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City Editor
The only set of Numerical
Abstracts of the Records of
Prowers County. Abstracts
to Farm ami City Proper
ty f urnished on shortest no
tice. Also owners of Rald
win, Jay t k Co.'s Abstracts
of Prowers County Rec
ords previous to the fire of
1888. Terms reasonable.
Address ,
Plenty of Cheap Money for
(good Farm and City Loans.
Call and see me.
Congressman H. H. Hogg of
the 2nd District will be in
and open the Republican State
Campaign here. All vot
ers are invited to come
out and hear the
Almanac* have been in great demand
thi* week. People will have the latest
reading matter obtainable.
The commissioners are in session this
week. All had considerable difficulty
in getting here, but arrived on tiiuek
A. Maxwell put down a well at bin
residence on Third street last week and
struct a fine vein of soft water at a
depth of sixiy-two feet.
The Social Circle ladies will have a
sale of good things to eat, Saturday at
a ternoon. at the store of McLean Bros.
Come early to get choice.
Miss Fannie Dodds entertained a
number of her friends last Friday even
lng at a chafing dish party. All enjoy
ed a very pleusaut evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lindsly and Mrs.
J. W. Bent drove to Holly yesterday to
take the train for SL Louis, where they
expect to visit the World’s Fair.
There was a dance at the opera bouse
lrst Saturday night. About sixteen
couples were present nnd they had a
very pleasant time so it is reported.
John McKinley is a victim of the
flood tie up and is sojourning at La
Junta. He will get home just as soon
os the railroad can bring him. In the
meantime JoeConwell is kept very busy
trying to do two mens’ work.
Miss Agnes Mouruiog was expected
home last Sunday morning, but was not
able to get any further than La Junta,
being prevented from coming home by
floods. She retrrned to Pusblo and thus
makes a longer visit than she expected.
Stephen Scott has had a well put down
on hts place on the bill, in the south
West part of town. The well is sixty
five feet deep and the water is said to be
the equal of any sulphus springs in the
Any one who desires may test
the water.
Morton J. Underwood came in to town
this morning to meet with the county
commissioners and see about the bridge
situation. Mort is always sure of a
warm welcome from his old time friends
and it seem* quite natural to see him in
the county clerk’s office.
The ladies of the Baptist aid society,
Will give a cap and apron sociable, w th
•upper consisting of sandwich* s and
coffee, peaches und cream und cake, in
the north room of th * Masonic Temple,
Friday, October 14. Supper commenc
ing at 6:30. Price, 26c.
Some of_tbe citizens made up a purse
yesterday and had some mail brought
Up from Holly by wagon. Postmaster
Cooper very kindly had the mail all dis
tributed last night, although it did not
get here until after seveu o’clock. The
latest paper was that of Saturday night.
General Superintendent Ouin and
family, and Division Superintendent
Ayres, of the Santa Fe route, are
among those who are dolayed here by
the flood. Mr. Cain and family wore re
turning from St, Louis, in their private
car, and were caught here by the wash
Lamar people are experiencing a sort
desolate feeling. With no trains run-
Oing, and the bridge out over the river,
Vie town seems quite doserted. The
Aidual number of farmers and teams
missing from the streets and the usual
etlr made by them, serve to make the
days rather dull.
Next Thursday night, at seven o’clock
the congregation of the Methodist
church will meet at the church for the
purpose of practicing the hymns. These
meetings will probably continue each
week and it is hoped to soon have such
Congregational singing as is seldom seen
or heard now-a-days. All are invited to
be present.
Several of our citizens made big mon
ey doing a ferry businc ss at the bridge
on Monday and Tuesday, but the com
missioners hired the boats and the fer
rying is done free now.
Three adults and one infant were bap
tised, and seven received into member
ship in the Presbyterian church last
Sabbath as u partial result of the
evangelistic meetings recently closed.
A box containing a set of Rogers sil
ver knives, forks and spoons was found
by some children in the Reynolds cune
Held adjoining town the first of the
week. They must have been stolen re
cently and the theif being afraid to dis
pose of them, tried that means of getting
rid of the plunder.
Messrs. Barrett and Bassett and F. C.
Stainaker represented this part of Colo
rado on the Knnsus City market lust
week with a shipment of cows. They
were all sold by Rice Brothers. Tbit
firm is making rapid advances into the
Colorado territory and proving their
ability to handle this class of stock in
the right way.
The washout of the bridge is likely to
be a serious drawback to the farmers on
the north side of the river. The haul
ing of beets had just well » e . in and now
it will have to cease until the bridge is
repaired. Other crops will have to wail
also, and altogether, it makes quite a
hardship on the farmers.
Isaac DeWitt, who a few weeks ago
went to the Soldiers Home at Leaven
worth, could not stay away from Lamar
and home folks, so he returned on
Monday afternoon and was given a big
charivari by his ne.ghbors that evening.
He says there is no place like home and
he is glad to be back again.
D. W. Applegate returned Monday
from the World’s Fair, where he was the
tirst Lamar citizen to distinguish him
self. He won the hundred yards foot
race for men over 70 years of age in such
hollow fashion that he made the effete
easterners look like thirty cents. His
only regret was that he did not get there
in time to enter in the all ages races.
Sells A Downs circus was here last
Friday and gave one exhibition in the
afternoon. There was a good crowd
present and a fine show was given, al
though not nearly all the features of the
show. The weather was so threatening
that not over half of the stuff was put
on exhibition and the circus perform
ance was curtailed. Every one was sat
isfied however, and bad the worth of
their money. The after coucert was un
usually rank and was pure fake. The
circus got out of town that night, which
WB9 lucky for them and for the town,
too, as a big crowd like the circus out
fit would have been a hard proposition
to have around for a week.
Church Notes.
M. E. Church — Morn|ng subject:
“The Scatterer’s.” Eveuing Subject:
“Seven Reasons why Young Men Should
Not be Christians.” Prayer meeting
Thursday evening a Sung ser
vice at 7:30.
O. W. A uman, Pastor.
The Social Circle of the Presbyterian
church met with Mr*. Neil McLean Fri
day, Sept. 30, a large number of ladies
were prsseni regardless of it being show
day. Refresh meats were served by the
hostess and a pleasant social hour was
Mas. J. M. Johnston, Sec’y.
Preaching at the Presbj terian church
nex. Sunday morning at 11 o’clock.
Subject, "Christ and Christianity.” In
the evening at 7:80 the suoject will be
-The God of Jacob.” Midweek prayer
service Thursday evening at T:3O. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. Christian En
deavor Sunday evening at 7 p. m.
J. W Purcell, Pastor.
Tennis (tuckets and Balls at cost at
MoLeau’s Drug Store.
Paul Denning will be absent from
Lamar for a time, in the near future.
If you wish photographs come scon as
possible. Gallery open at all times un
til further notice.
S. A. Read, Cisco, Texas, writes, Mar.
lith, 1001 s "My wrist wus sprained so
badly by a full that it was useless; and
after using several remedies, that failed
to give relief, used Ballard's Suow Lin
iino nt, and was cured. I earnestly
recommend it to uny one suffering from
sprains.” 25c,60c, sl. ut 1. ii Myers,
Working Overtime
Eight hour laws are ignored by those
tireless little workers—Dr. King’s New
Life Pills. Millions are always at work
night and day, curing indigestion, bili
ousness. constipation, sick headache and
all stoinnch, liver and bowel troubles.
Easy, pleasant, safe, sure. Only 25c at
I. H. Myers.
Whet’s in a Name?
Everything is in the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Salve. E. C De-
Witt & Co., Chicago, discovered some
years ago how to make a salve from
Witch Hazel that is a specific for piles.
For blind, bleeding, itching and pro
truding piles, eczema, cuts, burns, bruis
es and all skin diseases, DeWitt’* Salve,
has no equal. This has given rise to
numerous counterfeits. Ask for De-
Witt’s —the genuine. For sale by
Mi era’ Pharmacy.
The Stomach is the Man
A weak stomach weakens the man,
because it cannot transform the food he
eats into nourishment. Health and
strength cannot be restored to any sick
man or weak woman without first re
storing health and strengh to the stom
nch. A weak stomach cannot digest
enough food to feed the tissues and re
vive the tired and run down limbs and
organs of the body. Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure digests what you eat, cleanses and
strengthens the glands and membranes
of the stomach, and cures indigestion,
dyspepsia and all stomach troubles.
For sale by Myers’ Pharmacy,
$20,000 just received for farm louns.
No delays.
L. Wikt Markham.
Fine line of Stationery and Books
just in, at McLean’s Drug Store.
Good muntel folding bod for sule
cheap. Call at Imperial Barber Shop,
corner north of depot.
For cheap town lots see 0. B
0. B. Thoman has the best line of
fire insurance. He writes farm risks.
Coach Excursion to St. Louis
Rate of $17.25 Lamar to St. Louis and
return eyery Saturday iu August and
September. Tickets good only iu coaches
and chair cars. Final limit for return 15
days from date of sale.
G. J. GARVIN, Agent.
FOR TBADE—First-Class Stock
Ranch, in Baca county. Well improved
plenty of water and timber. Will trade
for good alfalfa farm under Fort Lyou
canal. C. S. Smith.
For bargains in farm lands go to
0. B. Thoman.
When troubled with constipation try
Chamberluin’s Stomach and Liver Tab
lets. They are easy to take und produce
no griping or other unpleusant effect.
For sale by all druggists.
Dr. A. W. Seabury, physician and
surgeon. Offices on second floor of
Irwin building, East Main street.
Neglected Colds
Every part of the mucous membraue
the nose throat, ears, head uud lung,
etc., are subjected to disease and blight
from ueglected colds, batiurd’s (lore
hound Syrup is a pleasant uud effective
remedy. 200,50 c, sl. W. Akeudrik,
Valley Mills, Texas, writes: “1 have used
Bullard's Hurehouud Syrup for coughs
uud Ihroul troubles; it is a pleasant uud
most effective remedy.” ut I. H. Myers.
Beautiful Women
Plump cheeks, tiusued with the soft
glow ol health and a complexion, make
ull women beautiful. Tuae a small dose
of llerbiae after each meal; it will pre
vent couslipation und help digest what
you have eaten. 50c. Mrs. Wm. M.
Stoud, Midlothian, Texas, writes, Muy
31, l‘J0l: “We have used llerhiue in
our family for eight years, uud found it
the beet medicine we ever used for con
stipation, bilious fever und malaria.” at
1. H. Myera.
Has Sold a Pile of Chamberlain’s
Cough Remedy.
I have sold Chamberlaiu’s Cough
Remedy for mure thau tweuly years uud
it has given entire eatiefacliou. 1 have
sold a pile of it and cau recommeud it
highly,—Joseph McElhiney, Linton,
lowa. You will find this remedy a good
fneud when troubled with a cough or
cold. It always affoads quick relief and
is pleasant to take. For sale by all
From 148 to 02 Pounds
One of the moet remarkable cases of u
cold, deep-seated on the lungs, causing
pneumonia, ia that of Mrs. Gertrude E.
Fenner, Marion, lud., who was entirely
cured by the use or One Minute Cough
Cure, fibe says: “The ooughiug and
straining so weakened me that I ran
down iu weight from 148 to 82 pounds.
1 tried a number of remedies to uo avail
until I used Oue Minute Cough Cure,
four bottles of this wonderful remedy
cured me entirely of the cough, stren
gthened my lungs and restored me to
my normal weight, health and strength.”
Sold by Myers Pharmady.
$112500 for a Proscription.
The largest sum ever paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. 30, 1001. The transfer in
volved in ooin und stock 1112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Bright’s Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They oommenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1900.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 26, eighty-seven
per cent of the test cases were either
well or progressing favorably.
Thera being but thirteen per cent ot
failures, the parties were satisfied and
cltieed the transaction. r l he proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
clinical reports of the test cases were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Address John J. Fulton
company, 420 Montgomery SL San Fran
cisco, Cal.
Nore Riots
Disturbances of strikers are not near
ly as grave as an individual disorder of
the system. Overwork, loss of sleep,
nervous tension will be followed
U ter collapse, unless u reliable remedy
is immediately, employed. There’s noth
ing so efficient to cure disorders of the
liver and Kidneys as Electric Bitters
It’d a wonderful tonic, and effectiv<
nervine and the greatest all around
medicine for run down systems.' It dir
pels malaria genii’*. Only 50c Bnliafac
tion guaranteed by 1. 11, Myers.
Dr. Sherman Armstrong V.S
Experienced in latest treatment
of all diseases of burses and cattle
Headqaarters at McLean Bros.’ Barn
Calls answered night or day
U. 8. Land Owe*. Lamar Colo. I
Sept. 22, 1001. I
Vfoties in horoby Riven that tho foliowinir-nnm-
IN mi settler has Mod notice of her intention
to make Ilnid proof in support of hor Claim,and
that said proof will be made before the Rctristor
and Receiver at Lamar, Colorado, on Thursday
Nov. S. 1001, vis i Lulu U. Keener, formerly Lulu
R. <’shall. 11. K.. No. 4811, for then* neM e*
uwM sec 81, twp 12 8. Rn»r 48 W.
She names tho following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon and cultivation
of, said land, vis:
Wallace Horn, Howard Fulkerson, Lawrence
Woodard, ’of Lamar, and Charles Johnson of
Prowsrs. Colorado.
John A. Williams. Register.
OrrtCß op thb Stats Board op Land Com*
Denver, Colo.. Sept, 18, 1904.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven that Abraham Rhode*.
Whone postofflee address is Lamar, Colora
do, on September 7tli, 19U4. made application
No. .’<96 to the State Hoard of Land Coinmin
sionsrs to lease the following described lud.
Bcbool Lands, situate in Prowers County, Col
orado, towit:
Lots 1. 2 and 4. Section 1, Township 21 South,
Range 47 West.
No other applications to lease the above de
scribed premises or objections attainst the
above application will bo considered after Oc
tober 18lh. 1904 .. , ...
Mark (». WooDßurr,
Ksgiatar State Board Land Cooumistuooars.
R-R-P-A N-S Tubules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The .Vcont pack,* is enough for usual oceaviom.
The family bottle |OO cents) rootum* a aiippl>
for a year All driiKgiaLi sell ilium.
A Power for Good.
The pills that are potuul in their no
tion anil pleusunt in effect uro De Wilt's
Little Early Risers W. <S. Philpot, uf
Albany, Ga., says: “During a bilious at
tuck 1 took one. Small an it was it did
me more good than calomel, blue mans
or any other pill I ever took and at the
same time the effect wan pleusnt. Lit
tie Earley Risers are certainly an ideal
pill,” Sold by Myer’s Pharmacy.
Sour Stomach
When the quantity of food taken is
too large or the quality 100 rich, sour
stomach is likely to folly, and e<-pecially
so if the digestion has been weakened
by constipation. Eat slowly uud not
too freely of easily digested food. Mus
ticute the food thoroughly. Let five
hours elapse between meuls, aud when
you feel a fullness and weight in the
region of the stomach after eating, lake
Chamberluin’s Stomach and Liver Tab
lets and the sour stomach may be avoid
ed. Foraule byall druggists.
It Saved His Leg
P. A. Danforth of La Grange, Ga.,
suffered for six months Willi a frightful
running sore on bis leg; but writes that
Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly cured ii
in five days. For ulcers, wounds, piles,
it’s the best salve in the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only 25c, at I. H. Myers.
Healthy Mothers
Mothers should ulwayH keep in good
bodily health. They owe it to their
children. Yet it is no unusal sight to
see a mother, with babe in urniß, cough
ing violently and exhibiting all the
symptoms of a consumptive leudency.
Aud why should this duugerous condi
tion exist, dangerous alike to mother
aud child, when Dr. Boscheu’s German
Syrup would put a stop to it at once?
No mother should be without this old
and tried remedy in the house for its
timely use will promptly cure any lung,
throat or bronchial trouble iu herself or
children. The worst cough or cold can
be speedily cured by German Syrup; bo
can hourseness and congestion of the
bronchial tubes. It makes expectora
tion easy, and givea instant relief and
refreshing rest to the cough-rucked con
sumptive. New trial bottles 25c; lurge
size, 75c. At all druggist.
W. H. Harrison, Cleveland. Mibb.
writes, Aug. 15,1902: “I want to say a
word of praise for Ballard's Suow Lin
iment. I stepped on a nail, which enus
ed the cords in my leg to contract and
an abscess to rise on my knee, and the
doctor told me that I would have a stiff
leg, so one day I went toJ. F. Lord’s
drug store (who is now in Denver, Gilo.)
He recommended a bottle of Snow Lini
ment; I got a 50c size, and it cured my
leg. It is the beet liniment in the world.
Abscesses, with few exceptions, are
of constipation or debility. They may,
however, result from blows or from for
eign bodies, introduced into tho skin or
fieeh, such as splinters, thorns, etc.
In Praise of Chamberlain’s Colic
Cholera and Diarrhoes Remedy
“Allow mo to giye you a few words in
praise of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy,” says Mr. John
Hamlett, of Eagle pass. Texas. “I suf
fered one week with bowel trouble and
took all kinds of medicine without get
ting relief, when my friend, Mr. C.
Johnson, a merchant here, advised me
to take this remedy. After taking odo
dose I felt greatly relieved and when 1
had taken the third dose was entirely
cured, I thank you from the bottom of
my heart for putting this great remedy
in the hands of mankind.” At all drug
Tragedy Averted
“Just in the nick of time our little
boy lias saved” writes Mrs. W. Watkins
of Pleasant City, Ohio. “Pneumuuin
had played sad havoc with him aud n
terrible cough set in besides. Doctor*
treated him but he grew worse everj
day. At length we tried Dr. Kong's
New Discovery for Conumption, and oui
darling was saved. He’s now sound,
and well.” Everybody ought to know,
it’s the only Bure cure for coughs, colds
and all lung diseases. Guaranteed by
[. H. Myers, druggist. Price 50u und
and 81.00, Trial bottles free.
I will open a dressmaking establish
ment In Umar on September 10, 1004.
Have had ten yea-s’experience. Satis
faction guaranteed. Will live In the
Rush bouse, lot 1, block .'ls—corner Elm
and 6th streets.
Mrs. Maggie Mcßridf.
Needing a
New Plow?
-We have all the various members
of the Plow family assembled at oar
store ready for you to step in and
pick out the one you are iu need of.
These plowa are made by the well
known makers, Jno. Deere Plow Co.,
and are a marvel of strength aud
utility. We have
Beet Plows
and all other kinds of
C C Huddleston
Do You Play Tennis!
If so now is your chance to
secure your Tennis Rackets
At Wholesale Cost,
We will close out all 1904 goods as follows:
Spaulding’s Slocum Racket, regular price $4.00, now $2.90
“ Model A I3‘ oz., regular price $6.00, now 4.50
" Lakeside I3i oz., regular price $2.50, now 1.75
“ Vantage, regular price $3.50, now 2.25
Victor Club, regular price $2.00 1.25
Victor Comet 13‘ oz., regular price $2.50, now 1.75
Spaulding & Wright & Ditson Balls while they last 20c each
Now is the time prepare for the game.
Reduced prices on all Base Ball Goods also
Reward for Rounding Up Cattle
For all cattle branded °hlp*^
wo will pay $1 per head, if delivered to
Thnmiitt Laij nd, at Koen’a ranch near
Granada, or Ezra L*«wlh, Amorlean U*-et
Sugar company's farm, about <>n« mile
oast of Lamar.
a mehican Bert sugar ro ,
c. F Evans, Asst Mgr.
Dr. A. W. Seabury, physician and
surgeon. Offices on socoud floor of
Irwin building* Eaat Main atreefc.
Books |
School Books |
All Kinds
of Books
VpQ Myers' has a
* Complete Line
Bottom Prices
School Books, Blank Books,
Copying Books, Latest Booka,
Bible Booka, Memorandum
Books, Pocket Booka.
Books! Books! Books!
All Other School Supplies
Lafnn: "I'll lov« a maid tho tatter,
whilst I have tooth In my lioad."
Perhaps You’ll Need Me
During 1904
I do high grade dental work
I do not do any other kind
I cannot afford to do good work at
poor prices
I cannot afford to do poor work it
any price
I have the best of training
I have the best of instruments
I have a completely equipped office
lam located at Booms 1 and 2 State
Bank Block
I am C. S. WILSON, D. D. S.
Honrs Mod o'clock
| Do You Want to Sell? j
♦ If you want to sell your J
♦ farm, ranch, cattle or •
\ sheep, list them with me x
£ |f you have alfalfa hay ♦
i andpa«turelandseeme I X
J also loan money on real f
♦ and peisonal property. J
( Room 0 M«y Block 4
If you are looking for a sate, profit
able invpßtmoht, see P. R. Mathew*
Solicitor for “The Banker** Life
Insurance Has'*. of D a Moines,
lowa*** now in it* twenty -fifth
The Cash Grocer
Lowest prices in town on everything you need in tin*
grocery line. Under the cash system you have no bad
accounts to pay for and get value received.
North Main St. Opposite the Davies Hotel. Phone No. 42 Red
Miss Hill, a trimmer of 8 years'
experience, has charge of the Mil
linery Department
The new Millinery is all in and
she will take great pleasure in
showing the latest creations
World Fair Service & Rates j
Through Pullmans to j
St. Louis Every Day i
/%_ 1 A Which leaves here at 7:35 P. M.
a Kant of Khii«a* City nleapftr run* over Alton-Htirlinßtoi. II
On No Q Which leaves here at 12:01 A. M.
\/II IMwq But of Kannu City alwi|ier nnsorar Atan-HarllngVHi it
/L Which leaves here at 8:03 A HI
Vrll ■ Mw* Rast nf Kaniu City Jeepqr run* over Wabaali It. R
Low Rates to World’s Fair
15 Day Tickets coat $27.00. 00 Day Tickeln cost $3O (HI
Tickets limited to December 15 cost $30.00.
For descriptive literature, sleeper-car space, railroa I tickets, etc.,
• — ,T v TO ■
. I. lUVIN, Agt., A. r. S S. F. By., LAMA*. COLHRAOO
-25.. X 3. HENET
Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Groceries and Fresh Meals
South Sain SU Phan* No. 102 Bed.

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