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A. T. fc 8. F. Tmm Camo.
[) 41 I, L«m>. Colorado. ritfly.
A'i«t Bocwd. Ea«t Bock I'
ji<v. 1 7 H a. m. Xo. S 11 IS a. m.
ji 0 _ 3 t 10 a. m. Ko. 410 a p. ».
» . I 00 a. m. Mo. • 1 40 a. m.
Jio- 7 « *0 p. •• Mo. B * M a. m.
v«, i.» Frrt S » p. B. Mo. 44 Fret « 11 4. m.
gat. S aad 4 are through train*.
W. L ('adb. Afrat.
PostofTIo* Tlmo Card.
airau PBLimi orn.
|. a !i) to Saturday . 5 a. m. to 7 p. m .
u- j», IltolJa-m.and4to7p.ro.
, r th* Sooth 7 a. n.
rv«J» tba Sooth 7 p. o».
n.m th# Wot 1:40 and « 41 a. m
tb* Kant S 10 a. m. and « p) p. rn
will visit Lamar April 111 and
remain fonr days.
DR- J. 0. HA.0TY,
Throo Doors South of Poat Office,
.Oita • • COLORADO.
Physician and Surgeon.
OOr* >(*Uin —««ad door axilh of the
Tint Matioaal Bank.
Ul4ft. ...... CotOUIMX
TRUST***:* SAL*.
nrHRUULMiMltO. Henry of th- Count y
fl <4 ti«(ah>i» and *UU of t oiorado. dm
b h:» U»1 of treat •iatal th* fir»t day
ti May A- D lo». »hrli i* duly rvcunM 10
A, at *0 the record* of Prewar*
• • j. tuatrj luTW hanaa* Loan and Treat
nitiil tru*tee, the f.dl«wu»« d-re«-r>>**i pr«.>t>.
cv • :uate, Lintf and beta* In the • ounty of
r- «-r* aad ■Mata of I ‘-aloradu, t>» Tl-a n.-rth
r.atriat uf wrtna nfht |t), in towuehip
»t>i| mi <H> aouth of ay Krtj-.it want ..f
> tilth principal meridian. nmUiaiar IA>
rr»a » •#* ut law accord me to ( oital Slate*
r «-ta naat • array. t.<«ather with all water
■<t'j aclwdiaa **oa anti »a> half full paid jar
watar rtahl* for ID acre* tien*«d from
. . traaaaaa Rirar Land. geano.i and Canal
.mpaaj. to aarur* the (aymmit *f tb* boU of
V tod Stuart O. Haar j dated tha fir»t day t»f
In tab. Ka th* itiww eataau Hua-iral fl*«
- are. payable to the older of K. M Sbeldea
* te *atJ treat deed do*erthad ; and
W beret, aald dead of treat L n>vtd*a ib.«<
Vi*' thiaea. that tn eaan .4 default in the pay
naat .4 either principal ur tntorwwt or any part
I. '■- ( a-crdiik* to the tev,.-r ami effect of .aid
aad interval auupuue thereto attached
pr any of them, then the whole of raid IndrtjP
■ 1 jew ai| baunr due and payable at the .4.
i.a uf the leaal »wwt and txJder ««f Wild note
a 1 -«s iDtdlMttoa the raid truatee trail e-i;
ml lLH»aa of all the rt#fct. title, bawrrtt ami
•ju.ty of rwlampUa of theaaid Maart O. Hro:>
■■* hetm and naakpn* therein, at public auction
the manner In aald treat d*>»l protided. to-
If With the cunt of eseretina ihta treat .and
default haa been made in the pay
mAt .f the internet coupon* toe May Bftt. 199V
aad >ora*nhcr ftrwt. ISM. an t the aame are paet
da* tad uapetd. and the local hol ler of raid
n saa declared the whole amount due and
M>aM*, and
WBMWM. Aid tram lied provide* that ia caae
T * hanaac Loan aad Treat Company ahull re
fute to act a* aoch treatca. the L*r»i b.d.W of
•aid note may appoint and rebuilt at* any other
freon a* treetee to art. and aa auch auccaeeor
e-*y l receed u 1 *ell the property, ir any part
tbermf at public aoetm at the north d*«r of
the Court Bourn la the City of Dum, t ounty
of Arapabun aad Mate of Colorado, fur caab
Bret rirtna thirty day* public notice of the time
terma and place of eale. a* provided la *aid
treat deed ; and
Where**. The t ■ ■*— Loan and Treat t oup*-
ay haa rwftmnd to act ae eoch tructen and the
Loral bolder aad ounce of aald note baa *p
1* -i a led Henry J. Parra aa eye mane m treat
px* and by virtne of the poorer and authority
in me reefed by the term* of aald treat deed aa
annramor In treat will, on Thnroday. the Third
day of May. UM. nt the north door (b*uw the
7 iwwat atrwet entrance.> of the court bourn in
the t'lty of banrer. Count* of Arapahoe and
State uk Colorado, nt ten o clock tn the forenoon
of raid day. call the above deecnbad real retalr
aad above nwnUoued water rlnhte and all of
the ri«bt, title, benedt and equity of redampUoo
of the aaid Stuart O. Henry, hi* heire nod *►
ricna. at public and loo for the httfheat and hut
price the uaw will brtac in each. f»*c the tar-
I-we of panne the above mentioned indebted
•dn*we and an erata and attorney face a* pro
.uM km Mid iM •» "* rt j 1KNRT j. paOB.
(.'■aa. H. RuiiLl. Attir. Soccewaor in treat.
44-47 Good Block. Denver.
Tu«*<Uj. P I - No. (O maa*u mry
•f<i JlW.ifcsi“ ?f, n ‘ b 'T “' 'od«.
£Lt Lfi^x^V-Si-orSS
J. B. t»,,,„. - L >«<•■«. W. M.
* v*. Dmu, n« t |t.°* Tl L *’^“7v.c.
mT m ui ~1,.7'‘“,“ I ' ,r n»"»h »■
iUconrulm•r. in. l tM ,„ „, m . into
sA : u.«,.*dj. W^t-NWOWCom.
.oiJnA.V*?,* I?**"'* mwti
P " 11 '”'; *1 i p. m. oath. m.,a,l
*a<J fourth Thursday of each mouth.
Ella Lax. See. EI “ A Wmbbt * Pr ~*
-J"* I'i’*'* Pl ** D»*Wttrr meet* at the
‘ h "l f l ’* r,, '» , ‘ t ®r on the Qrst
I ueeder in each month at » p. m.
Jo. T. s«. F *“ Sru ““’ 1 - Chtof
..^. M >i A j ALtl> * tlu RIALK No. » meet*
' '* n,U » al 8 P ® Vuitlna members
cordiallj mTiled to attend.
oA’Zl* k ' ****** Looq* No. 7S meets
-atuarda> aWbts on or before each full «noou
sod two weeks thereafter.
D W. RoßtaeoK, W. If.
L. liePhu*>k.Sec y.
* a’P r *LD* I>>DOK No. W meets er
•n Satur.lay ni«ht.
. . w a Fa-I*a Milbcek. N. Q.
J. L. Itiru-D, Sec y.
<}. A. R PaocTOß P«>ST No. 47 meets on the
Ist and ird TW.U|> of each month at the Ma
sonic ball. All comrades invited to attend.
M. ¥. DicaiNaoM, Com.
M P- Curmrn *r Ltmi Serricea held t>
luUovi I’rnfiuc* even Sunday at 11 a.m. and
ft p. w. Sunday School at 9-44 a.m.
Kav. J. I). Dbobk. Paator.
Caaianav Cmn at Lamab - Sunday School
erary Sunday at 931a. m. Social meeting and
Bible readme at 10:43 a. m
Mat V iu.«i Kmo«yaciout-At May Valley
School Hun*e at 4 o'clock p. m. Every one cor
dially invited to attend.
Oba*aoa 9niD»T-«r«oot-K»an at the M. E.
t hureh in < ir an a. la every Sunday at 2 CJD o'clock
p. m- Everybody invited U» attend.
,8* $25
12» $5O
16" $lOO
for tb* b*n#flt of the pa bile, tb* Aannotor
Com mot d«*-iares a divldeud and make* tbe
Movf prtc«< u mctDi of dis
tribution lb AmWA Tbe— pricy
will b* t.'nuad only
Belen :.7 k..
Off. Marit
rro* p*re<l. and
Urvunail vWMDr profit on a very
outfit* baa
fjTea lb« Aer- motor Company
ItcrMo/luxilo BB tba baat manufac
torn., mar of 111 VIS
vary many, acre* nfM of floor *paca and
tb# bMt aqaip- EM ment of 1 n*r£
tor tba narooar. 111 In *xliltnoa mm
A« rBoiorCo! 11l lain thuerowa
im Columbian year, that It can afford to be
■roaroii* W# will *blP from Chicago to any
ana any wbara at tb# abov# price*.
ttm mm 4 WMfc»aHB«fc. CM I CAPO
U • ©oft Cal
The Kboihteb would like to have t corres
pondent in every community in the county.
Pleeee send communications regularly. They
muet he in the office by Thursday moraine to
naure publication.
Conroe Doings.
Manon Hapfconstali is recovering
but very slow.
Farmers are progressing rapidly
with their seeding.
Sam Higbee has been at the coun
ty seat the last week.
Dr. Hasty made a professional visit
to this place on Sunday last.
Judge Frybarger and his cat are
very lonely keeping house during the
absence of Mrs. Frybarger.
Would it not be a relief and a rest
to the citizens of Prowers county if
the trouble m$ker would join Coxey’s
The XY and P. C. L. & I. ditch
outfits are located here this week re
pairing ditches preparatory to run
ning water soon.
Colo. Granger is requested to say
that the Sabbath breaker accepts the
almanac donated by M. D. Parmen
ter, and furthermore to say the ox
was in the ditch and had to be pulled
Norwalk (Ohio) Reflector: XJrs.
Fannie Leggett, a well known lady
of this city, suffered a stroke of par
alysis Monday evening which it is
feared will prove fatal. She was feel
ing quite badly all day and the par
alysis was gradually coming upon her,
as it was noticed in the morning that
her speech was queer and thick. Late
in the afternoon Mr. Harvey Palmer,
who was doing some whitewashing
at the house, found her lying on the
floor in one of the rooms in a help
less condition, one side of her body
being entirely paralyzed. Mr. Pal
mer immediately notified the neigh
bors who at once attended to her
needs. Her daughter, Mrs. Needham
of Monroeville, was telegraphed for
and at once hastened to her mother’s
bedside. Mrs. Frybarger, of Colora
do, a sister of Mrs. Leggett, was also
notified of the sad affair and will
come on to Ohio at once.
Colo. Graxoeb.
Granada I tarns.
E. M. Steward is in Granada this
Will Bromfield and Scottie Mc-
Kenzie will farm the Geo. Feast
place this season.
Sheriff John Q. Hagerman was in
Granada last Sunday looking up the
shooting of Saturday night
Frank Milburn and Miss May Dick
ason stole away from Granada in the
“stilly hours” of last Sunday night
and came back Tuesday erening as
husband and wife. They are now at
home on Snowden street
Dr. D. H. Dickasou was brought
before Justice Mayfield on Monday
charged with a murderous assault
upon his daughter May. He took a
change of venue to Justice Kobertson
and his trial vaa set for to-day (Fri
day). His bond was placed at S3OO.
On last Saturday night as J. C.
Merrill was going home from his
grocery he was met by a man who
was disguised and had a pistol in his
hand, near Mr. Merrill’s own home.
Being unarmed he undertook to run
back to town, but after being shot
twice was knocked down and beaten
over the head a number of times.
The assassin then took his pocket
book and ran. W. A. Merrill hear
ing the shots ran out of the house
and reached his father just as the
robber was running across the XY
bridge close by. It was soon dis
covered that neither shot had taken
effect. One ball simply grazed the
neck under the right ear, while the
other one struck him in the back but
did not enter the body. The balls
were 32 calibre. He received a num
ber of blows and it is a wonder that
he was not hurt seriously. The rob
ber was evidently well acquainted
and afraid to speak. Fortunately he
did not get any money as Mr. Merrill
is not in the habit of carrying hid
money |iome with hipi. Some strong
suspicions are entertained, and it id
to be hoped that the perpetrators of
this cowardly deed will be brought
to punishment.
It Must be Let to the Lowest Bidder.
We give below section 1 of House
bill No. 26, passed by -the General
Assembly last winter while in extra
Section 1. It shall be the duty of
the Board of County Commissioners
of each county to annually advertise
for bids for the publishing of the de
linquent tax sale list of their respec
tive counties in some newspaper of
general circulation printed therein,
by giving ten days notice in a news
paper of general circulation published
in the County, and said Board of
County Commissioners shall let the
contract for such publication notice
to the lowest responsible bidder, cir
culation considered; but in no case
shall the fee therefor exceed fifty
cents per inch for the first .insertion
of said delinquent list and twenty five
cents per inch for each subsequent
insertion, standard column, measured
and based upon ten lines to an inch.
Want to Plant Fruit Trees.
A general assortment of firet-clase
Trees of all kinds, as well as Vines,
Roses and Shrubbery, grown by the
Kansas Home Nnrsery of Lawrence,
can be had for spring planting at
hard time prices, by giving yonr or
der to J. 0. STREAM, kgetll.
Order Early.

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