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Th'J Reception of the President and. the . K'ii
Centennial BalL . r \ (
j; EW York, April 29. —When the blasted British yacht VVI i \
“Galatea” went out two yea vs and a half ago to get as cl sea Tf 7 \t
view as poss.ble of the '‘Mayflower’s” heels, it was thought tffih Vg
that the possibilittes of a inari o display in this vicinity had r^T
bee-i reached. Patriotic craft were numbered by the hun- * gil WEB k
dr-ds, from mammoth excursion steamers, crowded with sight- * j! J r
seers, through every form of steam and sail yachts, to di gy jt'l | J |jj
<-,;d mos:- bunkers carrying enthusiastic fishermen. Vessels that - Ijj!, ff •
r valed the Dutch galloon in strangeness of scape, and appar- fc;V t ' B .
eutiy in fge too, were brought out for the occasion, and an
ciem ferry-boats, long disused, and wholly unseawortby, were
pushes down the bay to the finish line and anchored there. It ’
remind- did 1 ox as if • verytbi’ g that
floas had been brought into re
qmsitiw. Bit to-lay! Ddserip'ion halts
at the task of sayirg more ab ut t e ceu
t -nnial naval parade than was said by the
s me reporter of the marine display, when
Slavfl,>wer beat Gaia ea. There are just
tp, B things to •e ad ed, and they make all
the mighty difference between this event
and the former. Ia this dis lay every
craft was decorated more or less, and most
of them brilliantly; the war ships of tee
national governme it were in line; ad there
wa- so ne semblance of ord r in tne sailing
instead of the sc. amble t at marks the
gatbe: ingof b i ts at a yacht race. All the
old tun rs were afloat today, but th.y
kept, a- a rule, u ell out of the way. M>s
coi.sjiicuous i . the wonderful aggregation
of cruft, by reason of its ovelty in ih se
waters, wa- a low-decked steamboat with a
paddle- heel at the stern. It was all be
decked wi.hfl ig• and- r.ps of bm i ig, ad
miffed pompously about as if everybody
were not aski g where it came from aid
how it got there. Attention was most
generally directed, however, to the war
vessels. There is always at least one mau
of- 'ar of reputable sta iding in the n ivy
yard here that may be inspected for the
trouble of u ride across a ferry, bat never
theless tl.e few that were in line to-day
were regaided ap aren tv as the greatest
curiosities. B .tn the Chicago and Boston
had teen repainted tor tubs occa ion, th
former black, the latter a gidav white, and
w: at with ttseir ear-splitting cannon a id
jolly tars on the yardarms, and their armed
antes, they made sensation enough for
one day in 100 years.
If there were one reason more than the
magnificent beauy of the scene that in
duced ma y thousands of oeople to go down
toibese in boats and climb hills and
housetops for miles around, it was this; t le
naval parade was the one really popular
feature f to-day’s celebration. Perhaps it
could not have been otherwise, and it is no'
put down in hos i e criticism, but th fac is,
that but for the thr-e parades, one on each
day of this great even , the public at large
would have no share in the jubiiati n ex
r ; t as each patriot might walk around t e
stree s aiti g for a glimpse of Pr esident
Harrison's carriage ana jubilating all to ini
s If on 1 e width of this country and the
V; g oss of its history. The committee of
9UU i charge if the affair, and the various
dimatar es from everywhere make up more
than can be comfortably accommo la ed in
the halls a id churches where the principal
exercises take place. But the parad >s
aloe; they are in the open where every
body may see who can secure van tag ■
gr u and. and the half million extra inhab
itants of this city are, it is to be hoped,
rhe reason for the naval parade is his
, 0-0 WDO Wt> re alive at the time will
' ib:, ss remember that then was no fer
r t ■ Jer ey f’ity, no Pennsvlvania rail oad
1,1 po*. '..0 Baltimore and O iio, < r any other
- to take Was ing on from the
otomac to New York ii six or seven hours.
..e approaca there was via ElizaViethport,
l 1 ! 1 * 78 y ' tere ting se:tlemeit on the
K b t at h ‘parates Staten Island from New
•irrsey and mak > it a part of the Empire
r * a tho e days t e traveler had to
, 'i- iv, with barge ferries propelled by oars
and it was tn s that, the fa'h r f his c uu
' jou reved from Elizabeth to Mall
' eet \ it Is a long tea miles, and the origi
, f' lan r f the committee for to-day's
_ 'nt com PinplaP and a literal rpetitioa of
' -rip. The prog c-s in navigation, du*
was too much f r hist rical en
hPiarn, and the i resident, there ore, was
'•iv. and the heroic task of sitting in a row
a ,or two ho.,rs. He b arde I the hvid
" governminit steamer (yaclit seem, al
i 1 tbf *tier w,rU) r> sp'i'cti lit Elizi
• i.’.. and reniai l oi her duri g the trip
■ ugh the K. li Von Kull, and no c s the
, } " bere tho hundreds of other boats fel
~ fuind, until anchor ' as and , pped in t e
tvs. river .ff Wall .-tree . Ttlen a peril
v urnoy of several rods was ma le in a
, y . atw * barge, to the pier
1 n a lung:o,i pt Int a oentur ago.
asui. g;, n , c ew w h c imposed of twelve
aisiu ii and a-cnxswain, and it was con
.','‘ m4llfabte at 1 time, but in re
-1 at t( > uniform it c uld not com
. * ith hat <*f to-d.y. Tq thirteen
trsniej were nrrnvert m Prime A1 er
aie, striped trousers, and wonder of w n-
Ca ;! if® P l|H : hfl *• It was -,t is I leant -
tVApAn imi-reatre. Tup ♦* oartmiH!)
r**.- , ? 11 u ami thir names deserve i* b
d^ifer' 1 ., if \ Aln br' ! se Hnow, presi
swajn SocijtV, w s t e cox
“ ' 7 Vour " His next bust able
seaman was Cant. James Harding, 80 vears
of age. Some of the he s were younger,
bat they were all captains, with many
years of actual s-rviea behind them: Wil
liam B. Hilton, Wiliia.n FI. Allen, Gu-ta
'us D. S. Tr .sk, Jo mR. Dewar, W. A.
Ei is, George A. Dearborn. S.muel G.
Fairchild, J tmes Parker, Albert Spercer,
St phau Whitnai, George L. Norto .
Tue e are all ne.nbers of 1 10 Mari so S >ci •-
rv. from w ich organization t ;e crew of
100 vears ago was drawn. The carried to
dly the same ban mr which their forerun
ners bare before Washi igton. The landing
f President Harr son at Wall street was
not the end of the parade, for by previous
arrange:ne it nearly every sect! mof the
city wai enabled t > see it fnm shore. The
warships, followed bv steam craft of every
description eo .ti med up the E ist river
fir several miles, then turned about, ca n >
bac!, rounded the Battery and we tuo the
Hudson to Twenty-third street before dis
rsVV -
It will strike a great man v people as cu
rious that the formal reception if the Pro i
denc to New York shoul i h 've been par
formed in the building of the Equ table lu
sutance Company. The committee desired
to f llow in Washington’s footsteps as
closely as possible, but the building t .
w ich he first went on landing dissappe.rad
lorg since.
The Equitable building is down town,
nearly opposite Trinity chuioh; it is n
handsome structure, and in it are tie
rooms of the Lawyer’s Club, all of wh ch
featurs were well ad i ted for its purpose
in view. The ce e nony th re was most
pecu tar. Mayor Ga it formally, but wish
no public w . ds, weic nied the Pi esident in
the very corri 10,-, and the i thee itireparty,
consisting of those who came from Wash
ington an i the 20b committeem m, went up
to the Lawyers’Club in ele . ators, There
ihe President inspected 1,500 e res-uta
tive Arneric n . The co nmittee th night, it
would he a good plan to lot him s*o of ■■ hat
diverse eieuie .ts bis great co stitue icy is
made up. One pers m, t ere fore, ep esen t
iug every kind uf trade, bus, e-s, profes
sion. a,d ev ry shad? of tlo ighc an 1 p 1 -
deal opinion that the committee c mid re
call. was on hand to se ■ and be seen. The
chiefs of lab >r organizations as a rule sfoed
for their respective tr.ni-s. Ih yailtii and
in;o tue club past the Pres.dent and uitno
diateiy filed out again. Then t e P e-i
--de t and its 2JO sat down and lunched
white the 1,500 representativ s kicked th- i
heels in the corridors and its several mil
lions more or less hereabouts, packed the
' j|?
The lunch was lights and convivial. If
was also Ins one and had its o vn relic in
the shape of a huge punch bowl an 1 ladle.
Washing on with ail his greatness knew
g -oil lion r when it came his wav, and np
p ecialea it, and in this vervbowlwa
made the punch with which he refreshed
himself a centurv ag > to-da., and n th this
very ladle so m b dv,lipped him outa g as
ful. The Presiden and the co umitiee looked
unon the bowl, found it fl ,wing, and lei t
it empty.
After tha‘ cam- a half mile rl la tVough
Broadway to City Hall, t,u purest buildi ,g
in town with regard t , arclnte ttural com
p si ion, the hi igiet w.to retard to di t
aid dust, and th < meeting place of aider
men. There the Pn-sufent went iut , t,e
•‘g ,v rnor's ropm" and standing berieat .
one of the be t pannings of W'a h r,gton
exian , received ala ge depu a ion of
s.-ii,Mil girls. This cere o y over, and it
wouid up about sunset, the President was
taken in a carriage t > his reside ,ce v bile
in tis cjty. At lea-t that was what the
orllci 1 prog ammo and w uid bo do ,e. but.
the programme was n t to lowed li'er
all ■. T e Presi i nt’e re eienoa while hera
s Vice Pro Meat Morton's house on Fif h
avenue, hut Mr. Harrison wi 1 see lltlle of
it. His first vie of its uxurious an rer
ftil interi t will he take is me what after
t s dispatch goes to press, that is about 3
o’clock a. m. to-m >rr w, miles :nd ed tie
remai s at the ball on II Dir cto Stanlon,
vice Ward McAllister, r-ignml and ills
charged, closes tne supper-room, in which
case h > wi 1 see,, hiv and w i v co i • i a ab ut
sunr.se or later. N>, i’re lle t Ham n
wsi, not taken t > his residen-c tr ;n City
;l 11. Ha veut to the h ms• f H uyvesa t
F h. tue y u g man mad >la ill us hr s
temporary vict •y over the only McAllu
te . Ihe• a di mor WIS serv-I.
Before sp aking , f that dinner ir should
le n td that the Pres dot d.d n tg
t .rough the strec s entirely nna tended.
On tue co tray, t ore was such an e c rt
as would have looked like a pretty big
pr and J i • a<l ben ano'her o-<• ti„n, The
provisio i of to-morrow's pi.rad ', and th
one of the day ait r, makes t ifl one sink
1 i sig.iiflc mefl. N*‘Ve theie s, it w,s
(.ompoee I of several deiacumenta of soi-
diet's f on the United State - army, several
Grad Army poet-, several societies madi
up of descendents <>f revolu omr h r vs,
several bauds and several hun red e muuit
teemnn, consul-, ministers plenipote tiarv,
Congressmen, judges, and the like in car
riages. It "as great pomp, but not a
marker to w hat w.ll c me to-moirow.
0 m
* Mh a
iMI •
Stuyvvsant Fish’s house is at 30 Gam
mercy park, ear th : famous residence of
Samuel J. Tilden. Mr. Fish is i desco; da t
of famous men. and one of the 4JO. Up to
t is time, however, ha had not acquired
any srec.nl prominence in this community.
Hsvi g been i. ade chairman of the euter
tainrneut committee, he did various t .m.s
tba* hur l-oea taike 1 about from E stpori;
to L;s Angeles, and al-o arranged to enter
tain the President at his own bouse. It
was entiraiv proper u dor the circum
stanees, but it is circumstance alone that
brings to Mr. B'ish tue hg ' vi ivilegoof
entertaining a President. Iho dimio ■ mis
cervvd at about 7 'clock p. rn. Ihe gu '-Is
were Mr. and airs. Mo ton, Hatnilt n Fish,
Sr., Mr. and Mr- Go ry, Mr. an i M s. Will
in i Jav;Mr. 1? bert Goe et. William Wal
dorf As or, r . Burke Roc ie and Miss.
Helen Hah erslv. All but tho latter two
Harness; oak for themselves, for tie y are all
imiiiens.-lv rich and some ol t.: mother ise
dstinaui hed. Miss Hamersiv is of the
family that recently became related to tl-e
nobility of Eiiglaim through the mariage
of ore of its members to the Duke of Marl
borough. Mrs. R< eh ha- an int ie ting
even sen a ional history. She is the (laugh
tor of George Work, one of the quietly
prominent high society people ere. Ii
her you ger day , a.ri she is still mu g,
lie married an E igl shm in named Burke
Rocho. They lived i ling! ml, but M .
R c-ae proved to li ■ an. t i gbn kind. H >
varied his domesticity by various I inds < f
ill-treat me it of his better I aif. ad at Jest
she ran a ay fro a him. This must b
understood l ter ,lly. Mrs. Roche bad to
plan her escape carefully, and scoot fast
when -he stained. When she had arrived
safely in Now York, a id rejoined her rela
tives, she found herself pur ued in the guise
of a lawsuit. Tho gallant Mr. Roche
wanted to haw her niaiu ain i im'elf and
their children. For mouths Mrs. Roche
i remained in her Mr.dis -n avenue hou-e,
avoiding subpre a servers. Nevert eless
the case eventually got into court, where it
was promptly thrown out by the justice.
At the conclusion of this di nor the Pres
ident went with Mrs. Hamilton Fish lo the
letropplitan opera house, to a tie and tl.e
ball aad eat another dinner. Thee elusive
character of the event was mant unel, al
tho :gn tho s'-cret 1 arg lining fir buses vas
active arid unsuccessful, at and rbousan is be
seige i the do irs of the bui ding, ia the hope
of getting ii through a crack, or getting a
glimpse at the President and other and guitar-
EwWj Itai
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Savannah. Dublin and Western Short Line
Railway, at Savannah Ga .June 4 1889.
7 ■ f’( ' •' A.D Kot a final deer e grant* J by
I th • Horn *. i‘. *. uu, uJgo of the
■tern . I* >ai <if"i f o. < |y on Af -i*
r IhBo, in equity oeridjrif' in ( Oaf
fiflm Suicri'i • .( '*er ,V . rl. f-LKUI/
SOS 7 A CO. of el . complainant'., an J f:P, 8.4
SNA! •Jobij. n A..i VVK.VI LiiN SlfOK I
IiINK K UIjV i 1 i .-V e/ I . deieiidaulM,
i U't'tar :nau, receiver of said railway om
pnnv. v/ill ’•,>. .c i a? p.ioiic ontery, lie
tv.-'on tii n inr. o l ’( !.,• . i m and t o clock
r. m. icify >-f Stvannati tfmm on Mm KIKSP
11' Oi \Y < !*-oj4 the fount i <inv> OF .JI’NK,
|K y, before the < oii' - f Hone nf ('haUiarn
coiuly, • Savam-ah, feorgin, free from the
li"M of' ill c rons and mortjfn o
bon<is now < r. ;tn upon tin* fir<[i' r'y, herein
nil r I*-k t .*• 1, o 'if sail defending railway
corn pan; all an ffi property of the
ai I TO.* Savannah, Dublin ana Wes fern Short,
Line Railway Company. c nri*f*ng of On rail
way and line o roa 1, road be*J, rLcht* of wav
and aopurionrtncefl o* any kind tfjerunro ap
prtalni w, lylu/ wit dn tue cmjnttoi of That
ham. Hiy*n. Hull i -h. K.roanue), Tutnall, Monf
Komi iv, L uirMiis. bodg\ l .duski. Jfooiy and
Milniter in the Kfaie of fb*o-ff!a.
Th- t ri.i* of *• i > !** nr>‘ for <vi*b, the aal* i
aubj cf to c *nffr > n’i ,n T,y fTV* error:, an i flfiy J
ti ouHan l dollar*'*;vh*oo. rfcdrie* the irp: for
minimum price fined by the afoiesaid
for tho n' niM men:! • '.* ! properly ann rights f
the s.tid defendant railway eomronv
Receiver of the Rava-.n *•. Do >D.i and VVostera
short Linn Kailw y f *o,rp.itiy.
Exccuroais bale.
i>Y virtue f tLv power I In in by the
) win of Oeoivo Walter w • will -ell, I* ore ,
the court Lou*} door of Chatham comtv, at,
ruWtc o’i * , y on rip FlßS'i Tt'FsDAY I> i
M Y, 1889 ~*tween tr e iapal hour* *f a/.e un- j
lea* aoon**r old at private wile, lot Vo. <ld, Jaa- j
per ward, In Savannah. (Pi , located on the i
north ni le of Jone* >rreo middle lot. between j
and ’ .L n t r *i *. a< tlu prop*rf,y of
tho evtaie of (W>i sjo .. alter. Terma caan, pur
rLutaer paring for wtle*
Execotamof (Jaorga Waiter'* Will.
Eorder IBx*±olsz,
Garden Tools
l^ol*. BA.LE MV
165 Broughton Street.
N l>l K‘ an- by Citite of sundry fair fl. fa*,
forth#* year I*B* issue i by the Tax Col
lect- ?• and Chatham county in fa voir of the sta to
of Georgia, and county of Chatham, against
the f lio ' in* named person* and the property
horemafter described, and the said fi fas.
Paving been pl owed in my bands for collection.
1 have levied upon the property of each of *aid
defendants and have Riven to each a writ on
notice of sai l levy, and I will offer th* said
pieces of proftem for sale at public outcijr, be
rorc the < Vent Mouse door of Chatham countv.
iu the r ty of Savannah. on tho FIRST TUES
DAY IN dAY, 1881). during the legal hours of
sale. .. satisfy said tax A. fas. Terms cash,
purchasers paying lor titles.
Sheriff Chatham Cos., (is.
Alexander. \\*m E, 3*o acres of land on Rear
Island, Cnntham county.
’• nr >nr. Joseph II , one hundred (WO) acre*
of land six mile* on K., F. A 'V. Ry.
Blackburn, Mice H.. one hundred and fortv
flv?(!4Mao;iv of land sixteen miles on Louis
ville rea l. Chat :aui county.
Romiud. ♦•state Augustus. land with improve
meins, at Isle ot Hop , Chatham county.
c<e shut. David, western one-half of hot
number fourteen, Troup ward, with improve*
Davidson, W M , No. 2, lot number fifteen
Wmley ward, with improveme ts.
Davis, Helen, six fib ac res of land, three mile*
on Louisville road.
Dicker'* n. •st ire H. .1 , <*utbeast quarter of
lot. number thu y two Elliott ward with im
Oeor e Susan and children, part of lot num
ber tvuuitA three Caarlton ward.
Godfrey. Wm. O, thirty (80) acres of land
near Cedar Hammock
Hone, William, thirty (30) acres of land at
Springfield, c tat ham county
Langley. Jasper, lot number one Weihf
war *, with improvement* ’
Lu .burrow, ratal*' M , lot number thirty twoo
Columbia ward, with the improvements.
htiller, estate J N., lot uumber thirty six
Char.ton ward.
Murtagh. John TANARUS, lot number ten White
ward with imniv\omenta.
Delot and cldldn? i, 1' Ft., w ostern one half of
lot number eleven Jackson ward, with improve
Winifred, lot, number ten Franklin
ward, with bu j*rovcm<nts.
Ruhr, I* ivdt ■ c, eastern half of lot number
fifty two Wylly ward.
Warner and childivn. C . two thirds lot and
improvements numb r twenty ume Crawford
•■•’l**. Jann I .. l"t of hmd. wbh Improve
m ids, nuinb**r nineteen Johnston ward.
ld.n ~ >tr ili \ , 1 is nniulM-ia tom and five
Berrien ward, with improve menta; land on
\\ at rs’ road
Blownmii, Joe, aevenfceii (17) acres land ten
miles I nun Savannah. at Monteith.
Boiling, Andinw, ninety-four (94) seres of
Inn i .it, i umber on. .rid a hall Centra! railroad.
Brinson, Henrietta F . part of lot number
twoniy M x YYldt. ward, wit n improvements
iHMinls, b in.imp Astern half of number three
of lots numbers eighteen and twenty-two tivo
iiore lets
Flomiur, Charity, east half of lot fifty-nine
Waring ward; hall of lot fifty three Waring
crimes, Chivies, one fifth of lot number
t'venli lives rev.mi ward.
Lalltte. Come ins W.. five eighths of lot num
bei forty one Kereven ward.
8e e , Isaiah lb. north part of lot mimbor
twenty Screven ward
Kiohaidson. M ,1., southern half of lot num
ber tn iii y Set even ward and Improvements.
Smith, thorge, part of lot number twenty
See veil ward.
Hpiuld mr, Sumsm a , western half of lot ninn
-Im*!‘ H/ teen Ihutow ward, w ith improvement*.
Sf e de, Joseph, lot of land number sixteen
North Ogbthorpe ward, with irnpro e n iw.
Sterle, Green, cne quarter of lot number
forty three Davis word, with improvements.
Thetis, Marla \\ , lots of land number* one,
two and three Atlantic ward, with the improve
Thoniywoii, Harriett, lot number thirty-three
Lee " aid, with improvements.
Tison. Morris, lot of land in Kelly's ward, and
Irnnr* vemonls.
Wsldiitu Fred lot nf laud, with fmprove
ineut -, in Louisville. near Middlegrcund road.
Williams, Clan, lot of laud marked D, Allan
ti<* ward, and improvement'*.
Wright. Romv |iart of lot number fifty four
Nort h Oglethorpe ward, w ith Improvements
’•’unman, David, lot numlvr thirty three
White ward, with improvements
John t. fonav.
Sheriff Chatham County, Georgia.
SHFRtrr s Office, citt Coi.’rt of Savannah. i
SAVANh’AH, Ga.. March 30th, ISN9 i
V T NDF.H and by vii tue of an execution issued
V. J out of t City Court of Savannah,
(ie, r I. ir. favor of l-.hWARD F. NEUFVILLE,
plaintiff, against HI AKkKSW. LITFBURROW,
defendant 1 m o this day levied upon all that
u 1 livid* 1 ! tit h i one afxtn interest of Charles
W l it burrow, In arid to all the following do
scribe i property, to wit:
T 1 ' n’oi • i It of lot mimlwr (P2t tw r elvs
Drown v erd, hounded a* follows <in tn north
by South I* o.id street: on the east by lot num
b rH I) ttjirt- ee: on the *(*uth by a lane, and on
Hie ' uf. by the western half or lot rfiimber (12)
tv * lv * Frown ward, ari l Hie improvement* on
i .i 1l„ >(.f t consisuiig of one three-story on
br"V "e M t ;,rick reKideuce. numlier <G7) ninety
s ven smi ll I run 1 street , and the out buildings,
consisting <>r one brick stable.
Mm. on lot number -32) thirty-two Brown
ward, b"iii: !**d as follows: On the north
bv Hull at net... .ii the eas by Floyd street; on
t esniil i i.y McDonough street, and on the
we>t h/ lor. Mum'x-r 31 brown ward, and t.ho lm
provemant* ther >u. consisting of one two
at*.ry on la onmnt brick dwelling housa
koo'vn as n irnher fiM) ninety-four McDonough
Also on lot number 4fl> forty six Jackson
ward, hoiiiuh and follows:( >n the north by a lane;
on tue wrist by lot uumlier 4">forty-five Jackson
ward; on the south bf IJhjrty street, and on
the we.,f hy lot numbar (17) forty *even Jack
son ward ‘This lot number (4b) forty six
Jackson *ai and is subject to an annual ground
rent to t he eft v of H.tvarm/th of Jd7 2H. and also
ipon the improvements t ereon, of
one tmee story on baaemerit frame residence
known as mi/noer (174) one hundred an<l sev
erity four i.llierty street, and on fcbe outbuild
ings coriMHt.ug of one i wo story brick stable.
Also on lot numtier thirty two Coliiuibfa.
warrl. oourc)e<l an foil iw*: On the north fry
York f cei on tin* east n.F Price street; on the
by o lane, and on the west by lot number
31) thirty-one ( olunihia ward, and*rlielmprovo*
me ■ • i<*reori, cons -ting of two one story
n -irk hoi *hh on basements, facing on Y'rlr
street, and ono one story frame house on the
corner of the lane and Price street.
Also ori lot number (19) ninetem Wesley ward,
boiiri lcdas follows: <jn the north by Taylor
street; on the east by lot number (20) twenty
‘ > 1 v wri and: on the srnith by Wayne street,
and on the wo't by Ifal**r.sham street
AII of ih'- ibove tieing in the city of
SnvHTu .*ii. tjhatham county. Georgia.
And I will offer the same for sale in term* of
law on the FIRST TUESDAY I.V MAY. bw
*m-e to* ( ourt House door in the city of Savan
nah during the legal hours of sale. Owner and
tec tuts hi possession DOtifie<l in writing.
Terms --as purchaser p>ing for papier*.
Property pomterj out by plaintiff’s attorney.
It. W GOODWIN, Sheriff.
1 , "\f>F.B md by flrnm of a fl fa.
J isswtl out of (’ha ham Superior Court, in
favor of KVHKI H t'KKKFNS. .vlrpimstra
iri: of William Prtlrina vr. JA.ifr'.S FEKOrT
KIS, I ha ■ I 'vic i tipon tho followingdeaoribed
property of tho a:rt ilefenrlant. to wit:
All ihar lot of lam), sltuam, lying and heinpr
near the city of Savannah. In top county of
I ~ iukl known upon
tho m/'p or plan of the anbiiivisiona of lota ourn
Iwr .ho o and aevPrity iwn .So. ISand 7Zi o*
i ,'i. ai lario lot niiinwr si* (No i'). Hollnnd
ty'.hiny Pi roiral warrl made hy John H. To-
Imi .urvry r of aakl county, on Jan. IJth.lfi'l,
ok I t timn r r c.vrnty-tbrre (No. '/d). Mid lot
nimihrr wmiiy t’ r>- iwin Iviundcd north by
a . nni , inxl -i. *ot; on tho cant by lot nurubor
i: ::. twonty two; on the south by farm lot (No.
.’Si numb r twenty l ima, and wpat by lot num
bor twenty-four (No. 84i, and conualnlnif tiftjr
foot from on ald unnamed troot and
a dopln of one hundred and fifty foot.
And 1 will otTor tho aald abovedeaerfbed prop
,--iy f r ■(.<,: j ol.llc outcry, bpfor ti e curt
In rdot of ( hntt.im county in tbocity of Sa
vrinnai'. on the t IKSTTUPXIMY IN IIAY.IAs#.
durmt tho legal hour# of tale, to eatisfy said
iriortKHKO (1 fa. Tortni each purchaser pay
ing for titles. JOHN T. HONAN,
Hneriff ( . Cos., (Ja.
—— - ■ • ■
foou FHoiAuers.
1.. BOMB. J. II F.I.TON.
Forest City Mills,
Flour, Grits and Meal,

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