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Bwii-i < *- iU P<wt<nSn» as Laaw. Cdbe«4».
ict ncm wuwEPorr.
f¥» A Rlku
p, . J F. Hrmui
Erfeto ” e C G«*»l4r
Fm VT mn
Gownar. G. W Atur*
Lwn't Gwrnor.... Hum* Tawnst
Sea««tJT of SUU>.... Duns P«a
State Trwarw— ... J H. Buum
SU!c Aattor. . ... .G*a S. Arwo
Altortw G«»fn! AW. Gcixrrr
Snj*#rinteai<*ai M» Ian Rm*
... I Rxt C. Cfttnsr
Kflrsuarrunnai _
| Gwrxr Kuxu
-xv cuvanMzaxAL uurrmxcr.
Coogmeau . T. R. Humtm
'.‘>&KZ> fCSltOUU MfTXICT.
Slate Seoator D. E. C-oom
uwna tTTTi Mama.
ReprewnUlnf W. R. Wm>c
oocsn TSCSXT.
CommL«jor«f Fur Coounei
The attempt vhidi Um giog is
making to sisr up * county sea* fight
show* to what a <iesperwte condition
they have b««a driretr It take* a
two- thirds majority vote of the tax
)<•} «» to move lb* county seal* and
thf fiOBBtIMOMn bIT« OUhiDg to do
with it.
The Sparks in f4»iming Cool -
idg* has made naaiwoo* promises of
roaioT«wewliip> » rridMiUT
ivaj their own plan of campaign, a
«Teryo» Twawabm how they ««
op the district* lasi Jaauary. and still
coaid not coma any when near most
mg their promises
The county is now paying two ax
torne-rsy two physicians and six road
oversows, and if Higfeee is re-elected
they will have to start a second of
ficial newspaper in order to keep one
of their numerous promises Every
thing is lovely for the gang, if the
taxpayer* can only be induced to
*~grin and bear it*'
The Sparks last week in its des
perate attempt to draw the people’s
attention away from the wild extrav.
agance of the present “reform*’ ad
ministration charge*, that at some
time in the past i date unmeutkoned»
the county paid SI9OO in one year
for physicians and medicine. At
present the county is paying two
physiaas salaries amounting to $ 100
a month, besides an attorney's fee
and the costs of an expensive law
suit: all this in addition to a special
physicians' fee of $250. How is this
for economy * When the last repub
lican board retired the office of coun
ty physician was costing the county
$540 per year. It has never been
less than SBOO a year since then, and
this year the total cost of that posi
tion including the law suit will be
orer S2OOO.
Tr»o»o Cler* Him Bilift.
Th*» Si Arks last week tried to make
some mpittl against ibe* c44 isjiobli
can adnixuatratica. and —penally
Mr. Steward. o»« the depat/ dwrt s
salary bill put is by Mr. I'wWwfod
is 1>V5, amounting to $1074. inti
mating that it ww an art#-tup? to
s«*wl tfai* dumt.
TV* hi-torr of Xbtm mttsr. tm
ea*0y verified hr any<.-oe who desire*
to do mx i« «imply this IV com
pawdioti of deputy ckck tad deputy
treasurer is enttrelv in the hand* of
tl* commission*#*/In January. !»».
at the first meeting of the board, no
pjoridio vw triad** foe depots dark
or deputy tnerarer’s salary, although
rrqaMai by both Mr. Underwood
aid Mr Pik* At wery Bedim:
daring the year the matter was
brought up. but no action taken. In
the tell of that year a east amount of
boaa ocas came into the office of the
clerk in the way of recording, caused
by the purchase of land* by the
Araitv Canal Company, and as the
pressure eras great far haste by them.
Mr. Underwood thought b#*4 to em
ploy two extra clerks, for the purptae
of getting tbe wv*Ht out and keeping
the office cp to date One of tb*—e
extra clerk* was hi* wife and tbe
other was Mrs. L Cook. After the
work wa* done, Mr Underwoo! pot
in a bdl for the extra clerk hire,
claiming it was n*eem*arr hi order to
bring tbe work up to date for bis
-uccewear. and which no member of
tbe board questioned; in fart no on*
**m questioned it but Mr. Lawless
In IVV4 Mr Underwood only received
I2S) for clerk hire, and be claimed
he should receive a fair salary when
she lee* of the office would pay it
Mr Pike also made tbe same plea,
that the fees of hie office should go
towards paying hi* deck hire op to a
fair amount Tbe amount allowed
Mr UnderwY-oi wa* $1074. which
[ with tbe $290 prprxm*lj allowed,
made $137*4 altogether for clerk hire,
including tbe extra clerks, for tbe
two years, or $»V*7 for each year, and
I it was all paid out ex' tbe few of the
I office. The present deputy derk ia
allowed f72» a year tor the same
i serxice* by tbs present board. »ik>
-Spark# has never found fault with it
Mr. Pike was also allowed his derk
hire at tbe rate of $*>* per month.
Why does not the Sparks make some
comment about that also?
In this connection. brought op by
these insinuations of dishonesty by
tbe Sparks nearly every week against
the old republican administration,
we hare Ihts to say ; No taint of d»
honesty has ever reeled upon any
Republican Official of this county in
tbe past When the present demo
| populist reform administration came
| tcito possession of the court boose
and the county records last j an nary.
| an investigation of the books in the
; county clerk** office and county
1 judge's office wa* at once started, in
the hope and no doubt the expecia
■ tioa that a large miseppir jrriaUon of
funds would be uncovered A large
I amount of midnight oil was con
sumed every item was checked over
by the land office expert. but not a
word has ever been beard about the
condition of affaire in tbe Coansv
Clerk's Office or tbe County Judge’s
Office- The disappointment was a
great blow to the said L O. E and
to the editor of the Spark*, whose
bitter hatred toward* Mori Under
wood ia well known in Lamar
We are very glad they did check
up the books, and axe aieo glad that
everything was found straight, at
least in the offices vacated by Repub
lican Officials; and we also hope that
next year when this demo populist j
reform administration turns over the
books to republicans one* more, that
, they will te found equally a* armight
Tbi* bonsai administrate *o of a pub
lic trust i* a crown are are pi ad to sac
, any uian wear. whatever may be bis
l politics or religion; and we an*read*
at all time to commend it, for to our
, mind the u*iseppcopnaturn of public
money, money belonging to the pwo
pie, is one of the most ben sous crimes
against tbe law in our republican
form of government. We regret
that the Sparks finds it necreaary. in
order to pot life into a failing cause,
to be constantly insinuating such a
, thing against old and tried and men,
who tare proved their integrity by
trare o# asroea. IVrbaps a hint W>
the wise may be sufficient
Wanted-An Idea =—3s
tr <-. f.T* t*Mr t>.»r ••»
For itw* fM-xt 30 dart, or natil •• mot* into <wr n#« tail'll ££
w* will ***ll our Aturk of Katana** Book*.
Mrofib<«, Tmta Soup. rir . at gn «>l» n*dßo«i
priw linajf in *wa l'r»*cn{j(i<ict* ftod k»i»> tta filtai with
l*ur»* Fiv*h Dry by » coaafMlaßt i'L*rm*rz*t and at na»
ocaU# priew.
1 N. N. McLEA y.
which is be open to the Public in the
Maxwell Building.
B. H. B*u»*. hm A. N. fiuuu, \k» l*na. W. C. Gocu, l wAa !
The First National Bank
Capital 550,000 Surplus 54.000
B. B. Bwn. T SJ. Bam. W. C. Ovcu.
M. D. Teresas. A N. Fuuuml
?as:r.rj C«fc2r Cmrciii n „ lnll _
i» p»toTO»nu,»; PHARMACIST.
EAT 5 U -—From a Distance-. U
Send your orders Keceive Prompt Attention.
for Fresh Meat to U, EVERETT. Frcpritcr.
Heart Quarter*. I Lamar. Cclcral*-
« Zt4tw “(ko* wifKi OBiiU.
! fnod rtwi 1m Imw f Hftr toil**.
2 «fM of fcml *r>rk barm
1 fmi ramd »■*««.
] pond mi wmd « Ap« tack
1 jpoml wt of ttcirfc btruM
J cuok stow*
1 ftItMHUS kilritft tab*.
Will be In Lamar October 26,
and remain one week.
D %U“u" H«*sUlaJor PlU*
ie «W r»ti«We *mJ* PmmA .1- |Um
faikt *«*•* ■■fwa—rdL SUM »»t i*. 4
C H FtmiUKl. CarHoak C«*a

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