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Municipal Ownership
The writer of a little pamphlet which bat
been published In Cleveland call* attention
to the fact that the movement, for municipal
ownership of pobltc properties U growing
and that the result* are proving *occc**fnl.
Manchester Kugland, has used Its own
gas plant for many year*, and the money de
rived at a charge of «» cent* a thousand
cable feet la sufficient to pay alt expenac*
and give the city treasury annually
for other public expenses. It owns it* own
street railways and rent* them to private
companies at a good round protit, the fare
ix-iug «M|ulvalent to 1 cent a tulle, and the
• ■ouipanv standing the cost of all repairs.
Coder municipal control of its ga* ayatem
Glasgow has reduced the cost of gas front
$1.1-1 to t*» cent*, and car fare* there have
been cut down one third. the town finding
ample compensation In the increase of pa*
aenger traffic. Toronto In 1HUI took posse*
■i.tn of it* street railway ay*tem. lwsel it
to the highest bidder «>n gno«l iwn'MtMM.
uud the rltlaen of that town get* eight tick
et*. for 23 cent* when he rhles during the
“rual»*‘ hour*. Sheffield, I.lverpo**! and Ittr
mlnghatn. in Kugland. enjoy similar bene
fit*. In fact, at the present day over one
third of the street railway mileage of Great
llrltain is owned by mantel paHtle*.
These are facts, not theory. CttlMDi of
Chicago who contemplate the return of the
time when franchise* are to be renewed will
do well to atudy them.- Chicago Kecord.
An Interesting Woman
A woman paat Srt, who ban bad her abarc
of youthful c«od look*, may. 1f "he keep*
her lo-aith. retain the e»»cntiat part of her
atira-'tlveiitw*. which » In character
and expression. Hoch i* the oaae with llettr
tirn n. Tliuv ha* tout-bod her *eutljr. withal.
Her hair la not ret quit® cray. tior her face
rrr*.=i:irJ. She baa keen blue-*ray eyea. a
dear fimphtlou and tiMOfly marked fea
ture* that Indicate truly the force and deter
onlnatlon behind them. In repoae. her ex
i> region bro'me* raone and abe
look* like the borne lovlnc and rfomeatlc
xv-iduu that abe la at heart. Mr* tlreen baa
the reputation, not ait-ceiher nndeaenred.
of l*eloc a bad dresser. Tlda appear* to 1»e
rather au affectation. |>crliapa with a pur
po»4- on her |*art. rarher than a deficiency
of feminine laale. Her ordinary street at
tire. of Hob but plain black. with a Tlolet
trimmed bonnet. na« nothin* outre *lwnl 1C
Her manner. In talking about her battle*
with eoorta and financier*. U full of a*
gwtlvr animation. and jtive* the Impreaslou
that fighting »«|r* her temperament- A |>e
mliar iih-twrewinenca* la Imparted to her
■pec. h by the trace* of New Kngland «jnnk
erl»n> that ellu* to It In moment* of aelf
forgetfulness *be any* “raaa*’ almoat a*
broadly aa the character* In a Yankee dia
lect atory.-—Leullea Weekly-
Don't Give Way to Dispair
AJtbouffh you bare miffrmJ for a Jon* Unw
(rout malaria. djrwpafMta. kl«ln«*y trouble.
nHTon»nw» or blii)iui>nca» Know ttiat H*»
tetter'* Stomach Bltt«*r» has cured wow
<«*•-» than *»or«. xml la potent to hrln you
aw it baa lifiia-d boat* of other* Itnt alway*
rem.mter fhnt trite Mtyrio*. "Itelaja ana
dautreroua.’* Mole bill* *r«*«r to be moun
ta'.ua tu <T»baequcnce of diaregardln* It.
(tw-fe illwnw at the noinat with thU In com
parable dofnixln tuedlrior.
A Modern Habit.
Krnahaw—“That waa a *ad accident that
hat'p'UC'l to Ure. Klcstua."
Flan—“What *a« it?”
RrDtoi*—**Why. a)te fell out of the win
Flin-"T<»u don't may »»T’
lleiunaw “Yea. Th«*r<- waa a family in«*
Inc In next door, and ab* wm trjrln* to aee
what kind of furniture they bad.”—Up to
A True Artist.
••lie fi an actor of Infinite rr source. "
“Yes; tal« advertising nieihndM *h-*w mar
relouw Ingeuulty.' I’bl iadelplila North Amer
Plao’a Cure for Conwuuiptlon ta the beat
if all rough cures.—tieor*- W. Lota. Fa
burber. La.. August 'Ji. 1.***.*'
••I’m a man that like* t** keen tny own
business strictly to myself.” ••Well. then,
you ought to rjutt carrying home package* of
coffee In the atreet rar.”
Make Tea Tk«u%«ml Do 11 Mr* bj
PASTEVKIKK oi k Kar p*rtml»r. write JOHN
T- MILUKM at to. at. leal* M«>
“Hartlpnah ha*. c*>« hliuvalf advertised at
last.” '*Ho» did he «»o Itr- "He wrote
something mean about Pickens.”
Take Laxative Brotr.o Quinine Tablet* All
Druggists refund the money If it fnila to cure. Ac
The Seamy Hade,
••They say food baa an affect on charar
“That may l»c. but hunt ling for food ha a
sawed off many of my moat charming char
acteriatlca.*’—Detroit Free i’resa.
Caacareta atlmulate liver. kldneya and
bowels. Nerar sicken. weaken or gripe. 10c.
•‘Don’t yon like to wee a man strong
enough to throwr off tronbleV” “Tea: If he
■ ! • > rry t'» throw it • »fT ■ »n nu 1
Hun riot In the blood in the Bpring. Hood's
-arsaparilla expels every trace of humor, give*
i good appetite und tones up the system.
Purifier. Ail druggistn. $l, six for $5. Cet Hood's.
■ i «•„ r>rii„ cure liver liis; easy to
nood S rills take, easy operate. Z-o
I’rttoorr 1 * «riilrncr a »M —
Thaa(h lIU K«raaincd a MjiUry
(a ib« Spn-lalor—l owrldrn Co4r of
HKHK was a time
when the crow was
regarded as a veri
table black prince
among Ceylon
birds. The crow
may be a groaa
feeder at times,
but habitually he l*
a clean feeder, say*
the Colombo Pe
riod. Wu It not on
account of the fact that our feathered
friend wan mainly Instrumental In the
dinsemination of the undigested need
of the cinnamon plant that a law was
passed forbidding the killing of a crow
under the severest penalties? Most of
the stories which are related of the
sagacity of the crow and of his power
of acting in conceit with others are so
Incredible that I almost fear to com
promise my character for veracity by
repeating them. For instance, crows
hare be hi known to undo a paper par
cel In order to pry Into Its contents;
to untie the knot of a napkin Inclos
ing provisions; to remove the peg by
which the lid of a basket was fastened
down —always with some unhallowed
object in view; to hunt In couples after
a brood of chicks, one diverting the at
tention of the hen-mother by repeated
feints in one direction, while the other
made off with the coveted prey. etc.
That they have a language of their
own. though undistlnguiahable to our
ears, by which they readily communi
cate Intelligence, give warning, secure
assistance, and combine to act In a defi
nite way. Is only too evident- Point but
a gun at a crow, and the warning cry
of “Gare! Garc" or something similar
la at once raised from the nearest out
post and echoed and re-echoed from
every tree for miles around: and for
many a long day that spot will be care
fully shunned by every crow in the
neighborhood. Put a substitute a stick,
crutch or broom for a gun a&d he will
laugh you In the face and positively
call his fellows to come and defy you
with taunts and yells of derisive laugh
ter. The most notable instance, how
ever, which I have seen of their power
of acting in concert, and apparently
after due deliberation, was what I wit
nessed on a certain occasion of the pro
ceedings of an immense multitude of
crows and which had all the semblance
of an open-air criminal court; or. rath
er. of the summary mode of trial and
execution pursued by vigilance commit
tees under the sanction of lynch law.
It was at noon and I was driving past
the Colombo esplande, when my atten
tion was drawn to a gathering of the
Crow clan in large numbers. They ap
peared to come from the mat and the
west, from the north and the south sim
ultaneously and. for the most part, si
lently. Perched on the branches of
some large trees which stood at a dis
tance and occupying irregular but com
manding positions along the seaside
were stationed certain noisier brethren
apparently engaged on sentinel duty,
but cawing their eternal khaa khaa
with a vehemence and energy which
seemed to denote some occurrence of
more than ordinary import. Perhaps
like the “Qye*! Oyez!” of the town crier
their hoarse, monotonous cries were a
summons to all good citizens to assem
ble forthwith in the interests of public
justice. Presently there was a sort of
an arrangement of the black forces.
Serried rauks formed a kind of square,
all the birds hopping on the ground,
save those on outpost duty, till the
greensward presented almost a funereal
appearance, while in the center, under
the custody of some special constables,
an unfortunate crow culprit was care
fully guarded, not without sundrj*
pecks and raps on the head and other
reminders peculiar to the force. There
was a brief silence while the president
of the tribunal appeared to be asking
the prisoner if be could show <*au*s
why senttncs should not b» passed on
him. Ca»s < 'nott(b he had. poor frl*
low. but the formula «a» unnwaala*.
as In many a higher tribunal, his caae
was prejudiced; and without walling
for a reply he was ordered to be*
drummed out of the ranks, banished,
outlawed —que sals-je? The sentence
was received with acclamation. There
was a universal clamor and uprising
Into the air. f looked round for the
rt«lm: he was running the crow-or
deal for life. He roe*, was peeked at
by a number of his fellows, struggled
fiercely and got off. only to be pursued
by others, who hurled him do am with
beak and claw. Then on bis back,
grimly facing hlc assailants. be fought
desperately for bare life Once again
be was successful, aod this time as bs
rose in tbe air with a rapid wing be dis
tanced his pursuers and was noun lost
to view What hla ultimata fate was I
do not know But the whole affair tn
terested me greatly. What possible
crime could he have committed, tbs
miserable wretch who bad sinned
against the unwritten code of crow
law. such a code as only an opium eater
could cooceive of In bis wildest Imag
inings or a colony of ewaped convicts
enact la a new settlement.
KIIM a l)oo aatf Co** lh* I'oar !*««»•
I'm mm M«ih«*lrM.
A young man with a pet fawn trot
ting behind him attracted attention on
a recent afternoon on the Whit* House
road In Portland. say* the Portland
Telegram. The little creature was per
fectly tame and on the approach o t a
team would timidly rul to the boy‘a
aide, aa though seeking protection. To
a well-known insurance man. who waa
on the road driving with hU wlf*. the
lad had told the alory of hla acquui
tlon of the fawn.
mmdf weeks ago the boy waa fishing
on the Tualatin river. FT*b were plen
tiful. and. engrossed In the sport, the
lad kept hts eyes on the rtppie. taking
no cognisance of what was going on
behind him. A bleating sound from
the bank above him be paid no atten
tion to thinking It was some stray
lamb. The bleating was repeated a
number of time*, but the boy was fish
ing and the trout were rising freely.
1 h«yi came a patter of tiny hoof* down
the river bank and a little cold noae
was pushed in his band. looking
down, the boy found the fawn standing
beside him. apparently without fear,
the pleading look In Its big brown eyes
asking help Its neck and one side of
tbe head waa covered with blood, still
wet. its limbs barely supporting its
frail body. The boy's first thought
was that the waif had been wounded
and in attempting to reach water had
come out on the river bank at the
point of location being the runway, at
through sheer weakness, being unable
to go further, had tumbled down to the
stream, landing by his side. Picking
the little thing up in his arms, the lad
waded out on the ripple and. washing
the blood from the fawn’s neck, found
it uninjured. Some pot-hunter had
phot the mother doe and. with her
dying strength, she had plunged back
through tbe timber to reach the baby
deer, born but a few days before. The
fawn had evidently become alarmed
and started to And the buck. Ita one
point of location being the runaway, at
the river, where, duriug its few days of
life, the two had nightly come to drink.
The boy. who fcave his name as Frank
Harrison, took the fawn to his home,
where there was a baby brother and a
nursing-bottle, and, together Mrs. Har
rison Is bringing up her own baby and
the orphaned deer. It was less than
an hour before the fawn had accus
tomed itself to the new surroundings
and was perfectly at home. It at once
attached itself to the boy, Frank, seem
ing to look on the lad as its natural
protector and now wherever the lad
goes the fawn is sure to follow.
Joke on Him.
“These Jokes about the young man
staying so late." remarked Chollie at
11:58 p. m., “make me tired.”
“Dear me!” said Maud Edith, “I had
an idea you never got tired.”—lndian
apolis Journal.
l lic WonJcrful Uava-K ■ N
A Now Botanical Die. ~\ ,
Hpocinl Interest, t v> Hufl>r< 'B^B
Dls-HUM of th« KidnhVn .
.1««r KhPun;ntlßU.. etc A
to Humanity. sill
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J rim, I^B
TnrKto K. **Mn»»n-l prvd’ub't flnj
I l <t«r JH>|irfi(»a ) used for
Vt the native* before it* ex:*/.< •
;-ert;e* t-ecanie know *^B
through Chriatian miaaionarie* B||
• . 1 reape ft It re*em l !c* the d.v<*'«M
of quinine from the perurian
ramie known hr the Indian**.- - -^B
Je*oit missionaries in South An
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Km ~ • ff * »l*4oe* •• '
wtam-t.m mn-t *):• rapid care l» * •
C '-Vs l - . .. pmrnw'i 1 ■* ** - V --^B
Kre* *t m.'tet I*o •***• u*e .f « •
-• II '.!»•• «cf v MO-* Tflo » • MB
» * • ' f *», y«'* %- .•
rt -n al h-m W~l of 4*tvt»r «*<>'■
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k. A'k. »- t *.»• c wptftf'. "*'
-. ■■ 4 1 h .-.J'* 1 . -a: rrr
r ,«• M» ■ » !
. ~. . < :.,:.f!l !»-*.«*• *-* *^B
k *e, k.ttio »«i4 K*,W»» «
■ «' t" *'»«' • v-w Bl
1- m- • n|lnr<m»uot m.w'j '•
i . itw- ten Itwe* d«rt«a the ri
t -ant of wemkMW of U*« hllAV' H*
• i » ■ f . mh-.rae phi»lf«n« «
'.t.e: *B<J o*mt’* <«Wt»pJetr‘jr I v:r •
f.w »»k. »■> Alkmrr* The irmlstf-er : •
«1 remllt w*?«!lerf»l S 4»
• k~ « im f'V .n
* i *»•--.-* it »mtc that »Aea.»« ••-.•.> :
tvr ’R -V.■..*•» temmd
- • . '* - k '■ r»-» *r«w • “
» c s-iti.f cf Atka*. la
mar-,. • *..«>r(!er* peculiar to wtjmaah'-v-l jn
So far the Chur- h Ktdnejr Cure
pane, No. 4»* Fourth Avenue. Nfl
Vorlt. are the on It Importer* of tB
r.ew remeir and ther are *o
prove ita value that for the aake of
(luction they Will aend a free
of Alkari* 'prepaid by mail to e<reß
reader of this paper who i* a Snffrß
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diaorder. Bright’* Diaeaae, Rbruiß
ti*tu. Dropey, Graenl, Pain in P'-m
Female Complaints, or other afllictiß
due to improper action of the Kidnrß
or Urinary Organ*. We advi*e a' -.fl
erer* to aend their Dane* and addreß
to the company, and receive the Alkxiß
free. It it aent to yon entirely
prove it* wonderful curative powetß
T*»# « «B.miiHTii.r Itoc*
It rurtuer •tm>rUit»r to b**r ®«* °* j
ie» 4»Winc a i|o*-»tl*>u a»*.»nt w*rMtra w» ~
«*f making »n **«rrtV>B. but «h*
-Wh) U It » t—amlful •■•man »»r«*r i» »
telleetnnir* . _
*•!» .1! proKahlUtj’.” nn>tte«l the « i«w
▼llle ‘"ehe »•; but whew « »m«t> *• -
the prrernre <*f * beautiful woman Ur n*-»
U»« enough left to know whelk**? *
t» iuteileetual or not.*'--Cincinnati K*h -
Mr. Goodman. Williams County. lil
wrtu* us: •From one package Sailer
German Coffee Berry I *re«
pounds of better coffee than I can bu
in store* at 30 cents a pound."
A package of this and big **«d cats
togue Is sen: you by John A. Baiw
Seed Co.. I-a Crosse. Wla.. upon receip
of IS cents stamps and this notice » o
“Do you believe the arbitration tiwt
wnnld establish universal pwrt. JuU-i
--dl l but ! -aid *« to an unur oßot »
ulffht. «u<l he got hopping mad.
Ju*» try a IOC box of Caseareta caod? *
tharttc. the finest liver aud bowel regu J
“Mr. t* positively Ibe meanest mi
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mark* everything h** has read with 1 , .
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