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P»* «JNMAâ..
***® ,w ' « «» îia ?* ciÆe
a «d e f t^ 6 üf®
A gri<& 1 Mini# g
'°<!yn oj tin
VOL. 13
NO. 20
Siiosiione Precinct.
Acknowledgments taken and papers
of every description drawn.
Collections made and promptly returned.
General practice. Land office a specialty.
Residence: Shoshone Falls, Idaho.
Office at Shoshone and Hailey.
Invites correspondence on professional
business. Address,
Shaving Parlors
Prices reasonable.
Next door to Opera House.
Screen and common Doors, Sash,
Cedar Posts and Shingles.
Eieryfc in the BUILDING L ! NE
Liuery& Feed Stable,
Will continue to do business at the old
stand, and deal in
The Land Office Department having
ordered that the Clerk of the District
Court may take final proofs for settlers
on Government lands, and make orig
inal entries for them also,
A. 8. Senter, clerk of the court in and
for Lincoln county, is now fully
equipped with alHegal forms and land
office blanks, and can save money to
settlers by attending to their Land
Office business in Shoshone.
A. S. Senter.
Carpenter and—
Sh oshone.
Ao 3o 3IA§S3ï 9
Shop two doors north Qf
Pacific Hotel.
That May Interest Many. Dr. Darrin
the Eminent Specialist Will Visit
Shoshone May 17 th to 23 d.
Th ere is a physicians coming to
Shoshone, not simply a medical
practitioner but a physician of ve
ry high order of merit, a scientist
one whose years of close study
close observation, close practical
experience, has enabled him to
draw not only testimonials but the
highest personal endorsements
from the leading men of the coun
try—congressmen, judges, etc.—
and whose success in the medical
field is today without a parallel.
This refers to Dr. Darrin, who will
have offices at The Columbia Hotel
for one week only.
Dr. Darrin has an enviable rank
in his profession as a wonderfully
successful physician. He is essen
tially original in his method of
practice, and those who have been
under his treatment are supprised
at the newness and novelty of his
system of practice by electricity.
His honest and straightforward
advice before taking a case has won
for him the confidence of his pa
tients as well as the general public.
The doctor is a gentleman of gen
ial social nature, and his private
practice is marked by the formation
of a personal friendship with those
whom he comes in professional con
tact. He is without doubt one of
the most thoroughly qualified
physicians now before the public,
as his wonderful cures can testify.
Harry Allen, running the Yen
dome barber shop, Weiser; is wit
ness to the cure of Frank Lautz,
near Baker City, Oregon, six years
ago. He was cured of cancer of
the nose and face.
Mrs Sibbei Murphy, \\ eiaer post
office, catarrh and bronchitis, rap
idly recovering.
E. Frost, Caldwell, deafness 20
years cured.
Mr. Wyatt, Boise, Idaho, cured
of deafness, rheumatism and other
TT . ,1
John Martin, Cove Union county
Oregon, hydrode, cured five years
ago and the cure is permanant.
Emma Hermo, Boise, Idaho, in- |
flamed eyes, restored.
Mrs. W. C. Denton, Boise, Idaho
cough and lung trouble, cured.
Hansel Dye, Boise, Idaho, abcess
of eye, cured.
G. B. Mathews, Eagle Point,
Oregon, consumption and large
tumor cured.
Robert Marsh, Boise, Idaho, cured
of catarrh, bronchitis, rheumatism
and general debility.
Miss Emma Moelior, Baker
Oregon, loathsome discharge of the
ears thirteen years, cured.
Many others might be mentioned
did not want of space forbid.
Dr. Darrin makes a liberal offer,
of treating the worthy poor free of
charge daily between the hours of 9
and 10 a. m„ in accordance with
his time honored custom.
Dr. Darrin makes a specialty of
all diseases of the eye, ear, nose,
throat, catarrh, deafness, bronchit
is, lagrippe, consumption, dyspep
sia, constipation, heart, liver and
kidney diseases.
He pejTpamently cures all dis
[eases of the genito-urinary organs
jin either sex, such as syphilis,
| blood taint3 scao ff u l a> gleet,"ghonor
rhea' stricture, seminal weakness,
syermatorrhoea, loss of manhood,
and loss of desire or sexual power,
in man or woman.
All peculiar female troubles, ir
regular menstruation, leucorrhoea,
displacement, etc,, all confidential
j ly treated, as well as all accute,
chronic private and nervous dis
eases of whatever nature, if cura
ble. Consulatian free. *
Offlce hours are 10 a. m. to 8 p.
in., daily. Sunday 10 a. m. to 2 p.
m. Charges low and reasonable,
according to circumstances and
ability to yay.
Dr. Darrin will remain in Sho
shone until May 23, and patients
would do well to consult him at
once as many cases require a sec
ond and even a third operation by
All business relations with Dr,
Darrin are strictly confidential.
«'Presi- j
dential probabilities? McKinley
will be nominated and elected. I
Col. Will Vischer says:
I [
am a bimetalist, and think that
the war of the gold power against
silver is a cruel outrage against the
wage-earners of the country. _
am not a labor agitator, but in
speaking of wage-earners, intend
more distinct reference to the di
producers of the country,
Silver always was good money
until the gold power sought to
make a corner in gold, and to make
a single standard of a metal which
is too precious to be circulated, and
which is not being considerably
used now in the currency of the
Y hen Moses came down from
Sinia, with the tablets of stone di
rec t f rom the bands of Jehovah, he
found a great gang who cared noth
ing for God or His commandments,
dancing around a golden calf, and
the old man was so put out that he
the commandments at once. Those
w ^° are t°day dancing around the
g 0 i<j en calf are making the masses
f the people break that command•
ment which says, "Thou shalt not
swear „__ or to that ^
let the tablets fall and broke all
and they'll cuss the tops of the I
heads offen' a lot of gold-bugs yet.
I believe, however that a Repub
lican administration will be will
ing and able to do more for the
.? I
silver situation than any o.her
partv power; j
Y'es, sir; I am a native of the |
South, who. has lived in the far j
west the greater part of the time j
for the last twenty-five years, and j
I want to say to you that the west
is going to have a say this time, or
somebody will get hurt.
The editor of a Southern ex
change says: "Let the young man
about town out of a job try a year
on the farm. Plowing behind a
mule will give him a constitution
take the kinks out of his head, the
frog out of his throat, the gas off
his stomach, the weakness out of
hi8 legs, the corns off his toes, and
give him a good appetite, an hon-1
est living, and a sight of Leaven/'
The man who makes his own
god. always a 1 ijÇtle one..
. _
| A Brief Summary of the News Com
piled for Our Readers.
in the race,
Joseph Manley says Reed is still
The gold reserve has been jerked
down to $123,000,000.
Last week's figures in the presi
dential race show big gains for Me
Mrs. Stanford has paid over the
bequest of her late husband of $2,
500,000 to Stanford University.
Gov. Bushnell of Ohio, says Sen
ator Foraker will present McKin
ley's name to the convention.
Kansas farmers are after the
scalps of the Ferry Seed company
for alleged breach of contract.
It has been finally arranged to
inter the remains of the late Secre
tary Gresham in the National cem
etary at Arlington,
General Grosvenor has figured
out that with Illinois, McKinley
has a cinch on a majority of the
delegates to the Republican Nation
I -
j H* 3 Hearing Restored in Ten Min
utes. Wonderful Cure. Science|
Prevails Against Ills Flesh is
Heir to.
Testimony of Elija Frost.
I this time familiar with the
J Dr. Darrin, and they no doubt read
remarkable cures this celebrated
Caldwell Tribune.
All readers of the Tribune are by
0 f
with interest accounts of the many
physician has performed- We sus
pect that some have read the testi-1
mon i a i s 0 f grateful patients with
some suspicion as to their authen
ticitv, therefore we are gratified to
be a ble to present a testimonial that
must put at rest every possible
doubt. There is probably not a bet
ter known man j n Canyon countv
than Eliia Frost. He has snent al- I
mogt a lifetime among thepeopleof
this section and his reDutation is
Uhis section, and his reputation is |
such that nobody will stop a mom-1
ent to q nes tion hi 8 truthfulness. He '
has received relief at the hands J
Lf the great benefactor, Dr. Darrin. I
an d desires to inform the afflicted |
that they mav have the same on
lDa *> mey may nave tne same op
portunity. Mr. Frost's testimony j
8 given below: j
Caldwell, Idaho, Mar 24, 1896.1
Mr. Editor: I was the first pati
en f to apply to Dr. Darrin for treat
ment> an d am hapyy to say the
years prior to the samel have been
treatment was a success. For 20
hard of hearing, and at times could
not hear except with great difficulty
Dr. Darrin cured me with electricty
in ten minutes, so I can hear any
ordinary conversation, and I would
advise all similariv afflicted to try
Dr. Darrin. I reside in Caldwell
and will gladly answer any ques-|dum
E. Frost.
body of preachers decide that there
A fine line was drawn when a
, .,. ,. ,
was no harm in rrding a bicvcle
" - I
on Sunjjay if scorching was avoid-|
Hats in the latest spring styles at
Picture Frames made to order at W.
H. Baugh's drug store.
Fresh Orangesand Bananas received
every week, at R. J. McMahon's
Fresh oranges, lemons, cocoanuts, and
maple sugar at Toyer's confectionery,
Drop in and see the new lines of boys
vici tan shoes, in needle toes at Senters..
Rough and dressed lumber, lath
shingles, ceiling and flooring at Hortin'ei
lumber yard.
Subscribers to this paper, who fail to
receive theii paper regular, will please
notify the publisher.
Go to Baugh's drug store for your
fishing tackle—everything in this line ■
always on hand and all new stock
Go to the City meat Market for home -
cured hams and bacon, as well as home
rendered lard. Any quanity you wish.
This office does all kinds of job work,
printing of all kinds, done .at shortest
notice, and we will appreciate all orders..
A full line of paints, oil, pare white
lead etc. Also mixed paints for house
painting or tor carriages, always on hand
at R. J. McMahon's.
Our spring lines are now full and com
plete, with prices to suit the times. We
invite inswction, with reference to the
quality and prices. A. 8. Senter,
Wanted—A reliable lady or gentleman
to distribute samples and make a house
to house canvass for our vegetable toilet
soaps and pure flavoring $40
to $75 a month easily made. Address
Crofts <& Reed, Chicago, 111.
| H. M. Thatcher, Justice ot the Peace,,
[ for Shoshone precincc. Acknowledge
men 1:3 tet:en and papers of all descrip-.
tions drawn. Real Estate and Collection.
for Saie.
Columbia Hotel.
Houses to Rent and Ranches
Office next door to the New
When the tacts are betöre you yom
I must be convinced.
The facts are that the Union Pacific
j is leading all competitors, is the ac
knowledged dining car route, and great .
through car line of the west.
The line via Denver and Kansas Citv
t0 Chicago, in connection with the -
Chica F° * A1 t°n railroad, with its excel-
e 2°î, P " ent ° l , free . recliniog , chair
man diners^^LSs^^tention* 1 of;
every traveler to the east.
nearest agent for ticket via this route,
toshes just received to-day at:
S€ntei ' s '
Ask your
E. L.Lo*£ax,
Gen. Pass, and Ticket Agent.
Another lot of men's slickers and
Shoshone, Idaho, May 5th, 1S96.
is hereby given, that an appli- .
e ?Ü?" I wU1 ** T de f ° the State Board
an °" s ' at t,ieir next m e*t in x to bo
held on the first Wednesday ia Ju.v 189C
at the Capitol building in Boise Citv, on
behalf of Frank Henderson, for a pardon >
of 8ai< * Frank Henderson, who is now
serving out a sentence of five years in i
the Idaho State Penitentiary.
Amelia B. Henderson.
Wife oi Frank Henderson.
Services nex: Sunday (17)as follows:
Breaching at 11 o'clock ; Sunday school
at 12 Euwort}i League . -3tk,. Preach- *
rTclffib^invitation extended to all
Young people aad strangers especially
invited, W. J. Barger, Pastor.
Found—A pocket book aad memoran- -
combiaded, owner can have the
same at this office, by proving property
and paying for this notice.
Fruit trees are puttingpn their bloom —
,ers. Where is the man who save there-«
•_ „„ , . ,
is no gender among trees, when sosn ^
are 90 etrictly feminine aa to-fallow..tL

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