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Marie Corelli is. according to a Lon
don writer, a petite blonde, with blue
gray eyee, a short, rather aquiline nose
and quantities of fluffy, flaxen hair, ar
ranged in curia over her forehead and
wiled becomingly round the back of
her small and shapely head. She
dresses with Parisian elegance, and
■when at home wears ‘a clinging bebe
frock of liberty silk, with turquoise
butterflies and emerald butterflies
pinned Into the lace about the throat,
or else trailing garments of sheeny
satin and shimmering plush.”
Col. John Hay’s ’Pike County Bal
lads" are being quoted in England Just
now as showing what manner of man
Is to represent us at St. James. If the
Briton expects to And in Col. Hay a
raw American, of the Joaquin Miller
type, who despises book lamin’, he will
be mistaken. Colonel Hay has. so to
speak, ’’lived down” his early efforts
as a writer of dialect. He haa in recent
years printed o<*c*»ionally a poem In
conventional English, not distinguish
able from quantities of verse which ap
pear In American and English period
icals. But be Is rarely or never classi
fied as an American poet. He writes an
occasional ’’piece” because he likes It,
but he belongs to the school of Glider.
Johnson and company, and Is anything
but aggressive In what may be called
literary Americanism. It will be better
tor the Briton not to think of CoL Hay
as a man of letters at all. but as a gen
tleman of culture, a polished man of
the world, with a deftness In affairs
with high knowledge of public usage
who has done nothing of consequence,
outside of his history of Lincoln, sim
ply because "it has not been necessary
for him to hustle.”
The statistical abstract of the United
States, prepared under the direction 05
the secretary of the treasury, and Just
Issued b7 that authority, has among it*
many tabulated statement* the follow
ing In regard to the decline In prices
of domestic iron. The figures cover
each calendar year from 1850 to 1895.
The quotations on No. 1 anthracite
foundry pig Iron at Philadelphia In
1850 were $20.88; in 1864. *59.25; in
1887. $20.92. and In 1895. $13.10. Bar
iron, best rolled, at Philadelphia in
1850 was quoted at $59.54; in 1564 at
$146.46; in 1882. $61.41; in 1892, s4l 89
and in 1895, $30.02. Iron rails, stand
ard sections, at mills in Pennsylvania
in the year 1850 were quoted at $47.88:
in 1864 at $126; in 1873 at $76.67. and in
1882 at $45.50. Steel rails were not
made in commercial quantities before
the year It ft, and at that date at mill*
In Pennsylvania were quoted at $166.
In 1873 they had dropped to $120; in
1879 to $48.25; in 18S0 they made a
Jump to $67.50; in 1889 they had de
clined to $29.25, and in 1895 to $24.33.
The best prices of wire nails per keg
of 100 pounds from factory, t. o. b. Chi
cago, In 1887 were $3.15; in 1892 they
had fallen to $1.49, and in 1895 had
risen to $1.69. The ups and downs of
these values are to be traced to vari
ous causes It is, however, noticeable
that the downward trend has been ,
more steady and less erratic.
The Victor (Colo.) Times says, ‘‘Rev.
Mr. L. is expected to arrive in Victor
this evening. He will a>~«py the pul
pit of the Rev. Mr. M., wnose broker
age business now requires his entire
time, rendering it impossible for him
to fulfill his duties as pastor.” Rev.;
Mr M. evidently believes in laying up i
a few treasures also where moth and
rust doth corrupt.
All we’ve got to say is that we are
aorrv for that Brahmin boy who has
to tote the soul of the late Madam Bla
vataky around with him through life. ;
Th«* Outlook Nut m> (iood for CUmh*-
rtii>u(h Her NiiV) 11a« Donr Cioo«l Work
I'tiurNiU IN.II Now Hr- Klrttilj Orfriutrti
Ixuuiod, April XL-Thr wnr new* re
ceived front the special corrcapondents
of the Idtidon morning papers for pub
lication to-morrow In meagre and con
flicting. The only **ertalnty seem* to
be that Tyrnavo has not yet fallen,
hut Neseros is In the hands of the
Turks. The Chronicle's Athens corre
spondent says ttint tire Creek* hare re
treated from Mat!.
According to the Time** correapon
! dent at Athena, the result of the light
ing. vst.-h wpw rafft&ff furtoMly kl
Matl yesterday. would decide the fate
of and If the Turks capture
Math Tyrnavo must fall.
A telegram from Larissa, dated 5
iViilCk this »*v.-mng. aays that
Turks are eugagTsl. and that Crown
| Prince Constantine has arrived on the
scene of action. The Creeks an* main
taining their tioaftton*.
All the dispatch*** from Athens ad
mlt that the situation Is extremely
icrare. Fighting ap|>enra to be going
on along the whole frontier line It
la rumored here that the King will
start for on Monday next.
The western division of the Creek
fleet has nailed from I.eucn* for the
coast of Epirus, with the d**ign of
fomenting a revolt among the Alba
It is said that Hefe Pasha will re
sign the command of the Turkish fleet
If It Is ordered to leave the Pardcn
elles. He is said to have declared the
vessel* "quite unlit for active opera
Offers of llrip for «irre*e.
Ixtndon. April 21 —A special dis
patch from Arbens say* that offers of
help are reaching The Greek govern
meat froin all quarters, and the mill
tnry authorities expect to have 40.000
volunteers enrolled under the Greek
flag before the beginning of next week.
A dts|iatch to the TUne* from Canea
says that the fighting is going on a!
most daily In the vicinity of Candia. I
where there are 5.000 insurgent*. In
cluding 000 cavalry, together with a
considerable body of Greek troops and <
four heavy gun*.
# rhe Epirote* at A then* are prvpar 1
Ing to leave the city In order to assist j
the Creeks In capturing Eplru*. as far J
as the Berlin treaty line.
The National league. of Greece has <
advaoml the passage money for l.uuf)
Garibaldlun*. who are expected at the j
Plra»*u« immediately.
The Pan-Hellenic steamer Albanian
Is on her way to Itlinenl to embark
3,000 Italians who. the Greek minis
ter at Home telegraphs, are ready to j
fight for Greece.
The governor expresses the fear lest
.lie Insurgents may attack the town !
eu masse. The Turks there have no j
Held gnus.
Prise* Constwnt lii*'w Hiratrff.
Now York. April 22.—A dispatch to j
the Journal from Athens nay a:
The bombardment of Platamona by *
the Greek fleet reveal* at last the clev
er plan of work which Prince Constan- I
tine Is tinfolding. While Kdhem I'a- i
aba. with an army of 40.000, Is sur
rounding the Greek headquarters at j
Larissa, a Greek army of 20.000 Is ;
pushing rapidly to the rear of the |
Turks, with the intention of cutting j
off the enemy’s lln»- of retreat and f
base of supplies. A portion of this ar
my, which lauded some days ago, lias
one objective point, the Saloniea rall
ioffd. which i» 1 1j»- solitary lineof anp
plies of the Turkish army. With tin
support of the Greek fleet, which has
arrived at Platamona. It Is now lie
lieved that Kdhem Pasha’s unny will
be caught in the plain* of Thessaly
with 35,000 Greeks under Prince Con
stantine in front of him, and 20,000
men ami the Greek fleet behind in
possession of the line of retreat ami
base of supplies. This dire contin
gency was not suspected by (be Turks
until yesterday .
The Greek* Going Well.
New York, April 22.—A special to the
Pres* from Larissa, dated April 22,
midnight, says: The Greeks laid the
best of the fighting to-day. The fight
ing has l>een line to line and the move
ments of either side have been marked.
Thin evening the main nriulrt occu
pied unirljr Oh* kuuk* iHwdtlon* an they
held till* morning. Tlie fighting all
«lny vu soverc.
Will Throw «« ihr Turkish l»hr
Pari*. April 23. The Politique I\ ►
lottinle publishes telegrams from the
Si«orade* and the Inland of Samoa. .»ff
the I'oant of Aw la Minor, declaring that
the Inhabitant** are Impatiently awnlt-
Ins the arrival of the lirook fleet a** a
signal to shake off the Turkish yoke.
Inrktsh M»rr» lir-atroyriL
Athens. April 23, na. in.—After the
bombardment of Katerina, on the Gulf
of S* lonic*. by the Greek squadron,
had put to flight two battalion* of
Turk* uud the inhabitant* «? {».«(
plnee. the (.reek fleet landed a detach -
tneut and found the Turk* had left be
hind them lrumen*** *tores of provis
ion* destined for the arndea of Edhetn
pasha These valuable ntore* had be«*n
left unprotected lu the belief by the
Turk* that a blockade of Greece by the
fleet* of the power* would prevent the
Greek fleet from attacking the TurkUh
town* «>n the Gulf of Salon lea. which
are neaf the railroad to Ralonbra. and
which hare lerii used a* {mint* to land
store* for the TurkUh army and for
ward them to the froot.
The capture of thc*e town*, not to
mention tin* h*** of the •tore*, place*
a, aerioti* difficult > in the path of Kd
hem l*a»ha. and It U stated here that
.as nr**n a* the TurkUh commander-in
• chief he*ml the new* of the capture of
: Plafamonn and Katerina he dispatched
I 10.000 men toward* the coast of Mace
; donla. fearing a flank attack from the
: Gulf of Sahmtca.
Wore Kr**nrr. Catted Otit-
Athett*. April 21 It ha* been deehl
! <d to rail out aereral of the landwehr,
i or militia.
In Greece all able-bodied male* from
I twenty-one year* of age and upward*
are liable to be calb-d upon for military
were ice. The total service 1* for nltte
: teen year*, of which two years rwtth
I eui*»htriable leaves of .iiw. must
I be passed with the oiloro. and m'vro
I year* are then paawed in the resurre.
! and tlt** remainder of the total term of 1
nineteen year* U |m**cd lo the militia
or landwehr
i The Honmantan gorernment U pre- :
paring for wnr by announcing the U- j
*ne of bill* to the amount of S.GTtl.iam
, fran.-s for the extraordinary war
[ credit.
r«L VSOSOS Active.
London. April Zl --The Time*" oorre- .
spondent at <'nuen *aya that to-day the
insurgent* are attacking Fort Izxedlu. !
which 1* occupied by the International
troop*. in addition to the Turkish gar
rl*on. Three warship* have left Kuda
and anchored opposite the fort. The
admiral* have gone to reconnqltar In a
torpedo boat. He nays that* Colon**!
Va«*oM ha* written to the admiral* to
a*k whether tie* power* are In alliam'e
with Turkey. The object of this Inquiry
la obvious
A dispatch to the Daily New* front
Canea *ay* Hint Colonel Vaaaoa ha* no
rths! the admiral* that he lui* been or
dered to attack the Turk*.
lirreks Falling tUrk.
New York. April 23.- The Journal
and Advertiser thl* morning print* a
special from Loudon, the following dis
patches from G. \Y. Steven* to the
London Mail, describing the lighting at
Milouna Pa*#:
**The Turk* have now auvi'erded in j
forcing back the'Greek* from their |*o- !
»itlon on the height* above Tyrnnvo !
and are now preparing for the final ad j
vunce on I<ari**a.“
llulgmrl* May Tskr s Ilaud.
A dlapatcb to the Standard from It* i
correflismdeni at Constantinople says:
“The ltusslan government has sharp- |
ly ordered llulgnria to keep quiet, yet
Bulgaria has given the porte notice
that she will mobilize her troop* tie i
morrow (Saturday) unles* the berntH ji
(the warrant* for live more Bulgarian
bishop* in Macedonia) and the appoint
ment* of Bulgarian commercial agents
at Usktib and Monaatlr are granted.
It is said that the Sultan will not
grant Bulgaria's demands.
Kolgsrlw Mmy Fight.
Constantinople. April 23.-—M. Nelldoff. |
the Russlnu ambassador, bn* advised
the Turkish government not lo expel
the Greeks from Turkey at the explra-
tion of the fortnight's
them io havc, when diplomat!'
tlona between Turtry au.i I
severed on Ia at Sat unity ¥>
Greek*. however, already an* |a
There I# much omrern
Turkish government ..tH* ini* ■
oount of Bulgaria's iierHlsrcnt ft-;
for berata for five additional I
bishop* in Mn..d**i«l.i. .md '. r M
polntment .»f Bulgarian I
acuta at T'skub and M.xm-i.H
Bulgarian representative her.
| audience with the stiltan on <■
>*t and Informed hi* majesty tfl
lew* the b**rat« were coined.*.! ly
day next. Bulgaria would l»-g;r,B
blllac her army on Saturday ifl
tan promised to gram the Ural
asked Bulgaria to Ik* patient J
war with Grweee la over. HU -Lj
alao granted Bulgaria's rap; k
permission to appoint raniifl
agent* at t’lkuh and Monaat. r fl
In view of thl* the Bulgarian|r»
•entatlre yesterday pre*cntrd .1
maturn at the Ylldlx kio*k andfl
qoently the em basso y infornxfl
Bulgarian representative that tfl
merit was Inopportune for lu«U-fl
•>« the Multan granting the henitfl
Ing that Russia won).! not *uj ;-fl
demand if the Bulgarian artil
mobilised and that the re.jw.;,fl
for the roasequeaewould fillfl
•Ively upon Bulgaria B
Howhantlnf a T«*n.
t’orfn. April 23.- The western I
squadron is bombarding the fl
tjuaranto and doing great dm; I
the town AU tb** government S
vate building* have U* n
s fl
\ n 11«- atoftM n 4 i fl
dhw* of the quay hate t—. n barm
Hfty refugees, who hail naß
i on -hips, have taecn Isud.-d h-r-
Tarkbk fner*- Inaitlir
I.ondoii April 20. The Athena
i -**oU«lent of the Ihi U r t’hr*x»l„
j that the Crow n I’noiv romtaniti
w * rf, l to King George a* folio wi
The Turk* are quiet to-day.
’o our *time« yeaT.-rday iTlmrj
Wo have destroyed the Turkish b
at I.igerta The Turk* have r
from Nexero* ami Unpaid. Tbr j
««f our diet at Katerina wa* exo
l was In the fir*? 15m* of flrr j|
| day.”
* be Chronicle* correspondent ■
“The Turk* are greatly dmnayfl
'be destruction of thetr store* jB
’crina and at laitorhatou.
Sa. hfourta destroyed tin* *t<xv*B
tbe <•« >a*t to the f.—t ..f Mount fl
pua Nothing ntiiair*.
! Bdbeaa I*n*ha to carry away l>ifl
ger. The *»»a»t nwd twlag t«irr»fl
‘■nly remaining road from Halotfl
the Perri mail, eight mile* froinfl
-•ota." H
Tin* Athena .-»>rr»*i*.inJ.nt B
Time* will *ay to-morrow : H
Th"*e In authority lien* regatfl
'ituation a» highly critical. d««i>ifl
favorable new* from Hplrn*
contiuue* at Xfatl. The Crown ifl
- :r»l
maintain a strictly defensive itß
A |tortSon of the western squadnfl
lw*eo detaclied to bombard the I
r.*a#» Harga. op|«o«ite |*n island fl
A di*fiatch to the Time* fr»ul
lotina Pa**. dute«| to-day. nay* fl
"Edhem Pasha continue* to purfl
cautious policy. Ill* plan serin* B
to capture in nune*<4oii a utimliß
*tnall ixmltlonM held by the Grc'kßj
to avoid a general engagement, fl
Turks are making a g«**l military B
t(trough the p«.*a. The eannonadfß
tinnea from tin* Turks, who nr.-B
yanclng to the left wring, but In tlfc
reclioo of Tymato matters are -B
having taken and ik-.-B
the town.
arriving and the r.**ult of the ufl
lx*yond doubt. The Turks tr»*at fl
prisotiera with humanity and Kit
IleHS.’’ S
A dispatch to the rimes from B
stAntinople says that while o-B
J’asha will take supreme commaifl
nil the Turkish armies engaged a-fl
Greece. Kdheui l k ashn will remafl
active command of th» eastern ;tfl
with headquarter* at Ma.edonis.B
Mrs. Brown—Ji is a wonder tha k
Meek never married. I tin surtfl
would have made an excellent husbfl
Mr. B. —Yes, indeed. It Is a pity I
nobody asked hltn. —New York fl

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