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The Lamar register. [volume] (Lamar, Colo.) 1889-1952, March 10, 1894, Image 3

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l<r h » *MkW|M VlnaiM as. m
x time ago a child playing
in the streets of the north*
H . c tioo of Wuhiaflofl #m run
\y the horses attached to a fire
, while the wild steeds were
exer. i*od. He was tenderly
from the dirty street by the (
i -tculdered. kind-hearted fire-’
«».< 'r,a«l unintentionally been
~,e of tho accident and under
--ocal supervision removed to
• .r.jurie* which the child re
i were of such a serioti* char
that he was compelled to re
,c the hospital for several
t tut finally it was decided best
D o»t him to hi* home, where he.
; rw-eive the attention which
e givrn only by a loving moth
irverai nays after his arrival at
otne, the several members of
»m:!y detected the smell of
r'lit frequent intervala Not
where it originated, they
tc investigate the matter, but
r«* ghbor* also detected the
aisfter an investigation, dts
.that a fire was raging be
itr two houses. They immn
. dispatched a me«4«*ng*r to
,• a arm. and after much im
. waiting w**rc rewardod with
cbt of the angine ooming down
m: among m uch clamor and
"Pi* foreman directed on**
to vi ter one house and another
hr the othc*. The family of
rttiui. totally unconscious of
• u going on *« engaged in
f s meai. and the sick boy was
when the tiremen rushed in
. rried u petalra
the second story they burst
• - :e so full of smoko that ob
» re • ardly disc* rouble and the
rb*re was in a suffocating con-
The foremost of the firemen.
>*■■•« of habit scrutinized the
d March of any thing that
, be injured by the smoke, when
cetcred the form of a human
>y.bf on a couch lathe corner.
Ir wrapping a qaanlily of bed
• arouni tne person he lifted
i hi* strong arras and quickly
tun t© a more pleasant and less
re-* part of the house. After
rr had been extinguished the
tr his way down stairs to
s thr rescued was getting along,
as ushered into the room. The
r ran about surmise what is
to follow, but he can also
tn.agioe the astonishment of
*• xan when he discovered that
•r*-o he had saved was the
he had almost killed several
*4*o out In the street
•Umvlm K«r:a H ••«**•
he wry middle of the Atlantic
at about the place where the
y fifth meridian from I.ondon
• the equator, there is a spot,
•rath the waves. which is
t continually agitated by tub
• earthquake shocks. These
t*o of such violence as to hurl
'-ms* of water high In air
r-ake waves that are a stand*
to vesreis coming In that
• uUlrtlMi bf MwMsrsasst
die Berlillou system of idcutlfl*
the length and width of the
a « taaeu. also the length and
of the left middle and little
• the length of the left foot,
eft forearm. o( the right ear.
• -ght of the figure, the meat*
nt of the outatretched arms
the trunk when seated. It is
hat no Instance of all these
reroenta coinciding tn two per
ijw ever been known.
I*»wr Mmmli mt rvselM Case
English girl has been awarded
• damages In a breach of prom*
sc. The peculiar feature of It
t the man was already married
hs proposed to her and yet was
r.eet In the matter that he
Lard to have her join tho Pres
ist- church to whiuh he be
u and to renounce her own
the Homan < atholic
*“ W *‘““*'*H
"A|V y . 1 * in CO., $1,500,000. h
bc . 'ocmted at South St. |> lu | a i<
It* Icosth .ill ho
T 1 fet '. four 150 fool .pan,, , n J ,
iil| W IT” ° f Tf* o ,Mt The bri^«
Tho mV’Y* I *. b> : th - Kurlington,
Chi™ *k" * *“• »od th.-
> dT*. 4 K *° M " 1 lt)r 11 win »fforU
* • , rect •J ltr *»« W the packing di».
tnet* of South St. Paul 5
n * A P * *• I. Mliw.au...
*•» ta m InaWa cra.k
~ "»arss
au K .T* ,n •“▼••ligation of
h * oooducl h.i been ordered. Went U said
il»W* **» b. bad dune to and
h ‘“‘' U< : h •^ Uon »*• utnurr to restore
ZZXrHEir™' < aptaJn Burton, who
{T*. oU J rwitanrd. w M a member of the A
L* Blleo U l*- hu cooipanj with mem
bert of the association fearing an uprlalng
WJ, Ue " “ U cl4,a^l by mmi! of
» mor • nervous friend* that the propos-
TS Investigation will reveal a plot to pack the
the*m° W,' ,n, ‘ ,p, ‘ r,, wl,h ®*"»bem of
the aali Cathollc orgnolxatlon.
IK J*? f ‘ n * kiu * b *» * (ood time but
tbe girl who u learning ha* her hsnd squeezed
the tighten
K i Vrac t f rotn historical lecture— In those
stormy time* the fate of German/ huiur upon
a •lender thread, but that alender thread «u
< harlcw the Fat -
There are man/ wa/a In which woman Is
man • superior For Instance, how easy It U
•or her and how Impossible for him to be
come a poetes*
The Hs.utllul Huskies.
The richest, the grandest, most a»e-in*plr
°* ranjre of mountain* In the known world
la the Koch/ Mountain range, extending en-
Urel/ across and beyoud the »iate of Colora
do. Grand old Pike s Peak, at the foot <>f
which la situated the marvelous t npple
t reek gold camp, la here That great na-
Uouai Illustrated* weekly family paper, the
JtoHmtatm AwstfaW. published at Denver.
Colorado established IS#?). Illustrates this
(rand *cenery each week, and teds all about
the wonderful West. A Is*., true stories of
love and adventure. Tht* btg weekly, con
taining eight Ikrge pages, forty-eight long
column*. will be rent on trial three month*
foe only ten 2c stamp*. Handsome solid
gold ring* *el with brilliant Kochy Mountain
fer** are given free as premium*.
Prominent jeweler* now affirm that the dia
mond solitaire ear-ring 1* going out Tbi*
•HI he . beenng news to ears that have never
fwwn able -to gel them
Ino World* a sir Photos for HI.
These beautiful pictures are now ready for
lellvvry la ten complete part* Id pictures
••mprislng each part and the whole set can
hw secure*! by th* payment of line Hollar,
■eat ta<i») H l(l*rr<>Rt>. General Passen
ger Agent ( bicago. Milwaukee <k St. Paul
Railway. ( hleago. 11l . and the portfolio* of
pictures will he sent, free of expense, by mall,
to subscriber*.
Remittance* should be made by draft, tuoa
*y order or registered letter
la lower New York you must eat beef hash
n bee fb a*b lon abl»
Sri non vou "-w * weu I
S row Wood U ted. A fow bottle* ofS.9. a. will thorou«taljr cleona* the •yrtetn. remoto
25 *U tnpoHOaa oad bolld you up. AU manner of blemish** *n CLEARED A WAT ®S
VSg ky Us w. It to Urn boot blood nmdy on enrtA Thoo<aa«l«
A who Un wd It tor n V
W I?
W U»i. JeiTV-r Two boiiie. broufbl m. rl«hl out. Am W
rwMdy roc Uoml OATD | Doytan. OWo." JJP
S swirr speeme co.. Atlanta, oa. (Sk
** or bj KI.Y BROS.. 14 W*rr*a >* . N
recommend the p
fj- POWDER because they de- g|
sire to please their custom- |lj
p ers, and customers are most
=jj pleased when they get the best jjj
and the most for their money. §3
fjj DER is absolutely pure, goes js
further, and makes better food j|s
& thananyotherleavening agent. Ig
® \ k
a • 1
The l.»tril Snake Story.
!*aid a well-known raconteur of snake sto
ries the other day to an editor, byway of a
wind-up to aeTeral good ones:
"I can’t call any more to tnlnd juat at pres
ent. My wife know» lota of anake atorfea,
but I forget 'em. By the way, though. I've
got a regular living curiosity down on my
place. One day my eldest boy waa anting on
the back atoop doing hla sum*, an be couldn’t
do ’em right. He felt something agatuat hla
face, and there waa a little anake curled up
on hia aboulder and looking at the aiaw*. In
four minutes be had done all tboae >uma.
We’re lamed hlin. »o he keepa all our ac
count*. aod he la the quickest head at
figure* y<m ever *aw. He’ll run up a
column eight feet long In three wecouds. I
wouldn't take a prize cow for him."
"What kind of a anake la bet" inquired the
editor eurloualy.
"The neighbors call him an'adder."
’•oh, yea, ye*! I’ve heard of the apeclea."
Thi Throat. —"/frown’* Bronchi-il Troth**"
act directly on the organa of the voice. They
have an extraordinary effect in all disorders
of the throat.
A headlong man la not a man with a long
P»y l»lrt hi rack
At Mercar in the Camp Floyd District. Our
pamphlet tells you all.
(ieo. Ady, tien'l Agt. U. P. Bys.. Denver,
Colo., or D. E. Burley, Oen'l Agt. U. P. Sya.,
Salt Lake City. L'tah.
A drinking man seldom gets out of breath.
Send two ’J-oent stamps to The Road Pub
lishing Co.. Denver, Colo., and gel a sample
copy of The Road and one of their great Eng
lish Octopus maps free.
| Parties desiring to either buy or sell news
• papers will find It to their advantage to cor
j respond with .1. S. Temple, Box 1811, Denver,
i A profane Frenchman “beggars" descrip
; tlon.
£tkllo*i*i CDaiaßpOoa t ar.
! JswWCoa • ir'wrMitrp, It mr»» hi'intnit Cantuinp.
ttau. UaUMWOoucb Cun. St 91JM.
The open polar sea Is still an open ques
{ tlon.
'Hsmos’s Magic Cora Naive.**
I Warranted to rare, or money refunded. Ask
, yoar druggist for It. Price IS real*.
Out of pocket—the modern billiard ta

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