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WE HAVE the Merchandise—most anything you
could call for—and in quantities sufficient to sup
ply all. Our store is loaded with all kinds of Heavy Winter Goods. ;
We buy in larger quantities than others, therefore can sell cheaper. '
In the history of this store has business

been as good as now


, . J

♦ I

♦ Phone 72 - Evans Bank Bldg. ♦
Lady Assistant
4 j
_ *
Eastbound, Ar. Westbound Ar.
No. 6 3:10 am No 83 8 25 am
No 18 10-45 a m No 19 1-10 d m
No 4 8-16 pm' No 5 3-26 pmj
No. 84
People and Events.
$3.25 $3.20 $3.13 j
Turkey Red, bleached.. 3.22 3.17 3.10 1
Marquis .. 3.22 3.17 3.10 j
Early Baart, Gold Coin
and Bluestem . 3.19 3.14 3.07
Club, Hybrid
9:16 p.m. No. 17 _7:06 p.m.
Wheat Prices Per 100, Bulk, Grades :
1, *2 and 3.
Turkey Red, dark.
A few boxes of fancy pears still !
left at the Skaggs Cash Grocery.
Chris Adolf has received a call for
limited service and will leave for Van
couver. Wash., about the 14th. He Is.
credited to Cassia county. I
- I
3.15 3.10 3.03
Sacked wheat, in good, merchant
able sacks, 15c per 100 more.
Miss Grace McKinley left for Boise I
"Wednesday where she will visit for
a short time.
The car shortage is being relieved
and wheat is again moving quite ex- j
tensively. which Is quite a relief all
Rev. John Wesley Miller, formerly
pastor of the Methodist church, came
in Monday and spent a few hours with
The last picture shows or enter-1
•tainments of any kind, until the ban
Is lifted by the state board of health,
were given last night.
A call for seven more men to leave
Power county about October 21 has ]
been made, according to Boise papers.
but has not reached the local board
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer L. Baird are
rejoicing over the arrival of a baby j
girl at their home Wednesday. Mrs.
Swartout, mother of Mrs. Baird, ar
rived Tuesday.
-- j
Ms. and Mrs. M. J. Unger and son, j
who have been visiting in Wisconsin
for the past two montns or more, re
turned home Tuesday. Mr. Unger is
undecined as to his future, as yet.
- !
Buy your sewing machine from a
reliable company. Prices lowest,
quality considered. Mail or phone
your order to Pocatello. Machine de
livered and service rendered at all
times. Singer Sewing Machine Co., |
Poeatello, Idaho. Jhone 57-J. tf
Sunny Valley Flour
Oats_Barleyi_ Rye_
Mill Run Bran Sacks and Twine
Applied on All Purchases of
»'heat, Bulk or Sacked
Oneida Elevator
The Elevator That Serves
You Best
Mrs. W. L. Newton and sons, Wal
'nee and Gerald, are visiting friends !
in Heyburn for a few da/s.
Order your winter's supply of cab
bage where you know the quality and
price is right. Skaggs Cash Grocery.
- -
Owing to the influenza epidemic the I
Ladies Aid of St. John's Lutheran
church will not serve the chicken sup
per advertised for Saturday, October
12th. j
___ ;
Captain A. M. Ley, who has been in
a,tendance at the national rifle shoot
at ^ amp Perr y- Ohio, passed through
en route 10 Boise last night. He was
Mrs. Anna Johnson of Algona, la.,
is spending a few days with her
j daughter, Mrs. H. J. Richards. Mrs
1 Johnson is on her way to Long Beach,
j California, where she spends the win- j
ters -
joined by Mrs. Ley here, and they will
! spend a few days visiting in Boise.
turned from Boise, Tuesday, where j
Mr. Myers attended a meeting of the :
county food administrators with their :
chief Saturday. Mr. Myers states that
! sugar regulations will not become a
bit more lenient, and may possibly
I be more strict.
The sheriffs office landed two dis
pensers of booze Wednesday, and both
are in jail awaiting the comng of court
The men gave their names as Frank
Byrne and Orville Hayter, and daim
to hail from Kemmerer, Wyo. Six (
I pints of contraband was taken from
I them. It is said they were here dur
- '
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Myers re
All public meetings, including pa- |
triotic rallies, churches, lodges, thea
tres, etc,, are under the ban for an in
definite period. Schools are not closed
j but may be later. Pool halls also come
under the ban. This is a precautionary
measure instituted by the state board
of health to prevent the sperad of in
ing the fair and did a good business
a' that time.
Monday evening at the Methodist
parsonaige Miss Cora Evans and Tim
Douglas were united in marriage.
] Witnesses to the ceremony were Mrs.
Snowball and her son and daughter,
Mr. Snowball and Miss Snowball. Mrs.
Douglas came from Mammoth, Utah.
Mr. Douglas was formerly from Mam
moth, moth, but has been living in
j American Fall for some time.
The Epworth League entertained
the teachers of the public schools of
j American Falls Friday evening of last
j week in the parlors of "the brick"
church." A short program was given
anf j then games were played and re
freshments served. A most delightful
evening was spent and all present
! appreciated getting better acquainted
with the teachers. American Falls can
be proud of her splendid corps of
The Department of Agriculture has
| just completed its wheat and rye plant
ing program for 1918-19. In it, Idaho is
asked to plant a minimum of 377,000
acres of fall wheat and 2,000 acres of
winter rye. This is an increase of 25
per cent for Idaho over the winter
Wheat acreage planted last fall and
the normal acreage of rye. If weather
conditions are good, and other condi
tions are favorable, the department enza
hopes that Idaho will be able to plant j at
the maximum of 405,000 acres of win-j
ter wheat. County agent Lamson is , the
of the opinion that a good part of j
this increase in bushels can be made ] It
by destroying the rodent pests that ]
work against the farmer. He is find
ing the pests more numerous and de- the
structive that he thought from cas- s
ual investigations.
■ __
U. S. Surgeon General, Rupert Bine,
Mites Valuable Suggestions About
Care of Victims and Precautions to
j Prevent Spread of Diseast
j letin by Robert Blue, Surgeon General j led
: on Spanish influenza. It is very timely j d!ps
: and at the request of the Idaho State
Board of Health, It. is herewith re
printed almost in full: he
what is Spanish influenza?
Is it something new? I the
1 Does it come from Spain? I
The disease now occurring In this
country and called "Spanish Influ
enza" resembles a very contagious off
VinH nf fl^rrvmnnniAH hv fpv$>r
îiâîns In theheâd eare erabaSk or
nfh^r !^rt= of tho hortt' '= fo»iin^ to
o. severe sickness. in most or tne cases
the symptoms disappear after three
or four days, the patient then rapidly
recovering. Some of the patients,
however, develop pneumonia, or in- < "
namm ation of the ear, or meningitis, ,
and man y 0 ; these complicated cases
die whether this so-called Spanish
influenza is identical with the epi- ° f
( dem i c8 0 f influenza of earlier years is the
not yet jjnuwn
AUh h the nt epidemic is ®?
railed "Spanish influenza," there is d
no reason to believe that it origina- j s
ted in Spain. Some writers who have •,
studied the question believe that the
epidemic originated in the Orient, and
they call attention to the fact that e. r
the Germans mentioned the disease
as occurring along the eastern front .
in the summer and fall of 1917.
Sit-in ish InflnenvaT be
Spanish Influençai be
There is yet no way in which a
single case of Spanish influenza can
be recognized; on the other hand,
recognition is easy where there is a
group of cases. In contrast to the
outbreaks of ordinary coughs and
colds, which usually occur in the cold
months, epidemics of influenza may
occur at any season of the year, thus
the present epidemic raged most fn
riousy in Europe in May, June and
July. Moreover, in the case of ordi
nary colds the general symptoms, fe
ver, pain and depression, are by no
means as severe or as sudden in their
onset as they are in influenza. Fi
nally, ordinary colds do not spread
through the community so rapidly or
so extensively as does influenza.
In most cases a person taken sick
with influenza, feels sick rather sud
denly. He feels week, has pains in
the eyes, ears, head or back, and may
be sore all over. Many patients feel
dizzy, some vomit. Most of the pa
tients complain of feeling chilly, and
with this comes a fever which rises
to 100 to 104. In most cases the pulse
remains rather slow.
In appearance one is struck with
the fact that the patient looks s'ck
His eyes and the inner side of his eye
lids may be slightly bloodshot. There
may be running from the nose, or
there may be some cough These in
dications of a cold may not be very
marked: nevertheless the patient
looks and feels very sick.
What is the course of the disease?
Do people die of it!
Ordinarily the fever lasts from
three to four days and the patient
recovers. But while the proportion of
deaths in the present epidemic has
been generally low, in some places the
outbreak has been severe and deaths
have been numerous. When death oc
curs it is usually the result of a com
What causes ^ the disease and how
is it spread!
Bacteriologists who have studied
influenza epidemics In the past have
found in many cases a very small
rod-shaped germ called Pfeiffer's ba
cillus. In other cases other kinds of
germs were found.
No matter what particular kind of
germ causes the epidemic, it is now
believed that influenza is always
spread from person to person, the
germs being carried with the air along
with the very small droplets of mu
cus, expelled by coughing or sneez
ing, forceful talking, and the like by
one who already has the germs of the
disease. They may also be carried
about in the air in the form of dust
coming from dried mucus, from cough
ing or sneezing, or from careless peo
ple who spit on the sidewalk. As in
most other catching diseases, a per
on who has only a mild attack of the
' The United States Public Health
Service has issued the following bul
How can
recognized !
disease himself may give a very severe
attack to others.
.... , . ,. . . . .. .
J'*". 1 . h,, " ld •** doM b * those wh "
cal<n > ne disease f
It is very important that every
person who becomes sick with influ-
enza should go home and go to bed !
j at once. This will help Keep away
dangerous complications and will, at I
, the same time, keep the patient from
j scattering the disease far and wide.
] It is highly desirable that no one be
] slowed to sleep in the same room
with the patient. In fact, no one but
the nurse should be allowed in the
s room.
If there is cough and sputum, or j
running of the eyes and nose, care !
should be taken that all discharges i
are collected on bits of gauze or rag
__ v,," ,, (V ,„
patient comnlain« of fever mH hend
ache, he should be given water to
drink, and a light sponge. Only such
medicine should be given as is pre-1
scribed by the doctor. It is foolish
to ask the druggist to prescribe and *
may be dangerous to take the so-cal- 1
j led .. gafe sure and harmless" reme
j d!ps advprt j sed by patent medicine !
manufacturers i
. "
he can ^attend h S °i , 5 uated that
a ! , „„w 0 „ Z "ces
I the fami - It is advisee that such
I attendri wear a wrapper apron or
gown over the ordina^house oToth^
while in the sick room, and slip this
off when leaving to look after others.
Nurses J and attendants w111 do
to guard against breathing in dan
geraua disease germs by wearing a
slmp i e fo]d oî gauze or mask while
near the pat j en ^
„ , . . . _ |
"°. w C8n one goard against infill*
< " nza *
, Keep the body strong and able to
fight off disease germs. This can be
done by having a proper proportion
° f work, play and rest, by keeping
the body well clothed and by eating]
sufficient, wholesome, and properly
®? 1 f t ® d , food i 4 In connection with
d 'et. It is well to remember that milk
j s . on ? of the best all-round foods ob
•, amab ' e for adults as well as chil
dren. So far as a disease like influ
s concerned . health officers ev
e. r rw here recognize the close rela
„reslnt til 'LAS, l !?* 8 J' ka rfln h ®
presant - t0 avold f" ch ° v< [ °? d . s '
pPop i e should consider the health dan
ger and make every effort to avoid
a overcrow-ding.
care should be taken to avoid inhal-|
iHPI 1
Munsing Wear
The Most Satisfactory Underwear for
Men, Women and Children. We can fit
the whole family correctly and economically
When supplying your Winter needs in Underwear
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the air breathed out by another !
* person - j
1 11 is ©specially important to beware j
of the Person who coughs or sneezes ;
! without covering his mouth or nose j
i H also follows that one should keep
out of crowds and stuffy places as
much as possible. Keep homes, offl
and work shops well aired, spend ;
scme time out of doorB each day ' ln
ah0rt ' make every possible effort to ,
hreathe aa much pure air every day
" u e ' each cougil and gneezP
„ VfîîaÎL " I
If you dont you 11 spread disease,
. -——— . |
In the District Court of the Fifth Ju
| diclal District of the State of Idaho,
j n and p or p 0WPr County. i
The Union Central Life Insurance
Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, a Cor
poration Plaintiff, vs Marion P. i
Mitchell. Cora Mitchell, Charles T.
i^g, Lauretta King Benjamin B. 1
Cotant, Pauline Cotant, and the
First National Bank of American
Falls,'a banking corporation, De
The State of Idabo sends greetings
t0 Lauretta King, one of the above
na med defendants:
Y ou are hereby notified that a com
p i a i nt has been filed against you in
the district court of the Fifth Ju-j
dlcial Dlstnct of the state ot Idaho,
in and for the County of Power, by the
' above named plaintiff, and you are
hereby directed to appear and answer
the said complaint within twenty 1
days of the service of this summons,
if served within said judieial district! 1
, , . ,
! and within forty days if served else
j where; and you are further notified
j that unless you so appear and an
; swer said complaint within the time
j herein specified, the plaintiff will take
judgment against you as prayed in
said complaint.
This action is brought to foreclose
; one mortgage executed by Marion P.
M " ch « U and Cora
, and one mortgage executed by Charles
T " Kmg and LaUretta Kia »' hia W,f6 '
I as follows to wit
as IOllOwS, to-wit.
northeast quarter of section 19.
[township 10 south, range 31 east.
Boise meridian,
| Witness my hand and the seal of
gaid District Court this 19th day of
q pn ,emher 1918
i P D » Vtt Witt pi-.v
Rv I R HaiishrUdt Denutv
RllH „ p ? y Mp ' SîpMtafSn
i p rir . a , P M n } rrfahn^
, Irf's^inT 1 ? OCateUo ' Idaho "
1 ' '
ids, at 1 o'clock p. m.:
branded with a diamond on the left
hip; dehorned.
in-4. n„ IS. 25.
1 _
j_ _______ ______
to the above named plaintiff on prop
erty in Power County, Idaho, described
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing described animal will be sold
at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, at the ranch of C. A Coon,
seven miles northeast of American
Falls, Idaho, on Saturday. October 26,
One black cow, about 7 years old.

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