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By Rockland Valley
• Correspondents
Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Sheer of Amer
ican Falls attended the dance at
Rockland Friday.
J. T. Fisher of American Falls was
a business visitor In Rockland Mon
A number of people from Rockland
visited the Indian Springs Natatorium
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. May and family
of Landing attended the dance at
Rockland Friday.
Miss Vera White was an American
.Falls visitor Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Runyon and little son of Salt
Lake City is vistlng at the home of
her sister Mrs. L. E. Hampton.
Miss Cassie Jensen spent the week
end at Bonanza Bar visiting her
friends Mr. and Mrs. "Nip" Nelson.
Milton Frodsham, Willis Hailing and
George Harris attended the Round
Up at Bonanza Bar last week.
Gene Barkdall is in Rockland again
after a week's illness In the Bethany
Deaconess hospital at American Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Peterson and Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Cooper of Roy visited
American Falls and Rockland Sunday.
Mrs. Charles Donnelly and daughter
Norabel went to Hegler Tuesday to
visit a week with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knott and Mr.
T. J. Lawson motored to Pocatello
Dr. and Mrs. V. G. Logan of Amer
ican Falls attended the dance in Rock
land Friday.
Gi.. W. Fugate of Aberdeen motored
to Rockland Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peterson were
dinner guests at the L. E. Hampton
borne Sunday.
Mrs. T. J. Lawson spent the week
end In Pocatello visiting her son Carol
who is atending the Tech there.
Mrs. Will Hartley of Landing and
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Burns took din
ner at the H. Q, Sanders home Sun
Mrs. E. C. Taylor spent Tuesday and
Wednesday in American Falls visiting
Miss Stella Nelson spent the week
end in Rockland vistlng friends and
Henry Currier of Landing attended
the dance in Rockland Friday.
Mrs. Roy Webb entertained the
Hosea Stout's orchestra, Miss Louise
Richardson, Roy Cowman, Ernest
Webb and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Free
man to a delightful luncheon at her
borne oh Friday night after the dance.
Mrs. Webb and Mr. and Mrs. Freeman
are old friends of the orchestra and a
very pleasant visit was enjoyed by all
L. E Hampton was a Pocatello vis
itor Friday.
Miss Ellie Swanson, spent the, week
end at her home in Pocatello. {
Miss Olive Hartley of Ogden is vis
iting friends and relatives in Rock
land this week.
The students who entered the speed
contest held in Pocatello Friday for
spelling, typewriting and shorthand
were Louise Richardson, Lodema
Hampton, Rosalind Josephson and
Harold White. Mr. HInman accom
panied them.
Martin Donnelly spent the wek end
in Heglar.
Mrs. George Peterson and daughter
Helen went to Salt Lake and Ogden
Tuesday to visit a few days with rela
The Baccalaureate Sermon will be
preached at the Congregational church
May 14 by Rev. Cowman. Also
Mothers Day will be Observed.
The eighth grade and high school are
preparing a good program for Com
mencement exercises to be held
Thursday evening, May 25th at the
L. D. S. Church.
Mr and Mrs. Bert Houtz of Pocatel
lo »ere guests at the J. A. Weber
home Sunday and Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Sanders have
moved to their farm on the west side.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLain of
Landing were Rockland vistors Sun
Congregational Church.
J E COWMAN, Pastor.
Sunday School 10 a. m. Mrs. J. E.
Cowman, Superintendent
Preaching at 11 a. m. You will al
ways find a welcome at these services.
Come and worship with us.
L. D. S. Church.
Sunday School 10-30 a m
Afternoon services at 2 o riock.
cordial welcome to all.
Mr .and Mrs. Bennion of Twin Falls
•were guests at the Weber home Sun
day and Monday.
Rockland was visited Sunday night
by a light snow fall.

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J. W. May was a Rockland visitor Fri
Wm. Hartley is working on his dry
farm this week.
Sammle Si May spent the week end
at his home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Groom were
American Falls visitors Monday.
J. E. Hadley and J. H. Hartley made
a trip to Burley Thursday and return
ed Friday.
W. T. Schrimsher of American Falls
visited this district Thursday.
James R. Kemper was a business
visitor ir. Rockland Saturday.
Mr, and Mrs. J. W. May and daugh
ter Doris Dean spent Saturday and
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Carse Beam.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Groom and child
ren Raymond and, Virgia called at the
J. W. May home Thursday evening.
Mrs. John Canfield and children
have returned to their home after
spending the winter visiting her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm of Spokane
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Claussen and
children Mildred, Lucile and Vernon
also Myron and George Henrich spent
the day with Mr .and Mrs. J. E. Hadley
Clarence Peck of Rockland Is work
ing for H. B. Çurrler.
The following people of Landing at
tended the dance at Rockland Friday
evening: Mr. and Mrs. J. W. May,
Messrs. Henry Currier, Shirley Bying
ton, Misses Lorene Moss, Hazel and
Imogen May.
Mrv and Mrs. George Udy and Hor
ace Udy motored to American Falls
Mrs. George Udy and daughter Melba
left Wednesday for Farmington, Utah.t
to visit relatives and friands.
Mrs. J. H. Moss and sons Vernon
and Norman left Friday for Brigham
City, Utah, where she will visit rela
tives and friends.
Misses Lelia and Edith Udy, Elmer
Hartley, Henry B. Currier and Clar
ence Peck atended the dance at Roy
Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. McLean and
daughters Olive and Marie spent the
day with Mr. and Mrs. E, J. Henrich,
Mrs. Arthur Taysom and daughter
Lela, Mrs. J. H. Hartley and Frank
Hartley spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Havlicak.
Mrs. Agnes Burns and Eleanor Hart
ly spent, Wednesday and Thursday in
Mrs. William Hartley was an
American Falls visitor Saturday and
Norman Moss, Edrie Reeves and
Wilmetta Hartley visited the Landing
school Wednesday.
Mildred Clawson visited the school
Ruby and Roy Udy were out of
school Friday and! Monday because of
The Landing school will close with
a dance Friday evening. Everyone In
vited. Music will be furnished by the
Hartley brothers.
Mrs. Dan Saylor entertained a num
| her of little »guests at her home on
j Sunday afternoon in honor of her son
j Burwta's birthday. The little folks
i were Marion Ogden, Mary Webb, Lula
May, Paxton Webb, Mildred Moss,
Rose Alvord, Walter Jones, Madge
and Evelyn Hautzinger and Bobbie
and Logan Ewing. An hour of frolic
was enjoyed after which delicious re
freshments were served, followed by
a car ride.
Mrs. Bert Anderson and. Mrs. Nettie
Post gave a miscellaneous shower in
honor of Mrs. B. N. Morris at the S.
N. Morris home on Thursday after
noon. Mrs. Morris was the recipitent
of many very pretty gifts. The after
noon was spent in hemming tea towels
for the bride, followed by a musical
program after which delicioush re
freshments were served. The invi
ted guests were Mesdames P. O. Sheer,
V. G. Logan of American Falls, J. E.
Cowman, M. A. Ogden, R. W. Peterson,
T. J. Layson, Hugh Logan, B. R.
Quint, J. Ira Allen, L E. Hampton,
Ernest Ogden, Henry Houtz, Walter
E. I Jones, Jack Weber, J. F. Hautzinger,
I William Freeman, Jean Mahoney, E.
al- , C. Taylor, E. E. Taylor, Maud Lowry,
Lou Reed, Nettie Post, Melvin Morris,
E. N. Morris, S. N. Morris, Misses
Louise Richardson, Helen Peterson,
Lillian Ottoson, Eftie Swanson, Cassie
A Jensen, Pearl Frodsham and Lodema
Roy Items ■
Roy, Idaho, May 10. The sudden
death of Mrs. Ernest Cooper after a
rtlort Illness of a w«ek at the hospital
at American Fails, on Sunday, May 7, jj
es me as a sad shock to her many
friends and dear-ones. Mrs. Cooper s
health had been poorly for some time
but! not one of he* friends and family
reaiized the end was so Bean Mr. and e(
Mrs. Cooper and family came here
from Weston, Oregon, many years
ago where Mr. Cooper engaged In
farming. Beside numerous friends
Mrs. Cooper leave s a husband, two
son» and three dkmghters and other
relatives who will mourn the loss of
a true loving wife and mother.
Four of the children have grown
to young manhood and womanhood.
but die youngest is* a 1 little girl six
years old, who will miss her mother
most. The many friends a»t Roy wish
to extend to the bereaved family their
heartfelt sympathy.
Mrs. Henry Peterson who has been
at American Falls sending the child
ren to school returned home a week
or so ago.
Mrs. J. H. Clark and Mrs. Jesse
Richards attended the funeral of Mrs.
Cooper at American Falls.
Miss Edith Cooper who has been at
tending school at Lewiston was called
here by her mother's serious illness
and death.
The Roy baseball boys are giving
a dance for the benefit of the club
Saturday. May 20th. Ice ceram and
cake will be served. A good time Is
Dr. Schlitz was caled. to the Mar
quant home one day last week.
£ D. Lower, Mrs. E. J. Peterson,
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cooper and James
Young were in American Falls to at
tend the' funeral of Mrs. Cooper Tues
The little daughter of Mr .and Mrs,
Lawrence Murphy who has been 111 is
somewha'd better at this writing.
Came to Valley Many Years Ago From
Weston, Oregon.
Miss Clhra Barnard, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnard and
Mr. David Taysom were united in
maariage Tuesday in American Falls.
Mis Barnard is one of Köcklands most
popular young ladies and both were
well known. Their many friends wish
them much happiness and prosperity
In tlteir wedded life.
A number of young people from
American Falls atended the dance In
Rockland Friday. We are »going to
have the same good music Friday,
May 19th and we hope you all come
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Save the
Good for
cerning the keeping of dogs in the Vil
lage of Rockland, and providing for
a license therefor, and providing a
penalty for the violation thereof.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Chair
man and Board of Trustees of the Vil
lage of Rockland, Power County, Ida
ho, that Ordinance No. 9 of the said
Village of Rockland, passed and ap
proved on the 11th day of August, 1915,
be, and the saute hereby is, amended
to read as follows;
Section 1. Any person who shall
desire 1 to> keep any dog, bitch or whelp
within the said Village shall made ap
plication t® the tkvwa marshall for a
permit so to do on or before the first
day of September of each year, and at
the time of making such application
shall pay to the said marshall the
sum of Three Dollars» ($3.00) for each
male dog, and the sum of Five Dollars
($5.00) for each* female dog, he shall
desire to keep, as a tax thereon.
Section II. It shall be the duty of
the town, marshall upon) receiving
any application 1 provided' for In Sec
tion 1 hereof, to furnish a tag to® each
dog, bitch or whelp for which a license
1 spaul, which tag shall have 1 engraved
or. stamped theKmiitJ&e 1 year, foe which
the same is issued; and the 1 license
number, and it shall further be the
duty of the marehalll to register in a
book kept for that purpose the name 1 of
each applicant' for a license timreun
cier ; a description 1 of the dog for
which the license Is paid, and thtrnum
jj e r of each tag issued: to the appli
can ^
Section* III. K.; shall) be* the dirty
tlie person paying the license herein
provided for, to fasten, the tag receiv
e( j a8 afomasid from th« marshal), se
aurt i y attaut the neck; of the 1 dbg.
bitch on whielp for which the same; was
given by means of a leather strap or
other collar, and the payment oC the
license henaan provided flnr shall be no
protection from the provisions hereof
un i e8S the requirement® of this aec
tion are complied with.
Section: : DVT. Any person, or persons
wh o shall, keep, harbor, feed or main
tain any dog, bitch or whelp within
said Village of Rockland and any per
son who after having kept, harbored,
fed, and maintained such dbg, bitch: or
whelp either within or- without, the
Village of Rockland and who shall
then turn adrift such dog, bitch or
whelp within the Village of Rockland,
upon which, the license fae herein pro
vided for shall not have been paid,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and
upon conviction thereof shall be.fined
not less than Five Dollars ($5.00) and
not more than Twenty-five Dollars
($25.00) and costs of suit and shall
stand committed until such fin«: and
costs are paid.
Section V. It shall 4e the dirty of
the Village marshall to provide a
pound for the keeping of dogs and it
shall be lies duty or the duty of any
members *f the police force of said!
Village to take up and confine in said
pound an>y dog, bitch or whelp running
at large after the first day of Septem
ber In each year, about the neck of
which is not fastened a ttwî as pro
vided. in Section III hereof, showing
that a, license has been paid! on such
ttog, bitch or whelp for that, year and
if such dog. is not claimed by/the owner
or person entitled to the custody there
of within forty-eight hours after the
same has been taken and confined or
if the owner refuses and neglects to
pay the license fee for such dog,, bitch
or whelp as- herein provided together
with the additional penalty of One
Dollar- ($1.00) for the talking and. con
fining of such, dog, it shall be the duty
of the marshall to kill such dog, hitch
or whelp and remove the carcasw-ot all
animals so killed, beyond the limits of
said Village of Rockland and to bury
same; provided further it shall not
be necessary for the marshall to give
notice to any owner or person entitled
to the possession, of the dog, of the fact
that such dog,, bitch or whelp has been
taken up or confined; provided fur
ther that thes aid marshal may month
ly or at any time he deems necessary
employ assistance: and maintain a dog
wagon and round, up, take up and col
led all dogs, bitches or whelps with
in the Village of Rockland that are not
licensed as provided? for in Section
III hereof; said animals so taken im
shall be confined.ln the said pound for.
a period of twenty-four hours said»
if the owner refused or neglects to pay»
the license fee for such dog to taken up
with the additional, penalty of One Dol
lar ($1.00) as herein provided, or. If
no one claims said, animal, then the»
said Village marshall is hereby au
thorized to dispose of said dog as in.
this section herein, provided.
Section VI. It shall be unlawful
for the owner of any dog, bitch or slut
to permit the saune to run at large
while in heat, aad.it shall be the duty
of the marshall to. kill any such bitch,
or slut by him running at large while
In heat, whether.the owner therof has,'
complied with the. provisions hereof or.
"°î* a", maaha n ***}} nt>t be re w
quired to take up, and confine any sucbu
hitch or slut, bui-may kill the same onl
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Section VII. It shall be unlawful
for any person tOJ Interfere 1 with the
marsh alii or any member of the?police
force of this Village? In the discharge
of the!tv duty hereunder ,and any per
son :conwicted of so doing shall be fin
ed in'.amy sum not less than Five Dol
lars ■ ($Ki09) nor moree than One Hun
dred Dollars ($100.*);.
The marshall shall: be allowed' the
sum ofiFifty Cents (6Sb) for each li
cense issued for any dog, bitch or
whelp und« the provisions of this or
dinance, and the further sum of One
Dollar ($1109) for each: dog, bitch or
whelp killed in accordance with this
This ordinance shall bn in full force
and effect from and after its pasage,
approval and! publication In the man
ner provides! by law.
Passed and approved ad a regular
meeting held] the 5th day- of June, A.
D. 1922.
HL P. HOUTZ,. Chairman.
I hereby certify that the* above and
foregoing is a full, true and correct
copy of ordinance Number 28 of the
1 Village of Rockland, Idaho,
T. JL LAWSON,» Clerk.
* Indigestion and Commuting.
A physician, who has praottced both
ta New York <iliy and In a suburb
Bear the metropolis, claims that sub
urbanites suffer from iudl gestion to
a greater extent than do» the city
dwellers. He» says- the habit):of bolt
ing. the breakfast, which,itliw cornmut* ,
er is forced to do» in many Instance*
to catch his traalo. is responsible for
starting the day wrong an*: causing.

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