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r : rt and improTeinrnt m>4
enjoynicot when
. The many, who lire bet*
-.and enjoy lift- more, with
>:,..;ture, by more promptly
th» world’* best product* to
of physical being:. will attest
t health of the pure liquid
principle* embraced in the
•crop of Fijr*.
-'!*■ nee it> duo to it*
•:r. meet acceptable and pl«-n.-
uste, the refreshing and truly
properties of n |«rf**ct lax*
rtually cleansing the system,
- . Ida, headache* and fevers
janently curing con*t>j»ation.
rn satisfaction to million* and
the approval of the meui al
i, boaO"'' it act* on the Kid*
rr and Bovrh without wo:ik*
m and it is perfectly frve from
rrti mablr aubatanee.
s c' r- :« for sale by all dnrv
i and 11 bottles, bat it is man*
| by the California Fig Syrof
t, -c name i* printed on rv< r y
i. * the name. Syrup of l’i_ *
- «.»!! informed, roa will not
% substitute if oth red.
hsi-.n '• ' — •
, -- —V— » % * -
u/irp csaw str how tcj eo
♦Viet II i*o HAT FPUCHT.
s{4 «"•’ T «"*-**-* ’•« --• '»
. * ” r .. -4 !>*• ini
•; -> w. . .-•• * 1 * • •
' - ■ .
' -V ' i-. i A • Cr U ■ '■) «. ■
rrkatkd r«»r
. r . I w Ula « »«;«- I |(r »%• i .
«.;<* • -»t «»•»* « •-• • .
...S.WtKktVJMr-'Btf,! «*
• • •• -« • . • ' * ’ T
• .« t«f»» Tar a .♦»* '-tr>e: •■ .
■* ***** t'til *»Od IV In »l»a t »
liJ •
rean BaimPSp^
i . \ ,kiir ararrulnl. Tuf rv» »
-’-A. s«r r t ■ * :
*• — ■'fc ai ■ J l i‘- t '
- VtrV. *■■ ■
!*• fwt. Y<n «« c'l :!** '">*
• . <r« a»h- p- -«h WJ ah"'*.
Ar» ijh «b»l r\.r~r
: >J- n ■ <
• (rrrr'a
f*«. lt«- fva—i*l.. n ~i-r
r ku la-t-ti twi i iLr-
H*l arnl I u»iic»« in !■• »
rr)'iS«(i Aiaa»l I.r UM
i:* . « iLr *utt. ai d a«a’ • • f
for lb* »»i.ng M
Octroi:, Micb.
T '- Trr„,.,. I*»rt Ao .„ r .
t..p°p,\l^ 5 r b "' th ' 1«“<
' 5
I black Touth B t*I** 1 ** ~l* w c reU the
o V. U ,!!‘‘“'T* in ~ u " J ' r ,hc ,iamß °* Jeu
i ,t I f ra ,er L r !>•* po’ man
°** of Ktnu« tlruw.n, InUuatrtaa.
Tl»«» ».. s «in,-« <.f rai.ing WojT , , fc , p !be pur .
rrrj f . ar N,U, "- V l»» M for their
*<ap* U now known to bare been carried on
q«tte extenv.ic.j In several couutleain Weat
'.rn Kansas luring the la*. f,- w jean. Uu
a P»! «-ut for wolf scalp*
* l w T* l l l w,r •‘>’"‘ty commissioners
were compelled wltb«lraw the bountr of
* WM to save the county from bankruptcy.
I J*her counties in that section of the stain
j have al.-j been f r.-, J by the thrift of the
I wolf farmers to w»tb draw the bounties.
Twoi wolf hunter* bare bon-led openly that
I U»ey hare resitted more , b> „ e * cb
! “ 116,0 % J‘* r f«*« ‘he -ale of wolf scalp* and
I }~*t they hare been able to do so well simply
because they knew bow to breed the pc»ts.
, their method has been to run a tight fenco
' wing ones In after they bare become old
J run about. As they breed very fast
the bounty derm d from the sale of tbe scalps
moving and setting up the feuee. It Is esti
j mated that in two jrars it bv* cost tbe coun
i tie* f the wc«'» rn lialf ->f the slate more than
■•• J for K>lf<calps. iDo*l of which Las
ne to unscrupulous persons who bare made
a business of bm .lmg tbe animals. At the
ocmr.g session of the legislature a bill will
' probably be passed maklug It a ml-icmeanor
to breed wolves or nootes, or to take their
•. aps from one coanty to another for tbo
; purpose of collecting bounties.
A swsll tiny's (turstlons.
Questions a*ked by a boy during a two-min
-1 Du kitties take off their fur when they
j go to be»t at night*
‘J. Who cocked dinner when all tbe big
I people were little toys!
3. Why don't oyster* have tails!
t M bat kind of medic low Ult the drug
store tr. *n has lo the big green bottles In tbe
1 front windows!
S. 'V bat does Santa < lans give little boys
i sleds for mbru there ain't any snow!
A When 1 drink water wily don't It run
j down Into my leg»«— tinja-’o £t/vm.
Women are oo<* wearing undressed kid for
j their sHppeis, yet foe years they have been
wearing their slippers on the undressed kid.
the theory of Darwin, some men
t developed frxwn monkey*, but others made a
complete ‘amp from the donkey stage.
\ -ad (‘let are
, Tb r.»n i' i. • ton arc In s meiaac'io'y cioosl.as
f fw* »*• ' v*rtaln •••■ tw If yon la • billons
| iwu' ““?, *h < »| Wi, «n4*' aC \ k ’ th *
Jrv :k*w 1 asbir t..1 • any w >rk. wdk u*. ra vu:*.
te. ■ fKuiT'SS'rr
I *\ T *V*l ar ; “ l!
| is tba m*a ofksnMs *»•»*» who penr Is In-that
j «uav h is a r ,is*i|.’ prof- **:on*lly re
•are sn-*r..» • f prevent; tbs assay dltib'u..-
j sad Ins"*, -•-.• f .1 pl’-i : Malaria. rlwetV.a*
J t!s—. kwlntf *bd User plaint, dyrpepsla and
i nerroas iINM a.wsys J id to It.
! J-ouie of tbe*c ra'iroad receiver* must ;-e
1 n.ro *>f abn-ir•• ». dcveli-pmeot. Think of an
[ -oilre railroad being pool In their hand*.
Corona. ilom-fN-t*- -Soar. Thkost, etc.,
j Quickly relieve.l ',•) 11 mwv - Bnos*'Hiai.
I l aocurt*. Thej -urpsu all *.tbrr prepara
!t. #la i h arse ness sa>l as a • j--j >
| m*fiy are pre-eminenllv th* lx»L
j Keturord traveler* say It Is utterly Impossi
ble to tf«”. x .irink *f liquor In Manic except
for ”tuedU ■ >:. mechanical or other pur
j pocea.”
C’ntarrli C annul He t ared
With LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they enn
n-t rtach the seat of the dlseaae. Catarrh Is
' a blood or constltutumal disease, and In order
, to cure It you must take internal remedies.
Hail s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
a. Ca dbmb on the blood and mucous aur*
fas-s- Hall's Catarrh Cure is not a quack
■MMiicinr. It was preteribed by one of the test
physicians In this country for year*, and is a
regular procrlption. It I* composed of the
le*t tonics known.* combined with the best
Wood purifier*, acting directly on the mu
cous surfaces. The i-crfcct combination of
the two IngrerjtenU 1- what produces such
wonderful re-u ts In curing Catarrh. Send
for te-tlroonlals. free.
V J. CHENEY *V CO., Projts., Toledo, O.
Sol 1 br druggists, price 75c.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov*t Report
Absolutely pure
I'tnl I'ulicml Wilson's l mniilar.
Nothing so needs reforming as other peo
ple’s habits.
Behold the fool saltli, “put not all thine
eifjr* Into one basket”—which is but u manner
of taying. “Scatter your money and your at
tention”: but the w iM- man aaltli, “put all
your eggs in the one basket anu —watch that
if you pick up a starving dog ami make him
prosperous, he will uot bite you. This is the
principal difference between a dog aud a man.
We know all about the hab'.u of the ant,
we know all about the habits of the bee, but
we know nothing at all about the habits of
the oyster. It seems almost certain that we
have bceu choosing the wrong time for study
ing the oyster.
Kv.-n popularity can l>e overdone. In Rome, j
along at fir-t. you are full of regrets that '
Mlohe'.angelo died; but br anti by you only j
regret that you didn't see him do It.
July 4. Statistics show that we lose more
fools on this day than in all the other days of I
the year put together. Tu’.s proves, by the |
number left lu stock, that one Fourth !
of July per year U now tnadci|uatc, the coun- j
try has grown so. —The Century fur April. I
IpViothers’ %XTlj
I Friend lif I
a scientifically prepared liniment
►Xv —every ingredient of recognized value, and in constant ;
use by the medical profession. These ingredients are ; }&]
combined in a manner hitherto unknown, and WILL '
DO all that is claimed for it, AND MOI\M It |||
shortens Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to |||
v Life of Mother and Child. ' |t||}
• .T. Sent by Eiprun an Rcccip* of Price, 91.50 per Bottle. '
1 Book to “Mothers” mailed TREE, containing voluntary testimonials. ] pgs
8cl«l by All fr>CK»'.i. KRADFIELD REOULATOR CO.. Atlanta. Oa.
B«!p; the firthnt north of any tn the arid re
p. d »:thtb«l>r|nl rariotr, we can pleaar all.
16 year* grower* of Dwarf Kocky Mountain Cher
ry The only propagator* "f a general line of
>or*ery Stock In t rad«>. ‘.let n»r price*.
(.Ml. .1. kit. Crop.
Free. * valnabi- book for fruit grower* by men
tioning thla paper.
Spading Boot j
the h*-e|, nrufrrUnK the 'hank In
ditching, digging. Ac. B«-»t quality throughout.
■ CananyilTei and people
who bare week Inns* nr Astb-
nia. abould uae Ptao'sCure for
Conaumption. It has eared
H thauMjied*. It ha* not injur*
Hed one. It la not bad to take.
lt is the beat rough iynip.
H Sold ererrwbere. toe.
Tin; usefulness of a kite's tail must be found
on the fly.
‘Hanson’s Magic Corn Malm.”
Warrant**! to cars, or ranntr nlaaljl Ash
foui dnwglil for it. Prion IS <»ut*.
An eat compliment—“ What a pood
tlte you have!”
Ask about the wonderful climate and
source* of Southern California. There in var
was such an opportunity for home seeker*.
For information regard!ng this section, ad
dress. J. A. Allison, lirewstcr block, Han
Diego, California.
All those who pa»s through the door tosuo
ceu will And it labelled ••push ”
i tiKYSKKITK—Rest and cheapest of toilet
soaps, cures roughness of the skin. CURES
ECZEMA. For sale everywhere. Manufac
tured by Tub Cbtbekite Soap Co., Denver.
! Some people cannot tell how they stand
financially until their accounts are balanced,
but the artist always knows when he is draw
i lng a bend.
Denver Directory.
rjtn at tny expense.
I of every DearripUou
The iw»t (iiu.h oir.-L-M.i mi e*i»t!y
lly the nitl anil reliable Urm of
tasil * 1530 Itlako Hi., Denver* Colo.
21 all order* promptly attended to*
Tie only American-vlan Hotel on 17ti St.
Four Blocks from iha Union Depot.
Cieaueet, Neatest. Most ~J;<«portable and Com
fortable Hotel for the Money.
Hates to Residents of Colo. $2 a Day.
IV. I- It AT is, Mur., Denver. Colo.
OXFORD Man. hotel.
Fire proof. ITS Rooms. *4 block south of Denver
Union Depot Riunraire delivered free. Finest Eu
ropean hotel In the West. Nloj for families. Step In.
LAInDAnIVO Eclipse and Fairbanks Steel
| Windmills nnd Towers, Iron Tumps, Pipe and
■ Fittings. Mining; Machinery aid Suj>-
Clles. Send for catalogue d scribing articles
auted. FAIRBANKS, MORSE Ja CO, 17th A
M azes Streets., Denver, Colorado.
i P R. CALLUP, ’"“.atfaiV**-'"
1 SUPPLIES. Established ItfTti. Catalogue free.
IMS Arapahoe Street. Dtuier. Colo. Tel. 543.

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