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Was Told He Couldn't
Live Six Months
But Doan's Brought Mr.
Clayton Health and
C. T. Clayton, 78 N. Broad St.,
Woodbury, N. J., says: "I had
about the worst case of kidney
complaint a man could have. My
kidneys were In terrible shape. I
had sharp, knifelike pains in the
small of my back,
and my back often
gave out entirely. I
couldn't stoop to lace
my shoes. For two
years I was In this
helpless condition and
didn't do a tap of
work and no one
thought I would ever
be able to work again.
In fact, I was told I
- *
Hr. diytu
couldn't live six months. But for
tunately I began using Doan's
Kidney Pills. They made me feel
better from the first and after tak
ing several boxes, I had better
strength and health than ever be
fore. I think Doan's are worth
their weight in gold, and I recom
mend them whenever I hear any
one complaining of their kidneys."
Get Dota'i at Any Store, 60c a Box
You can Stamp Abortion Out
at your herd and Keep it Out
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pertaining to
Answers every question.
Treat your own cattle at
small expense. 8end for
booklet now. 8tate Dumber
of cattle in yonr herd.
Dr. Dirld Roberts'*,!. Co., 100 6rand in., Waukesha.Wls.
Every Woman Wants
Diuohred fa, water far douches stops
pelvic catarrh, ulceration and inflam
mation. Recommended by Lydia E.
Pink ham Med. Co, for ten years.
A healing wonder for nasal catarrh,
sore throat and sore eyes. Economical.
8 I f l l J Fr—. 50c. al dnwixa. or po.rp.id ij
Clear Your Skin
druggists: Soap 25,
Ointment 25 & 50, Tal
cum 25. Sample each
free of "Cuticora,
Dept. E, Boston."
W. N. U., Salt Lake City, No. 40-1918.
Advising the Chaplain.
A British officer decided to hand
some advice to n rather Ineffective
chaplain. So he said :
"Padre, if you'll excuse my saying
bo, you're a d-d rotten chaplain ;
the men will never follow you to
"I rather felt that, sir," stammered
the flummoxed padre.
"But I tell you what," continued the
officer, "you'd make u fine company
officer, and the men would follow you
to hell."
Doesn't hurt at all and costs
only a few cents
Magic ! Just drop a little Freezone
on that touchy corn. Instantly it stops
aching, then you lift the corn off with
tha fingers. Truly I No humbug!
Try Freezone ! Tour druggist sells a
tiny bottle for a few cents, sufficient to
rid your feet of every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and
calluses, without one particle of pain,
aoreness or irritation. Freezone Is the
discovery of a noted Cincinnati genius.
Something to Start On.
Betty had two sisters, but was Just
Informed that she had a new baby
excitedly, "now our family has the
Starting of a real soldier!"
"Oh, goody, she exclaimed
Egotists are men who are unable to
disguise the fact that they are pleased
with themselves.
I wilt les* me. Cleansing,
Refreshing and Uealiag
Lotlen —Murine for Red
ness, Soreness, Granula
tion, Itching and Burning
of the Eyes or Eyelids;
**2 Drop#'* After the Movies. Motoring or Golf
will win your confidence. Ask Your Druggist
1 n x Murine when your Ere* Need Care.
Murine Eye Remedy Co., Chicago
Proclamation by the Pres
ident of the United
States of America.
Every day the great principles for
which we are fighting take fresh hold
upon our thought and purpose and
make it clearer what the end must be
and what we must do to achieve it.
We now know more certainly than
we ever knew before why free men
brought tlie great nation und govern
ment we love into existence, because
It grows clearer und clearer what su
preme service it Is to be America's
privilege to render to the world. The
anniversary of the discovery of Amer
ica must therefore have for us in this
fateful year a peculiar and thrilling
significance. We should make it a day
of ardent rededication to the ideals
upon which our government is founded
and by which our present heroic tasks
are inspired:
Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson,
President of the United Slates of
America, do appoint Saturday, the 12th
day of October, 1918, as Liberty day.
On that day I request the citizens of
every community of the United Stales,
city, town and countryside, to cele
brate the discovery of our country In
order to stimulate a generous response
to the Fourth Liberty Loan. Commem
orative addresses, pageants, harvest
home festivals, or other demonstra
tions should be arranged for in every
neighborhood under the general direc
tion of the secretary of the treasury
and the immediate direction of the
Liberty Loan committee, in co-opera
tion with the United States bureau of
education' and the public school au
thoritiee. Let the people's response to
the Fourth Liberty Loan express the
measure of their devotion to the ideals
which have guided the country from
Its discovery until now, and of their
determined purpose to defend them
and guarantee their triumph.
For the purpose of participating In
Liberty day celebrations all employees
of the-federal government throughout
the country whose services can be
spared may be excused on Saturday,
the 12th day of October, for the entire
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seat of
Done in the District of Columbia
this 19th day of September in the year
the United States to be nftixed.
of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hun
dred and Eighteen, and of the Inde
pendence of the United States of
America the One Hundred and Forty
By the President :
Secretary of State.
3erman Poster Reproduced by Bureau
of Publicity Proof of Shattered
Morale of Enemy.
A poster recently Issued by the im
perial German government in an effort
to belittle the participation of America
In the war und thus strengthen the
morale of her people form the text of
one of the most striking pieces of litera
ture that the bureau of publicity of
the war loan organization has prepared
for use in the forthcoming Fourth Lib
erty loan.
The center of the poster Is devoted
to a drawing showing New York city
on one side of the Atlantic and a tre
mendous explosion on the other side,
probably somewhere in France. Two
linking vessels are shown in the lane
»f travel between New Y'ork and
France, while in the offing are two j
U-boats securely afloat. "Opportunity
for the German U-boats !" is the catch
line for this section of the poster,
The lane of travel in which the boats
ire sinking bears this inscription :
'America—Europe. Distance 200 times
»reater than from England to France
mainland." In a corner of this sec
lion of the poster are shown the names
of Serbia, Montenegro, Italy. Rou
aiania, Russia and Belgium. They are
lined up in the order named under an
ather exploding figure representative
of Ihe European war, and the names
of all the countries except Italy are
crossed out. Indicating that they have
been eliminated from the struggle by
the Huns.
The title of the poster is "Can
America's Entry Make a decision of the
War?" Integral sections of It attempt
to convince the render that America's
army cannot take the place of Rus
sia's withdrawn forces; that the Unit
ed States cannot build enough ships
to have any effect on the result of the
war, and that the U-boats will destroy
virtually all the ships that America
can build when those ships at
tempt to cross the ocean.
Two millions of the booklets have
been printed and will be distributed
in various parts of the country, par
ticularly In theaters where Liberty
Loan speakers take the book as their
Every effort Is made In the wording
and the Illustrations of the poster to
minimize and ridicule the efforts of the
United States in the war. A striking
example of this is found in the figure
of Uncle Sam. who is pictured as a
cadaverous individual who wears an
American flag with nine stars and five
stripes around his ping hat and smokes
long-stemmed cob pipe. He also ap
pears to be wearing spats or dancing
The enormous figure of a Russian
soldier is the first object on the poster
strike the eye. He stands with
hands in his overcoat pockets, indica
tive of the fact that he Is through
fighting. Beside biro stands Uncle Sam
holding a small figure, designed to ,
represent the United States army, lu (
his right hand. In his left hand Oncle
Sam carries a banner which bears the
Inscription, "America threatens to
send transport of one-half million men.
But It cannot ship them !" Below
Uncle Sam are these words: "It Is
Impossible for America to train and
fit out In time for the European war a
suitable and sufficiently large army
and provide It with the necessary re
enforcements." The catchline of this
section of the poster Is "Russia's army
of millions could not down Germany,"
and on the skirt of the Russian sol
dier's overcoat are printed these
words: "Russia used up altogether
fifteen million men in vnin !"
On the opposite side of the poster la
this catchline: "England's sea power 1
and England's merchant marine have
not decided the war!" Below this
line appears a huge figure Intended to
represent the English shipping facili
ties at the outbreak of the war, which
bears these words : "England went
into the war with twenty million gross
registered tons of freight space."
Alongside this figure of a ship is a
drawing designed to show Uncle Sam
carrying the United States tonnage un
der his left arm. The caption above
Uncle Sara reads : "Can America re
place England on sea?" On the «hip
which Uncle Sam carries is printed
this inscription : "Three million gross
registry tons" and below that is an
other inscription which says: "At tha
beginning of the war America had on
ly a tonnage of three million gross reg
istered tons." Commenting on these
statements, the poster further declares
"America cannot increase her gross
registered tons for 1918 by more than
two to two and a half million tons.
Gur U-boats sink twice as quickly as
England and America can build !"
The answer of the publicity bureau
to the two sections of the poster refer
ring to the transportation of men and
the building of ships follows : "At the
moment the bulletin bpards of Ger
many scoffed the possibility of Amer
ica sending a force to France, there
were already more than a million fight
men overseas, and transports,
walled about by the American navy de
fying the cowardly submarines, were
bearing every mouth hundreds of
thousands more. The gauge is «et and
the summer of 1919 will see 4,000.000
fighting American men In France. Nor
wiH there be u lack ()f stl | ps to , rau9 .
The Liberty
port and sustain them.
Bond buyer Is fast giving to America
a méchant, murine that will be the
peer of any in the world. _
launched iu j uly a!oUP « 35,011 tons,
passes to allied and neutral shipping
combined, from every
•a use, for the
last six months, amounted to 2,089,398
"The distance from New York to
England, the Boche points out," com
ments the bureau of publicity publi
cation, "is two hundred times greater
than that from England to France,
from which he spells 'Opportunity fur
the German U-boats.' Pitiful Is this
boust in face of the fucts. Instead of
the U-boat being an unconquerable
engine of war, as the Hun confidently
expected, it has become the slinking
foe of fishing smacks a:-1 other iso
lated craft. The vast army of Liberty
!*<>nd buyers, thirty millions strong,
has built an unbroken bridge over Hie
Atlantic ocean into the heart of the
enemy's strongholds,
bridge there are streaming' our mil
lions of fighting men, as good as the
world has ever known, munitions and
equipment that have been wrought by
those back home, whose determination
is that the American fighting man shall
lack nothing that he needs."
As a back-handed slap at the French,
the German propagandists have repro
duced a French poster which pleads
with French people to eat less in or
der that ihe United States may seod
over more mat* power. The French
poster pointed out that If every per
son in France would snve a hundred
grams of food a day that the American
reinforcements could be increased a
division a month. The French catcli
line on this poster was "Does France
want wheat or men?" and the German
Across this
poster remarks "Also the allies are
now beginning to have their doubts!"
In a further effort to convince the
German people that It will be impos
sible for the United States to trans
port troops to France, the German
section of the poster says that ten
of required for
rage which \v>H precede the victorious
thrust of ou' army."
every soldier in crossing the water.
The truth is that a soldier requires
less than one-half this amount of
Summing up all the falsehoods which
the German poster contains, the look
let says: "The War Lord of Ger
many may have the futile hope that
his people will devour In the place of
food, such statements as the forego
ing. Falsehoods, however, are poor
substitutes and are likely to aggra
* ate rather than appease when the de
luded people of Germany learn that
every requirement of the American
soldier will be met by hls patriotic and
unqualified support hack home. If a
single soldier required ten tons of
freight space. It would be given him
But the truth Is he requires less than
one-half of that.
"As for Germany's statement that
even if the United States built from
two and a half million gross régis
tered tons In 1918, It would not mean
deliverance for the allies, no further
comment is needed than that by July
of this year the 2.000,000-tnn mark
has been passed. If further refu
tal'on of the Hun boast of his
U-boat prowess were needed. It might
be stated that less than 500 American
soldiers hnve lost their lives In the
present war ns a result of U-boat at
»'losing ihe booklet Is this striking
quota Hi n from Secretary MeAdoo:
"The Fourth Liberty loan Is the bar
Children Cry For
let Contents 15 Fluid Praehn
I ALCOHQL"3 per cent. «
f Avertable PreparationfbrAs
similalin^thcFood by Recula
1 tuigtheStanAclis
Thereby Promoting Di£<rfü° n
Cheerfulness and RcstCootaas
\ neither Opium, Morphine nor
\ Mineral. Not Narc o™
Jhfa- *(1d P r < j
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor other narcotic substance, It3 age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating the
Stomach and Bowels, aide the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep. The Children's Panacea—The
Mother's Friend.
rJ V»
A helpful Remedy fcr |
i Constipation and Diarrhoea.
j j and Feverishness and f
Loss of Sleep ■
! resottin^lherefrMujnm^ .
Fac-Simile Si jnatar^
Bears the Signature of
of :
Ihe CESTArtt
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Short Conversation Enlightened Attor
ney as to Manner in Which Caller
Evaded Office Force.
City Attorney Stephens was amazed
the other du.v when a peddler invaded
his private sanctum ar.d began dilat
ing on the merits 6f an ash sifter.
"I don't want an ash sifter." snorted
Stephens, but I do want to know how
you got id here."
"Everyone needs an ash sifter." per
sisted tile ped-fior, ignoring the ques
"But I don't," snapped Stephens. "I
burn gas."
"But you smoke, don't you?" de
manded the peddler.
"You win," cried the attorney ; "I
know now how you got in."
"How?" questioned the perplexed
"Just sifted." was the laconic reply.
—Los Angeles Times.
Pimply Rashy Skins
Quickly soothed and healed by Cutl
cura often when all else fails. The
Soap to cleanse and purify, the Oint
ment to soothe and heal. For free
samples address, "Cuticura, Dept. X,
At druggists and by mall,
Soap 25, Ointment 25 and 50.—Adv.
... ¥ . . ... .
Novelist Robert \\ « hambers said
at the Country club in New York :
It Wouldn't Do.
"This war has changed all things.
We older writers are quite disoriented.
We don't know how to write any more.
"Imagine describing a girl's ear to
day." lie said, "as shell-iike !''
Catarrhal Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot reach
the diseased portion of the ear. There Is
only one way to cure Catarrhal Deafness,
and that Is by a constitutional remedy.
through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. Catarrhal Deafness is
caused by an Inflamed condition of the
mucous lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube Is inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and
when it is entirely closed. Deafness is the
result. Unless the Inflammation can be re
duced and this tube restored to its nor
mal condition, hearing may be destroyed
forever. Many cases of Deafness are
caused by Catarrh, which is an Inflamed
condition of the Mucous Surfaces.
case of Catarrhal Deafness that cannot
be cured by HALL'S CATARRH ;
, » » . .
All Druggists 75c. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
Marines Want Luck.
Instead of "tossing their hats in the
ring" the United States marines now
toss 'em in the water.
Tossing their lints in the ocean for
luck was adopted as one of the ma
rine customs when a gust of wind
snatched the chapeau of a recruit
while he was crossing the bay off
Farls Island. S. C., the marines' train- j
ing camp. The "lid" sailed gracefully
out into space and was soon bobbing J
merrily on the dancing waves.
Taking the accident ns a cue. "just
for luck," the remainder of the recruits ]
immediately sailed their hats out Into j
the deep and the hay was soon dotted
with hundreds of straw hats.
Saw Trouble Ahead.
It was Hubert's first day at school,
nn ,i because he was very mischievous I
| t ( le teacher had to call him to task ■
When he arrived home
hls mother said : "Robert, how do you
like school?"
He sajd : "I think I am going to
have trouble with that teacher!"
"Why, what Is the trouble?" she
"She has sassed me three times al
ready," he replied.—Chlcagi
Its Cause.
"Was the new opera well scored?"
"It was. indeed, after the critics
got through with It."
You cau prevent this loathsome disease from running
through your stable and cure all the colts suffering with
It when you begin the treatment. No matter how you ,.'.
SPOHN'S Is safe to use on any colt. It is wonderful 1. .v
It prevents all distempers, no matter how colts or ho
at any age are "exposed." All good druggists and
goods houses and manufacturers sell SPOH.YS at 60 cests
and J 1.15 a bottle. »5.50 and $11.00 a dozen.
SPOH.N MEDICAL CO., Goshen, Ind., U. S. A.
• z
: =>
.. , , .
An officer, writing from a hospital
in France, tells how a French officer
pinned a war cross on his pajamas,
and how, without any warning, one of
the nurses hurried to his bedside and
planted "a nice rosy kiss on the ugly
mug of yours truly." There is no rea
son to believe that this is a love affair.
Doubtless it was a proxy kiss—it rep
resented the feminine members of his
Fiction nurses have been of one
But Wounded Officer Appreciated
Kiss That Came With War Cross
That He Had. Won.
kind. In the illustrations they were
strangely beautiful,
. hands were cool and their uniforms
: fresh. Some young millionaire had
j been picked up and carried to the lios
| pital where the nurse fought for his
j no—grim death stalking just behind
Always their
j the door. His identity was not known,
hut he was a man, wide of shoulder
and small of girth. He had a flat
hm . k un( , hls d .,se-cropped hair was
inclined to be curly. By and by he
became rational. The first thing he
realized was the cooling touch of the
nurse's hand on his feverish brow.
But why continue? He always mar
ried her. and they lived happily evef
It sometimes happens that a married |
. . , . . . . . i
man has a great »leal to say, but his |
wife won't let him say it.
A Lay Figure.
"Does your wife knit socks for tiie |
"Nile does, replied Sir. Meekton.
"And I am doing my bit also."
"I don't see you doing any wonder
fid footwork in either the work or
fight line."
"Footwork is my specialty. Henri
etta makes me stay home and try on
Hie socks."
It's Acid-Stomach
That Makes Millions
Sick and Sutter
Life is dark—not worth much to the
woman with an acid-stomach.
Acid stomach kills Hope, Ambition.
Energy, Courage. It sap* ihe strength
of the Kt rönnest body—Impoverishes the
blood—causes untold an IT* ring — make«
minima weak, unfit arid bring*
mature old age.
lia* ion. It is the right way to be well
and keep strong. Ordinary medicine
't do any lasting good. The best
do Is to spur up your appetite

for awhile.
A modern remedy makes It possible
excess acid
It bout the slight
It Is called EATONTC,
eat discomfort.
In the form of pleasant tastlug tablets.
Their action In the stomach is a good
deal like a piece of blotting pnper taking
up a drop of ink—they literally absorb
the injttdk
away through the Intestines.
Millions of people are weak and unfit,
sufTeriug all the lime, in one way er an
other, from superacldlty or acid-stomach.
They don't seem dangerously sick.
Just ailing. Going through life weak,
listless, dragging one finit after another.
and irritable; lack pow
er and punch, frequently have severe
attacks of blinding, splitting headaches;
subject to (Its of melancholia and
tal depression. And nearly always their
stomachs are out of order, even though
many experience no actu.nl stomach
pains—digestion poor—never gettlug
the full strength from
arli! ami carry It
They're nerv«
Begin using EATONIC right now—
the road to bounding,
vibrant health. Thousands
upon thousands of people who have
used EATONIC a
praise. They say they
that anything could bring them such
qtilck relief.
BiTONlO is fully guaranteed. Your
druggist will give you a Mg box for only
60 cents with the distinct understanding
that if you are not pleased la every way.
you get your 60 cents back. If you can't
get EATONÏO where you live—send U8
your name and address; we will send
you a fifty cent box and you can send
us the 60c When you get It. Address
Eatonic Remedy Co., Gunther Bldg., Chi
cago, 111.
today—and get
enthusiastic in Its
er dreamed
their food.
So, you see. It's Just thi
ach—that is bolding
bhould gut fro
their vigor a
weak and inefficient.
Got rid of the ettrosi acid. That's
the secret of good health and is the only
way to obtain good digestion and asaim
inany people
pplng up the strength they
i their food—takfng away
d vitality—leaving them
Women as well a? men
are made miserable by
kidney and bladder trou
ble. Thousands recom
RT AMP mend Dr. Kilmer's
DDAIUC/ Swamp-Root, the peat
kidney medicine. At druggists in Targe
and medium size bottles. You may re
ceive a sample size by Parcel Post, also
pamphlet telling about it. Address Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton. N. Y., and
enclose ten cents, also mention this paper,
Your Veterinarian can stamp
them out with Cutter'« Anti-Calf
Scour Serum and Cutter's Germ
Free Blackleg Filtrate and Aggressin,
or Cutter'* Blackleg Pills.
A*k him about them. If he
hasn't our literature, write to us for
information on these products.
The Cutter Laboratory
Berkeley, Cal., or Chicago, 111«
'TA# Laboratory That Know « How
▲ toilet preparation of merit.
Helps to eradicate dandruff.
M For Restoring Color and
Beauty to Gray or Faded HaJr
60 c. and $L00 at Drutryieta
Under normal conditions the Scllly
, . , „ , M
islands produce .yearly <00 tons of
His Peculiar Apology.
Our son, Lincoln, five, was sent to
throw papers in the waste basket. The
landlord asked him to take hls pa
pers, too. John told him to empty hls
own papers. I told John to apolo
gize. John said : "I get mischievous
sometimes and say things I don't
mean. I told you to empty your own
papers, hut you don't need to if you
don't want to."—Chicago Examiner.
flowers for perfume-making.

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