstACo. L
Fried, Grady, PeL A Cos, SGuckenheimer A Son.
J B Floyd, A Hanlev, A B Hull. Wm Hone A Go,
Hirsch Bros, I G Haas. CO Hain llextor.' K.
Harms A J, O M Heidt A Co.Hammond, II A Cos,
Kavanaugh A B, N Bang. A Lelllor, 1> ?< Lester.
Lindsay A M. Jno Lyons A Cos. Lippman Bros, H
Levin. E Lovell's Sons. Lloyd A A,W W ' a-hen,
Roy Mvers A Cos. A J Sliller A Cos. Mendel A
D, J McGrath A Cos. McGillis A R. W B Moll A Cos,
H Myers 0: Bros, Nathan Bros, A S Bacon, s L
New’ton, (>rdiT Moore, H A Go, Jas O’Byrne,
Order T J Davis A Co.Order N C Hiibrick, Order
N H Goldstein, N T Bike, N Paulsen A Go. Rich
A M, Palmer Bros, 11 Roediger, L Rem ion, W F
Reid. Rhodes A Go. Rieser A S. ,1 S Silva, Sam
Selig, II Solomon A Sou, S, K A W Ry,Savannah
Furniture Cos, LO Strong, E A Schwarz. G C
Taliaferro, G W Tiedeman A Bro, Jno Sullivan.
Savannah Steam Bakery. P Tuberdy. L Vogel,
J W Tynan, A M A G W West. J D Weed A Cos,
J P Williams A Cos, Thos West, J B West A Go.
Herron & Gaudry,
Successors to L. J. Guilmartiu A Cos.,
Cotton. Factors
IIBERAL advances made on cotton con-
J signeil to us for sale. Consignments of cot
ton solicited, and strict attention will be givon
to all business entrusted to us.
196 and 198 Bay Street. - Savannah, Ga.
BUYS and sells on commission all classes or
securities. Special attention given to pur
chase and sale of real estate.
BUYS AND SELLS on commission all classes
of Stocks and Bonds.
Negotiates 1< ans on marketable securities.
New York quotations furnished by private
ticker every fifteen minutes.
Georgia Rust Proof Oats.
Corn, Oats, Hay, Etc.
T. J. DAVIS & CO.,
172 Buy Street.
Rentals and collections solicited.
Real Estate Agent,
118 Bryan Street Rear Office
L 7 a. McCarthy,
White Cluii’ Xtoad.
FLOWERS furnished to order, i-eave or
ders etDAVIS HEOS.'. corner Bull aud York
streets. Telephone sail m
Ik Sorning fas
Fine Work and Low Prices.
Savannah. Q-a
Itor” CENTS A WEEK will have th,
• W k-v MORMNO NEWS delivered tt
your house i-arly EVERY MORN
Kold weather has kome and it haa kaught you knapping, but a great many
won’t be kr.ught long, ns they have rushed right in and bought their KARPETS.
We were very, very busy last week, and expect to be still busier this, and if you
want to get- a IKAKPET laid in a rearonablo time kome at once and make your
selection before everybody else gets ahead of you. Fr;oes are no object now; all
wo want to do is to sell KARPETS so we won’t hr ve to karry them over. What
do you think of a sale of this kind? An AXMINSTER KARPET for $1 75, regular
price $2 50 a yard.
If you want a RUG for 99c. that has been selling for $2 you had better com
at once and get one. Only a few more left.
Til! li 111 Mllll Win'Mins, 111 IM il fc
If so, come right to us. Our stores are full ofjthem. Right now every
article is worth 25 per cent, more than we are asking for them. We must have
money to keep up our record of discounting all our bills, aud goods must go, price
no object. We have the largest stock of
in the city to choose from. Our immense assortment of fancy goods, consisting of
TABLES, EASELS, and fifty other things that we can’t pay for space to enumerate,
are greatly admired by all who see them.
We do not do an installment business, but any responsible party can be
accommodated at
P. S.-We have added a small line of PICTURES to our stock, which will
be sold cheap.
TTvisn B, Tp l pe^S"^riia^H^One7nc(MJlotliingT!!sta , brislunenr
To examine their superior line of novelties in Clothing,
llats and Cents’ furnishings.
have had, for our line of business, we feel proud to state our
success so far this sehson, so to speak, has been phenomenal.
the entire season last year.
many goods; notwithstanding our buyer was compelled to go
North to the markets a few days ago for the second time
this season to purchase more goods.
are we selling so many goods?
frimply because wc are running a strictly one price system.
We make that price a popular one,
™ B^e^ieve^misrepresel ntan^irtic!e^^^T ,, Tever , ac|
one thing and do another.
We run our own Tailoring Department to render any
alteration necessary, free of charge.
These facte the public ami our friends in general are dally finding out, which solves the problem.
One Price Clothiers. 163 Congress Street, Opposite the Market.
Broughton Street, from Reynolds to Randolph Streets,
S arsr a>xi.xi.a,lhL 7 - - G-eorgia.
l TAR Induufy] 11* to manufacture them on a more extensive scale than
I I ever. To that end no pains or expenee has boeiMipured to maintain
B These Mills are .1 the BEST MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP, with
m-i heavy WROUGHT IRON SHAFTS (made lon* to prevent danger to the
m B operator), and rollers of the best chnreoal pi* iron, all turnea up true.
Is. Th®y Are heavy, strong and durable, run lltfht and even, and are guarau-
teetl capable of icrindiiift the heaviest fully matured
|£/J - vll "Ur Mill* an* fullv warrant - I f*r < '■<> v<*ar
>*ir f’Hu ciul v*.tu til** "t.s <l*\vn,
rTi Vif |h.sshk niii*ml hn**ss. ir/ilulity and unil>rnufv of
PHyW&iB tin*Jm-- I \R SI U.HIoiC TO Til>Si; MADE IN
Having uriHurpasKed facilities, *
A Large Stock Always on Hand for Prompt Delivery
Wm. Kelioe & Cos.
N. li —The name “ KRUOE’B IKU WORKS,’ la cast on all oiu* Mills and Pan*.
©-T - E - A.- IVI.
Stall Printing House if (lie Homing Sews.
your order* where they can be filled expeditiously ami economically by tteam._*s

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