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Why Dread Old Age?
It doesn't matter how old you are,
you keep well and active. Lots of folks
ere younger at 70 than others are at 60.
lame, bent backs; stiff, achy, rheu
matic joints; bad eyesight and deafness
are too often due to neglected kidney
trouble and not to advancing years.
Don't let weak kidneys age 70U. Use
Doan's Kidney Pills. They have
made life more comfortable for thou
sanda of elderly folks.
A Utah Case
Mr*. Jens Ander
son, First South and
Second East St*..
Ephraim, Utah,
eaya: "Doan's Kid
ney Pills are a first
clasts kidney remedy, 77,v/
I took a hard cold gffl
and It settled on my 'Æ7t
kidneys about three
years ago. I suf
fered with awful
palng and aches
across my back.Jy^
I'oan'a Kidney PH ; s ^
p- ■ rn4-r i-ti
and I be »tan taking
them. I hadn't taken Doan's long be
fore I was cured."
Get Doani at Aar Store, 60c a Boa
■ pills.
For Constipation
Carter's Little
Liver Pills
will set you right
over night.
Purely Vegetable
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
Carter's Iron Pills
Will restore color to the faces of
those who lack Iron in the blood,
as most pale-faced people do.
Red Triangle Secretary Not Absolutely
Satisfied With His Experience
Under Barrage Fire.
Fair, fat and past forty Is this secre
tary of the Red Triangle. Has the
smile that won't come off.
doughboy within miles around the hut
knows him and likes his cheery person
ality. That is why, perhaps, the op
_ . . , .
portunity came Pudgy s way last week
to spend a night in a front line dugout.
While he was there a deafening bar
rage rained around the dugout for
full half hour.
Everyone wanted to know afterward
how Pudgy liked it.
"I fear." he confessed, and the ever
lasting smile broadened as he spoke,
"that I'm no braver now than before.
Maybe I'd better go up front some
more and get sort of used to It."—Ex
Wet and Muddy.
One day while the soldiers were
hiking on a country road which was
water in some places and mud In other
places one of the officers said, "I'll be
darned if I'm not getting tired of be
tng a duck one minute and a mud tur
tle the next."
It is estimated that there are 2.04S.
854 cattle in the western provinces of
Of New York's regular police force
8.000 are fighting in France.

always goes with
health,and health
making is the big
reason for
1 I
Bf'W 1 lIlS.'iS'liB
A delicious fpod t
rich in the vital
No Waste. You
eat and enjoy it
to the last atom.
Health making,
Try it.
Theres a Reason.
Paramount Dutv to Aid Work of
Selective Boards.
Can Perform Great Service to Coun
try by Helping Work of Classifying
Registrants Under the Se
lective Service Act.
Provost Marshal General Crowder
has made public a communication ad
dressed to employers of labor and oth
er representatives of industry through
out the country concerning their share
of responsibility In tbe classification
of the new registrants under the se
lective service act.
General Crowder says:
I have noticed, In the general ex
pressions of the public attitude which
read» this office, two frequent features
which lead me to the present com
I ments. One of these features Is the
belief that the process of awarding de
ferred classification to a registrant re
quires merely the filling out of the
questionnaire, and that the selective
service boards will perceive the pro
priety of making the deferment, with
out the assistance furnished by the
registrant's formal claim Indicating
the deferment desired. The other fea
ture Is the employer's failure to real
ize his responsibility to Intervene in
aiding the board's determination, and
therefore to inform himself fully oa sll
the considerations which should affect
the decision as to deferment.
1. As to the first mentioned belief,
I It must be pointed out that If It were
nniversally acted upon, the process of
I classification would be seriously ham
pered and delayed. Someone must in
dicate that the Individual case is one
which should arrest the special atten
I tlon of the boards in respect to the reg
istrant's occupational status,
boards do not possess a superhuman
Boards Will Make Examination.
The boards will do all that they pos
sibly can. on their own initiative, to
reach a Just decision by a complete ex
amination of the questionnaire, even
where no claim Is expressly made. A
registrant Is therefore at liberty, if he
sees fit. to trust to the scrutiny of the
hoards to discover the necessity for his
Nevertheless, the hoards will wel
oome and will need all the aid that can
be furnished by the indication of a
claim made for deferment. With this
aid. the process will become a simple
and speedy one.
2. Why should tbe employer, nr oth
er third person. In such cases, make
the claim? Because the employer in
j this situation represents the nation.
; because (in the statutory
! "the maintenance of tbe military es
tablishment or of national interest
dnr , n „ fh „ pni(>r „ Pn< . v " r „ qu | rps »hat
fmnP ^ll-art vised third person should
look after that national interest, which
Tt Is often forgotten that the seieo- !
five draft Is only one element In tbe
the registrant himself may not have
sufficiently considered.
depletion of a pnrricnlar Industry's
man-power. A seeond and large ele
ment is found in the voluntary wirh
dmwais for enlistment ; how large this
Is may he seen from the circumstance
reached some 2.000.000. while the total
enlistments In army and navy amount
A third element, very
to some 1 . 400 . 000 —nearly three-quar
ters as many.
largp. but unknown as to its precise
extent, has been tbe transfer of labor
power from one industry to another,
namely. Into the dlsrinetively war In
dnstrles offering the Inducement ef
higher wagps. How relatively small,
in aotnal effect, h'as been the effect of
the selective draft Is seen in thp fact
that, for all the occupations represent
ed in the 8.700.000 classified regis
trants of January. 1918, the percen
tage of the entire industrial popula
tion represented by' the class 1 regis
trants amounted to only 6 per cpnt. Tt
ran as low as 3 per cent for some oc
cupations. and correspondingly higher
for some other occupations : but the
national average was only 6 per cent,
Any notably larger depletion in partie
nlar Industries must therefore have
been due. partly to enlistments, and In
probably greater degree, to voluntary
transfers into other industries.
Must Remember Nation's Needs.
These other influences are therefore
to be kept in mind by employers and
others. In weighing the question wheth
er the best solution. In the national
Interest, is to nsk for the deferment
_ _The
of Individuals or groups of men. Shop
deferments may assist the immediate
situation In the particular establish
ment; but thev merclv force the artm
and the uavy to seek elsewhere forth.
made up by the depletion of some
other occupation. Thus It becomes
the employer's duty to consider these
aspects of deferment. In seeking that
solution of his own problem which liest
Rame number of mon thus deferred.
The quantitative needs of th<
military forcée are known and Im
peratlve; nnd any given quantity of
deferments will ultimately have to he
cbmports with the national interest
The cessation of enlistments will
henceforth protect Industry against
irregular and uncontrollable
source of tjernngement. It will corre
spondingly throw upon the selective
. . , ,
serviie system the greater responsi !
ne • 1 * , s
bllity for an intelligent and discritn j
mating selection made in the light of
Industrial groups of workers,
fill this responsibility they must now ;
prepare themselves even more care- ■
fully than hitherto.
the boards heartily ready to co-operat
They will flo'l
To ful
with them to 'J e utmost.
1 A new hospital to cost $6<>,(JQ0 u
practically assured for Nampa.
j Gn a basis of six billion dollars for
j the fourth Liberty loan, Idaho's pro
I portion will be $14,690.000.
Sale of 9000 acres of state land In
j Power county has been authorized for
some time in December by the state
land board.
Shipping of farm crops out of the
Twin Falls district has been greatly
relieved during the week by an abun
dance of refrigerator cars that hav
been available In that district.
Citizens of the state are called upon,
in a proclamation issued by Governor
Alexander, to make no contributions
for war purposes to solicitors who fail
to show proper credentials issued by
the state council of defense.
The annual state convention of the
Baptists of Idaho is to be held at Cald
well, October 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is an
nounced that this will be perhaps the
greatest convention ever Yield by this
denomination within the state.
K. M. Heigho has applied to the pub
lic utilities commission for permission
to renew special rates made on the
P. L & N. railway for transportation
of school children to Council, where
the children attend high school.
Eleven Ada county men will entrain
between October 7 and 12 for Camp
Lewis under a call for 487 men from
the state, and seven men will leave
during the five-da.v period beginning
September 30 for Jefferson barracks.
Food Administrator B'cknell
some householders are still repeating
on their purchases of sugar for gen
eral household use by going to differ
ent stores to buy sugar. 'This prac
tice must be stopped," declares Idaho's
food administrator.
John Smith was shot and killed by
Harry Halverson, on Horseshoe
five miles from the state line,
Tipperary. The men had been part
ners In the trapping business. lair
ing a division of property they quar
reled over some bait.
O. O. Ilaga, director of commercial
economy, announced last week that
there is an abundance of refrigerator
cars in southwestern Idaho,
are urged to take advantage
situation and ship out as much of their
produce as is possible.
According to the annual report of
tile commissioner of internal revenue,
taxes collected in Idaho for the last
year amounted to $2,316.026. of which
$2.076.089 was income and excess prof
its tax. which is an increase over the
previous year of $1.627.897.
if the
Senator W. K. Borah made no prom
ises or pledges to anybody, and didn't
spend a red cent for his campaign ex
cept for the filing fee of .74. he de
clared in an affidavit filed at the office
of til" secretary of state regarding his
«Pense in the primary campaign.
One of the best jelly makers in Idah.
gives this hint to busy housewives. If
isli to save time, worry and "jelly
didn't jell." get a "candy ther
mometer" at any drug store and bring
the fruit juice to 220 degrees, when it
is ready to be immediately taken from
the stove.
y mu
name of the Improvement
league at Council has been changed to
the Ladies' Patriotic league. At a re
Savings Stamps and arrangements
j were made for the annual harvest ex
hibit to be held in the interests of tbe
I boys' and girls' club work.
Representative French has intro
duced a resolution authorizing the
states of Idaho and Wyoming, through
their legislatures, to exchange certain
small strips of land along their boun
dary line, so as to straighten out cer
tain farms. Only by sanction of con
gress can state boundaries be altered.
One Idaho soldier. Lieutenant Albert
William Stevens of Grimes Pass, has
been located in the German prison
camp at Rastatt, according to an of
ficial announcement made by the war
.department at Washington. Lieuten
ant Stevens enlisted with the old Sec
ond Idaho regiment at Boise last De
A tax levy of two and one-half mills
for roads and one mill for bridges, or
three and one-half mills in all. to raise
I approximately $49.000 on an assessed
j valuation of $13.680,000, was deter
mined upon by the commissioners of
i the Twin Falls highway district, as
! the means of raising the funds with
, vh|( . h thev wU , niu | Ilt aln and extend
^ hishwav sxs;wn , illri „_. the rtrv .
, )lf th( , nealv organiz district.
„„ . .. . ,, .. ..
ivooding County Council of I>e
fense expects to organize the school
chUtlren " f tht ' °° uut - v into a ohor,i: -
A .thousand copie« of a song book j
lu,Vt ' be * n onlered and these will be
distributed throughout the county aud
the teacher of each school requested j
to drill her pupils especially on these 1
Hay and grain crops throughout the j
Midvale and Salmon river sections are j
in excellent condition, excepting for a
drought to tne dry farm grain and a
slight frosting of cereals in irrigated
The at Weiser resulted
, n „ , teUng of about „:*> men. few
whonj ,, ro Ul0 18th voar class.
This comparative shortage is due to
the fact that the young lads In the ,
larger communities have lieett almost
, 6 , ,, ,
cleaned out by enlistments long ago.
Some of the American gunners in re- !
cent fighting in France experienced j
difficulty In keeping their guns within 1
range of the Germans, according to
vvorl * reivlvetl fr.ua John H. Sineiua of
Twin Falls, who said the Germans re- j
treated s.. rapidly it was hard to get a
sitôt at'them.
KaDPr<5 Secured hv U ; Show
rdyeib OCoUICU uy U. ... oiiuv»
Treacherv of Bolshevik
11 Cdunci y ui ouioiicria
«u; «
Documents Given Member of Commit,
tee on Public Information Also
Reveal How Germany Plotted
Against U. S. in 1914.
Washington.—Proofs removing any
doubts that Nicolai Lenine and Leon
Trotzky, the bolshevik leaders, are
paid German agents—if indeed any
doubts have remained—are laid before
the world by the United States gov
ernment in an amazing series of off»
cial documents disclosed through the
committee on public information.
Secured in Russia by Edgar G. Sis
son. representing the committee (who
was in that country during last win
ter, 1917-18) these documents not only
show how the German government
through Its Imperial bank paid its gold
to Lenine. Trotzky. and their imine
diate associates to betray Russia into
deserting her allies, but give added
proofs that Germany had perfected her
plans for a war of world conquest loDg
before the assassinations at Sarajevo,
which conveniently furnished her pre
Hun Plots Against America.
These documents further show that
before the world war was four months
old. and more than two years before
the United States was drawn into it
(in 1914), Germany already was set
ting afoot her plans to "mobilize de
structive agents and observers" to
cause explosions, strikes, and outtages
in this country, and planned the em
ployment of "anarchists and escaped
criminals" for the purpose.
Almost ranking in their sensational
nature with the notorious Zirnmer
man note proposing war by Mexico
and Japan upon the United States.
these documents lay bare new strata
of Prussian intrigue, a new view of
the workings of knltur to disrupt the
allies standing between the world and
kaiserism. They disclosed also a new
storv of human treachery for gold.
The intrigue appears to have been
, , , ' ,
carried down to the last detail of ar
rangement with typical German sys
Revolution Staged by Berlin.
Not onlv do the disclosures prove
. , . ... ,
that Lenine. Trotzky. and their band
are paid German agents. They show
that the bolshevik revolution, which
threw Russia into sueh orgy of mur- |
der and excesses as the world seldom
, _ . , _
Germany betrayed Russia at the Brest
Litovsk "peace" conference; how Ger
has seen, actually was arranged by
the German general staff.
They show how the paid agents of
_ _ ,
man staff officers have been secretly ;
received by the bolshevik! as military
advisers ; how thev have acted as spies
, , . *
pen the embassies of the nations
with which Russia was allied or at
peace: how they have directed the
bolshevik foreign, domestic and eco
noniic policy wholly in the interest of
Germany, and to the shame and deg
radation of Russia.
Originals of documents, photographs
of originals, and typewritten circulars,
some of them marked "very secret"
or "private," and many of them bear
ing the annotations of the bolshevik
leaders themselves; some of them con
raining references to "Comrade Trotz
kv" or "Comrade Lenine" comprise the
Some of tbe originals, it Is shown.
although deposited la the archives of
the bolsheviki. were required to be
returned later to representatives of
the German genera! staff in Petrograd
that they might be destroyed.
London Press Ascerts Austria's Peace
Conference Is Cynical and
London.—The Daily Mail, under the
heading "The Wont of Austria, but
the Kaiser's Voice." says the Austrian
invitation to the allies to open "a con
fidentinl. nonbinding discussion" of
peace terms is another form of the oid
German trick.
The Daily Telegraph says: "Nego
Rations at the present moment even
though they brought temporary peace
would only postpone the final struggle
between might nnd right. So long as
the kaiser and his pan-Germans direct
with irresistible authority the destinies
of Germany so long can there be no
question of an armistice or purely
academic negotiations. Tbe note Is dis
Ingenuous, cynical, and insincere an
attempt to divert the entente powers
from a resolute prosecution of the
The Austrian note ts regarded In
this country as a manenver to obtain
ueeded breathing space for the sorely j
tried central empires and to impress
, wn W lth the desires of I
-. 1 «^ f,, P „ i,, n nt the
,lulr niters tor a cessation or tue
struggle which is wearing them to a
It is one of three moves
bitted peace offensive whun has N'en j
expected for some time, and which has
.pk.-n definite form within the lust
few days.
,ih:ch have bee" made almost slmu'
Undoubtedly It Is a part
f a com
tduoi i : s I y by enemy states.
• ^entitled.
A passenger train arriving at a «ta
i tlor. In O! iahorna with some two hun
drwl Holaiers. many or whom were om
cere, attracted the attention of two f
. , . . Ä
negroe# as they paraded. As the offi- j
, , , . u _, .. tt
i *«uld exclaim. "Dat's a capting, or
-He's a leftenant," as the case might
: he.
At In-t a French soldier In his blue
»fray uniform UU y sod by.
"What's he. Sambo—a kunneir'
; , .
I asked George. j
I "No, George, dat's dis vere General
„ .,
■ Staff.
cers walked l»r "'Sambo" and "George"
Bell—How did she cut him dead?
Stell —Looked daggers at him.—Chi- ,
cago Dally News.
What is Castoria
ASTOEIA is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither
Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. Ita age U its guar
antee. ?or more than thirty years it haa been in constant use for the relief
of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea; allaying Feverish
ness arising therefrom, and by regulating the Stomach and Bowels,
aids the assimilation of Food; giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea—The Mother's Friend.
The Kind You Have Always Bought, and which has been in use for over
30 years, has borne the signature of Chaa. H. Fletcher, anti has been made under
his personal supervision since its infancy. Allow r.o one to deceive you in this.
Ail Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-Good" are but Experiments that
trifle with and endanger the health of Infants and
Children—Experience against Experiment.
Genuine Castoria always bears the Signatare of

Should Say Not.
j "If* 8,1 right to pay as you go ob
served the almost philosopher, "but If Candlemas was February 2. the data
>'on have to pay 2T. cents street car on which we now look for the ground
fare to get there and back, the chances hog to forecast the weather, and Old
Old English Holidays.
In the list of old English holidays
Candlemas. February 14. which is now
observed at St. Valentine's day.
are you won't go."
A New Way to Shave
Tender skins twice a day without irri
tation by using Cuticura Soap the Hf*t are combined in a new r let set
"Cuticura Way." No slimy mag. germs, ihat can be carried in a pock- •
waste of time or money. For free sam
ples address. "Cuticura, Dept. X, Bos
ton." At druggists and by mail. Soap
25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
A brush, comb, mirror and electrl«
One Exception.
"I believe in handling all things
without gloves."
"How about live wires."
When rtm're fiftr. vonr body begins to
creak a little at the hinge* "
more slow and deliberate. Not so vounz
as j to be'' is a frequent and unwei
come thought. Certain bodily functions
upon which good health and good "spirits
so much depend, are impaired. The weak
spot is generally the bladder. Unpleasant
Painful and
symptoms show themseives.
annoying complications m other organs
arist J ^ pa rGcularly true with el
derly people. If you only know how, this
trouble can be obviated,
Haarlem Oil has V*.*>n relie' mg the in
convenience and pam due to advancing
years. It is a standard, old-time home
remedy, and needs no introduction. It is
now put up in odorless, tasteless capsules.
These are easier and more pleasant to take
lte in bottles.
For over 200 years
Each capsule contains about one dose cf
g Te dj-ops. Take them just like you would
any pill, with a small swallow of water,
They soak into tbe system aud throw off
the poisons which are mafcmz yon old be
your time. They will quickly relieve
Don't Get Hung Up
With an Acid Stomach
^CWX) topleCop*5aofeEwy m\ It's Just Acidity
That Makes Millions
Sick and Suffer
' s) Â fnmt food sdtnri r ssyr The czcse of the i
. I inost at them stir wo» fcaa stomach"
There are millions of
people all over the land who are weak,
nervous, all tired and dragged out,
who are trying to build up their jaded
nerves ar.d'weakened bodies with drugs
and stimulants; and many of them
also EAT aod EAT —but fail to get anywhere
near the full atuount of «rençth and nocrlsb
meat cut cf tbeir f >od. W5y? Sisply because
I_:n . *,:ad :::y.
Get rid cf the excm acid. Your Stomach is
all right— ;u*s rive it a ebaaoa ti -work easily
aaiaatura r. TSvas ûbowpood y uw.:ifeei—
your ptp co mes baok.aodyourbîcodixarmaupl
A new method—trulj a wooderrui discov
ery ca«ied
It's true.
I How
^ Strong
Ü ^ re
1 You?
is p 01
tirely to dear tbe ex."«**
-Sof your sr::a*ch %nd bowels.
It is ma le in ir.e form cf p: lcaot-tMttDf
LatkH«—faindy to carry mrocrxi wizh yoo.
Octal 1 .; box cf ÈA TONIC *t any dro*
«ore and s e bow quickly it banishes tise ira
ntrii'.ate effects of ac-i-storaaeix. Away with
beani ans. belchiae. food rcpeafcg'. irxHge*»
tior..w k\—and tisea bow your cessera, isealtb
is No
Stronger ^
His i
ajraln we teil you—insist upon ft—*f you
. 4 tret a biff box EATON 1C trom your
■t tf-daT. The cost !» a tr.r*.
T« fjkith in y
- a
are s. .
. -e EATONTC lo jr
and yea can treat year
tt.s good. If EATONIC fxJ* sc any
war. lAxe it bacx—fie will refund ycvir coney.
If y -er driiîffiÿî dot snot keep EATON PC. drop
us a can! and we wâl send it to you at
on : you can «ïv.1 us the 60c a.'rer you ret it.
Add re»*: H. L. Kramer. Pres.. Eatosic Bemad*
Company,Ki? So. Wabash Are.. Chicago. IiL
>n!y Mb.
druggist. We authorise
drurristto cake
1 8C3 Sf ÜTN m
but you can clean them off promptly with
Quite True.
"'Vhy is it that wisdom tooth give
people such trouble?"
"I suppose it is because they are
^"1 » 1 -1 j v
Pliers have been patented by an I1II
nols Inventor to spilt Insulation and re
move it from wires neatly.
xrd you work the horse same time.
Does not blister or remove the
lair. $2.50 per bottle, delivered.
Will tell vesi more if vou write.
Book 4 R free. ABSORBLNE. JR„
the antiseptic liniment for minland,
reduces Viricose Veins, R .ptured
Granulated Eyelids,
Eye, inflamed by expo
mre to Saa. Best ucd lad
uickiy reiiered bv Mar1.tr
yeBesedv. No Smarting.
just Eye Comfort. At
Your D-uggist» or bv mail 50c per Bott r.
For Ssak el Ike Eve free write
Mu-ioc Lys Centedy Co., Chicagos W. N. U . Sait Lake City, No. 33-Î91S.
rwi« O «sii. W
M«aSo «r Lt
Cf** A 'mr» pa : cx-;t.v. Pr« 62.15 » bottls
M inji Y» or i >rr-i » ûe l'. i \ Sy
W. F.TOL \G. P D. F .rfTMC*« U*ml
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cored
by local application* a* they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There m
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deaf nee«»
that 1 b by a constitutional remedy,
HalL'9 catarrh MEDICINE
through tne Blood on the Mucous Surface#
tyf the System. Catarrhal Deafnees fc*
caused by an Inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube,
when this tub« Is Inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing and
when it Is entirely closed. Deafness Is the
result. Dll«.« the Inflammation can be re
duced and thla tube restored to Its nOr
;o ndlt!on. heanug may oe destroyed
forever Many -ates of Deafness are
caused by CatarrE which Is an Inflamed
condition of the Mucous Surfaces. ,
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL S CATaP-RH
All Druggists Tb» Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
■ ■ j
England are engaged in agricultural
Two hundred thousand women in
those stiffened joints, that backache, rheu
matism. lumbago, sciatica,
gravel, "brick dust," etc.
effective remedy for all disc »res of the
bladder, kidney, Hver, stomach and allied
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsule*
cleanse the kidneys and purify the blood.
They frequently ward on attacks of the
dangerous and fatal diseases of . the kid
neys. They have a beneficial effect, and
often completely cure the diseases cf the
bodily organs, allied with the bladder and
If yon are troubled with soreness serosa
the ioins or with "simple".aches and p-ams
in the back take warning, it may be the
preliminary indications of some dreadful
malady which can be warded off or cured
if taken in time.
Go to tout druggist todav and get a
of GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Off Capsules.
Money refunded if they do not help you.
Three sizes. GOLD MEDAL are the pure,
original imported Haarlem Off Capsule«.
Accept No Substitutes.—Adv.
11 stones.
ey are an
•7 Z

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