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Established 1914
Number 10
Established 1882
VOL. 35
Idaho Irrigation Company ha3 Reached
its Limit in Reclamation of New
Land in Opinion of State Official.
Further sale of water rights by the
Idaho Irrigation company are prohib
ited by Reclamation Commissioner W.
(i Swendsen, in an order issued Satur
<tay. The company was instructed to
appear before the reclamation com
tnissioner May 20th to show caus e if
possible, why the order shall not be
made permanent.
Action to this effect was taken by
Commissioner Swendsen upon his de
eision, after an examination of availa
ble data and records pertaining to the
water supply for the lands embraced
within the Idaho Irrigation company's
project, that the water supply of the
company is sufficient only to properly
irrigate and reclaim lands now sold to
bona fide settlers and upon which con
tracts are now outstanding.
No Water Available
According to Commissioner Swend
sen's findings there is not available,
after provisions of existing contracts
have been fulfilled, any water for lands
now unsold, or for land? to which
shares of stock or water contracts now
in the hands of the Idaho Irrigation
company, M. R Kays, trustee, or any
other person or persons may be applied
Continuing, the order says: "This
order shall be effective forthwith and
continue in force until my further or
der. And it is further ordered that
the 20th of May at the hour of 10 a.
m., at Boise, be and the same is here
by fixed as the time and place when
and /where the Idaho Irrigation com
pany, limited, may, if it so desire, ap
pear before me and show cause, if any
they have, why said order shall not
be made permanent."
All persons using citv water for
sprinkling lawns or gardens are hereby
notified that the hours for sprinkling
are from 5 to 10 o'clock p m
E D McNulty, of Richfield died at
Hot Lakes, Oregon Thursday of last
His remains were brought to
Shoshone Friday and buried in the
Shoshone cemetery Saturday .
vices were conducted at the Catholic
Mr McNulty was one of-the oldest resi
dents of this section of Idaho, having
come to Shoshone before the railroad
was built here more than thirty years
.ago. He leaves a large circle- of old
time friends to mourn his death
Sunday, Alay 11—10 A. Al. S. S.
11, A. M. Public Worship, Sermon by
the Alinister.
8 P. M. "Mother's Day" Program
Auspices "Mother's Circle" Music and
A ddresses.
The Public Cordially Invited.
R C Canteen
Wednesday our A.
workers were notified that a hospital
train containing a hundred and forty
soldiers would pass through here
sometime soon and stop for inspect
ion by local persons. The train was
running oh an irregular time schedule'
*\»dl our local canteen was unable to!
, - Us probable time of arrival in
However, they made ar
Shoshone. ^ _ eet the bovs in the
usual'shoshone with ««were and
usual Shoshone si. hand Unfni
delicacies, and the gla« hand Unfor
.unately the train
night and the boy s wereall billed ed
that ' s 0 ' , \ *
m wert nhm/'oii board the train to
greet the ©oldiers on waking. A deli
gation of Jerome ladies came o\er to
assist in the greeting. They brought
great quantities of beautiful flowers
from as far away as the Blue lakes
The Shoshone Canteen management
wishes to hereby extend a vote of ap
preciation to these ig/iies for tlnii fcf
Lforts. »
If the demand indicates anything the
eUrnand for houses in Shoshone would
seem to indicate that at least a hu.i
e!rcd good substantial residences equip
ped with modem conveniences would
find ready tenants at good rentals
to advance the interests of the town
could do no better than try to fill the
■'ir.and for houses.
' Bast Tuesday night the new city,
« ouncit was organized by the election:
of J A McCollum chairman This
makes Air McCollum the mayor of Sho
shone during his term of office Bert
Bowler resigned as a member of t * le
council and his brother Arc bie was
appointed to fill the vaca nc y J R Mil
-er who has r p.
•erintendent the p di y ided be _
S g
water wo '
-n stopped
Mr »nt \I « vv « eek to vis
'hnshon i ll ^ Raker.
„ 1 . tow days this v ved ;l
Mr uZTIr sta
• * # e ar ' Stl he
,,f ,hl 0 ".!TV„ ."■/''i:'* h
at Pittsburgh, Pa. His home is at'
Ntw Plymouth. Idaho whore he is
: ween ^
Bert Ti*v*.
city clerk a...
of the village .
MAY 6, 1919.
The weather during the fore part of
! the week was seasonable and generally
favorable for crop growth and for all
! outdoor pursuits, but during theTatter
half conditions were not so good . It
was abnormally cold and heavy to ktll
ing frosts occured in many localities
Desiccating winds robbed the soil of
moisture and in many sections of the
State rain would be very welcome. In
the irrigated section much watering
was done
j The cool weather was rather favor
able for wheat which is growing nicely.
In the late districts where the snow
has just disappeared from the fields
the wheat has come through in very
good condition Early sown spring
wheat is stooling exceptionally well
that sown later did not have such fa
vorable conditions for germination and
is not growing so rapidly as the early
Oats and barley are making
satisfactory progress Seeding is near
ing completion in all but the latest dis
tricts Conditions are now so favorable j
for the late sown grains as the cold
winds of the last fe
Away much soii moisture
Pastures and meadows are generally,
still In good condition but they begin :
to need rain and cold weather does not i
days have carried I
promote rapid growth In many local- |
ities alfa Ifa was nipped by frost !
Grass on the range is improving and!
now supplies good forage The num- !
her of cattle and sheep on the range ;
is being increased rapidly
lambing is in full sw{ng in Clark Coun- ;
ty and there was some loss of young
lambs due to the cool storms of Fri- ,
day and Saturday In Boundary Coun- j
ty cattle are thin but sheep are thriv- j
ing and there is a good Iamb crop
It was a disasterous week for fruit
in many sections Commercial or
chards suffered severe damage from
frost on the 3rd 4th and 5th The ex
Range i
tent of the damage can not yet be de
termined, but in some parts of theBoist
Payette valley it was heavy and in
other fruit sections of the Snake River'
valley there was more or less damage. \
Early reports indicate that prunes, 1
sweet cherries, and pears suffered most j
severely, but some varieties of apples
are also hard hit.
Sugar beet planting is just beginning -
in the Pocatello district, it is in full
swing in the Kimberly district and ;
about half done in the Idaho Falls dis- j
trict. The work* was hampered by cold
drying winds
Clinton E hforquist, Aleteorologits
Some weeks ago the Journal sterted
publishing a serial story THE RIVER
Owing to-a series of delays unavoid
able the publication of this story was
interrupted. Beginning with this is
j sue the story will be publish«d i.i 4
j page sections each week until com-!
j pleted. We will begin it all over now
I so that our readers will have the com
I plete story in that form, save it for
: future reading as it is one of the most
; fascinating stories ever written.
Th « * _ reasons why we•
«^uld fight Bolshevism at home and
"broad. One reason is found in an
** c . oa ,n a . . "f 9 **®. newspaper
Bryansk: .."Workrîîén s soviet, iviu^r-^
z,lowka ' September 16, 1318. Order to
Comrade Gregory Savelieff -The soviet
herewith gives to Comrade Gregory
Savelieff power to requisition according
to his selection and on his indication,
the use of the artillery., division
cantoned at Mourzilowka, in the dis
^ q{ Briansk< sixty women __ and
young girls of the bourgeois and spec
ulatln 9 dass, and to conduct them to
mK0TT '
J R Aliller has resigned as city clerk
nd manager of the village water works
Mr Aliller has associated with E H
Churchman and Geo Bremer -it lerome
and they' have purchased the Joftmie
waterworks Air Aliller will move to
Jerome and have charge of the plant
and business of the new company Mr
Aliller has been in charge of the Sho
shone waterworks for the past 5 years
and the condition of the system speaks
more for his ability in that line thin
in words
The 'removal of the Aliller family
will take from the social life of Sho
shone one of its most active members
and it is with much regret that their
many friends learn of removal to Je
Miss Grace Simms was married last
Maturda .. at Twin Kans , to Air Everett
^ Fox js a „ empIoye e of the O S
on the Hailev branch and Aiiss
: is t £%£? ei operator at the lo
I ca j telephone office. Miss Simms is tho
^ ,j (luffhler of John Simms who was one
of the first settlers in this part of Ida
ho and large circle of friends extend
trimmed the Jerome team in a well
j played game on the Shoshone grounds,
! Wednesday the Glenns Ferry team dis
I puted honors on the Shoshone
,'ith the Shoshone team and won the
same. This leaves the Shoshone boys
an even break on the seasons 3 g.> mes so
r , ph „ is to occupy- the res
! . 1 ' 1 I' » )V John Binllev
1 toUoiac
Wh0 :,S m °' '
'he I iaht housekeeping rooms in
Mrs Duvid Hand and little son Law
rence spent Sunday afternoon with
Mrs Lester Cox
' rs O J «^wut Monday last
app y la
have unlimited powers in that direction
Ed Merrifield with his bunch of road
men have been camped at the Harrison
Ryan home the past week doing some
much needed work on Big Wood River
Mrs Chas Furniss was a guest of
If the majority of Americans want
the country wet after July 1st why not
the weather? He seems to
The parents and children in District
No 11 gave the teacher. Miss Hilda
Cook, a surprise last Friday by gather
ing at the school house just at noon
with well filled flaskets of good things
to eat. The afternoon was spent in
singing and visiting. Miss Cook was
presented with two beautiful pieces of
Ivory by Mrs Ryan and Mrs Gomes
of Mrs Cox.
The Soldiers did more than their
share. They gave, we-are asked only to
Mrs S H. B-Van was a Tuesday guest
Luella Peek was visiting V. Horn
Wednesday afternoon
The best advertised individuals in
lory Loan.
Harrison Ryan and family and Les
ter Cox and famiir attended the Circus
in Shoshone Wednesday evening and
the country— Uncle Sam and his Vic
say everything was a general fake.
If you have not a nice big "V" placed
in your window you are very much
behind the times. But it is not at al!
too late to get one
of Shoshone and S. H Ryan was a Sun
day week guest of Mrs Jim Fullington
- Buy Victory Bonds
Airs Shackelford and
AIi-s Ed Pope
Air and Airs F W Kuka were
(his week
Airs A S Viera is on the sick list
The Sunny Slope school on Wood
river will close May 9
Afiss Hazel Ivie is visiting with her
j grandfather for a few days this week
| There will be a big dance at the
Grange hall Monday May.
j Saturday
12 .
Charlie Butler was out to the ranch
F S Franklin made a flying trip to
j town Friday
A D Siiva has finished shearing his
! sheep this week
h V Cannon has been busy this week
^ ^
Airs John Ivie, Airs Joe Serpa and
Airs A S Viera were town visitors
charge for
Joe Serpa has'moved to the Price
! farm where he will have
the summer
Born, to Mr and Mrs Will K iApril
30 a pair of twins.hoy and girl. Moth
er and babies doing niceiy
army and has been employed for the
summer by F W Gooding and sons
A S Viera has returned
va ranch
Allen Cannon writes that he will
start home from France April 30 and
we all wish him all the good luck possi
ble on his journey
Mrs H Sprenger was a visitor at the
Franklin home Alonday
At the water meeting held at the
Grange haii. Wednesday. John Devan -
n j e W as re-elected watemiaster.
A L Butler has returned from Waifs
Walla, Washington, where he moved a
short time age, to visit with f. icneis
and look after his farming inte -ests m
Mrs. A. 51. Petty of Portland
speak in the Baptist church Monday.
12th at 7:3! P. AI H.t subject
will be Christia.i
Every pne is cordially invited to at
There will be a meeting for "-omen
on Monday afternoon at 3 o clock at
the home cf Mrs. R J. McMahon with
Airs. Pett> in attendance,
A | nickev was adjudged insane by
, hf probate Court on Wednesday, and
c ommitted to the Insane Asylum of
t j, 0 me of the neighbors. Tuesday
night be became violent and when the!
sberiff wen t to arrest him resisted des
por ately and it took several men to
control him. Two or three of " hoin,
, ncludlng the sheriff, received severe
brulse8 ln t h e mix-up. This is not the
first time Air. Hickey has been in the
usvlum, ns twice before he has been
committed, but apparently recovered
oaeh tinteaftcr a few weeks treatment.
n r ,„,„ n.u hustlinir realestate
dor In Shoshone Thursday.
1:30 P. M.
Preaching, A "Mother's Day"
mon by the pastor.
The Public very cordially Invited.
Sunday School— 2:30
MrsMarie Burton and brother, Beck
ett Grewell, were shopping in Gooding
Crist is sick with an un
defined illness that keepB him at home
with a high fever.
Mr M S Jennings, of Loveland, Colo.
father of Mrs Crist, is here for a vis
it, probably for the summer
Mr and Mrs F C Smith are attending
the Junior Prom Dance at Shoshone
this E'riday evening
Mr and Mrs S S King were dinner
guests of Mrs E P King, in Dietrich,
A E Crnegie is building an addition
to his residence in Dietrich, former^;
the Joe GiHmor- IJropei . ty
The O E Borden residence has be
come a much Improved plabe by the
addition of a large, well-built and at
tractive porch on the east front
Mr and Mrs Merrifield and daughter
Vivian, of Shoshone, were Sunday vis
itors with Air. and Mrs F C Smith of
The uncertainty with which irriga
tion water flows and ceases to flow in
the channels of the Dietrich tract is
somewhat like Finnegan and Flane
gan's railroading of "Off agin, on agin,
gone agin "
Mrs O E Borden, Mrs J E Houston.
Airs George Savlers and Airs Earl P
King aro a hopeful quartette who are
seeking relief from the ills of life by
way of osteopathy at Gooding.
The property of Mr and Mrs Shell
man on North Main Street, has bee n
sold to J H Herbert, of Idaho Falls,
who, with his family, has moved m
and are now occupying the premesis.
The reporter understands that a
dance will be given at the Dietrich
hotel Saturday night at which a re
eurned soldier, Clarence Anderson, w'ill
he the guest of honor.
,, , „ ,,, , . , ,
from a "n extensive outing' for"'Mr
(.'lark's illness Their trip embraced a
visit to Salt Lake City and thence to
interesting points along the coast !.
Clark is by no means well and will
spend some more time looking for more
vigorous health lx fore assuming his
duties for the O S L
■ . . .
likely return »again to Dietrich for " ls
I home
Clarence Anderson, one of our es
teemed soldier boys, has returned from
France and is receiving the glad han.1
from all his old friends in and about
Dietrich. We understand Clarence will
visit the family on the coast and will
Vance Shellman has been confined,
! to his house by sicknes for several
days, but is better now and will be able
look after th business of the Irriga
tion company again
H E Cornell was in Dietrich Tues
with his
day on business connected
vacation as civil engineer and con
Thos. H. Edwards, who is occupying
the former Urfer place near Besslin.
has bought the Hamilton place. Air
Hamilton has made an attractive
place of the forty acres he improved,
farting in nothing but his efforts to
make apples grow against their seri
ous objections.
W T Patterson, who left Dietrich a
week ago a very sick man. has been
operated on in the Twin Falls hospi
tal for internal difficulties that were
hard eo diagnose.
, , ... _
vealed a badly diseased kidney with a
large abcess. He has suffered intensiv
and permanent recovery is uncertain.
The operation rc
J H Harbert who bought the Shell
man place, is at work among farmers
of Dietrich precinct,
and business men ;
..It a proposition that commends itself
to the people here as worthy of con- j
sidération. A corporation has bed j
formed. of which Air Harbert and hts
partner are at the head. The are pro- j
posing to take themselves about $4.00u
Stock in the enterprise and will ask the |
farmers and bnsiness men to takeabout,
ÎS.000 in stock. With this money to be-1
paid in monthly installments, a smaS
mill is to lit erected at Dietrich, capa- j
Me of making the flour and mill stirfT
wanted here. The project looks well,
CarefuHy organized and honestly con- j
ducted, such an enterprise would be of j
great benefit to the peopte of Dietrich ,
Lexisly organized and j
Rnd vicinit> ,
(iishoil e S „ y 0 r incompetently managed ,
want anot her enterprise' here organ-j'
jyed and conduc ted as were the cream
a few years a go. There is but
way jn wblcb these things can he
succpssfu n y done and that is the
R1GHT WAY . W e have no reason to
, eve otherwise than that these gen
a „, aU rl ght. but don't leave
_ bars down. Every man who wants '
(o ' a(d in this useful enterprise can do!
^ 8 jm be amply protected, if he;
does It right. If. aRe rail the exam- I
nies we have had before us. w© do it j
Mrs Aaron Fuller was In town from
the Anderson ranch Wednesday.
Phil Dittoe was in Shoshone from
Bellevue the first of the week.
Mrs Tom McMahon and Mrs Tru
MeMahon were down from Rich
field Monday visiting friends and rel
atives In Shoshone
Dr Erwin, of the Methodist Churoh
Mission Board, preached last Sunday,
morning and evening at the Method
ist church.
Jude Furcht "Forded" up from Good
ing Thursday
C F Borden went to Twin halls Sim
day to bring home his daughter, - vs
a lice who has been taking treatment
therein the Boyd hospital. She re
turns very much Improved and in a
fair way for complete recovery
Mrs S H Ryan was one of the Big
Wood river visitors in Shoshone the
first of the week
Mr and Mrs Carnegie, of Dietrich,
transacting business in Shoshone
Mrs Eddie, of Dittrich, was visiting
in Shoshone Saturday.
Rands, of the North Shoshone j
transacting business in
tract was
Shoshone the first of the week
Mr and Mrs Chamberlain, of Rich
field, were transacting business in Sho- !
shone Tuesdy.
Word from Donald Drummond indi
cates that he will likely get started
for home from France some time this
His many friends trust thathis
hopes may be fulfilled.
Adams, of
Richfield were in Shoshone Alonday
Mrs Harry Anderson and Airs Frank
Grosse entertained the O E S sewing
circle Tuesday at the Anderson home
Air Linderman and Mr
Miss Lola Christman has accepted a
position at the court house as proof |
reader in connection with transcrib
ing the'records for Jerome county
Miss Lois Miller left Tuesday for Je
where she has accepted a position
with the Irrigation Company
Helen Lowe, of Kuna, has been em
ployed to fill the position at the court
house vacate^! by Aiiss Aliller
__ I
Mr and Mrs Weir Baker, Mr nd Mrs j
1 Mason and Miss Inez Oviatt drove to
j Twin Falls Alonday
! Aliller home It is reported that he gx
i pects to make it his residence in the
near future
Bert Bowler has purchased the J R
j Dwight L Casey, one of the three
Casey boys that formerly lived he«,
and all three of whom enlisted in tse
army at the beginning of the AVar wa*
here for a few days last week. Dwight
saw fifteen month's service in France.
Their parents are now living atHoqui
am> Washington, hut still own theii
farm about three miles East of Sho
shone, which they have leased to El
mer R Sooter
Airs Myrt Weaver has purchased the
Stratton property with all its ftirnish-j
ings Mrs Stratton contemplates going
east to reside Mrs Weaver will repair
the building and add some furniture
to that already in the bouse and hold it
for rental purposes
Mr ami Mrs Robert AlcMahon. ol
Richfield, were in Shoshone this week.
visiting bis sister Mrs Lee Garlock
E. O. Merrifield left Tuesday foir
Portland, Oregon on business trip. He
expects to be gone about ten days.
The Artisan lodge has backed up ics
faith in the Soldier boys By investing
three hundred thousand dollars of
its reserve fund in government secur
A babe was born to Air. and
Domingo Kolago Thursday morning at
o'clock and died the same day at
eleven o'iÿocki
J. E Ebert, of Richfield came ùtiwn
from Richfield the first of the *ce' K
to take home his wife and new Baby
On account of the Alay Day fate ti e
Guild will not meet Wednesday as put'
Ushed. The meeti.ig ha .'ing been ad
burned until Thursday Alay tS.
Home of Airs. J. R Miller
front of the Vidage
office, was blown down with severe
wind last Saturday, slightly injuring
the front of tie building. Air. A\tr
nicke planted the tree about twenty
fi V *> years ago. It wa* one of the
largest in the town,
at the
ntl Wednesday. T 1
Mrs. Hubbs of Alountain Home,
Grand Worthy Matron of the Order of,
the Eastern Star, was entertained by
Lincoln Chapter of that Order, at a
special meeting: held at tho Lodge Hall;
on Wednesday night A large number
were in attendance, refreshments were]
l,me '
A large poplar tree standiug near the
Water Works
John E. Badley who went to Boise
two weeks ago to accept a posit.-on
paiking up his housoi J1 goods and
All's. Dudley
shipping them to Bei «.
and the children are in SanFraneisco
visiting with Airs. Badie;, s parents
Four Good Points on Simple and Least
Expensive Contrivance for
(Prepared by tlie United States Depart
ment of Agriculture.)
First, the road drag Is the simplest
and least expensive contrivance yet de
vised for maintaining roads construct
ond, the successful operation of a road
drag depends to a very great extent
on gjjju and intelligence of the op
erator. Third, the time to use the draff
, ,,
»B when the material composin« the
road surface Is sufficiently moist t©
_____ _ J''
ed of earth or earthy material,
Keeping Road in Good Condition.
compact readily under traffic after it
has been moved by the drag and does
sot contain sufficient moisture for the
traffic following the drag to proffcrca
mad. Fourth, dragging cannot usually
kg so arranged as to keep learns im
pi oyed a u t jj e time, and it is therefore
^g^ble f 0 have it done by Interested
persons who can änd employment for
themselves and teams when they are
By M. S- Wlldman, Mead of the
Department of Economics and
Political Science at Stanford
University, California.
Just about two years ago we began
to make war and stopped making a
lot of other things or made these
other things only in limited supply.
Railway construction came to a dead
stop. Equipment was worn out faster
than ft was replaced. All over the
country building operations were sus
pended. In: the North Atlantic states
alone the deficiency in building in
estimated by the Department of Labor
to exceed 8506,000,000. If the situation
all over the country Is- comparable tc
this, the accumulated need for con
struction now exceeds two billion doi.
lars. Through a wide range of manu,
factures from automobiles to chewing
gum curtailment was the order of thg
day until now we face a deficiency
In numberless commodities of custom
ary use.
The emergency which led to curtail
Tbe Interest .
ment is, hspplly past,
of all classes of people requires the
quickest* possible resumption of normal
activity. Consumers want the- goods,
returning soldiers need the employ
The heavy war taxes call
for corresponding (y large production,
open the way for exports.
This resumption of enterprise, if we
embark upon it as we should, wilt
require bank loans on a tremendous
scale. The high wages aad high cost
of materials will necessitate advance»
proportionately greater than In the
past. To be available for this purpose,
the funds of the banks must sot be
absorbed by government requirements.
The necessity for a wide public partici
pation in the Victory Liberty loan la
even greater Ahan It was In the case
of earlier loans when curtailment of
industry diminished tbe needs of pri
vate business.
If the banks are compelled to carry
the government, they emnnot at the
same time carry their customers. For
every billion dollars worth of bonds
left on the hands of tbe banks there
will be Just a billion less for the re
vival of industry and the employment
it tc tn th» nersonal interest of every
It la to the ^rsonal totere t e J-'T
man atld «Oman tn America^ to sub
scribe to the A ictory Liberty loan out
of his or ber savings.
"The woman who ran save money
aius ma seuline respect and feminfne

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