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Kntored at the Postoftice at Lamar, Colorado
aaSecond-class Mail Matter.
Euitoramd PauraißTOK.
SoßaokiPTioM Katies:
1)01 Year !... *1 50
Sit Months 75
Three Mouths 50
Lamas, Uolobado, July 2, 1002
The hot weather has had odo very
benefioeut effect. It haa driven con
gress into adjourning.
King Edward is now rapidly re
covering from the operation which
was performed npon him.
The adjournment of congreaH leavea
the beet sugar men victors in the
first round with the trust.
President Roosevelt has done noth
ing unusual this week, and grave
fears are felt with regard to his
All the pool rooms of Europe hnvo
publicly posted bets on whether or
not King Edward would die, and yet
they lay claims to being civilized.
Denver has ruled toy pistols and
cannon oraokers out of the game on
the Fourth, and hopes by this means
to materially decrease the death rate.
King Edward has been assaulted
by anarchists eight times and still
lives, but it is a safe guess that he
can't escape from the doctors that
The canal bill has been signed by
the president and it now only re
mains to decide upon the route, and
in a few years the two oceans will be
The first move of the new Cuban
government was to out off some of
the publio schools, and this is the
people Uncle Sam made such sacri
fices to free.
The president will celebrate the
Fourth by issuing an amnesty proc
lamation to all Filipinos who are now
serving prison sentences for offenses
against the United States.
Senator Stewart announced to the
senate last week that the silver issue
is dead and the senators, who have
listened to hours and miles of rot on
the subject from that same old fakir,
truly rejoiced at the funeral.
The rotten condition of ttie Denver
democracy was well stated by one of
its officials, who when the proposi
tion to organize a press bureau was
announced, said: “The democracy
don't need a bureau, it needs a
The long-eared row in the U. S.
senate is rapidly growing, Senator
Bailey of Texas being the latest ad
dition. He has just assaulted Sena
tor Beveridge, who is about half his
size. The entire democratic side of
that body seems to be long on ears
and short on brains.
Senator Patterson is now throwing
mud at Admiral Dewey. A few weeks
ago he was claiming that Dewey was
the greatest American hero, but since
that time the admiral has been so un
fortunate as to differ With the senator
on the Philippine question. Of course
it is impossible for Dewey to be so
well informed on the subject of the
Philippines or any other as is Sena
tor Patterson.
After two weeks of frantio efforts
the democrats of Denver have at last
succeeded in detracting public atten
tion from their latest scandal. Even
the most greedy scandalmongers
have been surfeited by the constant
ly recurring Hood of fusion scahdals
and outrages during the past two
yeais, and Governor Orman’s one
term will long hold the record as the
most disgraceful in the history of the
Important Legislation.
The present session of oongress
will be conspicuous in history for the
important legislation enacted, prom
inent in whioh will stand the act for
the establishment of a government
for the Philippine islands, the pass
age of the isthmian canal bill, involv
ing the selection of the Panama route
and the inauguration of a movement
for the reclamation of arid lauds at
the expense of the national govern
These throe measures will he far
roaching in their effects. The first
provides a solution for the great
Philippines problem which grew out
of the war with Spain. The second
will mark the beginning of one of
the greatost engineering undertak
ings with which the American people
have been connected, and the relation
of which to development of our com
merce on the Pacific cannot yet be
estimated. The third concerns the
material development of the interior
of the United States in a highly im
portant way. It will provide homes
for maoy thousands of people in an
arid part of our national domain and
stimulate the growth of the far west
to a remarkable degree.
All these matters have boon dis
posed of with wisdom, reflecting
credit not only upon congress but al
so upon the American peoplo without
whose endorsements they would not
have been considered with favor
The Filipino bill has not yet become
a law but it is in such an advanced
stage that it may with confidence be
classed with the work of this session.
—Denver Republican.
The letter from Grover Cleveland
to Wm. L. Wilson dated August 13,
1804, which was read by Isador
Strauss at the unveiling of the mon
ument to the dead congressman yes
terday shows as nothing else has done
tho extent of humiliation felt by the
tariff reformers of that day. The
manner in which they were deserted
by their party was pitiful.
The battle had been waged for
years with varying success, gome
times the Democratic party controlled
the house, sometimes the senate and
once the presidency, but in 1892 it
found itself in complete ascendency.
After a campaign waged especially
on the issue of tariff for revenue only
and an overwhelmimg victory the
boose and senate proved recreant to
the trust which the people imposed
upon them and enacted a tariff bill
which, in addition to increasing the
iuiquities of its predecessor, failed
as a revenue producer.
It is little wonder that Mr. Cleve
land said he almost lost faith in the
organization. For that action the
party has paid dearly and the end is
not yet. It is now 10 years since
that memorable election and the peo
ple, so far, have shown no signs of
relenting and again giving the Dem
ocrats a voice in the government.
The record of the last congress
which they controlled continued to
rise up to plague them. Only this
week Mr. Cannon of Illinois, reply
ing to a lengthy arraignment of the
administration by Mr. Richardson of
Tennessee said:
“We pull the wagon and we do
the work, and you find the fault.
You have been at that now for over
a generation and still we bav* pulled
along. It does you good and I do
not think it hurts us. You had full
power under Cleveland. You come
in power partially from time to time,
but then you had full power. It is
recent—from 1893 to 1897. Don’t
you wish you could blot out the rec
ollections of the matter in which yon
exercised it? And for gall and
cheek, witness the recent perform
ance, now, when we are doing the
best we can, meeting every obliga
tion, the country prospering, passed
through the war with honor, passed
through the war with justice, solv
ing the questions that grew out of
that war and solving them with
courage, notwithstanding the criti
cisms and opposition of the gentle
men of your party, still you scold.”
And what answer could Mr. Rich
ardson make? What reply could
any Democrat make? —Topeka State
If you suffer from sick headache, pal
pitation of the heart, heartburn, costive
ness, flatulency, sour stomach or bad
taste in the mouth, you have stomach
and liver trouble. You should not delay
but go to your druggist at once and get
a bottle of Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin.
It positively cures constipation, dyspep
sia, liver and kidney troubles. 50c and
$1. The Up-to-Date Drug Co.
All Ti«t Wm LMktag.
Gladys—Yes;' Rupert and I are en
gaged; but It’s a secret, as yet.
Kdith— As yet?
Gladys—Yes—until I ean succeed in
making him comprehend that we are
DMI«r Is a OoßfUacM.
“Todd, your wife has a voice like
“Gracious! Don’t talk so loud. If
she heard that, I should have to get
her a new dress to match it."—Tlt-
a—tal OoeAstt.
Jonas—Aren’t you aad Jenkynu
friendly ?
Drown—Friendly? Of course; every
time he comes in my store he buys a
little something on credit.—Detroit
Free Press.
m* (Jalsskr Dar.
“Friday may be an unlueky day for
some people, but Thursday is mine.
That’s the day on which I proposed.”
“Oh, yes, and the girl rejected you?”
"No; she accepted me.”—Tit-Bits.
Me Vaallr Skeletoaa.
“Well, there is one advantage in liv
ing in a flat.”
“What is that?"
"The closets are too shallow to eon
seal a skeleton.”—lf. Y. Herald.
A Troabltcoa* Wttaess.
Mother (angrily)—Did he dare to
kiss you more than once?
Daughter (evasively)—Well, mam
ma, I know it wasn't less than once.—
Window shades from 25c up at Butler's.
Screen doors at the Marker Lumber
Household goods for sale, first house
east of south school building.—Mrs. Neff.
For bargains in farm lands go to
0. B. Thoman.
Carpet by the yard 25, 35,50, GO and 75
cents at Butler’s.
Children’s hats 5, 10, 15, 25 and 75 cts
at Butler’s,
All dishes will be sold at cost at Butler's
Paints, oils and glass at the Marker
Lumber Co.
Go to W. H. Cox for onion sets, seed
sweet potatoes and all kinds of garden
Chairs from 50c to $14.00 at Butler’s.
For oheap town lots see 0. B.
Dr. A. W. Seabnry, physician and
surgeon. Offices on second floor of
Irwin building, East Main street.
New line of school shoes at prices to
compete with the best at Butler’s.
W. H. Cox has a full line of garden
seed in bulk.
Hats, Shoes and Furnishing Goods at
less than cost at McLean Bros.
O. B. Thoman has the best line of
fire insurance. He writes farm risks.
W. H. Cox. Fresh vegatables—onions,
cabbages, radishes, lettuce and celery at
the lowest prices.
Dr. A. W. Seabury, physician and
snrgeon. Offices on second floor of
Irwin bnilding, East Main street.
Fire? It was not a tire, nor Hre sale,
that caused the crowds at McLean’s
carrying otT goods, but their closing out
sale of Furnishing Goods, Hats, Shoes,
For Balo.
One first-olass water right in Fort
Lyon Oanal, easy terms.
C. B. Thoman.
My little son had an attack of whoop
ing cough and was threatened with
pneumonia; but for Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy wo would have had a
serious time or it. It also saved him
from several severe attacks of croup—
H. J. Strickfaden, editor World-Herald,
Fair Haven, Wash. For sale by I. H,
Myers, druggist.
Ready to Yield.
“I used DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve
for piles and found it a certain cure,"
says S. R, Meredith, Willow Grove, Del.
Operation unnecessary to cure piles.
They always yield to DeWitt’s Witch
Hazel Salve. Cures skin diseases, all
kinds of wounds. Accept no counter
feits. I. H. Myers.
Not a Cure-All
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin will only
cure diseases of the digestive tract, such
indigestion, biliousness, constipntion nnd
headache, which is the result of these
troubles. It is sold in 50c nnd 81 bottles
by the Up-to-Date Drug Co.
Sick Headache ahnoi.utki.y and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleasant herb drink. Cures Constipn
tion and indigestion, makes you eat,
sleep, work and happy. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money back. 25 cts. and
50 cts. Write to W. H. Hooker Co.,
Buffalo, N. Y., for a freo sample. I. H.
Myers. 2
Tax on Babies.
Extreme hot weather is a great tax
upon the digestive power of babies; when
puny and feeble they should be given a
few doses of White’s Cream Vermifuge,
the children’s tonic. It will stimulate
and facilitate the digestion of their footl,
so that they soon become strong, healthy
nnd active. 25c at I. H. Myers,
For Sale Cheap
Three-room dwelling house, stnble,
trees, block of lota. In good location,
Reasonable terms. See,
8!ok Headache
is caused by constipntion, indigestion
and biliousness, which may be cured and
the cause of tho headache removed by
the use of Dr. Caldwell’s Syrup Pepsin.
This splendid remedy may be obtained
of The Up-to-Date Drug Co., in 50c and
$! bottles. i
How To Avoid Trouble.
Now is tho time to provide yourself
ami family with a bottle of Chamber
lain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Rem
edy It is almost certain to be needed
before the Hummer is over, and if pro
cured now may nave you a trip to town
1 in the night or in your busiest season
: It is everywhere admitted to bo the most
successful mediciti • in use for bowel
<• mi plaints, both for children and adults.
No family can atford to be without it.
For saie by I. 11. Myers, druggist.
A Splendid Remedy.
Neuralgic pains, rheumatism, lumbago
and sciatic pains yield to the penetrat
ing influence of Ballard's Snow Lini
ment. It penetrates to tho nerves and
hones, and being absorbed into the
blood, its healing properties are convey
ed to every part of the body and effect
some wonderful cures. Mr. D. F. Moore
Agent Illinois Central Railway. Milan,
Tenn., states: “I have used Ballard's
Snow Liniment for rheumatism, back
ache, etc.,in my fninily. It is a splendid
remedy. We could not do without it.”
.7 >e and SI.OO at I. H. Myers.
Spring Fever
Spring fever is unother name for bil
iousness. It iB more serious tiian most
people think. A torpid liver und inac
tive bowels moans a poisoned system.
1 f neglected, serious illness may follow
such symptoms. DoWitt’H Little Early
Kisers remove all danger by stimulating
the liver, opening the bowels and cleans
ing the system of impurities. Safe pills.
Never gripe. “I have taken DeWitt’s
Little Early Risers for torpid liver every
spring for yenrs,” writes ft. M. Everiy,
Moundsvills, W. Va. “They do me more
good than anything I huve ever tried.”
I. 11. Myers.
L«ads Them All.
“One Minute Cough Cure beats all
other medicines I ever tried for coughs,
colds, croup and throat and lung trou
bles” says D. Scott Currin of Loganton,
Pa. One Minute Cough Cure is the only
absolute safe cough remedy which acts
immediately.. Mothers everywhere testi
fy to the good it has done their little
duos. Croup is so sudden in its attacks
that the doctor often urrives too late.
It yiolds at once to One Minute Cough
Cure. Pleasant to take. Children like
it. Sure cure for gripp, bronchitis,
coughs. I. H. Myers.
Hot Weather Weakness.
If you feel fagged out, listless and
lacking energy, you ure perhaps suffer
ing from the debilitating effects of Bum
mer weather. These symptoms indicate
that a tonic is needed thnt will create n
healthy appetite, make digestion perfect,
rogulnte the bowels and impart natural
activity to the liver. This, Herbine will
do; it is a tonic, laxative and restorative.
H. J. Freegnrd, Propr. Grand View Hotel
Cheney, Kas. writes: “I have used Her
bine for the last 12 years, and nothing
on earth can beat it. It was recom
mended to me by Dr. Newton, Newton,
Kun.” 50c at I. H. Myers.
Constipated Bowels.
To have good health, the body Bhould
be kept in a laxative condition, and the
bowels moved a least once a day, so that
all the poisonous wastes are expelled
daily. Mr. G. L. Edwards, 142 N. Main
St., Wichita, Kunsos, writes: “I have
used Herbine to regulate the liver and
bowels for the post ten years, and found
it a reliabe remedy.” 500 at I. 11. Myers.
Of what does a bad taste in your
mouth remind you? It indicates that
your stomach is in bad condition and
will remind you that there is nothing bo
good for such a disorder as Chamber
lain’s Stomach & Liver Tablets after
having once used them. They cleanse
and invigorate the stomach and regulate
tho bowels. For sale at 25 cents per box
by I. H. Myers.
For biliousness Chamberlain’s
Stomach & Liver Tablets. They cleanse
tho stomach and regulate the liver and
bowels, effecting a quick and permanent
cure. For sale by 1. H. Myers.
blood, indicated by sores, pimples, head
ache, etc., we would recommend Acker's
Blood Elixir, which we sell under a posi
tive guarantee. It will always cure
Scrofulous or Syphiltic poisons and all
blood diseases. 50 cts. and SI.OO. I H.
Myers. 2
A Real Friend.
“I suffered from dyspepsia and indi
gestion for fifteen years,” says W. T.
Sturdevant of Merry Oakes, N. C. “After
I had tried many doctors and medicines
to no avail one of my friends persuaded
me to try Kodol. It gave immediate re
lief. I can ent almost anything I want
now and my digestion is good. I cheer
fully recommend Kodak” Don’t try to
cure stomach trouble bv dieting. That
only further weakens the system. Vou
need wholesome, strengthening food.
Kodol enablos you to assimilatq what
you ent by digesting it without the
stomach’s aid. I. H. Myers.
•I 12 500 for a Prescription.
The largest sum ever paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. :iO, 1901. The transfer in
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Bright’s Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They commenced tho serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1900.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and. administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seven
per cent of the test cases were either
well or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteon per cent of
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. r l he proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cases were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Address John J. Fulton
company, 420 Montgomery St. San Fran
is tho causa of inoro discomfort than any othor
ailment. If you oat tlie tiling that you want,
and that are good for you, you aro distressed.
Acker a Dyspepsia Tablets will make your di
gestion |>erfect and prevent Dyspepsia anil ita
attendant disagreeable symptoms. You can
safoly oat anything. nt any tinio. if you take one
of thoso Tablets aftorwad. Sold by all drug
gists under a positivo guarantee. 2ft cts. Money
refunded if you aro not satisfied. Send to us
for a free sample. W. 11. Hooker A Co., Buffalo,
N. Y. I. H. Myers. 2
Of a fine lot of
On easy terms, long time, or liberal
discount for cash. Gill on cither
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc.
We carry the largest Htock iu our Hue ever carried
iu eastern Colorado and can aell to you at lowest
prices ever known in the Arkansas valley.
Groceries, Hardware,
Stoves, Queensware,
Implements, Wagons,
Buggies, Bicycles,
Harness, hay Grain.
Lamar, Colorado.
Groceries, Provisions,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh and Salt Meats
No Accounts Will Be Allowed to Run over 30 Pays
A. T. & 8. F. Timi Cano.
Dally Lamar. Colorado Daily.
Wbbtßoohd. East Bound.
No. 1 2 20 a. m. No. 2 12 01 a. m.
No. I 1 :» a.m. No. 6 it 01 a. m.
No. 7 524 a. m. No. 8 144 p. m.
No. 83-Frt 840 a.m. No. 84-Frt 226 p.m.
No. 1 ia California oxpreaa and makos local
atons between Lamnr and La Jnntn.
No. 5 is'Donver express, stops on ting at Ln*
Aniinaa. Carrion froo chair car and Pullman*.
No. 7 ia the Mexico and California oxtirssM.
No. 1 and N'o. 7 both carry touriat and Pullman
aloepora. No. 7 connects at LoJuuta for Punblo
Colorado Springs and Denver.
Train No. 83 runa to La Junta and will accom
modate passengers for intermediate point*.
No. 2 ia through California oxproaa and con
necta at La Junta with a train from Denver car
rion pan Monger through to Chicago without
cliungo. Hon Pullman and touriat sleepers.
No. 6 is Denver express and runa through to
Chicago without change. Carriee free chair
car and Pullman Blooper.
No. 8 ia local paaaongor and tnalcoa all atopa.
Carriea chair car and Pullman Blooper. Kuna
through to Chicago without change of cara.
Inquiries aolicited and promptly and cheer
fully anaworod. Descriptive literature and
time table* folder* free by applving to
O. J. Garvin. Ageu.t
STATE OF COLORADO, [ In the County
County or Prowrrh. j Court.
Cora R. Strain, Plaintiff /
FkanK Millulrn. Defendant.)
The People of the State of Colorado ,
To Frank Millburn, the Defondaut above named,
You are hereby required to appear in an action
brought againat you by the above named Plain
tiff, in the County Court of Prowera county.
State of Colorado, and anawor the complaint
therein within twenty daya aftor the aervico
hereof, if aerved within thi* coifnty ; or, if served
out of thia County, or by publication, within
thirty daya after the aorvice hereof, exclusive
of the day of aorvice; or judgment by default
will be taken against you according to the
pruyer of the complaint; and if a copy of the
complaint in the above outitlod action Is- not
aerved with thia aummons. or if the service
hereof be made out of this State, then ten dnys
additional to tho time hereinabove specified for
appearance and answer will lx> allowed before
the taking of judgment by default na aforesaid.
Tin* said action la brought to recover the sum
of One Hundred aud Fifty-five Dollars, upon a
book account, over due, with interest thereon
at the rate of eight per cent i»er annum from
May 1, 1802, as will more fully appear from the
complaint in said action to which reference is
hero made.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear, and to answer the said complaint its
above required the said plaintiff will take judg
ment as prayed for.
Given under my hand and official
i , aoal at Lnmar, Colo., in suit!
4 BKAL. \ county, this 6th day of May A.
I —> D. 1802. L. F. BLODGETT.
Judge and Acting Clork.
The Bure Way
to prevent Pneumonia and Consumption ia to
euro your cold when it first appears. Acker s
English Remedy will atop the cough in a night,
and drive the cold out of your system. Always a
quick and sure euro for Asthma, Bronchitis, and 1
all throat and lung troubles. If it does not satis
, fy you the druggist will refund your money.
I Write to as for free sample. W. 11. Hooker A
k j., Buffalo. N. Y. I. H. Myers. »
For Colds and La Grippe
Boyd’s Up-to-date Drus: Store
H. L. CONWELL, Prop.
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds of
food. It gives instant relief and never
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. Is
unequalled for the stomach. Child
ren with weak stomachs thrive on it.
First dose relieves. A diet unnecessary.
Cures all stomaoh troubles
Prepared only by E. O. DbWitt&Oo., Chicago
The tl. bottle contain*2ft times tbeGOc. alas.

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