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tackling a tailor.
Exciting Episode on Bull Street Be
tween a Constable and a Seamster.
Frank Nolan, a tailor from the north,
who has been in the city for the last three
or four weeks, gave Officer Wethßrborn
quite a tussle yesterday, and Policeman
Neve bad to come to the constable’s assist
ance to get the prisoner in Justice Naughtin’s
L *No)an had been in the employ of M. Levy
until bis suspension, and yesterday Nolan
accosted Levy on the street and used a i
uglv epitiiet and sought t provoke a breach
of the peace. Levy swore out a good be
havior warrant against Nolan. and
yesterday morning Officer Wet erhorn
arrest and Nolan, but at the solicitation of
two of Nol -n’j friends let the p iso’ier go
into a house on Broughton stree’ ostensi ly
to see a friend. After waiting a reasonab o
time an investigation was made and it wn
learned that he had skipped out the back
way into ti e lane and made hts escape. 1 i
the afternoon Wetherhor i spied his man on
Bull street, near the telegraph office, and
tackled him, but Nolan was b' this time un
der the influence of liquor, a id the struggle
to get him into the justice’s office, with ut
striking him attrac ed quite a number of
sight-seers. The justice made out a com
mitment for the obstreperous prisoner at
Dorsett’s Great Sale
This afternuon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line cars. Further
particulars see advertisement on third page.
The Rochester,
The great unapproachable lager beer, is a
very fine beer of rare purity and excellence.
It has a flue, bright, clear, sparkling ap
pearance; has a very fragrant and most
agreeable taste. Call for Rochester Beer,
Bohemian Brand, and take no c„ber. Made
only by the R chaster Brining Company of
Roches er, N. Y., aid sold 0..1y in bottles.
For sale by John L-oi s & Cos., j. McGrath,
6. W. Branch and W. G. Cooper.
Dorsett’s Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Beit Line cars. Further
particulars ete advertisement on third page.
Gocd Table Claret at $4 per case, Sautemes,
Rhine Wines, Burgundies. Hungarian Tokay,
Old Madeira Ports, Sherries, etc., at prices ac
cording to quality, at M. Lavin’e Estate.
Domett's Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Beit Linb cars. Further
particulars see advertisement on third page.
At the Harnett House, Savannah, Ga.,
you get all the comforts of the high-priced
hotels, and save from Si to S3 per day.
Try it and be convinced.— Boston Home
Dorsett’a Great Sale
This afternoou at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line cars. Fu ther
particulars see advertisement on third page.
Mr. Jones Says
That The Famous takes the cake for the
best and cheapest Clothing in Savannah,
and Jones knows, as he has a di Zen boys.
£e says that he don’t take much stock in
the blowing and bragging of the Savannah
Clothiers. He has tried them all, ad his
verdi t is emphatically in favor of 7 he
Famous, 141 Congress si rest, corner Wbit
Dorsett’s Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line cars, Further
particulars see advertisement on third page.
Oatmeal a id Barley at Strauss Bros.’
Oatmeal ad Barley, White Beane and
Split Peas at Strousi Bros.’
Dorsett's Great Rale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line cars. Further
particulars see advi rti ement on third page.
bargains at silva’s.
Spring Clearing Sale of Surplus Stock,'
Odd Lots, •tiemnaats aid -lightly
Imperfect Goods at Less Than CLet
to Make Room for New Importations.
A laige 1 t of lamps very cheap.
Special (.rices on di me - sets, toa sets,
chamber seta and fancy article .
A splendid opportunity to secure bar
Am opening spring stock of fly fans,
water coolers, tee cream freezers, wire disu
covers, aud other summ.r goods, which
will be sold at low fignies.
A large 1 t of iunch, market aud other
All this and much more at Silva’s,
140 Broughton street.
Dorsett’a Gr.<at dale
This after oun at 4:31) o’clock. Take City
aud Suburban and B It Line cars. Further
particulars seo advertisement on thud page.
Hotels and Boarding Houses
Expeeti gto accommodate the large crowds
who will vi-it our city next week will find
it to their interest to buy G oce.ies at
Strauss Bros., 33 and Barnard street.
Fur Teas aud C Ifees go to Strauss Bros
Dorsett's Great Sale
This afternoomat 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburb in aud Belt Liue cars. Further
particulars see advi rtisement on third page.
A Perfect P rlor Amusement.
The Harmless Pistil with ru ber vacuum
tipped arrow. No sharp points to mar fur
u.ture, will not break even g ass. Complete
with target. Price fjO cents. For sale at
Lsttii’s News D -pot, 313£ Bull struct.
Dorsett's Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Su .urban ad B -it Line cars. Further
particulars see advertisement on third page.
Fine Table Butter at Strauss Bros.’
Table and Cooking Butter at Strauss
Dorsett’s Great Sale
This afternoou at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Litiecars. Furthir
particula s seo advertisement on third page.
New Magnolia Hama just received, choice
Corned Beef, and a full a soruncut af Family
Groceries, at M. Lavin'* Estate.
Dorsett's Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Bel Liue ears. Further
particulars see advei Usamsuton third page.
White Beaus and tSplit Peas at Strauss
J'reoeh and Turk Pru ies, Dried rears
and Cuurries, ut Kir iuss Bros.’
Doraett’e Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:39 o’clock. Take City
an t Suburban ami Belt Line can. Further
particulars see advertisement on tbiripage.
Try our /to cents lea. Strauss llroa
Loiooll s Great ha*
This afterntou at 4i30 o’clock, Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line cars. Further
particular s sueadvertiseuieut ou third page.
Weather Indications.
I 1 Special indications for Georgia-
FAIR Fair weather, northerly winds, sta
mnary temperature in southern
portion, slightly warmer in north
ern portion.
Comparison of mean temperature at Savan
nah. May 21, 1889, and the mean of same day
for fifteen years.
| Departure Total
Mian Temperature i from the Departure
Mean Since
for IS years,May 21. ’83.1 or Jan. 1,1589.
16 1 16 -|- 00 290
Comparative rainfall statement:
De arture Total
Mean Dailyl Amount from the Departure
Amount for for Mean Since
18years. [May 21,’89. -|-or Jan. 1,1889.
Maximum temperature, 36 0 minimum - "tem"-
perature, 63.0.
The bight of the river at Augusta at 1:33
o’clock a. m. yesterday (Augu.sta time) was
7.5 feet—a rise of 0.2 feet during the past
twenty-four bour<.
Cotton Region Bulletin fo? twenty-four hours
ending 6 p. m„ May 2b 1829, 73th Meridian time.
Districts. Aver aos.
N o°,° f Max. Min. Rain
turns Tm P T*mp fall, t
Atlanta 13 80 68 . 01
Augusta 13 84 62 01
Charleston.. 7 8G 58 .00
Galveston 18 86 62 00
Little Rock 13 SO 55 .00
Memphis A 78 52 .02
Mobile 8 80 52 .00
Montgomery 7 84 60 .00
New Orleans 10 S8 58 .00
Savanuah 12 83 61 .00
Vicksburg 5 82 66 .00
Wilmington 10 82 60 20
Means 83.0 58.0 .02
STATIONS OP ! Max. Min. ißaitT
savannab district. Temp Tcmpifslll.t
Alapaba 88 | 59 .00
Albany 89 67 .00
Eastman 85 £5 00
Fort Uuines 85 72 00
Jesup 88 61 .00
Live Oak ... 92 60 00
Milieu. . 89 57 .00
Quitman 88 60 . .00
Savannah 86 65 .00
Smithville 89 7c .03
Thomasvillfl 90 62 00
Waycross |BB 64 .00
Summary. ..
Means. |BB 0 64 0 .00
*T Indicates trace. +lnches and hundredths.
Observations taken at the same moment of
time at all stations.
Savannah. May 21, *:?6 p. m.. City time.
Tern j>er At ure.
Direction. < ■
Velocity. _J? I
Portland 54 F j 6| .01 Raining.
Boston 52 SW ,8j ,42Coudy.
Block Island 58 sWlOj 0, Foggy.
New York city.... 64;.sWii0i i6Cioudy.
Philadelphia 64, W j 81 18 Cl udy.
Detroit 40; W j C- T Cloudy.
Fort Buford 72jS E 18] Cloudy.
St. Vincent I |..!.|
Washington City.. 64 NW 11: ,oti|Cloiille6s.
Norfolk 62; S 8 .SljCloudy.
Charlotte 64 N 6 ....'Cloudless.
Hattcras 72 S ..I Cloudless.
Titusville 72 W Cl udless.
Point Jupiter, Fla. 80 8 10;.... Cloudy.
Wilmington 74 SW . j iP'tly cloudy
Charleston ... 70 W 6, |Cloudl ss.
Augusta 72 W ICloudless.
Savannah. ... 76 NW 8 . jcio'dle s.
Jacksonville 78 W . *T iP’tly cloudy
Cedar Keys 74 NW 12 |P’tly cloudy
Key West Si NW| s! ICloudl ss.
Atlanta 64 NW si IP’tly cloudy
Pensacola..... 74 N I 6: ... Cloudless,
Mobile 76jNWj 6'... iCloudless.
.Montgomery . ... SiNYV 3 udle-is.
'Vicksburg 72|NW| 6) ...jpt’lv cloudy
New Orleans 76. N jlOj Cloudless.
Shreveport 76; N 1.. .. ..(Clou 1 e-s.
FortSinith.. 72; IV j '....iCloudless,
Galveston BO,N El 8 . .iCloudless.
Palestine. 71. N ICloudless.
■Brown sville ?8f E 8 ICIo dless.
RioGrande 84) S 8 iCloudless.
Knoxville 621NW1 8 ClouiUj s.
Memphis 72|N’W 6 ...iCloudless.
Nashville 64 : W | iCloudless.
Indian polls 5 NW 6 ....iCloudless.
Cincinnati 58| IP’tly cloudy
Pittsburg SO'NW! 6 *" |Ra;ning.
Buffalo 46 8 W;2O .... iCloudy.
Cleveland 60.NWIK *T Cloudy.
Marquette 40 N 12 Cloudy.
Chicago 48 N .. .04 Raining.
Dulutn i 42 NF. .. .08 Cloudless.
St. Paul 60| N 12 02 Raining,
Haven ort 611 W 8 *T iCloudy.
Cario 66 NW [Cloudless.
St. Louis | 60 W I 8 ... iCloudless.
Kansas City ..) W : ...'cloudless.
Omaha | 7. NW 0 ...Cloud ess.
Yankton 74 S I P'tly cloudy
Bismarck. 6:i E 24 .... I P’t iy Cloudy
Rapid city 70)N El 6 ....jP'tiy cloudy
Cheyenne | 72 E P'tly clou Iy
*T denotes trace o." rainfall.
C. F. von Herrmann, Observer Signal Corps.
Dorsett’s Great tale
This afternoon at 4:30 o'clock. Take City
and Suburban and Beit Li te cars. Further
particulars see advertise nsnto 1 third page.
A Base all fdan Has a Victory.
Ralph Staples, first b senian for the
Giee ,stockings, ad Maude Keen, a dining
room g rl at the Reynolds House, bought a
twentieth ticket in the L u sia is State L t
tery in partna sip, ad ar. last Tuesday’-
drawiug got $15,001, or $7,500 eac h —South
Uend (/net.) Weekly Times, A: rJ 19.
Dorsett's Gr< at tale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban aud Belt Line cars. Further
particulars see advertisement on third page.
7 be Famous
Is a good steward of your clothing money.
We wa t a just profit and a big trade. We
must get both. What can we offer? The
best possible go ds for the lowest possib.e
price. Vie Famous, 144 Congie s street,
corner Whitaker.
Dorsett's Great .- ale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
arid Suburban and B it Line cars. Furiber
particulars see ad vertisemeiu ou third page.
Mrs. M. A. Je kins, Marion, Mass, says:
I hoi ©that all who are afflicted with Kick
Headache will give B adyci otine a trial.
Dorsett's Great Sale
This afternoon at 4:30 o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Belt Line c ars. Fu- ther
psrticu.ars see advertise nent 01 third page.
French and Amer can Champagnes, Foreign
and domestic Wines and Liquors, at lowest cash
prices, at 31. Lsviu's Estate.
Dorsett’s Great sals
This afternoon st 4JO o’clock. Take City
and Suburban and Bslt Line cars. Furtkor
particulars see advertisement on third pag -.
Hoorn ug.
It is said that real estate has s’ last com
menced to boom under the auctioneer's
hammer. If coats were town aud suits
corner lots, we would soon make every man
and boy s reul estate owner in Sava man
without the assistance of any auctioneer,
because, you know, Vie famous bod-mu
in sailing things cheap. 144 Cos gross street.
Sib Suits for $lO.
Get one whilayi u have the chance. Straw
Rata at raduced pr.cea. Go to Vie Famous
if you want to lave money, 144 Congress
Your Liver?
Is the Oriental salutation,
knowing that good health
cannot exist without a
healthy Liver. ’ When the
Liver is torpid the Bow
els are sluggish and con
stipated, the food lies
in the stomach undi
gested, poisoning tho
blood; frequent headache
ensues; a feeling of lassi
tude, despondency aud
nervousness indicate how
the whole system is de
ranged. Simmons Liver
Regulator has been tho
means of restoring moro
people to health and
happiness by giving them
a healthy Liver than any
agency known on earth.
It acts with extraor
dinary power and efficacy.
Asa general family remedy for Dyapeptla,
Torpid Liver, Constipation, etr.,T hardly
ever use anything else, and have never
been disappointed In tlio effect produced;
It leemi to be almost a perferi cure for all
diseases of the stomach and Bowels.
W. J. McElroy, Macon, sdt
Dorseti’s Great Sale
This Afternoon
AT 4:30 O’CLOCK.
Take City and Suburban and
Eelt Lina cars.
tST” Further particulars see advertisement on
third page.
legal notices.
IS hereby given that at application will be
made to the Geueral Assembly of Georgia,
at its approaching session in .Inly next, for th
passage of a local or special bill, the title o.
which bill will be:
I ‘An act to authorize and empower, ratify
and confirm the granting by tt.e Mayor ad
Aldermen of the city of Savannah, to the Sa
vannah Voluutt er Guards, a military corpora
tion under the laws if Georgia, of the city of
Savannah, of eight .8) f-et, of the pavement 00
the south side of Piasident street, between
" nitaker street and Wright square, in ths ci;\
of Savanuah, said eight t 8) feet to be added o
and made a part of I,t Letter Q, iu Bereiva!
war 1, a,id to be used in ti e erection of th
Arsenal, and for other purposes.”
GEORGIA. Chatham County.—Whereas a
I petition has hern filed in the office of the
Ordinary of Chatham eouutv by GUGIE BOUlt
QUIN ct at., freeholders of said county, with
the requisite number of names, according to
law. (Having that an election bo i.eld un ie
section 145 > C de of Ge rg a to determin • 111
question of "Fence” or “No Fence” by the lega
voters ot said co >nty. ana that said p.-tuio 1
Will be ganted on the 3d DAY OF JUNE NEXT
1889. unless coil t-ir petition be filed.
May 14th, 1883 HAViPfON . FSRRILL,
Ordiuary C. C., Ga
Cd EORGIA, Chatham County. -Whereas,
J DEN "IS HEAKDON has applied to Court
of Ordinary for Letters of A<l umisiration on
ths estate of TH MA I BATESON deceased
Tnese are. therefore, to cite aud admonish
all whom it may concern to be aud appear be
fore said court, to make objection (if an v they
have) ou or before the FIRST MONDAY IN
JUNE NEXT, otherwise said letters will be
Witness the Honorable Hampton L. Ferriu.
Ordiuary for Chatham county, this tho 3 th day
of April, 1889. FRANK E. KEILKAVH,
Clerk C. 0.. C. C.
I n EORGIa, Chatham County. Wh
" s L-EXa KUCKU. K basapplie)] to Court o
Ordinary for Letters of Administration on the
estate of lIENRY u. KUCKFCK, deceased.
These are. therefore, to cite and admonish ab
whom it may concern to be aud appear before
said court, to make oojection (if any they havei
on or before the FIRST MONDAY IN
JUNE NEXT, otherwise said letters will oe
'\ itness the Honorable Hampton f,. Fv.itaTM.
Ordinary for Chatham county, this the .mti day
of April, 1889.
Clerk C. 0.. C. C.
Y)*EORGIA, Chatham Coitnty. Whereas.
" LKOitQE r. KRi KMAN has appli*d to
Court of Ordinary for Letter* of Admioistra
lion on tho estato of JOSEPH 11. lill’LEY, de
Tnose are, thoi-afore, to cite and admonish
all whom it may concern to be and appear be
fore said court to make objection (if any they
have) 011 or before the FIRST MONDAY IN
JL'N NEXT, otherwise said letters will be
VS ituess the Honorable Hampton L. Fzriiile
Ord.nary for Chatham county, this the autu day
of April, 1833.
Clerk C. 0.. C. C.
(x EORGIA, Chatham County —Notice is here
* by given tuat I nav • made applicati >n to
the Cou t of Ordinary for Chatham county fo
Order to sell all the real ef te belonging to
estiite of JOHN LENZCR, decea-ed, f(T tin*
pHyme t of deb's and distrii u.iori, and rliat
raid order will be g.arited at JU E TER I
1889. of said court, unless objections aro filed.
Savannah, April 3 i, 1 ssh.
Administrator estate J n.i Iwmz r. d-c -as. and.
/ s EORGIA, Chatham County. MARY K.
" I LESTER has applied to Court of Ordinar}'
for twelve months' maintenanc- an I support
for herself and iwo iiiuior childrv i out of In
estate of WALTER G. I.I.KTER. deceased.
Appraisers have made return allowing name.
These are, therefore, to cite ail whom it may
concern to appear before said court to make
objeclion on or before FIRST MONDAY IN
JL’.NE NEXT,otherwise sa no will he granted.
Witness the Honorable Hampton L. Fkrhill,
Ordinary for Cbatliam county, this SUth day
of April, 1889.
Clerk C. 0.. C. C.
/ ’ EORGIA, Chatham County - Notice is
vjr hereby given to all persons having de
mauds against MARY T KELLY lat • of
Chatliam county deceased, to present them
to me, properly made out, within the tone
prescribed by law so an to show the r
character and amount; and ail persons in
deoled to said deceased are hereby required to
make immediate payment to me.
Savannah,May , ;889
Artmlnintrsto-enta’e Mnrv T Kelly, and eased.
f— 1
Cerrstt W ant Broad and Indian Streets
All kinds of machinery, boilers
Etc , mads And r|ired STEAM HUM 184,
WATEJt FITTINGS of aJJ kinds for na.a
rrly Nan hern offered in yearn equal lu (lie
properly to lie •old by 4 11. Dornell on the
22a1. Head ilia ad>< rti.eiut ill. No loiercal,
■ face.
8? ATE
AirrFffT.ffVZVA.V77?. w Word, or
snore, tn this column inserted foe OA’Z
i GZ.V7 A 8 OHO, Cash in eiasanco, each
import ion.
Everybody who has any want to nirmh.
anythin] to buy or toll, any bustnean or
accommodations to secure: indeed.any wish
tc aratify, should advertise ,n Oiu column.
I PHOTOGRAPHY’. —Two dollars and fifty
1 centa pays for one doren Cabinet Phuto
prnrhs and one extra for 6xlo frame. J. N.
WILSON, 21 bull Street
r PRY' Egg PhoapbatA the improved only at
1 11 EIDT’Sv Try the pure fruit juice in
syrups. ,
I3EHSONAI.. -Head careruliy the rroapectun
COMPANY’, which will be io!t at your house
to day. Do not throw it aside; it contains val
uabl- Information.
’T'HF. popular Face, Toilet and Nursery Pew
x uer is BORACINK. Highly perfumed and
superior article. Have ycu irieii it *
American steamship Augusts Victoria
made t e voyage from Ham! u g to New York
in 5 days 22 hours and 14 minutes actual time,
beating everything on record. The company
have appointed Misbrs. HENKY’ SOLOMON &
SON to be their agents in this city.
W ANTED, a aervant (white or colored) to go
’ * to Uuytou with a family during the iuiii
iner. Apply at store corner Habersham and
WANTED, a geod turner; also a competent
Sr scroll sawyer, at MuDONOUGII & CO.’S
P aning Mill.
WANTED, a butler; one that will uiaka him
' ’ self generally useful. Apply 16 Jones
A RCHITKCTURAL draftsman wanted
f V Apply to WILLIAM T. COTTER,Sanford,
WANTED, a colored woman to c r ok
s s and do light housework. 108 Broughton
\\7ANTE a good sawyer; one who can
is k* e) up l)ii own savve; give experience
and by who employed. Address LUMBER,
care of Morning Ne i.
A GIRL .an Ia boy can get temporary em
l\ pluymvjit bv uaUin at ofllc ' OUTLEBN
FI.QWF.It PERFUMERY CO.. 146 Congress,
UrANTED. a settled lady; one who is willing
So assist in sewing arid light hiuiscwoik.
Address JHrs, JR. E. LEMAN, Dalton,4i*.
\\, T AN !'(■;)> active, ytrerience l gXldymen to
s s suit Bird ware and other Goods Address
4ERCIIAST, care carrier 70, Postoflice, Balti
more. ::: vj 1 4 1
DETECTIVES: Want a ■*. an in every local
it\ to act as Private Detective tuider our
nstructions. 1* rti ulani free. CENTRAL Dk
ft-CUVE BUREAU, Box 193. Topeka, Kits.
\IT AN TED, employment, by reliable young
ss man: six y s' mercanllls expuiience
Address W. TANARUS., this office.
W r ANTED, by an ambitious you ig man. a
position in a wholesale establishment;
can give the best of refei ence. Address BUBI
XE -S, cate of News office.
M 1 x ELL AN KO t; * wan ts.
* V ANTED, a good street wagon: must be
’’ cheap for cash. JNQ. E. DOWLING.
UT ANTED, ! otse of six r seven rooms, with
bath, between Gordon and Boitou, Dray
ion and Price. Ahdresa W. A. B SHOP, city.
\ ANTED, six or eight acres of land near the
ss city, suitable for * purs'y; land ou a
s iell road jr. I erred; good aecur.iy gl*cn for
Y7OENG COUPLE desire furnished flat
I facing south, centrally located, fur light
lousekecpiug. I LAI', Morning News.
1 47 ANTED, a second hand desk, with plenty
' ’ of room; sitting desk preferred. DA Via
1 proposals ar * invited for the erection of a
irick hot -1, 64x61 feet, at Lecsburu, Fla., for
I'lllson X Mote; also a bricx husin ss block,
10x110 feet f r E. H. Mote. Bid* Will be
ipened May 31 t, at noon, at E. H. MOTE'S
fore, ig-esbiig, Fla . where plans and sp c!(l
--;a) ions uan bese n. T i.e ow er* reserve the right
t reject any or all hi is: buildings to be com
mon edaas on as contracts ar let: 15percent.
t tin- amount of contract to be h 11 back until
wildings are couip eled, whsn contractors will
expecied to swe non i for one year as a
ruarsntce of go >d woik, suco as tight roof, etc.
\ddr ss E. 11. MOTE. Leesburg. Fla.
1 " j/ 1 1
r?OR UKNT, '>a*ant roo nn for g nflernen, in
I privat- family, furuiilicd or uofurnisiied,
liox 04, Bavtnuan,
C'OR RENT, a nratly fnrnia'' I aouth ball
I room: tjaili room on juunefloor; privatt
amily. 14 Abrrcorn arreet, routing squars.
[OJ GIN(i and furnished porona at reasonable
J pr ce. -44 .JeiTernon street*
Ft R . E as 'Wt M^u
•'outh Broad l ’
UOrsKS A<l> FQR ttJS'T.
- e-gi-4 - .. 3-. - - --
I,'OR RENT.tlrm and dwelling corner >PYicc
’ an J Hull ftreots. Apply wittun. Very gtibd
sian 1.
r pu KENT. on house ou West Broad street,
1 near Ah rr on; one dwelling, 6 rooms. c*n
all. mar i as; B osid; O’!# dirrfiiiijf o i Jeffer
-un stree* nesf ItSTls, sot two ousos near
in is w.urf. Apply tb'E A. FOLLI Aitil. Reul
Euta.e Agent.
IT'OR RENT, bouse In Cohen's block. Hall
I st net; possession given tn June; will sell
carpets aid iurt of the furuiture; a.l now.
Address box 33, Mornihg Nvn olliice.
ij'Oß RENT, warehouse on Rier stre-t, f*r
merly occuni* *1 by Art-isian Ico Cooipany.
Apply to F. G. BELL, Business Office, M ruing
Fl3lt SALK.
n'OKSEA- Wll arrive 20tb, heat lot Idgb
gr de Ham s.. Horses; elso extra fin
Su*idle Horses, 15 band* and hotter, average
i poo pounds; aso lot good Texas Improved
Ponies and .'.area J. F. GUiLiIAUTIN ACO ,
Cox * Lot.:.
Registered ijolstkin friesian bull
bred fro ii heavy inN--ers, and weighi in
fa. r Condition |,B t) pounds; 4 <in Old April
1 Ah. J l. UUiLMARUN &CO
i)SC. POUND Chocolate (reams and pure
*’ Sugar Candy. Tiy HEIDT’d Fine Con
fection* iiandxomeljr put up.
1/OH SALE, brick residence, oorner Gordon
an 1 Tattna.l ttre>-ts; modern improvements,
enrr age houso and servant*’ rooms; full lot,
with flower garden. ALFRED L HART IDOK.
OVER-TOCKJD wit i flneßbo> Brushea, and
11 r.ID T S offering them St low prices. Call
Sod see.
f LBT. last evening. In Park extension, near
Holton rtreet, a ch.l Is llver cup, inatked
A F W. to F. C. G ” The tin ier > ill b i bir
allv rewar e I by leaving same at this office.
■ "! ■ . '■ ■■ .
up WO IGI.LARB pays for one doren flneCsbi
-1 i.e Pii tog aplis, as uiauv for ciglit by tun
frame a- you wish, at the MAVANNAH FiIOTO
CO.'S, 14.i Broufhton atreet
Mountain bunhet house, werners
V1..1.E. PA. High on tue mouMAlo. A
oeilkhifiil piece for those *e> king rest an I
recreation Air eoinpared to Colorado. Per-
>nal i are an t attention to guests. Steam
i.eat. For circular, Umna, etc., address
r, (jkoscii.
I ; ll(l IT ' Eat I. NE.V YGItK It
1 1 hi wit ~ b •ardj summer rates. Refer by per
mission to Mr. Welch, MiMstli lieu*#, Thouiaa-
Ytiie, Ua
For Hoalthfiilness, Accessibility
Large Lots, Wide Streets, High Ground, Good Drainage, 2 Street Railways, 3 Parks
Adjacent, and in the Immediate Vicinity of the Best Improvements and Rapidly In
creasing Values.
Especial attention is called to the extraordinarily easy terms upon v:hich these lots are being
sold, thus making it possible for every one to own a home.
"TM3oTt>:;tl3o 3080130STSii '4oft fiOftj" soifiiptt) W30803'1305030303030 1030130 36 30 303 ii' 76
. ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft _ z .ft ft Ift ft ft ift ft ft It ft ft ft ft ft ft Ift ft ft ft ft ft ft _
- & . 2 F i 1 II I li
£ 123400 789 10 p till- 11 12113 14:15 10 1778 10 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 US 2930 31|J2 P
x'-' r uj o w i" 1 Ii I ' I ' ui
f— Jc mT u *< I Ui
C t— u 1 oc ! I I ob
22. Ot W D I-- ~ Si H*
w S; HOWARD '4 X 0) > * PLACE.
° | III! z ° II till i *-
ui : J ; j | j i 1 ! is : Z
% **64 88 6261Q0 5857 36 56 5 5 ** 5 2 -54 535251 5049 4847 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 SOAS' l? .3035.3438 H
i a !| t “ > a £ i M I M =
33 30130.30 30 30.30 30 30 .30 - ~30 .30 30|30 30 301,30 30130130.30 30 3<i 30.30 .30:30,30 30|,30|30 40 •
jft jft |ft jftlft It :f: ft jit ft. 40ft O j 6oft ft ft ii [ft ft It IT II ; ft; ft |ftftftj ft |ft ft; ft |ftltftj ft ft
THE TERMS:—A Cash Payment of ONLY TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS required on each lot, balanced
purchase money (whatever it he) will he divided Into sixty monthly payments.
Titles Absolutely Perfect. No Interest on Deferred Payments. No Charge for Papers.
A bond to make titles will be furnished to each purchaser, accompanied with the certificates of reputable at
torneys as to the correctness and entire safety of t lie title.
WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1889,
AT 4:80 IP. IVE.
C. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer.
81 i CONGRESS STREET.—Large furnlehed
/ ro 'ms, suited for young meßaud light
housekeeping; southern espoture.
\l7 AN I KI), A few hoarders at- 2)0 South Broad
TV streett cool room*, and convenient.
CUMMCR BOARD Sjieclal rate* male for
H talile board for the summer season, and
inea tickets at reduced rates at the HaRNETT
IJHOTOGIUFHY. Two ilullsr* and fifty
cenw lays for one dozen Cut>i .et Photo
graphs and one extra for Bxlo frame. J. N.
WILSON, gl_Bul. Street.
r t'U BUTCHERS On and after this date you
1 can get good fat cauls at Deptford planta
tion. eilner on foot or k.aiightaml. W. H.
r l''H 1C blooded mare was won a throw of 43 by
1 L. M cat many. J. P. BROWN.
WHY pay fancy prices wheo the finest Can
dies ate sold low at li T.ID t"S, Uougu as
aid U li i a<> r?
i) EC. POUND C’a np iorline Moth Dsatroyec.
m. t 1 For re.iabls goods at reasonable prices go
/ 'i.A Li APPLE CIDER, Riot B>er. improved
V Fpg Phasp ate and pure Fruit Juire
Syrups at HFIjIs.
\ RELIABLE Spring and Blood Voti<in-
HKIDTB Cotunound fluid Extract Sarin
p-r lla, Queen's Delight, Ye low Dock with
ledlda of Potash
| AC. Hair, Tooth, Nail, Shoe and "bisk
1 Vr Brushes, Chamois and Sponges, il IIDT'H,
/ AFT in the stilly night, sll wet with heavenly
* / dews, we b 'ur the feline fie t, down In the
rowws But. later In the day, beneath the aoiur
fjlme o long rdo they fray and iaw t e air;
iut make a rush for YONGE'S PALACE
PHARMACY and Indulge t emsclves lira law
of Pure Cold Soda, bot i refreshing and delight
IMMENSE liargalns In Crockery at CALLA
i HAN'S Cheap Crockery Btorc, South lln ad
and Barnard streets. Feather Dusters at half
O nab Market, every day.
I> r Th rough instruction lu banjo playing.
Inquire at Ludden & Date*.
IJFRBONAL.—Read carefully the prospectus
COMPANY, which will be left at your house
to day Du not tnrow it auide; itcontaina valu
able information.
CTUDKNTfI in shorthand snd lyiewrltcr*
yutraniesl positions at COMMERCIAL
INSTITUTE, naur Theater.
RUBBER HOSE at six cents per foot: Nozzles,
Sprinklers and Keels cheap, lap snd II roe
Sucets id new designs. NaIDEINOER & RA
ITS s essy as prose; you've only to try It.
You and hardly suppose it sss eaar a< prove,
hut you see how it goes, snd you canuot dtny
|t. It sas easy a< prose; vou'vc only to try It.
What* Why YONGE 8 ihire Cold So a. the
best in the ciiy. All the latest wrinkles In
syrupe. Call at the Palsce Phar.i.soy and
prove the truth of this.
CTUDENTS In short) and and lynawrlien,
i ’ guaranteed positions at COMMERCIAL
INSTITUTE, near Theater.
BEFORE you Buy or Mil property ronsmt
ROUT. H. TATEJt. Real Estate Dealer
and Auctioneer.
CITUDENTS in shorthand a'd lyiawrliers
n gi a auleed po>lt.oua at UOMMr.RUAL
INSTITUTE, hoar theater.
11/ALL J’APEK.—Are you going to paper
IT your fccu-ef If so. call at 110 Congress
llrect, get rsl.oiaie and semi from mi large
•lock of nsw pa is n< JOHN (J HUTI.EK
DIVORCE* A. GOODRICH, attorney at law.
IX4 Dearborn straat. Chicago; adrlce free;
tl years eiperieuos; business quietly and legally
let usacbed.
Ito Interest meant a sating of Irtw |l<Hl
le §230 on a 101, ami au f barge fur pap rt Is
anoiher taslng of fruie OKI lu g6U- Dorsrll's
sals tin Ibr 114 Is llte urily Intisiu e la Ibe nu
llify f real ealaie irsasaitlvu* were such
ienus hare beta elated.
(Tub WoitcBSTBiiMUM)
Imparts tlio most delicious taste and wt to
Of a LETTER from T’flj ..,, iv ■ r'v
TEE MAN lit Mid- M ,
raA* to his brother YTI
at WOUCEiJTIitt, J ft
May, lhil. /, HO 14 COLD
LEA ft PERRIN S’ nEA ' rS t
that their sauce Is Sr;' /nil
bi ;hly c teemed la pf LA.IIE,
India, and is In my ji . Gzl
opinion, the zno. t HA&. I,B*l
-as vrml Bjr.vjiiv !
t.H the most whote- MfHjMl BAKBUITSt
some sauce timt Is ki tv# i
nuca” <■ ffblF dtc.
Signature on every bottle of the gen nine & crlgl nsl
Dorsett’s Great Sale
AT 4:30 O’CLOCK.
Take City and Suburban and
Belt Line cars.
in irther partioulars to • advertigamont on
third page.
i in -in.-.. ..I
MKHI HANTS. manufacturer , uierchaulca.
oorporslions, and ah others in need of
pro lu g. Ulbugraidiib . snd i lank U* t van
ha*e tbelr orders protnpily filled at moderate
•';>* miiic*imi Nt-wa I'Uh'itAu
UthE. t VUuUaar aueot.
By Robt. H. Tatem, Auctioneer.
1 will soil at my Auction House, No. 170 Bay
itroet, TO-DAY at 11 o’clock,
received up to nour f xale,
2 3 LOTS
Of hm Pro;p3ctivc
Commercial Value.
C. H. DORSETT. Auctioneer,
Will sell on the premises, on FRIDAY, May
‘dilb, commencing at 4:10 o'clock.
Twenty three lots of >a'g • size, and well
located for suburban ho n tor for speculation.
T : e>e lots are outz.de of the city limits, and
thersfore are subject ouly to taxation y too
blate and county.
They are not fur from the B-It Lino of cars,
and can bs reached by tb Whitaker cars as
soon as that lino runs Ita cars to t iat s ction.
Tba payments are easy: Twenty-live dollars
cash and ten dolh rs per munt j, will) interest at
seven percent, per annum.
Carefully prepared bonds for til cs will be
furni-bed free of char e
SUMMER goods.
Gibbons' Block, hS Congress street.
& Ra'hmtyae,
Boiler Makers and lilarksn'.ths;
• uz-t'FzcTcazKs or-
\GRNTB for Alert and Union lujectonr, thr
s.mple.t auu moat iT-utive on lua inarkatj
LuEelt Uzbl Draft Maguona Colicn Ulu, Uu
best In llie ruarsel.
Ail oilers prourpUy atteadad to. Bend f
prise List.
'l’utullMV UFHi KRb I ucksand lllaahl
t required by eowary uflluers foi iba use or
the oouris, or fur olHt • ..w supplied to order bj
Ik MORMNU NlWs 1 KIAI.hU llDbut,!
WUttaAar street, bavanath,

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