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flacr l.umlnirlft Fr»m« » Hllhurin •
dhtraMotl «*f Villon.
•♦Actor# are curious folk#.’* oW
served the culeiuin light manipulator
of one of the New York thoatcr- to a
reporter tho other night. He w.»-
breathing upon the reflector, ami
then polishing it carefully with -t
woolen rag.
••Curious, it what lesjwct'" a-k ' 1
tho reporter
••Oh. they are queer creature
every way." returned tho otto j
Oughtn't 1 to knew ’ I've *.*•«•« ..
thing connected with a theater. fr-»m
usher to scone-shifter: but Ford juv
serve me from ever being an act nr.
Titov get more money than most folk-,
but they never have a rent Off th
stage they’re the biggest frank- i : .
the world, ant: on the stage the* "■
look at mo and my profession. f»*
instance. An., one would think thi>:
I’d be in ,-e. : with the actor-, -t • ■
that 1 light ’em up in pretty po— •
and bring out the effective iwir*- e*
the scenes But. would you
it. if these stage oiks had their way
I’d be bounced twenty times a wee-,
by the management. Everybody tbat
foot- it before tho footlights kick.- »:
me. from tho chorus to the -tar. au
from the comedian to the su|v
••There’# IV • gray hairs in i
head. for which these rperj
espoi i
the board* Now. I gue— 1 k’iov.
more the * 11- of lighting than !
they do. but whenever they ■•»**» • !
hoppinc or stage I never cat. !
When they -wing aro :ud n .
butterfly danc< they start off oirF-v j
ent every time, and if the r I
glances o* 'em for the eighth •* .; j
second they’n wild with rage It • ,
their conceit, yon know. They want !
to look sweet l"-' iwvitods t«* tin- j
minute Then they complain tin: 1 •
catch cm in tho eyes and blind • >
whereas it is tho continual chain:
ing of their regulation p*s -t:. •
rattl - mo.
••Them when it cornea lo the chor*. - >
oh my ’ they had thing- * u
way tho leading la iy wouldn't be i'- ■
Imnnateu at ail. 1 here isu't one *
’em that doesn't want me to show >•. : I
up for a full minute for thb bencht ‘
of tboir gentlemen friends *r th, |
uudien.-e They besiege me over.. :
night for favors in this way. and T *
pmmi.-e. «h ye*. I promise i'H 11 : .
’em But do I do it?’*
l«c calcium man rubbed bis forv
finger and thumb in a sugge tiv >
way ' if there’# a little half-.:* Fir:
fee forthcoming they get a flash r r ,
two and one-half iccoodv Let ’e-•» !
pay it. Their Johnnies can a tan 1»r
an* the;.‘'e :n* ones that g.*t ■ .i,-
b*'ndt from the sight.”
What -siil.
Mr. Bigwaist—And so your father'
ha- boon giving you some point- in
physiology and has told you tbat ali
persona* bodies are composed mainly
of water.
l.ittio Robbie—All except you ho
•‘Except me*’’
• Yes; ho said you were Uta h* up
muddy of beer.”—lto-ton Courif
Thr> I>o Xo» l.et *o Ttrr«l.
It uas been found by the Brilt-u
ordnance department that workuu n
in tin- works at Woolwich are turn
ing out a- much work in a week of
forty-eight hours as they used to do
in one of fifty-four. The quality of
the work is said to l>e better than
ever before.
Oon’t Krllrir It.
First Traveler—Why is that pomp
ous fellow strutting about «*o
ab-urdly ?
Second Traveler—He found some
ham in his railroad sandwich
Chicago Record.
Hr DM.
••[ think, sir, you should look over
some of your son’s wild ways.' 1
•*1 do.” thundered tho old man ••!
look over ’em every day, and the
mono I look the madder I get.”
H#r First llubut K*««rßfd Jo*« In
Tim# to rrcTcat M#r MarrU(r.
The pension department of Geor
gia furnished a combination Kip
V»n Winklo and Enoch Aixien story
when Gilbert Hanson made applies
tion for a pension. says the Pittsburg
Dispatch- Gilbert disappeared thir
ty years ago. being left for dead up
on the field at Petersburg. Ho has
boon sleeping his thirty years’ sleep
in Pittsburg and bo returned to
Georgia just in time to prevent him
self from ouactiug the role of Enoch
l«ast year one of the Confederate
widows of the state who drew #l*o
from the state fund was Mrs. Permc
lia Hanlon of Carroll county. A
short time ago the son-in-law of Mr'
Hanson walked into the office of
Judge Brown of ( ai roll county and
-aid "tVoll. .edge. I reckon we'll
lose the ]*onsion. now that the old
man's turned up," and on the judge
questioning him the romantic story
of Gilbert Hanson's dif-apj-earanee
and reappearance cam*- out.
Hanson lived in Macon county.
Ala., when the war broke out and
was one of the first to volunteer as
private in Com pa y E. of the Thir
teenth Alabama regiment He was a
good soldier and e-onpe l injury un
til the bottle of IV w 9burg, when be
received what w»i- -.ippo-ed to be
his death wound. The p*j*ers upon
u uieh Mrs. Han- >a *#' granted a
t»cn-i«*n last year were very fu.. and
explicit. establishing beyond a rea
sonable doubt the death of her hus
band on the field at Petersburg.
According to the all.davits of the
captain and member- of hi.- com|>«ny.
he fell in that battle and it wa« be
lieved he died in the bo-pilal. as he
was never heard of again The other
day Han-on. who-e home is in the
country, walked into the office of
the ordinary and explained ho ab
sence- As the family would by hi*
return lone the $1 a year ponsioo.
be called to see if he could not him
self draw a pension under the law.
It seems that the loss o! pension was
the fact foremost in the minds of
members of tbc family, and that on
account of it this modern Rip Van
Winkle had not received any too
cordial a welcome. Ho found that
he t-ould not gel the j* n-ion. though
he hear* the evidence- of hard Usage
during his thirty years* ab-ehce.
••Where have you Ik* ii during all
these years." asked tho judge.
••Well.” bo sa i. was pretty
badlv wounded at Petersburg, and it
took me a good while to g**i over it
and when I did I drifted to Pi<*«
burg. Pa. and I have been thcr
ever since.
••Why didn't you come home* *
••! was too poor I didn't haTo
any money.”
■•Whv did n't you write home?**
••! didn’t know where the post
office was. and 1 didn't have anjbody
to write for roc *
Hanson ha* been working as a day
laborer in ano around Pitt-burg for
these last thirty year* Pinally he
saved enough money to get back to
the South, and. learning that his
wife had moved from her old home
to that of her parents in Carroll
county, ho made his way there- Ills
neighbors say that his return was
timely, as his widow had serious in
tentions of marrying a neighboring
widower, and only the husband's re
turn prevented a secona marriage as
soon as this year's pension money
was -ecured.
Maude—You know that horrid Mi—
Squillers? Genevieve- V*--. Maude
Well. I got even with her yesterday
Invited her to my pink t a and sheV .*
blonde that can’t '.Land anything but
OIIL neuralgia,
Th* lady portrtrt h - h this
i« Mr* si*rv i i'« a. • •*' r* ‘lwi. Bo«*
H”>nnw Or* . A Dak. Slw wnum to Dr. K.
V i Vcrr. CfaMf Consult teg Pbj wTM to Um
invalids' 11./d and HuixVal Institute. at
huffak*. N k. a* foiv *. I »»* %*rk two
nan with • falling«/ tl» womb' and irnnur
taWirt y«ir cnwitrine*. I
utk stx tnMJ—of l»r nmr'i Until* iV
xtlpUm. ut>l su «ntinrlv nirtd of UMb la
t.x ta«U» . tl to four ynw Iks* nwuth.
udcs I *u onta r *Klof l«<h Ike* -It*
nit« andbrt w% - hart* v * :;a» Ibmr a|*-
u-iranc** «mn* at>d l am aliv'v*l thu'Uror- ;
ll«* lYarnplino' a***J ri«v Uf*. fur l wail
haniiy w«lk a» -;ad «b« I e -*i—*nr*d
lAkloc that laatociOß mni 1 (kink U is a (k»fi
Urnang to r« that I took it
1 ww prooLumnd InrontU* by (ha tmt
i »lon brew in th* W«st I para up all
bops and mad* op my mini that l ■*• to
b* takm »»tr from nt kmtaad and lathy
of taro jrian ••it l«u skrfc all of (ha (taw j
rcmkl not <••*» an v thing at all la on* nook,
after Kiamn; tno um ot tan • Favorite !“r»-
•r-nptkm* mj rfoaurk ora* m aadt l*lhrr
that 1 rmH oat anyth.ag 1 ccnU a* that I
•as punusr all or«r. and my hustunl than
• rot and gv< me *ix l*<tiew I *OO4 threw «f
thrm and my scomarh did nu< U4b«r ms any .
W*. sent to yon and p- t*>» I'copto* (W
m.m Seme V -If-ral A h r. and found
my row Jos* as I >v •» *l*l i
what the book Uid it .ia -wy war ;ta <w
•■•onth'a tins* I roall «re I - a* n» t> l» <L-r .
dm 1 ha! >-• . • Jam iw« '.be
>»•* tr-w «S and :n tbrw* i.«*atlv> I ihptwl
taking imaiirtne. and today. 1 ran proudly
«T I am a w*H «wnra, rui, am wall, rtna;
and trait r y.
When I Irpin to take r.-ar oddos mr
fao* was poor srd -*< - inched »U«al I -onid
nrsfif aw* wia?r*, I was tired and
«** all the xatm. 1 oo***! bardir do mr
N uap-wmt. tat now 1 d (hat aaJ trad a i
lag garden, help my tuuiaid sad taka ta
arwlnp "
The fol!.iwli< wJI prrnrw Inters at tag to
• -ohi* wcr«i>-n and i,»~<-wiJy sr> to
thorn about to wcoiw —nth n lira* l ►ora
Patents. Trade-Marks.
runtMivt >*4» «r
: r r*a TFUTZ’ 1 i
A»«i I'lh■>'•l Ut.nify.
(Knxu.no I***.;
JrWrVr* .n<l '4|tk-»» . M fO.' j
nw|H u 4 «.•(« rwiti.ntr fwM »t-l . >t. f# }
IMIIMBI. hMBM rr.«rv« »*1 k ruk j
WK* ptfcl It fvil4 *u4 .Uwar *•:;*-« \ \lrt j
lAkkd l. * Lnww. H. D«*wf. io»n4« I
VllllValUll u •.klnsion. I). i . ,
Idi.i- Mt wtt, Ui .kUj I
W N i i»«i r. \„ \t. AM-li
'W» trl'lnj U» >4r.rite... «*!•>«• w; BUI r«l *
.*> it* .O.triiwsww U» iMit
. -. _____ I
A- » if.lfarv*. of (kk W, Oim. r. a
w P t *» " 1 ***•*■ «* raa«L
«b*» jrtmr ; iut*,**.
n»«r tbaa IU-.!*, i.*
»' 1 t-*|C*a ’W I
U» «1» > anTthuag I rank] uc*
' 'C ••»■«**» to woati ra-s - .**,
.'. .now <V-ath . ».'• f *-*5 2
waaiun*. *w*utc. ww« 3
lluow for a»y iwarir < U I
F *»ent» u uy ><-c
t*l* IWorw fwiiynw: Uw w
•t at Inul *» protr J *j i
» *» Uttia vilt « C j <* ar («i
I 4*l ntii mr Urf *»j Ow a y
»• N»r«. I rat.-
«f mr n*nwfe**.T» \ r*l Wrrragr -|
fTT-o-rtpCkMi ‘ to mil --d
Ha r# iadorwtj ytfrai tn a,
!««■<» f«r Uwxu Y« y*
-iQ-vA/x ,yi. X'itti
Pr. IW* Fawn*
Itirw rune li* Wa ant
.4»si«v*?a b’U'* < nrTtw». •i-<wW I
raiofui ir.*ir«i, a, u-.-tu.Ti C
*>rm* a:*i ITT*****-** r««a«
<4 lb* waoti, tort, u t-3»b*«
kßlavwu. u
»H W. <"br>-*i*c O cswl -ry .* ‘.jart
ukmtko «f Uw »««' .-.3nW|
U»1 W3-V»M*» <4 Uw> -»*.***. M
*itk “Jaimal kmt ~
I*r. PWrrwa Far nv "
K-Vr.t;»V: maLnw. emretiK? -msm*
an w*|wrw»n«Hj aej! <* ' j yt«M|
iM&ap&nl to • .caw.-i • -V« -»•< r;tsaA
t» pmnrlr m & /q^
an st» rftti um
(mm of tk* lyrfm F « o.<rts( k|
tMuww. <i»*> to pr*wa*»'T *<aA*a
Ve*»ta<n. 4rM*to-» »»>
tu cw wtU ro>«* wi »wo*^ta
I>r fVrW. Hu.* W«aartfc
«u-m. . l*> pa*wu dUt*ru«l fta
ommtgal RM*:t» of b-wry toataral «1
l | *r«M i® pwua rw**itipw. bf «d«
«-t* . tn now phi! »t**sp». te ;** p*
lb* Doicc. at kt» mktrtm. m pm
twvuuuac U Uj* '-’Vk
tkk« *i«fi ?» ->—* * »w«.j w>* «m a
' •» trrV**- *• *» ■-«/ *V *«
*i * *-***l * * •!. I t >t ■■ to. :u»l
i BICYCLES - ’ , 2
J It C l HA*< ' >1 M tM
! SWT.tItC .CJWDS rjjj
I rtM* W lw» <r«M 1 »,-»aHM
, f I fl W I «xi« .»• >*• i r»r**
ruVATrtwwT* «»u>»»a»n
BLon*J\ Lk t»U*». kt amAll
» Mu! futtp ’"iltbi* t a i L*«wA]
ounce i ' ‘ • •••" {
aßUnri.S’! ■» >■* *
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