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Bi' i I*tt i • * > • -flice -it L imar. Colorado
as .'>t)Ooaii-ciaßS Mail JiUor.
1 BI
GUSO. B. IwlH3R,R.ir_,l_i
Editor and Proprietok.
Subscription Hates:
Joe Year— SI 50
Six Mouths 75
Three Mont he 50
Lamah, Colorado, December 0, 1908
The Governor's Proclamation.
The effect, ho far, of the Gover
nor’s proclamation declaring Teller
county to be in a state of rebellion
appears to have been the suspension
of the habeas corpus act, without
suspending the civil conns.
The object of the proclamation
seems to have been to enable the
militia to arrest and detain danger
ous characters, —men who are known
to be criminals or counseling vio
lence and resistance to lawful uuthor
ity. That there are a number of
desperate characters in Teller conn
ty is well known, and in fact, has been
well known for months, and while
direct evidence connecting them with
recent crimes may be lacking, their
records, their attitude toward the
lawful authorities and their public
conduct generally is such that the
military authorities believe the pub
lie safety demands their arrest and
detention until it is deene 1 safe to
again turn them loose upon the com
While this action may seem arbi
tary and unnecessary to the friends
of the men so detained, the great
majority of law abiding citizens will
approve of any legal method of
briuging the intolerable condition of
terrorism that has prevailed in Tel
ler county to a speedy end.
That such differences of opinion
as to the necessity for the Governor’s
action will exist goes without saying,
but there can be no doubt that he
acted within his cousitutional right
in issuing the proclamation, nor can
there be any doubt that in doing so
he was prompted solely by a desire
to restore peace and good order in
the disturbed district.
The time it will tuko to restore
normal conditions depends entirely
upon the citizens of Teller couuty,
and the assistance given the military
authorities by the local otticials.—
Colorado Springs Telegraph.
How Rumors Crow.
Groundless rumors have recently teen
circulated to the effect that the Amer
ican Beet Sugar company hail neglected
to place orders in a sufficient quantity i
with several of the beet growers in order
to (-liable them to get all their crop m
before the factory closed this fall.
In order to get at the bottom of this
report a representative of ti e company
recently interviewed all of the growers
who have any beets on hand: being nine
in numlter. Those nine growers hnd on
hand 173 tons of beets, and they hnd
previously received orders from the fac
tory for the shipment of 623 tons, and
hml delivered on these orders a totnl of
311) tons. Now it is a matter of fact, the
American Beet Sugar company notified
all of the growers to deliver all the re
maiiuler of their crop as quickly as pos
sible after November 21st, and after the
last date of delivery these few remain
mg growers who had usmnl ton age of
beets left were given four days addition
al in which to deliver the entire remain
der of their beets. The company went
to the expense of having four empty
beet cars hauled from La Junta to La
mar to accomodate those growers, with
the result, that about J.j of one car was
loaded during the last four days of de
livery. Further more these growers
stated to the representative of the com
pany in a personal interview that tlmy
had no complaint to make against the
American Beet Sugar company but were
perfectly satistied.
The circulation of such rumors as the
the above should be discouraged by all
citizens who have the interest of the
community and valley at heart, as they
enu only serve the purpose of discourag
ing farmers at this time, when they are
feeling the effects of the first failure of
the beet crop. The beet crop is un
questionably one of the best and most
profitable for our farmers us well as the
greatest maker of land values and all
our people should pull together to en
courage its production.
Alva Deeter went to Kansas City last
week with « load of cattle.
Wr. Whitlow of Lamar, has rented the
Johu Thoman place and will move onto
it about Feb. Ist.
Bruce Newman i 6 working for Mr.
Deeter at present.
Mr. Lafferty of Illinois is here look
ing after his tine ranch, and disposing of
his shure of the crops.
Mrs. Vol Davidson visited at the Ar
mour home one day last week.
Jutnes Myers, who weut to Missouri
last spring, has returned with his family.
He Bays Colorado is good enough for
Clnude Barnard returned Thanksgiv
ing from a pleasant visit in eastern Kan
Mr. Kampenthall will farm the Irwin
land the coming season.
JSrsie Cooper who is employed at the
machine shops at La Junta, came down
Saturday und spent Sunday at the par
cutal home.
John Thoman is working at the mill
this week.
a number from the lane attend
ed the lecture at the opera house Mon
day night.
Sim Davidson is *‘bnching" on his
ranch while making some improvements.
We understand that Mr. Dean of the
west end has moved to California.
Grinnino Isaac.
Church Notes.
Tuesday evening, December 15, at the
Presbyterian church a congregational
business meeting und social hour. Tic
business on hand is of first iinportauci
and the entire constituency of th<
church is desired to be in attendance.
There will be a congregational meet
ing. and Social at the Presbyterian
church, Tuesday evening, Dec. 15. at
which a matter of great importance p *r
taing to the church will be preset] led.
All members and attendants on lin
ch urch are urged to attend. Refresh
ments will be served.
The Social Circle enjoyed the ufter
noon with Mrs. Bent ut the home of Mr*
A. E. Bent on Friday, Dec. 4, very thor
oughly. As there was little busim-sc
before the society the time was given to
soc.al pleasures. An interesting list of
questions to be uuswered by the names
of plants or trees tested the botanical
information of those present in a v.*r\
interesting fashion. Music and dainty
refreshments completed the afternoon's
pleasure. Tho Circle adjourned to
meet Dec. 18th with Mrs. J. D. Martin,
und Mrs. Charles Wright, at Mrs. Mar
tin’s home.
J. B. Dickinson, Sec’y.
Services at the Christian church next
Sunday as follows: Sunday school at 1U
o’clock. Morning subject selected
Evening sermon lecture: ‘•Churchanity.’’
This will close the evening lectures on
"Modern Substitutes for Christianity.”
Christian Endeavor ut 230. All are in
vited to our services.
Rout. W. Moork, Pastor.
Ladies Fine Trimmed Hats, $2.50, Ir
Cranberries always on hand at Franz
This not a gentle word—but when
you think how liable you are not to pur
•base the only remedy universally known
and a remedy that bus had the largest
-.ale of any medicine in tho world since
1808 for the cure an 1 treduent of C n j
sumption and Throat and Lung troubles
■vithoul losing its great popuhnit\ ini I
these years, you will oe thank u we .
•ailed your attention to Bose bee’s GiT
mm Syrup, n re are 8 . .
»ry coug :i de by -t~ ,!
md others that are cheap and good fur ■
lgfit colds perhaps, but for set ere I
Cou'hs. Bronchitis. Croup -aud espec- !
■ allp for Consumption, where tin re is
difficult expectoration and coughing j
luring the nights and mornings, there !
H nothing like German Syrup. The 25 ■
:ent size has just been iutn duc< d this r
• ear. Regular size 75 ceuts. At all 1
Two Days Only, December [l6 and 17. !
Dr. Kaltnen C. Sapero, the well known *
specialist on diseases of the Eye, Ear, I!
.Nose and Throat, will again be in Lamar. <
Bring your school children and have Dr.
Sapero examine their eyes free Cata
racts removed and cross eyes straighten
ed. Granulated eye lids, sore eyes and
catarrh successfully treated. Consult
ation nnd examination free. Remember
the date. Union hotel.
Say Mr., n whole suit $5, Irwin’s.
The Traveling Oculist
or optician is here today and gone tomor
row. What redress have you if you are
not satisfied? W. F. Noyes, M. D., Oc
ulist, permanently located. Foley-
Bent Building.
Coming Again to Lamar
Call Early if You Want the Best Attention
Dr. K. C. Sapero
will again be in Lamar
Two Days "TfAff Union Hotel
The doctor comes here highly recommended. Many
testimonials and best known references given on de
mand. Hundreds of patients in this vicinity. Over
5,000 patients treated and glasses fitted in Colorado.
Some Symptoms of Defective Eyes;
I. Ifyou are unable to read line print, to sew- or do line work any length of time, espe
< ially by gu* or lamp light, YOU NEED GLASSES.
If the eyes ache or water, or anything swims' or becomes -liin or looks hazy" or
lurri d when using them a short time, and you have to look to see plainer—you need glasses.
:i. If you have a smarting and burning sensation In and about the eyes—you need glasses.
t. Ifyou find yourself looking sideways, turning sideways, or laying It over towards the
shoulder to see plainly—you need glasses.
5. If you squint the eyes to s.-.- more plainly-you need glasses.
0. if vou see well at a distance and not close to you, or vice versa—you need glasses.
7. If you can’t easily thread a needle—you need glasses.
8. Ifyou become sleepy and have a tired feeling In the eyes after reading a short time
ache or sense of discomfort In or about the eyes you need glasses.
10 If vou have a frowning expression In or about tue eyes, squint or shrink upon going
into the sunlight, or do not see as well as your friends-you need glasses.
11. If you have glasses and they an- not perfectly easy and comfortable, they are not
right, and are an Injury to your eyes.
lj. IK Y< »L' NEED GLASSES you need th in now, and the sooner you get them the
la tter for your eyes. Every day's delay may Ije Invaluable and may be one day nearer totul
blindness. Then how foolish to postpone getting glasses.
Difficult cases and school children solicited. If your glasses require to be
ground please call early.
From now until after the Holidays we will make
you special prices on at a* *se ,*4
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware and Fine Cut Glass
We are prepared to duplicate prices quoted by Montgomery Ward
& Co. or any other catalogue house. We will sell you a good Alarm
Clock, guaranteed, for 59c. An Elgin or Waltham Movement, 7 Jewel
for $1.95. A Solid Gold Ladies’ Set Ring for $1.95. And all other Jew
elry in proportion. Now is the time to buy—We are also headquarters
for all kinds of Holiday Goods and Toys, and will not be undersold. If
you care to save money, give us your trade. Very Respectfully,
►•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«#♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»■» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I Headquarters for Holiday Buyers 1
♦ Pair *° the * ront again this year with the finest line of Holiday ♦
♦ * Ilw 1 C III Goods ever shown to the people of Lamar. We can only give ♦
' you in this space a general idea of our stock and prices. We want you to come in ♦
J and inspect the lines carefully and compare the prices with what you were compelled ♦
♦ to pay for the same goods before our advent. There is nothing in town to compare ♦
♦ with our stock of I
l Japanese, German, Haviland, |
♦ Austrian, English and American Ware |
♦ all of which will make dainty and acceptable holiday presents, while our assortment *
♦ of dolls and toys is the largest you have ever been given a chance to choose from. I
♦ L. 11 ..rl.nnd nit. your wlectton.- A Jepo.lt will n.r.r th. |
♦ 4-piece Sets in Ulass.6oc to $a Toilet Sets 6oc to $5 Smoker Sets 2
* * j
♦ Doll Trunks Fire Wagons and Autos Photograph Albums •
♦ J
♦ }
♦ Opera House I fk I I South Hein *
I l MIn J_lrL_ j
Remember that Denning’s photo
graphs are guaranteed to please yon.
dWajiH.ic-gmi.iaieJ, Jii
LJ Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. Dae J
fvl la time. Sold by druggists.
- ’
Col. Bryan’s dreaded imperialism isn’t in it. We are
now living under a commercial monarchy, and "Coal Oil
Johnny” D. Rockefeller is king. He says you must pay
more for your coal, so up goes the price:
Rockvale Lump, per ton at bins $6.75
Rugby “ “ “ 675
Trinidad “ " “ 5.50
Above prices are for coal at bins or on car- An addi
tional charge of 50c a ton for all coal delivered by us
Delivery made only inside of city limits. Send in your
Phone 42 Black
Hardware, Furniture,
Tinware, Harness, etc
We carry the largest stock in onr line ever carried
in eastern Colorado and can sell to yon at lowest
prices ever known in the Arkansas valley.
Real Estate, Loan 6^
Insurance Agen.
Dealer in and Repairer of
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry of Every Description
Groceries, Provisions,
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh and Salt Meats
No Accounts Will Be Allowed to Run over 30 Pays
B. B Brown, Pres. A. N. Parrish, Vice Pres. W. C. Gould, Crs i
The First National Bank
Capital $50,000 Surplus $ 1 0,000
B. B. Brown. T. M. Brown. W. C. Gould,
M. D. Tijatchkr. A. N, Parri o il
|0| paints
©ILS and
For Fall Building
If you are among those who contemplate building of any
description, we’ll make yon glad if you get an estimate on
your lumber here. The earlier you come the better.
South Side Depot
Carl Bros.
Agents for
Cole’s Hot Blast Stoves j^Pfj
Also Carry a General Line of
Furniture, Stoves and Hardware
exclusive dealer in
Staple and Fancy Groceries
keeps constantly on hand the best and
finest of everything in the Grocery line. •
For bargains in farm lands go to
C. B. Thoman.
WANTED —Alfalfa hay, by the Colo
rado Ruling Co.
The Colorado Baling Co. will buy your
hav now; pay you some money on it and
you can make delivery later on.
C. B. Thoman has f ho best, line of
fire insurance. He writes farm risks.
For cheap town lots see (J. B ,
Others may not be mak
ing Farm Lonns now
Ten years time.
Optional payments,
8 per cent interest
payable annually
Renew your loans now

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