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A. T. 4 8. F. Tmh C«d
UniM, Colorado. Daily.
Wmt Boc«t>. Kait Hoi-mo.
So. I 7 » a. m. Xo. 2 II 15 a. m.
So. 3 e 10 ft. m. No. 4 . 10 a p. rn.
So. S 1 00 a. m. So. « 1 40 a. m.
So. 7 « 40 p. m. No. * * M am.
Vo. a Fr»t 3 35 p. in. j No. U-Fnrt H 15 a a.
>\e. 5 and • or* through train*.
W. E. Cana. Armt.
PostofTIo* Time Card.
Monday to Saturday b a. m. to 7 p. m.
tunday U to 1) a. m. and 6 to7 p. m.
M-niDCu or iaiu.
Tot the South Tam.
r»*o tbe South 7 p.m.
from tbe Wvwt 1.40 and ft At a. m.
from the Ea*t 5;10 a. m. and « 40 p. m.
will rinit Lamar April 1and
remain four day it.
DR. <J- S. HA.STY,
Three Ooore South of Poet Office,
Physician and Surgeon,
iMBe* «t»t«in Mwod door *owth of tbe
Flr*t Naliooal Hank.
LtaiL ...... Colorado.
tt* iKRtUV. .Htu*rt O. Han «»f the County
II 4 trapalaoe and Mot* if ( ’.dorado, did
h a<* nrt«m 4*ol of Inwl il*io! tbe flr»t day
f M.| 1. IX !«. which i* duly Domini u>
*>. a> inr>e of ihr rw>-r l. of I'niwD
to Tbe kanaae L»ao and Truat
-y-• aa | tru*tee, tho follow in* deem hed pr.-i
rt, >;(aOa Iftn* and ImM in « ouniy of
and State .if Cohoado. tu T)»e iv.rtb
r-e*. . carter of •ortt.m *urht * , in lownabip
a ’! -.m* tl> aouth .if ran*- forty -*i» »**t >4
\l~ oath principal mmitiaa. r<«Uiain« 1A)
, - - -*r 1-— arcv.rdiu* to l aitnl Mat**
> '"n*Mal *wreey. together with all *«:*-r
rtt. inc.udtn* »«*• and -de-half full t-aid per
rival attrr rtat.La for I>> acre* denied fn-ta
■ ' tritaM* Ri»*r U»4. R«rn.-ir an<l ( anal
<*t-aaj, to mmr* (ha ia,mi«i if tK* not*. of
k- .aid S|«Mt O. Henry dated tha flr*t day of
I. itc. fi.r tb* .omif Sutrrt H Ji.dml II*.
I Uo. lAjtbl* (n Ibc Iirlrr of k 14. She 1dm
* a Mud tru*t deed dncnM; and
u (M-na*, *ai4 deed if tro»t ncovidea amm«
tn*r i.t.iaA, that in ra*a «f default in ilw jaj
i*wt of ether principal or uiirmt -*r any t-art
MvnrdMa to the tro.r and rtf.-ct of .aid
. •- and l*Ur**l cnap>o* thereto attached
r i*| of thane, than the whole if aaid itiicbt
il.-vr«* tna, taeunr dna and t *»•!■> at the op
i a .4 the I-cal owner and b-4der .f .ai l note.
1. 1 on applienteon the *u; 1 trnatee .hall *ell
1 Uip.ee of all the rurbt. title, benefit and
ij vi 11 y ,J rwlemptioa of the *aid Dtuart O. Henry
i. to-i r» and aae.au* therein, at i uhiic auction
1 the manner In aaid tmat deed pro.bled. to
ft b*r with tba cat of e*erutin*t tha* truat. and
» . -rea-. default baa been made in the |>ay
I d -4 tbe interest na(.ia»ilw May nr»t. 11*\
n 1 > -i.etnher lltwt. PW*. and the Oire are j-aet
aa I unpaid. and tbe '.-cal b.4<ter of aaid
Me ha* declared tbe >bub aoHUiot due and
tiahl*; and
W berwwa, aaid tmat deed pn-.t-W that in oa*e
1 Kanaaa Loan and Tmat l out pan y .hall re
i— to act aa aoch tru»t*es t»*e le«al h.d.ler of
i d note mar apfaUivt and *ut»«itute any other
rr- a aa trwatee to act. and aa ancli .uwaif
*y proceed to aeti the property, or any part
i"~.f at nuhllc aoctPHi at the wctli door of
i' ''.Hart ilouae in tbe I itj of Iten.er. t .«inty
f Vrapab.Ni and State of I oU«ra*h>. for cioli
ft ci. in< thirty day* puWw notice of tbe time
f r.t and place of sale, aa provided in aaid
Hlwrea*. The Kanaaa Loan and Tru»t I ompa
i ha* r-furnl U> act aa *uch tru.t.-- and tbe
K>t hol.W ami owner of .aid note ha* ap-
Iiui—I Henry J- aa auceeeo.r in tru*t.
Now Themforw. I. Henry J. Face a««~.r in
n-t. at the rejoewt of the le«ai h.d.ler .4 *aid
He and by virtoe of the power and authority
me veeted by tbe term* of *aid truat deed o
ffea.r in truat will, no Tbumtay, tl»e Tbml
ii >4 May. IBM. at the north .b**r 1 he me th*
*10001 atreet eotrancei of the court Irnui* in
a ( its of ilwover. County of l»a|>ah..e and
ate of < olorado. at ten o'clock in the foremen
.aid day. aell tbe above n-al eatate
fi above men Wooed water rif.'it* and all or
a rtcht. title, benefit and e-pilty of re.le«iudion
the aaid Stuart O. Henry, hi* he in. and a*-
rn*. at public auction for the hutli—* »<»•! »»*«
ice the same wtU brine in cadi, for tha pur
ee of partna tbe above mentioned indebted
B-H* and all n*U and attorney fie* »' pr°-
i~i ■» «.j j~i ir-c KNBV j PA(1E
a* H. Brirsi.t. Atty. Boccwaaor in tm*t.
3-47 Good Block. Denser.
J- B. Tutui, P - S - Li.cb, W. U.
com**" ' u,t,n * neighbor* are alwayn wel
‘‘V R - R:7 IW Nn.Wmraunntlin
TTT if, 1 Imn-I.jr in ... n uioatli nt
„ P - "■ A " » inTlMd Ul cum. inU.
..TJVc.YJ?,* IrnnOwn met.
“,, Er u “v '"4 1 * l 3 m u» t~omi
fourth Thursday of each month.
Ella Lee. Sec. B “ U W “ OHT * Pr **'
-iJj* V A . ¥ '* F,K *P E f**T»i*ST rifeet* at the
of A»i«tant ( hief Parmnuter un the flrst
Tuesday In each month at S p. m.
. . - , Feed Schmidt. Chief
Job T. Lawlim. Sec.
° M u A Alexaxdee Realm So. » meets
ecery M •mlay at S p. m. Vtatting member*
cordial!j invited to attend.
A. F A A. >l. -Oeasapa Lodoe No. 72 meet*
***• uarday nights *m or before each full moon
and two week* thereafter.
~ . M „ J' W. Roanraox. W. M.
C. L. M< Pbexmox. See y.
1.0.0 F <»«»* ada Lodoe No. 7S meet* ct
ery Saturday night.
, , „ Feaxe Milbi'ex. X. O.
J. L. M attield. See y.
O. A. R Peak toe PoaT So. 47 meet* on the
Ut and -ted 1 neadays of each month at the Ma
•ootc hall. All comrade* invited to attend.
D. W. Robixsox. Adj.
M. E. rar*™ at Lamar Hmiew held a»
follows : I‘n-ju-him every Sun-la) at 11a. m. and
'p m. Sun-la) School at V *5 a. m.
Ra\. J. D. Dpike. Paator.
Oat«n < lira* nat Lam ab Sunday School
every Sunday at » a. m. Social meeting and
Bible rea-lina at 10 :ti a. m.
Mai Vai.uki SrMDAT-acaoot.— At May Valley
Sciuotl H-nw at 3 o'clock p. m. Every one cor
dially invited to attend.
(imam ADA St-XDAt-ac Moot-Meet* at theM. R.
• hureh in Granada every Sun-lay at J JO o'clock
p. m. Everybody invited to attend.
Qn. $25
12" $5O
16" $lOO
For tbs benefit of tbs public, the Asrmotor
Company declare* a dividend and makes the
abo\e priors as u means of dls
trtbulln* " The— prices
win r ' lU 'tlmwd
• arnias*
prosprrrd. "n d ■
very small prodt on a very
great number of outllts has
liven tbs Aer» motor company
4 a.-res of land Io the K*t mauutac
turimr center of Chicago, with many,
very many, acres fj of door space aud
tbs beet equip- ment of machinery,
lor the purpose, fl I In eiUtenOß The
Aermotor Co. feel*, in this crown
in* Columbian year, that It can afford to be
senerous. We will shin from Chicago to any
one anywhere at the above price*.
12th mm 4 Rookwoll SU.. CHICAGO.
■ pto i Remedy fbr Catarrh is tbs Hj
IW. Easiest to I’m. and Cheapen. [|§
hr drucirtst* or sent by mall.
IH SUc. K. T. lUseltlne. Warren. Pa.
City Council Proceedings.
A pril 9, 1894.
The conncil met in adjourned Reu
nion. Present—Mayor Vanorsdale;
Trustees Conwell, Coxhead, Holmes,
Johnston, Kornman and Strain.
The following bills were presented
and allowed:
T. L. Denny, judge election. . SIO.OO
J. B. Trailer, “ “ .. 10.00
Win. McClure, “ “ . . 7.50
L. F. Blodgett, “ “ .. 2.50
Minnie Billingsle, clerk 2.50
Lida Ware, clerk 2.50
C. M. Lee, election supplies. . .05
A. V. Van Etten, supplies. .. . 1.00
J. C. Ford, hauling dirt 1.50
H. M. Ware, canvassing returns 2.50
A. Kornman, woik 2.25
The report of the finance commit
tee was read as follows:
“We your tiuance committee beg
leave to make the following report
on the city treasurer for the past
year: Find his books correct and
balance in his hands Ten Hundred
Thirty-five and and 66-100 Dollars.
Signed: U. H. Vanorsdale,
W. J. Johnston,
S. H. Coxhead.”
Report of town treasurer showing
balancing of $1035.60 in his hands
was read and approved.
The council then adjourned.
Joe T. Lawless, Clerk.
H. M. Ware, J. P., administered
the oath of office to Mayor Vanors
dale and Trustees-elect Couwell,
Johnston and Watson.
The new council met in regular
session. Present— Mayor Vanorsdale;
Trustees Conwell, Coxhead, Korn
man, Strain, Watson and Johnston.
The following resolution was read
and adopted: “Resolved, That the
appointed officers shall hold office
during the pleasure of the mayor and
board of trustees and shall receive
such compensation per month as they
shall order and direct”
Council elected W. J. Johnston,
mayor pro tern.
The mayor announced the follow
ing standing committees: Finance—
Vanorsdale, Coxhead and Johnston.
Streets and Alleys—Coxhead, Con
well and Watson. Water and Water
works —Johnston, Conwell and Wat
son. Fire and Fire Apparatus —
Watson, Strain and Kornman. Li
cense —Conwell, Kornman and Strain.
Public Building —Strain, Korrnan
and Johnston, irrigation —Kornman,
Coxhead and Watson.
The salaries of appointive officers
were fixed as follows by unanimous
vote: Clerk $8.35 per month, city
treasurer $8.35 per month, treasuurer
SSO per year.
The applications for the position
of city clerk were read from C. G.
Lynch, Sam Myer and Joe T. Law
less. Ballot resulted in Lynch five,
Lawless one, Lynch receiving five
votes the mayor declared him elected.
For city treasurer W. C. Gould be
ing the only applicant, the . vote re
sulted in six votes for Gould, and
the mayor declared him elected.
C. G. Lynch being duly sworn in
took his seat.
W. J. Johnston, Clerk Pro Tern.
The application for city attorney
from J. B. Trailer was read. The
ballot resulted J. B. Trailer 5, C. C.
Goodale 1, Trailer receiving the ma
jority of votes cast, the mayor de
clared him elected city attorney.
The vote for police judge resulted
in H. M. Ware receiving sii votes
and the mayor declared him elected.
Application for the city printing
was read from Ford tV. Merrill; the
ballot resulted in Register receiving
5 and Sparks 1. The mayor declared
the Register the official newspaper
oi the town of Lamar.
A recess of 40 minutes taken.
Frank Kelsey's application for the
position of city marshal was read and
the ballot resulted in sii votes for
Kelsey. The mayor declared him
duly elected.
It was moved and carried that the
treasurer’s bond be filed at SSOOO.
Adjourned to April 11, 1804.
C. G. Lynch, Clerk.
At the adjourned meeting of the
council Wednesday evening a liquor
license was granted Boyd Bros, irorn
April 14, and their bond was received
and approved.
G. W. Keeley was granted a spe
cial permit to move a frame building
to the rear of lots 17 and 18 block
*24, the permit to be good for one
year unless sooner revoked by the
The bond of W. C. Gould, city
treasurer, was received and approved.
Three applications for city engi
neer were read but no action was
Of the numerous contest cases that
have been appealed from the decision
of the register and receiver of the
land office here, to the commissioner
of the general land office during the
past four years, the local office has
in every instance been sustained with
one exception. The exception was
the case of E. T. Lee vs. Benjamin
M. Curtis involving the s| ses and
sJ swi 14-*22-47. The local deo
cision was in favor of contestar .
The case w’as appealed, and the com
missioner reversed the decision and
dismissed the contest. Mr. Lee,
through his attorney D. E. Cooper,
Esq., appealed the case to the secre
tary of the interior, and last week a
decision was rendered reversing the
commissioner, sustaining the local
office and ordering the cancellation
of the entry; thus giving the land to
Mr. Lee. This gives the local office
an unbroken record.

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