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One is reminded constantly of
their religion, for at every turn in
the road there are beautiful wayside
'shrines (not plain crosses as in
France) and on almost every house
there is a little wooden box with re
ligious statues in it and generally
tbe crucifix is the central one. Then,
too, one sees their most beautiful ar
cbitecture in their churches, how
ever, these seem to have been the ^
Letters from Power County Soldiers.
—Continued from Page 1.
and thriftier,
level and the big old
Dutch windimlls (went through one
the other day) are a very feature
along the fiorizon. The houses are
mostly of a long, low, one story,
brick type usually red tile roofs, the
upper part thatched (the green moss
on it showing to advantage). I was
very much 'surprised at the great
number of towns and cities here and
these are built more like ours than
the French. They must have been
quite a commercial people, especial
ly in butter and cheese, before the
It Is more or less
if ,//
tt. '4
yJii. \
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nESs 5 *
Goiernor's .Message. ,
—Continued from Page 4.
one another often retard the pub
lie business."
That this condition exists in Idaho
I am persuaded is not known to the
majority of the electors of this state,
The popular conception of the power
bl the governor is that in his resides
the sole executive power. Without
himself possessing the responsibility
he is charged with all the mistakes :
^ and delinquencies of the various de- j
special target of the shell fire and
very few are left intact.
I could ramble on and on, telling
some of the stories the Belgian peo
ple have told to us of their treat
ment by the Germans (one told me
of living seven months in a cellar or
rather hiding there and only com
ing out at night to steal food) but I
can hear the chow line being form
ed and I'm afraid I'll miss out on my
STEW. Sincerely yours.
Corp. A. B. Brown,
Co. L., 362nd Infantry, American
Exped. Force, A. P. O. 776.
partments of the state government,
over a majority of which he exercises I
no control. This popular misconcep
tion is due to two factors.
In the first place the public gener
ally is thoroughly acquainted with the
machinery of our federal system
where the president and a cabinet of
his selection have full executive au
The public mind, not being
as thoroughly familiar with the ma
chinery of the state government as it
is with that of the national govern
ment, assumes that the governor of a
state in his relation to state affairs
bears the same responsibility and au
thority as the president does tq the
No one who
; national government,
i has made .a careful study of the sub
ject will deny that this conception is
not well founded.
A second factor lending to a miscon
ception of the powers of the state ex
ecutive is the intimate knowledge that
1 most people have of modern business
! methods. Through long years of de
| velpment the American people. In
I common with other nations which
have developed a high state of effi
I ciency in trade and oommeice, have
: evolved that form of business govern
| ment which attains a maximum of ef
I ficiency and a definite fixing of re
sponsibility. The fundamental prin
ciple in business government is a sin
gle executive with sole responsibility.
The stockholders of the modern busi
ness corporation look to the manager
alone for results. Combined with this
idea the advantage of counsel is gain
ed through a hoard of directors who
in an advisory capacity discuss the
policies and plans submitted by the
I manager and, of course, propose plans.
but in either case the execution
! thereof is left to the executive head.
I In the subdepartments of a large
I business enterprise definite duties are
( delegated and definite responsibility
for the performance of those duties
fixed always with a view to the larger
policies and plans outlined for the
whole business. Each department is
co-ordinated and correlated with the
whole. It is not run as a separate and
distinct organization. Always the de
partment head is responsible to the
manager of the whole concern.
The federal system of government
and the business systems with which
we are familiar are not autocracies.
They are the essence and consumma
tion of democratic government, be
cause the executive in each case is re
sponsible to his constituency. He is
not only responsible to that constitu
ency but responsible to its demands
because within a relatively short time
the constituency can demand an ac
countidg of his stewardship. In the
state of Idaho where the governor Is
elected every two years he is respon
sible directly to the public. There is
no reason why when the public has re
posed sufficent confidence In him to
call him to the position of manager of
state affairs he should not be intrust
ed with those powers which will en
able him to carry out the responsibil
ity which it is obviously the intention
of the electors of the state to fasten
upon him.
The principal reason for the divided
responsibility in our state govern
ments is historical. The present sys
tem is patterned after the original co
, lonial system which was framed at a
time when governors were appointed
by the crown and the crown was not
responsible to the people. Every de
vice was used to curb the power of
the royal appointee and to delegate
that power to those who more directly
at that time represented the' people,
Today the governor is the direct rep
resentative of the people and should
be the direct executor of their public
: affairs. He should be given the power
j not only to formulate plans for the
better welfare of the people but he
I should be given the power, when those
plans have received general approval.
to carry them into execution.
With but one exception the gover
nors of the slate of Idaho for a num
ber of years have been chosen from
the ranks of business men. The party
platforms of both parties have al
most invariably recommended meas
ures calculated to increase the effi
ciency of the state administration with
a view to bringing abolit a business
like administration.
Reorganization of Executive Depart
The executive and administrative
departments of the state should be
divided into a small number of de
partments, the heads of which, so far
as the constitution permits, shall be
directly responsible to the governor.
The functions of every officer, bureau,
board of commission in the state
should be assigned to one of these de
partments. The departments should
be subdivided where necessary into bu
reaus, the heads of which and the
subordinates under them being select
ed with a view to their expert fitness
and qualifications for their respective
Governor's Cabinet.
I further propose that the heads of
the several departments including the
constitutional elective officers, shall
constitute a governor's cabinet or
council, thereby furnishing a vehicle
through which all the departments of
the state government can be oo-ordt
nated and correlated In their functions.
Agricultural Department.
By way of illustration, let us con
sider the present scattered activities
properly belonging to a department of
agriculture. The state board of agri
culture .so-called, with its secretary,
is performing the services naturally
assignable to a bureau of fairs. There
is a department of farm markets with
its separate administrative office and
office machinery. There is a board of
horticultural inspection with a state
inspector and a corps of assistants.
The* duties of this department in a
well organized department of agricul
ture would constitute only one of the
functions of a bureau of plant indus
try. The present duties of the state
veterinarian and bis supervisory
board would constitute only one
branch of the work of a well organiz
ed bureau of animal industry. Why
should these present departments be
run «b distinct and unrelated activi
ties, with duplication of administra
tive machinery and without facilities
to cover the whole field of agricultural
industry? The most progressive work
for the farmer's welfare in this state
Is being done by the state experiment
station and the extension department
of the state agricultural college, both
with the co-operation of the federal
government. The most effective farm
market service is that which dove
tails into the federal bureau.
Let the legislature organize a uni
fied department of agriculture which
will be prepared to build up the whole
Held of agriculture and not one par
ticular branch of the industry and
oollege and state experiment station
as well as with the federal govern
ment. Such a department should be
predicated upon the Idea of service
and not paternalism. The function of
the state is to supply the farmer with
educational facilities but not to run
his business. A farm markets bureau
is not for the purpose of buying and
selling the farmer's product. It is to
aid him in developing a market, to
teach the tenchnlqne of marketing fa
cilities, and to improve present mar
keting conditions of all Idaho pro
I ducts so far as fair prices may be re
j reived therefor. This Is the keynote
j of the extension department's work as
it should be of a state agricultural de
Department of Labor,
A department of labor was provided
In onr constitution under the designa
tion of "bureau of immigration, labor
and statistic." II is unfortunate that
Its function as a department of labor
has been neglected and that the de
partment Itself was permitted to be
come of so little Importance that my
predecessor refused to appoint its
head. The problems affecting labor
which are properly a matter of state
concern require that this department
be rehabilitated. To It properly belong
the work of mine Inspection and also
safety inspection in co-operation with
the industrial accident board. Permit
me to add here (hat In my judgment
the present schedule of compensation
in the workmen's compensation law is
in many instances not adequate to
protect the workman and should be
The foregoing reference to an agri
cultural and a labor department are
only two illustrations of the possibili
ties of centralization. Duplication, ir
responsibility. incompleteness and lack
of co-ordination characterize all the
other regulatory and administrative
As applied to the science of govern
ment, the greatest lessons that we
, have learned in this war are the value
of co-operation and the need for wise
\ and effective leadership. The war has
. exposed the fallacy and weakness and
! inefficiency of much of cur govern
mental machinery. Too often have our
! laws been framed on the theory that
pfcblic officials should not be given
powers lest that power be abused. Tire
I necessities of a great c riels have 1
taught us that those who are called
upon for the time being to exercise |
the sovereignty of a nation or stai«
j must necessarily possess great power
in the execution of those policies that :
are determined to be for the general
! welfare. The distinction between an
autocracy end a democracy ts not In
the extent of their executive powers,
but the distinction lies In this: That j
those powers are exercised In a de
mocracy by the consent of the govern
ed and the policies to be executed are
determined by and In the Interest of
the governed and not of the governor.
The. autocrat boa no sense ot res poo
sibllfcy bo other than btm self or his
class. The ruler of a republic exe
cute« a trusteeship for tbe general
welfare. Power in the hands of a
public official is dangerous only when
exercised in a sinister and Irrespon
sible manner No man who is vested
with responsibility who must perform
his acta in the limelight of publicity

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and give an acountlng within a rela
ticely short period, can long continue
to be a radical. In a state such as
ourB, he must necessarily act conerv
ativeiy or ho will not be permitted to
continue in office.
There is at present only one body
in the state with legal authority to
supervise, direct and co-ordinate the
various departments of the state. That
body is the one whose membership
you compose. Obviously the legisla
ture is unable to perform this func
tion itself. It is organized primarily
for a different purpose. I appeal to
you, therefore, to revive the office of
chief executive, to recreate the gov
arnorship. You need not fear that the
governor, whoever he maj be, will
abuse his power. He cannot and will
not do so to the extent that those do
now who are exeretslng authority. The
governor is directtly responsible to,
and more than any otheY officer is
held responsible by the electorate.
Any failure on his part to function as
an efficient manager will, under a
system of centralized responsibility,
be quickly apparent to the public and
the conequences.of such failure visit
ed upon the delinquent.
I am not asking something which
has not been carefully studied by stu
dents of government. Political scien
tists have long said our present inef
ficient system of state governments
could not be permanent. Commissions
on economy and efficiency wherever
appointed have recommended this
change. Such men as Elihu llool and
Charles E. Hughes have endorsed it.
Illinois, under the leadership of Gov
eruoir Lowden has already adopted It.
Let us keep Idaho in the front rank of
those states known for their progrès
sive and constructive policies and
adopt this much needed reform In the
executive department.
In conclusion, permit me to remind
you that you are the chosen represen
tatlves of more than 400,000 citizens
who associated, form the government
of the state of Idaho, and In all your
deliberations It is your duty to keep
this thought in mind. Great and pow
erful Influences will appeal to you for
against proposed actB of legists
tlon. I truBt that every bill presented
to you, regardless of Its sponsern or
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opponents, will be scrutinized befog«
its enactment or rejection with a view
solely to ascertaining its good or evil
for the entire state aud It» people.
The office of the chief exocut lve will
he open always to every members of
the legislature and I invite individual
ly and colleetlvely your co-operation
and trust, that we may labor so har
moniously tha' the net result of thia
gathering shall be an improved abode
for tip' entire citizenship of our state,
a ♦



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