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Capt. Brooks Drills the Cadets in the
Fla* Code.
Yesterday being a holiday Capt. Brooks
as usual devoted It to improving the Cadets
by increasing their knowledge and skill iu
matters pertaining to military service.
The work to which Capt. Brooks and the
Cadets devoted themselves was tee practice
of signaling by meaus of dags at long dis
tances. This system cf signaling amounts
to conveying information by a sort cf
ocular telegraph by means of Hags. The
telegraph code is used, certain motions rep
resenting dots and others dashes. By
manipulating the flag words and sentences
are spelled. This system of signaling is in
use in the regular army. The telegraph
stations selected by Capt. Brooks were the
roof balcony of the D Boro and the tower
of the First regiment’s armory, somethin g
over half a mile distant iu a direct liue.
Capt. Brooks and one party of the Cadets
were stationed on the lie Soto roof and
Bergt. West and another party were in the
tower of the armory. Adjt. A. R. Lawton,
Jr., of the Fifth Georgia cavalry, accom
panied Capt. Brooks upon the Da Soto.
Corpl. C. iV. Strobhar operated the flag and
Private G. A. Kriete acted as operator at
the other end of the liue. The light was
not very good, but the signals could he
easily distinguished with a little practice.
Corpl. Strobhar and Private Kriete soon got
their hands in and began sending messages.
Several long sentences were seut in this
way. As each letter is required to ba
spelled out separately it is slow aud rather
tiresome work.
The flag used was a strip of canvas about
three feet square with a red square in the
oenter about ten inohes across. A billiard
cue served as a stall.
The motions were necessarily qniok, so as
to keep the flag spread and present its
whole surface in the direction in which
the signal was being made. The ex
periment was a very atatiafactory oae.
Capt. Brooks proposes giving the Cadets
a lesson in signaling at night with torches
or lanterns some time soon, the signals
being the same as for the flags in daytime.
He is now endeavoring to secure au outflt
for signaling by the heliograph system,
recently adopted by the United States army.
This consists in signaling by means of re
flections east from plates of glass or steel,
and is used for long distances. It is very
muob on the same order ns the reflections
cast by a mischievous school boy with a
piece of broken mirror, which glances along
the floor of the school room ad into the
faces of bis fellows.
Capt. Brooks proposes to signal from
Tybee light to the De Soto by meaus of this
system. Signals are now exchanged by
this system between MoPhersou barraoks,
Atlanta, and Lookout mountain. All that
is necessary is that the points used for
signaling shall bo elevated above the sur
rounding country, aud that the sky shall be
With a little practice this signaling will
bcoome interesting work to the Savannah
military. Its utility ui time of any trouble
requiring the services of the military is self
evident. Capt. Brooks pointed out that
simply with the flags and lanterns every
section of the city would bo communicated
with from the roof of the De Soto. From
this point signals could be sent to the First
regiment’s armory to the south, the Savan
nah, Florida and Western railway wharves
to the northeast, the Ocean Steamship Com
pany’s wharves to the- northwest, the Cen
tral railroad depot to the west, the city ex
change to the north, aud almost every ele
vated point in the city could be commum
oated with.
The Cadets signal corps is composed of
Corpl. W. G. Strobhar, Corpl. C.W. Strob
har and Privates Walter Coney, G. A.
Kriete, W. 8. Boyd and R. Y. Smith.
Phillips’ Digestible Cocoa
Makes a very delicious and nourishing drink.
It is particularly adapted for parsons of weak
digestion, differing therein from all other cocoas
in the market. Ouoe tried always used.— ad.
Very Fair Prospects in Georgia, South
Carolina and Florida.
It will be gratifying information to
merchants and other business men to know
that the prospects are good for a substantial
if not a large business during the ooming
few months. It is true that the cottoa crop,
the principal product of Georgia and South
Carolina, will not be so large as last year,
and the price is not near os satisfactory as
farmers oould wish, but, at the same time,
all business transactions for the past year
have been oouduoted on a conservative
basis, which gives oonfldence in financial
The looal mercantile agencies in Savan
nah of course keep well posted on the situa
tion, and from one of them, Dun’s
agency, it is learned that the business pros
pects in Georgia and South Carolina are
fairly good.
In both states the farmers have raised
more corn and other necessary supplies than
for several years past. This wiil enable
them to devote a larger part of their cotton
money toward the payment of past indebt
edness, and should there be any surplus it
will be devoted to other purposes aud thus
be thrown into circulation.
Merchants have found that collections
have been very good so far. Farmers have
shown a disposition to do all they can in
settling up their indebtedness with interior
merobants, which enables the latter to b
more prompt ith the wholesale merchants.
In the turpentine trade there does not
seem at present to be much of a tendency
toward improvement, and in respect to
that it may be said to be stationary.
It was at one time thought that the
orange crop in Florida would be a compara
tive failure on account of incessant rains,
but later reports give promise of au excel
lent yield aud consequently the drooping
spirit of the growers has been much re
vived. As Savannah dues a large trade
with Florida this will be welooiuej intelli
gence to merchants here.
Another circumstance which will tend to
give Floridians Increased confidence in the
situation is the expectation of an increased
travel to that state. As many of the win
ter resorts of Southern Europe have been
afflicted more or less with cholera, pleasure
and health seekers are turning their steps
in other directions, aud the southern part of
the United States will come iu for a large
portion of this travel. Florida will un
doubtedly . secure a larger portion
of the visitors aud conse
quently hotelkeepers aro jubilant
and the contagion naturally spreads into
other professions. Savannah will bo thus
lndireotly benefited to a considerable ex
tent, though, of course, many of these same
visitors will stop in this city for a few
weeks, or even for the winter.
On the whole, than, thera appears to be
good reasons for hope and confidence iu the
business outlook. While there will, in all
probability, be no record-smashing in the
volume of business, there will be a sound,
conservative trade done, and that gives
confidence in the future.
Brunswick Mourns the Demise of the
Slater of Henry W. Grady.
Brunswick, Ga., Oct. 21.—Mrs. W. A.
Kennon, sister of Henry VV. Grady, died to
day at 1 o’clock. To-night a largo number
of devoted and sympathizing friends called
to pay their last respects to the deceased
and aocompany the remains to the train,
ou which they will be carried to Athens
for interment. The funeral services will
he conducted at Athens to-morrow after
noon. The Brunswick Light Horse Guards,
°f which Mr. Kennon is a member, at
tended in a body. Mrs. Kennou was be
loved by all who knew her, and there is
universal sorrow in Brunswick over her
•ad death.
A BDaeoh at Thomasville.
Thomasville, Ga., Oct. 21. —Hon. Jesse
w alters, the democratic electoral candidate,
(hade a rousing speech at the court house iu
tsU city to-night.
Savann ah, Oct. 81. 1892.
Chattahoochee, I.SBS tons. Daggett, New York,
cld—C G Anderson.
Naeooches, 1.9 15 tons, Smith, Saw York, dis—
C G. Anderson
Carl Konow [Nov.l, 879 tons. Sedersen, Blue
tlelus. dis—Kavauuaugh A Brennan.
E Nie [Hr!. 1.494 tons. Ureede. Bremen, ldg—
Strachan A Cos,
Dunbar [Hr. 1,127 tons, Barrett, Oenoa. ldg—
StracUan & Cos.
Cameo > I sy. 1,450 tons, Rich, Liverpool, ldg—
Strachan ,t (Jo.
Driiiield [fir], 1, VT, tons. Palmer, Barcelona, ldg
—Strachan .. Cos.
Calabria Jr . .177 toas. Roes. Gothenburg, ldg—
Strachan & Cos.
I-aly Ar -.strong [Br], 8,041 tons, Abbott, Liv
erpool, idg--.-strachan A Cos.
Tudor 1 1 : ".!■-■[Br'. f. r >4 tons, Wankel, Barce
lona, Id .—Strachan A Cos.
Ma near Hr;, 1,803 tons. Allen. Hamburg, dis—
Strncnan & Cos.
Crown 1 ,i, e _it;- . l.OTOtons, Coull, Barcelona,
Mg—Strachan A Cos.
Lai ,na Br;, !. 980 tons. Root, Liverpool, old—
Richardson A Barnard.
Itaisby [Hr . 1.485 tons. Stockdale, Havre, Mg—
Ric.iardson & Barnard.
Newby [Br , 1,400 tuns, McCulloch, Havre, Mg
—Richardson & Barnard.
Aislaby [];r . I.SOO tons, llaxfleld, Bremen, ldg
—Wilder & Cos.
Inchmarlo [lsrL 1024 tons, Watson, Liverpool,
Mg—Wilder A Cos.
Tr.poli [BrJ. 1,687 tons, Coates, Liverpool, ldg—
Wilder A Cos.
Norfolk [Br], 1.159 tons. Woolston, at quaran
tine, wtg—Wilder* Cos.
Inchisla [Br], 1.894 tons, McDonald, Bremen, Mg
—A Mims’ Sons.
Washington City [Br], 1,411 tons, Rowe, Reval,
Mg—A Minis’ Suns.
Elton [Bj-j, 1,596 tons, Campbell, Barcelona, ldg
—A Minis’ Sons.
Dalegarth [Br!, 1,436 tons, Rowe, Genoa, ldg—
A Minis' Sous.
Southery [8r],1,347 tons, , at Tybee, wig—
A. Minis’ Sons
Twenty-four steamships.
Daphne [Nor], 523 tons, Madsen, at Tybee, wtg
—Cur G Dahl* Cos
Mary Stewart [Nor], 996 tons, Jensen, at Tybee,
wtg—Chr G Dab! A Cos.
Van den Berg lGrj, 436 tons, Ilopf, Europe,
ldg— Chr G i lain * Cos.
El ira lltal], 439 tons, Astarita, Europe, ldg—
Chr G Dahl & Cos.
PraesMeat Trosicn [Oer], 436 tons. Niejahr,
Europe, ldg-Clir G Dahl A Cos.
Themis [Nor], 527 tons, Weibye, Europe, Mg—
Cnr (i Dahl A Cos.
Hiram [Nor], 667 tons, CarLsen. Europe, ldg—
Chr Dahl & Cos.
Tros [Nor], 637 tons, Ilerlofsen, Europe, ldg—
Chr G Dahl A Cos.
Nebo [Nor], 590 tons, Talaksen, at quarantine,
wtg—Chr G Dahl A Cos.
Zanrak i Nor], 596 tons, Matthiesen, at quaran
tine. wtg -Cur (• Dahl A Cos.
Teutonia f.NorJ, 632 tons, Gregerson, Europe, Mg
—strachan A Cos.
Maimea [Nor], 630 tons, Blrkeland, Java, ldg
—Strachan A Cos.
Belamino [Argl, 836 tons, Mattos, Oporto and
Mario, ll_—J Cuyas.
Edward A. Sanchez, 468 tons, Steelman, Balti
more. dis—E. B. Hunting A Cos.
Carmel [Nor], ,57 tons. Anderson, Europe, ldg—
A Minis’ Sous.
Rimfaxe [Nor], 513 tons, Aanonson, Europe, ldg
—A Minis' Sons.
Ascalon [Nor], 945 tons, Balberin, Bristol, cld—
—A. Minis’ Sons.
Ellida [Nor], 664 tons, Thorsen, at quarantine,
wtg—A. Minis’ Sons.
Agder [Nor], 548 tons, Hansen, Europe, ldg—
Scott [Nor], 630 tons, Olsen, at quarantine, wtg
Kirsten [Nor], 969 tons, Jacobson, Queenstown’
ldg—Paterson, Downing A Cos.
Halineu Kolleti [Nor). 884 tons, Hansen, Eu
rope, Mg—Paterson, Downing A Cos.
Twenty-two barns.
John I Snow 186 tons, Hinkley, Nuevitas, Mg
—Geo ilarriss A Cos.
John S Deering, 455 tons, Arey, New York, ldg
—Geo Hartxss A Cos
John H. May, 345 tons, Riggs, Philadelphia, ldg
—Geo Ilarriss A C >.
Three Sisters. 802 tons, Simpson, Wilmington,
Dei, ldg—Geo ilarriss A Cos.
Nimrod, 279 tons, Ealker, New York, Mg—Geo
Hr.rriss A Cos.
Ruth Shaw, 365 tons. Blake, in distress—Jos A
Roberts A Cos.
Edward P Avery, 517 tons, Hawley. New York,
idg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Win H. Summer, 543 tons, Scott, New York,
Mg - Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Emma C Knowles, 583 tons, Mayhow, Balti
more, Mg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Ida Lawrence, 489 touu, Campbell, Baltimore,
Mg—Dale, Dixon A Cos.
Island City, 406 tons, Vborbees, Baltimore, dis—
Dale, liiron A Cos.
Eleven schooners.
Vern on a Jarbsau la “Starlight” and the
"Widows” Next Week.
The sale of seats for Varcona Jarbeau,two
nights and a matinee engagement, Monday
and Tuesday, will begin this morning. Mon
day night and Tuesday matinee ” Star
light” will be the attraction.
night the “IV idowa” wiil be presented.
“Starlight” has been starring
through the country for the last five year?.
It comes to Savannah this year
trimmed up and freshened with new
features, jokes and comedians. Another
element ia “Starlight” welcome to the occu
pants of the first rows is a generous displav
of limbs of various degree? of generosity,
from the neat slimness of the pretty little
jig dancer to the expansive ess of others in
the oast not so easily identified. Miss
Jarbeati herself withholds her favors in
that respect to the last aot.
Miss Jarbeau’s oompany is of that pecul
iar diversified character which is suited to
the play. The audience is treated to indi
vidualities, each having an interest of its
own, and indeed so equal is the merit in
some of the leading roles that it is difficult
to say which is the most oaptivating where
ail tickle the risible faculties to an unusual
Florida’s Official Returns.
Tall ah asses:, Fla., Oct. 31. —Complete
returns from the stats olection show a total
vote of 40,641. Mitchell, dem., has ”2,045;
Baskin, third party, 8,277; Hawley, pro.,
300; scattering 10; Mitchell’s plurality, 23,-
777; Mitcheli’s majority, 23,467.
The legislature stands, 95 democrats, I re
publican aud 4 third partyites.
Mrs. Stephans Must Stand Trial.
Rome, Ga., Oct. 21.—The grand jury has
found two true bills against Mrs. Jessio
Stephens, one as accessory to tba murdor of
her husband, for which her paramour,
Frank Wilkinson, has recently been con
victed. aud the other for adultery. It was
learned this evening that Mrs. Stephens had
hoard of the indictments and had fled.
A Murder Trial at Ocala.
Ocara, Fla., Oot. 21.—The trial of
Scruggs for the murder of Alonzo Clark is
oreatlng considerable interest, os he is a
professional pool player.
Something to look out for —•
tbo fraudulent imitations, dilu
tions, and substitutes that ore
sold as Dr. Pierce’s genuine
medicines, at less than the re
gular prices.,
To protect the public from
fraud and deception, these gen
uine guaranteed medicines are
A now sold only through drug
jfAd gists regularly authorized as
agents, and always at those
#V v. . long-established prices:
Ur. Pierce’s Golden Medical
dfSr Discovery (for the liver, blood
and lungs), *I.OO. Dr. Pierce’s
Favorite Prescription (for wo
man’s weaknesses, irregularities
and ailments), *I.OO. Doctor
jiff Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets (for
the liver, stomach aud bowels),
25 cents a vial.
Bgpwjs But they cost you nothing,
f ' Wl Mif they don't help you. *They’re
Sl'.yj M guaranteed to benefit og cure,
/WjY'sl *or the money is returned.
fftyjfl They’re the cheapest medicines
WY4 V 1 yoU cnn buy, for you pay only
Bno# for the good you get —but
Ell wl they’re the best, too, or they
■sTjr couldn’t be sold eu such taruyt,
Local Record for the Morning News .
Looal forecast for Savannah and vicinity :
Generally fair; stationary temperature;
variable winds.
Official forecast for Georgia: Gen
erally fair; east winds.
Oemperteoa of neon ceinwavirv at B*v*n
nah. Ga. Oat 21, 1392, an 1 the mean of the
some lay for nineteen vein:
Msam TsWßatTcna 'SSTST ' &
■ '■ - normal . <ou.,
for 19 years Oct. 21. ’92 -|-or |
.66 J ”2 77 | -358
Amount j fcKStt?
for 19 years IJoL •„>, ißjj.
__ __ _ ~ ~
12 | .09 —.12 —8.13
Maximum temperature. Si’, minimum tem
perature. 61*
The hight of the Savannah river at
Augusta at Bam. (75th meruiiau time) was
6.2 feet, being no change during the pre
ceding twenty-four hours.
TbeCotton Bulletin for twmtv-four hour?
ending lip. m.Get.21.1892. 75tn Meridian time.
Observation taken at the same moment of
time at all stations.
Districts. Avkkaok.
Names. M **- Min - Raij -
Tem P’ re<u ‘ f4U ’
Atlanta 9 j 82 00 *T
Augusta 11 ] 84 60 .00
Charleston 6 8i 60 .00
Galveston 17 ! 80 66 .31
Little Rock 1! 72 60 I .80
Memphis 13 7S 56 *T
.Mobile 8 80 56 , .00
Montgomery 7 84 68 .00
New Orleans 11 86 60 .01
Savannah 12 | 84 68 .00
Vicksburg 6 84 60 . 00
Wilmington 10 76 54 , ]'T
Summary. J
stations op Max. ! Mia. jKain-
SAvanhah distiuct. Temp Temp j fad.
Alapaha 82 54 ! .00
Albany 84 62 | .00
Americus .. 1 ...
Bainbridge 82 56 | .00
Cordel# 84 64 | .00
Eastman 90’ 66 .00
Fort Gaiues Si 56 : .00
Gainesville. F1a.,.. 82 62 .00
Millen 88 54 .00
Sluitman 82 54 .09
avannah 84 01 j .00
Thomasville. 88 54 . 00
Waycross 80 58 .00
Obiarratloas t** m as tu u i moment Of
tlffieetaUmtiasu fortes Sana
Oot. <l. f:88 r. m. eltr Jims.
DirCUoa - B
V r eiocity. P ‘
Boston 50! W 8| .00 Cloudless.
New York City.... 56 NW :i *T Cloudless.
Philadelphia 58 NW 8 00 Cloudless.
WasblaKtou City.. 52NWjL .00 Clouiliess.
Norfolk... 58lN Ei L .00; Cloudless.
Hatteras 62 N E 6 (X) Cloudless.
Wilmingtmi 60INE10 *T Cloudless.
Charlotte 62i E 1 6 .00 Cloudless.
Charleston.. 72 SW L .00 Cloudless.
Atlanta 76!S E' L .00 Cloud less.
Aujfusta 72tOm .00 Cloudy.
Bataksah 7018 E, 0 .00 Cloudless.
Jacksonville 7* NE I, .00 Cloudless.
Titusytlie. 72!n Eiioj .02 Raiuine.
Jupiter 78i E jiß| .00 Pt’ly cloudy
Key West goj E IHi *T Cloudless.
Tampa 7iNE'l2: .00 Cloudy.
Pensacola 70 S E I. .00 Pt’iy cloudy
Mobil* 7 1 Si. .00 Cloudless.
Montgomery 74INE:L .00 Cloudless.
Meridian 7'j;3 Fc L .00 cloudless.
Vicksburw 76 N E 6! 00:Cloudless.
New Orisans 74:74 Kj 8 .00 Cloudless.
Fort Smith 64 E \LI. 14 Cloudless.
Galveston 78iS 6 *TiClrjudiesß.
Corpus Cnristl 80SF:,18 .o'kloudy.
Palostino 7S i SW!I .06 ‘Cloudless.
Memphis 00 N E 6, *T Cloudless.
Nashville,., 6'N E 1 ! ! .00 Cloudless.
Knoxville 64jN E| 8’ .OljCloudlees.
Indianapolis 5* 8 E LI OO Uloudless.
Olneinnatl 60 N E 6 .0.1 .Cloudless.
Pittsburg 58 NW L| .OoUloudless.
Buffalo... SSiSWIP ,00iCloudless.
Cleveland 62! S 61 .001 Cloudless. •
Detroit. 54 8 W 8l ,00jCloudlss.
8 1 .001 Cloudless.
Marquette. 46 N 6| .00 Cloud lees.
St. Paul S L .OO Cloudless.
Daren sort 50 Cm i OOlCleudless.
8h Louis 58 K 6i *Tlßaining.
Kansas City 86(N E . *T,Cloudy.
Omaha. 62’ 8 6 .OOlCloudless.
north Platte 54 NW l! .On Cloudless.
Dodge City 4N E L .OO Cloudless.
Bismarck eo'NW; g| .QolCloudlets.
•Tdenotes trace of rain or snow.
P. H. Surra. Observer. Weather Bureau.
U. S. Department of Aorioulturb, j
Weather Bureau, V
Savannah, Ga.. Oct. 31, 10 p. m. )
At 8 o’olock p m., cloudy weather pro
vailed in Middle and Western Tennessee,
Western Arkansas, Missouri, Northweastern
Georgia and at Tampa and Titusville, Kia.,
with rain falling at cSt. Louis, Fort Smith
and Titusyilla Elsewhere generally clear
weather was reported. The pressure is
lowest over Eastern Texas, and highest iu
the extreme northwest.
During the twenty-four hours ending at
6 o’clock p. m. to-day rain fell In tbo Little
Kook, Galveston aud New Orleans cotton
region dlstriots: elsewhere in the cotton
belt generally fair weather prevailed. The
following heavy rainfalls are reported in
the Galveston district: Waco 1.60 Inches,
Dallas 1.90 inohes. During the twelve
hours ending at 8 o’olook to-night 1.04
inches of rain fell at Fort bmith.
The maximum temperature at Savannah
to-day was 84’, and the minimum during
Thursday night 61", the mean temperature
being 72'’, 6” above the normal.
The foreoast for Savannah and vicinity is:
Generally fair; stationary temperature,
variable winds. P. H. Hu vru,
Observer, Weather Bureau.
KBifi} * * Nothing docs it
itmLniiml. go Troll, s safely
j* * * pflisoN sangas
1 Far tbreo yosrs I wax troukbd with mxlarlii peison,
9E which n.-.-s my Appetite t fail, and 1 was greatly re.
w dveed In flesh, and life Install itschamis. Itried mer-
AJctirialand potash remedies, but torn effect. 1 could get
y3 nerellef. I then tried KfAjfflgCje] A few bottles of till*
* wonderful medicine ma and e n complete
tfand ,—^..n-....... r)C4ff,ir> 4xl*"*’ 1 new enjoy
ft better health than even J, A. RICE. Ottawa, Kan.
q Our book en Blood aod Skin diseases mailed free.
t ! o F i.a. , Ootaber 19, 1892 —Scaled proposals
for dredgin? in Tampa Bay. Fla , will b<s re
coiyed at this office until 12 o’clcck noon on
November 19, 1692. and then publicly opened.
Specifications blank forms and all available in
formation will bo furnished on application to
this office. J. C- MALLERY, Major, Corps of
Engineers, U. 8. A.
o Fi.a., October 19, 1892. —Sealed preposols
for furnishing rock and constructing a dyUo at
the Northwest Channel entrance to the harbo*
at Key West, Fla,, will be recolvo i at this office
until 12 o'clock neon, November 19, 1992, and
then puhiljly opened. Specifications, blank
firms, and all available infernaation will be
furnished on application to this office. J. C.
MALI.FRY, Major. Oerpsof Engineers. U. 8 A.
J • tins, Fi.a., oototier 19, 1892. Sealed
proposals for furnishing labor and material for
dredging In the Upper 8t John s River and at
Volusia Bar, Fla . and for repairing the row of
fender piles at Volusia Bar. T3a.,w11l be received
at this office until IS noon, oa November 19. J 992,
and then publicly openad. Specifications, blank
forms, and all available Information will.be fur
nished on applloatiou to this office. J. C MAU
LER Y, Major, Corps at Engineers,-C. 8. A.
Tt is only a smtill part of the earth. Everybody can secure a part of it for a small consideration. each. They aro splendidly situated for truck gardening-, aud abut on a well-built highway. The Savannah river particulars Itwiil nawnnindoisn ThinwsnnnnnrtnnH-t.f. • . , , ~ . ,
“ ‘Uncle Bam’ is not rich enough to buv us all a farm,” aud the old time fable of a donation of ”40 acres and bounds this highway ou the north, and sufficient space is reserved along the river front for the use of fanners in careful attention f know of nntbintr likp it
B mule” is no longer believed, but a thrifty and economical man can get his acres, and the mule too, if lie will watch shipping their vegetables and other truck. The Charleston aud Savannah Railway and Augusta road intersect this > “ so alter you have called on ine.
the opportunity. I present tlie opportunity: Hereafter there will not be the “shadow of au excuse,” if you property, affording the best facilities for transportation of fruits, vegetables, melons, etc., to the city or to northern O [— I F - ") R S E "1 T
are landless. The map below is that or“. The Grange” plantation, divided into farm lots. The lots are about 5 acres markets. The price asked for a lot is very reasonable and the terms of pa vment most favorable. Don’t fall to find out v 1 1 ” V "Tntrr 7 . TnrrT
- 142 CUNtantbb o I nth I.
1 ;i 2o y - •llj-| |ITT l K
% ,T I I ' RESERVED la
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-1 Jt-T/JJi! - 777
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i ! 7 <5 21) '
246;810 12 14 lj£T7 90 26 23 30 32 84 3(5 38 40 12 44 48 48 50 52 54 58 58 80 62 ’Ol 66 870 727476788082848088 90 92 94 96 98 100 102 104 T
4 9a 5 r 6 a 6a 6.1a 61a 6.1a 4.4a 1:2 I j, I 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.8 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.6 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a 4.7 a |4 7 a 7 a 47a 4 7a 47 a 4.7 a 47 a 47 a a- a . - „
91 ’ ’ /
111 5 - 8a i RESERVED <
- l IfliU 1 J —. I. -I—l L L_LJ I ! ii / 07
It you want one of those Over
coats wh ich we are now selling so
remarkably cheao better call at
once, as they are ranidly beingr
closed out.
Bargains like these don’t re
main on the counters until the
goods are needed. If you want
one it is absolutely essential to
buy it very soon; after a few more
days there won’t beany left.
advertisements. IS WnM> or morn, in
Ibis column inwrtad for ONE GENT A WORD,
Oaah in Ailvance, eaoli lusortinn.
iCvx.i f \ ~-ly who lia* any waut to supply, any
thing to buy or sell, any business or aooummo
uatinns to lecun-; inil ed, any wish to gratify,
aboulfl ■i.lynrtUn in tlila ooluma.
( 1 °*° h< ’<lji" r D‘ r for fine cabinet photo
vs graphs; olieapest ami belt; *2 60 paya for
one dozen flue oabmets. with privilege of life
Dio crayon froe; views taken m either city or
s or, o ‘’, N WILSON. 21 Bull
btroet, Hamniiah, (jft.
CHOKa’ HAND complete in twenty lessons by
hecatur. Qa 8 f ° r torm ’’ Loci b,JI 205 ’
1 HaSON, specialist, cy, ear none and
NB& <Wh " ,U ‘ >e‘*t.r.oity
/ \UR link of K>y West cigsre win ftirm
' / the moat exactin* judxe. We are sol
a K ents fur Uorrancu & Co.’s “El Krogfresso”
factory \N are in a position to trire best valuo
for the priew. M. LAVIN’H ESTATE.
HpAKK A RIDE to Me <>f H<M by electlio
I cars every afternoon—l, 2:30, 4 aud 5:30
I> n)._
\\, E have the sole aeronoy for I3arranco A
T Cos. s "F.l Frofreaaa” Factory Key West
ljf'sTsT^fT° ial torm * 10 Al. LAV
1 \U YOU want a srood overooet?” I have
I ' one hundred and fifty unredeemed,
Which I Offer for sale at s;> 85 each. The old
reliable pawnbroker house, 179 Congress street.
L. MLHIaBERO, Manager.
WE ara solo agents tor in ported Lowenbrau
and Imperial beers, George Goulet,
(’harlefl liddnelotr, (Jarte Blanch# and Cabinet
Sect chainpagues, aohuyikUl Malt whlaky, l >e
rH>to, C>ld Wilson and ether brand# of rye whls-
\X7ANTF-DJ a •white girl without incnn
> v berancea and nut afraid of work. Apply
at j?3 Libor y street.
WANTED, koo<l cook, with good reference;
7 * accustomed to attend to dining room.
67 Jones.
Wl ANTED, two advertising a >lioirord, ore < x
> v iierlenced sonnlo writo-up (lady or ge i—
man) for R. It. Tourist publication. A. B.
TEBISETTB, I>e Boto hotel.
A\ r ANTED, a settled colored woman to go in
t oouutry for a family. Apply at 58 State
Ktroet, between 7:3Jand 'J o’clock this morn In y.
VIF ANTED, 150 men, 10 small boy#, IU anmli
▼ v girls, 10 colored men. 10 colored hoy# to
take part in the “Fall of Nineveh’ with “4
PAW’ 1 SHOWS Oct 24. Apply to CAPTAIN
OF SUPERNUMERARIES on show ground# at
9 a. in. day of exhibition.
ADIES desiring noine employment such aa
I j writing, mailing an ! addressing circulars,
etc , may address us In own handwriting, with
■tamped envalopa. ' >od wages. WOMAN'S
Pond, Ind. P. H -We also want few reliable
women to acf as agent#.
II r ANTED—VViJo awake workers everywhere
the WORLD’*: the greatest book on earth;
costing f 100,000, cash or installment#; a bonanza
forth# holidays; agent# coining money; mam
moth illustrated circulars and terms free;
worker# wild with success. Mr King O’Lory,
Altoona, Pa., cleared $1,500 in six weeks; Hav
Joseph Walters, Nantucket, Mas# , slrt) in
seventeen hour#; Miss L. Z. Brown, Lo Angeles,
OaL, S7B first day. Magnificent outfit only sl.
Goods on credit. Address GLOBE BIBLE
street, Philadelphia, Pa., or No. 858 Dearborn
street, Chicago, 111.
Wl ANTED, salesmen with large trade, to sell
▼ v shoes in Alabama. WELMER, WRIGHT
A W.VTKINtf, Philadelphia. Pa.
BESIDES keeping the finest stock of wines,
liquors and cigars, we have special tics for
which wo are sole agents. M LAVIN’B ES
TATE, 80 Bay street.
Y XT ANTED, you to express your old clothes to
TV us to clean or dye without ripping; dyo
nny shade or tint In cotton, silk or wool; repair
men’s clothing; we oav expressage both ways
to any point In America; write for catalogue.
(Mention this paper.) McEWEN’9 STEAM
DYE WORKS, Nashville, Term. _
Y\ r ANTED, the public to know that our wines
T V and liquors are prescribed by the physi
cians. M. LAVIS’3 ESTATE
ISf )R RENT, flat four connecting rooms, §ac
’ ond floor, fronting south ou square; newly
painted and In thorough repair; water, gas.
Lath room. So Harris street.
TT'OR RENT, flat three or four rooms; Tatt-
I nail and Harris.
IjTRONT ROOM on parlor 110 r. uufuruiilied;
1 suitable for gentleman and wife. 157 Ferry
rjpWO ROOMS, one on parlor floor snd one In
I basement: suitable for light housekeeping.
157 Ferry street.
| ’LAT of uafurnlshed rooms for rent. 193
I 1 Ferry street.
■ ■■ 1 -■ ii.i-i—.in n a
TNOR KENT, house corner Lincoln and Second
i streets. Apply at premises.
r|i() KENT, frame house on Harris street, nonr
I Montgomery street- six rooms. Apply No.
156 Congress street.
l.'uß RENT, house at) Charlton street. G. H.
NO. 56 Waldburg street; possession at once.
NORTON FRIERSON, 70 Bay street.
r pHAT desirable resi lence corner Bull and
1. Gaston streets, lacing the park; finest
locatiou in Savanna). Apply FOLUER A
GIRARDEAU, Board f Trade.
|,''OR RENT, residence No. 104 Harris street.
Jr in iWLAND A MVF.RS. 182 Bryan street.
J/h lit KENT. Store No. 131 Yorkstreet.be-
I twoen Bull and Whitaker streets. J. F.
I,'UR if NT, dwelling No. 23 Bay, and store
r 170 Bay street, west of Barnard. G. H.
RIWSHABT. 118 Bryan street.
J NOR KENT, the promises now oceupted by
V tbe Germania Bonk; possession given Dec.
1. For further particulars apply at the GEH
rpO KENT—CoI. Estill’s house at Tybee can be
1 rented by an acceptable tenant from this
time until next summer at a very moderate
rent. The location is convenient for all pur
poses and the house is in nice order. Apply to
or address F. G. BELL, Morning News.
Handsome House
hold Furniture.
On the prwnisfj, 88 Bolton Street, corner of
hot and oold wa(er attachments, TABLE, SAFE,
RKFRIOERATOK, Etc , Eto , Etc.
TUESDAY, 25th OCTOBER. 1892, AT It
OTORK and dwelllaff. corner Wayne and
O Whitaker Rtreete; jroorl stand for any busi
POU RENT, that deelrahle residence on the
I northeast corner ef Barnard and I lame
street-. Poise—loa gi.en Nov. I. Apply to L.
W. LANDERSHINE, Executor, at Savannah
Bank nr 1 Trust r ’ rmpany
ICOR RENT, dwoUiut- corner Duffy and Bull.
1 Apply to H.F. TRAIN, 125 Now iloustoa
BICYCLES TO RENT—Bicycles at oost. Tel
ephone 656. C. 8. RICHMOND, opposite
poet office, upstairs.
•■■.. li■ i ... p X i. _, ii i t ——m
tj' , Oß SA I.P, at auotlon, two One sots of par.
I lor furniture, elegant walnut foldloK bed,
and very pretty sideboard. C. H. DOR3ETT,
i'WEET POTATOES In any quantity. J. F„
UUILMAHTIN A CO.’S Stablee and Stock
'I'WO new eloops for sale, one about ton ton*
" and one about seventeen tone. Apply aft
N. PAULSEN'S, market dock.
1?OR KA I.F, a iiour-e, centrally looalerl oq
Habersham street, or will exchange for a
bouse In the southern part of the city. Address
J. F W., News office.
L'olt SALE, the largest and beet a-sorterl
* stock of White Hne Saah, Doors, BUndak
Moldings, eto. etc.. In the south. Also all
standard breeds of 15ire White Leads, oalom,
dry and In all Allied Paints, Varnishes, etc.
Mill suppUeu. Builders' hardware is my
siieclaity Lime, Plaster and Hair. Dlreotinv
-1 . rtatPms of ltoeendale and Portland Coment.
Sewer, Culvert and Flue Pipe, all sixes, bemls,
traps, Te, eto. (Jail or write for mv prloee, and
Gt estlinutee before buying. ANDREW HAN
1/oli BALK, at auction on Monday, 34th.
glint's, hats, dry goods, clothing and furni
ture. See Monday's adyertlaement. G. H.
DORSETT, auclionscr.
I/oK SALE. California claret, |S 50 par oase:
r Imported and American ginger aiea and
beers. I'he Unset stock of Kay West cigars in
the city. M. LATIN 8 ESTATE. Tslephona
IOST. after breaking up buggy at Tliunder
jt bolt yesterday, bay horse with white hind
feat, bucksKlu roll* on front legs, long tail:
portions ot harness may be found on him. If
found notiry owner or return him to IHO St.
Julian street, who will pay liberal reward, bi ff
—-J . " L J. U .!■' .1
I/O UNO, bateau drifting down river, neas
I 1 market dock. Owner can have same by
paying expenses. 0. HAY, corner Haborshans
and York streets.
.VI l St. iU. LAN kOU.
(' ANAHY bird* and cares, a oboice selection
WL> at GARDNER'S, llff Houghton.
r/L01tll)A ourlos, orange canes, fine pookeO
. hooks, shoppies nags of the latest atyins
and many attractive articles for useful presents^
at GARDNER S, 118 Broughton.
BEFORE you buy or sail property consult!
HUBERT H. TATEM, Real Estate Dealer
and Auetleneer.
ONION sets and garden seeds of all kinds at
GARDNER'S, lit Broughton.
IMPERIAL beer and Virginia Rook Spring
minsral water ara sold by all 3ret-class
clubs, hotels, saloons and stores. M. LAVIN'3
ESTATE, sole agmt.
SMOKERS, examine these meerschaum pipes
at GARDNER'S, 118 Broughton.
I/LOWERSand Eaacy ferns. Floral design*
I for all oocasloas ai short notice at Strong’*
pbannaor. GEORGE WAGNER, Thunderbolt
road. Telephone 4*4.
(1 KOKGIA, Chatham Cocntv.—Whereas,
X THUS. C. FARR has applied to Court
of Ordinary for Letters of Administra
tion on the estate of RICHARD B. FARR, de
These are. therefore, to cite and admonish all
whom It may concern to be and appear before
said court to make objection (If any they havei
on or before the FIRST MONDAY IN NOVEM
BER NEXT, otherwise said letters will be
Witness the Honorable Hampton L. F*rb!i,l,
Ordinary for 1, hat ham County, this the 30th day
of September, 13113.
/"l EOROIA, Chatham County. I.A VIVIA
V.I ERASER has applied to Court of Ordi
nary for twelve months’ maintenance and sup
port for herself out of the estate of SAMUEL
E E RASER, deceased. Appraisers have mado
return allowing same.
These are. theref re. to cite all whom It may
concern to appear before said court to make
objection on or before FIRST MONDAY INT
NOVEMBER NEXT, otherwise same will be
Witness the Honarable Hampton L. Eerriil.
Ordinary for Chatham County, this 7th day of
October 1892. FRANK E. KEILBACH,
_ _ Clerk C, O, C. Cos,
("4 EOROIA, Chatham COUNTY. Whereas.
X FLORENCE O. BOGART has applied to
< lourt of < irdlnary for Letters of Adminis
tration cum testainvnto annexo on the estate ol
WILLIAM S. Bui;ART, deceased:
Thsse are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all whom it may concern to be and ap
pear before said court to mage objection (If
Any they hare) on or before the FIRST MON
DAY IN NOVEMBER NEXT, otherwise said
letters will be granted.
Witness, the Honorable Hampton L. Fchhu.u
Ordinary forChatham County, this the 30th day
of ." eptember, 1802.
__ Clerk C. Q„ C. C.
/ 4 EOROIA, Chatham County—aNNlE DOERe
VI N'ER lias applied to the Court of Ordinary
for twelve mom s' maintenance and support!
for herself and minor children out of the eßiate
of HENRY' DOERKER. deceased. Appraiser*
have male return allowing the same.
Thane are, therer ire, to cite all whom It may
concern to appear Uetore said court to make ob
jection on or before FIRST MONDAY IN NO
VEMBER NEXT,otherwise same will bo granted.
Witness the Honorable Hampton L. Fkrriu-
Ordinary for Chatham county, thla 7th day of
October, 1882. FRANK E. KEILBACH.
Clerk 0. O, C. Cos.
Removed to 173-175 Bay,

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