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"CRESS Y. 53
Author of “The Luck of Roaring
Camp,” “Tales of tiie Argonauts,”
“In TnE Carquinez Woods,”
“Mauujam,” Etc.
Copyrighted 1888 bv the Author.
CHAPTER X.— Continued.
Suddenly he heard a shout and the tramp
ling of horse. The sides of the loft wero
scantily boarded to allow the extension of
the pent-up grain, and between the inter
stices Ford, without being himself seen, had
an uninterrupted view of the plain between
him and the line of willows. As ho gazxl,
five men hurriedly issued from the extreme
left and ran toward the barn. McKinstry
and his followers simultaneously broke from
the same covert further to the right and
galloped forward to intercept them. But
although mounted, tho greater distance
they had to traverse brought them to the
rear of thy building only as the Harrison
party came to a sudden halt before the
closed and barricaded doors of the usually
defenseless barn. The discomfiture of the
latter was greeted by a derisive shout from
the McKinstry party—albeit, equally as
tonishd. But in that brief moment Ford
recognized iu the' leader of the Harrisons
tt.e well-known ii turn of tho sherid of
Tuolumne. It ne ded only this to cap the
climax of the fatality that seemed to pur
sue him. He was no longer a lawless op
poser of equally lawless forces, bu. he was
actually resisting the law itself. Ho under
stood the si uation now. It was some idiotic
blunder of Uncie Ben’s that had precipitated
this attack.
The belligerents had already cocked their
weapons,"ait-iough the barn was still a ram
part between the parties. But an adroit
flanker of McKinstry’s, creeping through
the tall mustard, managed to take up an en
filading position as the Harri ons ad
vanced to break in the door. A threatening
shout from the ambuscaded partizans
caused them to hurriedly fail back tow ard
the t ear of tho barn. Thera was a pau-e,
and then bega . the usual Homeric chatl",
with this western difference that it was
cunningly intended to draw the other’s
“Why don’t you blaze away at the door,
you | It won’t hurt ye 1"
“He's afraid the bolt will shoot back!”
Laugaterfrom the .doKin-trys.
“Come outer the tall gra sand -how your
self, you black, raud-oaiiug gopher.”
“He can’t.. He’s dropped his grit and is
sarchin’ for it,”
Goading laughter from tho Harrisons.
Each man waited for that single shot
whio.i would precipitate the iigh . Even
in their lawlessness the rude instinct of the
duello swa. ed them. Tue officer of the law
recognized the principle as well as it its prac
tical ud.antage iu a collision, but be hesi
tated to sacrifice one of his men in an at
tack on the barn, which would draw the
Ui eof McKinstry at that necessarily fatal
range. Asa brave man ho would have
taken the risk himself, but as a prudent
one, be reflected that his hurriedly collected
posse were ali partisans, and if he fell tile
conflict would resolve itself into a purely
partisan struggle without a single unpreju
diced wiiuess to justify his conduct iu the
popular eye. ’lhe master also k iew this; it
had checked his first impulse to come for
wa and as a mediator; his only reliance now
was on Mrs. MeKiptry’s restraint, and tue
sheriff’s forbearance, ihe next instant boih
seemed to b - imperilled.
"Well, why don't you wade in !" sneered
Hick McKinstry, “wild do you reckons hid
den’ in the barn?”
“i’ll tell ye,” said a harsh passionate
voice from the hill side. “It’s Creessy
McKinstry and tho schoolmaster hidin’in
the nay.”
Both i arties turned quickly toward the
intruder who had approached th in unper
ceived. But tuo speech was followed by a
more startling revulsion of seuiiment as
Mr-. McKinstry’s voico rang out from the
"You lie. Seth Davis!”
The brief advantage off ired to the sheriff
in Davis’ advent as a neutral witness, wns
utterly lost by this unlookod-for revelation
of Mrs. McKinstry’s presence m the barnt
The fates were clearly against him! A
woman iu the light, and an old one ut tuat!
A white woman'to bo forcibly ejected! In
the whole unwritten Code of southwestern
chivalry there was no such precedent.
Stand back,” he said, disgustedly, to
his followers, "stand back and let tue
barn slid" But you, Hiram McKiustry,
I’ll - ' jOU five minutes to shako yourself
c.e your ife’s petticoat* and git!”
lood wns tip now—the quicker from
hi, .nectary weakness and the trick of
w ahe thought himself a dupe.
gain the fatal signal seemed immine t,
■ .iu it was delayed. For Hiram McKin
. y with clanking spurs and rifle in hand
epped from behind the barn, full iu tau
presence of his antagonists.
“Ez to my gitten in live iniuits,” be be
gan in his laziest, drowsiest manner, “we’ll
See when tne time’s up. But jest no v
w ids hov passed betwixt my wife and
Seth Davis. Afore anything else goes on
vcr. he’s got to take his back. My wife al
lows he lies; I allow he lies too, and I suin’
here to say it.” ,
The right of personal insult to precedence
of redress was too old a frontier principle
to be gainsaid now.
Both parties held back and every eye was
turned to where otb Davis hid boon stand
iuc. B tho had disappeared.
\Y iiHii Mrs. McKinstry hurled her denial
from tho barn, he had taken advantage of
tho greater surprise to leup to on ■ of the
trusses of hay that projected boyond the
loft and secure a footing from which he
quickly scrambled through the open sc mt
lmg to the interior. The master who,
startled by his voice, had made bis way
through the loose gram to the rear, reacued
it as Seth l.alf crawled, half tumbled
through. Their eyes met in a single flush of
rage, but before’Seth could utter an out
cry, the master had dropped his gun, srizod
him around t .e neck and crammed a thick
handful of the suit hay, be hud hurriedly
snatched up, into his face and gasping
mouth. A furious but silent strugg.o en
sued; the yielding hay on which tuey botu
fell and adened all sound of a sonffl and con
cealed them from view: masses of it, al
ready 1 oeoned bv the intruder’* entrance,
and dislodged in their contortions, began to
slip through ihe opening to the ground. The
muster still uppermost and holding Seth
firmly down, allowed himself to slip with
them, shoving his adversary .efore
him; the in ddeued Missourian.detocting bu
purpose, made a desperat - attempt to
change bis position, and succeeded in rais
ing his knee agai.ist the master's cnest.
Ford, guarding against what seemad to be
only a wrestler’s strategy, contented him
self by locking the bent knee firmly in that
position, and thus unwittingly guye Seth
the looked-for opp irtunity of drawing the
bowie knife concealed in his hoot leg. He
knew his mistake only as Seth violently
freed his arm, and threw it upward for the
blow. He heard the steel sldber like a
scythe through th ■ hay, and unlocking his
hold desfierately throw himself on the up
lifted ami. Tuo moveme.it saved him, for
tho released body of both slipped rapidly
through theopening, uphold for a single iu
•tant ou til© verge by tuo grasp of tho
matter's two hand* ou the arm that •’Hi
hold tho kuifo. and then dropped heavily
downward. J2vpii then, the liay tliat had
•lipped boforo him would have bruk u hi*
fall but hi* head cam© in violent contact
with aomo farming impUmanti atandiug
agai: t tho wall, and without a cry ho w
etretebed senselo* on the ground. The
whole occurrence paused ■ • rapidly and so
Hoi’*al<*>slv that not only did McKinstry *
challenge fail upon his already uno mscious
far*, but tho looeoued bay winch iu the
roaster’s struggles to recover himself still
continued to slide gently from the loft,
actually hid him from tho eyes of the spec
tat i*s who sought him a moment after
ward. A mass ■ f hay and wild oats, dis
lodged apparently by Mrs. McKinstry in
securing her defenses,’was all that met their
eyes; dven the woman herse f was uncon
scious of the deadly struggle that had taken
place above her.
The master staggered to an upright posi
tion half chok'd and half blinded with
dust, turgid and bursting with the rush of
blood to his head, but clear aud collected in
niiud, and unremorsefully triumphant.
Unconscious of the real extent of Setii’s
catastrophe, he groped for uud seized his
gun, examined the cap and eagerly waited
for a renewtxl attack.
“He tried to kill me; he would have killed
me; if ho comes again I must kill him,” he
kept repeating to himself. It never occured
to him that this was inconsistent with his
previous thought—-indeed, with the whole
tenor of his belief. Perhaps the most peace
ful man who has been once put in penl of
life by an adversary, who has recognized
death threatening him in the eye of his
antasonist, is by some strange paradox not
likely to hold bis own life or tne life of hie
adversary as dearly as before. Evervt hing
was silent now. Tue suspense irritated him.
be no longer dreaded but even longed for
the shot that would precipitate hovtilites.
What wero they doiug! Guided by beth,
were fhey concerting a fre-h attack?
Listening more intently he became aware
of a distant shouting, and even more dis
tinctly, of the dull, heavy tramphng of
hoofs. A sudden angry fear that tho Mc-
Kinsrrys had bee i beaten off and wero fly
ing—a fear and auger that now for tho first
time identified him with their cause—-ame
over im, and no scrambled quickly to
ward tho opening below. Bat tho sound
was approaching and with it camo a voico.
“Holdon there, shcriffl”
It was the voice of the agent S’acey.
There was a p use of reluctant murmur
ing. But the warning was enforced by a
command from another voice—weak, uu
heroic,, but familiar:
“I order this yer to stop—rig -1 yer!”
A burst of ir. nical laughter follow ed. The
voico wa-* Uncle Be.i’s.
“Stand back! This is no time for fjolin’,”
said the sheriff, roughly.
“He’s right, Sheriff Briggs,”said Stacey’s
voice, hurriedly, “vou’ro noting for him;
he’s the owner of t e land ”
“What? That Be i Dabneyf’
“Yes: he’s Daubigny,who bought the title
from us.”
There was a momentary hush, and thoD
a hurried murmur:
“Which means, gents,” roso Uncle Be i’s
voice, persua ively, “that this yer you g
man, t *ough far-minded and well-intended,
hez bin a leetle too chipper and previous it.
orderin’ out tho law. this yer ain’t no law
matter with me, boys. It ain’t to be settled
by law-papers, nor sh >tguns aod deriugorn.
It’s suthin’ to be chawed over so liable-like,
between drinks. Ef any harm hez bin done,
ef jmythiu’s haop *ned, ’ I’m yer to’ demnif
tnrnmeriff,and makeitcomf’bbSe allround
Yer know me, boy’s. I’m talkin’. It’s m
—Dabney, or Daubigny, which over way
you like it.”
But i.i ihe silence that followed the pas
sions had not yet evidently cooled. It
broken by the sarcastic drawl of Dick Mc-
“If thorn Haurhon-*don’t mind hevin’had
their medders trampled over by a lew white
men, why—”
“The sheriff ez ’demnifled for that,” in
terrupted Ut.cle Ben, hatily.
“’N ef Dick McKinstry don’t mind the
damage to his pants in crawlin’ out o’ gun
shot in the tall grass—” retorted Jo© Harri
son. ”
“I’m yer to settle that, boys,” said Unci
Ben, cheorfully.
“But who’ll settle this?” clamored tho voice
of the older Harrison from behind t e barn*
where he had s umbi <1 in cro-&i g the fall n
hay. “Yer’s Seth Davis lyin’ iu th * hay
with the top of his head busted. Who’s to
pay for that?” •
There wus a rush to tho spot, and a quics
<gy of reaction.
“Whose work is this?” demanded the
sheriff s voice, with official severity.
The master uttered an instinctive excla
mation of defiance, and dropp ng quickly
to the barn floor, w-.-uid the n -xt in >tncn
;ave opened the door and declare i hirnsel..
-ut Mrs. KcKinstry, after a single glmce at
his determined face, sudde liy ihr w har>ei.
before him with an imperious gesture of si
lence. Then her voice rang cleyiy from iht
“Well, if it’s tho hound that tried to fore
bis way in '-•, I reckon ye kin put that
down to ME I”
It was known to Indian Spring, the next
day, amid great excitement, that a soriou
fracas hid been prevented on the ill-f ;ted
boundary by the dramatic appearance o
Uncle B.vi Dib iey, not only as a peace
maker, but as Mr. Daubigny, tho bona li 1
purchas r and owner of the lan l. It wu
known and accepted with great hilarity th t
“old inarm McKinstry” had defended the
barn alone and unaided, with—as variously
-tared—a pitchfork, and old stable broom
aud a pail of dirty water, against Harri
son, his party, and tha entire able po so of
*he sheriff of Tuolumne c uuty, \mh t.o
further damage than a scalp wound which
tho head of Serh Davis received while fall
ing from the loft of the bam from which
he had bo >n dislodged by Mrs. McKinstry
and the broom aforesaid. It was know i wito
ananimo is approbation that tho acquisi ion
of the land title by a hithert hum ole citi
zen of Indian Spring was a triumuh of the
settlement over foreign interference. Bit
it was not known that the scjoo master was
a participant in the fight, or even present
on the spot. At Mrs. McKinstry’s sugges
tion he had remained concealed in tho loft
until after the withdrawal of both parties
and the still unconsci us Seth. Whe i Fora
had remonstrated, with the remark that
Seth wo aid be sure to declare tu; truth
when he recovered his senses, Mrs. McKiu
strv smiled grimly:
“I reckon when he comes to know I was
with ye all the time, he’d rather hev it al
lowed that I licked him than you. I don’t
say he’ll let it pass ez far
ez you’re concerned or won’t
try to got even with ye, but he won’t
go round tollin’ why. “However,” she
added, still m >ro grimly, “if you think
you’re ekul to tellii? the hull storv—how
ye keui to be yer ad that Seth wasn’t lylu’
arter all when he blurrei it out afore ’em—
w hy I shan’t hinder ye.”
The m ister said no more.
And indeed for a day or two nothing
transpired to show that Beth was uotequai
ly redeeut.
Neveriheless, Mr. Ford was far from being
satisfied with the issue of his adventure.
His relations with Cressy were known to
the mother, and although she had not again
allude 1 to them. *he would probably iutorm
her husband. Yet be could not help notic
ing with h mingling of uureasomng relief
and equally unreasoning distrust, that she
exhibited a scornful unconcern in the mat
ter, apart from ihe singular use to which
she had out It. Ho could bardlv count
upon McKinstry, with his heavy blind de
votion to Cressy, being as indifferent. On
the contrary, he had acquired the impres
sion, without cari ig to examine it closely,
that her father would not bo displeased at
his marrying Cressy, for it would really
amount to that. But here again be was
forced to contemplate what he had always
avoided, tin) possible mean mg and remit of
their intimacy. Iu tho reckless, thought
loss extravagant—yet thus far innocent—
indulgence or their mutual passion, he bad
never spoken of marriage, nor—and it
■truck him uow with the same incongruous
mingling of relief and un^aduess—h id sne!
Perhaps this m g it nave arisen from som*
superstitious or sensitive recollection on h r
part of her previous engagement to He h,
but he remembered now tuat they had no.
even exdiaugod the usual vows of eternal
constancy. It may seem strange that in the
half dozen stolen aud raptuous interviews
which had taken place bet ween these young
lovers there had beeu no suggestion of the
future, nor any of those glowing projects
for a uaitnd daetiuy peculiar to tneir years
aud inoxparieace. They bad Uvad aaurvJy
in a blissful present, with no plans beyond
their next rendezvous. In that mysterious j
aud su ideu absorption of each other, not \
only the past, but the future seemed to have i
been fort >tten.
These thoughts were passing t rough his
mind the next afternoon to the prejudice of
that calm and studious repose which tho
deserted sc :b.>l house usually superinduced,
and which hail been so fondly noted bv
McKinstry and Uncle Ban. The latter had
not arrive i for his usual lesson; it was pos
sible t hat undue attention had oeeu attt act
ed to his movements now that his good for
tune was known; and th© master was lone,
save for the occasional swo ping incursions
of a depredatory jay in search of cru i.bs
from the cbildre is luncheons, who added
apparently querulous insult to tho laroeni
ous act. He regretted Uncle Ben’s ab enoe,
as he wanted to know more ab -ut his con
nection with tho Harrison attack and his
eventual intentions. Ever since the most©:'
emerge'! from the barn and regained his
hotel under cover of the darkness, he hid
hoard only the vaguest rumors, and he pur
posely avoided di ect inquiry.
He had bean quite prepaid for Creasy’s
absence from school taat morning—indeed
in his present vacillating mood he had feL
that her presenoo would have been irksome
and e nbarrassing, but it struck
him sudde .ly and unpleasantly that
her very desertion of him at that
critical moment in the barn had not since
been followed by the least sign of anxiety
to k io\v the result of her mother’s inter
fere ce. What did 6h imagine had trans
pired between Mrs. McKi istry and him
self? Had rhe confidently expected her
mot er’s prompt ncceptance of the situa
tion and a reconciliation? Was that the
lenson why she bad treated that interrup
tion as lightly as if she wero already his
i ©cognized bet otue i ? Had she even calcu
lated upon it? had she—
He stopped, his cheek glowing from irri
tation under ihe suspicion, aud shame at the
disloyalty of entertaining it.
Opening his de>k, he began to arrange his
paoers uiecha lically, when ho discovered
with a slight feeling of annojMnce, that he
had placed (.'ressy'sßouquet—now dried and
withered—in the same pigeon h >le with the
mysterious letters with w hich he had so
often communed in former days. He a
once separated them with a half bitter
smile, yet after a moment’s hesit tion, and
vilh his old sense of atfcemp ing to revive a
forgotten association, he tried to reperuse
them. But they did not oven restrain his
straying thoughts, nor prevent him from
detecting a singular occurrence. The nearly
level sun was, ar’ter it>old fasui ui, already
hangi.ig the shadowed tasseis of the nine
boaghsTikr a garla.ni on the wall. Bit the
shadow .-coined to have sudde aly grown
larger and more comp ct, aud he turned
with a quick conscious ess of some interpos
ing figure at the pane. Nothing, however,
was to be seen. Yet so impressed had n
been that he walk -d to the door and stepped
from the porch to dis over the intruder. The
clearing was deserted, there was a aligai
i ustliug iu the adjacent laurels, but no hu
man being was visible. Nevertheless, thj
ddfeeli.ig of secu ityand isolation which
iiad never been quite the same since Mr.
Me Ki’ i try’s co ifession, seemed now to
nave- fled tue sylvan school house altogether,
and he somewhat angrily closet his desk,
locked it, and determined to go home.
His why lay through the first belt of
pines toward the mining fiat, but to-da>
from some vagus impulse be turned and
tollowed too ridge. He bud not procieded
far when ho perceived Rupert Filgoo loung
i ig before him on the trail, and at a little (lis
.auee further on his brotiior Johnny. A
L..e sight <f fchese two favorite pupils Mr.
Ford’s heart smote him with a conscious
ness that he had of late neiected them, p >s
sibly because ituperi’s lofty scorn of the
“silly” sex was not as amusing to him a.s
formerly, and possibly because Johnny’s
curiosity had been at times obtrusive.
He, howe.er. quickened his pace and
joined Rupert, laying his hind familiarl
as of old ou his shoulder. To his surprise
the boy received bis a-ivauces with some
constraint and awkwardness glancing un
easily iu the direction of Johnny. A sudden
idea e ossed Mr. Ford’” mind.
“Were you looking for me at the school
room jusi now?”
“No, sir.”
“You didn’t look in at the window to
see if I was there*” continued the master.
“No, sir.” t
The master glanced at Rupert. Truth
telling was a part of Rupert’s truculent
temper, although as the boy had ofteu bit
ted remarked, it had always “told agin’
him.” ;
“All right,” said the master, perfectly
convinced. “It must have been my fane.. ;
but I thought somebody looked in—or passed
by the window.”
But here Johnny, who had overheard the
dialogue had approached them, suddenly
turew himself upon his brother’s unoffend
ing legs and cominenc and to beat and pull
thorn about with unintelligible protests
Rupert, without looking down, said
qui tly:
“Quit that now—l won’t, I tell ye,” and
wont through certain automatic movements
of dislortgi u g Johnny as if he wpa mere
impeding puppy.
“Wuat’stli matter, Johnny?” said the
master, to whom these gyrations were not
u familiar.
Johnny only replied by anew grip of his
brother’s trousers.
“Well, sir,” said Rupert, slightly recover
ing his dimples and his readiness, “Johnny
yer, wants me to tell ye sonuthiag. Ef he
wasn’t the most original self-cocking, God
forsaken l.ar in I -jia Spring—ef he didn’t
lie awake in his cri mornin’sto invent lies
for the day, I wouldn't mind tailin’ ye, and
would hev told you befo e. However,
since you ask, and since you
think you saw some odv arouud the
school house, J <hnny yer allows that Seth
Davis is spy in’ round and followin’ ye
wherever you go, and he dragged me down
yer to sete it. lie suys he saw nim doggin’
ye.” m
“With a knife and pithtolth,” added
Johnny’s boundless imagination to tho detri
ment of his limited fac.s.
Mr. Fcrd looked keenly from the one to
the other, hut rather wit h a suspicion that
they were coz nzaot f>f his lata fracas
than belief iu the truth of Johnny’s state
“And what do you think of it, Rupert f’
bo askid, carele si /.
“I think, sir,” said Rupert, “that allowin’
—for onct—that Johnny ain’t lyin’, meb
bee it’s Creasy McKinstry that Seth’s hunt
iu’ round, and knowin’ that she’s always
runmn’alter ye—” He stopped, and red
dening with a newborn sense tout his fatal
truthFuluoss had led him into a glaring in
delicacy toward the master, hurriedly
added: “I mean, sir, that iuobb**e it’s Uncle
B*u he’s jealous of now tuat he’-* got rich
enough f r Cressy to hev him, and knowin’
ne comes to scaool in the afternoon per
“’Tain’t either!” broke in Johunv,
promptly. “The h’s over thor beyond the
thcbool, and Crethy’s eitin’ ithe cream at
the baisartb with Uncle Ben.”
“We i, suppose she is, Hath don’t know it,
lily!” answered Rupert, sharply.
Then more politely to the master:
“That’s it! Seth has seen Uncle Ben gal
litanting with Cressy and he thinks he’s
bringing her over yer. Don’t you see?”
The master, however, did not see but one
thing. The girl who bad only two days
ago carelns lossy left it to him to explain a
compromising s.tuation to her mother —
thu girl who had precipitated him into a
frontier fight to the peril of his podtion
and her good name, was calmly eating ices
with an available suitor without t e least
concern of tue past! The connection was
perhaps illogical, but it was uno.easant. It
wus tun inure awkward from tho fact tuat
he fancied that not only Rupert’s l>eautiful
eyes out even tne infant Johnny’s round
oues were fixed upon him with an einbar
rass.d expression of bom rating aud forebod
ing sympathy.
“L think Johnny believes what be says—
don't you, Johnny?” be smiled, with an as
sumption of cneerful ease, “ ut I •©* no
necflasity just yet for binding Beth Davis
over to ke*p tb% Toll rat about
yourself, Ru,s*. I hope Uncie Bea doesn’t
tuink of changing his young tutor with his
good fort Jiof”
“No, sir.” returned Rupert, brightening;
“he promises to take me to Sacramento
with him as his private secretary or confi
dential clerk, you k ,ow, ef—ef—” He
hesitated again with very un-Rupert-like
caution, “ef 3 things go as he wants ’em.” He
stopped awkwardly and his brown eyes be
came cloudod. “Like ex not, Mr. Ford, he’e
only’ fooiin’ me—and—himself.”
The boy’s eyas sought the master’s curi
“I don’t know about- that.” returned Mr,
Ford, uneasily, with a certain recollection o£
Unde Ben’s tri imph over ui* own incre
dulity, “he surely liasu’t shown himself a
fool or a boaster so far. I consider your
prospect a very fuir oue, and I wish you joy
ot t, my boy.”
Ho ran his Augers through Rupert's curls
in his old caressi ig fashion, the more ten
derly perhaps fcbat be fancied he still saw
symptoms of storm and wet weather in the
boy’s brown eyes.
“Run along homo, both of you, aud don’t
worry yourselves ab >ut me.”
He turned away, but ha 1 scarcely pro
ceeded half a dozen yards before he felt a
tug at his coa\ Lookiug down he saw the
disminutive Johnny.
“T oy’ll bo cornin’ houfe thith way,” he
said, reaching up in a hoarse cmfid'eatial
“Crethy and ’im.”
But befo e the master could make any
response to this presumably gratifying in
formation, Jonnuy ha 1 rejoinol his brother.
The two boys wav.il their hands toward
him with the same diffident and mysterious
sympathy that left mm hesitating between
a smile aud a frown. Then he p: ocee led on
his wav. Nevertheless, for no other reason
than that he fell a budden di.-*taste to ineet
i ur any one, when be reached tho poi t
where tho trail descended directly to
tho settlement, he turned into a longer an i
in >ro solitary detour by the woods.
i bosun was already so low that its long
rays pierced the forest from beneath, and
bufiusei tho dim colonnade of straight pine
shafts wiJb a gold u lia/.i, w.iile i left tho
dense intercr ssed bra cnes fifty fo t a >ove
in deeper shadow. Walking in th.s yellow
twilight, with his feet noiselessly trciding
down the \ lelJir.g carpet of pint* needles it
seemed to the master that bo was pas-ing
through tho woods in a dream. There was
no sou.id but the dull intermittent double
knock of the woodpecker, or tho drowsy
croa-c of somo early roosting bird; all sug
gestion of the settlement, with all trice* f
human contiguity, wero left f r behind. It
was, therefore, with a strange and nervous
souse of being softly hailed by some wood
land spirit that hn -emiod to hear his own
name faintly wafted upon the air. He
turned quic.Hy; it was Cressy, panting be
hind him! Even then, in her white closely
gathered skirts, her bared head und grace
ful arching neck bent forward, her flyi g
b: aids freed from the straw hat which she
had swung from her arm so as not to im
pede her flight, there was so much of the
following Ma ni l about her that he was for
an instant startled.
He stopped; she bounded to him, and
throwing i er arms around his neck with a
light laugh, lot herself hang tor a moment
breathless o.i his breast. Then recovering
tier speech, she said slowly:
“l started ou an I jiu trot afler you,
just as you turned off the trail, but you’ld
got so far ahead while 1 was shaki ig myself
clear of Uncle Bin that I ha l to jist lope
tiie whole way through the woods to eaten
She stopped, and looking up into his
trou led face caught his cheeks between her
lands, aad bringing his knit brows down to
the 1 *vel of uer humid blue eyes, said:
“You havou’t ki-sed me yet. Want's tho
“Doesn’t it strike you that I might ask
that question, considering that it's three
day.N since I’ve seen you, and that you left
.no in a rather awkward position to explain
.natters to your mother?” he said, coldly.
He had formulated the sentence in his
mind some m mi nts before, but now that it
was uttered, it appeared singularly weax
a id impoteut.
“Tuat’s sc,” she said, with a frank laugh,
burying her face in his waistcoat. “You
see, dandy boy”—his pet name—“l reckoned
lor that reas > we’d better lie lo v for a day
ir two. Well,” sue oou iuued, untying hD
cravat and rotving it again, “how dul you
crawl out of it?”
“Do y >u mean to k*v your mother did not
tell you?” ho asked, indignantly.
“Why should she?’’ returned Cressy, lazi
ly. “She never talks to me of these thing*,
“And you knew nothing about it?”
Cressy shook her head, and then winding
oue of uer long braids aromid the you *g
man’s neck, offered ihe end of it to his
mouth, and on hi* sternly declining it, took
it in her own.
Yet even her ignorance of what had
really happened did not accou it to t e
master for tho indifference of her long si
lence, and albeit cjnsciou* of some ineffi
ciency io his present uuheroic attitude, ho
continued sarcastically •
“May I a>k what ,ou imagined would
ha peri when you loft me?”
“Well,” said Cressy, confidently, “I
reckonked, chile, you c >uld lie as well as the
next man, and that being gifUd you'ld sling
maw something new aud pu ty. Why, I
aiu’t got no fancy, but I fixed up somthing
against paw’s questioning me. 1 made that
couceited M .sters promise to swear tba he
was in the barn with me. Then I calculated
to tell paw that you came meandering along
just before maw p >pped iu, and that I ske
daddled to join Masters. Of course,” sao
added, quiexly, tightening her hold of the
master a* he ma ie a sudden attempt at
wi hdra val, “I didu’t lot on to Masters why
l wanted him to promise, or t.mt you were
th re.”
“Cressy,” said Ford, irritated l>eyond
measure, “are you mad, or do you tbiuk 1
The girl’s face changed. She cast a half
frightened, half questioning glance at his
eye* and then arou and the darken! ig ai*ie.
“If wn’re going to q jarrol, Jack,” she
said, hurriedly, “don’t lea’s do it before
folks ”
“In the name of heaven.” he said, fol
lowing her eyes indignantly, “what do you
“I mean,” she said, with a slight shiver of
resignation aid acorn, “if you—oh, dear! if
it’s ail going to be like them, Ist’* keep it to
He gazed at her in hopeless bowildermont.
Did she raalijr moan that she was tno o
frigukeued ai the p visible rev lation of their
disagreement than of tuair intimacy?
boston briem.
Boston, Ga., Dec. 29.—There was a pub
lic installation of officers of the Mas mic
lodge here Thursday night. 8. G. Culpep
per was installed a* worshipful master, and
Dr. Millette and J. 8. Norton as senior uud
junior wardens. Quite a crowd of visiting
Masons were present.
There aro twelve dwelling bouses under
contract hero now, ami will hi built by t >e
first of June. Four more br:clc stores will
be built tui* summer, which will give us in
all eleven trick stores, all of which have
beeu built within two yearc
Tho weekly exodus of negroes continues,
and if it up this county will sum be
“solid white.” The great trouble is that
the best workers and best class of negroes
are all going for Arkansas, and leaving the
worthies* behind. Labor will bo scarce
next year and w iges will bo higher unle&a
the axodu* is stopped.
Whan Machinery
Everything relying on it for motive life
slope. How mucii more delicate and im
portant is the intricate human mechanism,
t hat allowed to run too long without atten
tion collapse*. A little timely attention, a
brushing up and cleansing and greasing of
this organism restores to nature iu normal
strength aud vigor, brace* up the overtaxed
system and renews life. P. P. P. courses
through tho vital arteries and endows the
system with new and pure bloody the real
seat of life. What in Ymi blood but deathT
Bisque and Terra Cotta Figures, Game
Bets, Ft h Bets, Tea Beta an 1 Dinner bets
at VVeel’s Ch a* Palace.
Weather Indications.
j Special indications for Georgia:
FAIR Fa r, warmer weather, northeast-
I J r.y winds?
Comparison of mean temperature at Savan
nah. [)©c. \XQ. 1888, and the mean of saute day
for fifteen years.
i Departure j Total
Mean Tkmpkiutcre from the i Departure
— Mean since
for 15yearslD©e.W 'BB.j --or jJan. I.ICBB.
, 4r j 5 j - rsn
Comparative rainfall statement:
De arture | Total
Moan Daily Amount from tho Departure
A mount forj f° r Mean Since
10 years. ;Dec. ‘39, 'BB. -J- or Jan. 1,1888.
Til i .oo I —.ii I -.(sen
Maxim . . ure, 58 6; minimum tem
perature, 37 9.
The bight of the river at Augusta at 7:88
o'clock a. ni. yesterday (Augusta time) was
10.8 feet, a ii oof 0.1 feet during the past
twentvh ur hours.
Observations taken at the samo moment of
rime at all stations.
Savannah. Dec. ;*9, p. m., City time.
| Temperature.
S Direction, j f?
1 * |
| Velocity. j r
j Rainfall.
Norfolk 40 S .'Clear.
Charlotte 4.1 NW tf Clear.
Hai f eras 4U N 0 .. Clear
Wilmington s< K Clear.
Charleston 48>N ElO ... Clear.
Augusta N K i.. |Clear.
Savannah. . . M;N E] f.— Cloudy.
Atlanta 48i E 8 ... I tir.
Pensacola 8“ N K 8 .. Cloudy.
Mobile 58*N K O'— Cloudy.
Montgomery s*-* E . . c lear.
New Orleans 54 A El' .. '.ear.
Galveston f.fi K [Cloudy.
Palestine 4(1 E l-J .30! I taming.
Bfown sviile 7. SE 1 1 [cloudy.
Rf 6 Grande fs N j to} | Cloudy.
*T and itaot.es t race o 7 rainfall.
M. J. Wright, Jr.. Observer Signal Corps.
Its Wonderful Effect on tho Liver,
Stomach, Bowels, Kidneys and Blood,
As prepared by Dr. 11. Mozley, Atlanta,
Ga. A pleasant lemon drink that posi
tively cures all Biliousness, Constipation.
ludigesti u or Dyspepsia, Headache, Ma
laria, Kidney Disease, Dizziness, Colds,
Loss of Appetite, revel’s. Chills, 810 ehon,
Fimpl s, all Impurities of t *e Blood, Pain
in tho Back, Palpitation of the Heart, and
all other diseases cans >d by a disordered
liver, stomach and kidneys, the first great
cause of all fatal diseases. 50 cents and $1
per bottle, bold by druggists. Prepared
only by H. Mozley, M. D., Atlanta, Geor
Lemon Hot Drops.
For coughs and colds take Lemon Hot
Dro; r.
For sore throat aud bronchitis take
Lemon Hot Drops.
For pneumonia and laryngitis take Lemon
Hot Drops.
For consumption and catarrh t ike Lemon
Hot Drops.
For all tlr oftt ami lung diseases tako
Lemon Hot Dro >*.
An elegant and reliable prejiarAtion, 25
cents per bottle.
Mr. Jos. H, Cordon, pistor M. E.
Church, VV ilsm, N. CT., says: I ta e great
pleasure in recommending Bradycrotine ns
a specific for Headache in its various forms.
Large assortment engraved and plain
Wi e. Liqueur, Claret, Champagne and
Whisky Glasses at West’s China Palace.
Preserves and Jell s at Btrautu Bros.’
French and Turkish Prunes at Strauss
Mr. Curtin’s Luck in Bargains Dis
On the application of Richard Keating,
an injunction has been granted by Judge
Tuley restraining the Adams Express Com
pany from paying to Edward Curtin $15,-
000 collected on a lucky Louisiana State
Lottery ticket. Keating claims that just
beiore the last drawing he and Curtin each
bought a ticket, witn the und.-rstanding
that if eit.ier of them won anything it
should be divided. K-ating drew a big
blank. Curtin was so lucky thAt he had
won $15,000 and didn’t propose to throw
away any of the prize on a man who
couldn’t pick out a lucky t cket. —Chicago
{III.) Evening Journal’Nov. 21.
California Canned Peaches, Apricots and
Pears, wry choice and cheap. Lobster* in flat
cans, first selection, Plum Pudding in oval tin*
J. B. F. Barbour,
New Houston aud Barnard streets.
Citron, Currants, Raisins aud Bpices at
Straus* Bros.’
Advice to Motliera.
Mr*sYdßLow’s Sooth i no Syrup shout
always be used when children are cuttio
teoth. It relieves the little sufferer at once:
it natural, quiet sleep Fry reliev
ing i he cliffl from pain, and the little cherub
awakes as “bright as a button.” it is very
pleasant to taste. It soothes the child, soft
en* the guruH. allays all pa n, relieves wind,
regulates the bowels, and is the best known
remedy for diarrhoea, whether arising fr *rn
teething or otner cauoe*. Twenty-five cents
a bottle. '
Full assortment Crystal aud (Hass Table
Goblet* and Tumblers, plain and engraved,
at Wes.’s China P lace.
Mince Meat, Mince Meat, at Strauss Bros. ’
Mince Moat Jellies and Preserves, you
can find at Strauss Bros.’ by the pound or
bucket. *
At the Harnett House, Savannah, Ga.,
you get all the oomfoi ts of the higu-pneed
hotels, aud save from $1 to $2 per day.
Try it and be convinced. —Huston Home
Alt kinds of Nuts and Fancy Candle* at
Strauss Bros.’
Strauss Bros., 22 ad Barnard street,
invite you to call, exam.ne and price their
fine lino of Fancy Groceries for Hdliday
A Wrong Turning.
The New York Hunday World of Dec. 23,
beside* a variety of other interesting news,
contains a complete atory by the Duchess,
entitled, “A Wrong Turning; a Christmas
Ixv Story.” For sale at Estill’* Now*
Depot. Price, 5 cent*.
Strati** Bros., 22 and 22% Barnard street,
have h ting lino of Groceries tor Holiday
Call at Straus* Bros.’ for Citron, Cur
rants, Raisins, Spices, otc.
Oak Pine and Llghtwood.
Have removed my wood yard to corner
Gwinnett street aud Savannah, Florida and
Western railway. Telephone 77.
R. B. CaMrtSLH.
Country buyers wishing our prices cur
rent can secure same by sending us their
arid ess. Straus* Bros.
Virginia Club. lawls *O6 aud Durham Rye
Whiskey, Imported b uvrry uud Port Wlotai and
'EI Mode lo cigar*. .1. H. K. Babbouk,
New Houston aol Barnard streets.
Onx, Pine and Llghtwood.
Have removed my wood yard t > corner
Gwinnett street and HojFflnuah, Floridaau I
Western railway. X4epbou> 77.
R. ii. Camels.
mmm is invited
For 15 cents you can have "yom* say" in the
Morning Nicwk. provided you say It in 15 words,
and pay 1 cent for each added word. Tlie
CHEAP L’OH MN embraces advertisements of
all kinds, via.: FOB SALE, HEAL ESTATE,
will have thoir order* promptly attended to Ami
will receive copies of the paj or with the adver
tisement marked for inspection. Count the
number of word* in your “ad” and remit
accordingly. Please remember that no adver
tisement is inserted for less titan 15 cent*.
in the Morning New* nre furnished without
coat for the receipt of answers to advertisers,
and all communication a ore strictly confi
Persons having advert Ling accounts with
the Mousing News can lend advertisements
BY TELEPHONE when it is not convenient to
write ami forward them to the office.
Telephone of Business Office is No. 301.
Calls answered until tO i. m.
MARRY. !-arge marriage paper t‘re. it
you want wife worth <V’ r. 510,000 vet Jan
nary tonne. Address HOME MAGAZINE, To
ledo, Ohio.
I >!v< >!' UN ; | ... chi
I ropodtstaml manicure, cur** corns, bun
ion* ami ingrowing n ill* positively at once
-vltuout pain. Office. WO Broughton Mtroct, bo
tween Whitaker and Barnard.
I7XTRA SALESMEN and extra c sh
1 j wanted ai GRAY <S <> BRIEN’B for ll*
big sale, commencing to ut. rrow.
/ lARPENTKUH WANTED Two good hands
V can geßwork for a few days by applying to
\ J. 4Ni ! 1 KICK, 50 (1 a i met i streot.
Al 7 AN TED, ti neat colored girl to assist. In
%v care of children an I housework. Apply
Monday at 179 Henry street.
\VTANTED, active sollrp. r for Accident In
*Y Kurance Company offering siicclal advan*
age*; good commission; state age and expert-
Mice address ACCII >ENT, I his ii
Ur ANTED, a good cook; must come well rec
ommended. *2lO South Hr ad.
Vlf ANTED, a white girl for housework by
** Jan. *• 10. Apply, with refereu es, at 66
tail street.
Yl7 ANTED, a half-grown girl, white or col
vf ored. Apply immediately, 11 Tattnall
tn et.
Vlf ANTED, woman or girl to work In smal
vv family. come well recommended. 171}*
fall streot.
\IfET NURSE. Apply 190 Gwinnett street.
v second door from Jefferson.
Ur ANTED, a email, bright Ih y ft >
wok, about 15 yiura old, at SMITH
BROS.’. Hay and Whitaker.
UJ ANTED, mi ldle-a-'cd woman ns cook an
general work; small family. .'l7 Antlers n
117 ANT ED, an Overseer, or chief advertiser.
m and one to threc n*KixtfiotM. according t<
i/.e of county and population $95 a month mu
iry and expenses to overseer* and &1U to a.stot
uits. No puddling Noholic tlng. Untiescoti
tn**d to niauing collections, distributing printed
natter, putting up advertisami it a, eu
• Jeetric <3oods. Expunst-K advanced. Salari*i
•aid each month. Inclose A cents postage foi
'ill specimen line of advertising matter U
LEC fß< > GALVANIC CD.. Palace building,
'incimiuti, O. Noatfentlou paid to postal cards
Y\7ANTED, good lielp of all kinds, at
< i rr io e.
VIZ ANTED, first-ela s carriage painter lmme
vv dint•*]y. Mut bo good striper. Addrc.e
it. D. ZAHM, Jacksonville, Fla.
KM PLA >S MBM I W \ N l Kb.
WANTED, a position by a stenographer and
typewriter; best references given. Ad
Ires* 8., 79 Hu tington street.
position. Address COOK, ca News office
X'l)! •>! MAN (til, fi<-HI New York, wish#
I employment, wholesale or retail, where bj
- jd.-iM Mb ,1. ( i|
Awn ■ ofltos
TITAN TED. tenant for three nice rooms, pec
i ond floor; every convenience; furnished
>r unfurnished. Inquire 156 State street, eatt
I j wanted by HOWLAND & MYERS, 102 Baj
iIT ANTED, all kinds loan association stock
▼ v util marketable securitlis. SAM K
PLATSHEK, Broker, Room (. Southern Hank
IX7ANTED TO BUY, a second hand safe of
v v medium site. Address 8., this offlos
\Q] iTUCKAN from the North wishes tw
rooms, with first class boa- and. for himnoif
and family, consisting of three adults and tw
.ttle girls; private family preferred. SCOTT,
158 Jones street.
U/T ANTED, a large, well-grown, perfect
Hpeciitien of both the Opnonax and the
Tea Olive; state where they can be seen a id thr
price; 1 wish to transplant them. UlO. J‘
.: v I.W IN, 07 Hull street
Ur AN TED, for the United States Army.
Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry, able
bodied, unmarried men. her. eon th* Hires of 21
and 86 years. Good pay, ration*, clothing and.
medical a‘tendance. Apply at the POST
OFFICE BUILDING, Augusta. Ga. __
\I7ANTED, small house with gas. Address
vv 107 Barnard street.
ROOMS FOR RENT, with use of bath; alsr
stable m.d carriage house. 9 Chariton
street. _
17*0 R KENT, two large, one small, rooms, sec
i on flw)r; Anderson Street: ten dollars p. r
month. Address X., this office.
I nor RENT, flat of four rooms, with water,
centrally iooafd. 01)4 Jeffsnion.
I.X)R KENT, three unfurnished rooms, with
1 use of bath ad closet. 77 Jones street.
I?OK RENT, furnished front rooms. Apply
. 110 Brought* n street.
IJNOH RENT, one or two furnished r<xm*, with
I BURNISHED nr unfurnished rooms for rent
I st Hull street. ,
17VJR KINT, rooms, furnished Or unfurnished.
Taylor street. ,
tpwo front rooms, second floor, furnished or
1 u furnished, single or connecting. 155
South Broad.
TTViR RENT, to one or two gentlemen, a de-
JL light ful front room, well furnished, hath on
KENT Jan Ist, on first floor, three nice
rooms with closets, water, gas, etc.; bright
sunny yard. Will rent cheap tod u table party.
Addres* S MALL KAMIi.Y. n- ■
ITVHt R NT, one flat of three nice rooms; oon
vunirnt anil modern; gae. batli. etc. at •
lacbt-d; sl7 a month. A- ply 76 HARVARD.
ilUli'sKs AND riOHKH lOK UKNT.
RENT, the desirable brick dwelling 49
Tat nail street, head of Gordon. Apply
i next dovi.
YX)R RENT, store and dwelling corner uf St.
F Gaul a?ul Zuhlv streets; good ,tand.
MIC HAEL FEELEY, St. Julian and liab rsham
IjH)R RENT, that delightfully situated dwell
ing fronting south ou Chatham square,
lately put in thorough order; rout low. Apply
to Peter reilly.
RENT, two desirable houses on Duffy
1 street, two doors east of Ahercorn street;
tK)Bt*ssion given January Ist, 188 J. AptiDT to
I?OR RENT, store on West Broad, between
F Buy and Bryan strtu'ts; poss*ssion given
January Ist, 1889. Apply to WALTlloUfi &
IT'OR KENT CHEAP, to October Ist. thgs de-
F Hirable 8-room house ou Hall street, near
Lincoln, with all modern improvements. Apply
to K. 1). UUERAKD, B<i McDonough stiver.
r LET, in Bf. Augustine, Fla., nine room
1 hoiino. Furmtun* for sale on easy terms.
Fine view* of the ocean; good location lor
boarders. The house and lots will also b < sold
cheap tor cash. Address G, S. W., I*. stoflico
Box U, St. Augu tine. Fla.
' rn >KTI Nirv to rent a
I bar and cigar privilege. Address, for oue
week, H. 8., this office. _
I^OR ’BENT, the tTrcc-utory brlok ln-iiMe £O6
. Hull street, near Montgomery: poss.-anion
given Ist January; rout low. E. MU'Hi UEKG,
187 1 lotigress et reel
IX)K KEN TANARUS, that denirable brick tv ideooe
84>ut east corner of Hnuighton and Aoor
e r i Ktrcots. Apply to I.TIKECAI;B *N.
RENT, three sti.ryr brick hotiK -, No. 65
F Jefferson, corner of Ferry; newly painted
and repaired; contains nine rooms on bu - ment
and two-itory outbCUlding. Apply to J. W. Mc-
A I,l*l N, Exeriltor.
17V >K KENT, stable for three hor. es, with good
yard. Inquire 801 South Broad street.
\ VAULT In Market basement to rent. Ap
ply to ROBT. J. WADE, City Marshal.
FOB s\i i..
1 saddle and unbroken; medium to large
si/.ed Texas mares deliven.*d in curloml-i any
main line railroad station in Georgia, $65 to S4O
each, to suit purchasers. I'rices < n h. soh,
mules and colts on Application. J. F. uUIL
MARTIN & CO.. Texas Hunch Agent*, Savan
nah, Go. Poetoffioo B i
- SALK, one pair of Fairbanks Wan?
hous * Scales with two Iron pillars and add
ing |> i. o b> ain; e.-pucity 6JKW pounds; plat
form 48.x4S inches; in perfect order and good as
new. Also, two Platform Trucks. Cun la*
bought very cheap. Apply to G. ii. KEMB
17'OKSALF,, a few lots south of Anderson
street for cash or on time. ROWLAND A
MYERS, 108 Bay street
IjVDR SALE, a bargain, putent Steam Feather
Renovator, with boite . in juire IJ9 l-rough
ton street.
varisty diisol from Clsvelami s t.ir.n'., and
for sale at bottom prices. F.DWARD .J. KIKF
FEU, corner West Broad aid Stewart street*.
I?OK HALF, nil i-lassos 1 an association stock
and marketable securitl s SAM K. i’LAT
-BHEK, Room 6, Southern Bank.
IAOUSALF, Cnlbiir-* Pi nts. Now ready at
F i’ARHUNS’ GARDEN, laiurel Grove, corner
Anderson and < h;M'Ch o road. \
IT'OR SALE, two sharen hi Title (ii.arantee
lioan. Address A., thi* tilflce. -
|7oR SALE.- Contractors look here. Top
F thousand pi Ins secondhand Bricks a> n
acrittce; no room to keep them. 64 Pre*ifleot
street. - ■■ 1
OOWLAND A MYERS have several good in
■ V v hiun iits in Lujuoved eiiy real esUite to
oiler. _
I3OR HALE.- Make best offer oa ellgihlo lot
1 c -rner Haliers >am and Bt. Jainc* streets;
81x100. J., Box 4, News office. .
POR SALE. Sailboat 2R feet long, cabin Ifl
X f-*At: cornpiet 4 : cheap. Inquire at DIXON
,t MORPHY’S Coal Wnarf.
IT'OR KALE, cheap, for want of room, ten
tlx- IS id [>rl no second hand br*c*s. Aj>
ply G 4 President street, -
lAORSALE, iron and wood pumps. The city
water workn department have for sale 7ft
iron, ir-m boxed and wooden well pumps; U in
good order; by tin* I>t or single pump. Eruniiro
;t water work* office. City Exchange. A. N.
MILLER, Superintendent.
ItJST.— T e lady to whom was given a sachel
j through mMcke by street car driver on
in ii n to car
No. 13, B.irnard struct line. J. J. BECK, Oon
luctor car No. 18. * - ■
IOHT, a collar button, sapphire set with dia
j inond. Finder will l*- suitably rewarded
if returned to 181 President
IOHT, on or near Henry Rtr*rt, a cldkl*
j elder lovn embroidered carriage blsitk* t,
•ordered with green nlnsb. A suitable ic var..
will lx* paid if retunied to No. 65 Hoary h tfqgt.
r OST, STRAYED OR STOLEN a young col
I j Unpin. An rn reward wiU he paid if re
turned to 80 Hall street. ,
I OST.—A liver and. while setter bitch an
j swer* to the na ne of Daisy, itew irdfor
her delivery to W. T*. DIXON, 43 Bull street.
IOST, Cbri*ttnax evening, a liver-colored and
j white Cock< r tip nid. Suitable reward
will be pn'd for it* return to northwest enr er
Bull anil Liberty, or to HENRY T. Bt>TTB Bay
. , ~ , .M. I
BOARD and lodging, als> (lay board, at 56
Ba nor 1 street.
rapher, 21 Bull Htrcet, Savaunab, ia.
I W. BEARDSLEE, teacher of Storing, Voice,
•I • Plano. Organ and thorough Ba*. Poomm:
OOWLAND & MYERS buv and well all kind*
I L of loan association stock.
ALL at City Market for fresh Fi*h, choio*
J Veal, Mutton and B ef. LOGAN.
OANH necotlnt>ed on city reaUeHtab* and
j marketable Secufittev by BAM K. PLAT
-11 .. Broker, R<khu 6, Southern Bank.
V dor* Du. JAM u E removed 47 lUudalpu
street, Matthews’ old staad.
C 1 ASTOR OILfo greasUtf biig/h**and wafls|Hi
J 2.V-. per quart lit SY in ON A & M r.1.1/s.
packed and ntopped, upholster
ing and repairing, mattn Me* reooVaUNfl by
[latent pnx*o. FOX’H, Whitaker *tre t.
r FAKE NOTICE.—Fin** flam Chowder will be
1 served today at ENRIGHT 8 WAUGAW
INN, Thunderbolt.
IF your clothing ne*ds runewin.' and you want
them cleaned, repaired braided, dyetA re
modeled, aib-red to please you. go to S.
WHITE’S, corner Jefferson and Suu streeba
IJ wotth almost doub e. LiVING-VloN’ci
PHARMACY, Bull and Siatc_ _
\FEW Whisk Brooms at 10c. and a few Tooth
l.rusnc* a s* .in HA l l-1 ic
I)< N ELEKR VEAL and roasts '
f> at JjOGAN b.
MltS. K. B BROWN, com*T of Barnard and
Y'rk, wtU on Jan. 1, upso her school of
lustructl ii in Emtiroidory, Crochet, Etc Pa
per flowers a specialty.
DWARD J. KIKI-TT R. Wholojsle Acenl for
M j ricvidaud’s Improved Vaiunitoe Beans in
at aied bag*.
DON’T forget tocallst ENRIGHT S uYHTER
AND CHOP HOUSE and take bmoe a
PETER DONI i. \s\ —■iianuMiii I illi jfcjf
I agent, corner Drayton and Broughton
streets, wnone experienc • in measuring uu
kurpaancd. invii< s you to come and exa-ntne
hi* aainple*. o. which fine goods, flity tnouand
oolUr* is s-ldng at a sacrifice Tt.e
chHii**:4t ever offered in Savannah. No miaflis.
(Bve him a call.
I WISH John would sumke good ('igarn like
Billy, but be won t. Moral; Billy on vs his
Cigar* at HHAFFFRH. HOWblta er
I r coffee wltu a lilt • snack for Ik*, gX to
, LXYLNUbION b, Bail aud SUte streetk. J
FRFNCHED VEAL and Mutton, Roasting
Pig*, Turkeys and Geese at LOGAN’S.
Xmas ie over, but SYMONS & MELL are
■till to the front selling first quality Drugs
Medicines, Candies, l a cy and Toilet Articles!
Tobacco and Cigars at moderate prices.
N IGHT BELL answered at all hours at SILVF
FER’S, 110 VVhitaker.
J. LOGAN, City Market, is the Vaco to get it.
'ft** non T .° r /° AN good city profertjr
for long timo—nite of intore.st.
8 per c -nt -and applicant to pay for papers
Apply to G. M. KYALS. 1 ‘
VTEW anfl second hand furniture, folding bed
woven wire mattrasses, shades, lowest
prices. FOX’S. Whitaker street.
SHAFFER refers to the physicians as to the
qualit y of the drugs he uses iu compound
ing prescription*
advice free. CORNEL!. A.
THE only place to the city to get Pennine
Blue Point Oyster* and Northern Meats is
CHOP HOUSE, corner Broughton ami Drayton
YXTANTED, every truck fanner to call and
? V examine njy immense stock of c lev -land *
Beans and Peas. EDWARD J. KIEFFEK.
Cl O TO LOGAN, City Market, for Northern
n IF ef. Mutton and Veal, Native Be TANARUS, Mut
ton and Veal, Boneless Corned Beef, Pickled
ONLY a few more Dressing Cases, Manicure
Sets and Work Boxes at SnAFFER 8, 110
Whitak. r.
" will c.uro torpid liver, dyspepsia and gen
eral debility, u SYMONS & iIELL, West
Brood and Charlton Htreets.
line Embroidery, Crochet and Paper
1 Flower m iterlal constantly on hand. Cor
ner York and Baroar i.
UOR SALE, one Horse; good saddler, works
r well iu harness, s und and gentle, and one
largo Mule. LOGAN. City haricot.
(CLOTHING cleaned, repaired, and dyed; gar
.J men I* mode to order; charge* moderate; sat
isfactioh guaranteed, a. GETZ, tailor, Jef.
tarson Street, special attention givefvto country
PERFUMED CRAB EYES, best face powder
I on the market, only 5c and 10c. i**r box.
OOMETHING NEW In Bath an.l Hall Room
167 Broughton street.
SILK MUFFLER or a fine jialr of KiD
beautifully embroidered.
GLORIA UMBRELLAS, beautiful Gobi or
Silver Heads.
WALKING CANES, the fashionable Buck
Horn Handle*.
New SCARFS and TIES, for Boys, Small
still left.
the CHAMOIS SKIN VESTS, to preserve your
health, to enjoy the above.
At Wholesale by
gjgSEg & STERN.
L. a7 McCarthy,
44 harvard STiiEKT,
(L'ader Kul 'DU of Fjtliia* Hall>
lUatl .nil colloctloq, NoUoitad.
Backed heart seminary,
KOIt BMAIL boys,
Board iukituiiwu p n ye*r <>t 10 miu,
fl'A’ For furthor uriinil*ni oiiplr for
ITonpoct.m Aildmu MOTHER SUPERIOR.
UlMuou, X-UiAtarru Uouaty, liaor*!*.

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