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Entered st the Poatofflae at Lamar, Colorado
as Second-claaa Mail Matter.
OHIO. B. A£lDl'E.B*Xl_iZ_i
Editor and Pkopbiktob.
SCBaoßirrioM Hates :
One Year SI 50
Biz Mentha 7b
Three Montha 30
Lamar, Colorado, Octobku 28, 1003
For Justice of Supreme Court
For Constable Lamar Precinct ,
Monday was a very dull day in '
Uncle Ham’s domain. Neither the ‘
trotting or pacing record was brok j
en. |
Dowie has tackled Wall street now, ,
and it looks very much as if he ’
would hardly find the bears as friend- j
ly as did the other fellow upon whom J
Elijah’s mantle fell. (
Tom Patterson is now shoutiug I
himself hoarse for a silver ratio of <
32 to 1, and yet only a short time
ago he told us to aocept any ratio
but 10 to 1 was criminal.
Senator Stewart is the latest of
our national senators to follow the
fashion set by Chanucey Depew and
marry a young woman. Ho is about
sixteen times as old as his wife, but
then he has always been a fool on
that ratio.
There is to be an election next
Tuesday, and all republicans should
make aa effort to turn out and give
a rousing majority for Judge Camp
bell. He is an able and conscien
tious judge and should be honored
by a re-election and nothing but a
failure of the voters to turn out can
defeat him.
A student in the Denyer Universi
ty has discovered a new spot on the
sun, it is claimed. We fear the
young man has made a pardonable
error. It was Sherman Bell, Ad
jutant-General - Brigadier-General *
Chief-of Staff, that he saw. There
are several spots on this brilliant lum
inary now and more coming.
The call for a bond election had
its compensation even if it is declar
ed off. We old timers have sadly
missed for several years the clarion
calls to duty from “Warhorse”
Brown of Horse Creek, but the bond
call brought him once more to the
front, and also brought tears of grat
itude to the eyes of all old timers,
who feared he was lost to us.
There is no excitement over poli
tics in Lamar this year but all re
publicans should turn out next Toes
day and register a vote for Judge
John Campbell for supreme judge
The only local office to be tilled is
constable and the republicans have
nominated Frank Sayler, one of La
mar’s most popular youug men.
Don’t forget to come out and vote
for Campbell and Sayler next Tues
The reports of the cantaloupe as
sociations at Las Animas, Rocky
Ford and Newdale show conclusive
ly that those who made a business of
cantaloupe raising and gave it prop
er attention made more money eveu
in the Bhort season this year than
can be made on any other crop. One
Newdale grower broke all records by
getting returns of SIBOO from 5
acies and a Rocky Ford farmer was
a close second with $330 per acre
from l acres. Sugar beets at the
largest prize acre showing can not
touch such figures.
Church Notes.
M. E. Church -Morning service, 11:00
a. in., subject: ‘The Christian iim a Little (
Child.” Evening subject: “The Chris
tian as a Full Gaown Man."
Kpworth League (5:30, Junior League
2:30, Suuday School 10 a. in. Mid week
prayer service Thursday evening at 7:30.
The public ia cordially invited to ull ser
vices of the church.
The Epworth League will give a so
cial at the home of Mrs. Case, next Tues
day evening, Nov. 3. A cordial invita
tion is extended to all.
O. W. Auma.n, Pastor.
The usal morning and evening ser
vices at the Christian church next Sun
day. You and your friends are invited
to be present.
Rout. W. Mooue, Pastor.
The Social Circle enjoyed a very de
lightful afternoon, on Friday, Oct. 23,
at Mrs. Neil McLean’s. Twenty-seven
members and two guests were present.
Some business was attended to, Mrs.
Wright read a suggestive article on
“Nervous Apprehension” and then the
time was given to sociabilty. Delicious
refreshments were served. The Circle
adjourned to meet Nov. Gth with Mrs.
L. F. Adams.
J. B. Dickinson, Sec’y.
For Trade
A good farm under the Fort Lyon
canal for cattle or sheep.
Smith & Thompson.
Sulphur in any quantities at lowest
prices at McLean Bros,
To the Public.
I am located up stairs in the front
rooms in the Cade building and am pre
pared to do fashionable dress making at
reasonable prices. 1 have had eight
years experience and guarantee all my
Mrs. Lorn a E. Fly.
Remember that Denning’s photo
graphs are guaranteed to please you.
$112500 for a Prescription.
— • i
The largest sum over paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. 30, 1901. The transfer in- 1
volvod in coin and stock 9112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business inert for ,
a specific for Bright’s Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They commenced the serious investi- |
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1900. ,
They interviewed scores of the cured ,
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seven
per cent of the test cases were either
well or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent of
failures, the purties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. ’1 he proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cases were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Address John J. Fulton
company, 420 Montgomery St. San Fran
cisco, Cal.
One-third of the World Christian.
Herr Zeller, statistical expert at
Stuttgart, estimates that of the 1.541.-
516,000 human beings In the world
only one-tlilrd, or 534,910,000. are
Christians. The adherents of Con
fucius number 300.000,000, of Brahma
173,290.000. and of Buddha 121,000.-
000. The number of Jews Is given
as 10.860,000.
Scottish Acres.
Scotland has an area of 19,062.432
acres, of which 4.894.466 acres are un
der cultivation: 112 persons own o:te*
half of the total area, and eighteen per
sona own one-fourth of It. One-fourth
of the tenants hold five acres or le3s,
and nearly one-third hold between flvo
and twenty acres.
New German Word.
The latest addition to the German
language Is the word “knusperchen.’’
meaning a little thing that can be nib
bled. This is the word that has just
taken the prize offered by some Ger
man educational society for the best
translation of the noun "cake.”
But 8.3 per cent of the 1,330.697 Ger
tman-born males in the United States
have failed to become naturalized,
while 13 per cent of the English. 35
per cent of the Russians, 53 per cent
of the Italians and 80 per cent of tho
Japanese are still aliens.
Public Nursing Service.
Visiting nurses for patients suffer
ing with contagious diseases are tho
latest and one of the most Important
branches of work taken up by the New
York Board of Health In Its public
nursing service.
Damage Shark.
A contortionist has been swindling
tha street car lines In New York city
and Philadelphia by allowing himself
Vo he struck by trolley cars and then
obtaining damages for the “accident.”
Leads in Study Classes.
Philadelphia now leads the world in
tho numoer of Christian Endeavor
mission study classes. It has fifty-six,
twonty of which have been organized
in the last year.
A Profit From Garbage.
Tho borough of Fulham, London, by
the use of its garbage in the furnace
of the municipal electric lighting
plant makes a profit of 83,442 a year.
Rain-Producing Machine.
An electric machine which is ln
tcoded to produce rain In times of
drouth is being constructed in Paris
by a municipal engineer.
Irish Peat Bogs.
The peat bogs of Ireland could give
an annual output of 100,000 electric
horse power for the next 1,250 years.
Suicide in Russia.
in Russia every year.
\ t J When you buy an Oak
\V' Stove compare sizes as
a well as prices of the dif
— ferent makes offered.
_JT Jewel Oaks
. are larger than others of
_ tame numbers, and as
Fuel Savers
\ there are no others to
.* ' >s \ compare with Jewels.
• \ Genuine Jewels have the
t' MUWl*\ above trade mark and makers
/ name" Detroit Stove Works”
/ vfc. i X cast on them. Don’t accept
hf Jewel Stoves are sold and
, •' recommended by
In time. Hole by driuul.u.
For Sale
One team of brood mares.
J. S. Hasty.
I The best Watches, Clocks I
I and Jewelry at McLean’s I
I Drug: and Jewelry Store. I
I Lowest prices. R
For bargains in farm lands go to
O. 11. Thoinan.
WANTED Alfalfa hay, by tho Colo
ratio Baling Co.
A Surgical Operation
Is always dangerous H-do not submit
to the surgeon’s knife until you have
tried DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. It
will cure when everything else fail-it
has done this in thousands of cases.
Here is one of them: 1 suffered from
bleeding and protruding piles for twenty
years. Was treated by different spec-,
ailists and used many remidies, but ob
tained no relief untiil I used DeWitt’a
Witch Hazel Salve. Two boxes of this
Hulve cured ino eighteen months ago and
I have not had a touch of tho piles sin
ce.—A. Tisdale, Summerton, S. C. For
blind, bleeding, itching and protruding
Piles no remedy equnls DeWitta Witch
Hazel Salve. Sold by Myers Pharmacy
The Colorado Baling Co. will buy your
hay now; pay you some money on it and
you can make delivery later on.
C. B. Thom An has the beat line of
fire insurance. He writes farm risks.
Do You Want to Yawn.
Feel cold shiverings, aching in the
bones, inck of energy, headache and
groat depression? Those symptoms may
be followed by violent headuche, high
fever, extreme nervousness, a condition
known ns malaria. Herbine cures iL
Take it before the disease gets a fair
hold, though it will work a cure in any
stage. J. A. Hopkins, Manchester, Kan.
writes: “I have use your great medicine
Ilerbiue, for se eral years. There is
nothing better for malaria, chills and
fever, headache, biliousness, and for a
blood purifying tonic, there is nothing
as good.” 50c at I. H. Myers.
Ho Learned a Great Truth.
It is said of John Wesley that he once
said to Mistress Wesley: “Why do you
tell that child the same thing over and
over again?” “John Wesley, because
once telling is not enough. It is for
this same reason tnat you are told again
anil again that Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy cures colds and grip; that it
counteracts and tendency of these dis
oases to result in pneumonia, and that
it is pleasant and safe to take. For sale
by all druggists.
Catarrh of the Stomach.
When the stomach is overloaded; when
food is tnken into it that fails to digest
it decays and inflames the mucous mem
brane, exposing the nerves, and causes
the gland-4 to secrete mucin, instead of
the natural juices of digestion. This is
called Catarrh of the Stomach. For
years I suffered with Catarrh of the
Stomach, caused by indigestion. Doc
tors and medicines failed to benefit me
until I used Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.—J.
R. Rhea, Coppel, Texas. Sold by Myers
% w
Ely’s Cream Balm
This Remedy lea Specific,
Sure to Qive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
ItestoroH the Senses of Taste and Smelt
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Size, 50 cents at Druggists or by
mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail.
ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warrsn St., New YbHl
Farm loans, ten years time,
optional payments, interest pay
able annually, low rate, no
middlemen, no commission.
Union Central Life Insurance
Company, A. E. Bent, financial
correspondent, Lamar, Colo,
practice limited to
diseases of
Ear, Nose, Throat
and the scientific
on and after
MONDAY, NOV. 16th,
Dr. Noyes will be in his new
offices in Foley-Bent Building
Hours: 9 to 12 A. M. 2 to 5 P. M.
also Tuesday and Saturday
evenings, 7 to 8
Dr. Noyes iB the only regular ocu
list in the Arkansas valley of Colo
rado east of Pueblo. He is a per
manent resident of Lamar. Wheth
er for treatment of the diseases of
the eye or to have glasses fitted,
the care of the eyes should be en
trusted only to u regular oculist.
For oheap town lots see C. B
Dickinson Dbcbasbu.
Vf otic* is hereby Riven, that on Monday the
£1 9thday of November, A.D. 1903, being oun of
tho regular days of the Sept, term of the Coun
ty Court of Prowers County, in the State of
Colo., 1, Blanche Dickimton, administratrix of
said estate will appear before the Judge of said
Court, present my final settlement as such ad
ministratrix, pray the approval of the same,
and will then apply to be discharged as such
administrator. At which time and place any
person in interest may appear and present ob
jections to the same, if any there bo.
Dated at Lamar, Colorado, Oct. «. 1903.
Blanche Dickinson,
Administratrix of the estate of Theodore J.
Dickinson deceased.
Don’t forget the Fine
Webster's Dictionary and
Stand, Given away Free
with School Books and
Supplies at McLean’s Drug
A Attention
M I have just opened General Watchmaking and Repair
Establishment in connection with my Optical business in
McLEAN BROS. DRUG STORE, where I am prepared to
do all kinds of Jewelry and Watchmaking and Repair Work. I have served
10 years at the bench, and will guarantee all my work to give satisfaction.
Prices Reasonable. Your Patronage Solicited,
Optician and Jeweler
exclusive dealer in
Staple and Fancy Groceries
keeps constantly on hand the best and
finest of everything in the Grocery line.
Dealer in and Repairer of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry of Every Description
Dr. A. W Seabnry, physician and Mrs. Lorca E. Fly for fmhionoble
surgeon. Offices on second floor of r °° mB UP BtairB
Irwin building, East Main street. ,e qi g '
1^ *■ I I says to myself says I I
If you get It at McLean’s I I McLean's Drug Store Is the I
Drug Store you know its I I place to buy Pure Drugs, I
good. I I says I. I
Groceries and Provisions
Headquarters for Ranchmen
We pride ourselves on our ability to
fill any size order that may be given
us. We have the goods;
Quantity, Quality and Variety
We are proud of our trade and rightly
should be. They are at home with
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc.
We carry the largest stock in onr line ever carried
in eastern Colorado and can sell to yon at lowest
prices ever known in the Arkansas valley.
Real Estate, Loan
Insurance Agen<
Groceries, Provisions,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh and Salt Meats
Uo Accounts Will Be Allowed to Run over 30 Days
B. B Brown, Prea. A. N. Pabbibu, Vice Pies. W. C. Gould, Cai i
The First National Hank
Capital 850,000 Surplus 810,000
B. B. Bbown. T. M. Brown. W. G. Gould.
M. D. Thatoheb. A. N, Pabki°r.
al ATH
OILS and
For Fall Building
If yon are among those who contemplate building of any
description, we’ll make you glad if you get au estimate on
yonr lumber here. The earlier you come the better.
South Side Depot

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