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Established 1§32
VOL. 34
c-o-M^Kert 1014
Number 52
By "Keskedee"
* night a soldier dreamed a dream.
mI dreaming, dreamed he died.
.V I straightway to the. pearly gate
His sm-stMzied spirit hied.
And there bcfoie the saints ho stood
With downcast head and low:
"My record's pretty bad he said.
I guess rrn bound below.
I've smoked a. lot, and drunk a lor,
Confess it nil l must •
I've flirted too, and then besides
Great Horrors how I've cussed.''
The good Saint Peter looked at him
With kindly smiling eyes,
Hut shook his hf
A Mansion in the skies.
Now let me ask some' questions:
Are you a soldier
1 "Don't ask,' ho suif]
The soldier bowed, and then it was
The aged Saint began:
otton up at two A. M.
And started on the road
With all your bn;
" Yuu'v
r back.
age on v<
nulle a load,
Lisscd some regular
'Twould make
And too.
Ate hard lack without meat.
You've hiked for miles along some road
With blisters on your feet.
Y'uj'vç missed » call w maybe tv o,
Bceo given a stiff ollnd:
TL cri told to dress up «and get in step.
Don't always be behind.'
you've* spent some life with Uncle Kam
♦ ust trying hard to bo
What books and general
A soldier ofight to be.
With Captain, Sergeant^. Oorpor;
You're in a constant stew.
And once a month you dr:
Now tell me is this true"
* It is," replied the soldier.
As lu* took his hat to go.
lb.M on said rood Saint Beter
As he opened, portais wide
T'm very glad to see you sir.
Now kindly step inside.
We'll try to make you happy here
We'll do the best we. can.
For you've served with the"Arn'*xfon e
been a soldier man.
•ders think
your pay,
And you'v«
The American people were" stounded
when recent results .proved 'to th : em!
that one cut of every four yimnk men!
in this countrv was physically unfit to!
arms, under the selective '.cjrnfl*
service examinations *
it is also more astounding when
brought to our notice Ihn' o»tt ' hef
25 ,on;>.000 school children in AuieTira.
15OP0 000 are suff-rinc from some
phrdcal OoZt whtch might
\ ented or corrected. Of this 15,000,000|
children it is estimated that at least
i 000,000 are suffering from malnutri-l
tion. This is a disease, which if al
lowed to grow.' will become as danger,
nus as tuberculosis, blit is much easi
er prevented. Such children may* be
recognized by the folowing symptoms:
underweight, pale, anaemic. inatten-|
rive, disinclined to run and play, easi-i
'y fatigued, both mentally and physi-|
tally, and are often retarded in their,
school work.
This condition is brought about by
undernourishing and lack of proper di-!
To eliminate as many cases of mal-!
bea i*
nutrition and minor physical defects as
posible. we will begin a course of in -
struction for the grades and the high]
The work for the grades will be han
died bv Miss McFfeH the school nurse
and will consist of'instruction in person)
al and school hygiene, with instruc-1
tion in thc proper mating and the prop
er foods. In the high school, a course
will be offered the next semester which
will include, personal and public hy
giene «and sanitation. Instruction in
;his class will be given by Miss, Mc-i
Full, Miss Barber and Mr. Wesson.I
Miss McFall wiil have charge of the
.... .. ....
special training tis dietitian, will give
, .. ......
instruction in dietetics, and Mr. Wesson;
„ , .. . , ,
will handle the public hygiene and san
itation work. We fell that much good!
. , . , . .. .
u ill be accoinplishetl by these courses
.... . ,
t lhe parents, and the people m gener-i
, ... . ..L i
at. will co-operate with ns. If vour
, , , , ..
child tin, s that by careful Instruction
ihat Its diet has contained too much
and fats, help it make thej
change to other kinds of foo<l. If it)
nnds that its teeth are becoming faulty,
from lack of propr care, see, that >t,
gnes that care to its teeth.
We hope, if the time is available, to,
.P\e physical examinations to all the
school children before the close of the«
school year. One of onr local doctors
has kindly consented to give his servi-]
-res to assist the school nurse in this)
work. The results in every case will,
!"■ commua ,cated to the parents. w *th,
suggestions as to the best methods for*
bach specific defect. ,
>t is just as essential, or even more
so, .h.it the child be physiaxllir fit ns it|
is that it be montuUym It is imposai; |
*'.J for a ( liild suffering fiori. phjsical
° f . he greatest good fronv
n. School work. j
i is our hope that we ina> correct as,
„any of these physical defects as pos- j
>ib!e. This wll he done through the
dvice of the school nurse, and where;
s able, bv giving the proper
• xorcise. Not having a gymr-asium of
our own. it is impossib-n to give each'
child personal ifietruction in correct
iv»' oxercircs. j
f am sure that the parents of this!
' oimnunity will appreciate this move 1
...... ,
fi the- pn > frics: 1 beterment of our chil-;
drmi and will help us to make ourj
schools as nearly physically fit as pos
sible. For when children are normal!
instruction in personal hygiene andj
sanitation. Miss Barber, having had)
many people look upon fire pre-line
volition as they do upon a savings ac
count. Something to start tomorrow.
phyairally we need not
their proft'-oss mentally.
In regard to the* scholastic,work of
a bout
the present year, I btlieve f can truth-I
fully sa> that 1 have never seen more!
.... w 'V" e ;
" he " th *i
ends In May, if the present,
«untamed we will have madej
o lost Ihrough otfr enforced
to me, seems reinark-l
and better work accomplished under an
extra load. such as the schools
forced to cary this year.
school \
par is
up evi
Hide. ïtrhenÿtf is remembered that
ther the c
was lengthened.
the credit where it rightfully belongs,
that is with pur corps of teachers and.
vitb the pupils thetnsel
. Upi' the school
wii! place all
most of all
and last, but; not least, tfc
this district. »
ren Ls
With the a
>f Jhc
: is ta nee
» hope to make
k. ( which be
►VC named
the next semesters
gkis March 10th> of even greater value
gnoups, wt
semester has been.
Very r ?s i «ectfu 11 y ,
J. K. Wesson,
Supt. City School».
The Be
-f Shoshone held <V
smoker for "dad
the K. 1*. hall which, was a <yreat sue-!
cess. The boys gave "dad" a lunch andj
a smoko and also an interesting prog
ram which ii is needle»» to «guy 'Jad";
enjoyed to the limit. There has been
lay evening at:
no movement for the betterment of the;
fair toj
rv results!
f good
ever started That bids

»ban th« J '.<>> Scout idea. * It
the hoys in the very ess *nee
citizenship along
ami mentally,
fro î
deserved success.
Scouts, may they alwa
principles and practices.
all lines, physically
Tt developes the hoy
0.111 angles and is meeting with a
Here's to the Boy
« live up to its,
_ The inaugniratin of President Charles
Wesley Teimy of Good ing follew will
take place March 21. The committ?«'
... _
on arrangments includes Secretary J.
Wes ft* y Miller, Reverand A. Ç*. Evan.'
Sitpcrlntcndont J. R Baker. Mrs. John
Th . omas
■' President Edward H. Todd of
1 eliefte of fusret hound Will
speaker an.l many ether lead
png educators will represent their res
be the
institutions. Among th^Othei
P'b'nmtent people of the uoiTh west
who wi " have a part on the program
'! ri!l iton - krank it. Uoodmfir.Oov.
Davis President C. H. White, ituyor J.
Thomas, Dr. J. D. »tlliila-i, \ ice i res—
Went E.C.K. Brainard. superintendent
R * Aldrich ami superintendent W m
H. K
iTactic;.! Education for Christian
Manhood and Womanhood: wlii be the
theme for the day and the strategic
position of Gooding College Which is
located right in the heart of the great,
empire between Green River, Wyoming

i" 0 '' - tHO ,>v "Tat you do.
ami La Grande Oregon, With no com
petlng college within 10Ô miles of It.
will be emphasized with the slogan:
"The Camouflage of Shirley" is the
mime ,,f lhe P |u >' which has been sc
b'Cted by the Junior Class of the*
Shoshone High School for presentation'
on March 14. This play which ,» an
enlivening farce comedy in three acts
is based oil a vital situation of tm*
Watch it grow, help it grow and
Miss Sanderson who is
is optomistic re->
-ai ding the outcome.
World War.
directing the play
Willard Fields returned Saturday!
from ti four weeks visit cast. His fitsti
s*oi> W's >t Marion Neb. where he has
, , ... , , , .
a daughter living whom ho has not seen
.. ..
before for tifteen veers,
1 '! ', •' e *' 1 .
and he thinks it a conservative esti
, .
mate when oe places her value at one
, ,, , r ,
million dollars. He next
. .. { . ...
mont. Neb., to visit
, hf . re _ sht> , 8 his only living rel-.
He found a;
iiht. r
rent to Free-j
ith an aged «aunt
Utjve ^ h|s mother * a sid( . of the holIse .
H f ound her one of the sprigh'liest
Q . d la d,os he ever met. Said she could
mit , k find ollt n „. b)m in an oven!
8t .,,. t
Free moat Mr. Fields went
down throiipii southern Kansas and In-j
«Oklahoma and reports thnt the>
buvo lbo f; n( ..st wheat there he even
0ll bjs vv v b;u .g to Clarion Neb. he!
snow bound r , t Republican City.)
s , xt lni , es from the end of his journey!
and W{ls detained there four days by,
j b{ , s torin and then had to take a
round a boU' route and finish the trip
an aut(x
T h e worry and rest and oth»r enjoya-j
ble3 connfC led with the trip added;
abo „t 15 pounds to his weight, as th •;
trjp coat about $150 he figures that ex-j
tJ , fpt CQsl blin t „ n do u ars pound.
()n bjs ret urn home he was agreeably
SBrprifIcd to find a visitor from Berk
f q t , v California, his step mother whom
b( , ba d not seen for several years. j
' ... . , .......
. S " nu ' >«• «krty to think ha
r w;,s not uutl1 thv war epded that
they c.uYie to know the real men nin«: (
0 * ♦rouble. •
_ ,, . -7771 ,, « ..
In nil probability the Grand mother
of t jj € Russian * Reyolution doesn't!
take much pride ip telling of thej
pranks of that child,
Kuropean socialists prefer Len
io Wilson which is natural.*
then there is no accounting for testes!
of that kind.
.Astounding instances of military in*
ustice in the United States Army dur
ing the ws* were revealed to the sen*
_ _ , _
** B «s- Gen. Samuel T. Ansel),
who hi > s b « e " 1 act,n a -iudfle advocate..;
general. Here are some things that
ate's military affairs oemmittee recent
happened m the United States army,..
General Ansell told the committee:,

' ars .
A soldier who entered the army on .
nei-f;October, 23 was detailed to
duty on ..November 23, ..less ..tha.n a
the time he began his
military service. He had a row with r
lieutenant over, smoking a cigarette,
month from
and the 3oldier told the officer "to.
to he!!*' 1
! A soldier who had in his
i unlawfully a pass got a ci
barge and ten years at hard labor.
j ,
.1 soldier who refused to drill be
e of an exposure he had suffered
day before, went t.o prison for
ça us
A soldier went home to «fro his fa
te- die. returned voluntarily to hi«#
•ed to death
He never took off his
company, and
for desertion.
sent ci
a wav and mode no nt
< uniform while
to hide.
, bl . wa8 . ZoU(
: vo? vj Uli: in ,j the lads wetv
hovs who had seldom l.een away,
'ere not committed in
ral Ansell told the
I from home.
enate commit-;
comes after and not before the
ruble incidents.
-'f . to s;i\- tin
ts shcckecf. as usual the
tee '
I depJ
•Soldiers wore sentenced to death in
France because, after nighty of exj
• sure they went to stj?ep, . •
Some of these men. incidents oL
tpsç Sentences are given above, were
1 the recipients of of pardons from 1'res
Witoon. However, not *»*{ m
' l
review oy
ent. The army itself is in-!
»ntinbl<>. The middle ages direct Its,
j policy in th- matter of punishment».
j f; r\ scnfcntTS are
■ the preside
J Compare the treatment
•Ti , *i - with the conscientious objecto,
pets of Secretary Baker, sent l)ack out 1
• ,l, vftM-M ., n ,i with rimvpiN in
into the woiid -ma wun flowers in
1 their button-holes, well-fed and cloth
] ed.
clothing and a pat on ^ back for the_
.onsebni mus ol>j pt or. *h. It the sold
;ourt martial for them. Xo heavy
1 eyes after days and nights in the sewer
like trenches, to close down in sleep in
spite of themselves.
Honorable discharges and good
î N
: " mse flesh hnalU sutcumbs . the
ordeal of l>ein„ a. soldiet poc-s b. bfe
lens imprisonment or an .pnommious
- , a ' .u.
Is it any wonder that the
people exconate Baker,
\ meeting was held at the Shoshone
'Tub rooms Tuesday evening by the.
members of the Republican countyj
eomnvitteeto re-organize since the divl (
sion of the county reduc 'd the number
of precincts. Dr. C. K. Zeller, havmgj
removed to Jerome, tendered his resig
, ... .. t>
licbfield in place of . î^. a !
A delegation of Richfield citi-,
zens present requested the committee
to endorse T. B. Brush as candidate
for appointment by the Governor to fill
Dr. O. F. Zeller, having
removed to Jerome, tendered his resig
Ter was elected
natioi and Archie B<
committeeman from Shoshone and also
place of Dr.
permanent chairman in
Zeller. Owen Youngkin
i\ as
the vacancy on
comnuss.oneis made Gi.ant hj reason
of Anders Ando son. the Chairman,
being remoi ed fiom t n c * oun ' - 1 e
formation of Jerome county. The ®? 1 ?'i
itec complied with the request and the
recomendntion v> as forw.n c e to on.
A. T. McMahon nJth insti m ions °.
present it to Go^. D.i\ s.
Inasmuch as Governor Burnquist, of
has classified the nonpar
control of state
don . inute s the legislature, has
Its governor and leag
elected as judges on
bench. The first thing
does is to announce
legislators who do not vote 'Tjghf on.
the league program must leave the
tisan league along with the I. W .
and the socialists and branded the
its government it is inter
im t is happening in
movements «as
eating to note
North Dakota where the bague is in
affairs. The league
«lev ted
e canidates were
the supreme
the league
that those
; state. In order that there may bo no
misunderstanding the league officials
issues a .warning to the lawmak
ers who might be tempted t
Dakota. Let him lay his plans to move
, n to ..some ..remote .territory. North
Dakota will be too hot for him. He will
be rem embered as ..theJudas. of the
farmer* movement... And if he. has
ohiidren, let him reflect that he will
betray them, too*-that.. his treachery
w j|| mean their name is forever ..dis
Let ..him prepare to leave. North
A s for the ''economy of the league
tax levy of *86.000.000 a year or
gpe percent increase with a $17.000.000
, b . b t on top of it, is the program accord
in to the aiobe-Gazette of AVahpoton.
.. .. .. . , *i. t ,:„ m , ms «50 tn\
Northi 1W a. «
f,,r e ' er > man, uoman and cftild '
sfa tc »tvs the same authority. A nth
r nea ^ burden for these war times.
u | s also interesting to note how me
11 ,s ' uso 4
lesigrue proposes to help its members at
t he expense of the working: people and
those who live in cities .and
and ren led
Homes of the workers
'soaked" and the (
are to be
people who live in the cities «ill tret
the "jolt". |
In commenting
on this the Fargo
Forum wiitorily says:
example,.. ..Mr.Roylance,
leagues *tax expert' hired to come here!
and impose ..corfisatory ..taxeson the
state, calmy admits that city houses.
which are rented will have
no exemp-i
tion, but wiil be assessed to the full 100
per cen t of their value. Remember Mr.
Work.ngman that all improvements oni
a farm are exempt ent.rely from tax-:
;!tion . A farmer, may have $50.000
worth of houses and barns and not
a nickel in taxes on ..them,..But if
live in a rented shack tnat costs $1.000
or as low as$200, it will be assessed to
its full value and you will pay taxes
every dollar of it thru „higher., rent...I
The landlord isn't going to p
ed taxes. He will pass them on to you
in increased rents. ."If you are lucky'
enough to own your ..own ..home ..and
j ive in itf |t wij , be
the add
exempt., if it isn't
worth more than $2,500 and less than!
$3 r 500 you pay* taxes on the excess all.
over $3300, but if you were so extrava-;
gant as to spend $4,000 for a home for
yourself and family you will be taxed
on every dollar of it at a 100 valuation'
''Does it sound unbelie »able?. ."Each
word of it is true.. If you doubt it,
study the bill itself. What do you get
for all this?. "Well you get a state
bank which will painlessly and quickly:
! «operate the state from the $60.000,000
school fund that w
trust bv the United States
catc* your cldtdrei
l outfit of
men: to
This ii
baggers' that tried to inia.de Idaho and
this state. It appears that
icat.ion. But
hat else could bt eipt'Ct-l
th Da I
ed?. In N
;l f .j
are waging
fi^ht, attempting to exploit all
versons who not engaged in farming)
; tV r the bent fit of the farmers
I the members of any class, soc
put that Class ft!
j the United States and claim
l something
c other" than Americans,:
I first, then they are hitting at America,
Those who do not bear in mind the
iimnort:t , WO rd» of Abraham Lincoln
that thfs is co „„ trv with a
ment of .{jj e people, by the people, and]
j OI . ,j, e p t . 0 p|e". are strikingr at the Ide-i
1 , . , r . -
als and institutions of Anieiica. it
the duty of all true Arne
ms to see
(Editorial from the Saturday Evening,
,, ost)
that every such moveo**nt fails.
A new craze is sweeping over the*
country--as silly as pestilential
the dancing madness that seized the.
world just before the war. Everybody
wants to reform everybody else and
settle everything that is wmng yvith
! anything. Our mails are choked yvith
impassioned letters, our wastebaskets
are overflowing with
p amp i llets .. a ii touting panaceas.
Everything, from pap to dynamite,
js bt . jng ;WO mmended for what ails the'
( worW unf j t hc other fellow. Every!
method of re | eiv j niJ him of his pocket
thoughtless '
book ..f§ r that is always the seat of
the ot h er f e || 0 ws disease—is being ad-j
vocated. Some favor choking him'
with taxes as an easy cure: others'
treating him with a piece of lead pipe
as being- <juicker and more merciful,
Some pearheaded professors «and mem
bera of the ;irlied trades of men tal shut'
who make a | iV f ngr shaking up bright,
ups are working in shifts turning out
their celebrated Socialist
I Syrup, guaranteeing to cure financial
corpulence and the black curse of the
bourgeons home life. Bright young men
voting thots in bright voung papers are
offering their snappy tasting Bolshevik!
Saf5p;irilla for those dull world aches.
( ^ np group of Ladies are brewing over
bon-fires a cure-all for everything,
while another group denies that there
is any efficacy in that medicine and
wants to cheer up the plain old prob-j
lems by*running them with baby rib-Lr*
This is the greatest era of pap. pif
fie and poison ih* j world has ever seen.)
The old family doctor hasn't a ch.anc
nobody but
quack can prescribe now
adavs. Rut sensible people learned long
! ago that there is no health in the nos-;
; trnm, no way to a sound body except,
thru living sanely, simple exercise and
the bottles out of
hard work. Thr
it will not hurt if you,
along with)
go back to work,
Meantime young Frofessor THIS ana
old Doctor THAT should not be allow-]
ed to offer, as safe and pteas«ant tonics;
. .. . . , _ ,
com pounds that create a depraved ap
. . . . , . ,
, petite in credulous takers. And one cant.
, , .. . 4 . » « ♦ c *»• I
; a wavs know that the habit for the
stuff has been forme,! when the patient
the window
throw out a few quacks
them--«and let's all
elect honest leaders who will pass
h'mLt taw»-nrt for one Cass but for
., c | asses .. bow can they expect any-j
thj , Jood t<J come from ^ eh se |f e | ec ted;
leaders who selfishly seize power for!
themselves and a small tirouc of follow
and sma " 9 P
arsw , eP : s t b ,t the men who ad-!
t tb s rt of prac t, C ai Bolshevism;
, V ° C , ' l ork ^ in Ruasîâ today and
* s * work in Russia t a y, .
befrins to babble about the "revolution.
The final aim of every revolution-
, , , .. .. . , .
the onlv lasting result that can be gam
the ballot. If the
not the
*d from one--is
•orninon sense to use it wisely and to
they are almost all unnaturalized
foreigners, do not want honest leaders
or honest laws--they want to loot.
Anything except miracles that the ma J*
o r,t y wants it can have at the nex
lection. But let none imagine that the
oJc ^ s j mp j et fundamental laws of life
and health can be repealed, even at the
The endorsement of thc nineteen
srn; ,n powers of the acts of the five
big powers will cause more grief in
4th is election day.
Don t forget that next Mondai* the
Mrs Arthur Scott is working in town|
Mrs. Ryan called on Mrs. Rurdelt and;
1 at present.
Mrs. .Mills Wednesday aft. moo:,,
L. A. Di
mason came in from Mich
in awhile lonçvr » .fore'
Gieseke at present.
s * ,; k Id for the past week,
an, Tuesdi
Mrs. Den nn. son will
sit in Michigt
r Mrs.;
M r
veland is working
n Lewis rcjoict
arri.al of an eight po.:ti«l baby b«.y{
d by the Stork Oct. 23 rd.
and Mrs.
ir "
li*?u on the
eland ha
fuie !»«?if*r
inst i post and
« cny t-.c senger lost
T"»-* djy by running a*
bt iking its . eck.
J. Home and Mr
on Mrs. Sam Lewis Tue
d th-' in v boy.
C>. p;
S. H. Ryan received a teleg.-mfi from
his brother Tanner Monday
was on his way çast :
family went In to
y ing he,
Mr. Ryan and
Î However it did not arrive until 5s30-:
-rning. They report Tanner>
3 in the very best of spirits, likes camp
: life fine and has gained 15 lbs, since
;pt. 3rd
Mrs. A. M. Gomes has returned from
alif. where she has been for the past
visiting relatives
her son Earnest.
f. three
i Xric-n*
Sam Eewis is the proud possessor of
I a new Paige car.
Harry Otis came in from Boise Sun-*
I day to visit his family and take.

! charge oT the Cleveland ranch.
and family spent,
last with Lester Cox and wife
Harrison Ryan
M;-S Kliahr-th McMaster» is staying"
j with her sister Mrs. Fumtas at present,
Jack Munson and I»u!a Lewis spe.it
Sunday evening «tt the Ryan home.
Mrs. Arthur Horn is quite ill at her!
Mrs C\ B. Sparks spent Sunday* with
her husband at Thorn Crack.
('"b Hewett. L. A. Dennison and J. A.
! Mills attended a sale at Gooding Sat.
Mrs. Chas. Baker was on the sick list
few day's last week.
f ;h< ' "-filer assisting i
demic *
M • ir! Mrs. ('. F. Baker
■ere in town
No Big Wood K*ver News on account
the flu epi
Mrs * Burdette hits been very sick of
> * a te.
ther ] ' P5,ter ^ thp Pumpkin
Nadine the little daughter of Mr. anti
Garnie Co.v is working for his bro
•anch at
| at ^ r * Ueiske s at present repairing his
wel *
Mr, Koesster the well drill man .is
Mrs. Harrison Ryan was visiting Mrs.
Lester Cox last week while she was
^ , ,
Mrs. Sparks and Dennison each have,
been nursing a very sore finger of late.
1 censed by a felon.
The family of Chas. Cleveland
writes that they like Calif, fine ana
I that the flowers and fruits are great.
Mr. and Mrs T. B. Jones aW) Harry;
i '-rus ar.d cV'Idrtn
Î evening at The J. A. Mill's
füll, d >
spei tl
The family of Joe Silva are all im
i proving. Mrs. Silva had a very narrow;
escape from death caused by the flu.
The inunv friends of Mrs. Chus. I* ur
. ... , , . .
mss will be pleased to know that Mrs.
I Fnrniss is able to be up some now aft**r*
t ... .. ... ' . - ,
f fol
! lowed hy the
. , T ^ ... ^, ... T
, Bob Hewitt, wife and children. Loyd
. . . . ...
! and Margaret who have been visiting,
Michlran and South Carolina the'
pust five , nonths oame in the n th «at.
isfied with Idaho.
Harvey Burgess, from the Zeigler
ranch on the North Shoshone tract,'
ras trans.acting busines i
. , , „
certamI > takes neri < foi a Msitor
un,nv ' ,e ^ tho .^ lrst a
srf 0ncl vls,t Wl mutation. 5 et
this ls wh:lt ,he fll ' ls '''dug through
^ country.
. . .... ,,
T''f f . ami y of ' ' lsekl8are aI1
" b,e to ,>e ;,p,,n afU ' " sev ere siege
of the fill. IJttle Margaret and Baby
K||jtabeth were ( , an(rerout< , y sick.
Mrs. Gomes and Mrs. Ryan have been
very busy the past five or six weeks
helping with the flu and so far* neither
of them have had it.
Mr. and Mrs.S. H. Ryanattended a
dance at Wiil Kade's Friday night
j Mr. Kade'snew house is almost com-|
pie ted.
Mrs. Adams a nurse from Goodin -
at the Geiske!
who has been nursing
home, returned to Gooding V* edttesday.
Lyal H. Kheilman. one of the
f our soldier hoys
arrived at his
I est
home here last Sund
Tight. At. the
a K e of is he enlisted a tWeiser and
ned to the second [daho July 2H,
and went into training at Camp
Greene. N. C.. removed I
i 1917
, xr Camp Mills,
; N. V.. and thence to Camp Merritt, N. J.
arriving in France January 5 ,
e fighting about Cantigny
. >as gassed and wounded. He and
"our companions 'ook to* a shell hole
• instead of the trench, while '
a yea r
,(, S
and Shellmarf, alone,
< ome out with his life, though badly
. wounded. His exi
! fateful day in May has 1
a counter attack
*n in French
i nence
from his wounds he
A mel
on hospitals.
conies home
boy who
! MAN. ir
ead of the
png with pride the French
I away,
• citât lo:
cord for
On Tuesd
rj of Dietrich
1 tion to our
March 11. th.
ill give a recep
*eturning soldiers, in the
auditorium of the high school building.
music and :
'reshments :
bountiful sup
5 on the pro
p; ply of r:
I- red Bacon has returned from a some
hat protracted visit to Rock Ct
\\ ilhur* Fdon and E. < Young
nf visitors at Ban Hart's, enjoying
ic&Betit music furnished bj
w- r •
• Anton Christensen, :
this precinct, died
coast from an attack of flu.
farm owner of
recently, on the
Samuel Norris and family have
turned from Pocatello, where Mr. ?+or<
rls has been
gaged- in the car shops,
.icupy the Mosley
The family will
farm, formerly known as the Fred Mil
! h r place,
R. F. Snoflgrass is starting to collect
J a dairy of high class stock, starting
with the purchase of a hundred dollar
j ^ow from fra Towne.
Cattle buyers have been lookin'? for
fat stock through the tract. They
made some purchases from J. J. Turner
and S A. Bate, Jr.
I Frank Sch*»ihing is home from Camp
Lewis, anil is getting ready for farm
operations on his recently purchased
; farm. Mr. Rcheihing was ,
1 Ho field artillery corps,
corporal in
■f. R. Smith is able to. be
after an S days wrestle with the flu.
bout agah
The rabbit drive at Peter Amirew's
place Bist Sunday resulted in the de
struction of about 1500 of the pests.
Miss K.ate Weiss is helping Mrs. \V.
<\ Dooley in house keeping and attend
ing to the little child of Church Smith.
Frank Heeley, of Twin Falls,
visitor here this week looking «after his
landed interests here.
was a
E. E. Joyce," of Leslie. Idaho, was
here Wednesday negotiating with J. A.
Bailey on a trade for the Bailey farm.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bailey were visit
ors a week ago at Blackfoot, on hus
in ess.
Mr. and Mrs George Saviers are to
be guests of their folks in Shoshone
over Sunday.
Mrs. J. M. Clark was appointed*a'del>
egate from Idaho, to .attend the Peace
conference at Salt Lake, but was un
able to «attend.
Ollie Bate, mentioned last week as
with his ship about Philadelphia, is now
on his way to Sweeden, the ship carry -
carry -
j ing .a cargo of provisions for hungry
This startling and peculiarly sor
; rowful message to F. W Zimmerman,
, was received Thursday morning from
the Adjutant General: "We deeply re
j gret to inform you that it is officially
reported that Sargeant Garrett B. Zim
I merman, of irfiichine gun battalllon, pro
viouslx reported wounded, in .actioi,
about September 29. is now reported
; killed in action same date, (signed)
I Harris. Adjutant General." This is the
final. For five months th** parents of
this worthy soldier have been making
every effort to learn the particulars,
even calling to their hulp the work of
the Red Cross, but «all in vain It is
passing strange ttint such things can
I be.
c r inly ought o
( f all kinds in Li tc- a Co. t!»U
if snow i*»as anyth.ng to do »:iL
Mrs. J. \. Mills and daughter Dor
otbv *j,. s R 0 bt. Hewitt and children,
Loy.l and Margaret, Mrs. Earl Buroen
ond children, Bernard and Nadine and
l Mrs. !.. A. Dennison spent Sunday
eveni . 1(f uith Mrs. llyan and children.
n K Mickelwait, A. L. Hetchor,
Owen YoungfkJn, T # B. Brush. Geo. F.
Gorow and H. N. Good, 4 all of Rieh
•re transacting business in Sho
shone Tuesday, returning on the
morning train Wednesday
L. A. Dennison and wife, gave a din
last Sun. in honor of Robt. Hewitt
and family. There were so many pro?
entthat it is doubtful if the writer could
However, every one
name them ali.
felt that they had done jus*ice to t
any good things to eat.

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