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WlMt CuufMH If UoIBC-IWp*rlme«l»l
mud Social tinuip.
l>r. Browu-Sequard is dead
Thomas K. Benedict of New York
has been named by the President for
public printer.
The Democrats secured a quorum
on the 3rd, aud O’Neill of Missouri
was given Joy’s sent.
Washington people arc beginniug to
wonder what' will happen if Coxev s
army reaches the city. The army will
prove a white elephant.
Secretary Gresham has submitted to
the Senate committee on foreign re la
tions the draft of a bill to carry out
the provisions of the Behring Sea
The House is likely to investigate
the action of Governor Tillman of
South Carolina in exercising a censor
ship over press dispatches sent out,
and interfering with railroads
Senator Wolcott has submitted t->
the Senate a resolution looking to the
drafting of a treaty with Mexico by
which the United States should coin
silver dollars at its mint. They would
be used to export.
Forty-one men came into this city
last Saturday packed into a box car
They were at once taken to the lock
up in patrol wagon> The authorities
intend to treat them rigorously to in
timidate Coxey’s men.
The committee of the House on
public lands has decided against re
moving the Southern Ctes to 1 tah
Their plan is to allow them to retain
the western end of the present renew
ation and to occupy one township ad
joining in New Mexico.
The Cooper bill to tax greenl*aeks is
needed The s3t»l.(HH>,ooo greenbacks
in circulation are exempt from taxa
tion while other money is not. The
banks keep these greenbacks and even
trade them around in advance of the
coming of the assessor so that the re
]*ort shows that S3vUOO,OOCUti)O is ex
empted as greenbacks. Tlix-= is a
fraud upon other tax payers.
Senator Morgan has intn«luc. <i a
bill for the reorganisation of the state
department. The purpose of the bill
is to take the foreign service aud the
department work out of politics, to
provide an educational qualification
for an appointment, to make the ser
vice continuous and to provide for pro
Goreruor Tillman's reported state
ments that news is not commerce—
that the interstate commission has
nothing to do with it- has directed at
ten tion to a decision rendered by a
majority of the Supreme Court tu IhTT
bearing indirectly on this subject. At
that time Chief Justice Waite, in dc
livering the opinion of the court, held
“that since the case of Gibbons vs.
Ogden, it has never been doubted that
commercial intercourse is an clement
of commerce which comes within the
regulating power of Congress.
The House was the scene of great
excitement on Wednesday, aud Speak
er Crisp is charged by the Republicans
with being a “czar The veto of the
seiguiorage bill was called up by Mr.
Bland, and as the Republican* did not
promptly begin discussion Mr Crisp
ordered the roll to be called. The
call was started before the Republi
cans had waked tip. but when they did
realise what was going on they were
as mad as hornets. They had hoped
to deride the Democrats for their dis
tentions. Mr. Jleed tried to stop the
roll call, hut without success, and he
was sat upon by the speaker. Ihe
Republicans were beside themselves
with anger. They refused to vote on
the first roll call The anti-silver
Democrats were in despair as the first
roll call cave the silver men the neces
sary two-thirds. Finally, after a con
sultation they concluded to vote and
did vote on the second roll call. This
turned the tide, and upou the an
uouncenicnt of the vote it was found
that the motion to pas- the bill over
the veto had been defeated, the silver
men lacking 74 votes for the necessary
The Wilson tariff bill was launched
on the sea of senatorial debate on the
2nd. Tb ■ Tall Sycamore of the Wa
hash" gave it the encouragement of
his eloquence at the outset. W hile
Mr Voorhees’ speech wa« read from
mail u script, it was delivered with all
the fiery energy which characteriie*
his usual r*teiupomnc<*us efforts.
There was an uuusually full attendance
both on the floor and in the galleries,
and the conclusion of bis speech wa?
greeted with a hearty burst of ap
>- >» * Vwmtn K» r* wl»-r
The foitiae'* of gold dating Mar. i.
amounted to tl2.tHai.iHKl.
Rhode Island was carried by the Re
publicans at the state election on the
The Massachusetts senate has de
feated the bill for female suffrage by
a vote of 13 to 23.
Three of the Oliphant train robber*
who killed Conductor McNally were
hanged on the tith.
On the 4th Governor Tillruan ex
pressed the determination to recall
the troop* from Darlington.
It cost the government $8,500 to
send the summer down to ascertain if
the Koarssr.- « lU-d he yc-eued.
A new afternoon paper the i
Tiltgmm. will ap|>ear in Boston April
t’. It will idle ate the? advanced
school of bt metallism.
A receiver ha- . n app.ir.it i for
the J 11. Walking land Mortgage
Company of Lawrence. Kansas As
set- $7 C UOO.OUO. liabilities $5,500,000
The court martial which has hesi in
vestigating the loss of the Kraraace has
found Commander Ilyctman guilty of
carelessn. - ■ -nd .-i-Mi-jed him from
service for two year*.
vernor Tillman of South Car >hna
has assumed control of all police of- ,
tiocr* of the state as the statute pn>-
, vide*. lie intend* to have them rn
fore»* the i:i*pcu*ary law.
There w <* a fight at Kansas City v * j
election day hctw. cn the A I* A
and Catholic forces. llt»w the firht *
! started it is not yet known One mau
1 wa<* killed and three fatally wounded.
Pen * •
vicinity <>f ( uiontowo, Pennsylvania.
I struck on the 2nd. The situation i-
I very serious and there is likely to be
| bloodshed nul-* the state militia is i
1 called apon
Coxey's antiy i? getting many re- i
emits in hi -tcrti Peonsyix jn is At
•Homdetcad three wagon loads of pro
i visions. 32 blankets, 130 |*air of shoes
and otli or manner of -applies were
Ihe Portuguese warships Alfonson, j
Albuquerque and MindaUo, at But nos j
Ayres, aboard which arc Admiral da '
(Jama and thv other incur-.' nt rvfn
e«*c*» from Itio Janeiro, are in a dread
ful sanitary condition, causing much
sickness and great uneasiness of wind
among the men who have Wen so long
Anna K. Fwinnerton of Chicago h»*
obtained a lIIUKHt iudgiucnt against
George L Bos tell iar, a New York dry
goods man. While in the store a boy
employed there *napi>cd a pin. destroy
ing one of the woman's eyes.
A dispatch from Major Francis,
commander of the German forces in
Damaraland, state* that he ha* inflict
ed two severe defeats upon Chief W il
bool, aqd believe* he ha* put an end
to the latter* raid* agaiust German
In a lecture Theodore We*tmark. a
young Scandinavian, who made two
explorations ©f the Congo country in
Central Africa, under the auspice* of
King 1 Leopold 11. of Belgium, accused
Henry 'I Stanley of having lunched
on human flesh to satisfy a morbid
South Carolina >* again at peace,
the *tate trp«*p* having been dis
charged. Mayor Fieken -*f Charles
ton conferred with Governor Tillman
concerning the governor * proclama
tion assuming c*»ntrol of the police to
carry out the d»»j>en*ary law Gover
nor Tillman say* I do not intend to
have any more dodging or hesitation
in enforcing the law I have had an
understanding which i* likely to pre
vent further friction in Charleston
The industrial army which left San
Francisco a few day a ago went over to
Oakland When the army L>und that
the Southern Pacific railroad w<-uld
not allow them to ride on it* freight
train*, they camped in the Mill* ub
eruacle and waited The people of
Oakland fed them, and they were in
oo hurry to move Finally the citi
gens rai*cd fe the fare ->f the
industrials!' >acran.- ate j-i i arrange
ments were made to have them start
at t! o'clock Thursday night. When,
hewever. the anav found that it wa«
to be trsn»p»rtoi in bo* cars the men
rebelled and refused to leave an less
pa**cngrr conches were provided. The
city authorise* then took action and
on Friday morning drov• the men
fr>,a* town. The army numbered rtOO
Ti-.ry r»«de to Sacral.-- 1 nto in l->* «-*r*
T ere they were joined by ISOO m**re
A train of twenty freight car* carried
the army eastward
It lias been discovered the stale
fcatr school fond eamtttimionera of
K , -•* n mpruii; Attorney General
Little, Secretary •: Mate (bb ra and
»p<nnteudent of Fabli I s rueti >u
Gai»c*- have invested «IT,IWH of :
tht- *ch<»>d fund m Kearney county ;
-•t. r» ; »n.- * and t*
p« 'i,at«d by the county, and tIO.OUO
in Hamilton county I nd* owned by ,
George W Crane of Topeka a...J also !
repudiated The omt* may hold the
W>da valid, but the purchase of them
« U« .
Wr«IO« *«•• > M
I*. • S 1.~ ml - . lary i ? war.
,i. Denver «*. tl 7th ■*« a tour of
the Western fort*.
1 i Flore nee A Cripple Crv- k road
i- completed to It >binson. tweut*
mile* from Florence.

Bliek Hawk ?u* red. rned fo.tPtO of
the himl* then *utstanding
Jndge Kiner has decided that the
1 nion Pacific receiver* < snoot be gar
nisheed no the wage* of their em
A plentiful flow of rf 3
been ,truck on a *»
pie ! reek It ri » e , . ’ «
f._ee end tile .el!
On the Uni both
nut the lVnver
th» Supreme (' , U ri. « .
runaider the c.,,t„ *
warrant., proceed,.,
attorney yen.-ral T-, "
adjudirated at „u,r
'Vm Avery JB ,|J !
died of elpo.ure „ fj_
It i» ptohahle that ,v : ,
aruiful I.f W..J .v.-r, ’
lielplrm hr a .odden '
and Uma un ,H. u . -.,,,7?
from ,>\|wv%ur**
tho comity tujny y. ir .
Sheriff Wlntmur, *. 1
ha* rrrtMTr«l .« r j
ticl'l. MwMchuvtt- .kJ
Smith. . leader . f , *
her* an.l a ft., !; ~.
I* 1,, >*.. • i 1
»*cr the char.- J
cific fmjrht nr* - 4 , >n J
o*l at that |.S»o. . r<l j ,
in*>trurlton* fr >t s . .V j
Smith ami la - |( J
»rro»to«j P*hr»:Ar j
chart* .f in 1* . . ..J
oaj-; from lh** r.
The latter k. ' r-;
hut Smith t>’ « t
A di*)uUrh fr.,-r 1 J
tho intimati *& b. , f, T
woll Mon<iav. ?-*■ •.*,
roaJ w«hiH r - » '-111
oi lij tho .*tt:r* ? v .| J
tin lino «ill ’w “*-■■; f jJ
J««1m ( *H«* ' •* .
*h*t *»n u
*«•» • ‘llMWlha l'.
|*a»«US j
* ha'
hut that th< i M
l n<r*l to i*|*r r fU
' r b?* »• mieri’f. i.a
tho **r»»r, r », • ,r*3
I ala. - A. Affl
•** tauecc; » ' asi fl
ae -item a- : . J
n **r ri*tt:r-.v
JA * «•» 'J
•# tf*M, «:» *4 <»*' ;4|*!
MI *j k"
i-rf Hark ivt rfM.
” «»l«r»4 - -- r> * \ ; -x**i
« » »«•:».< ■ ' ’ V Jtrf
•e.Jf ft* »*•» ■■t k'» .•■■■*. »/•■* *n
• W-* « •; i- . , MV
»k* ?*W<* S*J <#• * •
m>' «k« »»>•*•- . - v
''* IWItlVj ■ *H.T ** <
*»*t-f* Ma ’• *» .- ••« 4
***>■*»** -m -•> «sf
tfe» **W ■•*-- «*a* 1
m 4 I* MU -frt *• c**-. m 4
!•*■* « *m}«4 I-**'- -v- '» mm
»: « *■«
**&* - f •* .« *■*«*-* M
• V tMMn * ir*< ,k- *»
m? i»»n »**.;-*<%-• » •• :•. - «• -»«* IM
*»*«**• i>mk
U HU 4* ' i ' *.*n< }M(a
l“V» ilK(> '*■•! '-• **' ‘ * '**' V
u# Um Mi-4 *■*._'
•*» HIM* Mltln i»- *"-f t 4fl
«.w (nrt» »• '■■ r> tm
t« - ' *-4 '
i—» ..f iv ; Mri
•'ik :J** rv*4< *** ii*
«f tk*. in.- <--rf
» >»*' * • v. -«*-*# *4
J«r* I*l. I<#t --- »> V * m
—34 umi «j*» mu nmm •*
•M <4«rWf»» .V ■»*■* #
It' *_
Lnr-t to «- » * -V. trtm* < *w« •*!
• kW-k (*I<ITV' s* B**»«
tV».*«a4 If- tT* ~
• krf* *• TV *i-«i *** I
I*• f»i «I|Wl< ft* OU "*••-** «■
M.-ir, iW««. t. ll.» * * *»- •
» >• at tv -*•?*- *• •
<4 m 4 »» k«W *»4. * * * ' «
...!«!». w. ‘t“
:* (Vt I fi: ■» »
I**a4. at 'Vk'if ;< v * \
•iajr •*-! ul4 of a -* *
•VacMbml |*r«tet«r» • •« «■
Vi iwMfMrj tad V*t IV
** M«t <»4 -4 r«**lS jr-xt »*
r. l-«awr Vl* b-4~
Uc »«rtln* *« t»w «*-1 >•">« •’ *
l'ro».r» (MarUu '• - ■ r>4l
• V ..m «4!l if .. -*»,.» f - '»<
r 4 ttet ««,! *j. »**■;- *- •
»(iaf t*- . u<« • • * # *
1.4 ta »«. ! »7 «*V? 4**4 of Bk«
At »y r«<|k-4t
ttmi Btmv
l okoa* Marta** bat
ml mkmm •*** ,
n»**» Var«rk U t«Vi

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