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i Th’r MO R NINO NEWS. i
J Establuheand
j J. H. BSTILL,, President. i
the assembly atcha-.tanooga
A Lon? Debate Before the Vote Was
Reached—lt Stood 140 Ay*a to 30
Noes-The xocutlve > o nmittee of
Foreign Missions to Be Removed
From Baltimore to Nashville.
Chattanooga, Tenn., May 22 —The
South.-rn I’re-bytoriati at embly was called
to order at 9 o’clock this morning, Dr C.
Mallad submitted tho report of the stand
ing committee on foreign mis ions. The re
port says: “After hea ing ail the state
ments in the matter of the papers of com
plaint submitted to us, waiie fln ling noth
ing censurable in the official conduct
of our secretaries, and gratefully
recording our indebtedness to the
self-sacrificing, generous aid efficient
services of the entire committee, and
expressing no opinion whatever as to the
personal matters involved, ic is in the judg
ment of the committee, under all tho cir
cumsia cep the wii at policy to remove the
office of foreign missi ms from its p esent
1 cation in Haiti more; and we rec immend
that Nashville, Te.in., be elect and as toe
place." This was signed by eight of the
comniitte*. A minority re ort pr esti g
against this removal was presented by one
Dr. M. H. Houston, secretary of the
executive coinmitt e of foreig i m s ions,
a ose and eudereil hi- resic iatio i, which
was referred to tu st mding c mmilts*.
The report upon tie m utes of the
synoii of South Carolina, wine i was so
warmly discussed ye teidav, i called.
Eider James Ly ms of Virginia m >ve t that
the assembly i stead of approving tne
acti mof the South Car line synod 11 con
do liiug as unwise, irregu.ar and u co is i
tutional the acti > u o: t .o Chariest m pres
bytery in forbidding the public contending
against the decision of the Baltimore
assembly in tile Wo id row evoluti m cam,
should disapprove of the svu.id’s action
because of tie fact, as he alleged,
an examination of the full rec ris
of the presbvtery’e action s,o red
that the so-called interdict was no: intended
to limit either private judgment or the
constitutional right of proper di-cussiou.
In supp u t of his amendments M. L .ons
began reading criticisms of the assembly’s
decision in regard to Dr. VVoodpiw's case
which appears ui Dr. Woodrow’s paper.
Dr. Woodrow arose ami said if his pri
vate character iru thus to be discussed he
Wanted the protection of ttie as emoly, or
full opportunity to defend hi nself.
Tlie moderator deemr/d Dr. Lyons in
or ler.
Dr. Woodrow app-aled from this de
cision, bu as not sustained.
A recess was then Is :en.
At 2 o’clock Mr. Whaling continued his
rejoinder on the rep art of the uiinu es of
the South Carolina synod. He made a i
nblo and strong address in behaif of the
synod’ action.
Dr. J. L. Girardeau folio wo 1 in a re
joinder in be aif of the action of the
( harleston presbytery. “We did not mean,”
said he, “to forbid ail legiti mate co.ite.id
ing against the decision of the assem ly.
Moweea presbytery and o doavmel to
stop th mout i- of gaiasayers ag dust the
fold Tiis ruth of God was uttered by the
assembly wha i it declare! tha > tne scrip
ture e e not silent in regard lo the nature
of man's creation. Too oopo itiou say. th >
scriptures are sile it. We sav toat it is
an error. VVel.old that t ley are not silent.
We say that man’s bod}' was created out of
“Dr. Woodrow acknowledges in his ad
dress in 1833 th t the body of Eve was an
exception to the opera ion of t e law of
evolu in, and why not the body of Ada.ui
Ti.e scripture gives th# creati m of Ad un.
and no p inciple f evolution can bre k the
word of God. Ha Iwano, as go irdians of
the churcii, a right to pr ihibic the circula
tion of such docu i ie. Af.er all, this m it
ter comes to the old ques ion whether
we us a church are to co isider
the scriptures ns silent or no
in regard to to manner of the
creation. The general assi nbiy said not,
the Charts ton pre-b tery s id not, and I
hope this goneral assemb y will rhe
same. Will this asse ibly order out a file
ad shoot and wn this presbytery f>r being a
little over ze tlous in defending God’s teach
The question was ca iod upon the adoption
of Dr. Lyon,’ amendment, t at the ac i m
of die South Carolina synod in cm
demni g the action of the C arleston
pie byt-r for forbidding public con i.li g
against the dec. in of the Baltimore asse n
bivh- .isipp ovad. [Ye vo:e wa-a ino me *d
as 124 ayes aid 25 navs. A rec.su it was
demon led and resulted in ltd ayes and J 6
navs. Every <l!-gote fio u S .uth Car i
li'.a rxcept two from the Cnarlestou p es
bvtsry, v ted no. The final vote to adopt
the a 1.1- led substitute to di approve tne
aciinn ■ f t!ie Smith Carolina svn >d an 1 uo
ho and tlio ci l ->tori presbytery, resulted in
113 c.ves and 31 nays. Thus was in reality
tlie doctrine of evolution again snowed
foreign missions.
The report of tho s anding committee on
foreign unss.oii# reco n mending tho removal
of tlie txecu ive co mnittee of to eign mis
sions f, ni Biltlmore to Ni hvtlle w u di>
cu <d. A oti nto allow the presid nt,
•con.-tary ami assists it secretary of ttie
cw,lll ‘i tee tho privileges of the floor, ex
ceed opposition. It ie understood tha*. the
removal is recomme ulej liecause of per
•0"flI differences of long standing existing
be'we,-n these go tleinei;. Tins motion tailed,
ihu main question was divided. A motiou
to remove tho committee from Baltimore
'fas ui Tied bv a vote of I*l a> es to il nays,
i I).-f Iloiv i g plnc‘S were nominated for
the location of the com Hite'! Nasnvilie,
ill.. Knit in, Mi M ail C ittt am >ga. The
t” nit and: Fo•• Nashville. 79; fir C ittt
, 4-.; for Fulton, 11. Na.hviib) s o
livciared ilm p) c. selected for the head
quarters of fureig i mission work.
he southern P: esiiyterians t i-night held
a P pu nr meeting to discuss boms mis
sin s Rev. Tl. q aides ot Missouri,
' ” man f .hoc muni tes o.i homo mis
■•ons, conducted t emoeting. lie road art
1 ’h" n ual report of his ennmitee
••• r -ir.g to tiio res,ills whh h ha i been
“ iii|ili-Uesl durt ig ill, lad yesr in its ID a
'‘tin e u o.* work. Ah mi ir s. was
■ ' iivi.rod liv Her. It. N. Craig, secretary of
ti.e i ouie ini.-io i b. ad.
rifti en iniiiis npeemiH* mi Inm • mission
•’ r* > ero i mill bv Rev., J D. Wes of
AMi.a„,n i u ft .m, j,,, j,T. Aii.o
N ' *rtii i a roll u, mid r, H p ,bhs if
' "as lUv. i I ir.e I,doo ) . ose on th
an c.ai Wu , || % iioug Hie o dors i (ie , jple.
The i xsr to Vmt f in j i
I. VPon, 3j,_Tl|d r.-n t is con
“ 'atth c* ris §bo it lo pay a nro
.. *'* 'o Pol uni A die; at ii from
, u . r * Ul a-ya ihat t e preuai aUou.
,w J 'Ufney have Ueou i.efiiti.
The Morning News.
Tho Report on Fraternal Co-Opsratlon
Ordered Printed.
New York, May 23.—The fifth day’s
deliberations ot the General Assembly of
tha Presbyterian church began this morn
ing. After the cu tomary prayer and ex
hortation, and the appr >val of yesterday’s
minutes, the report of the commutes of
con ereuce on fraternal oo- iperati m in
Christian work wai submitted by
Joseph TANARUS, Bmith, who sail that
the action of cue souther i assembly
placed this general assembl . u ider
no • biigations, and left the n free to take
whatever action thev pleased. It was
agreed to have thii and the nioorit re
port p esented by Ju Ige Brecxinridgo,
which held tnat netning l<s tnan o game
union i et wen both ch.irch s would prove
satisfact ry, p tmed and distributed among
t:ie delegates, and that action on them be
takeu to-morrow.
Quite ati impo taut, question here came
up for d.scussion. Dr. C.iar.es L. Tbomp
s in, chairman or the committee on bills a id
over ures, intr duced t e matter of differ
ences existing bot in the com mttve and
t.s a semblv on the revisim of the con
fession of faith. Overtures from fifteen
presi yterte* bad been received a ki g for
revision. The rec >m ie idation of tie
ennmi tee was that each of these rtf ee i
p a bytertes be wntteu iO and asked these
“Do you r quire a revision ot the confes
sion o: faith!”
“If so, in what respect and to what ex
It was moved and seconded that this
ec mimendation be a iopted.
Dr. Crosby thought the course r com
ma oded by the co mint ee was a wise one.
Ibe ques ion nad now ussume I -u h pro
portio s that thev could t o alt ird to dally
with it, or th y img ,t be accused of cow
ardice. While i) . Crosby was s peak in he
was in e rupted by the ord rof the day,
and a motion toat for'.her consi ie. a in of
the resoiution be put down for Friday
morning next mi carried.
The matter of adopting clause 4 of the
recommendations of tne special co ; mittee
ut mi sions among tne fre dinun ciine up
f t discussion as soon as trie af .er loon ses
sio i ope el. Tuts clause a>ks for an ex
pres-ion of coufldLsnco in the committee an i
iid rss ent of the anner in w.iich it iar
rie i out the work intrusted t > it.
Dr. T. S Hamlin of o' shington opposed
this ou the F. l lav list oi tie gr mnd tha:
the special committee refused o bear i.i
formati ,n ling their work volu i
tee.ed by the Was ling on p esb. tery. In
stead of h i ora dy disc a gng the co
- tee as clau-e 4 of their rec mne illa
tions also called fir, he moved a s ios itute
to the etfict that he s|iecial , om nittee be
retained in idflce for another \ear.
and that it liste 1 to tho infor nati in
in the posses ion ? the Washing on presby
tery. He thought this was not asking to
Gm. J. W. Foste- of Washington also
u go 1 enntin la ice of the special co mittee
so that they might hear wnat tne Washing
tou presbytery had to say.
Rev. Dr. Dickey, chairman of tne com
raitte ■, tended. He said that the las:
speaker compared the r suit of the wo. k
done i,y the freed ne .'s bna. and to
those of the hoo a missions board to
the detriment of the f retd man's b ard. Tha
com pari-on was tOialiy uu air, beet si the
fre and uen’s boa and la mred und.-r difficulties
Chat were unk lown in the hum mission
board. If tne asssmbly adopted Dr. Ha u
iin’s substi ute ,iiey wnui 1 be expressing
want of c >nfl ience in t e cn mni tee, w.de
they would aso vote t > continue, aid he
beseeched them not toaccep- tne subs’ ituto.
At 4 o’cl >ek the m ilerat jr uske i w .ether
the asse übl■’ wml i exte id tie limn on the
discuss.on. [ rie. of “Qu-sti n.’]
Dr. tdarn.i i’s -übstitute was uu, aid re
ce ved about 2)ayes, w ilethe e wore uea ly
500 nsyi. Si tne suostitute was log . Too
r por of the special committee as n whole
*vnn the t ad ,pt ‘d without and ssent. Dr.
Dickey r eeivsd cmrstu a to.,s upoa his
aule dafenie ,f t e c nn.in t^e.
The Wrangle begun at Greenville, S.
C , Still In Progress.
Charleston, S. C., May 2i.—The war
between the Baptist a id Math .dist colored
met uen, which o, igi iated in Geeu id:
during he meeting of t ie state convention,
promises to become very savage. Rev.
Dart l the Morris street, Baptist c.i rch i
this city, wno was denou ics i in the ■ ircu
lar is.ued by tiis Gree ivilie Methodists, i<
out in a card in which e intimates t :at the
pastor of .he Gree ivil e church is tryi ; to
viliify hi.n, because, perh ips, bis f ill iwers
*re peuing their eves t • the truth. He
continues: “Tne principles aid the
spirit of tbs Baptist churcu are taking
a hold upon them, a,d ii order
to kep the u from slippi g out an i
desnrtiug the camp a great hue and cry
must be raised aga nst the p eacuer- of tlie
divi e truth. But tni* form of fallacy is
well kn wn, lulu t e great resource of
those who nave to support a waa cisn or
no case at all. A- in the legal proßs io.i
sometimes one lawyer advise-a iotas , say
ing: ‘Noca e, abuss the plaintiff's attorney,’
so mi listers ot tb < gospel -ometiniea advise
others to stand and abuse 11 ir brethren
wuen they advocate the truth.”
Both Terribly Wound and and One of
1 hem - ay Die.
Pittsburg. Pa.. May 23.— A Hunting
ton, W. Va., special says: “Miss Ru.'k r
ad Miss Lh.tifs Kyio, two young wo neo,
engage 1 in a bloody battle with kuiv a
Suod.iy night, and after a desperate on
coun er nies Kyi • fell to the gruu .and ex
hausted. Both girls we e 'erribiy wou ded,
and Miss ICyle miu ad mgs oui conditio .
Mis- Rucaer was a rested, b it w s released
oy J isli. e B wen, vh > decided tn it it was
a case of stlf-defe.iso. lue trouble was
about a you ig nan.*
Mayor Grant’s Appotntees.
New York, lav 22.—Precisely at noon
to-day, Mu or G ant urn ie an annou ice
ment of his app untiuents as follows: Police
cjmrnislio ier, Jamvs J Ma tin; o unmis
si mer of cb irities ad c irrections, E iward
Sheehy; 3 rporat on counssl, iV.iliin H.
Clark; .ock cin niss o .er, Sa-gtais
Cram; ,k).ice justices. Cuirlss N Psl iter,
El aard Hogan aii Hu. Jim Cucjraas.
hhon Manuiacturere fail.
Boston. M’*v 32 —Bro ik§ <C >\ el e, boot
aud s• mallufaci i era. at >'• eto ru, with
mi tllce at lOi li'sdf >r I street. Bust m, hav*
failed, Tueir lltbiUtiM :* ismn I at
l- 01), ami iheir n> nintl Mat* at |J I,OW.
bu Id .11, Il is ta •*!, <!• b.asu I log H i
large a bu ine>* for us capita , ahich is
15 ,i maj, idle i • irac.saet.o .s aggie k ated
*4. 0, 01 ,ral 1
Pr st la UuiniMotA.
Minnbap >U*. -2 -A ounber of
tow .si.ios .ua' and sousher i •liiueeots
i*p-. t a a 1 fro*t t si* iurtil-, doing
Souie damage to vg*Utwu.
h:s body pound in thj manhole
Death Evidently Produced By Blows
on the Heal With an Ax-A Tows!
Around the Head and a ‘ athollc
Emblem Suspended From the Neck
the Only -Articles on tho Body—Theo
ries of the Poli9e.
Chicago, May 32. —The doad body of
Dr. P. H. Cronin, who strangely disap
peared from his home recently. ws t< u.id
tms eve ing soma distance north of the c.ty
in a sewer on Evanston avenue. A bloody
towai was wrapped about the head. The
rest of tus body &* stark nased. A
Catholic smb.sin which tiis doctor always
wore next to his skin, suspended a out his
neck, was untoucuad. On tha daad man’s
head were a dozen deep cues wnc i had
severed tha scalp and indented the skull. It
is tha opinion of the police that Dr.
Cronin was foully murdered, and
by soma man who could not bri g
himself to disturb tha Catholic tiiuk ts.
Muc i exci ament wa< shown ; detective
Headquarters w.ie i the and mbc as t > the
identity of the b idy was fl ady removed.
Ic was ev da t frjm the exurvssious of tha
officials tnat o ie of tne first o j cts of the
p lioa will i.e to have a number of sus
picious asser ions erplai led, assn tious
uisiir by supp ss-l friends if D . Cronin.
Lieut. Elliott will nave the so people at the
l. .quest nd demand an expUn.t im, fill
and enmpiete. Lieu'. Glliott aid: “The
vletec ives claim t iat they nave bee i handi
capped tr/in tne start by lack of a-si ta ice
from those who elai nei to kn •- all c n
cerning the doctor's di -appearanc .”
Lieut. E iott said snoil after tne finding
of the bo.ly: “I will ave tn.s information
now, or there will lie a number of promi
nent arrests."
Wholly accidental circumstances brought
ths c -rp.e to lignt. Agaig of lab >rers in
t,e e npl >y of Ltkevie.v, a su urban go' -
ernme t. liave been clea i ig dice .es along
Evaust m live ue uu i g t ew k T ,-day
Foreman R osch and two men wore wo k
mg o tue --as si ie of Evanston ave nun to
wards Fifty-ninth street As thev neand
tne catch basin at the c rne they not.ced
a s rung smell of putrlfyi.ig flesh, a.ui
R resell pied off the top of to
catch basin and nnc ivsr tl the body
of Dr. Cronin. It bud apparently
been hastily pitc ;e ! into the bas. , o ti.e
uead was underneath nd th • t -et and leg.
ere up in ttie opening. The pl ica wer
tho corpse was iscove ed is aoout RlO
yards fr-.m the Aryyle Parx sationof the
CuicagO aid Evaiston bnu-h oft, e
C icago, MilWiuk and St. Fu! railroad
It is Put two or three blocks
iron the lake and uearly a mil
north f om thr or er of Bu z-r street and
Eviiucon avenue where tne my-terious
olood-staiuod trunk, einp'y, wn* lound ou
tne day after Dr. Cronin’s d.sappeara c.
There are four c .:cti ba ins at t.,e
ti u-of ho -treet, ami iho body was In he
one o . tne southeast corner. It seems
iltogo’her rom irkabi * that it was not sooner
discover and, for tlie Lakevio v pol ce s.artei
out t soarch ail the case . ba ins in the big
suburb a week after the trunk was found.
Itnme uawl upon t king the oo iy out of
the bail Fore na i Riesoi notified the
Lakevivw police statio i * . 1 sumui ia i a
patrol wagon. The body wa< etretened out
m tue Laksview m igue, whicii occupies
front room in tue base ent un ter the ste
tion. Teluptio e m i-sajes were sent o the
ci v police, and man uou after toe finding
of the Body a dozen of Dr.
Cronin’s friends were a the stnti m
The three Sea 110 brothers, who hav •
been in i uate with Dr. Cronin w ere among
Uie first who arrived, i'hey all but posi
tively identified tne bod as that of Croat
up-in first sight. Late it was uiiq lalifted y
lueititied hr T. TANARUS, Coiikiin, it I iiakeeper
-vi n wi.om D . Cronin liv and, a id by Janies
Boland an l Patrick McCart y. Du i g
tne eve.nng Dr. J. R B a idt,
liresideut of the Cook county boipitai
staff. who was an tcquiiuaio
of Dr. Cronin’s,.carefully examined the
bodv and positively ideniifi id it a. tnat f
the missiu t man. Dr. Brandt’s exAunaa
iin s owed that upo i the no i were the
foli vingcur.sandbri.se : Over the let
t mple, a cut four inches long, through the
s alp ail iit i the skull; over tie left
a ii-tal ac it one and a haif inches 1 n ,
wmch ai-o marks i the skull; als i
a cut ne and a half iuo.ie
long over ths frontal bin- a
tne junction of the left parietal; a cut
tares inche long.
Amo ig ma iy t isrs, a de ltls: wh i la<t
worked m Dr. Cronin’s testa rcaon -d tn •
stati n 1 ite m the eve ing and positively
identified the bodv. a* did a inaa wno for
year has be n Crania’s tailor.
A great nub ub was caused in ti.e s.itmrb
by the finding ft.. coipse Snortiy
fter the body had been r
m ved to tlie p dice station
the street in front was ja amid with
vehicles i-id sc 're-of peop.o wo e crow ling
for admission to the basement, wnere lay
tne doc .r’s reinai s. Offl ters were s'a
tioned on !b stairway and -it the bas one t
door, a ,and 'ere o ce or twi -j oblige I to use
their clubs 1 1 f TCing tne crowds b ick. Tne
turn fit coil i urd fa • lot • tne nig t. Lug
before uiidnig .t at least forty m*n wh i had
know i Dr. Cronin had identified .he body
The po,ice will keep t.ebdy a ,and towel
at Lnlk view until the gorouor orders
o.her ise.
VVoodruff or Black, who after the arrest
a f rtnigtit ago, conf j-cJ to having beli-e I
carry off the trunk containing tlie corpse,
tbit of a woman, tie claim and. ifi ui
a barn In tije ci y on the uig.it t |
Dr. Cronin's disuppearanos, i its • I
terviewed to-night in j Ail. He m tnifwste 1 i
no surprise or disc > ..p - ire naen to. i j
that the body of Dr. Cromu had be. n ;
found north of where t.e tru ik was dis
cove ed. But whiie he ap are itlv talked
freely about : h mutter, Is -• m id careful
not to go u si ie t Uie st ry ui i.ad orig.-
naily told. He repeate lly sud t at if tie !
had not been lock'd up in jail, he c iu! I ai. ii
would na ec.eiredup the tru fit mystery j
before this tune.
An Kmpress shaken Up.
Berlin, M*y ll —A trot i c m ->y ng ’.he
r.ru rest -f Austrl i fro n Wivshad 11 t>
Vienna, met w itnau anciie itto-ls . A'hi e
th ■ tram was net ig tnu it '1 at Frank! ut,
tni .as: car ifl there li ad this- if tem
wert up>L ih *lllO aid ier suite
won *hakn up, blf nob 1" wa mj ,r "I b .1
a fiOtmao. T e '.rail wis ii.ayej ai ;
a Uraod ouse neo l.ad.
Kt. Petersb .a s May 2J. —lt is stated
tnat a spt-.ai ..esstuge fruui the czar . as
rveadei ti-a liam-lie <3 l ail’d Dm Con
.tau'i it, aid that lit ti.i i>a rel .s-at and in
bis tormtr c . ninaiid in t:.e aty.
A Naw Bl ction Ordarud.
Pari*. May 24.-- .iuo* e. bs.iot has *en
oriarai t Ciartiton, wh re '>• i Bi t
laugvr w is defeat*! for the usuaiuipoi ooviu
cß by omy two votea
Ha Stick* to His dtatemenu About
toa League.
London, May 23.—fiVlIlia n O'Brien con
tinued tiis testimony before the Parnell
commi-eion to-day. He d.-nied that be had
ever published in United Ireland articles
inciting to outrage. The ltagi*. he sail,
was fou ido l c icily to opn e secret .an i
lord c uubl a.ions. Landlords had formed
n com 1 i m i hi, naving a nominal capital
of A'ridO.OOO for the pm pone of carrying
ou; u. ici.io.is by w nolesale, a ,and r.pDcmg
evicto-i enaiiw w.t i coloni s of te ,ants
Ir -m .'tiler count ios. He had . eaaa mem
ber of the com. nittee of ttie league i id its
o gan,ii i.n. Tne wi ness.iud otsrhe rd
a suggestion to encourage outrage. Several
brandies f the leag ie na 1 oeen supuressed
ii consequo ice of strong lang mge use tat
tne niaeti g* aim the exces ive boycotting
to which ihey ies >r ed.
The witue s attvnfi.ed the convention In
Americitn 1886. He had no co nectio i
with dynanu ers w ilo t.iere. The Imlk of
t uise -ho aiteifled tne convention were
mou of toe highlit stanui g. Tue witue s
saw Pat, ick Ford at the convention. He
apoear and to bo sorry for the attitude .e had
previously tai-e.i. ilie oio-i eu. inui u
of Mr. O’Br e.i vascouduotei by Attorney
G moral Webster. The wi.ness s .nl he
c uld not produce any reco and of tne league
supp.eeiiug branches or prole ting
against boye • ting. He did not
coo-ider boycotting unoonstitutional.
It was simply t e Irish for blackballing,
iia dro -ads iac ion l>et veea criminality
ad illegality. “ Tha Irish," he said.“have an
o truest, healthy rep itaiiou for criminali y.
As to illegality, m ‘aui ig irrestrictio i from
the law—as law. Illegality is bi\-d in us.”
This renin, k caused lau .ntcr.
In answer fo fur her question by the
att r iev general, M O’Brien said it wa
impose, ble to w hat is legal and what ts
illega. i:i Ireland. Anything that tw
resident mngistratai say Is la , h league
cer ainli to ded to lessen outrages, ut no
league or human power could preve i
cine in such a crisis as tnat
of 1879. He had never advised the people
to a list the government in the d* ection of
crime, because that would b accepting a
responsibility that the leagus wnoily repu
diated. Tue United Ireland had never
denounced secret soc eties. 1 o league had
warned . ineteen-twoutie hs of t-t people
tu Ireiuid from such s icietus.
Mi. Parnell will visit Edinburgh o
July 1, w. en he will receive tue freedom of
the cry.
Mrs Gla Ist ne was to-day pre ented by
the Woman’s Litiaiai Federation witn a
diamond bro ish ontai imn a nv nature of
Mr. Gladstone from Mi ler s portrait.
Mr. Parnell an 1 a large nu über of mem
bers of tbs Hou-e oi t.o mums ware pres
enr. Mr. Pa no I spoks of th* happy change
off e ing bet wee i England ad Irela id,
id aanl mat the Iriah pa ty accep.ed M
Gln isto'.) ’s plat'or i witiiout ul erior ob
j cts. Tlmplaif rin, lie sail, would ena In
t.iein ti liui.d up Ii via iliua nation with
out dang *r to tue em i rv..
London, May 33. 3a. m. —Th a Standard
save that the fiiarq r> of Londondarr -■ is no
ti-po;-d to conti ius in us oifioe a ohe
vear as Lord S c '*iary of Irelaa I, and tua
e wi ibs pi ice 1 o the cmimis-io i o
Lord* justices until the 1 icti bit. hai >e*n
ass il I is tio.iave I that the pos, of Lord
Llvutent ha* been offered by tua Duke of
The t ries are arraigiug for ase ios of
polit-cal speeches during the Whitsuntide
rtce-s of parliament. The sneakers wifi
foil -w the route to bs taken by Mr. Glad
Dublin, May 33.—The work of evicting
tenant* on the Luggacirran estites f the
Marquis of Lausdowne will be begun Tues
day next.
A f-evdw of Troon* and Other Evl-
Uaiicsa of Fr.a.idshlp.
Berlin, May 2i.—There was a parade of
the Berlin and Spandau garrisons t >-day ii
hono ■of King Humbert. Tne troops were
reviewed by Emperor William aid the
This afternoon King Humbert and the
P ioca of Naplei visited Prince Bis narck.
At luncheon in th s palace toe emperor ro
os ai a tows to King Humbert. H toanke l
toe kiog for the marit if frie idship shown
by his isit to Benin, ad sud t at the
too be had jus reviewed wars also grat
fil n dprouioftbs ..onur to t en. In
concluding th* euiper >r said: “I drink to
t e kt g an i qua ui of Italv, to thvir brave
troops, and lo the unalterable friendship
b twee i Genua iy an t I aly."
K og Hu nbert leciured that oi* Jnurnev
to Berlin w- a grateful duty. ,he unity
of Ge ona iy a nl Ita y formed a pledge of
Eir-psau peace. “Ur aruiia*,” he con
cm i• i, "know how 11 fultld tn* gmt task.
I drink to ths hsalth of the e npa or, e ii
p ess anil fanul . to the giorin i-German
uiunv and tit e prosperity of Girmany.”
A-tite oanqurt of a military character
wn given this veiling The c-nversation
■as ani nate.l, and tue mouarcbi were in
excellent spirits.
Ibe Question Not Brought Up la the
- onlere: ce Yesterday.
Berlin, May 22.—The conference on the
Samoa . questi >u met again to-day. The
-e.sioi ia-usi from 3 o’c ock until 4:30
u' 1 c*. The speci J onrretpondant of the
Associated P ess learns this availing tha-
CJiitrary o eapectatioi there was no diili
co y .c lun erai during t e dalinsratious
of t..w eonfj eici at i- ss••lon* to- lay. Tue
question and me i > lemaity to • paiJ by
sa ,iOai.i f>' tne ki ll g if the (ier a.is a
Apia -r the na.ivss was uot br ug it up,
bu was left tn tn* working e irumlttise.
This action 1 ak nas an in licati m tnat
th q iei'.io icm lie solved he -*. Tie lies t
se si in of th* co if' nice will be lie.d next
week. ih final sijju.nmeat may occur
Tub Amsr can del gate* to the oonfe -
en as ■ • i lto itto -1 a court
one Friday i igli’ Toey wit ie***! th*
mlluary ruvi# v t-. die
Th* Nw Minister Mat by a Special
lender Gay With Plage.
Liverpool. May l! Upon tu# *rrivi
oi tue • et.ur City of Paris tn the Merwy
this afternoon a spcial ta.uier ilenorated
with it igs put out ti be vessel for 1 1 pur
pme of c iiveymg R itiart f. I,lnc fin, ih
new Aoiti can n i tswr, aahor*. Anwuig
t. • -in la is .-ier wh i we it v- meet Ur
Liuc w*r He r Vnifl er sttry
1 4 t.n Amr ca i i*f ado . at L-iodmijMr
Husadi, AmeriiiOß e su at Uve put. ao<J
liii a< uteri Uh ojrpirsti hi of tuit cuy
lb may ir nt'. M , Limsl iat ta ia dt ig
a i wsleiaa-d b.m Ut th* Itf. Mr. Lu-
OJiu *,i*ilt no Ii n* la L vet pul, but pro
tua** iMiuscdiatal/f tr Lvodoik
Boodlsism at tho Bottom of the Bar
barous Practices i hat Have Been
th* Rule There lor Yoars-No Repu
table Practitioner Allowed to Stay
in the Institution.
Chicago, Muv 33.—1n tha inquiry as to
the siate of affairs nt the C >ok County In
sn * Asylum to-aty, Dr. Clevenger, for
merly a me liber of the me lical s aff th"re,
t-Rfifled that it was impossible for a reputa
ble practitioner or att mdant to s hv there.
The mo.t di-re.m able ones were thi ones to
stay, bee use t.my devoted more lime to
intr gue. The disreputable ones practiced a
system of elimination of the butter elom mt
by either physical violence or other ra.-ans.
“In 1856,” said ha, “physicians who secu ed
b. hlios at ths asym.n for dissection told me
ths bodies were so covered with vermin
that th*/ htd to be sc >rch *d before bei ig
put on the dissnotio i table. Once i
1555 I hoar I screams of pu , ami
running from my offl-e, found two
a tend .uts standing over a patie,,t unnied
Hertzbcig, who was bleeding profusely. I
knew ih -i e was no ti* in making ny
complai t.n* the attend mts were suppirte 1
bv John Cuiniimig.’ inti miioion the ooumy
board. Boon after they io i-lled aid re
fus'd to obey my orders. They secret-d
b Kiies on w. .ion 1 d* red to o;d po-t
mortem examinations ad I could .ot gut
them for three days after they were
“I published a * ateraeut aid t: follo
wi: g nighi. 0.. e of the attendants called m > a
vi e name, and a Is v mo uern* Ut r i shot
was fl ed do n itairs. Ih • bullet c ashed
thr ugh the fl >or and lodged m.o my bo -k
--ca -e.”
B io i after this ths and ictor r'llgned.
“What t th* matter with the institution'”
was asue i.
“It is under the influence of boodlaism.
It is ii a btd piece on uns lubnous gr ,uu i.
T ere sno id be new bud is g 4 for in ie ai
well ei female patients. No building s mul l
have m ra t an SM) patu-nts, b case it is
i npo-sibla for one man to ovenee more.
Then the county board should b k o/ei out,
and the asylum put in ta* tiands of a state
commis io
ih* and ictor told how boodlsism had pre
vented inve-tigatio is.
Philadelphia, May 23. —ln com diance
wit i a inquest from Pivsud ut I.aiiglilm o,
tlie board of c anties aid correct on,
Geo ge W. Sv mmiii, a reporter or the
Pniladelpbia Inquirer, who secured *d
ininsiou to the msa e departuunt of the
Puiiadelii ia h spital (t cou ty atm--
houss), and afterw-rls r eu ■ the i si
tution, to-day apfisar.-d bef re Msg strata
- m 11 1 an: mate ai afiiii it cliargi ig
Kee sTi Joseph Marshall, Jo ep i Devon
aid Joseph Will la qs in elt.i as a lit and
bat ery upon numerous pane its of the lu
-tituti hi. Waria ta weri at oici iBSi.l
fo tue arrest of the three kee isrs. 1' e
h aring has lieon fixed tor Tuaediynex,
when it is expected that sun • interesting
revelations will be nail. Tin pr e utio.i
is in tue hands f tne district attorney.
BymonUs w ill appear simply as a witness.
They Feel that They are Being Un
justly ranted by the Uovernm ent.
Chicago, May 33.—A special from .Stand
ing Rock, Dak., says: “alio India is hurt)
held a hi; c muc.l Bun lav, aid all agreod
not to sign the tie ty unless paid |ll,< OJ,DOi)
for their land They feel hurt at tiio way
the government, is t oui gtie nin regard
to the t ea ie* of 1867 aid 1876, an l t.iey
re really getti g no mure m v tnan
tnose Death's calle I for. itlo liill gives
Red Clrnd #28,000 for hors s ta -en from
him by teg ivern u it in 1070, a id as tho
S adding R > k India s I I tnrea hors sto
thoir one aid could get nothing fort e n
them t.iey ai # greatly Incens cl. T n com
mlssion Will gi to tho Rd Cloud and
Spotted Tail agencies liit, w ilo tne
Indian- are in g od humor o-er Re 1 Cloud
obtaining a large sum of money, anil it i
prob bio tnat over t nei-f mi ths of the
tribe'* men th re will sig i.”
A Republican /'armor to Bucceed
• Thomas Ryan of Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., May 23 A sp.-oial elec
tion su he 1 yestor 1-y Ti tue F rnrtli oou
gresAional di-trict to elect a success r to
Hon. Thomas R.an, who wai recently ap
point* 1 minister to Mexico. Gen. Harris m
Kelly, the republican nominee, who is a
ariner, wg elected wtn ut opposition,
there bei g no other ca idi .ate.
Centralis, 111., May 23.—. he returns
so far received ir m Vestorda '* c mgrus
sional cd-ctio.i in the Ninstem li dist ic. i i
dicate ;ne election of J. R. iVilli i m, tho
democratic Candida , ove T. B. Ri ige
wsy, the republ.ca i. fee ec ion wis to
fill tue vacuacy cuiise 1 by the death of
Congreisrr.an Townsh nd,
Five Hundred Dollars Taken from a
l rowned Aea Cautaln’s Pocksts.
Wellfleet, Mash., May 23. —. he lioly
rs oitei ca t a*n re at Gargalhy I dot,
Vs., and afterward robbed of a co tider
abie ufn of money, wa probibly that of
Capt. Henry P. Smith of thi* place,
wno sailed from Hampton Ronds
April 4 in com uaod of tit sen Amur
Alary A. Btuohs with oysters for eastern
ports. Tha sc loouer vns ,\st seen off Onm
cotengue iiy ju*t brforo the g o of April
0, and no u übt foundered with all Oo
b .ard. Capt. 8 tilth nas 35 voari id ! and
wrs supn *9-1 to ha e from 3k) to f’ttj) i
Ins p -session. Names un phot g aphs
found on bi pers 11 c>. re-[i nlto th •. of
Ids wife and wife's m-tor, B >:h pictures he
carried in is pocket book,
Great Damaga Dona to Vngetablo and
Cotton Crops
Norfolk. Va., May 33. V -vure hail
and ■* led storm yesterday and and preal damage
to crop* In tu* * out mrn sections of S <utb
amto . and i*l of Wlgnt cou .tie*, along
the liu* of the Seaboard and Roanoke ran
road. Tha main da nag* to B/Ut iimnton
uou ny was do atoy iu ig ottm pi* U. In
th* -o tbr i part of Sort dk county on
si ierauie damage was done to vegetable
Boat with I7S Man.
Halifax N. M.. My 3i.—Advioas from
Kt Parr*. M q leioa. s am Mist tw i fl-ldng
vestals, the Hi.a nd Quatre Fieies wiucu
•it Ira*-'* *<ota tt ••* go for t # Me-*
fou.ullafid fl hriise with 17> me i o , \,
h v* b ea lust and toat as! hai*di b* e
iJ uotise* Usu drowusd
A Fall River Mill ompaay to Give the
. clieoio a * rial.
Pall Rivkk, Mass, Ma* 2J.— She an*
! nouuoameut as ma la this morning z \t
1 the d.rectors t>f tha Boir.ie mill > corp >.• a
tion hasdo.'id * 1 to adopt tho plan of proii
fcha in* wi.ta the operative*. The arrange
! ent is anuoanoei in tne following cir
-1 ra ar
I To the Overseen and y\* f the Bourne
| .Ul .1
It *;lves me t!io utm st pl'asuro to announce
I to you that the tnvsi-l nt m. l onr\t of ilinci >r
, of tins coivorau u Uttv ♦ ttuluorut) I mo to otTor
| you a snare in tts orotl :* fur Si.n ukmUir, can
| m.u.ei -{ Jn j, 18M0, to Janimrv. is i
' J''ia ii have n.it v.• l b,"vi I u,-r.nl,. il, hut it i
| pro.kim',t that every man. women ami chil l
continuin' in our employ for t a above time
until receive s.i.uo share of the profits, to be
pa .I in c.iih on Keb. 1, .Bjt), in proper ion to
the " e?,-s e ililt'd fur the whole six in n Im, and
the ictai a uount of dividend a ta 1 not tm I as
t han ti per cent of the cis i divld -nds declared
an I paid to stock leidart lu I u- l i same lime.
I’.ie my coaclilioti required to salinpae ih
ta ab ive on your par. will be fultatni ad con
tinuous service, except when excised oa itc
c nine of si Kin as or any suttic,e it re is m. Tue
expec anon 1-, Pat y u iII fel and laae an
i te. a in tne mccess ail prosporny w noli,
by tins plan, you "ill snare wile the stock
holder*. I'fus. mg t at oil and a.I vvld approve
tills yeeerou. a lion and heartily emleai or to
co operate t o make the experiment u suOOJts.
I am, Muceroly yours,
liKoifos A. Ciuce. Treasurer.
Tbit is anew uparture m the F II River
mill ma age . out, nml the re mt will ti
watened i h in;en st by o her o irp rations.
Tea lepti .n of the plan is tna nly due to
Ho i. Joanathaii Bourne of New Bed lord,
the largest stockholder, who has already
beo 1 distinguished fur many privileges and
ucts of gener sty.
JO.jlbi'i’3 OdAb MlNEtid,
Work Susponctod li the District Ow-
Inar to Wuge D.il'era.io a.
Joliet, 111... May 23.—Tho coal miners
Of the Twelfth district of the Nitional
I’rog essivo U.do > mit nt convonilon b re
yesterday. Thu operators were invite I to
tho meeting, but refit. Ito attend. Work
is suspended 1 i the district, owing t > tls <
pripose i red notion In wages if ID vies per
t n Th • miner, off tt > accept are Auction
of 2 ; - a pants per tm, which would ui ke
w gos ?7’ i cents, ilt - b is* u ipu which the
O oo am Feu sylvauia miners have settled,
idle ipera or> claim that they cauno
compete with machine mine 1 coal
at that rate. Ret ilutions were adopted
at a laio hour In t ugh otlori ig us uoiuit
tsarb.ua im, if the propm, lu to an pi
2‘4 tie its reduc ion too i.tl not aval ,autl uf
li .ui e ltd p irpose t > light ts a finis i if
nrbitra.iou is rejocte i by tne operators.
Tuey cab up >n t,e locomotivee glneer.s and
drein uto refuse to ail csi Iron mines
worked under lower price-, a i l up in nil o -
ga iz 'd nils ir to ref me to handle coal ship
ped from noh plac-s.
Word h s Iso vi tec ive I hero fro n li aid
wood tuat llio miner at. t iat place nr--
•ar.iili -g tho slice.a "till ar f, th,eate.iing
o burn toe mines and snoot all who _t> to
wo k under the pr.c -. Tne sue iIT left hire
for Bra,d wood with a posse at u sou.
BERLIN, slay 32. —1 i c mmq ictice of the
ou-a c p a ci Li/ the os n-rs >f the -tnk
era' te inn, the Gelse.ik rch u mi ier< met
to-ila / a.d resolved to c mtiuue t e striae.
Anajii.y of the strikers at D ii'tui iud
ave resume 1 work. D unity ii toner i
trying t s arrange a siutln meat with the
mu is ill out.
Th; K.eischers spin ers at Raicdenbach
are oh st, ike.
strikes tv BELGIUM.
Bbcssei.s, May 23. —8 srious strikes arts
reported la onny partsof Belgium. At
Be. ning and LI go U./t) colliers havo quit
Brighter Times b-xp seta. at Reading
in wonsequonco.
RitAOikU, Pa., nay 33.—1 t wss an
nsu tied here this afternoon that tbs Key
stone roll! g mill, which employed over 200
men be ore 1 10 Kna ling i/on w ,rkt failure,
since ahicu ti na it has csti idle, wstld r--
sumo next Mond y to run i. de ende it
licrcaftoi of tho ilea ii g iron works, aid
tin i u nrknt f>r i.s prod ict urou ai Pitts
ourx. Tills, taken in con .notion with th
fuel that Beyfen’s rolling mill, w ids lias
uls > been cl so i since tm iron works failure,
ha-als i resu tied i h 2o) men. I idicate*
brighter tunes for this ci. /ad section.
POTTSViht-E, Pa., May 22. —l’t.e fl-st indl
ca to ,s of a ureas In ton * aguat <iu wuic i
for -onu time pas, bus pruvailed In the
mining industry lu th s legion oc
cu r,u to-day. The Otto Tn maston
and Phte it Park No. 3, Ksading
Goal nni iron Company's Collieries, w.ilo i
have be n idle for several mo iths, m. irusd
up f 1,-bind, i and on ful. time. Utiser
itlle ml e willpr dsatily be put in opera ion
in the early future, but a general resump
tion is not anti u|da o I.
wages bkolved.
A special from Sharon, Pa., aayi: “A
general reducti jii of ID per ce it. bus been
inale lu ti.o wages of furnace emplo.es
throug out the Buena .tioah va.i y The
it.a ufacturcrs claim t at the/ worn forced
to this by the dull market and low prices.
Tne reduction lit wages l.irougn the
Mabotii ig vail y several mo iths ag
wis a i -ther cause. At 8 turpsville
SJO me a alfucted at tin- Bnarou 100 au J
at VW-s M dile-ex JJO rite no i have ac
-•ep ed the ruduction andtlieditf, root plants
are working sta lily. Uue po nl ient iron
manufacturer ai l 10-mgm tuat it wa< not
a queition of wages j it at i re.e it, It was
a quusuo i w. e h -r It w<,u and lie c mtmusd.
H JOM > K , OU Vn
Mora Substanti il rogress to be Made
this Year Thau -ver
Bamim dir, May 22. l‘lie vanu/itetur
it i’Uncord say: "luesumuer an 1 (all
will witness morn substs .ttal progress in
the south than uas yet tmn. Manufac: ur
lug lute, itsls an p usp ring, au i new enter
p. I os, ma y■ f them of g.eit In ortanco,
ur-boing eistablUhed. A fd.'MJdkM com
panytsui. ok,a ,and will xaj i h.tv„ 1,20.)
n en o/nploy ■ 1 digging a deep water har -or
at tfaa mouth of Br-isot nv - , l x., l o-n
which iviiiit radloads will be built to lloue
ton and 01.,er points, a 1 northern and
f ueig oa ut.ilist* urw i.itureetoi lu this big
••A #3,DOD,OlK)company bss b-en organia -d
to t ill) and ilu* It i"t Te iletsue, Virgi is and
tie ug.a ad oai to Mobile, g.vmg die iron
ce it r of Alabama another ou.iet to the
sea. /
••The Birmingham iron men propose to
sped 90 1,0 <i on aue v p ant tor st nl
making. Dal as Is to have a II.UGJ.iLO bank
and a tWU.UM hotel.
"There n gr at act vny In the uawootbrn
seed oil mills, el- ven having two ufgaulkud
to lue but lw eek>. li. vrrul rolto , j.l
mil aid irnu fur.muoi coin, auies have
also been organ * 4."
Anaro *U Arretted at Milan.
as* Um i ariwde-i to-day
( DAILY. DO A Yf Alt. I
x 1 i'EVTn A OPY. >
( WEEKLY, il i5 A YEAR I
The? Find Her Guilty of /dultery as
Charged In Her Kusbaad’a Cioaa
Bill, and 1 xhonerate Lira o. Har
Charges—Tho case Racy in the lh
Chicao >, May 22.—The notable divorce
case of Caricr vs. Carter, w hich has beeu
oi tr;a f r several weeks in the circuit
cou t. here, before Judge Jamison, was tin
is ied tlii nio.nlng at b o’ci <k, when tho
Jury cuna in with its verdict, suit >• as
bruugut by Mrs. L sli - Carte , w.io c arg vd
her husband with name! si off uses.
Mr. Carter Hi and a cross bill, charging his
"ifo with a l iltery. l iie proim e ica of the
pa ties, the unu uni i cautv • f M s. Carter,
tuui flier in liters uuusn.d in such hearings,
m do it a celeb ated case, mid llio c >urt
room has been crowded since h > trial began.
UKk A TALE Kit dm fairyland.
During its prog res tlm trial took the
listeners in nn gmuii ,n over a g od part
of Eurnpo, g ,vo tntm gbmpioi of royil
< K'Huy with w don .il s. Carter lav.s.iod
m i lioy on i ersn ai mlor mien.B u and eipup
ug s, t.ioug her husband was yno ueuis
a ich man, trao -d me na inniit to her of
se e al la go c let-ks draw i by a romi cut
mercli uit of Yo k, inide evi le it her
fro dsliip for K-rie B/I.vw, the nc or,
tonclied up i , her ,elatbuis with her phy.d
olaui, adln 8 ,<>rt il vo.o eil a s -rih of
sou ati ms t satisfy th ■ e pnetauous oi tho
most sen a itmaliy Inc i od.
The arguui,;nts were coup etod yc-t-rday
af o u o i a .il tho cn e was geo i to tho
jury. At the openin' of c mrt tuis morn
ing it was a oiou .ou.l that an grooinont
ia i beo i reecne i. The verdict wne . au
i. Mince,l wus to bo effect tuat Mrs. Carter
was guilty uf a lultery as charg'd lu the
ctos. Li I. an I tint Mr. Curie was not
guilty of the marges preferred ugai s him
in bis w ife’s . ill. Niter dr. nir Airs.
Ca. tor was present when tho ve diet was
An Earthq rn’ko In Japan—Editors Se
verely Funieh -d
Rvn Franc.sco, Ma/ 23.—The Orcl
dcntal and A, ci leu al co.n >n iy's stiuns ilp
Brlgio arrived here yesterd ly bnnjiug
Chinese an i J panese advicei to May 2.
Tue J|ia i Mail (lew.ptperl states that
an ca, thq iak • of a most unusual eh ir >cr
was rec .d-1 at 2:17 p. m, fk >nl Id. in tho
sis nol igic il o si-r - ato v f the In ierial
IJ lvr-i yat I’osio Tne |>e u i rity of
ih> p icnomo ion wa. n>tin is vioianc but
in tho extreme slow less of is oscilla
tions, tak ng fro n fur to -eve i
secondi 10 oo uplete tin fo ith and
back mono t, chi fly in a borit otal
Ini e lvi g sou 11 no i north, l lio -• were
live vertical iivtions, howov r, of cquady
slow periods. The pi < ,om -non lustiitei
m mites and toll- v-six su ouds, no .uni ige
b fug done av, t roportud,
Yok dm na pip ns give an a -count - ,f tbs
sev ro punis me ,t id t o Ja e use j >urual
its wuo publis ied wi h ask it Ii of am w
liberal co sti utlon a pictnreof the skulet >n
ol' tho cniDj ml in* i . On • was e to iced
o three * oars imprison out. and 11 id,
> bile the nt isr roce. ved one year lu p ,8 >u
and was 3 iod.
Count Hei burt Bismarck is to receive a
Jupano o decoration of the first order of
mo, i,. and too grand order of tne nsi g sun
for his servloes in treaty raviaio i und the
engagement of imuonal ad vis, rs.
ihav. tloxls have done grcr.i, dam ago ia
several provi ens a ,and in t e o,ty of K.ota.
A Point Twe've Ml a from Montreal
th) Sco roof ti.o ccldent.
Montreal, M,y 22 —Tim steamships
Cynthia and Po.y.ics.aa collided this morn*
mgin thecbiunel near Ling Polut, twelve
miles oa t of t ds cßy.
The Cynihia, Cipt. D > ial isoa, was a
fro glit steamar, an 1 was liou id inw ird
from iHa g vv. Iho Pol/ncsi ~i oai ooun J
outward "it i fruignt and pa singers for
Liverpool. The Cy.it -ia sank in iboui 12
lathoins of wai or. Tho survivors swam
ash ,e. The Polynosian procuadod U.
Qaeb.-c ia a dan,go I o inditio i.
The accident occurred ai 4:39 o’clock tbia
morning, and seven persons drowned were
in their be tlis below. Another man who
was drowned was on deck, but could not
swum. All llns lost wi-ru members of the
crew. Tue Cynthia carried no ( as-eng rs.
There are two o, lriions us to the causa
f tie collision: One that it uas
do' to a nits mile s a di gas to "tue rule
f the r<>ad,” and u other that the Polyne
sian re uimi to oocy her li.-l'ii. Thecbuuael
It cri ked where t. o collision ■ ccur ed.
T,.0 Cynthia su kin about seven it; nutes
aller the collision, and is totally -übmerged,
except n, r uinsls. fine corned pi/ iron and
Quf.uec, May 33. —i he lo.y.iovl n ar
rived uers this eve niig. Bhn rectivu-1 ssrl
ous .lama e. the extu it of wuica can .ot be
kiiuwu uutu sui v.-yjr, have male thnr re
Two White Men and a Negroes Under
Birmingham. Ala., May 22—Henry
Smith : white), who murlered J. U Cool :y,
at Huy good's cr. ssroads, last year, w isoon
vicelto dayt tue criminal c >urt ~f mur
der 111 the lirst degree, w. h pi is.imnnt of
cat i. Tuts makes two wuue me i and one
coiorod woman now |, tie Uir
iniug.ia n Jail under sentence of death.
Judge Gr.o . t/ day proncuuc and sen
t mcs of death on Minnie Moses, a
negro wuina.i, recently co victe lof i.igh
way robliery, and o,e I the dato of nor
execution as Thursday, June 27. This will
be the firs lime In Alabama when n Ugn.’
ri -ciiliou took t,lace on any otuur - ay uian
Frida/, it ao custom, no; law, vvuicu
lix <1 Fr day, a..d Judge Green ii ; .c. ths
lirst bi eu.
3k Claim that Their Üburcbss are De
tective Agencies.
Ban Fuascibco, May 23 —lt D outlines
b/ many Uu sia is here that the Ifri whict
destroyed t e K.ssiui cmiic.i yistente|
in > ulng with a I mt ot $20,00u, was Lue wx/tl
of an incendiary, wub the object of c u
ceailug a tuisspp opriatlnu of fund*, tud
g urn* ri lof liuiiop V.aittmr, wuo bad a
..arrow sscspe from barumg to d.-ath.
■deny of [■• inembert im that the
Kustisu ciiurcii here it liuie but • dot ctive
•g*. cy, ad that ihe eergy ue h>sm i g
as spies tor the Russian goi,rua*,ii, ihe.
ÜbNf ntUin* of U* caurou >• in l*s ua 4> of
s. u. rupnl "isruig, i; it i*i bud*up*
bars already beta inu.de/ss4.

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