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VOL. 35
Established 1832
Number 3
iU i r ' JL-r ' W BWPf*
V ***** t.
Entering the corral... The big drive p t D'etn'ch in which 3,300 rabbits were
v'd *
* *
Rabbit drives and poisoning have
been very effective in ridding Lincoln
Co. of the rabbit pest. It is hoped that
the crops will be saved from the rab
bits this season.
Harry Nelson, Pest Con'i-ol Com
mitteeman of the Farm Bureau reports
that the drives and poisoning arc suc
cessful in the Dietrich community.
Besslin school,
made at the places of
N. W. Sine, O. L. Palmer, Peter An
drews and Chas Matson. Lunch was
served by the women of the commu
nity at each drive. From 7,000 tolO.OOO
rabbits was the toll. The largest drive
leached 3,300 from the school section
north of N. W. Sine's.
The strychnine for the rabbit poison
ing is bought by the County Com
missioners and given out to the f'rm
ers by the County Clerk. Good reports
are cornining in from the effects
poison frig. L. J. Meservy of Dietrich
reports 4,000 killed. Audley Barbee,
2,000. John McFqll has been poison
ing since the first snow, and reports
as high as 500 in one night. This, with
the good work reported from ('has.
Myers should rid that section of rab
bits. .
J. R. Holmes, Chairman of Hurrah
School Community, says that, the rab
bits are thinning out in his com
munity on account of the poisoning.
The farmers on the edge of the Rich
field Segregation do not think that the
rabbits will be as plentiful this year,
on account of the campaign poisoning.
( By George E. Maroney, Acting County
County- Wide Farm Bureau Meeting.
A Farm Bureau Meeting will be held
in the K. P. Hall at Shoshone, March.
29, 1919, beginning at 11 A. M. Free
lunch at noon. Farm Bureau Officers
and Executixe Committeemen will be
elected .for the coming year. Special
ists from the Extention Division of the
Univ. of Idaho and the l" S. Dept, of
Agriculture cooperating, will give talks
nn the folowing subjects: F. L. Wil
liams. Acting County Agent Leader on
Farm Bureau Organization.
Cammack. Field Dairyman, on Dairy
Problems and W. T. McCall, State
Leader of Boys' and Girls' Club Work
on the Club Work.
The Officers and Executixe Com
mitteemen will meet in a short session
at the close of the meeting.
Plan to be at this County-Wide
Meeting and help suggest a program of
work so that tlm U. S. Dept, of Agri
vulture and the Extention Division of
the Univ. of Idaho may assist the
farmer* to develop in the County the
most profitable and permanent system
of Agriculture through the medium of
the Farm Bureau
The specialists will be at your ser
x-ice in discussing the following:
Dairy Problems
Dairying is one of the largest of Ag
ricultural enterprises F. R. Cammack,
Field Dairyman, Extention Division,
Univ. of Idaho will discuss. Production,
Herd Improvement as Breed and Sire
Associations and Records, Marketing
and Manufacturing, at the Farm Bu
reau Meeting, March. 29, 1919, nt Sho
F. R.
Farm Bureau Organization
The County Farm Bureau is an As
sociation of people interested in Rural
affair«. R is the agency through
which the U. S. Dept, of Agriculture
and the Unix", of Idaho xvorks with the
farmers. It affords the opportunity
for the farmer to express what help is
needed to make rural life more enjoya
ble and farm business more profitable.
Mr. F. L. Williams, Acting County Agt.
Leader, will speak on Farm Bureau
•'rganizaticn and Co Agt. Work at the
Farm Bureau Meeting. March. 29, t919
t Shoshone.
,. ....
The Dept, of Agriculture realizes that
the best way to improve the home con
ditions and the farming and livestock
industry ir. every country is to train
. . ' ,
the boy s and girls along practical and
efficient lines. Mr. \\. T. McCall, State
Leader of Boys and Girls Club Work,
Ext Dlv. and U. S. Department of Agrh
cooperating, will tell of the Pig. Lamb.
Calf. Garden, Canning and other clubs
at the Farm Bureau Meeting March 29
at shoshont Idaho
„ ...
arm ureau Meeting of
Dietrich Community
Farm Bureau Members representing!
the different sections of the Dietrich
Tract met as a Committee at the home
of _\jr. E. R. Gage, March. 13, 1919.
The meeting was called for the pur
pose of making a detailed
survey o
thc community conditions, .select pro
jeets, and approve them and to selec
men to head the different projects.
These men heing selected because of
their knowledge of the. project
taken. The following* projects
vested and adopted from the County
gram of work, with the names
the men selected to take charge of and;
assume the responsibility for their com ;
• v !
Chairman. K. R.
ing. Labor and Organization.
Harry Nelson,Rest Cc.i*'••'!. Squir- j
rels. Rabbits, Sparrows. Grasshoppers
I.. J. Meservy. Dairying.-,— Sire and
^Marketing, Dairy,
, I
u-h -A .wTl oa —j
- ' ' ,l ' oe ■ * e oxei, tho*'
Prof. F. C. Smith and Prof. N. J. i
Colo. Boys' and Girls' Clubs- Rig. , '.,lf
Sheen etc ' j
it, ... ,
J. H. Culbertson— Sheep anil other
lix-e stock ' i
vj » c , t, i ,
s. A. Bate—• swine Husbandry.
Wm. Toxv.ie— Poultry.
Breed Assn.. Silos.
Cattle Exch.
Poultry Demonstrations have been
Fren Moore, j
po'il'rv husbandman of the University|
of Idaho, will gixe thAse interested in 1
high class poultry raising the benefit
of his knowledge along this line, j
Talks on Better Breeding of Poultry,
and culling demonstrations will bei
given March, 24, and 25 ;
Poultry Meetings
arranged for in the Shoshone
Dirt -ich Communities.
Tuesday, March, 25. A. I. McMahon. I
at 10. A. M. Rhode Island!
Reds. S. E. Todd, Shoshone, following
McMahon's, White Wynndots and R.
1. Reds. C R. Wheeler. Shoshone, at
James Nan
Wheeler's, !
White Wyundots and While Leghorns
Miss Nina Huyck. Emergency Home
Demonstration Agt. is in charge of the
work, in cooperation with the U. S. !
department of Agriculture. While ir.
Shoshone Mr. Moore will be accom- j
odated with an office with tho acting
county agent in the court house. I
Monday. March, 24. Mrs. Joe Barbee
A. M.,
M., White!
miles from Shoshone. 10
White Ueghorns.
Wm. Towne, Dietrich. 2 P.
I*. M.. White Wyandots.
son*. Shoshone, following
1st. of paralysis. Rev. Baum was rcc-|
tor of the Episcopal church in Sho-i ,
shone, leaving here about two y ears j
ago on account of ill health. He had
a wide circle of friends here, both in i
and out of the church xvho feel they £
have lost a friend. He was one of thei '
most able and capable ministers ever
in Shoshone # md the entire community
mourn his death
Word has bten received here that j .
Rev\ Baum died at Almeda, Calif. Mar.
Home again with you once more; j
Say by nineteen twenty four,— :
(With apologies to Silver Threads
Among the Gold.)
Darling, I am coming back;
Silver threads among the black.
Now that peace in Europe's near:
I'll be back in seven years.
I'11 drop in o.i you .some night
WK U my whiskers long and white.
Yes the war is over dear;
And we're going home, I hear.
< nee I thof by now I'd be
Sailing back across the sea.
Back to where you sit and pine,
P.nt f'm stuck here on the Rhine,— .

You can hehr th*- gang all curse.
War is hell hut oeace is worse.
Whf n *he next war ocmes around j
In the front line 1*11 he found,—
I'll rush ii
again pell mell,—
will. I will like hell.
Fred K
lus, nephew of Thos. and (
Fred flooding, is spending a Jew
in Shoshone. Mr Egelus has .fust re j
turned from a 14 moneh's service i. 1
in- 1
. • \ s
France whçre he served as
•as formerly' a member!
st rue tor.
of 4 he old 2nd Idaho
gup ;
A Plav to be Presented Friday Night;
March 28th at the Baugh Theatre by
Junior Class, Shoshone High School
That "The Camouflage of Shirley"
wi| , be accl<lir , e d one of the best am
ateur plays that has ever been presen
! ed locally is the opinion expressed by
j man * v w ^o have attended rehearsals
I now in progress. Thé Junior Class of
I the Hig . h Scho{>1 with the Assistance of
members front the other classes will
present "The C'amoflage of Shirley" in
the , Bau S 1 » Theatre on March 28th at
Ü Camouflage of Shirley" tells an
intensely interesting story of the World
War and was written, by Lindsey Bar
bee who has a number of stage succes
ses to he:.- credit.
The scenes of the play are located in
a summer resort on the Atlantic Coast.
Captain Clay Calhoun on his way to
thc front mects at a summer resort his
college friend, Lieut. Wilia m Joseph
Wayne who has just been married.
Enthusiasticlly upholding the war mar
riage. -Wayne endeavors to bring Cal
houn to his own way of thinking, but
the Captain laughingly declares that
war is his only lady love and that he. is
lacking even a flirtation.
The mysterious disappearance of,
state papers from the home of a war
rise to
department official,
Wayne's father-in-law gives
Calhoun's suggestion that there must!
lie some one in thc vicinity who is sup
nixing the enemy with information,
As a preof of his suspicion he tells
of a mysterious signal flashed from
mountain top. and received, supposedly,
by a submarine.
Wayne at first, listens t
1he theory
incredulously, then after reflection. ex
They are about to depart upon an
inx-estigation of the matter xvhen An
„cue. Mrs. Wayne enters overwhelm-'
td xvith pride, the Lieut, presents the
t brid * to JÜ' 8 ne&,ecling *° men -
t,0 _ n , th * CaP i-'ï *
Shirley Carlisle, Mrs. Waynes guest.
eager to wear a service pin, decides to,
, . ... .
choose the name of some soldier xvho
will never come her way, remain en
gaged to him just as long as she cares
to xvear the pin, and announce her en
gagement at a little tea party xvhich
Anmtte is giving in her honor,
A list of those sailing is carefully
examined and the name of Captain
Clay Cahioun is promptly appropia
ted. With the transfer of a ring and
a borrowed service pin. Shirley boldly
springs the news upon th«* assembled
party and in the mtdsf of congratn
lotions Lit ut. Wayne and Captain Cal
houn enter. Natural complications fol
loxv. In the mean time. Jennie,
waitress, secretly delix-ers the enxadope
stolen from Mr. Richmond's dispatch
box to Mr. Charlton, who is in reality.
Captain Schepptl, a German spy. an<U
xvho had been sending information oh- ;
tained through Jennie J< a nearby suh
While in thexeu, room. Shiÿlj j
recognized him. and addresses him a
Captain Scheppel declaring that sh
has met him in Berlin. Naturally he
denies his identity .and in order to j
prevent Shirley from leaving the roon
and spreading the alarm he kidnap
pl ' and Mrs. Wayne and carries them
(o a deserted cabin, after ordering:
Jennie to drop the envelope in Shirley's
knitting bag. so that he in a way may
gain possession of the document, with-I
out risking It being found on his person
At the cabin Shirley plays her wits
against those of the spy. Captain
Calhoun, who has seen the sudden de
parture, comes to the rescue and after j
the dramatic entrance of Jennie, who is
reality an agent of the United States
Government, Scheppel is
The Captain afttr his part in the days
excitement, realizes that war is, after
,, ,, „ . , , ,_ _, .
alb an unsatisfactory lady love, and
b 5* • "îarvioV ùin^ of her ^oxvn.
r , - r McMahon xvho ulax's the |
of Shirlex Carlish has a splendid !
, j h l . dramatic ^
, h Z v^ .fkrt v !
J r jL , £ n * h ' Æ.«v 2 thT sweet
nd pb .... min „' w ifo of I iovtenant Way
. . . natural ability aloi
^ „ (o for ' her a marked j
- Sterling Newman and Lucius |
Shaft as Captain Calhoun and Lieut.
Wayne respectively prove to be strong
factors in the impressiveness of the
performance. These are by no means
all the principal parts as the Camou
flage of Shirley gives many of the
players fine opportunities for dramatic
work. The complete cast of characters
Is as follows:Molly, a waitress,Flossie
Mason.Çaptain Clay Calhoun, Sterling
Newmay Lieutenant William Wayne,
Lucius pilaff, Annette Richmond Way
ne Montana Murray, Shir!.'; Carlisle
Whitney Charlton "Captain Schappel"
Mary McMahon, Jennie, Joy Noble
Welcome Oarlock, Ruth Hoyt, EUa
Swedenborg, Nell Chandler, A ble
Rands. Rose Ross. Alma' H^llbe.t
Mary Lon Lester, Viviean Merrifield,
Neil Rutherford, Jack Hanafin,
Kichmond, Tress McMahon, Hal Win-!
ston, John Thomas,
John tWtytenack,
Helm, Boh Bartlett, Edward Ohrisman,
Bettina, Mildred Bussei
Walter Warren,
Jack Miller Reeve
Tickets for the "The Camoufla grub
Sin -
Reserve your seats
of Shirley" will be on sale
clair's Pharmacy.
at an early date.
Public worship.
^ m * n feter *
7:30 P. MU evening worship. Ser
mon by Rev. J. E. Baker, of Gooding,
District Superintendent
The public very cordially ,invited to
nil public services.
Sunday, Alarm 23/
10:00, A. Af. Sunday school session.
Health on lower Big Wood river is
very much improved.
Seven of the children who have been
abst nt from school since the flu start
ed have begun their school work again.
Mr. and Mbs. Myrpha of the Sims
ranch and Mrs. Carrel Moody spent
Saturday evening at the Ryan homa
Dr. Fields, of Shoshone, was called to
see Mrs. A. L. Horn. Monday and on
account of the bad roads was com
pelled to stay over night.
Robert Hewitt and wife and
A. L.
vere in town 'Wednesday.
; expecte( i in t hi s week.
Mrs. Rex Ballard and children are
Mrs. John Perry, and children, of
aoodinff visited ]ast week with Mrs.
; p erry ' s sister. Mrs. Cunha.
' _
p F ejeiske. and family, spent the
evenill g Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
j p... in
Mr. Golman. "The Shore" man was i
in our locality Tuesday.
ce our'
Some of the small chPdre
maj | route p aV c been very much afraid
i (if ' (hr new maM man> but on c i ose e x- \
am j n ation it proved to be the same car- !
rje(4 on]v be b;ld shaved his mous- !
t;lsb 0 j*p .. . ;
Boesinger and xvife. were in \
their little
toxvn Monday to have
I daughter's neck lanced.
Mrs. C. F. Baker is the happy farm j
i xx-ife with 100 baby chickens already;
this spring.
FOR SALE. —Team of good work
horses, also mares, calves, hogs, bronze
turkeys and a nexvxincubator and brood
er. lOd Trusty. A. Carothers, Dietrich.
s t r aet Company.
sab . are to he used in re-construction
wor(< organizing the Y, W. C. A. in
nto ded places Dietrich has already j
raised and sent in her quota in this j
For the benefit of the Young Wo
men's Christian Association, a cooked
food sale xvill he held Saturday after
noon, March 22nd, from 3 to 5 p. m„ at
the office of the Lincoln County Ab
The proceeds of the
j I
Under tlu auspices of the Layman :
missionery mvotment of the North
ern Baptist ("onx'èntion. a
xvill be held at the Baptist church in
Shoshone on the afternoon and evening
of Friday. March 21st
Dr. Alonzo Petty, of Portland, win
thv main speaker, assisted hv Rev.
J. It. George, of Pocatello. Local lay
men xvill also have a part in the ser
Delegates and visitors are expected
to attend from Gooding, Picabo,. Fair
field. Hailey, Hill City and Bellevue,
This is one of a series of confer
ences to be held in the state at Boise,
Emmett, Nampa. Payette. Twin Trails,
Buhl Pocatello, American Falls and
Idaho Falls.
Claud Carter arrived in -
Saturday fop a vl8it w tth his uncle.
Daniel Jones . Claud is a former
Shoshone hoy, having attended school
here sevelal > p ars ago. He has just
burned from France with lo month
s "'' viot overseas to his credit
served . wlth ,he 116th En * inwrs "
st ' rved ;ls a member of Co. H, in the
2nd Idaho on the Mexican horder.
^ r °° a '
tell ° °' Shoshone '
The Red Cross will make a drive for
1000 pounds of old clothing, the week of
March 24th. * Monday or Tuesday.
YOU will be solicited. Please see
that the clothes are clean. They need
not be mended. Only Warm. Durable
clothes Irrt- wanted. A worn out gar
ment with "good spots" enough for a
child's garment, is acceptable. No
rubbers or rubber goods can be used.
This clothing will be given to the
destitute in Eufope, BARRING Ger
many and her allies.
The building recently vacated by
Brown Brothers pool hall, in the
Heist building, wilDbe used as collect
ing center. Mrs Frank Clem is chair
man of the committee in charge.
'We wish they'd waited a little lon
ger for this drive for old clothes,"
but—the Germans didn't wait, and
these poor refugees, who are their vic
tims. can't wait. LET'S DIVIDE!
It is estimated that the German in
vasion of France and Belgium made
wanderers of 1,250,000 formerly happy
country people of these countries.
Now that the conflict is' over and
the occupied territories of France and
Belgium have been
refugees are hasten ; ng, back to their
former homes in large numbers. They
have no thought of the ruins, the cold
weather, or their condition as regards
sufficient clothing only the longing to
get back to their former homes occupy
their minds.
In passing their ruined villages and
towns, they can be seen standing in
the doorway of houses which have for
their roofs nothing but a sheet of can
vas which rags under the weight of
the snow. Smoke curls up from a
hole in th; ground and investigation
of its source discloses a family of four
huddled about a fire in the cellar of
a completely wrecked home. The chil
dren wear old blankets and the par
ents work and sleep in a ragged patch
work of costumes. To the Red Cross
man, who visits them, the mother says:
"We would not mind if we only had
a few clothes to keep us warm while
we work. My boy has not left the fire
for three days. It's so cold outside
and he has nothing but a blanket to
put around him."
The gift of a pair of socks by a
passing American doughboy to an old
peasant at Conflans brought tears of
The old fellow talks about his
wtars a
socks unceasingly. Another
pair of overalls that was presented
to him by an American as proudly as
if it were a dress suit. Of food they
have littie, but of clothes they have
practically none.
Friends of Archie Carothers are glad
to learn that lit has recovered suffi
ciently to go to work again. He was
taken with rheumatism, the 27th of last
July which finally affectdtl his heart.
He xvas confined to his bçd from Oct.
to February with the heart trouble,
He has now recovered so as to get
to work and has a position with the
telephone company He is planning to
go to Long Beach, Cal., about the mid
die of May.
The four ljtley brothtrs, A. E. Ut
ley, O. T. Utley, D. E Utley and R L.
Utley have soldier family record of
which they may well feel proud. The
first three mentioned were members of
the old 2nd Idaho and sa*w service on
the border before the German war be
gan. The fourth brother, R. L. Ueley
xvas in the National army. He did not
get to France, but the other three
have recently returned from 15 months,
service overseas. Not one of the four
has been injured in any way. The Ut-1
ley brothers are taking a well earned j
x-acation now and are visiting their sis- j
ter, Mrs. J. W. Carskad, at Richfield. |
Idaho has kept practically clear ofj
the Colorado potato beetle, yet a car!
of potatoes front Idaho Falls reached
xts Angeles infested with the beetle. I
The California authorities notified the!
Idaho authorities, who resented the im-j
putation that, potato beetles had cork ;
out of Idaho. An investigation b
Frederick Maskexv, State quarantine
officer of California and a collaborator!
of the United States Department of!
Agriculture, disclosed these facts: The
ear previously had been loaded with
potatoes in Colorado, the home of the
beetle. The potatoes were delivered in
Oklahoma. The car went as an "empty"
Ka.isas City, then was routed to
Granger. Wyo. then to Idaho Falls,
where it was again loaded with pola
toes and sent to Los Angeles. The po
tato beetles evidently remained in the
car during the entire movement and
infested the second loading of potatoes
This is regarded as an illustration ot '
how railway cars used for hauling veg
atables, fruits, and other plant products
are the means of distributing noxious
Insects, and the United States depart
ment of Agriculture is taking steps to
Secure some action through railroad
authorities looking to the cleaning of
such cars at the point of unloading.
This is highly satisfactory informa
tion for the public It shows that when
time comes to act there should be
Our lady teachers, Mrs. F C Smith,
and .Misses Ratterson,
Harris were Shoshone

Woods and
visitors Sat,
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Randleman
dinner guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Klkanah Crist in Dietrich, Sunday
Charles Chapman purchases! a fine
team of horses at the GreweH sale a
week ago raying 1525.00 for
r ■ P Chapman is now the owner of
the fine Jeresy cow formerly the
orty of O. E. Borden.
i he work of baling hay has been re
sumed at the farm of
since the weather has become settled.
Frank Mathis
Airs J. W. Patterson with her three
little children and accompanied by Miss
Xita Eddy have gone to join Mr. Pat
terson at the new home near Kuna.
Tra T wre has been appointed by' the
Highway' board to be
missions us, ,n place of L. p. Mustard,
one of the Corm
J. H. \\ olfe, one of the present own
eYs of the Charles
: went up the Hailey branch yesterday
buying oats
E. Young underwent ;
gical operation at Dill's
î minor sur
hospital, in
Shoshone last week, being the removal
of a turner from the mouth.
Frunk Riiihnrt is on the. sick list this
week making it necessary for Mrs. Rin
hart to take his place
school wagon.
operating the
Leonard Bridge is building a
on the farm
fortable new residence
lately bought by him in the southwest"
part of the precinct.
Mrs. Ritchie Houston last Friday
ceived a im-ssage from Nebraska bear
ing the sad news of the death of her
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sutter of Twin
Falls and Mr. SooteFs mother have
moved onto the Scheidinan place form
erly occupied by Harry Nelson.

Mrs. J. E. Houston spent Tuesday in
All the high school basket hall experts
are in Shoshone for glory in the great
game this Friday.
On last Thursday a number of the
neighboring women gathered
home of Mrs. J. J. Murphy and engaged
in the old-time jolly industry of
ing carpet rags.
John Brush, the blacksmith for tha
Idaho Irrigation Co.. While shoeing a
team of horses in the shop at Dietrich,
was seriously injured by being thrown
I under them and tramped upon. Hi is
being cared for by Dr. Field at Shosh
A Farm Bureau meeting was heid the
evening of the 13th instant at the home
of E.
ation for the coining season.
Ira Towne xvas recently stricken with
a sex'ere stomach and bowel trouble,
necessitating his removal to Dr Field's
Hospital in Shoshone.
E. Gage to perfect an organiz
N. D Baird, a former resident of the
precinct, stopped off here over Sunday
visiting old friends. Mr. Baird was
discharged from the U. S. Marines rec
ently having been stationed at Mare
Is!and,and goes from here to Texas
and Oklahoma looking over the oil
fields, a id probably investing.
Lieutenant C. H. Whitney, son-in
law of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Patterson,
met with a serious accident Thursday,
Going from here to Shoshone, accamp
anied by C. H. Homaman, their car
xvas run into from the rear by another
car recklessly drix-en, their car was
badly wrecked and Mr. Whitney suff
ered a broken arm. • <r '"
The grand welcoming reception
which Dietrich precinct is preparing
for the returning soldiers, post-poned
once on account of flu, is now set for
Friday'evening April 4th. A* that lime
if no providences prevent the high
school auditorium will he filled with
patqptie men and. women honoring tho
M1 v ' who have been in the army,
Mrs. J. D TurneMs reported to havo
,he Kreaf majority of 'he Pro
cinct " " l "' l '* «ufter.ng "'.th a delayed
case °* ta ';' alK
s, ' vt> ral friends of Mrs. ...
a surprise party last Sunday
an '| '« e lped Mrs K.lker celebrate her
~< h . T '. <>Se V '"Tr\ i '
and Mrs. Edwin Gage and Bruce; Mr.
D'l S ' , V Ra A a ' ^
* A- 1*1«, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs Percy
S / nit ^ a " d - 0, >, ^arylMrs. J. J. Mur
Pk>' N- • aa s
M***"'" .*?* £ *' rnlsf ' ed _
,f e necessa^ number of can
dles - a "'* aI * ad an after '
noon ,in ' ' 1 mer.
E. Kilkcr
the birthday
^■erx'iees Sunday, March 23, at It a.
m. Rev. A. Monroe will preach. Tho
public is cordially invited to attend
this service.
Sunday school will be ieorganized
Sunday. March 30.
Daily Thought.
Wisdom provides things necessary,"

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