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-Established 18.50. Incorporated 1888. V
J. H. ESTILIs, President. )
THE south rn assembly in
Organic Union, However, Can Not be
Accomplished at This Time —Dr
Giradeau of South Carolina Strongly
Opposed the otlon to Co-Operate—
He Predicts a Split.
Chattanooga, May 23.—The Southern
Presbyterian Assembly was called to order
at 9 o’clock this morning. Elder J. A.
Euslee submitted the report of the auditing
committee, which declared that the ac
counts of the treasurer of the assembly and
of the treasurer of the board of trustees
of the assembly wore correct. The rep rt
with reluctance advised the acceptance
of the resignation of Hon. James
Hemphill, for twenty-one years a mem
ber of the board of trustees, and
recommended that t. ustees John L. Brown
and J hn E. Grown be re-elected trustee ;
that Dr J. R. Sh arer, president of Davison
college, succeed Rev. J. Y. Fair on the
board, and that James Patton E win and
Gen. Rufus A. Barringe of Charlotte, N.
C., be elected new members of the board.
The report was adopted.
The committee on systematic beneficence
reported t .at the collection last yea
amounted to #354,405.
Ti e committee on Sabbath observance
reco mended tiiat the assembly indorse a
petition to change the day of inauguratio .
to the firs Wednes lay n March o the last
Wednesday in A ril ad to prohib .t worx
on the Sabbate ; and that the ns ernnly re
quest the office -and members of the
chu cli to rel'rai l from all travel on Sn -
day except in cases of necessity and mercy.
The report w s docketed.
The question of co-operation with the
norther church was called. The special
committee which had been appointed to
consider the r 'port of the j int conference
committee submitted a majority rep irt
favoring the adop.ion of the conference
committee’s recommendation to c .-operate
ni dtbe ini ori y rep rt opposi g it. The
former was signed by nine members of the
special committee, and the .alter by two.
Rev. S. M. Wilson of Missouri made a talk
in support of tne ninority report, of which
he was tne originator.
Dr. J. H. Wilson, stated clerk of the
assembly and chairman of the joint confer
ence committee, advocated the adoption of
the joint re; ort. The question is coilisio .
or co-operation, he said, and the latter i
natural and preferable. Some of our north
ern brethren say that nothing less t lan
organic union will satisfy them. 1 submit
the statement, “if we can’t co-operate we
can’t unite. If we can’t court we can’t
marry! Is not our southern bride handsome
enough? J think she is, hut lam at raid she
is not ready yet.”
The entire afternoon session was devoted
to di-cus ion of this matter, each member
being allowed five minutes’time. Not all
the members spoke, bu the sentiment is
overwhelmingly in upport of co-operation.
A report recouime ding organic union
would, however, fail.
The position of those who made speeches
during the afternoon are in Heated as fol
lows; Svnod of Alabama. 4 for c "opera
tion; synod of Ark . ns.xs, 5 forco- Deration ;
synod of Georgia, 8 for co-operation; syn and
of Ke tucky, 10 for co-operation ad 3
agains; it; synod of Memphis, 0 for co
opei ation and 2 against it; synod of Mis
sissippi, 8 for co-operati >n and 1 against it;
s}tin iof Missou i, 8 forei-operation; sy <4
of Nashville, 8 for co-operation; syn. 4 of
Nort Carolina, 0 for co-operation and 2
against ii; synod of South Carolina, 4 for
co-operation and 5 against it.
One of the stronge-t protests made
against the motion was made by Dr. J. L.
Girardeau o South Carolina. The adop
tion of ire report to co-operate, said he,
was a step to organic union. If so the
question is whether tne assembly will
sacrifice the union of the southern Pie by
tcsrian church for a union with the norther i
church. “I think I represent the people of
mv section in 8 utn Carolina when I say
that if the church adop s any measure
tending to uni in of the whites and blacks
in the chi.rob or state, many of the Presby
terians will leave that denomination and
seek others.”
The assembly until a late hour to-night
discussed the matter of co-operation with
the northern c u oh. Bhort speeches were
) le by fur delegates from tne synod of
8 uth Georgia and Florida, two advocating
and twi. opposing the report, .-even dele
g.i’“s from the synod of Texas
s i oko in support of co-operation and
six against it. Eleven delegates from the
s . r.id i.f Virginia advocated the report
and seven oppo-ed it. Whei#uvery one h and
neon given an opportunity to speak a vote
on the question was taken by ayes
dm. n ys, and recorded. Ni ,ety-niue votes
were cast in favor of co-operation as pro
v : led fur in the report of the joint eommit
b* •ot conference between th ■ two as eiu
‘ “f‘s. Seventy.seven votes were cast in op
po-i i ni. 1 lie, fml strength of theasso ibiy
"as therefor, not represented. The report
w us deciar and adop ed. Is was moved and
' '* to °hicialiy notify by telegrap .i ho
northern nsse.nblof the action taxon. The
assembly then adjourned.
Fraternal Co-operation Favored by
Most of the speakers.
A oitK, May 23.—1n the Presbyte
rian General Assembly to-day the report of
liie committee of cuufe euce ou fraternal
J ' “ stion in Christian work with tbo
southern church, which hai already bee i
pieseuted, was called up oil orders of the
'• y. The rr ort says that the com
'V of both churches agreed upon
‘°i' ration in foreign mission wok, c i
' in the h mie, flul i and ill refmo ce
'. c -operation in tne eva gelizetion of
■ id people, reco.i.mend that the relations
•’ c dored people in hot i chure es he
” 1 to remain in statu quo, work
-, hem to prop—d on the s me lines
' 'ore; snout, that die sympathy . f both
' 'dies he extended toward t n evauge
l,f the colored race, and third, iliat
'' * u dei take hv the sou h rn assembly,
j' ' n **t Tuscaloosa institute for the
ig ii >f r doled ministers, be mutually
r "' "inmo ded.
„ ,' r itio.is in publications find I sou
• u l 11 by the committees. The rah
' r T ■ '■'•l' rt, signal by Judge S. M. linck
,, *■'**• 1 ' tdlillf tlia liOUUntf kli*>l tof nr
hid ll butW'CU 1 Hitll Cll dies WHS
" one or practicable, was al-o fixed,
some I ~., isi* ni it was agreed to vote
ine c au-4j, in the re|iort o bv one.
p ’ 1,1 ric i e|>ort h*ia ive to co-o|Hiratio,i
■"'sign 110,001 wo, k was passed by a
' I >di mH to Int the a*ee bly,
„. 1M •“"'ond pari of the iep rt on no
-1 **i i u “io Ilei i was opp-ewd by
, ■ "!‘ u ."' , *i who bed t i*l the norther..
<.h uaJ already proposed mail tag* to
The Morning News.
the southern church and was rejected, and
that part of tne report under discu sion
bound t em to too ciose ties with the sou h.
Dr. C. L. Thompson said it would b 1 an
economy of men and means if the report
was a iopted. He, would have preferred
that Judge Breckinridge had declined to
serve ou the committee rather than try to
antagonize'its work. “W..ud it not be
better if we are g ing to get mar, ied to the
southern church ii tne near future to trv
this form f co-operation first and see how
we’ll get along?” asked Dr. Thompson.
Messrs. Curry and Fulton opposed the
resolutions. The part which thev "ere
most opposed to was the recommend tio i:
“Wh ro there are weak chu ches w hich,
standi > alone, cann t support a minister,
but wiiich can be grouped wi h churches
c unectsd with ot or assemblies so as to
form tie mi isterial charge, the pr, sby te
rias having jurisd.ction are advised to
a low such churches to be grouped u ider a
minister from either body to whom their
respective presbyteries are willing to give
the n in charge.”
Rev. Dr. Crosby, supported the majo ity
report. “One of the grounds of c miplaint
agains it,” he sai l, “is that the n >rther,i
church has more money than the sou;hern
churc i and that, th refore, the southern
church w ul 1 reap a greater advantage by
this unio i, Thi3 ought t> be a sou ce of
gratification to us rather thau of com
Dr. William C. Young, who is not a
member ~f tiie assembly but w,io is a mem
ber of the minim, tee, was ac • rded t e
privilege of speaking. He said he was
heartily in favor of the maj rity rep rt
with o e exception. It was tie part \hicb
ail: “And w ere such perso s( h >se col
lected with one as* rubly nviving into the
province <>f another) are found in suffi
cient number to organize a church, there
being no other Pre-byterian churc t in
their iinmedia e vicinity, they should firm
such an orga .izutiou under tne c re of the
presbytery with wiiich continuous Presby
terian churches are c mnec ed; provided
viid presbytery belongs to either of these
A vote was taken arm the first two clau e
of the report on ho ne missions were car
ried. The third and four i clauses sere
thou consolida ed ail carried. Tie que -
tion of co-operation in the eva igeiizati no;
c ilorei | eo de was next taken up, out t ie
hour f>r adj urnment ha .dug arrived, it
was p ,stp med.
To-night a meeting wa held in the brick
church at T.iirty-sive. tli str et aid Fifth
avenue. There ■as a large attend,inc ,aid
the meeting, beside, being a ub iooue, vas
a regular busi ,e.s sessio i of tne assembl .
Moderat r Ember s presided, a ,and the rep . t
of the regular beuevole ice com nitte was
presented by the chairman, R ‘V. Dr. Osc u
A. Hills, of Ohio. The subiect of “Benevo
le ce in all its Phas s” w is ihs id scussed in
i idre-sos by O 1. E.liott F. Shepard, ..v.
Dr. Pomeroy of Cleveland, 0., and Judge
R. A. VVilsouof Philadelphia.
The Assembly Adjourns After Being
in Session Eight Days.
Kansas City, Mo., May 23.—The Cum
berland Presbyterian’s general a sembly
adjourned to-day sine die at 5 o’clock, after
being in session eight days. The Sabbath
ob ervaneo c mm li tre’s report was a iopted
iml the moderator ands ated clerk were
authorized to app int five conmi doners to
represent the ch ire i in the Arneric in Sab
bath Observa co Union.
Tne theol gical school of Cumberland
IT Diversity was vo ed from $50,000 to
#75,000 for the erection of anew building.
Ii v. J. H. Johnson of T peka, Kai.,
offered a resolution that no y mug man,
who u os tobacco in any fora, shall be
aided fins cially by the board of education
in hiss udies or the ministry. Thus was
carried wt ,u no debate.
An Internal Revenue ollector Called
Before a Grand Jury.
Dubuque, la., May 23—Internal Reve
nue Collector Webs er of this district wis
yest rdav summoned to appear before the
grind jury of Wright county, lowa., and
bring with him his books ad records, show
ing the names of the p irtiei of his district
h Itling governine t I canes as retai liq mr
dealers. Thee Hector will go ti Wrigh
coun.y, b it he wi.l not take tne books with
him, the law requiring t int, t ey be kept i .
the office at all dines f r pub tc inspection
Neither will he give tie ii.fo inati > dosir.-d
until commanded to do so by t.e United
States c urts.
The Cfificors of a i hicago Concern
Under Ind ctment.
Chicago, May 23. —Fra.ik L. Loomis,
Howard G. Loomis and Edward 8. Jonoll,
officers of the Century Bo k and Pupe<
Company, were yesterd iy indicted by the
grand jure for conspi acy o defraud. For
some weeks the bustne s m tho Is of tni,
company have bee i a mat er of discussion
iu vari ui justiue co iris. VV'it e ses tes i
fle Ito allege . frau lu e.R pac iuer f th"
compaiv. ad all, with tw excep ion.-,
were victimized. Ti.e sums obtained from
ttiese me i va y all t e way from #2OJ to
over $1,01)0.
He Remits a Flue and Cc>3ts Aggrega
ting $750.
Indianapolis, May 23. —President Har
rison basr. nutted the fine of SIOO a dc sts,
aggiegating *750, aga nst Sun Coy, a dern
ciaiic politician w ,o is serving a sentence
of eighteen months in tho Michigan Citv,
(Ind.) prison for e ectiou frauds com mi ted
in Indianapol Bin 1880. His t m will ex
pire in a few days. Tne petition for r m. -
sion of the fine was iguo Iby a numiier of
prominent republicans, including Joiiu C.
Strawberry u rowers Will Probably
Suffer a Heavy Loss.
Belvediere, 111., May 23.—Quito a
heavy frost vi.-ited this vicinity yesterday
morning. Coi u and garden stuffs were not
affected, but it is lear and that o nsiderable
and mag i US' been done t s’rawbemes.
Ber. v i aismg has become quite a i dustry
tliroiig out tne northm i art of th" state
during lat year , an i fr, st at ibis lime of
the year will aus • a heavy I iss.
Cleveland, <>., May 23—Dispatches
frm varmu > places In'NuthernOh ore-
IHirisas vsre wli.le fr at la t night Cou
sidurabie damage was do ie to fruit trees,
grope vi oad growing grain.
Jeaiouay'a 910 idy Work.
Wii.KrKHARHE, Pa.. Miy 25.—At West,
Pituit i tnu moru.ng, Kra a Com ton, a
oung workingman, aillwJ hi’ 2-yeai-old
wife with n Lute nf k ife L fore she lad
rise ir m tal, sisl t, eu killed uimwlf with
the same w,-ap .ti. i sane ami imloumleJ
jealous/ was the cause.
The Fire Came at Midnight While All
Were Aaleep - A Belief That it
Started From a Kitchen Stove—A
Son Might Have Saved Lives but He
Thought All Had Escaped.
Norfolk, Va., May 23.—The residence
Of T. C. Clarke, near Virginia Beach, in
Princess Anne county, was burned last
night about 13 o’clock. He, his two
daughters and one son, and a niece visiting
him wore consumed by tlu flames. Hi
wife. Miss Ella B dg >od, the governess, and
two children escaped. Mr. Clarke 'as the
pastor of tne London Bridge Baptist church,
and was a preacher of note.
The origin of ti.e fire was the result of
an accident. When the family retired a
11 o’clock there was fire in the kitchen
stove, and from this it is thought to hav
caug.,t. The niece of Mr. Clarke,
who was among those who were
lost, is Miss Pullen. The son who wa
saved thou ht that the family had all got
ten out of t.tie house aid occupied himseli
irying to save tne furniture,and by his own
efforts got a piano out of th ■ house. It is
thought tiiat Mr. Cla. lie’s de th is due t
the fact that he returned to irv ands ive a
sun of money vhieh he ha l put in a truul
for safe ke p. g. an l that before ho could
get ou he wa caug it y tue fl.uues. H
was 55 yea s old, and came h re t .vo yearn
ago from Ma viand.
Portland, Ore., May .3.—The steamer
Dispatch of Port Townsend burned t. tin
water’s edg" at Seattle, VV. i - ., o rlv thi
morning. Tiie Disnatc i had rrive 1 from
Bellingham a id tied up at her wharf. Mat
Blaisted was awake ed by tiie presence ot
smoko in his room, and, rushing out. In
discovered the whole boat am ids ips in
flames. The ere y wa* aroused, but
had time only to escape, some of the .
only in their night clothos. The boa
was then cast off from the wharf ad a
alarm of fire was sou dei. When tho r
iopartme it arrived the ve sand was i flames
and could not be saved. Everythin On
■oard w.is burned, including t o pe.sona
ffec sof the crew. The steamer i elonged
to Capt. James Morga i, and was va u 4 n
about $20,U00. The ms u auce is $4,5J ). T *
cruw had a very arro w esca.) . Afe
iniiiut s later and every avenue of e cap
w uid have been cut off. Fortunately no
lives were lost.
London, May 23.—Th < Bpan.sa steamer
Emili no. Cant. Bengolche , at Liverpool
from New Orlea s, via Ne p rt New , bo
ore reports i w ith her carg > of cotton ou
fire, went into dock yest rday. After Gi
lad been docked t was fou 4 that t ie fire
wai still raging fiercely betwe m decks, and
upon removing the hatcuoi flames burst
■ orth. The fire brigade, after worki ,g for
hours, succeeded in suoduing the Are. Tiie
c ttm is b jinrem i ed from the st >a ner
n* quickly as p issible. About half t e
cargo is badly damaged.
Norwalk, Conn., May 23. Tne south
ern terminus of the Housatonic road at Wil
son Po*nt was tire 1 last night ai.d t tal y
destroyed. A qa u-ter of a mils f new
wha f, freight buildings, coal bi s, the pas
s-nger depot and a large miiuba ■ of frei,; ,t
und passenger cars were ! urned. The New
England Terniinal Company exi*nled
301,0' 10, and the Huusatonic company
#300,00J in improvements ihere. T e
reamers and sail boats na rowl t escap etl
Tho loss will be about #200,000. The fir.
was started by the accidental overturnin
of a lantern by steved res who oerel * ling
the steamer “Lefevre.” The lauter se
fire to a bile of jute, und the flames spre ..I
o rapidly th at the workmen tvere obliged
to flee for their live*. A fierce gde p u
vai.ed. Besides he buildings and sv iarvos
forty-eight freight cars w itu their co tents
Wvi e lies royed.
Rutland, Vt., May 23.—The Ripley
marble mills at Ce iter R itlami were e
stroyed by fire to-night. The ios. i, $75,-
000. iho mil s were partially insured. On,
unired and fifty men are turowu out oi
CANADA'S COL. 1310 7.
Tho Polynesian's ffleera Disclaim the
1 esponsibility.
Quebec, May 23.—The ste raer Polyne
•ua , w.ncb was in collision with the
steamer Cynthia yesterday morning, i
moored at Allan’s wharf here. She pre
sents a shattered a peara ce. Her star
board b >w, from the upper deck down to
the kee 1 , for a distance of about 2 • feat aft,
is c m pie el gone. The tide isfliwingi
and out of her ton comp'ir.me it. Tue
cago in that portion of t e vo sal, which
oonsi-ted f lard in barrel , has fl atel out.
The \es el's salvation is at rilmted to ber
splendidly built ir ui bulkheads. Just
above a large ga . iu her
side was embeddeo, the boat davits of the
unfoi tunate Cynth.a. It wi 1 taxe could
erahle ci.ne to repair the damage to her, as
ner stem is smash* l and hoi ca go will
have to bs diseba god ad tb ■ essel placed
ii dock. Tho officers of tne I’ dyneiuu dis
claim rt.apo.isibi.ity for the aceide it an i
asso t th t tnoy gave the proper signal-* and
: hat ihmr b at was in ita proper place.
One of the men reported drowned is on board
the Polynesian, safe and well. He is quar
termaster of the Cy tbia. He was m hi
bunk wmen tiie eras came a.d crawl 4
through holes in tiie side of the vessel from
his own ship to tiie Polynesian.
Cne Thrown in a Maaaachusetts Town
Badly Damages a House.
Boston, Mav 28 —Almut 8 o’clock to
night a bo. b v.as thrown tbrougu th
window of the h .use of Mrs. C. M. Weld,on
Center atiee:, Jamaica P.aia, by some un
knot upo son. Them was no one in the
lioussatthe time, except a servant, girl
named Rogers, who was in the kitch
en, ad she fortunately escaped uuhuri.
The side of tho house was partially blown
out tind a largi b de was made iu the
kitch n floo by th fores of the explo ion.
T h ru.sails wa mal of a piece of gas oipe
about a mot in length, filed with bullets,
an i wit i oth einis close, by caps. Ma iy
of tue slugs were ouud etn edde i in tne
walls, i here is no clew t < tne perpetrator
of the outr g r.
Hamburg's Port.
Hamburg, Muv 83.—The Hcnate tmday
a prove i plans >u nutted to It for the en-
In _ement oft i ort ihe improvements
will cost $1,000,01.0.
A Pau-serv.Ati Plot.
IjONdom, Mav 23 A Pan-Harvlan plot
has lieun discovered in B *uia. a 4 numer
ous Kutsm i intriguer have b en irresuni.
fr auranca of aged Workman.
BikLin. May 23.—The aged workman’s
itisurs •* bi i p s 4 its Uuid reading in
Mm ItsMtaatag Uj day.
Revenue Cutters ordered There to En
force the Law.
Washington, May 23.—Secretary Win
dom to-day signed the sailin; orders of the
revenue stea mer Rus i, diree lug that she
sul ini edia'ely up >n the receipt of her in
structions to Ouu daska and the i to cruise
diUigendy in Behrings sea for tho purpose
of “warning all persous against entering
such wa o s for the purpose of vt iating g *c
ton 1958, H'-vi ed Statutes, and arresting
a;l per-ons a id sidz'iig all vessels fou id to
be or to have b eu e igage lin ny vr la'iou
of t e laws of he U ted State therein.”
Section 1956, lievi ed Statutes, referred
;o ab ive, pro. idea that “No person shall
kill any otter, uiink, mart >., sable, or seal,
or otuer fur-hearing animal, within the
units of Alasxa erntory, or in the wa ers
thereof; aud every person guilty thereof
hall, for each off use, bo fl ied not lots than
S2OO nor more than #I,OOO, or imprisoned
not m .re than six mouths, or hot ; and all
v s els, tuei • tacxle, apparel, furnit ire a id
cargo found engaged m viola ion
of this m etion shall be for
feited; but the ecretary of the Treasury
snail have power to au horize tho killing of
nn sue mink, m trte i, |ab e, etc., accept
fur seal, under such regula ions as ne may
.resciihe, and it s lall be tho duty of th
Secretary of the Treasury to prove it the
kil.ingof any fur s a), nud to provide for
tue e ecuti n f the orovision- of this se :■
io i u til it is otherwis i providsd by lav,
nor s i 11 u ■ g a .t any apemal privilege,
n der this secti >u.”
The co nmandiug ..fliier of ihs Rush is
also furms ed witii conies of the net of
March 3, 1889, and the Prosidurit’s procla
mation of March 21, 1889, regarding the
protection of the sea. and salmon fisherie
f Aiaska, aud inst ucti4 to enf re
t eir provisions. )ho Rush is now tßa
Francisco, ready for sea. a id will -ail itn
i rdiatdy upon roc dpt, of the orde s. which
vere mailed at Wash! igt m this afternoo i.
Tiie rev ■ ,ue stea ior Bear w ich is now
fitting out at San Fr tt.ci co for an ex e ii
io i to Point Barrow, Alaska, has als ibee
te-igna e 1 t > usiist in tue protec in of
he AUsxa fisheries and will follow the
Risi in a short tone. Her or lers are non
being prepared at the tr a ury deotrtme.it.
New Decatur and Fredericksburg De
sire Hia irate ce.
Washington, May 23. Brocken idgo
Jones ot D. cn;ur, Ala., called o.i the Pnsi
leut to-day, and in ihe name of the ciiizt s
.f New D *eatur iu vite thin t < attend t e
enremonio to taito place there oa May 29,
in celebration of tie ooani ig of vari iu.s in
-tri leiuerpris s. Tue President rec.ived
Mr. Jo es very cordia.lv, and a>urel hi n
at he o.ka warm int west in th > indu--
trinl gr >w h of the south, an 1 expre sod as
<ratitication at the many evkLucet
f material a 1 ancament vth ch the
south was exhibiting. The President
said he reg e ted that the s.ate
if pub ic busiue s w .old not permit him to
o present iu person at the opening of De
cit it’s new i erpriso.. At tie suggestio
if t e Preside it ad Secretary Noble,
Judge Shie ds, assista l attorney general
f>r tne interior dep tin nit, ill attend tue
ce e monies at New Dec itur, and widrepro
-u t the a liuimat atioii on tiiatoccauo i. It
i< possible that s mo member of the cabine
will als . go to Decatur, tuouga umo of
hem have yet. decided t > do so.
A delegation of cit.z ns of Fredericks
burg, Va., als . called o tiie Pes dent aud
invited hi ii to at eni the county f lir to be
neld their in October. The Presid.at said
.o would const ier the m liter.
he Boston to be Bent to Relieve the
Veseel Now on the Station.
Washington, May 23—Tue United
States shi.i Bo.ton, now at New York, will
be ordered to Ha .ti i'l ad yor two in com
mand of C lpt. O’Ka ie. Hecro.ary T. acy
.ays t e order is in puisuauce of bis policy
of relieving i'req ien ly the ves els of the
Wes I diaii sta ion when t ey are ex
nosed to yellow fever. He added tuat if
a iy o.ie c muecied with the sc le depart
ment wan going ou the Boston he did not
snow of it. Tne officials at .he state de
partnmnt wai equally ignorant of a iy in
le.nti u to send a repra-eutative to Hay.i.
Key West’s Jollectaranip.
Washington, May 23.—The Ko/ West
collect'ormnp will probably be tho next
Florida uffi e ..l.od. Wicker is lik ly to be
reappointed. Patterson is actively at work
for it.
Rifling a Registered Package.
Washington, May 23.—Ribart Pnvell,
a colo.el laborer iu t .e city post fflee here,
wan to-day ar Jite 1 by ins ec.ors iu tue ac.
of rifi.ug a registered pack Age.
Bond Purcnases.
Washington, iluy 2i. —The bond offer
ing. o- iay aggr ga o I $100,1.59, All were
accepted ut 108 f>r <a and 130 for 4i.
tmeeror William Dispensed at tho
Att.tudo Ot the i-mpioyers.
Berlin, M iy 21 —I i consequence of ex
tensive orders se .t abroad si ice the strike
l the mining region., the German coal
markets are overstocked and prices are de
T .• I’rusMa' 1 colliers still show a tendency
. o hold out, declaring that the amuloyur*
do not hold to their p iinines. Tue emperor
ig s .owing the g. e nest interest m t..e con
troversy, und r< ceive c instant repo U on
the situation. lie is sa dto be iudig.iant at
the attitude of tiie owners.
Vikn a, May 23. — Tea tuousaud miners
at Htia: havestru .k. Tue Prague tramway
lines are a. a stm I.till owiug to a sti lk >of
the drivers.
Rome. Mav 23.—Women employed in tbe
rice Hel ls at Modiema are on a strike. To
day tfiirr pillaged u .umber of bakers’
s ops. Troops have been ordered to the
Minneapolis, Minn., Ma/ 23.—The
Journal's West Superior (Wis.) special
sa s: "ihe mayor na. closed ail tue saloons
in the city in antieipa ion of trou le I*-
twisj i the striaing oal heavers ad th >
new men impor ed to take their piacie.
in new men am working under strong
police protection.”
Boulanger's Trial Postponed.
Paris, May 23.—The trial of Geu. Bou
lauger ..as twii p stpoiiwl u Hi A igust.
Murder Near Forest City.
Little Roc k. Ark. May 33,—Pa ti'-ulars
of a aliuug lies Fit * i City to-d ty are given
in a .ispatc Pi t e Uasstls. J. T. Kids i
to nave s men a girl last mg t and married
it r, hut bs broilter-iu Ja*, Frank She -
man, upeel a I bis plau-. To-day Kills ran
across due uiss and shot him down. LLu
m stui at large.
He Admits Having Written Several
of the Red-hot Editorials That h ave
Made nltsd Ireland Famous— e
Claims That the Pmco of Wales Has
Been Hunted i rom Public Life.
London, May 23.—Mr. Gladstone was
present at t: e session of tho Parnell com
mission to-day. The cross axaraination of
William O’Brien was continued by At or
ney General Web tor. Mr. O’drion de
dared that United Ireland, his paper,
worked according to constitutional met ods
aud advocated nothing but peaceful means
;o attaiu the end sought by the Irish pai
liamentary party. Ho ad uitted writ
ing the article w ich had bee
printed in the United Ireland in which it
was stated that Queen Victo. i t was only
known in Ireland o,- her scarcely deoenti.v
disgulstxi hatred of Irela and and bv her in
o. dinaie salarv. He als >ad meted having
writien another article declaring tliai
Earl Spencer would be the las strong Ei
glish.nan who would 'ttempt to rule Ire
land by b .l barism, paid (ie jury, butchery
a .and the use ot the sue edr ipo. tie ad uitte.l
the authorship also of nn article
declaring that t o chairman of t,e
committee selected to eeoivo the
Price of Wales on tho occasion of his vi iit
10 Ireland would be hu tel from uiilic
iife. At this point Mr. O’Brien became ex
ci id aid vehe ontl exclii iiod: "He uas
be a; and rather than to allow Ku;li.hmen
tube deceive l b a sum uf sham lovaltv, l
am io Ivetl to toll them the trut .*’ Cos -
tinning, Mr. o'Brisn said that he [>o so ally
had never sposen disre pectfuhy or offen
sively < f the Prince of Wales. No pe pie.
he doclured, ever suffered more for loyalty
tlia i the Ir s ~ and u ne profile I in re by
protestations of loyalty than tho people w o
ppressed them. If it ws< clear mat Eng
lad mould not satisfy tue aspira io s ■.
Ireland, aid if there was a y ration 1
c lance of suoenss, an attempt should be
made to reb 1.
He dec are 1 mat the L nd m psperi were
mo e respo isible tor t io actio * of the dv -
unite parly tnan oas eitlier Fiuertv or
Ford. But f r the ve vs tiiosi papa s had
expressed £I,OOO would not avo been col
lected in America for t e us > of the dyna
miters. Rfe ring 11 the art.cl s oouce. u
iug the queen and Price I
Wales, previously mentioned in
his testim ny, Mr. O’Brien said they
were j st fled at the time they Were writ
ten, but were not justified in tne presenl
state of the relations b tween E iglmid ad
Ire and. The an icl •* were mt in e idod i
calm the peopls’s objections to British ml
as t .en almiulstered. He thought Bririsli
ru o ha.eful t .on, an t he thought it i.at ful
now. T e Pan e 1 ten, when the visit of
tiie Prince of Wales . as u der disc is
bv the authorities, passed a res dution
advisi g the people that he visit was nit
intended for party pu po., and should ot
be made the 'cc ision fo trouble. Toisao
t on of the Parnsl itev resuDod in c o ting u
feeling f calmu :ss in nu jlio opinion,
The Prince of Wans was allowed to pa s
throughout Ireland untroubled until the
Tims übli<hed an article declaring t at
us visit had crushed the power of Parnell.
It was then thought des leraiely necessar.
o show E iglis mien that this was a mis
take an 1 t int the pri c ’s visit as bei g
use I to strike down tue Iris cans". Mr,
O’Aria i explai ed that wuim he made tile
speecn in e bich tie used tho words, “We
are in a s at of Civil war, tom ered by n
icarcityof firearms,” ho was exasperated
i.y his expulsio i from tho II use of C >m
mo is a id sp ke under intense feeling caused
l/y the fearful uairod dis laye i y the ma
jority of t o Hou e of Com nnns ayai .st
the Irish members of that body. He and
- ed that if a iy people nv r hai a right
to rebel t, e Irish people then . ail that
rigut if there was a chance of uccess.
Attorney Gene al Webster Interruo ed
ti e wi'ne s at this pint t, saving: “You
only objei'ted to rebellion b ca iso it was
not eles-f
Mr. O'Brien—ln tho cir u netancet nf the
time, u questio ably. Violent 1 nguag"
cm 4 not have fu ther I .flam •.! tiie j>i> >ple’s
ni.ins agai s Eugla and. T eir mm is had
become like a lightning c inductor when the
air i< c are 4 witn electr.ci y.
Mr. U'Brie . justified certain articles
writ ei by h m un i printed in ihe United
Ireland t > Illustrate the brutal argiiinen ,
hat b cause th > E lih people number 'd
30,000,000 ad the Irish people 4,000,0 H), the
Eu o lisu were eutit ei to do as they liked.
Attorney General W"htr quoted from
nu article fix the United Ireland, headed
“Alle i, Larkin and O B ;en Hum e.i by
Tneir Cbicag > Kindred,” and asked tho
witness whstuer it referred to the Manches
ter murderers.
Mr. O’Brien —Not murderors, but me
engaged in open wanaro, who shot
podoeman by ace dent.
Tiie Attorney Ge eral—Shooting at the
police in a van at Ma .cnest r was legiti
mate warfare?
M:. O’Brien —It was not criminal. Men
who openly take risk* to rel as> t.iel. c>m
rados u e no more murderers tha . anybo iy
here. Tnev act and witu tiie highest and
iwblent motives.
Attorn'-y General W.ipeter, holding up a
paper—Do you se the heading “Alim,
Larkin and O’Hrien Honored by Their
<7 Icago Kindred?”
Mr. O’Brien—Yes; the article was written
by i e.
Thelproceedin s were here ln erruptol by
cries of “H ar,” “Hea .”
ihe Attorney General—Why those
“Hears ?
Pfsliling Justicella non threatened that if
order was not maintained be would h ve tee
cut ro rn oleare I. ne aid he u derstooil
t, iat M". U’B ie did not consider t e shoot
ing at Ma .Chester inunle , but he
wished to ramiua him that tue court did so
rega and it.
Mr. O'B ien said he and Mr. Redmond in
vited Mr. Ford to bs present at the Cmcigo
couvantlon. As or of of t e cnango in feel
ing wrouditby Mr. Glaiisto ie,Mr. O’Brmn
ci ed ttie fmt t .at Mr. F >rd see ned to re
gret his former views, ad ap|jeari to be
This ootid ded r. O’Brien's testimony.
A deputali m fiotu t e various Irish
munici al bodies to-day presented to Mr.
ILrueii au addrm* c gralula mg him upon
ms success in disprov eg i efo.e .fie cotniui *
sion ihs many cam nuias tuat had beau
na|>4 u -on hi n. Mr. I'ur.wfi re nod that
he wa* >ure the Irish muuioipal autu i ities
would coutinue t > use tneir pri-vlirges, no
for tiie purpose of the disintegra
tion of tne empire nor for upset
ting the authority of the qu eu, t.ut
for btalning realisauon of t *ir legitim te
aspraUoui. He -*i never do jbtadt at the
f .Isity of tit* forged bates would ulU
ms ely be shown, lie aouid ra bar have
goueio bis grave with Utn eugms of tue
le tars upon tin tuaa . ave euo iited bis
e uuU-y to the humiliating ordeal wh."h it
paniment of the inquiry into th<
aut ientic ty of (ho letters. Rig
had bean tran grossed under pre
text of an i’ qniry i'it<> cnro *.
A political issue ha i bee laid beforo me
n t competent to give a fair deeisio i. Hi
ad never contemplated tie failure of par
liamentary actio i. If cmriicel of it
fu ilitv no ami his colleagues would not re
am in the H u -of C mm ms twentv
our hours, lb- believed in tho near reah
l itio.i of thoir ho, es.
DUBLIN, May til.—Two huud. ed and lift
police nen a id soldiers are ready to ns.l-i
in the cvicti ns on the O p.iert estate,
which will he rosu ei to-morrow.
hu:.;bert v / y happy.
Gifts Phowo od Kigat and Left and
Honora i eaped upon Him.
Berlin, May 23.—King Humbert will re
turn to Italy tbr ugu Switzerland, startiii).
M n lay lghfe.
This mo i g E npeeor William and King
Humbert reviewed the Pot da n garriso i.
A grand luncheon to lowed, after vvnicli
their majesties oard-d lho royal yacht auil
orocoe ied t > < hariotteuburg, whence the
drove to Berlin. In too eve iug King
Humber , dined at tho Ia ian e iibns- .
he wi g has liestowe . m uiv decorationt
upon high officials h re, ad has also given
t number of va u ibis present. Amo ig th>
latter urn costly articles of jovvo ry to th
empress, a boauti ul goli.e t >'hn emperor
id a portrait bv Gell to lhince Bismarck
Phis afternoo King Humbert received tie
eaters.,f t o Iteic slag, who invi ed him
to luncheon there. The king, in his reply,
expressed surprise aid p ensure it thi
ken of regard, lie sal 1h i oul I gladl
icoept tho i ivilation if ti ne allowed. Thi
king wilt stop at Fraikortanl ill als
p y a visit to the Empress Frederick on hi
way home.
11l tho Ud-litag to- iay tie president
oad a letter from Price Uismar k, in
-dosing a telegra n fr rn the Italian Cham
ber of Deputies to Pre uier i.'rispi co gr itu
ntlng on upon the rocepti m ncoiraed t<-
King Humbert in B-rlin. The preside t
nen proposed ilia the House exp ess it.
ilea ure at tile exi ting universal peace an i
■curity arls-ng from the trip e alliance,
lit rn Fra k-nstei-i lor the ce iter oar y
o ,CU ied ii the prop sal with a resorv
ti in Mint, lee aop oval sh mid not c p omit
c oce iter parly upon too qic -ti-m of tlin
emporul p-nv r of tiie p -pe.
he Prov'.alonul Arr u-co neat With M.
Moreau natlfled.
Paris, M y 23.—T e Atne ioau copper
mlue delegates, with the eoipi mof th
rop esen'-.tives of tho Tamaraok mine, have
r till' and t. e provisional arrangetno ts con
cluded with M. Moreau, too liquidator ol
tie Cos iptoir d’ E c unpte. The agreement
bindi-g without tho adbosio i of the
rainai ack co opanv. A meeting has bee
irrangod between M. Moreau and the agent
if the British mines. The Temps sa.s thnt
an sgreeme it with .he B i t ■ i conijKi i-s i
iro table. The Rio Tulin mine has already
given its ad esion.
The Persian the C uost of the F.UBsian
at bt. Petai aburjf.
St. Petersburg, .May 23. —The Shah of
Persia ar ived re-e to-day. He was met at
lie rail-vay stat.ou by the - zur rind czar e
witch, w io were acc un-iamed by brilliant
mites. All tne grand dukes were also i res
e it. The royal p :ty en ere I carriages
md drove through liie Newsk pros i-ct t
ilieimpe ml palace. The rou e wasl noil
on either siil) with troops, behind who n
were densely packol masses of cit z> s.
The ez ir an I hi roy il guest were greeted
with ucciamat ns y tli -po ul ice.
Two London Papers that Published a
Letter -1 he Defendants.
London, May 23, —Dr. M .cki zie, physi
cian to the lato Eh er r Frederick, i
a out to bring suit against ho London
1 imex and Mr. 8 eink pf, proprietor of
.rn St. Ja nen Ornette, for publishing a
letter writte i by Mr. Htemkopt, in whic i
e accused Dr. Mack-- izlo of conspiracy
while treating tho em -eror. The lot er
was produced at t o trial of the suit of Mr.
dree i wo-id,for nerlve and or of the .sf. James
Qaz ttr, against Mr. Oibb, f -riner pr-prie
tor of that pep r, for wron ful dismissal.
A Steamer sunk.
London, May 23.—Thu British steamer
Curfew, fro n 8-v so* f-r Madras, ru
into and sa-kt e British steamer Nyauza,
from Cardiff for Z i zib-W. while th < latter
was lying a a clior In B tier lake, Hu.-z'
<-a al, las n ght. The C'urtow is leak.rig
si gntly, but pro-eeiln.l on her v vage. Tun
.N’ya-iza was a vess I of 1,215 tons. The
Curfew registers 1,261 tons.
London's Gambling < lubs.
London, Mav 23.—! ho en* ms who were
taSO iin custody by he p-dice at be time
of the -ail on the Ado pH cl .b -re a
- for trial to-1 y. Tin oroprietor of
thoclu was eons.cud of Uoe dug a yam
b hg r - ort ad flue IJt 0-). Tub Secretary
of the club was lined XJ'KI. Tne players
svero discharg • 1.
A Cos ilsry's Roof Falls In.
London, May 23. —T o rm( of the col
lier at Merthyr Tydvl, Wa os, has fallen
in. kilii gone ini o and ent unbi ig fifty
eight others. Work is (icing actively
pros cute 1 for t o rescue of the imprisoned
men. Tun miners who woie entombed were
Minister Lincoln Presented.
London, May 23.—it bore T. Lincoln,
the new A norican Minister, ha* taken up
his residence at N>. 5 Csd >gan square.
He i v White, of the Amu ica i legati >u,
pr -s-nte-l M . Lincoln to l.ord Mull.bury at
the foreign - Hi e to-dav.
A l'apal . rotest.
Rome, May 23.—Jti* i, I hit the pope
aid r -testa, the coining c i-isistory aga si
tho erecll-h of the prop > ed menu uit in
ho i -r of Giordano Bru m, the Italian ph>-
1 *op er, who was b trued at a heretic in
Probably UnfoundeX
London, Mav 24,2 a. m.—The Berlin
corrospo de.it of the Daily .VV * says. ia
a a -vl there that Vt ill t.u Walls Fmd'i*
h ts iwen ip,smitei United Btate miuiaUr to
Btisoao N ignlatlun* Y easant.
Berlin, '-lav 21. —fh I‘utt a*ys tuattwo
more eUtiugs "Ul omc ui t -e Ha uoseo i
fereniM, • ,u that am uego tatlo u t r -ugh
nut UiM pr boss hugs have useu oLaaa it all
around. ________________
Kuaala and vua Vatican.
iso is May At—le* iatsUn.iv betwesa
RMasts sad l e V ,<-*n are agate str misd.
lOn pope -WcUned to HO 10 -t* F diet* Ssd
Uvmsu Uafavps at HaiwVay. WMT*
I DAILY. $lO A Y"’.AR, 1
| WEEKLY, $1.25 A YEAK \
Physicians Puzzled by What Was
rteveulad by the F oat Mortem Ex
amination—No Annou cement of the
.Treat of the Murderer—ure Man
Cla ms to Know V\ ho Instigated tha
Chicago, May 38.—About 10 o’clock this
morning fa t. Wing, of the Lake View
police force, and meut. Schuettler of C li
ng i, marched into the former's private
office with a man bet veen them. The man
arrested was P. O’Sullivan, an ice dealer
of Lake View, with whom Cronin hid a
contract to attend such of his labweri as
inig it become sick or injured. O’Sullivan
as not held, i owever. and the grounds for
iis arrest are not very uchiiautiaL A great
many rum irs are being continually
put afloat, and help to keep
up the excitement, but pr-ib ibly the most
sensational i cidetit of the day occurred
when Col. VV. P. Ren I ar. ivp i at the sta
in i, and as taken i to t o morgue. The
moment Cd. He id aw the corpse lie ex
laimed: •• ITiat is Cr >.ii i." lie closely ex
iui ed he b and; and Slid: “There is no
i-mbtabiu it n >w. Ihee is th:- b idv of
Dr. (’roii.n, tlin victim of a mo t foul and
iwfui murder. I can lay my band
ion the head of the nun that
nut gated the crime. I can point hrn
out and inane n- mistak -." Col. Rod
va- que.immed about this statement, but
would only ay that ail ha k o he would
,e Ito thesta o’s attor iay. Half an hour
l iter 8t ito's A;tor ay Longueck r and two
f ins ns* sans ar ive-i. J dge Lmg
ecker M s exunined the fdoily tru .k
aid coi pie of Dr. Cronin a id -vsi tnen
doseted for an b ur it . Col. Rend. After
oo.isuual.ou the would say no
more than t at severalarr-sts wiuld su-oiy
-e Hind i this after mou. By noo i 10-day
vi-r two h i divd pis us uad idautiflod
the body us t lat of Cronin.
T -nigh , tinny m urs after tho discovery
f Dr. i roui i’i corpse, the mystery of his
death iia- d-epo ed. I. has L>--e. almost
co e.uaively sno >n t at, co.i ;ary to a,i
-x'Sr nice, i is'k 11 was uot clovenr even
iracturod. T here is ab -olute certainty that
ho was - ot strangled. The dec ors are com
ol t--l p z/.l and. Th i begin dug of the post
-iioricm look pit e ibis evuui g. Dr. T ild,
the c unty physician, a .and his a si ta it, Dr.
Euhe. t, mrec ed the exam nati in. The
-sud was cut oj on :i.,d the brain
removed. After tho scalp had
been taken off the phy icians .iscov red
lint the bones comp sing tiie skull bad
scarcely bee: marked oy the blows of the
ha p instrument winch it was th ugiit
cared t'o doctor’s death. Tuere 'as io
sign of oong*st.on at>u the brain, but, the
I ngs an-1 pultnouu y cavity were ill ed
witu Id-sid. The pb iciaus sai l that tula
might have resuited fr-m thi fart tuat
Cru -in’, body was placed hen 1 downward in
the ca t a.id host. A cut haif an inch
deep w stoi ml u od e eck aud several
bruises ujioii the iowor limb*.
NOT choked to death.
Ti,o thi-ory tha, no was choked t> death
va easily iin dod. Too and -ctor* fou duo
signs of sutfocation, an 1 discovered no
I) u Bes u -out t enecs such as Would lesult
iron htrsngula i m with u Diwel or rope,
ilie passage ilirough the windpipe was
unolistruc e*l. The ph sicians p. ese t ware
a en a aokonfl ding that toene was no
fractu o of aoy of the skull honei or s nail
n ues ab ut the lace. E-eti t e i tier table
f ibesaull was unfr.ctured. Dr. T dl
was of the opinion tntt tne cuts
in Dr. Cronin's scalp must have been
Hindu by. a knife or sime 1 ghter weapoa
i ban an Ice pics or hatenet, but he c uld
ootuccou tfor the cause o. death ex -opt
from co tus.ons resulting, from severe
blows. To other puy lCia .8 c uld ujt
ng ee as to the cause of death, although II
were of i e opini -n that Dr. Croui i might
have beo i killed by tie b -w a tho outer
c rner of his left eye. Eve i this b.ow was
.ot bird enough to fracture ur splinter tho
bones u der tuo skin.
The teeth were carefully examined by
Den Ist way. He sai 1 there vit notn slake
ii the do i id a ion of tho body, because
the i late found in the lower jiw w, the
one be mad) for Dr. Cr -nlu over a vear
ago. It supported six false teeth, two iu
fro t, ad fur ou one side. The dentist
non ide itided lie g Id tiili ig in one of
the ui-per teeth. When he post morlem
was ii.iiebed the phy .icians left the stand
without co eluding the written statement
whicu they wdl hand to be c rin -r at t ie
ii q iest. An under.a er lo ikoha gs •>f :.Re
iiody when the post uorte.n was flmshed.
John C onin, brot er of Dr. Cronin,
arrived fr m Arkansas, and reao ed the
sta ion in time to see t o re naius bef - e
th • phv icin sco uno iceilt loir w rk. ne
p sidvely nle tilled the bod/ os tuat ot his
A Member’s Failure to Vote In Parlla*
me it tue tuu ie.
Madrid, May 23.—Tie action of Henor
Marto-, president of the Chamber of Depu
ties, in absia ning fr m voting on the bill
to increas e duties ou fore gn cereais and
floor, winch was oppos-d by the govern
ment and which wa< defeat din the cham
ber y st- rday, ha* ca iel a -'-n-a ion. Tue
ap|s-araoce of Heaor Murtos in tue c amber
to-day sti the signal for an uproar, the
contention betweeu th > ivul parties com
pe! iag a vi>.-m i>i of the si.ti ig. Tue
muds eriaiis s are gicat-y enraged at the
course pu sued by Senor Mario*, aid a
special so ting of the cabinet was held to*
day to discuss tne mailer.
She Shows Her Superiority in a Rues
Almost Without Wlad.
London, May 23. — The cutter Valk/ris
to-dxv c mi piled in a race against the irux
aud Ya ana. The proposed course was
from liraveseud around the M -u e li ht
slnp and hack. Uwing to tho ao ice cf
wind, h "Wvthey only we it part of tie
way aid back The fl us i was a drif ng
match. The Valkvrie so i easily. T -day’s
rac s pr ved an iiiiluitely b> ter teitof the
Val yrie tna t We -iiesl >. ’ i ace, which wa*
virtually over the si ut course.
Tne Tim-t c dls the VaUy ie's perform
ance a bdliia t display of ligui west ler
peed “It w ■ no mean performance to
heat the Yaraua by upward of fou- tiug
utee, and the Irex by fift-uu mmui.- i t a
-lead b-a ’’ in a i-g t br-vse. !■>*> long
as tb) breezes eve iy save ed out, the Vaf
hyrle was always a -ie to ke’p t e Yaraua
tight pin id u der nor lee. end she was by
far ttie fa* -f boat > lib Ii *r -lie s off. To
ward the e ul the Vs.kyi l# see CeVoreJ to
souw exieut by leek.
A Departure from Custom
Hr tti.is .Ms> 23. —Cout* ei y w emiom tb*
MUrtuU-rs t lunpai e u .ch ha-e

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