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The Lamar Register.
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Lamar and Prowers County Have
Enjoyed a Prosperous Year.
The year 1002 which closes today
has been of been one of properity
and progress for this section of the
state. Prowers county especially
has been favored by the elements for
while the lack of water and rain
caused a shortage of crops in nearly
every other section of the state, the
rain was so distributed over this sec
tion that there was practioally no
time at which the crops were suffer
There has probably never been a
year since the country was settled
that the farmers have been so uni
versally satisfied with their years
labor. All the crops have been good
and the market prices have been fair
and in some cases the highest in
years. Alfalfa seed, which for some
years has been slightly in the back
ground, once more comes forward as
the banner money producer of the
valley and alfalfa hay is running it a
good second. Year in and year out
alfalfa is the most reliable crop of all
and the man with a good alfalfa
ranch need not fear to see the wolf
at his door. The grains all did well,
wheat and oats making much money
lor the farmers and corn surprising
all by its excellence and the large
The cantaloupe association at La
mar is not satisfied with their year s
work, but it is largely owing to the
email number who planted th’s year,
making it hard to get car loud ship
ments. The beet growers have been
making heavy shipments all fall and
receiving large returns ror their
work. Piowars county raised more
beets this year than the total amount
worked up by the Rocky Ford fac
tory during its first season, Lamar,
as it has each year, stands next to
Rocky Ford itself in the amount of
beets raised in its vicinity for the
factory, and besides this a very large
acreage has been raised this year for
.stock feed.
The fruit industry is constantly
.'growing in Prowers county and this
jrear has been the banner one for
nearly every variety. Peaches broke
every known record and apples,
plums, cherries, grapes and the
email fruits all did excellently. No
each quantity of fruits was ever rais
ed here before and the flavor and
quality were superior also. The bee
raisers are another class of our farm
'ers who are all smiles these days as
they have enjoyed an extremely pros
perous season.
The great stock industry has not i
been so booming as in some of the
recent years, the low prices, especial
ly of cattle having had a somewhat
depressing effect, but the prospects
of an open winter and the substan
tial condition of our stockmen leaves
no room to fear the disastrous loses
from which the stockmen of some of
the northern sections of the country
are now suffering.
Lamar has also made much pro
gress during the year and there has
been much building going on as is
always the case here. A number of
fine buildings have been added to the
town during the year, but the most
imposing and attractive is the laxge
new Masonic Temple, built by the
Lamar Lodge and K. A. M. Chapter.
It is on south Main street and has a
frontage of fifty feet and is the haud
somest building in the town. A
number of new residence are already
contracted for the new year and there
is a brobability that several new bus
iness houses also will be built. Al
together Lamar and its citizens can
ook back over the old year with sat
-1 infection and forward to the new
year with a feeling that all is well.
County Notes.
[From tho Holly Chieftain)
Mr. ami Mrs. Chas. Billingslea re
turned Wednesday from a visit to
* * *
The lawyers of Kansas are endeav
oring to again pull the peoples’ leg.
This time they want SIO,(MM) with
which to prosecute the Kansas Colo
rado water suit. If they get it of
course the lawyers of Colorado will
have smooth sailing for holding up
the legislature of this 6tate for funds
to defend the case. In our opinion
this is a rank farce and has been
from the beginning, and no serious
results were ever intended by the
Kansas promoters of the scheme.
• * •
[From the Holly News.l
Miss Nowels, one of Holly’s school
teachers, went to Colorado Springs
Monday night to spend the holi
omciJLX. ©s' s* —ctitees ccuittt
At a meeting of the farmers last
Saturday night Mr. Wiley informed
them that there would be no sugar
factory built at Holly for at least a
• • •
There was a meeting of the farm
ers, living under the Buffalo canal,
at the company’s office Tuesday af
ter noon to arrainge for a draiugae
nitch. A committe was appointed to
solicit the farmers.
* * *
W. E. Tarbox came down from the
Amity headgate on No. 8 yestorduy
to spend Christmas with his family.
He says there is ho doubt but what
the dam will be completed before the
spring floods interfere.
• ••
[From tho Granada Times.]
Mr. and Mrs O. B. Huntington
and A. C. Mahoney, of Luverne,
Minnesota, Mrs. Huntington’s father,
went to the county seat yesterday.
• • •
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wheeler, of
Lamar, visited with J. S. Higbee and
family. Mr. Wheeler purchased tho
blacksmith shop at Holly, where
they will move in a short time.
-i Maaamniiv ■ -.,, r.m ■x-~.,-^rv7S^~Sßjgjg^,j l . (f| |'Vv ■;>&&(!* VJ*£&jd
A Group of Handsome Lamar Homes
J. W. Dautrich, of Rooky Ford,
took charge of the Times yesterday
and will remain, at least, until D. H.
Dickason recovers from his illness
Mr. Dautrich is an old hand at the
business and next week’s Times will
be up to the standard.
H. M. Noble went to Lamar yes
terday morning, having received a
telephone message from Under Shor
iff Fiisbio that two of tho guns tak
en frotn the store of Noble & Dolton
on the night the Carlton postofiioe
was robbed, had been recovered from
the gang. It seemed impossible at
tho time for this outlit to have done
this, but it now seems to be the case.
They were recovered on information
furnished by Indiun Dill Smith since
Jiis capture
• • •
[From tin* Amity Sentinel]
Two Granada livery stable rigs
came into Amity Monday morning in
a broken up condition. A very bad
crossing at the river is reported and
the drivers were glad to get off with
a slightly damaged buggy. They
luckily escaped n ducking. So says
Dill McCurry, when ho and J. L.
Mayfield, of Granada drove into town
Monday morning with a crippled
buggy and ice water dripping of
McOurry’s clothes Dill had tho inis
forture to fall overboard into the
Prowers County.
The Field and Farm in its annual
write up of the farming operationa
of the state of Colorado baa tbe fol
lowing to say of Prowers county:
“While other counties complained
of a dry season Prowers county con
tinue 1 right along in tbe oven tenor
o(J ! | way and produced a bumper
crop of everything. It lias the larg
est amount of land under canals of
any county in tbe Arkansas valley.
One half of tbo county is grazing
land, as no irrigating canal has been
constructed to run above that of the
Arkansas valley system with its im
mouse reservoirs lying in tbo north
west corner of tbe county. It lies
three thousand five hundred feet
above sea level and one hundred and
fifty miles from tbe mountains. With
a heavy deposit of alluyial soil tbe
land is exceedingly rich. At least
fifty thousand acres are in alfulfa
and nearly tbe sumo amount ingruin
melons and other crops. Wheat av
eraged thirty five bushels to the
acre and oats fifty. First prizes
were secured on those and other
grains at the Pueblo fair. Three
hundred acres were grown to canta
loupes. Alfalfa yielded an excellent
crop of hay and seed. Corn, millet,
sorghum and amber cane produced
enormously. Sheep audcattle feed
j ing are prominent industries, which
Holiday Greeting
We wish all the citizens of Lamar and Prowers
County a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
and thank you for the liberal patronage we have
received the past year. We solicit a continuance
of the same, and expect to merit it by continuing
our well established policy of reliable goods, low
prices and courteous treatment.
will increase very rrpidly under tbo
method of feeding sugar beets.
Thousands of cattle are summered
on the ranges and several thousand
sheep are fattened in the winter.
The honey crop usually amouuts to
eight or ten cars. Fruit growing is
in its infancy but there are a few
line bearing orchards. Nearly fifty
thousand acres of government land
was taken up during the year, but
there are still thousands of acres of
good land there.”
The Kingdom of Alfalfa.
Now and great thoughts seem to
ho agitating alike (he farmer und the
statesman, for while the politician
would expand aud enlarge his terri
tory —would extend tbe sphere of i
his action and would place the Fili
pinos and all the nations of the earth
under the paternal care of his great
mind aud big heart, the farmer on
the other hand is also reaching out.
lie would diversify the products of
the earth; he too is clamoring for
more —something batter thuu he now
has; some beautiful spot beyond his
borders that he may call the oasis of
bis pilgrimage, some outgrowth of
the soil that may countervail that
great command, in the sweat of thy
face shalt thou eat bread —some
product of the vegetable world that
ho may crown king.
The fleecy staple, cotton, way down
south in Dixie, long has been stand
ing tip toed on a snow white throne,
hoarsely crying and vainly proclaim
ing itself king. At the same time
the golden sheaves of Kansas, clasp
ing hands with the great granaries
of the north, their very walls burst
ing and falling bonouth their weight
with deafening roar, are laying clam<
to the kingdom of the vegetable uni
verse. Ignoring all demands, the
course of empire is still westward in
its flight. Out of the arid, parched
regions of the west, watered by no
vernul showers nor summer rains,
the king of vegetation mounts the
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throne under the prosaic name In
come and under the Arabic and more
poetic non de plume alfalfa —wearing
a robe of tinted green and a crown of
royal purple—exhaling fragrant per
fumes nud balmy ordors, alluring
the prancing steed, the cattle upon a
thousand hills and herda of swine.
It cries, “Come unto me, all ye that
labor and are heavy laden, and I will
give you rest.”
It proclaims rest for the plowshare
the hoe, the self binder and the
spinning and threshing machines.
It is rescuing from slavery the little
boy and girl who, in the production
of alfalfa, can perform no other labor
than eat and grow into vigorous man
and wouauhood, upon the delicious
| honey —nectar for the fabled gods—
which the bees gather from its pur
ple flowers, or drink the brimming
pails of milk from the cows feeding
upon ita Moreover it
bids these little boys and girls, ex
posed to the (shilling blasts of winter
or sweltering beneath the burning
huus of September, come out of the
fields to And rest in the shadow of
the school room and bathe their sun
scorched brow and quench their
thirst at the fountain of learning.
This majestic western crowned
king of plants has issued proclama
tion of freedom to all implements
except the keen sickle blade, ever
clipping the green sward from June
to Septembut, for as soon as the
mower has clipped one end of the
held the other will be ready Alfal
fa is one of nature's choicest gifts to
man. It is particularly adapted to a
republican government, for it smiles
alike on rich and poor. It never dies
from old age. It places upon the
market the symmetrical Shorthorn
at two years. Upon it the Poland-
China may be marketed at six
mouths and upon alfalfa pastures
disdains all other food and will eith
er, answer the summons for grain
with an audacious grunt or go bound
ing through the purple flowers of the
alfalfa with tail curled in ringlets
and beautiful festoons over its back.
Long may King Alfalfa reign.—
Field and Farm.

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