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« • - ' COLORADO.
News From Everywhere.
Silver fell to 59 cents on the 2nd.
Fear nuns are teaching in the pub
He echools of Pittsburg.
Corbett and Mitchell hare been ac
quitted of prize fighting at Jackson
The lowa Senate has defeated the
woman suffrage amendments to the
Martial law has been declared at
Kagle. West Virginia, where the strik
ing miners are riotous.
The starving people of-Starr county.
Texas, have received but little aid in
response to their recent appeal.
There are renewed rumors afloat in
England to the effect that Mr. Glad
stone will resign at an early day.
.Zachary T. White, of Nebraska
City. Nebraska, was fined S3OO and
costs for hanging J. Sterling Morton
in effigy.
The Santa Fe has made another cut
to the Pacific coast- It announces a
rate of S2O from the Missouri to San
Emperor William is said to have
waked up to the importance of the ail
ver problem, and is giving it a good
deal of thought.
T De Witt Talmage has rccousid
ered his determination to resign from
the pastorate of Brooklyn Tabernacle.
The financial difficulty baa been re
The Lehigh Coal and Iron Company
which went into receivership in April, j
1893, has been declared restored tc
solvency. Its debts amounting to sl.-
250.000 have been paid.
Father Corbett, who had Bishop*
Bonacum arrested for libel, has been
suspended by Bishop Bonacum for a
term of three years. He refuses to
obey and suit has been brought to
oust him from the parish residence.
Two man were instantly killed, two
fatally burned and five others danger
ously hurt in an explosion at the Kan
sas City Clay and Coal Company's coal
mine near Leeds, six miles southeast
of Kansas City on the 2nd.
The English House of Commons has
accepted the amendments of the House
of Lords to the parish councils bill.
This was done on motion of Mr. Glad
stone, who appeared in the Commons
Thursday. He appears as robust as
Mr. Gladstone submitted his resig
nation as premier on the 3rd and it
was “graciously accepted.” Earl
Rosebery was named as premier and
accepted. His cabinet will be sub
stantially the same as that of Glad
The Brasilian rebel transport Venus
was blown to pieces on the 4th by the
explosion of her powder magazine or
the boiler. She was being fired upon
by the forts at Porto Madama. It is
reported that all the men on board
were killed or drowned.
Two robbers attempted to hold up
and rob four farmers’ boys near Coffey
ville, Kansas, the other night and got
the worst of it. After they had got
the boys in line, covered with a rifle,
the boys showed fight and one of the
robbers was accidentally shot by the
There was a serious encounter be
tween striking coal miners and men at
work at Eagle, West Virginia, on the
28th. The strikers attacked a number
of men at one of the mines, and were
fired upon in return. One man was
killed and others wounded. Governor
McCorkle has ordered two companies
of militia to the scene.
Grave robbing is a thriving industry
in the vicinity of Omaha. Within
the last 12 months at least seven grave
robberies are known to have been com
mitted. The police have not yet sac
ceeded in apprehending the guilty par
ties. The body of Mrs. C. O. P.
Brown, the wife of one of Omaha »
leading merchants, was stolen last
week. The police are mystified.
A dispatch from Colon says that the
British warship Cleopatra arrived
on the 2nd from Bluefield, Mosquito
territory, Nicaragua, and soon after
she reached this point it became
known that her commander had landed
and left a force of 80 men. their offi
cers and three boats, with instructions
to protect the Mosquito chief against
any attempt on the part of the Nica
raguan government to break the treaty
of 1860, securing the former autonomy
upon the demand of the British com
mander. After cabling to the British
admiral at Jamaica the Cleopatra rr
turned to Bluefields.
At the pitting Friday of the vice
regent council at Calcuua. Finance
Minister Westland stated that the gov
ernment proposed to meet the deficit
by a general 5 per cent, ad valorem
duty on imports, including silver, but
exempting cctton yarn and fabrics. It
was added by the finance minister that
the duty on petroleum would be doul
led. aud that the few imports would
yield a revenue of 14.000.000 rupees
Wm. G. Burr, a bank cashier at St.
]*ouis. has been discovered to be a dr
faulter to a large amount.
THE "News" Not for Sale.
The owner and editor of the Miami
Missouri, Xnn request* the publics
lion of quite a different statement than
appeared in these columns a few week*
ago, and we willingly give space to the
following editorial from that |ie{K'r
"Some time aco owing to continue! ill
health and the eneouraging infotma
tion fwoiu our physician that we tru«t
either go to a warmer climate on this
mundane sphere or be hastened to • n--
in which delinquent
abound. we offered Thr .Wn for sale,
and would then have sold it at a sacri
fice. January Ist we began using Pr
Atuick s treatment for Bronchitis, pre
pared by the Amick Chemical (.V, .*f
Cincinnati, and we are to-day, so fa.*
as we can observe, entirely free from
any bronchial trouble—in fact we have
had but little trouble since the first
week. Our many newspaper friends
who have so kindly advertised our
business for sale will oblige ns by say
ing The Arms is not now on the mar
ket. as its owner thanks to Pr. Amick r
treatment, will be able to remain id
God s country a while longer. For the
benefit of those who are suffering from
Asthma, Bronchitis or Consumption,
we will say we thoroughly believ* they
can be cured. The treatment is not a
patent medicine put up to aell to Tom
Dick and Harry, but it is a scientific
treatment discovered after years of
study by Prs. W. K. and M. L Amick,
two of Cincinnati a leading physicians,
and both for many yean profcaaors in
the Cincinnati College of Medicine
and Surgery. Anybody can obtain
sufficient of the medicines to show
they can be cured, through their fhmi
ly doctor free of charge, but the free
medicines are sent only through phy
sician t.
Wtot Cminm la •■aa^la*
mm* iMtal OMda-
Tbe Sen air committee on Indian af
fair* ku made a favorable report on
the bill for the removal of the South
ern Utea to Utah.
The Democratic senator* are making
an effort to agree upon the provision*
of the tariff bill in caucu* before it
comes before the Senate.
Mr. Fithian of Illinois says that the
House will- not be permitted to take
up the appropriation bills or anything
else until the seigniorage Kill is dis
posed of.
There is said to be little prospect
that the Chilian Claims Commission
will be able to complete the considera
tion of the cases submitted to it be
fore its date of expiration.
Galusha Grow, who rolled up such a
big Republican majority in Pennsyl
vania. was sworn in as a member of
the House on the 2nd He occupied
the position of speaker of the House
many years ago.
The pension appropriation bill ap
propriates $14,589,350 lc*» than la*t
year As usual it raised a hot discus
sion in the House, and Messrs Mere
dith and Funk nearly came to blows
while discussing it.
Judge Cox of the Supreme Court of
the District of Columbia, has refused
an injunction aga:n%t the commiwMa
er of peusions. forbidding him to cut
the pension of Judge I**ng of Michi
The house having disposed of the
seigniorage bill is working on the ap
propriation hills. The fortification*
bill was passed after a half hour's dis
cussion It carries so appropriation
off 2.219.654 which i* about half of
that of the Fifty First Congress
Now that the seigniorage bill has
passed the House there is muck
speculation a* to what the Senate and
the President will do with it. It is
generally believed that the Senate will
pass it. bat it is by no means certain
that President Cleveland will sign the
Jerry Simpson says the income tax
is the saving clause of the Wilson bill.
Both be and l*afe Pence state that the
Populist member* voted for the Wil
son hill because of the income tax.
Mr Pence says that if returned with
out the income tax the Populists will
vote against it.
After conferring on the subject
Secretaries I«amnnt aod Herbert have
decided thal there shall be no contests
at football between the cadets at An
napolis and West Point. This action
is taken because of the conviction that
the inter academic matches are a del
riment to discipline and to the studios
of the cadets
Senator Morgan presented to the
Senate on Monday the majority report
on the Hawaiian question Mr Mor
gan takes an impartial view of the con
troversy as to the propriety of the ~el* '
of representatives of our government,
hut does not urge annexation. He I
does, however, say that we exercise a
moral protectorate over the islaada
§4The civil service commission ha*
transmitted to the Senate, in response
to * resolution of inquiry, n statement
of investigation since March 4. 1889.
of various alleged violations of the
civil service law. The feature of the
report is an attack oo Secretary Car
lisle and the treasury department for
wholesale violation of the civil nervier
T*m OmM Om Hmm
rrftt, w. HU
,k * “—•-
On «h* „( *
***>"« made a .[x.rh j, , he g «
('ommon. which will
laal, aa it la pcncr.llp
will resign in a few .!,,, •*
Mr Gladatona reached th f ti
I'enmou at 3 31l a a,
cheered The prr nt ~ r took j u
tomed Mat between Sir W s |;
court, chancellor of
John .Motley, chief
Itifhl Hon Arthur
put the question that the H *
IdordV amendment to theLcJjS
moat bill be considered. ]
Mr ('ilaiittooc thwa ar,*,
dressed lh* House. «|-aa-*h :e« t ,
rr*onant voice, which . ... M .
marred by a slight Lnskine*.
•P*** this slight hu«k
j <«!ad»tone sjw.hr throughout *3
\elousj-nrryy *r>.i t .. r
i Mr tiladstooe rc\i#- Vf 4 Lu ,
••1 the House of n th.
| «iid "W’e ha»e now r* ~
; la»rds desires to annihilate
| work of the House of C~..~y Jtl
In regard to the prrseat *3]
p>rrrnofnt des.re. tc mo
from the wretk. and »»
reptrd the iinen-im. nt« tsi
. declaration that : i ; j». .
I the houses ia n•( o( a
’ casual nature.
After companr.f the tw
1 Mr f*)ad»tone coni, nurd
I do not like to say that :i#g
t on is intolerable b* <-***».
j a hard and dictatorial a..** U
.think “lor »»t frMbr ( J
mu«t be found for this trenaj
f contrariety and trce*»aat
matters of htch pn&c.y.i* it: pj
- imt-ortaoce It is not for tit |
; mob* to pronounce ;»drw*ti
' subject. as the t\ n;®- r.» .» »«
I the case The ministry
w o-lld have DO »J II T ift ‘ VJSg
frankly, fully and finally
the • ‘ouiruoos
T*»• «IU «*k I*r4 l«w*|
l»k« tkf r>«k»nt»
A di*patcb frtnu Us*
I 2nd Mfl
At Wiodkoi r*»tif lbt« f
f-».n*u;ution with the ■{•*** i Ms'S
»i< or e*| darned fully to k-r na
the reaaoua for hi» retiree**! ]
>|Ureu r|f«r»ie4 her regret '~t*\
country *hou!d lt»*< hi* •rrtsmi
oßrrwl him » TVi »
clinch to accept Mr
om mended that I-ord
pointed a* bi* aacee**or A !*uf
* a» ornt later to l-ord Ka»fWlJ.i
!• at K)>mb kun.moaisf k;a al
•or for 3 o clock to morrv* a'hx
It i» understood he will a-njji
premier* bit* hat that there »•
only two other chance* in tietwj
By command «*f the q»e<i k
Mr* <• ladktone proceeded'-* ft
ca-.ll*- th »• afternoon. ana ■ W
a» the ruc*t* of her majesty .a*
The public debt atatemfjtl*
the lal abowa the net iacre mi
public debt daring February
The iwtereaPbearaf i
amounted to |625 >-72.000 aiafc
in create of 110,881.910 M
month. Tho debt on wb:ak *1
ceaaed eince maturity I
610 and the debt be or in# m ■■
iwcreamd 11,396 189 TW «*'
a wee ehowa as iacr*a«

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