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'Entered at the Poetofflce *t American Falla, Idaho
aa second class mail matter.
*ubli«b*d TacuJari and Fridays of Each Weak
You haven't had the flu, of course
"Am haven't spread it
your neighbors, of oourso not. It's
the other fellow—your neighbor—who
has been thoughtless and careless,
and between you and I we feel like
roasting him just a little, although
he's a mighty fine fellow.
But he don't know much, especially
about the flu. He was sure he didn't
have it—Just a cold, or a little head
ache, that would pass in the night 1 ,
and he thoughtlessly moved about
among the people, coughing a little
now and then—just a tiny little, In
significant cough, and sneezing once
In a while. And sometimes he talked
right in people's faces—and in a little
while many people had the flu.
The "other fellow" is proverbially
thoughtless. With so much flu around
he ought not to have been around.
When he began to feel the least little
hit out of sorts he ought to have gone
home and stayed there until he knew
for sure that nothing was wrong with
This flu comes so quickly and gives
so little notice of Its coming, that the
■"other fellow'' should take unusual
He ought to sleep with the windows
wide open every night.
He ought to avoid crowds or small
gatherings until the flu epidemic Is
He ought not to get within five feet
of anyone to whom he is talking, and
good five feet at that.
He ought to avoid heated rooms and
stay out of doors as much as possible.
He ought to make himself a com
mittee of one to preserve and pro
mote the health of the general com
You and I, we do differently. We
don't spread the disease. We don't
congregate. We avoid crowds, and If
either of us ever feels the least bit
out of sorts, It's to bed for us, and
send for the doctor. We won't take
any chances with our own health or
that of others.
g We know that it's the "mild cases,"
w"here there is "nothing really the
matter," that gives the doctors sleep
less nights and our friends and fam
ilies great concern. We know the
mild case of t oday may be the trag
mild case of today may be the trag
edy of tomorrow. We won't stay up
ness can just take a little vacation
while we regain our health or make
sure there is nothing ailing us.
But "our neighbor!" He's the care
less fellow that quarantines have to
be established for. He is the limit—
never knows he's sick until his tem
perature is 101 and still climbing.
He's such a pronounced optimist that
you and 1 have got to set him an ex
ample by strictly observing every
known precaution, just to give him
a hint. And when he takes it, and
does as we do, the flu epidemic will
he over.
You and I have a personal respon
sibility in this matter as leading cit
izens of our community, to set the
right kind of an example first, and
do our criticizing afterward.
Let's do it.
Let'B go "over the bop" in this "saf
ety first" business—you and I.
iiilP iif Tl
Properly Fitted
While -we will be extra
busy during December, we
are not going to neglect our
Optical Department. If you
need Glasses, a broken lens
replaced, or your glasses re
paired or straightened, you
will get the same courteous
treatment as usual,
hesitate to call on us.
The Corner Jewelry Store.
Jewelers and Opticians
If you want to borrow money on
your Livestock, Wool or Liberty Bonds,
talk with your local bank about our
terms and service, or write to us direct.
The war is over and we want to help
you do your part in taking: care of the
reconstruction which is our next great
Licensed Auctioneers
Satisfnetion Guaranteed
Phone 181-J-2
Sparks Meat Co.
An ordinance declaring an enter
.I „„<„1 ill* . . . ,
geney and establishing hours of bust.
ness tor certain hinds of business, |
closing certain business establish- '
ments, defining the rights of certain j
business establishments, providing for [
fhe supervision of certain kinds of
business, providing the duties of man
agers of certain business establish
rnents, prohibiting all in door and out
door public gatherings, and provid
ing for the enforcement of the provis
ions of said ordinance, and provid
ing for certain penalties for the vio
lation thereof.
Tie it ordained by the mavor and conn
cll of the City of American Falls,
Idaho :
Whereas, An emergency existing,
the disease oommonly known 1 and
termed influenza, has again attacked
the citizens of the city of American
Falls, Idaho, and
Whereas, It is the desire of the
authorities to establish certain rules
and regulations, concerning the con
ducting of the various business houses
of said city and
Whereas, ' It is the desire of the
authorities to close certain kinds of
business houses during said enter
gency and |
Whereas. It is the desire of the
said authorities to so control said i
business houses for a period of ten
days, from date hereof, unless repeal-,
ed by proclamation of the mayor, or j
continued in force for a longer time
by proclamation of said mayor of
said city.
NOW THEREFORE. Be It resolved!
Section 1. That the time referred
to in said ordinance shall be from
date hereof for a period of ten (10)
days thereafter, unless cancelled by
order of the mayor, or continued In
force by order of said mayor.
Section 2. That all public gather
ings, within the limits of eaid city,
in door or out door, be and the same
are hereby prohibited.
Section 3. That all banks, real es
tate offices, mercantile establishments,
dealing in groceries, dry goods, jew
elry, clothing, cigars, hardware, Im
plements lumber, drugs, meats, and
all goods, merchandise, etc., except
restaurants, pool halls, picture shows,
bowling alleys, hotels, are hereby re
quired to close at 6:00 p. m., each day
during said time, and to permit no
persons, whether male or female to
enter said place of business at any
time, except such number as are equal
to the number of clerks in said estab
lishment, provided however, that drug
stores may remain open after 6:00
o'clock p. m., for the handling of pre
Section 4. It is hereby made the
duty of all clerks, managers, employ
ees, to see that the provisions of the
above section are complied with, and
upon their failure so to do, such per
son or persons shall be subject to
And Proclamation Putting It Into Effect.
AN ORDINANCE Placing a Quarantine on all Build
ings, Public and Private iri which there is housed Human
Beings who have the Influenza or who have been exposed
thereto, and defining the time for the lifting of the said
quarantine and directing the Chief of Police or such other
persons as may be directed by the Mayor, to enforce the
same and the declaring of an emergency therefor, by the
Mayor and Council of the City of American Falls, Idaho.
Section 1. That there is hereby established in the
City of American Falls the right to quarantine all build
ings, public and private in which there is housed, or in
which there are human beings who have the influenza or
who have been exposed thereto.
Section 2. That the City Physician is hereby direct
ed to quarantine all human beings within a building or
buildings, either public or private, that any human beings
are found who have influenza or who have been di
ectly exposed thereto. Said City Physician to quaran
tine the said premises until such time as the persons hav
ing the said influenza have recovered, therefor plus such
time as it would be required for all other persons therein,
after having been exposed to have taken the influenza.
Section 3.* That as soon as any premises are quaran
tined by the said City Physician, it shall be unlawful for
any person to enter the said premises or to come out from
the said premises without the authority of the said City
Physician, unless said person be a duly licensed physician,
or to give aid under his direction.
Section 4. That the Chief of Police of the City or
such persons as may be directed by the Mayor is hereby
directed to act in conjunction with the said City Physi
cian and to enforce said quarantine.
Section 5. That all persons who are ill or show symp
toms of any disease, are hereby required to report the
same to the City Physician.
Section 6. That all physicians, chiropractors, oste
paths, practicing in said City are hereby required to make
a report daily to said City Physician as to any cases of
sickness, which he may be called to attend to, or have no
tice of.
Section 7. That any person violating any part or
provisions of said ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor and subject to a fine of not less than Fifty
($50.00) Dollars, and not more than Seventy-five ($75.00)
Dollars, and in addition therto to suffer quarantine for
such length of time as is deemed advisable by the City
i Physician.
Section 8. An emergency existing this order shall be
in full force and effect from and after its approval, pass
age, and its issuance thereof by a proclamation by the said
Dated this 5th day of December, A. D., 1918.
<>. F. CROWLEY, City Clerk.
I ' WHEREAS, an emergency exists, I, Wm. J. Hanson,
jdo hereby declare the above Ordinance in full force and
'effect from, this, the 5th day of December, 1918, at the
i hour of nine o'clock A. M.
WM. J. HANSON, Mayor.
such penalties as are hereinafter de
Section 5.
ture shows, bowling alleys, soda foun
ta , ng> and goft dr f ng ^ Ml8hments>
| of every nature and kind are hereby
' ordered to close and remain closed
j during said emergency,
[ Section 6. That all card tables are
hereby prohibited to operate during
sa id emergency.
Section 7. That all restaurants are
hereby ordered to close from 8:00 p.
m > un til 6:00 o'clock a. m., of each
day during said emergency,
Section 8. That all owners, mana
sers, and employees of all kinds of
business establishments are hereby
directed to prohibit any and all per
sons to gather, lounge, loiter, rest or
remain in their said places of business
GXCe Pt a ® provided in said ordinance,
aild it is hereby made unlawful for
any P erson to loiter, linger, rest in
any place of business, except as pro
vidcd in 8ald ordinance.
, 8ect j 0I î 9 - That the Chief of Police
°t 8a ' d city and such other persons as
be designated by said mayor are
hereby directed to enforce the laws
and Provisions of said ordinance.
Sf® 11 ?" 10 That . any Person who
SPa r violate any of the laws of said
ord mance or who shall permit any
| Person or persons to violate the same,
* h ® n I _ ,t [ B 8aid Person's or persons'
i duty by the Iaws of 8aid ordinance, to
prohibit such violations, shall be
deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and
That all pool halls, plc
, .. . ,, . , ,
j apon conviction shall be subject to a
ane less than $50.00, and not
m ° re than $75.00.
Section 11. That an emergency ex
Ists - and this ordinance shall be In
fu " force and effect from and after its
passa S e - approval and proclamation
thereof, by the said mayor of said rity.
Da ^® d this 5th day of December, A.
1918 '
At t GSt*
O. F. CROWLEY, Clerk.
Whereas, an emergency exists, I,
Wm. J. Hanson, do hereby declare the
above Ordindance in full force and ef
fect from, this, the 6th day of Decern
ber, 1918, at the hour of nine o'clock
a m.
Sold by
M When summer complaint %
M 1* prevalent—when the baby
W has ooiio—when cow's milk can- ^
7 not be depended on — then If you '
try Go*t Milk you will never go
back to the old baby foods.
H. P. Fordsham was up from Rock
land Wednesday. He said the flu sit
uation is better than it has been for
several weeks.
In the District Court of the Fifth Ju- !
diclal District of the State of Ida
ho, in and for the County of Power.
Roy Zaring, Plaintiff, vs. Ellic So
renson and Hannah Sorenson, his
wife; Frank Campbell and Lucy T. I
Campbell, his wife; and the unknown
heirs and devisees of Frank Campbell,
deceased, and all persons claiming by,;
through or under them, and all the
unknown heirs and devisees of J. P. i
Stebbins, deceased, and all persons 1
claiming by, through, or under them; |
and Maude S. Curry, a known heir of.
J. P. Stebbins, deceased, and all per-j
sons claiming by, through, or under
her, If alive, and if not, then the un
known heirs and devisees of Maude S. (
.u Urry 'v and a11 Persons claiming by, i
through, or under her, or them; and
Thomas I. Richardson and Hattie
Richardson, his wife; and Mrs. John
!^.ntry formerly Ellen I. Richardson,
and John Doe Lantry. whose true
Christian name Is unknown; and all
other persons claiming by, through
or under them, defendants. j
The State of Idaho sends greeting ■
to Ellic Sorenson and Hannah Soren- ' an
son, his wife, Frank Campbell and j
Lucy T. Campbell, his wife, and the
unknown heirs and devisees of Frank !
Campbell, deceased, and all persons an
claiming by, through, or under them, j
and all the unknown heirs and de- j
visees of J. P. Stebbins, deceased, j
and all persons claiming by, through, J
or under them, and Maude S. Curry, j
a known heir of J. P. Stebbins, de- j
ceased, and all persons claiming by, ( p
through, or under her, if alive, and if ;
not, then the unknown heirs and de- !
visees of Maude S, Curry, and all per- j
sons claiming by, through, or under
her, or them, and Thomas I. Rich
ardson, and Hattie Richardson, bis ;
wife, and Mrs. John Lantry, formerly M
Ellen I. Richardson, and John Doe ;
Lantry whose true Christian name is j
unknown, and all persons claiming
by, through, or under them, the above j
named defendants:
You are hereby notified that a com- |
plaint has been filed against you in
the district court of the Fifth Judi
cial District of the State of Idaho in |
and for the County of Power, by the |
plaintiff herein, and that you are here- |
by directed to appear and answer the j
complaint within twenty days of the |
service of this summons if served j
within said judicial district, and with
in forty days if served elsewhere, and
that this action is brought to quiet
the title to the following described
property, to-wit:
Commencing at the northeast (NE)
corner of the northeast quarter (NEV4)
section fourteen (14), township eight
(8) south, of range thirty (30) E. B.
M„ thence running south thirty (30)
rods, thence running northwesterly
along Warm Creek to a point on the
north line of section fourteen (14),
thirty-three (33) rods west of the!
Wednesday, December 11
Beginning at
10 O'clock A. M.
As administrator of the Estate of H. C. Roy, Sr., Deceased, I will sell at PUBLIC
SALE, at what is known as the
12 Miles South of Rockland and 4*/z Miles North of Roy, the following Described
Property :
Implements, Etc
Live Stock

8 sets of Work Harness
1 3-bottom 14 inch Oliver Gang Plow
1 Thomas Drill
1 5-Section Wood Harrow
1 Best Combine Harvester, 16 foot cut
1 Mowing Machine, 4-foot cut
3 3-Vi inch Wagons
1 3 -V 2 Winona Wagon
Other articles too numerous to mention
8 head of Mules, ranging in age from
8 to 12 yrs., weight from 1100 to 1250
1 two-year old Mule.
24 head of Horses, age from 3 to 9 yrs.
10 head of Milk Cows.
1 White Face Herford Bull
9 head of Spring Calves
1 Champion Headei
1 Bod Sled
TERMS:—All sums of $10 and under, Cash; Over $10, time will be given to Nov. 1, 1
1919, with Secured Notes, bearing 10 per cent interest; 5 per cent discount for cash
F. S. ROY,
Administrator of the Estate of H. C. Roy, Sr., Deceased
L. W. Cotant, Auctioneer
J. E. Ogden, Clerk
Vice President
■-,53 „
American Faujs.Iuaho
northeast corner of section fourteen
( 14 ), thence thirty-three (33) rods
west to the northeast corner of sec
tion fourteen (14), thence east thirty
three (33) rods to place of beginning.
together with $20 water share
from the water ditch known as
the Morgan & Wood ditch, together
with the tenements, hereditaments
and appurtenances thereunto belong
mg, In your said piaintiff, and to es
teblish Ellic Sorensen is and was one,
an d the same person as Elick Sor- !
j rensen and Ellick Sorrensen, and thatin-22,
Hannah Sorensen is and was one and 1
! the same person as Hannah Sorrenson,
an d that Ellic Sorensen and Hannah
j Sorensen were husband and wife, and
j that Frank Campbell and Lucy T.
j Campbell were husband and wife, and
J that the said Frank Campbell died in
j testate, and that Lucy T. Campbell
j was his heir at law, and that James
( p stebbins was, at the time of his
; death, an unmarried man and died in
! testate, and Maude S. Curry, a dis
j tant relative, was his heir at law, and
that Thomas I. Richardson was and is
the same person as T. I. Richardson,
; and that Ellen I. Richardson, and
M rs . Ellen
; John Lantry is and was one and the
j same person, and that John Doe Lan
I Richardson and Mrs. .
The Wones Mortgage Loan
Has Plenty of Money to Loan on Approved
Real Estate Security
try, whose true Christian name Is un
known, is the husband of Mrs. John
Lantry, and you are further notified
that unless you appear and answer
8a id complaint within the time specl
fiedl the plaintiff will take judgment
against you as prayed for In said
Witness my hand and the seal of
sa id District Court this 25th day of
September, A. D., 1918.
Clerk of the District Court,
thatin-22, 29; 12-6, 13, 20, 27.
Money at Easy Terms
on First Class Farm
Idaho Farm Lands for
Trade for Washing
ton Lands.
J. F. Kosanke
American Falls, Idaho

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