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five Thousand Casks of Spirits Tur
pentine Disposed of.
Rosin Market Dull and Nesrlected,
but Price* Remain Firm and Un
changed Cotton Quiet With a
Slight Demand Below the Market
price— Railway Stocks Advanced on
t he New York Exchange-Excite
ment in American Distillers’ Stocks.
Grain Sustains Losses on the Day.
0 savannah. Aug. 27.—The only feature In the
local market was the reported sale of ft.OuO
casks of spirits turpentine at private terms.
Rosin was quiet and dull, with prices firm
and unchanged. Cotton was easy, with very
little demand at quotations. There was an
advance in corn products and flour. Other
ta'kets were steady and unchanged.
till grain was led to lower prices by the
feline in wheat. The market for the latter
as within narrow limits, and very irregular.
It lost >[email protected] 'ic. Com declined ®. for futures,
out the cash market gained lc. a bushel. Oats
„ere uninteresting and lower. Provisions
showed strength and closed higher.
the endeavor of short interests to cover,
aided by. good reports of earnings, carried
railway stocks upward on the New York
exchange The market closed with specula
tion strong. Distillers had snarp fluctuations
and an excited market on account of con
trary reports about the trust securing the
money to take their goods out of bond.
Liverpool gave no encourgement to cotton,
and a little decline was sustained. The only
encouragement to be derived from the de
pressed condition of the market is the buoy
ant feeling of the whole country, and the be
lief that a change must come.
The following resume of the different mar
kets will show the tone and the quotations at
the close to-day:
The local market was quiet and easy, with
a moderate demand at prices below- quota
tions. The receipts, both loi al receipts and
at the ports, were the largest since new cotton
began to arrive. Savannah received 304 bales
of new crop cotton out of a total of 388 bales.
The sales for the day were 160 bales. At the
Cotton Exchange, at the regular call, the
market was quoted as follows:
lone, easy; new cotton He lower-
Middling fair 7
Good middling 6%
Middling 6VJ
Lowmiddling ! 6H
Good ordinary SJ
Comparative Cotton Statement.
Receipts, Exports and Stock on hand Aug 27, 1894, and for
the Same Time Last Year.
1893- ’94. 1892- ’93.
Sea Upland. Sea Upland.
Island. Island
Stock on hand Sept. 1 ... 1,412 9.520 1,795 7.78*
Received to day 388 632
Received previously. 51,248 913.958 35,766 753,325
Total 55,660 923.86) J 7.561 761.9(g)
Exported to-day 15
;Exported previously 54,946i 917,143 36,162 753,398:
Total 51.846 917,163 36 162 753,398
!stock on hand and on
board ship this day [ 814| 6.703 1,399 8,543
Tone. Price. Ree. Sales. Stock.
Galveston. Quiet 69-16 2.110 72 15,220
N. Orleans. Quiet 2.089 £OO 28.136
Mobile Dull 12 2 283
Savannah.. •Easy 6<* 387 160 1\ 577
Charleston Quiet 8* 113 50 11,598
WUm gton.isteadv 64a 4 1457
Norfolk ..Quiet 8 11-16 40 1863
Baltimore.. Nom’l 14 8’732
New York Dull 6 15-16 765 06 714
Boston ... Quiet 7 14
Pbilad’a... Steady 7% .... 3N278
Various ICO ’79
Total Aug. 27,’94 4,869 1.347 176,786
•New cotton L a lower.
Receipts this day last year 3.571
Receipts for 3 days this week 7.077
Receipts 3 days same week last year... 5,408
Stocks at ail ports this day last year.. 247,070
daily movement of cotton at interior.
Tone. Price. Rec Sales. Stock.
Augusta Quiet 6>s 162 3 2.376
Memphis. ...Nomi 6 5 s 9 100 4,5:5
St. Louis.Qt&Si’dv 19.272
Cincinnati.. Steady 74 58 .... 2,967
Houston Quiet 6 9-16 1.827 153 7,532
Louisville.. Steady 7
Atlanta Nom’l 6 9-16 .. .. ....
Gr. Brit Fr'nce. Cont. C’st
Savannah 15
Norfolk 255
Boston 4 ...
Total 4 270
Total exp'ts thus
far this week.. 4 3.319
Liverpool, Aug. 27, noon.—Cotton—Quiet;
fret- supdly offering; prices unchanged; Amer
ican middling, 327 32d; sales. K',ooo bales;
American. 8,700 bales; speculation and ex
port. 500 bales; receipts, 4,uuo bales; Amer
ican. 800 bales. Futures opened steady; de
mand poor. •
Futures—American middling fair, low mid
ling clause: August. —d; August and
September, 3 49-tS4U, also.) 48 6:1; September
and October. 349 64d, also 348 il4il; Octo
i?r and November. 3 49-tMd, also 3 48-64d;
November and December, 3 50-64d. also
3(9-64:1; December and January 3 50-64d, also
•) 49-64d, January and February, 3 51-64d,
also 3 NM54d; February and March, 352 64d,
also 3 51-64d; March and April. 3 53-64d, also
352 64d. Tenders at to-day’s clearings were
690 bales new dockets.
* p. m.—Cotton, American middling fair,
♦hd; good middling, 3 15-I6d; middling,
3 27-j2d: low middling, 3’4d; good ordinary,
ordinary, 3 7 led.
Futures—American middling fair, low mid
dling clause: August, 3 4u-64d, bid; Au
gust and September, 34 8 64®3 49-64d; Sep
tember and October, 347 C4y.3 48 64d: October
and November, 3 48 64d. buyers; November
and December, 34 [email protected] 49-64(1; December
and January, 3 49-64>f3 o04!4d; January and
rebruary, 3 51-64d. sellers; February and
March. 3 52-64®3 53-6ld; March an l April,
a :H 04d, sellers. Futures at the closing were
New York, Aug. 27, noon.—Cotton futures
opened steady, ns follows: September, 6 lire;
October, 6 73c; November, 6 79c; December.
68 c. January. 6 91c: February. 6 97c.
New York. Aug. 27, 4 p. m - -Cotton futures
Closed hull, with sales of ud.auu bales,
J 8 follows: August. 6 5,-®6 59c; September.
6';® 61c; October, 6 6t*@6 67c: November.
6 -4 44,6 75c; December, 6 ,e®6 B<Jc: January,
, ’ 18 h 7c: February, 6 9’.'®6 9Jc; March,699c;
April. 7 tsc.
New Orleans, Aug. 27.—Cotton futures
r.osed dull, with sales of 18.5:0
calcs, as follows: August 1; 37e, September
’ Jie. October 8 31c, November 6 39c. De
cember 6 i2c, January 6 5 c, February 6 59c,
March 6 65c, April 8 71c, May 6 77c, June 6 83c.
July 6 89c.
New York. Aug. 27.—The Sun's cotton re
to-dav Hays: Cotton declined 6 to 7
o nts and closed dull but steady; sales, 66.-
[y;'ones. Liverpool was % point higher on
months early ln the day and point
m some cases later on. closing barely
Moi 1 i V °n the spot 10.000 bales at
' aay and unchanged prices, ln Manchester
.arns were dull but mm, and cloths quiet
•"•'■elpts at the ports 4.869 bales aga ust 2,ssl
i 's this day last week und 3,571 bales last
v. Hr SP° l cotton here was 1 16c lower.
' dies 100 bales for export and 666 bales for
Diming, Sojthern markets were and ill. The
9, service predicted generally fair
,' “'Ler in the cotton belt during ihe next
e *]ty four hours. To-day's features: The
ih, l ." nc was due largeh to liberal receipts at
" l"*rts Moreover, trade was uull and crop
“ 8 "as mo-e favorable. >pot prtees were
n .1 *■ or less depressed here and al the south.
' | '* r >' goods situation is more favorable.
■ i s *ine of the New England mills notauly
*! n New Bedford, are lower and are not
"Mrtlag up again.”
ten 1 ;* y or k. Aug. 27 Rlordan * Cos. say of cot
nto fiav; With no bad crop news and with
, fDoniagement fiom Liverpool prices
4 slued u little to day. January opened ut
6lc and closed at 6 [email protected] 87c. with the tone
Altt >°ugh today's trading
* n a moderate decline, the feel*
tng that it ts dangerous to be short at these
££££•* unmistakably gaming ground.
People think we are about at the end of the
long lane of stagnation and depression end
that we may nnu ourselves confronted with a
business boom at any dav. In such a case
cotton may make a lively jump. Asa matter
of fact some of the strongest houses in this
market, hitherto bearish, are now openly
arravedon the bull side. Thev urge that the
world can stand a big crop But will it not be
too big.- that is the question.”
Naval Stores.
Spirits turpentine-The market opened
quiet with no inquiry at the quoted price, out
at the close there were sales of 5.000 casks at
private terms posted at the Board of Trade.
Ine name of the purchaser was not an
nounced and there was considerable guessing
as to who had bought the spirits. It was gen
erally believed among the buyers and some
u ***©factors that the sale was made telow !
the official Quotation. There was some small I
sales made at after the market closed.
At the Hoard of Trade at the first call, at ll
o clock, the market was bulletined Quiet at
*" for regulars, with no sales. At the last !
can at 4 o’clock p. m.. it was bulletined
ttrmly held at 264 c. with sales of S.UX) casks
at private terms.
Hosm—The market was very flat and buy
ers appeared to be holding off for a decline
after the steady advance in prices of last
week. There was no inquiry and no sales re
At the Board of Trade, at the first and last
call, the market was bulletined firm and un
changed. The following were the official quo
A. B, C and D.. .fl 05 IK J 2 05
£ 1 10 M 220
j? 125 N 240
G 140 W. G 255
H 155 W. W 280
I * 1 85 I
naval stores statement.
_ , Spirits. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 11.834 109,977
Received yesterday 73.* 3.060
Received previously 155.492 415.074
Total 167,845 528 111
Exported to-dav 3U 3 ! 85
Exported previously 116.062 413T46
Total 116.373 J 17.131
Stock on hand and on ship-
hoard to day 51.472 110.980
Stock same day last year... 30,792 148 655
Receipts same da> last year.. *
Price spirits turpentine same
day last year 240
‘Storm—no business.
New York. Aug. 27.—Rosin firm and fairly
active; strained, common to good, 11 15®
*1 20. Turpentine dull but steady at 2.®
294 c.
Charleston Aug, 27. Spirits turpentine
firm at 25®; receipts i>s casks. Rosin
good strained firm at 90c; receipts 225 bar
Wilmington, N. C., Aug. 27.—Rosin firm;
strained. 85c; good strained, 90c. Spirits
turpentine, firm at 25® bid; receipts. 85
casks. Tar steady at 41 10. Crude turpentine
quiet; hard $1 00: soft 41 70; virgin, *2 20.
Savannah. Aug. 27.—Money is easy.
Domestic Exchange—The’tone of the mar
ket is steady. Banks are buying at par and
selling at H per cent, premium up to $5,000
and l 10 of 1 per cent, for amounts of $5,000
and over.
Foreign Exchange—Market barelv steady.
The following are net Savannah quotations:
Sterling commercial demand. 44 85;*:
sixty days, $4 84*; ninety davs, HB4 H;
francs. Paris and Havre, sixty days, *5 20;
Swiss, sixty days, $5 21!*: marks, sixty
days, 94 15-16.
Securities—The market is quiet and dull,
with advancing tendency for southwestern.
State Bonds—Georgia 4VJ per cent. 1915,
113 H bid. 114)4 asked; Georgia 7 per cent. 1896,
104 h bid, 105 H asked; Georgia 3H per cent.,
long dates. 98 Did, 98*4 asked.
City Bonds—New Savannah 5 per cent,
quarterly October coupons 10514 bid, 106)4
asked; new Savannah 5 per cent. November
coupons. 105 H bid. 106 asked.
Railroad Bonds —Central Railroad and
Banking Company collateral, gold os. 88 bid.
asked: Central consolidated mortgage 7
per cent., coupons, January and July maturity,
1898, 117 bid. asked; Savannah and West
ern railroad 5 per cent, trust certificates. 53
bid, 54 asked; Savannah. Americus and
Montgomery 6 per cent. 50 bid. 52 asked;
Georgia railroad 6 per cent. 1910, 107 bid, 109
asked; Georgia Southern and Florida first
mortgage 6 per cent. 82 bid, 84 asked;
Montgomery and Eufaula first mortgage 6
per cent, indorsed by Central railroad. 101
bid. asked; Augusta and Knoxville first
mortgage 7 per cent. 100 bid. 101 asked; Ocean
Steamships per cent., due in 1920, 96 bid, 98
asked; Columbus and Rome first mortgage
bonds, indorsed by Central railroad, bid. 41
asked: Columbus and Western 6 per cent.,
guaranteed. 101 bid. asked; City and Sub
urban railway first mortgage 7 per cent.,
bid, 85 asked: Savannah and Atlantic 5 per
cent., indorsed, 25 bid, 40 asked; Electric rail
way first mortgage 6s, bid, asked: South
Georgia and Florida first mortgage 7 per
cent., 106 bid. 107 asked; South Georgia and
Florida second mortgage, 105*4 bid. 103*4
asked: Alabama Midlands. 88 bid. 90asked.
Railroad Stocks—Central common. bid.
18 asked; Augusta and Savannah 7 per cent,
guaranteed, 83 bid. 84*4 asked; Georgia com
mon. 145 bid, 152 asked; Southwestern
7 per cent, guaranteed, including or
der for d'v. 71 bid. 72 asked: Central 6 per
cent, certificates, with order for defaulted
interest. 25 bid. 27(4 asked; Atlanta and
West Point railroad stock. 80 bid. 9.) asked:
Atlanta and West Point 6 per cent, certifi
cates. 89 bid. 93 asked.
Bank Stocks. Etc.—Southern Bank of the
Stato of Georgia, 164 bid, asked: Mer
chants’ National Bank, 92 bid. 93 asked;
Savannah Bank andTrust Comp%py, 102 bid,
103 asked; National Bank of Savannah. 130
bid, 132 asked; Oglethorpe Savings and Trust
Company. 98 bid. 1:0 asked: Citizens' Bank
10J bid, 101 asked: Chatham Real Estate
and Improvement Company. 50)4 bid, 51 asked;
4 ermania Bank, 102 bid. 10! asked;
Chatham Bank. 4CH bid, 47H asked; Savan
nah Construction Company, 74 bid. 75 asked;
Title Guarantee and Loan Company, 75H bid,
New York. Aug. 27, 4 p. m.—Money on call
easy at 1 per cent. The last loan at 1 per
cent, and at the closing was offered at 1 per
Prime mercantile paper, 4®1)4 per cant.
Bar silver 60c.
Mexican dollars 52c.
Sterling exchange Is steady: bankers'
bills at $4 [email protected] 85\ for sixty days and
*4 864®! 86H for demand; posted rates
$4 B:i‘/,®4 874 c.
Commercial bills $4 844®4 BH4 for sixty
Government bonds firm. State bonds dull.
Railroad bonds - irony’.
Sliver at the Stock Exchange to-day was
65H bid.
New York, Aug. 97.—The following were
theopenlngquotations a; the Stock Exchange
Erie 18H
Chicago and Northwestern 107
Lake Shore 13614
Norfolk ami Western preferred 25*4
Richmond and vVes; Point Terminal... 18
Western Union 8J
New and ork. Aug. 27.—Railway stocks showed
greater strength to-day than at any other
time since the current upward movement
was inaugurated. Foreign operators were
prominent in St. Paul, Louisville anil Nash
ville and other International favorites; in
fact, their purenases of Louisville and Nash
ville put that stock up to 56 and over to day.
The strength of the general market in the
first place is due to the short interest, which
is endeavoring to cover, and in the second
place to the improvement in railroad earn
ings. Today ten' roads reported their
receipts for the third week of August,
and eight out of the ten showed
gains ranging from $2,216 in the case of Flint
and Pere Marquet, to $46,243 in Louisville and
Nashville. The July statement of the St.
Paul, to hand, showed a loss In net of $358,161.
blit as the American Railway Union strike
occurred in the month named the loss was not
considered serious. Probably the test fea
ture of the market, from the bull point of
view, was the indifference displayed in the
sensational movement in Distillers and Amer
ican Sugar, the market having refused to be
influenced bv the wild fluctuations in these
issues Distillers at the start sold at [email protected]!4
for 4,b01 shares, against 10)4 at the close on
Saturday. The bulge was due to a
rumor that the company had obtained the
ss,bUfi.fi 0 necessary to take its product out of
bond, and thus get the advantage of the In
creased tax levied on spirits. The rise led to
liquidation an 1a re action to 19 ' ensued. An
advance In spirits by the American Distribut
ing Company to $1.:.6H. the highest in years
then strengthened the certificates which rose
to2UV After midday, a rumor gained cur
reney that the local syndicate which was to
advance the money to the trust had
withdrawn, owing to the refusal of
the representatives, who were carrying
on the negotiations. to indorse the
papei required in their Individual capa itv.
and on this the sock tumbled to 18*4Sub
sequently Russell Sage partly confirmed this,
and the opinion generally obtained that the
deal so far as lo al capitalists are concerned,
has fallen through Is corroborated by the
fact that the sub treasury did not receive any
important sums of money from the trust
agents up to the close. Furthermore, at no
time during the day were the government offi
cials advised that they might expect heavy
payments from that source. Ihe slock ral
lied to ly : s c at the close, which is a de
cline of H per cent, ior the day. Sales
of the stock were U9,77u shares. American
Sugar advanced to 114. broke to Hoy ral
lied to 113, and closed at 112v*: against 113*4
on -aturday The early break was on the re
sult of liquidations tor an interest which has
been partly responsible for the last ten point
rise. The company has raised the price of
refined ® per pound. Raws have also ad
vanoed as much. American tobacco ranged
between 103 and 107. and left off at 104. La
clede Gas, preferred, jumped 2)4 to 74*•.
Speculation closed strong and higher for rail
road bonds. The total sales were 272,0110
The quotations at the Closing were as fol
Amn. Cotton Oil.. 34 Nash..C. A St. L.. 65
do pref 7i-y U- S. Cordage.... 20$$
Sugar Hennery... 112 do do pref . 34
do pref 97*4 N. J. Central 115
American Too’co. 104 N. Y. Central lc2H
do pref .. .109 N Y. AN. E ... 27>4
Atchtson.T.* S.F. 6’ a Norf AWest.pfd. 25 ■-
Baltimore*Ohio. 74*, Northern Pactflo 5H
Canada Pacific... 67*-, do preferred 19 *
Ches. * Ohio 2l\ Northwestern 10’H
Chicago* Alton. Uo do preferred. 141*4
Chicago. B. S Q... 79*/, Pacific Mail 16y
Chicago Gas 77 Reading 21H
Del.,Lack* W... 167 Rlehm’d T’mlnal. 18H
Dis. A Ca .Feed.. 19H Rocklsiaud 68y
East Tennessee .. 11 St Paul. 66H
do pref 18 do pref 121
Erie 16Vj Silver Certifs ... 66H
do pref 31*4 Tenn. Coal* Iron. 19)4
Ed. Gen. Electric 42*4 do do pref. *724
Illinois Central... 94 Texas Pacific 10y
Lake Erie * W... Union Pacific.... 14H
do pref 70 W’basb. S. L. &P. 7',
Lake Shore ....1364; do do pref . 16*4
L’villeSNash. 56 Western Union.. H. v
Louisville *N. A. 9*4 Wheeling & L. E. 13
Manhattan 120*4 do do pref. 45
Memphis & Char.. 5 jSouthern Rv 5s . 874
Michigan Central. 99 |do common 13*4
Missouri Pacific.. 3H do preferred . 404
Mobile & 0hi0.... 21H|
Alabama A 102*4 Tenn,.new set. 6s ..
do B 101 Tonn.,new set. ss.
do C [email protected],97 jTenu.,new set. 3s. 78w
La. stamped 45.. 100 j Virginia 6's pref.. 6
NorthCarolinals 95 Va. Trust Rec’ts. 7
North Carolina 3s 125)4 Va. Fund's Debt.
Tennessee,olds...*6o | 58K
United States 4s. registered 114 H
United States 4s, coupons lI4H
United States 2s, registered *96
Local Miscellaneous Markets,
Bacon—The market is firm. Smoked clear
nb sides. 9®: shoulders, 8c; dry salted
clear rib sides. Hc; long, clear, 8®;
bellies. 8®; sugar cured hams,l3Hc.
Lard—Market nrm; pure, in tierces, 8 *4O;
501 b tins, c; compound, in tierces, 6 Vo; in
50lb tins. rc.
Butter—Market steady; fair demand; Gosh
en, 2be; gilt edge, 240: oreamery 2jc; Elgin,
Cheese—Market dull; 10*4®124c; fanoyfull
cream cheese, 13®13c*4; 20© average.
Fish—Mackerel, half barrel. No. 1, $8 50;
No. 2, $7 50; No. 3. $6 00, Kits. No. 1. *1 25;
No. 2, $100; No. 3,95 c. Codfish, 1-lb bricks,
6Ho; 2-lb bricks, 6c. Smoked herrings, par
box, 20c. Dutch herring, In kegs, $1 00; new
mullet, halt barrel. $175.
Salt—The demand Is fair, and market
steady. Canoad lots. f. o. b.. Liverpool, 200
pound sacks. 60c; Virginia, 125 pound burlap
sacks, 39c; ditto, 125 pound cotton sacks. 430:
smaller lots higher.
Syrup—Florida and Georgia, new 350;
market quiet for sugar house at 3J®4oc;
Cuba straight goods. 28®30c; sugar house
molasses. 15®20e.
Tobacco—Market quiet and steady. Smok
ing, domestic, 22®60c; ohewing, common
sound, 240,270; fair, 28®35c; good, 36®48c;
bright, 60®65c; fine fancy. 06®8Oc; extra fine.
$1 [email protected] 15: bright navies, 2®45c.
Flour—Market uile . Extra. $1 35; family,
$ - 09; fancy, $3 45; patent. $3 no; straight,
$3 4./.
Cosr n ~Market Is strong and advanc
ing. White corn, job lots. 7sc; carload
lots, 7oc. Mixed corn, ]ob lots, 75c; carload
lots. 72c.
Oats—Market firm. Mixed, job lots, 490;
carload lots. 4t'c; Texas rust proof. 5 k-
Bran—Job lots, 97(4c; carload lots, 92140.
Hay—Market steady. Western, job lots,
92V*c: carload lots, 87V4C.
Meal—Pearl, per barrel, $3 75; per sack,
$1 iB; city meal, per sack. $1 50. Pearl grits,
per barrel, $3 t>; per sack, $1 80; city grits,
per sack. $1 60.
Coffee—The market is firm. Mocha,
28c; Java. 28*4c; Peaberry, 23c; fancy or
standard No. 1, 21V4c; choice or standard No
2,21 c: prime or standard No. 3, 20‘/ic; good or
standard No. 4, zOc; fair or standard No. 5,
19c; ordinary or standard No. 6,18 c; com
mon or standard No. 7. 17(4c.
Sugars Market firm. Cut loaf,
crushed, o qc; powdered. 5 - u c; XXXX pow
dered, 60; standard granulated. b% c;
eubes. q c: mould A. .Wc: diamond A, sqtc;
confectioners. sc; white extra C. 4: 4 c;
extra C. 4 c; golden C. 4 ,c; yellows. 4*4c.
Liquors—Market firm. High wine basis.
13ft: whisky, per gallon, rectified. 100 proof.
$1 35®1 75; choice grades. $1 50®? 50; straight,
$1 45®3 50: blended. $2 oO®4 50. Wines—Do
mestic. port, sherry, catawba. low grades, 60®
80c; fine grades. $1 OC®l 50; California light,
muscatel and angelica, *1 35®l 75; lower
S roofs in proportion. Gins lc per gallon
igher. Rum 2c higher.
App.es -Northern steady, S"SO barrel.
Lemons—Market firm; per box, $3 50.
Dried Fruit—Apples, evaporated. 15(4®16c;
common, 9 1 ,®10c.
N uts—Aldmonds.Tarragona, 17‘/[email protected]ße; Ivicas
15‘/4®l6c; walnuts, French. 12*®; Naples, 14c.
pecans, 12®: Brazils. 9c: filberts. 10c;
assorted nuts, 501 b and 251 b boxes, 12®13c.
per pound.
Peanuts—Ample stock: demand fair: mar
ket steady; fancy hand-picked Virginia,
lb, sc; hand picked, %) ft. 4c; small hand
picked. $9 lb, 4c.
Cabbages—Northern, 8c head.
Onions—Crates, $1 2o: barrels. $2 75.
Potatoes—lrish, bbls. $2 00®; 2>.
Nails—Market steady: base 60d, $1 15: 591,
$1 -5: 40d,5l 40; 30d, $1 40; 12d. $1 60; 20d. $1 50;
lOd, $1 65: Bd. $175; 6d.5190; 4d, $2 05; sd, $2 05:
3(1. $2 35: 3d fine, *2 75. Finishing. l?d. $t 8);
lOd. $1 90; Bd, $2 05 ; 6d. *2 25 : sd. $2 40; 4d.
$2 60. Wire nails *1 60 base.
Shot—Firm, drop to B, $1 15; B and larger,
$1 40; buck. $1 4(1
Iron—Market very steady. Swede, 4V4®50;
refined, $1 90 base.
Oils—Market steady, demand fair. Signal,
45©50c; West Virginia, black, 9®l2c; lard,
tS®Boc; kerosene, ®; neatsfoot, 60®85c; ma
chinery, 20®30c; linseed, raw, suc; boiled. 59c;
mineral seal. 16c; homelight, 13c: guardian.
Lime, Calcined plaster aud Cement—Ala
bama and Georgia Ume in fair demand and
selling at 85c per barrel, bulk and carload
lots special; calcined plaster, $1 60 per bar
rel; h lit- 4f®sc. Rosendale cement. $1 3o®l 40:
carload lots, special; Portland cement, retail,
$2 40, carload lots. $2 10.
Lumber—Demand, both foreign and domes
tic, is quiet. Mills generally full of
quick wora, owing to lost time on account of
continued rains. We quote: Easy sizes
$lO 00: ordinary sizes, *ll OU®l4 00; difficult
sizes, sl3 00:*18 00; flooring boards, sl4 50 A
22 00; shipstuffs, sl6 50:®25 00.
Hides. Wool. Etc.—Hides—The market is
steady: fair demand; receipts light; ury Hint,
4®: dry salt, 2®; butcher salted. 2®; green
salted. 24c. Wool, s.eal.v; prime Georgia,
free of sand, burry and black wools. 13®;
blacks, 10 c; burry, B®. Wax, 21c. Tallow
4e. Deerskins, flint. 22c; salted.l7c.
Poultry steady; fair demand; grown fowls,
pair. so®6()e; %. grown, 3a®4sc: Vt grown
20®30c; ducks, [email protected]
Eggs—Market Bteady; fully supplied;
country, $( dozen, 1 ;•,!. c.
Bagging and Ties—The market firm
Jute bagging. 2>4lb. sc; 2© 7®; H£lb, 7c,
quotations are for job lot; small lots,
higher: sea Island bagging. 12®13c. Iron Tlos
—Large lots. hSc; smaller lots. 90e®$l 00.
Dry Goods—The market is quiet, demand
light. Prints. 4®sc; Georgia brown shirt
ing, 3-4, 3®; 7-8 do., 4c: 4-4 brown sheeting,
sc; white 03naburgs, 654®7c; checks,
3([email protected]®; brown drilling. s®6®.
Ocean Freights.
Cotton—By Steam—Market firm; but little
offering. Rates are. per 100 IDs.: Direct,
Brem 11 Be. Liverpool via New York. 35c;
Havre via New York, He; Reval via New
Y’ork. 53c; Amsterdam via New York. 4 ,c;
Antwerp via New York, il ; Bremen via New
York. 41c; Genoa via New York. 45c; Ham
burg via New York, 43c; Boston, per bale
$125; New York, per bale, $100; Philadel
phia, per bale, $1 00; Baltimore, $1 00.
Lumber By sail F’reighi* are quiet at
ruling rates. F’oreign business Is more or less
nominal. The rates from this and near-by
Georgia ports are quoted at *4 00® 1 uo for a
range including Baltimore and Portland. Me.
Railroad ties, basis 11 feet. 14c. Timber 50c®
$1 00 higher than lumber rates To the West
Indies and Windward, nominal; to Rosario.
sl2 OJ®l3 00; Buenos Ayres or Montevideo,
$lO omul 00; to Rio Janeiro sl4 00: to Span
ish and Mediterranean ports. sll 307611 50; to
United Kingdom for orders, nominal for lum
ber. A'4 5s standard
By Steam To New York, $7 00; to Phila
delphia, $7.00; to Boston. $8.00; to Baltimore,
Naval Stores—By sail—The market Is
very dull. with no demand for
either spot vessels or vessels to ar
rive. Large, Cork for orders. are
placed at 2s 4*4®3s 7®. small sized 2s
H. M. COMER and R. S. HAYES, Receivers.
No. 19 jNo 7I No S No 1 i I* EFFECT AUG. *B. 1894. Tien -h
kHW (STA - NI Vi '■ ' ,;U dmlv itaS.v e^Sifn
6 3upm 60<pm : 8 45pta 8 Siam Lv savannah Ar 6 30nm 6utm
7 35t.m 717 pm 9 47pm 9 35am Ar Guvton Iv 5 -I <l™ s vw.Tl IS”
8 32pm 1 3opm 1055 pm 10 4mm Ar Rocky lord .... Lv 409 pm ’ him 5 3w!m S”v!m
8 55pm ll Jupin tlOtam Ar Milieu Lv 2 Z “
11 : 7 45am . 15pm Ar Augusta Lv , 7 .. : 6 iSS
V' - * Ar Milledgeville . .Lv -SiMam
i 945 am 3 .opm Ar Macon Lv 11 30am 111 Omi
■! >i*P“ !®?.' l>m Ar Americus ..Lv 52uam l 35pm '
’ 330 pm 1 1 s.ipm Ar Albany Lv 4 10am 1150 am
*KS warn,,AT Eufaula Lv iJirpS ill 37am
8 01pm Ar Trov Lv 7 toam
SOipmliAr Atlanta ..Lv 7;Oam rt.Wpi*
llOOnm ... Ar Columbus Lv 145dpi
- ’ rm ii Ar -Birmingham ...Lv 841.am 1
1 <st.|m llAr Montgomery l.vi: ij_oonm 7 4.01 m,
DINNER !RAIN Daily except Sundays Leaves Savannah 2 pm, arrives Guvton 305
p m Returning, leaves Guvton :< 4'. n m arrives Savannah 450 n m Guyton -t it>
7 30pm 1 7 lOamliLv Savannah - ! r —i n m RiSnm
1145 pm 9 55am lAr Lyons ' if.?!? VI,
I 6 Wpm.i Ar Montgomery i jV 7 45am
tybee schedules.
[Daily) Daily |J | Dally | Daily
Leave Sa.onnah | 9 30am 2 30pin Lotve Tybee ft 30am: 5 45am
Time between Savannah and Tybee one hour in each direction
tTrains marked t run daily except Sunday.
Sleeping cars on night trains between Savannah and Augusta, Savannah and Macon Sn
vannah and Atlanta. Parlor ears between Macon and Atlanta. u '
Ticket office 19 Bull street and depot.
For further Information, and for schedules to points beyond our line annlv to ticket
agents or to J. C. HAILE. General Passenger Agent. Savannah. Ga
W. F. SHELLMAN, Traffic Manager Vi 'SHAW?Traveling‘passcmge^Agent
and and 4s. South America, rosin, 70c barrel
of-80 pounds. Coastwise—steam to Boston
lie $ 10J lbs. on rosin. 90c; on spirits; to New
Yorg. rosin, Bsi° S Bib lbs. spirits, 85c: to
Philadelphia, rosin. 7Hc fi 100 It'S: spirits.
80e; to Baltimore, rosin, 7Hc 10J lbs; spir
its, 70c.
Grtln. Provisions. Eto.
New York, Aug. 27.—Flour market dull,
weak, slow demand: winter wheat, low grades
$1 [email protected] 50; fair to fancy $2 4iXfc2 90; winter
patents $2 [email protected] 25; Minnesota clear $2 1!®
2 65; Minnesota patents $3 4c® .0; low ex
tras $1 B®2 50; superune $1 1. ]o; >outh
ern Hour dull out weak: common to fair ex
tra $2 10®3 00; good to choice extras $3 00®
3 50. Wheat rnoie active tor expon -c
lower with options clostngtirm: No. 2 red in
store and elevator 58®6854C; afloat ..s'4® o- a c.
outions auvanued H®Hc. feu y,c, and closed
weak at H4ißc under baturda.v trailing
fairly closing; No. 2 red closing August 5s' 8 c;
September SSHc; October 5Hc. Corn quiet
and firmer: No. 2, 62!ic In elevator; 62H®
63c afloat; options were dull, advancing H®
lc, declining H®Hc. closing firm at ‘ s c
over Saturday: August 62 l ic; September tile;
December 57H0; May 56He. Oats options
dull and easier; August 33Hc; September
33Hc; December 3*Hc; May 39c; spot. No. 2
white 33H®83!fc: No. 2 white 364®tic;
mixed western .t4®ir>c: white western 3e®4i;
wni e state 36®41c Hay dull and weak ship
ping 50c; good to ohotce 80®90c. Beef quiet
end steady; family $lO OOfolc 00; extra mess
$8 00®8 51. Beef hams quiet but steady at
$2 ou. Tlerced beef quiet but steady; city
extra India mess sl> 00®17 00. Cut mean
quiet but firm; pickled bellies Bs4c; pickled
shoulders 6Hc; pickled hams 114®12c. mid
dies nominal. Lard nriner out dull; western
steam closed at $5 27H; city $7 75®8 0U; op
tions none; refined firm; continent $< 60;
South American $8 90; compound $i 50 Pork
active and firm; mess sls oo®ls 25; extru
prime sl3 00®18 50. Butter dull and steady;
state dairy 13®22Hc: state creamery P®2IH
western dairy 13 .® 17c: western creamery 15
®24Hc: Elgins 2l*4c. Molasses, foreign nomi
nal; New Orleans open kettle, good to choice
25®37c; steady and dull. Peanuts quiet and
steady; fancy hand-picked [email protected] Coffee
options opened irregular, and closed barelv
steady at lu®ls points down; August 14 8 ®
14 85; October 13 45®13 50: December 13 7.®
13 80; March 12 30; May 12 20: spot Klo dull
and steady; No. 7,16 c. Sugar, raw, quiet and
firm; fair refining 3H®3>qc; refined fairlv
active and firm; off A [email protected] 1116 c; standard
A 4 13-16®3c; cut loaf 54®5 9-16 c; crushed
5H®3 9-ltc; granulated 4 [email protected] Freights
to Liverpool dull and steady; cotton 1-16®
32d: graiu Id asked.
Chicago, Aug. 27.—When the wheal market
closed to day It was [email protected] worse off than it
was at the end of Saturday s session, ll was
a dull, dragging market from start to finish,
and the holders of privileges were the best
traders. Within narrow limits the action
was irregular. Orders from the seaboard
were not large or numerous, and foreigners
were evidently holding off. December wheat
opened at 57H0. sold between 58®57H®57 : ‘ o c.
closing at 58H®58%c. Cash wheat was in
good demand by elevator people. Prices
were steady and without change.
Cora was firm until the final few minutes
of the session, when the inability of wheat to
make an advance acted as a damper to the
bullish tendency of corn. The dry weather
west to some extent continues to affect the
corn values. May corn opened at 53c, sold
between 53RC and 524 c. closing at [email protected]’7c,
He under Saturday. Shippers were the best
buyers of cash corn to day. Prices averaged
lo higher than Saturday.
Oats market was not an attractive one to
day. The statistics on that grain were not
viewed In an important light, the tendency
being to sympathize with the other markets.
May oats closed He under Saturday. Cash
oats were H®Hc per bushel lower.
Provisions—Thero was continued firmness
in the market for hog product to day, but
very little activity, ihe opening strength
came from the advance in live bogs at the
yards and from a smaller run of the animal
than had been estimated. Some of the
packers gave good support during the
balance of the session, whilst others sold
moderately. The close was 5c higher than
Saturday for January pork and ribs, and un
changed for January lard.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
Aug 54H S4H 53 V 53?i
Sept 54\ 545£ 54H® 544 54H
May 6214 63 62<4 62H
Aug 55H 65H 54 H 55
Sept 55H 5744 ,55 55H
Oct 54 H 54 H 54 H 54 4
May 53 53H 623* 52V®52’,
Aug .3QH 3044 29 * 295ff130
Sept 3044 29H 29H® to
Oct 31H 3144 3ik* 3944
May 3544 3694 3414 [email protected]
Aug $ ( *— f
Sept 13 00 13 70 13 5744 13 57J4
Jan 13 6?H 13 70 13 60 13 65
Sept.'..'.' 7 7744 790 7 77H 790
Jan 7 70 7 70 7 62 H 7 6>
Sept.'.'.'.' 7 424$ 750 7 4244 7 4744
Jan 7 00 7 05 7 00 7 02(4
Cash quotations were as follows: Flour,
quiet demand, prices being steady. Wheat
—No. 2 spring 5.H,<ii53440; No. 2 red 53&®
Sic. Cora—No. 2, !k>Hc. Oats—No. 2, 3u®
3034 c. Mess pork, per barrel. sl3 5.Yi/13 60.
Lard, per 100 pounds, $7 8,®7H744 Short rib
sides $7 4i®? 50. Dry salted bhoulders. #6 si®
6 6244: short clear sides. $7 7U®7 80. Whisky
$1 35.
St. Louis, Aug. 27.—Flour market weak;
spring patents $2 N®2 70; extra family ?2 2>
®2 40; choice $2 10®gc0. Wheat lower: Au
gust September 51 He asked; Decern
tier 5444 c; May f)9’c. Cora lower; August
52c; September 5H J 4C; December 49c: May
49’4®49:,c. Oats weak, lower; august 3be;
September 20‘,c; May 3644 c. Pork—standard
mess, *l4 23; on orders sl4 60. Lard, prime
Steady; choice $7 80. Dry salted meats—
shoulders *6 50; longs and clear ribs
V 6244 c; shorts $7 87(4. Hacon—boxed should
era $ 50; longs and clear ribs $7 63*4.
Bacon - Shoulders $7 1244®7 6234; longs $8 35:
clear r bs $8 75; shorts sßM®ss62H. High
wines higher at $1 :'3.
Cincinnati. Aug 27.—Flour—spring patents
t - <,s> 75: family $2 26®2 su. Wheat was
steady; No. 2 red EoH®elc. Corn steady;
No. 2 white f,9c. Oats steady; iso. 2 mixed
33Hc. Pork—city mess *l3 75; clear mess
sl4 75; family sl4 00 Lard steady; steam leaf
and bakers SMXJ; kettle dried and leaf dr.ed
*l4 00. Bacon steady; shoulders $7 dp; short
rib sides $s 26®5.;0; short c-ear sides *8 55
47*8 mo Whisky firm at $1 as.
Baltimore, Aug. 27.—Flour market dull;
western superfine $1 70®1 90; western extra
$2 00®2 30; family $2 3i®2 7u; wtnter wheat
patent $2 IC®2 ;,0 spring 13 20®3 7.3; spring
straight sloa®3 50. Wheat firm: No. 2 red
spot 58(y,(56i,c; August 5644<c5644e: .'Septem
ber &6H®5644c ; December [email protected]'4c ■
steamer No. 2 red 53c bid; milling, by sam'
pie, 5741,5744 c. Corn dull; mixed spot 37e old
August 57c old; southern white, by sample’
6047,61 c; southern yellow by sample. f,9®6c'
Osts were quiet and steady; No. 2whltc west
ern, 36® iSHc: No 2 mixed western .:4®A>c.
Rye higher with fair inouirv; No 2. 4 H'Oc
Hay steady, quiet; good to choice timothy
|l. uo®!s ou. Grain freights were dull and
unchanged , steam to Liverpool per
quarter Is 440; Cork for orders, per quar
ter2s4*4d; cotton, per lOOpounds. 20c; flour
,„A >ro ,''* s * onfs ‘ market firm: moss pork
*l6 00 Bulk meats—shoulders s 4, ; short
rib clear sides 9c; clear sides 94xc. Sugar
cured shoulders !44c; bams, small. lu 4 c;
large, 13 ,0. Refined lard '."4c. Butter was
firm; oreamery fancy 24®25c; ladle fancy
!-I!i,e Btore Packed 14®15c. Eggs firm at
lo®lsHc. Co.iee steady: No. 7, 16140. Sugar
strong and active; granulated 5,u6c.
New York, Aug. 27—Rice fairlv active
and firm: domestio fair to extra 3H®5 , -ic;
Japan 434®5c.
New York. Aug. 27. —Wool steady and
quiet; domestio fieece 18®22c; pulled 15®
la He.
Petroleum, Oils, Etc.
New York, Aug. 27.—Cotton seed oil was
more active and firmer; crude 29c; yellow
at 3ic.
New York. Aug 27.—Petroleum quiet but
steady; Washington, in barrels. $3 00; Wash
ington. in bulk. $! 50: refined New York, in
barrels. $5 15; Philadelphia in barrels, $5 10;
Philadelphia in bulk, $2 60®$2 65.
Sun Rises 5:34
Sun Sets 6:25
High Water at Fort Pulaski 4:36am. 5:05 pm
(Central Standard Time).
Tuesday, Aug. 28.
Arrived Yesterday.
Steamship Decatur H Miller. Hooper, Bal
timore—J J Carolan, agt
Bark Sondre |Nor|. Nielsen, London, in
ballast—Chr G Dahi & Cos.
Schr ißland City, Voorhees, Philadelphia,
with oil for H McL Schley, vessel to Dixon,
Mitchell & Cos.
Arrived at Quarantine Yesterday,
Steamship Torgorn |Br). Mclntosh Port
Spain via Hampton Roads—Chr G Dahl * Cos.
Cleared Yesterday.
Steamship City of Augusta, Daggett, New
York—C G Anderson, Agent
Steamship Tallahassee. Asklns. Boston—
CG Anderson. Agent.
Schr Ida Lawrence, Campbell, Philadelphia
—George Harriss & Cos.
Charleston, Aug 27—Arrived, steamers Al
gonquin. Platt, Jacksonville, proceeded
New York: Seminole. Chichester, New York,
proceeded Jacksonville; United States tor
pedoboat Ericsson, Hardy, Dubuque la, pro
ceeded New London
Cleared, schr B F Steelman.Lee,Baltimore.
Sailed, schr Geo R Congdon, Buyles, New
Port Royal, Aug 27—Arrived, schrs Edward
G Hight and Nellie W Ilowlett. Baltimore.
Cleared, schr Clara T ltalano Boston.
Beaufort. SC, Aug 27—Cleared, schr John L
Treat, New Haven.
Georgetown. Aug 26—Sailed, schrs Nellie
Floyd, Johnston, New York; Jennie R Tom
linson. Gaskill, Philadelphia.
Mobile, Aug 27—Cleared, schr Velay Her
mano, Webb. Cardenas.
New Orleans, Aug 27—Cleared, steamships
Tyr, Bocas del Toro; Catalan!, Barcelona;
Hiral. Blueflelds.
Port Eads. Aug 27—Arrived, steamships
Astronomer |Br|. Wallace, Liverpool; Aale
sund INor], Schage, Belize; Stillwater, Galt,
Puerto Cortez.
Port Tampa. Aug 26—Arrived, steamships
R W Morse. Newbury, Matanzas; Mascotte,
Decker, Havana. Aransas. Blrney. New Or
leans: revenue cutter McLane: government
buoy tender Laurel.
Sailed, steamships Aransas. Birney, New
Orleans; Mascotte. Havana; Enterprise. Sta
go, Germany; Ramon I) Larrlnago.Echemen
dia, Liverpool via Port Royal; Ellhu Thomp
son. Hansen, New York.
Ashepoo. Aug 25—Sailed, schr M Luella
Wood. Baltimore.
Brunswick. Aug 25—Arrived, steamer Loise
H IBrJ, Craig. Hamburg: schrs Emily F
Northam. Johnson. Philadelphia; Melissa A
Willey. Willey, Providence.
Cleared, steamers Birchlield [Br], Norton.
Hamburg; Burniev (Brl, Strickland, Garston
Dock; ship Lumberman s Lassie tßr], Stew
art, Kio Janeiro.
Sailed, schr Fostina. Phllbrook, Guanta
Barry. Aug 25—Sailed, bark Transatlantic
[Nori, Rummelhoff, Savannah.
Birkenhead, Aug 24—Sailed, steamer New
by |Br], Billlca. Wilmington.
Kastham, Aug 25—Sailed, bark Elise [Nor],
Melsom, Pensacola.
Havre. Aug 25—Arrived, bark Flora [Nor],
Andersen, Mobile.
lsieof Wight. Aug 25-Passed, bark Emilie
Marie |Nori, Tonnesen, Brunswick for Hull.
Kio Janeiro. Aug 3—Sailed, bark Mona
[Br]. Kochefeldt, Savannah.
North Sydney. Aug 24—Arrived, steamer
Tafna [Br], Hurris, Savannah forPilley s
Limerick, Aug 24—Sailed.bark Adolf [Nori,
Andreasen, Mobile.
Port Antonia. Aug previously,
schr Edith, Linnell. Charleston.
For additional shipping news
see other colulmns.
Per steamship D H Miller from Baltimore—
W R Jhabwan, Miss S Kemp. Mrs M A Kemp,
G W Bigelow K F Higdon and wife. C Hau
ccs. C C Tenk Jr, C C Terik Sr Mrs S E Rowe.
L S Shields. J O Kurtz, H Halians, H Henry,
J A Puden, J Wilson •
Per Central Railroad, Aug 27—158 bales
cotton, 175 cases canned beef. 1,000 feetlum
her, 25 cases eggs. 6 bills hides, 1 car huy, 53
tons pig iron, 2 cars flour, 2 cars wood, 5 cars
coal. 1 car ice. 26 tibls turnips.2,olß bbls rosin,
516 bbls spirits turpentine.
Per Charleston and Savannah railway, Aug
27—215 bbls rosin. 9 bbls spirits turpentine,
1 ear wood 210 sacks meal. 95 boxes tobacco.
Per Savannah. Florida and Western railway
Aug 27 -245 bales cotton,soo boxes vegetables.
1.103 tibls rosin. 243 bbls spirits turpentine, 29
cars lumber. 20 cars rock 9 cars wood. 7 cars
hay. 5 cars coal. 1 car corn. 1 car meal, 2 cars
phosphate, 1 ear cattle. 1 car s Iron, 2 cars
oats, I car (lour. 1 car lard. 19 bales wool. 9
l ab's hides. 125 cases canned beef. 75 cases
canned pork, b iron tanks, 25 tes lamps, 8 bbls
rice. 3 boxes wax.
Per Florida Central and Peninsular rail
road. Aug 37 I ear furniture. 1 car cabbage.
1 cur household good*. 8 bales Hides. 4 cars
lumber. 23 bales cotton. 115 boxes tobacco. 611
bbls rosin, 274 bbls spirits turpentine.
(PAY as follows: Dry flint, sc; dry
salted, 3c; butcher salted. 244 c; green
salted, E44C. Deer skins--Flint. 23c; salted.
15c; damaged, 744®11c. Wool - Prime Georgia
and Lake, free of sand and burrs. 14c; wool,
black, lie; wool,burry. 7®l3c. Wax. 23c. Tab
low, 444 c.
Randolph Kirkland,
Charleston & Savannah R’y. Savannah, Florida & Western R’y.
16 I 9 | a | ■' I 111 Erntt-r July 29 1894 | ; 2 j n j 6 j
| uotpm 9 60am|Lv New York Arl fzSpm: 6 53am|
I 4 .-oxni 3 30pm.Lv Washington Ar 7uoamliiopm
I 9 05am 7 tipmlLv Richmond Ar : 340 am 443pmi ........
I 35pmjl231am|LT Fayetteville. Ar| S 30pmTo25amI
' I ' Lv Augusta Ar| | il24spm| "!!...
I 44lpm| | 609amiI.T Yemaseee Ar llQpaal i9l(Jam|
I 6 30pm I 2x3ain[ 7 35am Ar SAVANNAH Lv 12(p:n TboOpm 7 20am|... ....
2 15pm 6 45pmi 2~43am| 7 55am Lv SAVANNAH Ar 11 42am 9 :)um '7lloam ”•'
to2 pm JSSaml 9£iamJ Ar Jesup Lv 10SSam 733 pm 4 35am !!’!;
6 03pm 10 20pm! 5 50am 10 22am Ar Waycross Lv 9 08am 6 10pm 300 am ........
B*sb ra ...... i 7 50am Ar Brunswick Lv 7 26pm
12tam 10 45am] Ar. ... Albany Lv 130 am 4 00pm
8 40pm | 8 40am 12 30pm Ar Jaeksonvllle Lv 7 UUam 3 20ptn 7 00pm
>J3am 1227 pm Ar Valdosta Lv 352 pm 1132 pm
I 9 25am 4 80pm Ar Montlrello Lv 1130 am 5 30pm
| 7 30am 125 pm Ar Gainesville Lv 1035 am 6 15pm ..
i 9Ouant 261 pm Kt Ocala Lv .... 9 47am 4 15pm
350 am i 2 00pm 6 10pm Ar Sanford Lv 1 15am 1020 am . ..
| 105pmI 655 pm 9 45pm Ar Tampa Ev 80Gpir 6 30am 1215 pm ...1...
1 45pm 73opm 10 25pm Ar Port Tamps Ev 7 20pm 6 00am 1140 am
I 7 35am t 7 50pmI Ar Atlanta Lv 7 30am! 7 30pm ... ...
7 0Oam: 5 00pm! 8 55pmjAr Montgomery Lv 7 30pm 7 18am 8 00am
1225 pm 1 305 am Ar .... Mobile Lv 1220 am!
5 00pm[ 1 7 35am[Ar New Orleans.. Lv 750 pm! !”!!!!.
Trains 6, 6. 15. 23. 32. 35 and 78 run dally. Train 12 leaves Ravenel dally except Sunday at
4 25 p m for Charleston. Train 11 leaves Charleston dally except Sunday at 8 a mfor RaveneL
Train 9 leaves Charleston 735a in Sundays only and arrives Savannah 11:08am. Train 10
haves Savannah 3.10 pm Sundays only and arrives Charleston 9p m. Trains 5 6, 9 and 10
slop at all stations.
Trains 32 and 35 carry Pullman buffet sleeping cars between New York and Port Tampa.
Trains 23 and 78 carry Pullman buffet sleeping cars between New York and Jacksonville
Train 35 carries Pullman sleeping car Waycross to Montgomery. Nashville Louisville and
Cincinnati. Trains 5 and 6 curry Pullman Buffet sleeping cars between Savannah and Ocala
Trains 6 and 23 carry Pullman sleeping cars between savannah und Jacksonville. Passen
gers tor Jacksonville by train 23 can enter ae- ping car at 9 p m. Trains 15 and 35 make
close connection at Waycross, for Mobile. New Orleans and the Southwest.
Tickets sold to all points and sleeping car berths secured at passenger station, and tlcka*
office, 22 Hull street.
Supt O. S. R’y Supt. S., F. AW. R’y, v Gen. Pass. Agent,
Charleston. S. O. V Savannah, Ga. ’ Jacksonville. Fla.
Florida Central aV Peninsular Railroad Cos.
Time Table in Fileet Aug. 27, 1894.
NORTHBOUND. | T £f ln T J“‘ n SOUTH -BO UNIX Train"
Lv Savannah 11 35 am 925 pm Lv Savannah 550 am 460 pm
Ar Fairfax. S. C 133 pm 1122 pm Ar.. Everett 733 am 650 Dm
Ar .Augusta Ar.. Brunswick
Ar Denmark. S. C 222 pm 12 10 am Ar Yulee 925 am 847 pm
Ar Columbia, S. 0 405 pm 210 am Ar .Fcrnandlna 1130 am ...
Ar . Spartanburg, S. C. .. 810 pm Ar Callahan 925 am
Ar Asheville. N. C 1120 pm Ar Jacksonville 10 20 am 935 pm
Ar.. Hot Springs. N. C.... 1250 am Ar St. Augustine
Ar.. Charlotte. N.C 830 bm ‘ 640 am Ar Palatka
Ar Salisbury. N. C 949 pm 828 am Ar Lake City 1145 am
Ar Greensboro. N. 0 1109 pm 10 05 am Ar, Live Oak 1231 pm ..
Ar Danville. Va 12 27 am 1145 am Ar Monticello 245 pm
Ar Richmond. Va 620 am 450 pm Ar Tallahassee 835 pm
Ar Lynchburg, Va 218 am 200 pm Ar Chattahoochee 512 pm
Ar. Charlottesville, Va 4on am 407 pm Ar River Junction 515 pm
Ar. Washington 713 am 830 pm Ar Pensacola 1100 pm
Ar Baltimore 823 am 1135 pm Ar Mobile 305 am
Ar .Philadelphia 10 46 ami 300 am Ar New Orleans ... 735 am
A'r BZon 85 Sm Tza) pm
■ Boston ... .. . ■ 8
No 35 lvs New York 12 15 am. N037 430 pm Ar Cedar Key 000 pm
' Philadelphia.. 350 am, 655 pm Ar Silver SprtngH 236 pm
“ “ Baltimore ... 6 31am. “ .920 pm Ar Ocala 251 pm 300 am
" “ Washington 1101 am, “ ,10 43 pm Ar Wildwood 353 pm 425 am
“ “ Asheville 700 pm, xr — •
:: :: r ‘ a h i i!: urg , 2n . m aToSSIS*.-:::::::::::: ::::: :::
Columbia - 1 2f> am, .12 0) pm * r winter piru 7an nm
N035 ar Savannah— 6 40am, ” 440 pm a?! Charm.!.i.i'..! 7(S pS I::::::.'"
No 36 ar Savannah 915 pm, No 38 11 25 am Ar Lacoochco 504 pm 608 am
From Jacksonville and all points in Ar Tarpon Springs *9 00 pm
South. Middle and Western Florida and Now Ar. St. Petersburg *lO 30 pm .
Orleans by the Florida Central and Penlnsu- Ar Plant City 626 pm 730 am
lar Railroad Ar Tampa 720 pm 900 am
•Note—Dally except Sunday.
Vestlbuled sleepers on trains 36 and 38 via Richmond and Danville railroad be
tween Tampa. Jacksonville and New York, connecting with Colonial express solid tram
Washington and Boston without change.
To Florida—New York sleeper on No. 37 to Tampa, No. 35 to Jacksonville
Pullman sleeper between Jacksonville. Asheville and Hot springs on trains3B and 35daily.
Sleeper to New Orleans on No. 35 from Jacksonville.
For full information apply to A. O. MAC DONELL, G. P. A., Jacksonville Fla.
N. S. PENNINGTON. Traffic Manager. Jacksonville. Fla.
All trains arrive and depart at Central railroad depot.
I. M. FLEMING, Dlv. Pass. Agent
Tickets on sale corner Bull and Bryan streets and Central railroad depot. Savannah, (la
D. C. ALLEN, City Ticket Agent
Jacksonville, Tampa sand Key West Railway.
I —SOUTH— f ’TI T.kl. —tfOßTtt: '
No. 15. No. 36. No. 23. r_ INq . No 32. No. nTTfSTSB?
n Dally Dally. ln fcect May 28, 1894. Dally. Dally. Ex. Mon.
850 pin 12 60 pm 9 (JO auTLv Jacksonville Ar 630 am 800 pm 6( pni
10 20 pm 140 pm lOOOamAr Green Cove Springs Lv 515 am 200 pm 415 pm
1135 pm 230 pm 10 60 am Ar Palatka Lv 420 am 103 pm 310 pm
110 am 837 pm 12 07 pm Ar Seville Lv 3OH am 1154 am 106 pm
158 am 407 pm 12 40 pm Ar DeLeon Springs Lv 223 am 1123 am 12 02 pm
258 urn 434 pm 122 pm Ar . Orange City Junction Lv 150 am 10 66 am„
t 7 30 pm r Titusville Lv t 7 55 am
350 am 510 pm 200 pmjAr Sanford TLv Ili am 1020 am - To 30 ana
t 7 20 pm |Ar Tavares Lv t 7 15 am
1 26 pm Ar. I Gainesville J Lv 1035 am
840 am 615 pm 213 pm'Ar Orlando.. . tv 11 40 pm 915 am
940 am 045 pm 355 pm Ar Kissimmee Lv 10 60 pm 842 am
1050 am 746 pm 505 pm Ar Bartow Junotlon .Lv 948 pm 755 am
105 pm 945 pm 658 pm Ar Tampa Lv 800 pm 630 am
1 7 0(1 imTt 10 pm Lv Bartow Ar t 5 15 pm t 3 20 pm
t 3 20 pm DO 35 pm Ar Punta Uorda Lv t 1 10 pm t • 00 am
tDauy except Sunday.
Trains 35 and 32 carry through Pullman Buffst Sleepers dally between New York and
Port Tampa, connecting at Port Tampa on Mondays and Thursdays for Key
West and Havana
INDIAN RIVER STEAMERS are appointed to perform the following aervlce:
Leave Titusville 7 00 a. m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for Kockledge. Melbourne
and way landings. Returning, leave Melbourne at 7:00 a. m. Tuesdays, T hursdays and
Leave Titusville for Jupiter Mondays and Thursdays at Bp. m.: due Jupiter 7 p. m. the
following day. connecting with J. and L. W. R'y for Palm Beach and other points on Lake
Worth. Returning, leave Jupiter Wednesdays and Sundays, 3a. m.. due Titusville 6 a. m.,
following morning.
G. D. ACKERLY General Passenger Agent. Jacksonville, Fla.
- —.■...■■■■: ■■■. r’ -■ ■■■ r ■ "(Jia
Savannah, Americus Arid Montgomery Railway.
"WESr HOUND.! Bcheduleln Effect July 23. 1804. EAST BOUND.*
33 No. 17 ' No. 18 34
Mixed. Mali and Mail and Mixed,
Dally Express STATIONS. Express o Dally
ex. Sun. Dally. - Dally, ex. Sun.
II 35 am 12 35 pm Lv Kramer Lv 2 16 pm 2 40 pm
HOOamjLv Albany Lv 8 00 am
1 60 pmlLv. Cordele Ar 105 pm
' 6 -jo pm 229 prn Lv De Soto Lv 12 80 pm 825 am ..
630 pm 3 00 pm Ar Americus. Lv 12 00 n’n 7 00 am
“Noril NoT „, No -£?• <2
Mixed, Monday, Tuesday, Mixed,
TusThur Wednes. Thursdy Monday,
Sat. Friday. Saturd'y Wed. Fri
10 ionm M 45 a m 3 10 pm Lv Americus Ar 11 55 am sispml2 55am
12 40 a mil 10 am 4 10 pm Lv Hichland Lv 11 00 am 3 00 pm 11 20 pm
1 20a m 12 15 pm 430 pm Lv Lumpkin ..Lv 10 40 am 1 40 pm 10 30 p m
150 am 105 nuii 449 Din Lv Louvale Junction Lvilo 20 am 105 pm 9 52pm
2 26am 157 pm 6 10 psuLv Omaha Lv 10 01 a m 12 20 pm 9 17pm
3 (Mam 233 pm 5 31 pmi.v Pittsboro Lv 4l am 1136 pm 840 p m
405 am 345 pm 804 pm|Lv Hurtsboro Lv 910am10 20 pm #P
7 00am 7 (JO pm 800 pmiAr Montgomery Lv 7 15 ain 6 00am 4 30 pm
"]* ... , 12 33 pm Ar Louisville Lv 322 pm
4 25 pm Ar Cincinnati Lv 11 30 am
7 20 pm Ar St. Louis Lv 7 50 am
Solid trains between Savannah and Montgomery.
No. 17 makes connection at Montgomery for all points ln the west and northwest, and at
New Orleans for all points in Texas and the southwest.
No 18 ronnects at Savannah with Florida Central and Peninsular (South Bound division)
and Atlantic Coast Line for all points ln the north; also with ocean steamers lor PhiladeK
pbta New York and Boston
Nos. 17 and 18 run solid between Savannah and Montgomery. _ _
CECIL GAUBETT, General Manager. A. POPE, Gen. Fr g*. aud Paa’er A s%, ,
Americus. Ga. %j

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