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Royal Buckwheats.
For generations it has beetle cus
tom to mix the batter for
cakes with yeast or emptyings, retain
ing a portion of the batter left over
from one morning to raise the cakes
for the following day.
If kept too warm, or not used
promptly, this batter becomes exces
sively sour and objectionable. Buck
wheat cakes raised by this means are
more often sour or heavy than light
and sweet. If eaten daily they dis
tress the stomach and cause skin erup
tions and itching.
Instead of the old-fashioned way
we have been making buckwheat cakes
this winter with Royal Baking Pow
der. mixing the hatter fresh daily,
and find the result wonderfully satis
factory. They are uniformly light
and sweet, more palatable and whole
some. and can be eaten continuously
without the slightest digestive incon
venience. Besides they we mixed
and baked iu a moment, requiring no
time to rise. Following is the receipt
Two cups of pure buckwheat flour
(not “prepared or mixed); one cup of
wheat flour, two tablespoons of Royal
Baking Powder and one-half teaspoon
ful of salt. all sifted well together.
Mix with milk into a thin hatter and
bake at once on a hot griddle. Once
properly tested from this receipt, no
other buckwheat will find its way to
your table. —Dv matte Cttohery.
Women in Mintature.
I hoard this spirit of rivalry very *
funnilv expressed some time ago. Two j
little girls were, on the surface.friends, ,
but each consumed with a desire to
outdo the other, as there was really '
no love lost between them During ;
luncheon at school one day one waited
until all the busy tongut s had stopped ;
a minute to take a rest, and then re
marked with enipressment: "We had j
ham with champagne sauce for dinner
last night' ' and waited to see the ef
fect of her announcement. It was a
suii< <>. Every* child paused and ;
ohed and ahed, until the rival, not 1
liking such an expression of popular j
sentiment. exclaimed. scornfully
"Huh' That s nothing! We have
our hams boiled in champagne!' And
□ umber one retired ignominiously
from the field until next time. —
ton A>!rtrtiser.
Mrs. Lease Wins.
Mrs. Mary Lease woo her case in the
Supreme court of Kansas, which de
cided that the governor cannot re more »
her as a member of the State Hoard ol
Charities, of which board she remains
president. The Supreme court w»*
unanimous, the Populist member con
currinp with the two Republicans ,
The court holds that Governor Lewel
line had m> authority t<> ap|>oini a suc
cessor to Mrs Lease, who was appoint
cd for a term of years and confirmed i
by the Senate, and that .1 W Free
born, who has been sitting with th**
board for several weeks, is an usurper
This remarkable yield wi» reported
bv Frank Close. .Minnesota, on two
acres <*f Marvel Spring Wheat- Speak
ing of this wheat, this new sort takes
the cake. It is the greatest cropping
spring wheat in the world. Farmers
who tried it the past season believe .
seventy-live to one hundred bushels
can be grown from one acre, and ar>
going to get this yield for lsU4 At
such yield wheat pays 30c a bushel
Salzer is t largest grower of vegeta '
ble and faiut seed in the world.
Ilf, HI s s |...s OATS I KOM I Hi s. SKKH
This remarkable almost unheard-of. |
yield was reported by Frank Winter,
of Montana, who planted one bushel of !
tireat Northern Oats, carefully tilled 1
and irrigate*! same, and believes that
in 18#» he can grow from one bus. of t
Great Northern oats three hundred!
bushels. It's a wonderful oat.
jr You Will (ut 7 lii» Out Mnd solid It. |
With s c postage to John A. Salzer
Seed Company. I.aCrosse Wia. you
will receive sample package of above
oats ami their mammoth farm seed
catalogue, or with 7r postage you get
catalogue with pack Marvel Spring
Wheat. w
Customer —That's a queer-shaped piece of
pie Look* something like a turn over
Walter— No, sir: it'* a left-over
Profession al Incomes in England.
Every man. professional or otherwise, who
get* to the top of bis particular ladder la
England Is paid not only in money. but In
oomforu. in homage, and In admiration, oat
of all proportion to tboee below him.
Consider the following list of income*:
Annultiee to fourteen member* of the royal
family. fS.uOO.OOQ per annum.
Miner with family (callmated by one of
Archbishop of Canterbury. 075.000 a year.
Average clerleal income. 0600 a year
Attorney general. 065,000 a year.
Average barrister making anything, f 1.900
* Sir Andrew Clark, phyalelao. SBO,OOO to
fIOO.OOO a year
Average medical man. $1,900 a year.
Head of great public school. $90,000 to
$40,000 a year
Sub-master In -mall school. SSOO.
Editor ar.d part owner of great newepaper.
$95,000 or more a year
Hack writer SSOO or leee a year
Dissenting minister ivery popular). $5,000
a year.
Dissenting minister (not popular). $450 a
Judiciary i well paid
l.ord Chief Justice. $40,000 a year
Lord High Chsncellor. $50,000 a year
Judge- In county and city courts $5,000 to
Cabinet ministers. $95,000 a year Fr\c*
Coiltfr is February Forutu.
‘•You can't est your dinner and have It
too.” said the *tmpathetic steward to the
seasick passenger
If you have nothing else to do. see boe
raplaly yod can ssy "soup soothes theoeo
pklsu thoroughly.” __
One half of the world does not know how
the other half lives, aad It 1« just ss well ths;
It is so. for a great deal of scandal Is thereby
Numerous unsolicited testimonials dally re
ceived by lu proprietors • irsrly demonstrate
■ the fact that the reputation of l)r Hi;.'. -
t ongh Syrup, the infallible cure of all af
fections of the throat and chest. has suffered
no diminution In the last quarter of a cen
j tury.
This Is a hgb handed outrage.” as the
boy remarked when be found that bis mother
had put the cookie* on the upper shelf.
Keep Salvation Oil In the gymnasium It
is a sovereign remedy for euta.atra;na.bruise*.
> and sprains, to which acrobats and athletes
.ire liable at all times It is the greatest cure
l on earth for pain 95 eta.
llellgioua creeds are In danger of beeoa
>g. like pwl it leal platform*, rtbject U> !
changes at each convention.
Winter Rates to Texas Points.
On Feb 13th. March ISU. April 10th and
Mar - b the SANTA FF ROI'TF aell U< ■
fti from I tenter. Colorado Nprlng*. Pueblo
md rrimdad and all Teis* poio’- a! oae
fare for the round trip, g -*J Jcr thlrtj day*,
allowing stop-overs on „••• ng trip at ant point
desired in OkUbomu or Trias
For additional particular* and printed teal
ter re card it; it Texas call oa or address J. I’
i Hall. Colorado Passenger Agent. 1700 I-aw
re nee Street. Denver. I 0.0.
Send two --ornl • lamo« to The Road Pot
listing Co.. Denver. Colo . and get a a*mpie
; topy of The llnad and ooe of their great Eng
lish Octopus map* free.
Parties d<*-:rlng U> either bur or sell r.r»»
paper* will find It U> tbetr advantage t-> cor
respond with J *• Temple. Hox 1611, l>eover
I Colo.
- •* _
hta coal clear up u> hi* chin -.it a ©old da.'
j when the (trocat U chinchilla.
( All Interested la IrolVfrovtar. especially I
those thinking of embarking In tn«* I ness
should «riie to tieo J Spear, of (ifetlrj, for
; one 4»f bu n«-w catalog u» Be* .V- being a
! price list of nursery s'*--k I* contains a great
tout of information regarding the varlel • * of
stock adapted iw ibis altitude, and the sort of
culture needed tor b*»t resnlu wb’.< - can n >•
be obtained anywhere else that »r know ..f
A new mixed drink is called a business
brace/' but iu practical tendency ta more
that of a business »a»;*ender
Max's system is . «• a town, it must be
well drained, and nothing is efllcleol as
Beecham’s Pills, Fo.* sale by all druggist*.
It Is bard to be grateful to the man wb<>
' fought your battle for you and g*»t licked
H«*e Ton ttthaa*
Dr R S> < - *’* 1 Mien »l.i i.a
• atria' package o' i» "tuaaoa As tbs. s Cur*-
(rse to say • ifferer H< adtertls— .j »» a*
.laway Never fa;.* to gtte instant re. ■ U>
1 worst cases and ourtn wbe e otner* fa;. Name
this paper and ms . * 0.-rwa i.r > tree VC.a.
i To tell a dignified cl'iren to pull down his
vert. Is apt to make h m r»;*e his cboier
*ll an sou • M**ir Corn *» al* •. ~
Warranted In mrw. or -w -nay rwfisiwS sat
, your druggist for It. Pries It .-wots
strange but true Tbe <;ulel marriage
. makes tbe mo-: noise when it gets out.
tfhllotia v5a«51.....0 > . < 1,,.
felt* a yuamn'r* ;• ... - •
M °o. It bUw ■ inseti C*e-. £ .i. , \>cs *. .i.
It seems aa If hanllv anything was going
up acw except eiev»t.»rs and tate*
2?S£ala'ul irr»ful»rt*« mmmtm
mam rr-sri^rtS
I wad SiH/WJB
v \ I mnatanUp; «*• cosM
T I 1 DOC wslk sWfcy* >►
\ I 4octo«s M
1 / food. AfWr IfMi
1 / months, hsss
sr. Mires’* KVciSi
Mas Mmn. prem-npoos; *■ •••
Bostba the was wall and across “
Denver Directory.
PK>YK» TEXT A»P AWXl>** Q>» IOT AUC» at.
A«<l I h.inlrcl I »b.>r«lory.
[KaTAaciaaaa ns* ;
j*«rl »r% and l'h"'*»«r» P h*f» Kud fOW
kcd «i- f roatalaia* told a*d att*or fbe
trratmraL Prompt maroc »rd h ***•»/•**
prtcr pai.l for r«*>d aad *»•’*» haMh>o Addroa*
i;M aod i:.s U*r»«r» M . IVarar, « okwado
Briar ikr farthrat north of a »y la the arid r*
gStm with th* lari'•« **r><7 *t raa plaosr aIL
in inn jr*«»n of Ho*\y Moaßtala > Vf
r» The oa!jr prop*s*lora of a s rt * r » l Una of
Sarorry Mark la Colorado '•»! oar prtcao
uru J. a H. rr^.
Krrr a lalaafr!* hook for frail gra**~* by mos
tloat*( tUa papor
aorood rhatj. •
yos roald sc Brat aw*-
ml' ta i ’ i-'i
| SEEDS. |
»\\ • a
Vc M
\ :■ « f' r • » .//
Ely's Cream Bairn rr ;
u u. | I
Arr ' laJaiMorok n-at ri l .
Et Bkoajtwv-r ■*■•.. s , MMmsv
isiiMKiT" * .r -
/A wtt'.V
s •
...-; • •••
na I C.cu ... »«3 . -;«X
Tk*' alrrnriiii mtr n
tr>. la ift. ak. .a irafti
d«.oii i . the H**'. pro
l» BK lb* b.-.t la 'Ms
f « anr :a other hard
VOfR T.r a i ww
roK tium
and <•. nt to pot off
with Uteri..r svoda
« HCaaaa Klwyn M ... B
hi* wife. of , ?m» rP _ !* ,rJ uk J
bylhalr rrrtalii deed of iru,, 0 <4l
»*•. ud recorded . H , aiL 'd
of the clerk *n d r® 4f Ud ; l“h n|
< reE^' , “‘l
Mid <«•! Uatf of tvl *M J
of Kecttoa No. ,^ n .
No. twenty one ,jj, y 2'*. J
forty oil .mi. weal of „, fc ?**
=.t* tabic feet of water ; » . M Ntfl
Arkanaae Ulnar hand k* *t3
twat * ditch U-tnr the lf »»«
“"-T* '*•*«*•* acd «. n|k * *1
before and In *aid 4-e.i 0 f fj! 1 ;"
fwea coaveyed. tn :r D *._ y Qr ,re
heartajt e»en dare »;,h ‘ ’ .■ .W 9
with the interval >hrr»*>B . *
aaM. thereto m<-*tio> ed an
w Wf*aa. wu IreM t ,f 7?,.. _ 1
•theyhin*. that m ...
menruf the *a..j n- te- . .. . . * m
isinreet there, r. «« ;hi ha*
In that caae. the whole ,f M . *•;** ||
at th* -i.' ' J
r.....e J-* and (nya<4. at ~ , ,l d«
aath.nard at the re»,**.. ... v dl
•ell and dlapoar of th* .... - ' I®
I*”"- of paying -aid »«4rU N ,J'? *■
and «tyimi on at roam of tre—
tra.t. and.
Whereas. Ih-fa'i • ». . 1
of the latere*t .-n t v natwic! JZ’.j 1
April J*t l-*t. ar.d the' , .
baa etervt*ed ht* option 4 -\,
1 the aald iadeMedt.ee* ■
' land to d» by Uw terns, of I***!
| which me r<ra<-« t,
i ib*rre«f for (reate* r*rta r. »
| Hhrreaa. The *a AJ - P ,‘ . I
; baa renewed aa • aid tr ß «-. . .Nhi
each. **•*■
! Now. therefore I. f, o \tk w. j
j c*re.»r la at the •**«.,- ~ *•(
I of aald at.paid t».t* and it. .. „ *S|
I >e*ted by raid deed of tr*«: n wJH
| lie notice that I » 0 « ■■* -far ■£7x3
of February. lAN. at the feu ef U i\l
| day. a*II and fhuwr of a;: » . J
dewr-hrd perm**. en> m "***§
mry «rd all the itrhi H3H
« > ,29
M Maine, their Wire a*.l . U
i IU anrtMtn at the to art hrew h
Prowera. I »l>n4o f-«c the u.-ve - ■ '.I
the mm will beta* la taah. hr m 3
parln* the ,?n to 3
root* of the nwaltna J
for tn and *re e*U deed of tr». 1
At my resoeei
A t rain lit ma* Amine* I
Colorado htl*r> Urn » I
l *ca holder of a bore were
I hated Jan nary {AM t
-fe Trw.tee . |
Wnraca* linn V ttetrr -J
Mate* baa wtfe. -if !>>*«•< , t , is •, . J
by their e*rtain de*»f of .•
Hlh lw» and reew*fWd :W
tV- eh* of (hr tj* th and *-.-o4«* J
i -xaaty. Uhtato. t* Ik* i
C*3*n*y reewwd*. renter
irreb* and la ‘•** nt aw •*< „ 9
«• til'M a* ***• re-o >* onJJ a
de«< rttwd nraJ aetate V- rt 1
The * alfetrei ytiret k|
tea C', la Tmreakl; ' w «]
went iftlidl
(ether w th a fntt (a d p.- ;. »i w*-,i» ad
twn and rifhry rifW <mm ItnlMv yM
hret of -awe prr terire <
Adtitoe K:t*t hand. Rrwrwn m(m
nan* • ditch Maf th* -.«* *1
•tka, th* retd Mt! e«tat» as ,t *t« no*9
before and In natd 4**4 dtii* . .rCB
town rrawjid In hwt foe » vyei]
. jt
nnwi thereiw nae»* .>■■***• a.-d **
Wh-em*. Klord ’ treat pw.-.** *
other thtnr* that tn can* f *•<«» . ■> n
neat nf the «a«d re roa. or *un- • 4 a
interewt tb-re* * aa 'be ta* bj 1~. «*
In that rao*. th* nlM* / wti jot>*re*M«
at the option of the - ;■%: k%dre .< nt h*
ten* dne and |wya at aa ■* aad hr etn
taihwtnd at thr re..*.*’ *f oe «-nw Ml
nett and dbapomt «f to**.- p- ■
peso of poy >* t *dM NdebrewnM- Wh hi
tmat. ud.
* hereaa tMaal U- rem *.♦ < «.m|
Ibixnhrr IM.UMe.and th* i t a *m - Jmi
thrmd l«tf !•*»!»• rtaat of.
» hereao. Th* natd Joka A -:X. a
ha* re*!fm*d ne anhd trwet* u.i
'*** t ta in*!, at the :»l
of natd »tj»« not* and M the abflH
• earned by natd deed nf t* i»i b I*n*»||
tic wetter that I Wt» aa W.daeadty • A
of Fete nary. I AM. hi the hear MIH II
day nads and dirponr nf a!! of •*-i •■*»*
(!**■• M yrmbre .» •** - ' • «•’ *|
nary and art th* nN t t- »
V ' nrtheef t-* re and i*
he nnettea at li* a »»i h. j~r >e b- ■■
the aaaoe will hrtatf lr. -ae-i, fre dr JMI
paylM the «« uhlM'--
ret ’here, aaa afo»—*td ares mb -tb*
roate of the eseenOrra <f tt'» rah « F
for la and by aahl deed <d Wd.
At my re*»«nat
At ra>i< HmtM
Oaloeado !Sa • :«• «• Bona
Lefai holder of abw** not*
r o imt
Dated Jaanary H Idl
Wall Paper" s(
t-urn how to inter btMilt r »rt* hi
hum. reui.it r irm •< rii*
»'U IT. >*aner hao«*n dwnd
IChie: I‘relti M Omaha. >M

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