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What Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound Did
Fol- Ohio Woman.
Portsmouth, Ohio.—"I suffered from
irregularities, pains in my side and wa3
so weak at times I
get !
could bardl
around to do my
work, and as I had
four in my family !
and three boarders
it made it very hard
for me. Lyaia E.
Pinkham'a Vege
table Compound
was recommended
to me. I took it
and it has restored
my health. It is
certainly the best
medicine for woman's ailments I ever
saw."—Mrs. Sara Shaw, R. No. 1,
Portsmouth, Ohio.
Mrs. Shaw proved the merit of this
medicine and wrote this letter in order
that other suffering women may find
relief as she did.
Women who are suffering ss she was
should not drag along from day to day
without giving this famous root and
herb remedy, LydiaE. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound, a trial. For special
advice in regard to such ailments write
to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co.,Lynn,
Mass. The result of its forty years
experience is at your service.
Not in Vain.
They Imd arrested him on Broadway
for profanity.
Don't you know that it is against
both ihe religious and civil laws to
take the name of the laird in vain?"
demanded Judge White.
"Wnl. it warn't 'zactly in tain,"
drawled the man. "You see, yer honor,
a yaller cuss had just started to steal
my flivver, but when I unloads my vo
cabulary, you orter have seen him
run !"'
Undigested food ! Lumps of pain ;
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tlie trouble of it is that the majority
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Keep Yourself Fit
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sore, aching kidneys in these
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ip with
days of
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Bright's disease. Doan's have helped
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An Idaho Case
Chas. Allan, concrete "Stfry
contractor. lS-n? Blaine
Ave., Caldwell, ldaiio, "
says: "Several years 4
ago I had naite a lot of «
trouble with my kid
neys. I noticed the
complaint first when
the kidney secretions
began passing too free
ly and were highly
colored. Then my back
got lame and ached J
dreadfully. I was in;*;
bed several weeks and.-^
couldn't turn over with-JST
out help. It only took^
a few boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills to
cure me."
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Great American Statesman
Passes Peacefully Away
While Asleep.
„ „
O.vster Bay, N. Y.—Colonel Theodore
Roose\eit died early Monday morning,
January 0, at his home on Sagamore
Death Due
to An Attack of Rheu
matism and Sciatica With Which
Colonel Roosevelt Was Taken
III on New Year's Day.
Hill in this village. Meath was due
an attack of rheumatism and sciatica,
with which Colonel Roosevelt wm
taken 111 on New Year's day
Colonel Roosevelt sat up most of
Sunday and retired at 11 o'clock Sun
day night. About 4 a. m., Mrs. Roost
velt, who was the only member of the
family at Oyster Bay, went to her bus
band's room and ldtind that be had
died during the night.
Mrs. Roosevelt telephoned to Colonel
Enden Roosevelt, cousin of the former
prtsident, and he went to the Roose
velt home immediately. Telegrams
were dispatched to the colonel's chil
dren, who were in other parts of the
country. Two of the colonel's sons,
Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Roose
velt, Jr., and Captain Kermit Roose
velt, are in service abroad. Captain
Arclne Roosevelt and hJs wife left New
York at once for Boston, where the
capitaiu's father-iu-law is ill.
Ethel Derby and her two
were in Aitken, S.' C.
Theodore Roosevelt,
president of the United States,
•y./ 1
: ■:
»>• %

.y -'yO"
m K :
t ■'

■ 7' »V
born in New York City ou October 27,
1858. Although born in New Y'ork. Sir.
Roosevelt spent much of his boyhood
at Oyster Bay, tlie country home of his
father, on I.oiig Island Sound, where lie
began, with a distinct purpose, un
usual among boys of his age, to budd
up a -naturally frail physique by row
lug nnd swimming iu tlie wateis of
Iking Island, and by riding over the
hills and tramping through the
woods of Long Island, ihis plan of
outdoor life had been kept up by Colo
ncl Roosevelt all his lne.
Mr. Roosevelt was educated at Har
vard university, where he graduated in
the class of 1880. Returning to New
York ' he studied law, but later Jeter
mined to enter politics, and iu 1881
was elected to the New York legisla -1
ture ' ***** electe,i u - uln iu 1S8 - aud
_ ,
In 1884 he W1,s Jelegate to the Re-,
In which
nominated James O. Blaine for presi-j
dent, at which convention he opposed
ihe nomination of Mr. Blaine. In 18S0
he was the Republican candidate for
Mayor of New York, hui was defeated,
In April, 1SS9, on the accession to the
presidency of Benjaiuiu Harrison, 3Ir.
Roosevelt was appointed a member of ;
«»* United States civil service com
mission, serving six years in this of
In 1S95 he resigned from the :
civil service commission and became
president of tlie board of police com
Plan Big Fund for Emergency.
New York.—A united church cam
paign to raise 810,000,000 for after
the-war emergency needs will be
srnrted soon by fourteen Protestant
denominations, it was auuouuced here
New Government Formed by Serbs.
Paris.—A new government has been
formed at Belgrade by representatives
of all the Jugo-Slavs. Serbian. Mon-
tenegrin, Bosnian, Herzegovinian, Dal-
matians. Croatian» and Slovenes, it
has been learned Sere.
missioners of the city of New York.
After a strenuous two years in this, of
fice, he was appointed by President
McKinley in 1897 assistant secretary of
the navy. At the outbreak of the war
with Spain, Colonel Roosevelt resigned
from the navy department..and raised
tlie first volunteer regiment of cav
alry, popularly known as the Rough
Riders, because many of its members
were western cowboys, and many for
mer companions of Colonel Roosevelt's
, during the days he had resided in the
west iu his earlier youth.
n i . ... , ,, , _
„'TV V '° od ' n °"' S , IaJo '' °T
' V d
tol'™ ' r. P *
1 "° Ugh with Rooveselt second
to commcmd On July 8 following the
i surrender of the Spaniards at San
| t'^'o, Wood was promoted to brigadier
"''J"'™ 1 and Uoosevelt was made col °
" e '
° n ,lis return t0 New York he was'
non * fn «ted for governor of New York
r'lufulity of 17,780.
s e rve a second term, but Republican
lea(le rs of the state joined with west
ern delegates in forcing upon him the
vice presidency (June 21, 1900.) With
McKinley as president, he assumed his
J u *' es March 4, 1901.
He desired to
the wishes of the "machine"
Republicans and was elected with a
Roosevelt's remarkable terms as
president began when he assumed the
office after the assassination of Mc
Kinley at Buffalo. Until he retired
from the presidency at the succession
of William H. Taft. Roosevelt headed
the administration during some of the
most eventful times in American his
tory. Roosevelt's policies, his fearless
aggression in securing enactment of
laws which he deemed necessary for
tlie proper government of the nation
and ids great personal magnetism,
combined to make his administration
one of tlie most popular in tlie history
of the country.
j- or bringing about peace between
[{ oss [ a !JIK j jgpnn, offering the hospi
tnlity of the United States to the bei
p^ei-ents for concluding peace, Roose
Vl ,|^ was u warded the Nobel iieace
1>r j Ze He was one of the foremost
chanlplons of , he eause of mU itary
preparedness and brought about many
refonuSi urgin „ otllPrs which were
startliug ailt] caused world-wide com
nlent . combatting the trusts and se
curing tlle enac troent of anti-trust leg
islation HIs ministration of mill
^ affaIrs wa8 marked by the devel
opment of officers whose leadership
was felt in inter crises—among them |
Pershing W( jod, Bliss and Funston.
11,e sWnniest hours of Roosevelts
P'JBlcal eareer occurred at the Re-
publican national convention at Chi-
cago in 1912, when Roosevelt, heading
a hand of Insurgents, withdrew from
the couvent ion which nominated Will
jiatn II. Taft for a second term, and
formed the Progressive party, which
was popularly known during the cam
palgn us the "Bull Moose" party. The
ticket was headed by Colonel Roose
velt and Hiram Johnson of Califor
World Press Congress in November.
Tokio. —The next world's Press con
gress 1ms been called to take place
at Sydney, New South Wales, Aus
traliu, on November 11, 1919, the first
anniversary of the signing of the arm
istice which ended the hostilities in the
world war.
Harden to Be Peace Derogate.
Berlin.—Maximilian Harden, the fa-
editor of Die Zukunft, is des-
tined to become one of Germany's poli-
tical powers. It Is likely that he will
be one of the peace delegates.
A Personification of the Americanism ; ;
of Which He Was the Most
Doughty Champion, Declared j
An Admirer of the Colonel.
New York.—Men of national promi
nence who paid tribute here on Mon
day to Colonel Roosevelt termed him
"the greatest American of his day,"
"a personification of the Americanism
of which he was tlie most doughty
champion," "one of the greatest fig
ures of our time," and "the last man
to claim that he was always wise, but
who always fought for what he be
lieved right."
The former president, classed in a
resolution of the board of aldermen as
"the truly typical American of his
age," was lamented by Alan It. Haw
ley, president of tlie Aero Club of
America, as "depriving the aeronautic
movement of one of its strongest sup
Former Senator Chauncey 31. De
pew, who nominated Roosevelt for the
New York state assembly when be was
only 21 and who persuaded Thomas C.
Platt, the Republican state leuder, to
acquiesce in his nomination for the
governorship of New York at tlie close
of the Spanish-American war, a step
that brought him to the presidency,
said :
* Colonel Roosevelt was one of the
greatest men of our period and one of
its unique and most original persouaii
ties. It was my good fortune to know
him from his boyhood. His seven
years in the White Housi and Ms poli
cies excited the wildest and bitterest
controversies. Tlie tremendous pros
perity of the country had led to the
formation of great combinations, indus
trial and otherwise, and efforts of
powerful men to form greater ones.
Roosevelt saw that unless this move
ment was checked there would be a re
action to the otner extreme Ln legisla
tion. dangerous, if not destructive, to
the vested interests of the country,
and he successfully stopped the move
Charles Evans Hughes paid high
tribute to Colonel Roosevelt, declaring
"his greatest service was in the last
years, when, as a private citizen, he
had aroused the nation out of lethargy
and indifference and supplied the driv
ing force of a ceaseless and powerful
demand which lay behind the efforts
which made victory in the world war
William H. Taft said : "I am deeply
shocked by the death of Colonel
Roosevelt. I saw him in the hospital
six weeks ago, and he seemed to be
very vigorous.
"I mourn his loss personally, and I
greatly regret it for the sake of his
"The rare qualities that won for
Colonel Roosevelt a multitude of de
voted followers naturally arrayed
against him a host of opponents," said
William J. Bryan, "hut his deatii puts
an end to controversy and lie will he
mourned by foe as well as by friend.
"He was a great American nn-J made
a profound impression on tlie thought
of ins generation. His picturesque ca
reer will form a fascinating chapter in
our nation's history."
Frank A. Vanderlip said it was the
colonel's courage more than anything
else that gave him "the marvelous fol
lowing that he had." Theodore N. Vail
declared the colonel's death would
cause "universal sorrow," and was "a
great loss to the country and to the
Former Ambassador James W. Ger
ard described Theodore Roosevelt as I
"the greatest American of iiis duy."
representing "the highest type of the
real old-fashioned American," whose
place would be hard to fill because "he
understood and represented all sec
tions of America."
"I am deeply shocked,' said Thomas
F. Ryan. "The country has lost a man
wlui always fought for what he be
lieved to lie right, hut more thuu all
lie was a true American."
Washington.—Both houses of con
gross adjourned Monday as a mark of |
respect, after adopting resolutions of !
regret at the death of Colonel Roose- I
velt and providing for the appoint- I
ment of committees to attend tlie fu- j
Iu presenting the formal resolutions
in tlie seuate, Democratic Leader
Martin eulogized Jlr. Roosevelt as "a
truly great Ainertcun."
The supreme court adjourned imme
diately upon the announcement of
Colonei Roosevelt's death by Attorney
General Gregory.
Frenchmen Sail for Russia.
Son Francisco. — Three hundred
French soldiers comprising aviators
ind mechanics sailed for Vladivostok
on the transport Sherman. They car
ried with them airplanes, armored
cars, rapid-fire guns, etc.
Packing Plant Organized.
St. Louis.—August A. Busch, presi
dent of Anheuser-Busch, auuouuced
Monday that lie would csmplete the
organization of the Bevo Packing com
pany, which, within two weeks, will
enter the pork packing business here.
A trinity of evils, closely allied, that afflict
most people, and which follow one on the
other, in the order named, until the last one
is spread through the system, leading to
many evils. But their course can be checked.
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ally checking it and overcoming it in a few days.
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coming chronic catarrh, dispelling the inflammatory conditions, enabling
the diseased membranes to perform their natural functions, and toning
up the entire system.
The experience of thousands is a safe guide to what it may be ex
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Liquid or tablets—both tested by the public and approved
After the
Clean the Acidity and Toxic Poisons
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that the return to health and strength
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tention to the stomach—that is, remov
ing the acidity and toxic poisons from
the entire digestive tract, making it
net naturally, so that tlie body will
receive the full strength of the food
eaten—a great deal of suffering would
be saved to humanity.
Everyone knows that the disease it
self. and the strong medicines that
have been taken, upset <:e stomach,
ful results — so wonderful that
leave it hot and feverish, the mouth
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and no desire to eat. This is a poor
foundation to build new strength on.
gestion. a good stomach, with the ever
poisons and effects of strong medo-ines
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road to strong, robust health again.
You want to enjoy life again after
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You want to -t
amazingly quick benefits are hardly
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old soldier, past «er
anty-HPTen years. I bad tbe Sfian
lull influenza and it left

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Seals Lured to Death by Music. <
His Chance.
A cub halted at a street corner and
a man alighted. The latter hud evi
dently not the means at hand to pay
his fare by the manner in which he
dived first into one pocket and then
the other. He was relieved, however,
from his embarrassment by a man ten
dering a treasury note to tlie driver
"Take your fare out of Unit, 1 know
The change was given nnd the cabby
"To whom am I indebted for this
kindness?" asked tlie first gentleman,
"Not me, sir. On the contrary,
•ith the remark :
this gentleman."
was soon out of sight.
that's a had note I've been wanting to
change all day."
Don't worry about oid age. Don't worn
about being in other people's way when
you are getting on in years. Keep your
body in good condition and you can be as
haie and hearty m your oid days as you
were when a kid, and every one will be
glad to see you.
The kidneys ana bladder are the causes
ot senile afdictioasi^ Keep them clean an- J
in proper workiug condition. Drive the
poisonous wastes from t.'Y svstem and
avoid uric acid accumulations. Take GOLD i
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ly and you wifi find that the system wil!
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come as you continue this treatment. When
vour first vigor has been restored continue
tor awhile taking r. capsule or two each
day. They will keep you in condition and
prevent a return of your troubles,
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Haarlem Oil Capsules, GOLD MEDAL.
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First Fireplaces.
Fireplaces as we Know them, came
into use in the sixteenth century. Prior
to that the hearth was in tlie middle
of ihe room and the smoke escaped
through an opening in the peak of tlie
In Most Cases.
"How do you pronounce 'hauteur'?"
"Hot air. in some cases."
If a woman is patriotic she never
deserts her colors.
Granulaicd Eyelids,
M \ß U g Eyet inflamed by expo-
- sure to San. Darf and Wind
J-« « > Q guicj cly re lieved by NBrlni;
" V yeR»«dy. No Smxrting'
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awful Kbap«*.
I :
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Fowler. Indiana
Deo. 4. lltlS
C. S. Martin
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I Phonographic music lured score* of
seals of the lower Puget ><mnd to their
i deaths last summer, according to Ed
j Corfee, who sjient several months at
! Useless, Mutiny and Cultns hays, south
of Seattle, killing seals that prey upon
salmon. Corfee is a hunter employed
by the Washington fish and game coni
mission. A phonograph and a rifle
were the principal items in t'orfee's
outfit. According to his statement, the
seals came out of the water to listeu
to tlie music. Whenever a seal put his
head above the surface Corfee'* ri île
spoke and the seal dropped. Each seal
Is said to he able to destroy $1.000
; worth of salmon a year,
Headache*. BlTfone Attacks. Indigestion, ar«
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UOil t trille With 3. COIQ
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I W ' N ' U " Salt Lake Clty ' No ' 2 ~ 1919 -

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