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American Falls Press
Consolidated With The Power County
News and Bockland Times.
Published by
K. E. Torrance, Editor and Mgr.
We don't know how many farmers
are going to be able to take a "See
crops Rrc sll In &no Bold nut n ibi
at least one section will be In a posl
*ountry" U jrlp the firmer, their
rhldr,m Rn who P lWe l |n B the gMftt "Inland
Bmp e."whîch «,n n s.sta P SÂttoïS
the States of Washington, Idaho and
Oregon Their lands are of volcanic
ash. 30 to 24 inches deep and the soil
s ho rich that It yields 80 to 1« ,,
bushels of wheat to the acre year In
and year out.
Must have been lots of money In
hat during the war and a »pmon
tatlva of the Inland Empire farmer
says that there are good profits In It b
even this year. Anyway, a lot of these
farmers are going to make the trip
clear to tho Atlantic seaboard and
hack by way of Southern California.
Every fanner and Ills wife Is en
titled to a vacation and we hope more
of them will take it, If they possibly
Official Taper of Americas Falls aad
Tower County.
Entered at the Postoffice at American
Falls, Idaho, as second class mall
Subscription, *2.00 per year, payable


"Mr. and Mrs."- the great new* Item
of the universe, the bringer of reeol
lections to the man far from home,
who takes hls old home town paper,
and rends the Item* of Mr. and Mrs.
and lets Ills mind wander heck to the
days when ho knew the Mr. and Mrs.
In knee pants, and shall we say. short
It's the homo town paper where the
real Mr. and Mr«, news Items oceur ■
and to receive the home town paper
week In aad week out Is to know the
great happening« of Ihe world, the
doing« of Mr. and Mrs.
"Subscribe for Your Home Town ;
Taper" Week I« the aecond week In
November, 7th to 12th. If you don't
take the home town paper subscribe
then, if you do take It renew your
subscription then.
What wonderful thoughts coine up
when these two abbreviations are
printed In a news Item—what Intense
human Interest these portray.
In the country weekly paper, they
take the one big place In all news
Items, from the simple visit to rela
tives. to the larger matters of human

The Instrument of
Clear As A Bell
The Highest Class Talk
ing Machine in the
Barton Furniture Com
pany will gladly demon
strate the superior
qualities of the Sonora
to you.
A supberb line of up
right models is now
available for your in
spection. Investigate
the merits of Sonora be
fore deciding on your
Barton Furniture
The world Is wide they tell us. Hut i
after all Is said the world for most of
Is confined In the ltmlts oi me <)ld|
The Infrequent vIhIO«
Home Town.
to the near or perhaps distant city 1
only tend to hind our heart strings ;
more firmly to the little city we calli
The towering skyscrappers can n«-1
ver take In our deep affections the i
place held by the crchltoctually
possible, two-story brick that ha* for I
years graced the principal corner in)
the old home town. Its crumbling
and discolored walls have for us a
to the
wtlh its
meaning deeper and more tender than
a palaee of the (inest marble. To the
eye of the stranger our little churches
have nothing Inn 'dring but
folks of the old home town
spires for many years have pointed
out a higher and better way.
The old »ehool house
straight and sober lines Is vividly sug
gestive to our eyes of the the influ
ences that molded our youth, and pi
loted our steps In manhood. To the
sophisticated stranger It brings but a
passing smile. Hut he does not know
the life chapters of the old home town.
To the passing visitors Its people may
'InTnelThtors'" 1 "" th * y frlendH
seen them tried through the
ibi whl fnnitn from timp to
ttmT'.beTare I,111 the best people In
^ , h(1 peop]e of the ol(1 home
the "ignora nt^'ca'n « Ä
J- nTu^Âlca^Te
opinion to the contrary. We know
«V«", "h "S hTe^tÎ* ^ ^
''XTvÏ'oÏr own ll c In /ur own
because Je know thCdd
J , , , l( WB wlgh to
,, H t * hen , We KIM ' IW \ tH ambitions,
In |u lu joyt ltg grlef . And we
know that when the years hnve rolled
In , wo r( , ach the en(1 , )f the chap _
|hftt , tho ()ld home town
Wfl t> „ klll(Uy remem .
It b Rn „ havr , )ctter things said of
ug h .tesorve, and It will ho be
u „ e we h betn , n and of the old
h town. Its life has been our life,
We nre willing to see all the world
tmt know that no place can be In our
affections what the old home town
has been.---Montana Editor.

There has been a lot of loose talk
uhout how California cooperatives
boost prices.
It lias. been widely suld that the
farmers pool their crop, see how much
there 1 b of It, and then determine the
highest price at which they think they
can move It.
Nu thoughtful Californian will thank
those who spread such stories. The
California success Is largely founded
^ .
:. V
/ t
A -9'
A pipe's a pal packed with P. A.!
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joy and real smoke contentment—if you'll get close-up
to a jimmy pipe! Buy one and know that for yourself!
Packed with cool, delightful, fragrant Prince Albert, a
pipe's the greatest treat, the happiest and most appe
tizing smokeslant you ever had handed out!
You can chum it with a pipe—and you will—-once
you know that Prince Albert is free from bite and
parch! (Cut out by our exclusive patented process!)
Why—every puff of P. A. makes you want two more;
every puff hits the bullseye harder and truer than the
last! You can't resist such delight!
And, you'll get the smokesurprise of your life when
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ing flavor you never did know ! And, P. A. stays put be
cause it's crimp cut—and it's a cinch to roll! You try it!
Prince Albert ie
•eld in teppy red
hegt, tidy red tins.
end Self pound tin
humidere end in the
pound crystal glase
humider with
sponge meietener
Fringe Albert
Copyright 1U1
fcy m. J . Reynolds
Tob«cc© Co.
the national joy smoke
on public good will, built up by pains
taking efforts; und If the public Is led
to believe that farmers exact the last
farthing it certainly will not make
friendly patrons of the consumers.
The facts are that the California
1 successes have been built on high
; quality, service and square dealing.
Cooperation has taught Far Western '
farmers to do these things: To plant I
better, to grow belter, to grade and
i pack better, and then to Increase de
Im-imand with good advertising. A farler
I price for the product folows these
things and does not precede them,
There Is no other road to success In
marketing than quality and service.
Marketing Is one of their (the
farmers) greatest problems. They
must huve a juster share of the con
Sumer's dollar—a division that will let
them live but the lesson Is that co
operation must give as well as ask
Service has a definite cash value; sel
flshness has not.—The Country Gen
Nugarinan's Indicator, Financial Organ
Teinta Out Indications Of
Good Times.
That no sane man can be pessimistic
of the future Is the statement carried
In the most recent report of "Sugar
man's Indicator" which says in part.
For the ten years closing 1920 the
value of all farm property in the
United States Increased $36,935,000,000
or more than 90 per cent. The 1910
figure was $40,991,000,000, compared
to the 1920 valuation of $77,926,000,000.
We would like to know how In hen
feathers! any sane man can remain a
pessimist In the face of such figures?
asks Sugarman's Indicator. The value
of farm buildings alone jumped from
$6,000,000,000 In 1910 to $11,000,000,000
! lu 1920. Value of implements and ma
chlnery in 1920 amounted to $3,595,
000,000, compared with $1,265,000,000
In 1910. Live stock on the farms was
valued at dose to $8,000,000,000 in 1920
bb compared with $4,935,000,000 In
1910, which shows an Increase in
wealtht of over 62 per cent. It Is high
lime that some Bears change their at
titude towards the Stockmarket. It
hue Invariably been the case that the
shorts would overstay their market
just as the Hulls hang on to stock
after the decline begins. The United
States has the geatest physical wealth
of any country In the world, and ,in
our opinion, It Is only a question of
a few months' time when practically
every one wll admit that the nation
Is on the high road do Prosperity.
No Sleep Beyond Certain Height
At heights of more than 23,000 feet
shove sen level mountaineers say that
sleep would be difficult. If not Im
Slats Diary
Friday —got a job eaddielng for mis
ter Slack whitch was playing golf the
safternoon. he went to srttke his ball
he had on
Aneerly cut his toe off.
' wite shews & mis took his toe for the
bal. He let out a yell & a eupple of
eusslng frases & I snickered as I cud
dent help It. he got peeved and pade
me off & sed I am dun with you & I
dont never want you agen. I was
pleased to hear he lost 3 golf balls
before he got round.
Saturday—met Jane at a lawn fate
& tuk her to eat Ice Creme fc cake.
She had all ready bought a ticket.
Whitch was very lucky for both of us.
I ast her If she thot we wood be happy
If we shud happln to get marryed to
each an other, she sed Yes because
when ever she wood !uk at me It wood
mck her smile.
Sunday—pa & ma lncludeing me
went out rldelng In the 2th handed
ford & pa got rested for speeding the
cop sed he was going 30 miles a hour,
pa looked plecsed # ast the mair for
a reseet that he was running 30 miles
so he cud advertise It on hls masheen
& mebby sell It.
Monday—mister Slack had me to
caddie for him agen today. He did
dent want me verrle bad but as I was
the only vacant I there he had to take
me. But I turned my back wen I had
to smile.
Tuesday—Unkle Ike whitch lives j
on a farm In the country come to j
visit us & brung a lot of straw her-1
rles we had to furnish the sugar, pa
sed he musta come just to get to use
sugar on the berrys.
Wednesday—pa was a verrle an- j
gry man today. He hot sum rasens j
& rna dlddent no what he wanted of 1
them so she went Ji made pies of
them, pa sed if he brung bottles home
ho sposed she wood want to put sum
ole ketchup in them.
Thursday—mister Gillem was a
telling us of a rich Man whitch lives
out In the country. He sed he dld
dent use to have nothing to do but
drink & now since probishun has
came he dussent havt nothing to drink
but dew.
To our neighbors, nurses of the
Bethany Deaconess Hospital and
friends of Rockland. We wish to
thank you and express to you our
heartfelt appreciation of the kindness
and sympathy shown us as well as the
honor and homage shown our dear
daughter Edith May.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Grooms
and Family.
Not for Personal Usa.
The wisdom of some people consists
largely of knowing what other people
ought to do.—Boston Transcript
Uncle Johns Poem
There's a little old church at the i
forks of the road,—a landmark, dis- i
mantled and grey . . . where once :
the warm fires of humanity glowed, I
there's a column of ashes—today. \
Yes, an old couuntry church, where !
the ravage of Time Its plan of destruc- I
tlon pursues. . . . Where the pul- |
pit, deserted, pathetic, sublime, looks J
down on the worm-eaten pews.
. . . And, the old congregation :
lies, sleeping serene, where the spread !
of "God's Acre'' enthralls. . . J
They hear not roar of Humanity's tide, 1
nor the plaint when the whippoorwill i
calls. . . . Thus, the little old |
church, at the forks of the road, divine
ly yet mutely holds sway—till Time
with his sickle, and Tide with his
goad, shal have swept her last frag
ment away. . . .
This house was the Mecca of sinner
and saint, in the halcoyn days of her
youth. . . . From her Holy of
Holies to vestibule quaint, they quaffed
at the Fountain of Truth—but the
spire in the City hath crowned in its
might, a greater and grander abode—
till, only the Angels may pause in their
flight, o'er the church at the forks of
the road.
Planting Your
Money In
Our Bank
Is Plowing the Ground For A Future Fortune.
The seed of your fortune is the money you
make today. If you plant it wisely in our
bank, let it stay there, and add to it regularly,
your future is assured.
That money, you work for now, if put into
our bank, will some day work for you. It will
keep your family from poverty and misery.
Come in and open an account today.
Firét National Bank
American Falls, Idaho
"The Best
You Can Buy
For The Dough"
Made in American Falls by
American Falls Milling
öwlß ■JcbKS'tJbsri!
_ J
S. Boorw— »
ÇcSt>vQ I,

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