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A. T. & S. F. Tim Cano.
Daily Lamar, Colorado Dally.
Wiit Bodvd. Kamt Bocnd.
No. I 2 20 a. m. So. 2 1 W p.m.
No. I 2 90 a.m. : No. • 2 01 a. m.
So. IT 5 X a. m- 1 No. » 11 21 a. m.
No. HI Kr«t 2 30 p.m.; No. 83 Fr«t
Train* S and 0 arc VMtibuln trainc betawn
Chloaffoaad Don«t*r. they will carry chair ear
and Pull in am throoffh without eh*a«».
Train* 1 and 2 ara local Mprau train* and
will carry ft rat and aoouud rlas* eoacber. lourtit
•U«p«r* and Pullman alaepar*.
Ten r—r cent, reduction on regular fare mil b®
made when round trip ticket* are purchased.
O. J, Oanvtw. Ajront.
wiD Tt*it Lamar on the ‘2lst of each
month and remain six days.
J\ S. MASTY, D-,
On Second Floor of the Good
ale Block.
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Lauae, Co lob ado.
Second Floor Coodate Building.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Limas, Colobapo.
OITIco In Lend Office Building.
Stenographer and Typewriter,
ftacoud n«-*r of Ooodale Bullilitur-
Dictation taken direct to the machine or
in abort-hand- Copying a apeoialty
The People’s Friend.
The Store that Sells one tine or
Oooil* at actual Wholesale Price*
each Day of tho Year.
Monday, Jan. 3 Can Corn, 7}c
Tuesday, Jan. t Soap, H bars for 25c
Wednesday, Jan. 5 Chow Cbow. 15c :
Tbnraday, Jan. 0 Peaches. 15c
Friday, Jan. 7 Tooth Picks, -T|c
Saturday. Jan. 1 Apricots, 12c
After these day* the goods Darnel will ;
•ell at regular retail price, which is ,
Can Corn 10c, Snap 6 (or 25c, Chow
Chow 20c, Peaches 2K-, Tooth Picks 5c
and Apricots 15c.
Wo will sell JimiA. Hominy, Maple
Sirup, Breakfast Food,Soda and Coffee.
Save ><iu r orders until you see our price*.
We aare you money.
WM. F. V IIOSS, Prop.
Blodgett Bldg. LAMAtt. COLO.
Conwell Bid’s
County Officials.
Clerk and Recorder 8. B. Faulkner
.VviwMir J. A. William*
•Sberiff Wm. UcKeuiie
Treaaurer . J- W. Bout
Sniwriolonilrnt uf School* <». T. F*a»t
County Jiuitfo I>. W. RohiiiMiii
Sunreyor A. D. ItarUiu
Coroner F rod Leo
JS. J. Ilitrhee. Chairman
K. M. Steward
J. S. Met ’lnn if
City Officials.
Mayor F. J. Holm***
Clerk 0.0. Lynch
Maroh.il Cal Dowuincr
Treasurer Mr*. M. I~ Stewart
[ W. J. Johneton
M. L. Con well
Truetee* ] A* -LHmttel
j Frel Lea
LI. L. Maxwell
()«ir»T Cmitthr. No. St. R. A. M.—Stated
l't>o»oc4llon» lit aod *fd W
A. J. llutui., 11. P.
L. Wi«t Vlarbham, Seereurjr.
A. P. A A. M.—Lamar Lodoh No. 90. bm4«oo
the first and third Saturday eveniuK of each
month. F. J. Uolmk*, >S . M.
C. CL Liven. B«r*tArjf.
I. O. O. P.—Lamar Lui>ob No. » meet* every
Tuesday. at Up. m. Alimmottm of tbii
and all tiniinc onithvn of the order «re
ally imitid toattmil. F. A. WaTtM.N.U.
S. H. Mfkß. Sec.
No. JC iiiwh t hf laat Saturday in ««ry month
at 9 p. m. Yialtinf Deiirhbon wre always wel
eum* Oeo. T. Fbast. V. f.
A. Vam Deuiv, ('lark.
K. O. T. M.—Lamar Tkkt No. 1* meet* Rtthe
Mn-.nir hall the la*t Wednesday in each month.
All kniahta toviind to attend r*» lew*.
1. tl. Mirks. Com.
C. M. Lick. R- K.
Tmr Lamar Firm Dmartrixt meats at tbs
Ho** House on the first Tuesday in each
month at *|> m. Oscar Kirrb. Chief.
JorT. Lawless. Sec.
O M A.- ti.RAARDRR Rbalm No, » meeU
•Tpri M■ -.-day at A p. m. VUilin* member*
cordially invited to attend.
K. P. A A. II.—OftAMADA Lotto K No. "1 meets
Satoarday nichts on or before each full moon
and two weeks thereafter.
D. W. Robinson. W. M.
C. L. McPmerso*. Secy.
I. O. O. P.—<lra» ida Lodue No. 7C meet* »t
--•rj H.turtl.jr ni«bt. w ,. U „., 1L1 ..*.0.
Wm. McKexrim. Sec'y.
The DiiMd PmbrMriaM hold eervice* M«*rj
Sabbath at it a. m ati<t * .00 a. m. Sabbath
•rhoul at 10 a. n». K. rawtiu* at 7 .tft) p. ro.
All cordially invited.
I.C. Rtxux. Paator.
M E. CHvarit AT LaMa* - Service* held aa
follow* : I’reachin* *» er* Sunday at 11 a.m. and
ft p. ro. Suuday School at 9:11 a. ro.
C. w. H ABXKO. Pa*tor.
('HitxTt tx Cnrarn at Lam a a -Sunday School
•very Sunday at 9 JO a. in. Service* each Sunday
at 11 a. ro. and ft p. m.
Mai Vtu.it SrxDUWHOot-At May Valley
School 11..u** at 3o'clock p. m. Every one cor
dially invited to attend.
(iIAVAOA M. E. CncKCB —Service* every Sun
day evening. and Sunday-echool at SJO o’clock
p. in. Everybody invited to attend.
ti. S. FntM'H, Pa*tor.
M. E. Y. P. S.T. E. Meet* every Sunday even
lnjrat7«*»at M. E.t'lmrch. All young people
are cordially invited to attend t been meeting*.
Leer M. Nowiu, Pm.
IX>a a Nklaom. Sec'y.
Dependent & Neglected
3233 Bert Street,
Will receive infants and
children under 10 years.
For particulars regarding
admission address the sup
BMtCooffii SrraikTuw Good. ChH
A Year of Great Improvement
in Prowers County and
It Has Been the Year of the Createst
Ditch Building and Improving
in the History of the
When the history of the develop
ment of Prowers county is written
181)7 will bo given place as tho red
letter year in many respects. In the
development of the canal systems,
those great arteries of life which en
able the farmer to make hie land
productive, and on which the pros
perity of all in the community de
pends, it has never been equalled.
On the first of Jaunary last year
the farmers under tho old Henry
canal were just beginning to sign the
contracts for the enlargement and
improvement of the canal by the
Storage company, bnt the company
in charge of the canal at the time re
fused to allow the work to he done.
A hard legal battle followed which
at last left the farmers in actual pos
session of the canal they had bought
and paid for. Tho many and costly
improvements, which were proposed
on this property, were pushed as soon
as the farmers got jiossession, and
are now nearing completion. When
it is remembered that half tho farm
ing of the county is done under this
ditch, and it has long been in an un
satisfactory condition, this improve
ment alone is enough to make the
year a notable one.
The greatest work of the year has
boon that of the Great Plains Storage
Company in developing their great
reservoir system, which will include
the big King luke as one of the small
resor%'oin>. This system is estimated
to cost a half million dollars, and will
bring 100,000 acres of new lands in
Prowers county under irrigation be
sides furnishing to holders of water
rights under the Amity canal the
most reliable water supply in the
country. This great work under the
management cf Engineer E. C. Haw
kins is being poshed very rapidly,
and the present year will see it com
pleted to the point where water can
be applied to the new lands. This
company have demonstrated that
they have money and mean business,
an agreeable contrast to many of the
enterprises started here in the past.
The Lamar canal, the largest one
on the south side of tho river, has also
at last got into the hands of men who
mean business, as the $30,00U spent
on improvements, now almost com
pleted, will show. This will give a
new impetus to farming on this side
of tho river, and make a marked im
provement in the appearance of the
county from the railroad, where most
strangers got their view of it.
Tho Amity company has continued
its work of development and improve
ment, which is rapidly placing it in
lead as the greatest irrigation system
in the United States.
The rapid increase in tho .popula
tion of the connty has been one of
marked features of the year. This
increase amounts to 20 per cent of
the population, and is made up prin
cipally of farmers who have purchased
lauds, built homes and moved their
families here. They are for the most
part men of substantial means and a
desirable addition to the population
of our county.
The farmers this year have nearly
all been blessed with bountiful crops
of most every kind, and the unusually
high prices which have prevailed on
much of the farm produce and stock
has caused it to be a remarkably good
year for the farmers. One evidence
of the general prosperity can be
found in the bank statements. The
one published the first of last year
showed $75,000 on deposit, while the
one published last week showed de
posits of over SIOO,OOO, the largest
in the history of the county. This
is a gain of 'lo per cent for the year,
and this big total is rapidly' increas
ing we are informed.
In the town of Lamar the improve
ments and progress have been no less
marked than in the county. The
building boom still continues to grow
larger and larger, and although many
new dwelling houses nave been added
to the town, there ure not near
enough to supply the demand. A
number of fine business houses have
been built during the year, and add
much to the appearance of the busi
ness part of town. The population
of Lamar has increased even more
rapidly than the county, as shown by
the crowded condition of the public
schools, although two new rooms
were added during the fall.
The rapid influx of settlers under
the Amity canal has caused a revival
of interest in the east end, which has
been sleeping since the boom. The
newcomers nre men of means and
have in one year’s time built up a
fine farming section composed of cul
tivated farms and comfoi table homes.
This settlement has caused the new
town of Holly to spring up in one
year from away station to a thriving
and enterprising villiage. Granada
has also felt the effects of the new
settlement, and the spirit of progress
is at work there also.
The year 1898 opens with bright
prospects for Prowers county, and
we hope that on the first of next year
we can record even greater progress
than we have for the past year.
New and Improved Train Service.
Denver to California in two duys.
Two fast trains daily to Kansas City
and Chicago.
Seven hours quicker time to New
Mexico, El Paso and Mexico.
These nre some of the improvements
offered to Colorado travelers oy the San
ta Pe railroad.
The through sleeping and chair car
service has also been extended.
Fred Harvey’s dining cars and houses
are too well known and liked to need
Going east, west or south from Colora
do the best route is the Santa Fe.
Excellent local service between Den
ver, Colorado Springs, Munitou and
For information nnd reservations call
on any agent, or address,
J. P. HALL, General Agent,
1700 Lawrence Street, Denver, Colo.
THE Annual meeting of the Stockholders of
the First National Hank of Lamar, ('dora
do, will be hold at the Ranking Room on Tues
day. January 11, 1898, at 3 o’clock P. M. for the
purpose of electing a board of director* for tho
ensuing year and the transaction of such other
business as may properly come before it.
W. C. GOULD, Cashier.

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