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George ana John Discuss Cream
Checks And Other Problems
By G. Drost, Manacer of the American ,
The following conversation took
place on the road between American
Falls and Rockland, between two farm
Falls Creamery.
We call them for the sake of con
venience John and George.
"Hallo George where ore you going."
"I am going to th' depot to send off
my cream."
"Why. I Just came from town my
self and delivered a can of cream to
the Farmers Co-op. Creamery, i have
been sending there ever since they
"Well," George replyed, "I have
beard many things aboil' that cream
ery and T don't know which to believe,
now you are a neighbor of mine and
you could give me the straight goods
about that place. They tell me, that
they do not pay bu*. once a month, Is
that right?"
"No, they pay twice a month .every
first and every fifteenth you get your
cheek for the cream you bave sent In
during the preceed'ng It days. With
other words, all cream sent In there
bet wen th first and fifteenth is being
paid for 15 days later, sn on the first
of the next month, and ail thot you
send In between th 3 Itttli and the last
of the month Is being paid for on the
15th of the next month '
"Well John, why this 15 days later?"
"You see George, the money they
get for the butter they sell, Is all they
have got to pay for the cream they
buy. It takes about Mini long to ge4
returns for their butler."
"I see, but do th»y pay as much
therp as they do anywhere else?"
"Bo far Gorge, I got Just a little over
market price all the time, and one
thing I can say for them, they give you
absolute the hone-it weight"
"Yes, hut how about the test?"
• "When I first started to send to
them r got a test of 45 per cent and It
has never verlod a great lot from that.
1 feel sure that they give me a right
test. Bo I tell you George, you do hh
you like, hut to put the whole thing In
a nutshell, this Is what I found;
"I have no shipping charges or any
other deductions, as 1 deliver rny
cream myself I always know that my
weight is right. My test is honest the
year around, no matter whether 1 send
one day or one year, my test is honest."
"f get hutter there In exchange for
butterfat. I got the full market price
and sometimes even more. And then
an other thing, I have my cows tested
every once in a whl.e, which does not
cob! me anything ami II gives me an
Idea of how my herd 1 h doing. And
besides all of that George, I am help
ing to build up a errmery of our own,
and some day and that day Is not so
far off, we will own that creamery and
branch out, Hint once we goi her paid
for, we will harvest th« fruits of our

The American Falls Motor Co. is the exclusive
authorized sales and service agents for Power County.
We are going to use every effort to introduce power
farming from making the seed bed to hauling the
crop. Money talks-~you have our price, ask us for
our costs and figure for yourself the profit that will
be yours when you form the "FORDSON WAY.
This is the first step in our plan of "Fordson all the
way from seed bed to flour". Ask us for particulars
and prices on Trucks, Tractors, Hauling and general
farm work.
The Wheatgrowers Association has let
the contract for hauling wheat from Roy
platform to American Falls to American
Falls Motor Co. at 23c per cwt. and the
haul from farms at lc per cwt. per mile. The Rock
land bid was for 13c per cwt.
done with Fordson Tractors especially equiped for
road work and Ford Trucks. The association moved
about 218,000 bushels in 1920.
The work will be
Motor Company
American Falls
Ford Sales and Service
early faith In the way of bigger pm
fits, which will be put on our checks
over the market price, i have alwayji
said that the reason a farmer is so
helpless, when it comes to getting any
thing for what he produces is because
he stands all alone."
"Now I am going to Cooperate and
I am starting with that creamery and
bo far 1 can see the results are good
and In my favor. So now George 1
have got to be on my way, but If X
were you, I would give them a tryout
and not for only a week or so but stay
with It, I know they 11 make you more
money for your cows."
"Well, John replyed George, never
knew Just how they did things there
and I was a little airald of It, hut 1
am going to send this can down there
and try them out. So lont John."
"So long George."
And George is still with us.
with keen resentment.
13 Years Ago
Taken From the Files of The Press
of August a, IHOs,
Dr. Noth made a flying trip to Mini
doka, Monday, to visit a typhoid pa
The rain of Wednesday night was
a welcome visitor, and general over
this part of the state.
Mrs. H. K. Hager went to the head
of East FVrrk of Rock creek, Tuesday
for week's outing.
Roy and Harold Keith returned
Tuesday evening from a business trip
to Boise, where they have been since
M. A Fugate has returned to his
home a tllastlngs, Nebraska, after a
stay of several weeks, and expects to
Interest many people In American
Falls funning laud.
Mr. and Mth. White returned home
Sunday, after being uhsent a week.
They started on u trip through the
Mr. and Mrs. Norton, of Newton, Kans.,
but owing to the Illness of Mrs. Nor
ton the trip was cut Short.
The post office has been moved Into
new and more com mod loi is (piaitciH
in the front pari of the Fvans Mer
canttle Company's old store room. New
fixtures Including a number of look
boxes, have been Installed. The post
office now presents a very neat up
pearance' and the Improved facilities
for handling mall will no doubt result
In Improved service.
David Burrell and U. W. Atwood
west to Pocatello Thursday. The pre
sence of Barnum and Halley's Show
there at the same time, Is merly a co
Inctdnt, and any Insinuation that they
wont up to attend Iho circus will meet
At (ßhurrh?H
Sunday School at 10:00 o'clock sharp.
A class for every . ge Have your
children enrolled. "Suffer the little
children to come unto me."
Divine worship at 11 a m.
August 7. English.
August 14. German.
August 21. English.
August 28. German.
Christ says: "Blessed are they who
do hunger and thr'st after .righteous
ness." The church is the school of
righteousness and every sermon a
lesson on some plias» of the subject.
You and your neighbor are welcome.
May you belong to those who are bles
Chester L. BueUner, Minister.
10:00 Sunday School. Topic "Paul
Becomes a Missionary." S. H. McCul
lough, Superintendent.
11:00 Morning Worship. Sermon by
Rev. C. E. Wharton, pastor of Metho
dist Church, Aberdeen, Idaho.
7.00 Epworth League. Topic "Thy
Will Be Done With My Pleasures."
Leader, Dorothy Schlitz. This Is
Dorothy's last appearance before she
goes east, we wish to give her a fine
hearing let everyone come at 7:00.
8:00 Union Service Baptist and
Methodist. Sermon by Chester L.
Bucknen. Topic "A Second Chance."
There will be special music by the
Note: The Buptists gave us a fine
welcome last Sunday, let us do our
best to make glad they cr.me.
Do you
know why
it's toasted?
To seal in
the delicious
Burley flavor.
It's toasted.
C/7 < W —4»« 4 ty
This jCi >%r*9
L. I>. 8.
Teacher's training class 9 a. m. Sun
day school 10 a. m. Sacrament meet
ing 11:45 Sunday In charge of Bishop
J. W. Collings. Primary association
at 3:00 p. m. every Friday, and Re
lief Society every Tuesday at 2:30 p.
m. M. I. A. meeting 6:00 p. m. Sun
Shnday, Aug. 7.
10 a.m. Bible School. Prof War
was, Bupt. Mrs. Ford, Primary Dept,
and Cradle Roll.
11 a. m. Morning Worship. Pas
tor's Sermon will be on "The Shepherd
Psalm." The Lords Supper will be
celebrated at the close.
7 p. m. The B. Y. P. U. will unite
with Epworth League in M. E. Church.
7:45. Baptist congregation will
unite with the Methodist congregation
In the Methodist Church. Music con
ducted by Prof. Warwas. Chorus
singing. Rev. Buckner will speak.
Notes: No man or nation ever pros
pered that left God out and pursued
their own pleasure on the Sabbath
day, God's Day. God's Book and God's
On the way home stop
At Block's
You'll see just the very
thing needed to round out
the evening lunch or din
Tasty pastry prepared
with generous richness
and flavor. Fresh enough
to make you think it just
came from the oven—and
perhaps it does.
Block's is always glad to
make up special pastry
dainties for folks who
want something a little
different for a special oc
cassion. And the cost is
less than you would think.
Fred Block, Prop.
House are a standing invitation to
Lost Sunday night a crowded house
gathered to hear an impressive ad
dress by Rev. Penner. A fine chorus
led the singing.
I Indian
I Springs
i Natatorium
One of the largest and
best apportioned Nata
toriums in the North

Î Only four miles south of
: American Falls,
Ç Free Camp Grounds for
l Tourists.
American Falls
H •
f4 wH 44<H >< H N H4tTTyf < HTT | rH , 4 |
M-+++++-H-+ ^
up all night ;
now at
Î We are now serving •;
: : short orders and ; ;
! : drinks all night, to ac- ; :
: : commodate the people : :
J of American Falls and : :
• •
;; Power County- ::
I •
* *
Short Orders. t
Special 35c dinners. -
Tobacco. x
Soft Drinks.
Ice Cream.
• ►
• •
Eat At Beatty's
and be sure of atten- |
t i v e service, clean
cooking and courteous
< >

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