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Eutered at the Pnetofllc* at Lamar. Colorado.
a» Secood-claea Mail Matter.
' —————
Supreme Judge.. .. J. M. Campbell. j
Governor A . Mclntire.
Lieut.-Governor Jn> L. BRrsn. j
Secretary of State. .A. 15. McGaffet.
Treasurer H. K. Mclxix.
Auditor C. C. Parks.
Attorney-General 15. L. Caul
SupL of School.. Mrs. A. J. Pea vet.
\ C. M. Gikkf.n.
Regents , w K Dcplev. j
Commissioner. E. M Steward.
Surveyor AD. Barton, j
\tWcutioooftkc Repobhe.in party of tlw>
Third Judicial District is hnniby called to
moot in tlw»city of Trinidad. ..n Tbur-d.iy the j
?>th day of at throe•» clock p. m. ,
for the porpow of nominating one tor
District and oaf candidate for District j
Attorney for said district. and for tb* transac
tion of any other busim?** tbat may properly |
come before said oonTmtion. i
The several counties of the district entitled to I
representation in said eon rent ion art- as follows : t
Baca <
IV-nt .. *»
Huerfano JJ
Las Animas S
Prowers •
Total *1
W. R. Sorais. Chairman.
C. F. Tirroy. Secretary. J
To anyone that pays for one year'r- j
subscription to the Lamar Rioistor j
we will send the Colorado \N eekly
Sun, of Denver, until January 1. j
18\»5, free of charge.
The Press, a republican paj>er. |
made its appearance at Sheridan Lake j
last week. Like all true republican
it is opposed to Funderbnrg.
The Kiowa County Leader, edited j
bv Funderbnrg, says that Funder
burg is a man of honor, clean princi- j
pies and the best worker in the dis |
trict Ls that all? You are entirely |
too modest Fundy.
We wonder how the populists here
like the scheme of their leader at the ,
district convention. He wasthecan
didate of the corporation attorneys
for judge, the scheme being for him
to withdraw at the last moment in
favor of Judge Gunter.
Prowers county two years ago gave
Funderburg his largest vote both in i
convention and at the polls. He used :
the privilege given him in a base at
tempt to destroy our chief industry.
Will any citizen of Prowers county j
support him again? If anyone does
he is a traitor to his county and an j
enemy to his own family.
The republican delgation to the
Springtield convention met the first !
of the week and prepared a statement. \
setting forth their reasons for ref ns- j
ing to go into the convention. This !
statement was submitted on Tuesday
afternoon to the joint meeting of the '
Republican League Club and the :
Women's McKinley Club. The ac- i
tion of the delegation was endorsed
by the unanimous vote of the clubs, j
WHEREAS Charles D. Steward .lidbj h» cer
tain deed of trust, dated January lathA.l*.
mlu l recorded «*n February l'd.is biwlc ‘
X* at jiage £1 id the record* in the office of Uie j
clerk and recorder of Kent count y.in the state of
Colorado, convey to Frank K. Atkina. a* trtutee. |
and in rate of hi* death. resignation. failure or .
refusal to act. then to the untlrr»i(tn«i. acting- I
Sheriff id Bent county, state of Colorado. *• i
riircnanr 10 trust, the following described prop
erty. situate in said Bent county, Colorado. to-
I wit • The MKthwvd quarter {k) of —ction
numbered eight (>*' in towuarixip number twenty
tero |2) south of rature fortjF-eix lie'•tsUftlw
sixth principal meridian. also a fall I*m«l |»r
i*»tual water right for one ami eight onodaun
i ilredth* culiic feet id water tx-r second of time
! in the Arkansas River Land. Reservoir and t *-
j nal **■«*»»• jj| ,
I tmtmeat^'otnpan r the payianit of the said j
i notwbeiag ah^sirnAl^" £dgar M*/>t "ward of i
■ r ul sum r.f eight hundred (•*•?! dollar*, due j
and payatde February Uj, A. D. ldd.jmth^iii-
I **Wbereas.*wtid deed td trust provides tliat In
and’parahle. and tl~ trustee «haß. *P*« the at-
Sudjj&aS of
made f^cr^Tter \’foT the <>f j
paying said note and alt intere-t due tlirmiinp j
to the lime id sale. together with the costs of
Woereae default ba* been made ia the r-aymeot j
meit*“d ‘prim-ipal of said mSSTVeSnarv l-t. j
j 1*44, and *uch default* have cietiin.sl f«»r 1
I Whereas, aahl Frank K- Atkins has resigned j
J as such trustee, and refuse* to act as such.
J whereby, the uudarsearned. J. M Marshall, *ct
i ing sheriff of Boot nwntT.f <4i*ra>k*. has hct>m» j
I and is »u<t>.vkc in trust:
W«iec**n«, since the execution «rf said deed of;
frost the »aid entity of Bent wa- by the lens- .
I iative authority of the state «dC«d«»rado sob- !
divided. ami the part or portion of >ai i cowuty j
where tie above described land is situated was I
itwrt and named Prowers county, and by (
tvawMi thsrw‘l this notice i» also published in i
said Prower* county, as well as in said Best j
Sow. Therefore, nofire is hereby given that I. |
f lie andersyrned J. M, Marshall, acting sheriff «d j
ft-nt roiinty. Colort'lo. »ocfS»iir in trust a» 1
| .-tforesaid. at the request •«f tire present legal |
j holder an<l owner of said note, ami under
I and by virtue of the tower and authority in ,
roe v«-*te«L by the term* of said deed of tru-t |
I will, an Tneeday.t he ind day of October \.l». I<4. i
I at the hour of ten o'clock, m the foreooon <rf j
I said day. sell tb- above described prof*rl? a»J I
I all the right, title. benefit and ejuilt if re- I
I dem pt ion of tne said Charles D. Steward W* heir* j
j hiehe-t and best price the same will brine in j
j ca*h. at the west front door of the court h«w*e. in j
1 the town of La* Aninia*. in the county of Bent. 1
and state of Colorado, for the purpose of pay- j
j ing said principal note all interest due therr*»n j
] up to the time of sale, taxes and all costs and I
( expenses of exerut Luc thi* trust.
I Dato<i. La* Animas. Colorado. August >. »■*«*.
I Arthur sheriff of Rent County. Colorado. Soc
ccessor in Trust, and new Trustee.
! chee, farms, mine* and town* of New Mexico. I
i The protits of frtiit raising are set forth in tie- j
[ tail: also fact* relative to siieeji. cattle and I
eral farming. No oiler country |.i»e»w-i such |
! a tie*iruble climate all 'lie year round. Write
I toll. T. Nirnoiaox.G. r A T. A.. A. T. A S. F.
I K. K-. Topeka, ha-., for free copy,
C a 1 ifornia
You ha>-e been planning that Cali
fornia trip for several years. Why
the low railroad rate* for Canfur
nia Midwinter Exposition, at San
Francisco, open until June Ist?
From Jnuuary to June California
ll* at it* I test; bright. Joyous. simuy
day* abounding. And the Fair i*
Worth seeing, tno. It has the best
I of Chicago'* attractions, and new
feature* of great interest.
When von sn, urn quickly and com
fortably vi.v .santa Fe Route. Poe- I
itively the only line with Pullman
tourist nnd palace sleeper* Chicago I
aud Kama* City to San Franei«co,
Los Angeles and San Diego, with
out change.
Write to G. T. Nicholson.G. P. A..
Topeka, or J. P. Hall. Colo. Pas*.
Art. Denver, and ask f<*r freeeoptm
of •• To California and Back.” and
Midwinter Fair literature.
Of Granada, Colo., ■
Wishing to close out his immense Stock of DRY GOODS. CIOIIM
ING. BOOTS. SHOES. HATS. Ac. at once, has concluded to ofiM
them at Lower Prices than such goods have ever been sold
in this vicinity. ■
Ih—t Print.-, worth 8 and 8| ct*., at # eta. I
Good Print*. worth « and cts-. at 8} and 4} eta. ■
Good Madina, worth S eta., at r> and 5} eta. ■
I>rv>s Gingham*, worth 12} and 15 eta. at 8 and 0 eta. ■
Fine Black Caidnnnrr. worth 1° and * ‘cl-, at -V tand .12 #t'. I
Silk Finish Hi*nri**tta. worth $1.25 and $1.54*. at 00 ets. fl
Finest Berlin Saline, worth 25 and :*> eta. at 18 eta B
Finest Men’a Suit-, worth JJO and #25. at if 12 and #l5. fl
Good Men’s Suits, worth #l5 an.l §l s . at #lO anil #l2. fl
Hearv Men's Suits, worth # s and #l'*. at #5 and #tl. ■
Finest Cowliov Boots, worth $5 and #■'•. a* $3.75. I
(sal Fowls -v" Boots, worth #t and $4.50. at #2.'.<o. I
Good HeaTT Boots, worth $3.25 to $4. at #2.50. I
Good Heavy Bs.is. worth $2.50 to #2.75. at #1.75. I
Men’s. I.adi.-' aud flolilren's sh.«-s in like proportion. I
Meal Stetson Hats, worth #0.50, at #4..At. I
Knobby lir.-ss Kats. worth $3.50 and sl.a| $2.50 and $2.73. I
Giber H«t«, of every d.-cript •n. at 40, 50. t»and 75ets. I
worth twice the money. I
My Stock is large, and mostly new. fresh and fashionable,
and will be closed out at exceedingly low prices.
Don't send East for goods. I will sell at less than Chicago
prices and save you expressage.
Don’t buy on time and pay 5 years interest for SO or CO
days time.
Don't wait till the the assortment is broken, but come at
once and see for yourselves. I hope to close out my entire stock
in 60 days.
Strk’ti.t First Cuw Good Room*.
Is Every Pabticylab. Rate* Kkasoraiiix
E. M. SLATER. Manager.
West Olive St. LAMAR, COLO.
-t-D. C. MARKER.^-
Hardware, Stoves and ITinware,
Furniture and Undertaking,
Wagons and Buggies.

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