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By Rockland Valley *
Correspondents . . .
Mrs. J. E. Ogden entertained the fol
lowing guests at dinner Thanksgiving:
Mrs. Jessie Zahl, Mrs. E. C. Taylor,
Mr, and Mrs. P. O. Sheer, Mrs. M. A.
Ogden and son Orland of Pocatello,
and Dr. and Mrs. V. O. Logan of
American Falls.
There was no school Monday on ac
count of the water works Ijelng out of
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cowman of Poca
tello spent the week end at the J. E.
Cowman home.
The Rockland Pharmacy closed 11»
doors Saturday and Is now located
In American Falls. The Rockland peo
ple hope to have a drug store very
Mr». J. E. Ogden gnvc a blrthdaj
party In honor of her small daughter
Marlon, Monday, Nov 28th. Invited
guests were Logan and Bobby Ewing,
Madge and Evelyn Haul zlnger. Bur
win Sailor, and Walter Jones. Miss
Marlon was the recipient of many
pretty presents. Refreshments were
served and they all had a very pleas
ant afternoon.
Miss Erma Sanders spent her
Thanksgiving vacation at her homo In
Rockland Miss Handera Is a teacher
In Richfield. Idaho.
An extra large crowd attended the
Thanksgiving dance Thursday lnght.
The Gish orchestra of American Falls
furnished the music and the Relief
Society served a Thankgivlng supper.
Mrs. Jessie Zahl has returnod home
after spending several weeks In Amer
,iran Falls under the care of a physi
Mr. and Mrs. Cnrse Beam entertained
Mr. and Mrs. Winfield May and family
of Landing to a Thankgivlng dinner
Mrs. T. J. Lawson entertained Mr.
Hnd Mr» R. W. Peterson nt Thank»
giving dinner Thursday.
Orville Latchaw of Landing wn* a
Rockland visitor Saturday.
J. T. Fisher of American Falls was
n Rockand visitor Saturday.
Professor Cecil was a week end vis
itor at Boise.
Miss Hfln Hwanson spent her Thanks
giving at her home In Pocatello.
Henry Rock spent the week end In
American FallH.
J. F. Hautslnger and daughters
Frances and Relia wure American
Falls visitors Monday.
Mrs. V. Ü. Logan of American Falls
spent the week end visiting friends In
A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
John Thorn Monday.
Miss Dora Donnelly, Mrs. B. R. Quint
and Mrs. Ray Cur wore American Falls
visitors Wednesday,
Oran Thomas of Magier was a vis
itor at the Donnely home Sunday.
Mrs J. E. Hendricks entertained Mrs.
Maud Lowry and family at Thanks
giving dinner Thursday.
The Ladles Aid Society met at the
homo of Mrs. Roy Webb Wednesday.
Orland Ogden of Pocatello spent
his vacation at his home.
George Btanger was an American
Falls visitor Monday.
John Eltason was an American Fails
viator Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milo Ixirenson ^ro
American Falls visitors Monday,
ConaoUne« Not Emphatlo Enough.
"l>e voice of conscience aln' loud
tnough for most men," said Unci«
"Doy needs an alarm clock."
Congregational Chare*.
J. E. COWMAN, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 o. m.
Cowman, superintendent.
Preaching at 11 a. m.
ways find a welcomo at these services
Come and worship with us.
Mrs. J. B.
You will al
L. D. S. Church.
Sunday School 10:30 a. m.
Afternoon services at 2 o'clock,
cordial welcome to all,
We have now in stock a complete line of
Nyals Famous Patent Prescription remedies,
Mentholatum, Vasoline, Listerine, Hand Lo
tion, Toothpaste, etc.
Also an entire line of Toilet Articles, in
eluding Fancy Toilet Soaps, Face and Talcum
Powder, Perfumes, Cold Cream, Vanishing
Depend on for your Drug Sundries.
Leave your prescriptions we will have
them filled for you.
Quality First
Drove Merry-Maker» Out of Yard
Plenty of Fun for All.
A surprise party was given In honor
of Kenneth Handers Saturday, the 26th,
it being his 16th birthday anniversary.
The crowd of young folks v/ere as fol
lows; Misses C laire' <• l^owry, Ruth
Donnelly. Orel Bari- Marg< iy Quint,
Avrl Hulling, Re! s and Frances llaut
zlnger, Messrs. Willis Hailing, Harvey
Jeneon, Ooorge Harris, Will Burns,
George and Lawrence Freeman and
W)llle Rosenkranz. They met at the
f.'autzlnger home at 7:30 p. m. Upon
arriving at Handers, Harvey was
chosen to call Kenneth to the door.
Very proudly he assended the steps,
hut the dog objecting barked furiously
and three leaps took Harvey out of
sight. The others who had been stand
ing near the porch retreated rapidly
also, but the dog being Just as fright
ened disappeared In the darkness
where upon Harvey went again to the
door. His rap brought Kenneth who
was very much surprised. The even
ing was spent In playing games and
delicious refreshments were served.
All voted a very good time.
To Talk Through Telephon*.
Scientific tests show that every
additional Inch of distance between
the lips of the speaker and the mouth
piece of the telephone la equivalent
to adding 120 miles of wire to the
Une over which one la talking. The
proper distance Is about one Inch ; If
farther thun that, suet) sounds as "b,
p, d, t, f, z" are transmitted poorly.
If closer than one-half Inch, nasal
sounds like "m'" and "n" do not enter
the transmitter properly.
Cummins, the Conjuror
Feats of Mystifying Magic and Light,
nlng Crayon Sketch Work Make
Up a Program That Will De
light Local People.
An evening with Cummins, The Ma
gician und Conjurer, aoon to appear
here on the Chautauqua Festlcai pro
gram, Is always one of rare and de
lightful entertainment because Cum
mins, master workman In the field of
magic, plw'ays has a program packed
full of surprises. For many years
Cummins ha» been associated ns
mechanic and personal assistant with
Henry, acknowledged the greatest of
frf 1
From hiui
all Lyceum enlortulners.
he bus received the principle of novel
ty and originality that forms the out
Htamtlng feature Of his entire evening.
With special scenery and stage sel
tipgs this master magician sets a stage
which makes hts audience at onco fe«l
at home tn the studio of a wizard.
From beginning to end there Is not u
minute lost,
magic, mystifying Illusion, story toll
ing and unusual novelties follow ou«
another In rent«! ■necoMton.
Mind reading, modern
Prominent Russian
Violinist Comin
Alexander Skibinsky Appears in Concert Here on the Opening
Night of Chautauqua Festival with Myra Reed,
Coloratura Soprano
qidhlnakv noted Russian violinist-composer, a pupil of the
Alexander Sklb n%Ky, . remarkable concert record of
world's greatest master, Eugene Ysaye, ba. """" I tlie united
over eighteen hundred recitals In the past y extensively Ir,
States and .Canada. Before coming to America he con y
Europe and was assistant to the great Massard.
Myra Reed, pianist and soprano soloist, assisting artist with faklulnsky,
ts a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. She is a brilliant
nlanlst and has a voice of remarkable range and beauty.
Th ,.nnr.-n of these two «rtlats will be one of the long remembered
me cuncnri ui
«vents of the week.
» >
■ >
/ J
Mr. and Mrs. Woodruff Ralph at
tended the dunce at Rockland Thurs
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Carso Beam entertained
at dinner Thanksgiving day. Mr. and
Mr». J. W. May, Hazel, Doris Dean ami
Imogen May and Newton Kemper.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taysom and
daughter Lela und Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Hartley attended the Thanksgiv
lng dance at Rockland.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hartley, Lela
and Edith Udy and Elmer Hartley at
tended the dance at Rocklund Thurs
day evening.
Newton Kemper spent Monday even
ing at the J, W. May home.
Mr. and Mrs. Curse Beam, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. May, Hazel, Doris Dean and
Imogen May and Newton Kemper at
tended the Thunksglvlng dance at
Rockland Thursday evening
Jim Kemper visited at Aberdeen
with his sister Mrs. Nora Hayden and
Mr. and Mrs. John Hadley, Byron
Alvoid and Leroy Hadley attended the
dance Thursday evening.
Richard Thomas of Heglor, Idaho, Is
visiting at the home of Roy ScotL
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLean,
Florence and Olive McLean also at
tended the dance Thursday evening.
Milo and Cecil Schoot and Richard
Thomas left Thursday for Hegler, for
a few days visit with their friends.
Mrs. Henry Moss made u business
trip to Pocatello Thursday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Jimmie Hartley and
Odessa Conrrow attended the dance at
Mr. and Mrs. Curse Beam visited at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. May
Shop At Home
Shop Early
22 More Shopping Days
If you had to go to the Railroad for every
piece of hardware you buy, for every order of
groceries, for every piece of clothing—it would
be costly business wouldn't it.
That's why we say—Shop at Home—and
shop early so that you will most certainly get
what you want.
• Our hardware store is for your accomo
dation. We save you numberless trips away
from home—trips that would come during the
busy time of the year and cost you a large
amount of money.
Christmas is one time of the year when we
try to excel in service to our friends. Remem
ber Young Brothers when you think of Santa
Claus—practical gifts for every member of
the family.
Young Brothers Hdw.
J. Franklin Babb Will
Analyze Mere Man
Famous Apostle of Sunehine to Inspire
Local Folks.
J. Franklin Babb and his ''100 Per
Cent Man"—the great lecture classic
which set New England thinking—are
headod this way.
Babb Is One lecturer who brings the
sweetness out of life and who spreads
the doctrine of "The Brotherhood of
% £
< •
i ■#

W> :HV
■4 > ; b
Man" in a way that actually inspires
men and women to higher and nobler
J. Franklin Babb la brimful of fun,
a splendid speaker, a great Interpre
ter and a clever humorist. He doesn't
pretend to be a physician—yet h«
piuscrlbes for hts hearers and sends
new life and energy coursing through
their veins. He Is a lecturer who
always makes good.
D Afy I Akin ru AI TT A11 AI T A
. „ - _ _ _ . the
DFfFMRFR IS TO ?fl and
l/LlsLiflDLiIY IU GirIs
Elllason-While Association Offers Fine
With Attractive
Day Program
N umlier».
That the Chatauqua Festival pro
gram for the coming season holds
much of interest for the lecture, music
and entertainment lovers is indicated
by the advance information from the
Elison-White Association. The dates
for Rockland have been definitely set
for Dec. 15-20.
A lecture of paramount Importance
Is scheduled for the fourth night in
the coming of J. Franklin Babb, t.he
"Sunshine Speaker." Babb and his
great lecture set New England think
ing a year or so ago. Since then 1m
fame as a popular lecturer has out
grown the New England boundaries
and spread throughout the ..Middle
West. Babb spent a year or so in
France sheading the gospel of sun
shine among the doughboys,
the sort of lecture which makes you
feel better and brings you to a finer
appreciation of life.
On the second night comes Cummins,
the magician and conjurer. A master
workman in the field of magic and my
strery his programs are brilliant and
awe-inspiring. The evening with Cum
mins will be truly an evening of magic,
mystery and mirth.
The big musical event of the Chau
tauqua Festival comes on the third
night tn the appearance of the Gar
ner Jubilee Singers. This company of
h!x members headed by Prof. George
Garner, are every one finished artists,
Ir, each an honored graduate of an accre
dtted musical college or university.
Their program includes the old plan
tation favorites, the wlerd negro "spir
puais", as well as the most difficult
operatic and classical numbers. Their
true artistry is manifested in solo as
we i] as ensemble work.
The concer t on the opening night
given by the Sklblnsky-Reed Duo will
be of unusual interest to true lovers
of good music. Alexander Skibinsky
Is a Russian violinist-composer who
has toured the United States and Can
ada repeatedly during the past six
years, playing to over one million peo
ple in those two countries. » He is a
pupil of the world's greatest master of
violin, Eugene Ysaye. Myra Reed, as
sisting artist with Mr. Skibinsky, has
a coloratura soprano voice of wonder
ful beauty and as a pianist her work
has been likened to that of the great
master, Josef Hoffman.
The colsing evening of Chautauqua
His is
We already have a stock of staple drugs
and will add to same as we know what our
trade demands. It is our intention to carry a
complete stock of staple drugs and toilet arti
We also have a large assortment of box
Candies which will be here in plenty of time
for your Christmas wants.
Rockland Mercantile Co.
The Right Start
Is all important to your children
Give them a savings account in their own
for Christmas and start them on the
right road to success.
First State Bank
Rockland, Idaho.
festival week will be one of splendid
musical entertainment Appearing oa
the platform in hoopskirts, hand mitts
and "bunnits" the Old Fashioned
GirIs - Xrio make a charming picture.
Singing the songs and telling the stor
ies of the old South, these three irre
sistable young ladies will win the
hearts of any audience. There is a
world of variety in their program, in
cluding solos, duets, violin and 'cello
solos. Instrumental duets, readings,
and costumed songs and sketches.
What la Important.
It does not matter how many, but
how good, books you have.—Seneca.
- .
We absolutely, guar
antee all the repair work
we do on any make of
When you leave
your car at our garage
you are trusting to our
experience, gained in
serving the public over
a period of many years
City Garage
Geo. Gerard, Prop.

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