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ItUnd at tha Poatoffloa at Lamar. Colorado
aa Saeoad-elaaa Mail Mattor.
at so. b. uihriliZj
Bditobamd PiownTOi.
SoMOtimoi BATU:
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.jThraaMaatha M
Colorado, October 19, 1904
For Prssidsnt Theodore Roosevelt
For Vioa-Preaidant Chau W. Fairbanes
For Electors D. U. Moepat, Simon
Gcoenhejh, Perot Rides
P. B. Stewart, J. C. Os
For Congressman at large F. E. Brooks
For Congress 2nd Diet. H. M. Hooo
For Governor Jas H. Peabodt
For Lieut. Governor J. F. McDonald
For Seo’jr. of SUU J. W. Cowie
For B tale Treasurer John Uolmbero
For Auditor A. E. Bent
For Attorney General N. C. Miller
For State SupL Katherine Craio
For Regents T. D. Baird
H. D. Thompson
For DisL Attorney A. W. McHendrie
For Representativs & F. Whits
For County Judge Jas. H. Wing
For Oonnty Clerk W. H. Biamser
For County Treasurer L. F. Mathews
For County Assessor F. if. Rosaceans
For County SupL J. A. Rosebrough
For Sheriff G. H. Thomas
For County Surveyor LM. Markham
For County Coroner Fred Lee
For Commissioner for Ist
District W. W. Reynolds
For Commissioner for 3rd
District T. J. Satleb
For Justices of Pesos J. D. Martin
• E. E. Pies
For Constables 8. B. Whitlow
1. C. Downing
The democratic gang now howl
ing so loudly for eoonomj don’t re*
far at all to their own record for
seven jeers while in charge of the
eoonty finances. Joel ask one of
them aboat that period and see how
mam he tarns immediately.
The old three-per-oent oonnty
tax democratic gang is again trying
to fool the voters into trusting them
with the oonnty government. They
promise even more reform than they
gavs os before and that waa a 20
per oent increase in oonnty taxes.
The editor of the Sparks last week
said the per capita circulation of this
eoonty is S3O. Reliable informa
tion from the five other editors of
the oonnty shows jost 30c among
the lot, so Mr. Lewises moat be omr
rying the balance of $179.70 belong
ing to the fraternity.
The editor of the Sparks insists
that anyone living east of the east
line of Lamar is a resident of Kan
sas, (not eyen allowing Carlton a
place on the Colorado map) so it is
easy to understand why he worked
to prevent any of the offioes going to
the seat end of the oonnty.
The old ring of Lamar democratic
boodlera, who kept the oonnty levy
op to an average of nearly three per
oent for five years, are now asking
the new voters to give them oontrol
of the oonnty in the interest of soon -
omy. There are too many voters
here yet who remember the doinge
of ( the Lamar democratic gang in
former daya to trust them again.
A look over the democratic oobnty
ticket will show yon that no plums
worth holding have escaped the old
three-per oent-levy gang of demo
cratic boodlera, the only new mem
ber being Thorne for judge, and he
having joined every political organi
sation in the state that would give
him an office, was immediately recog
nised aa a kindred spirit and taken
into fall membership in the gang.
The Sparks made its usual roar
lest week on Boas Hasty and asks
the voters to elect the democratic
commissioners in order to get rid of
him. It offers no eridenoe that the
democratic party of the oonnty has
reformed, eo the voters will take its
promisee with considerable salt, aa
they were given seven opportunities
to fire Boss Hasty and refused, al
though there were three democratic 1
doctors in the oonnty. Yon will
have to invent something better than
that to fool Prowers oonnty voters.
|f*pj of theo fire from Mieeoori.
Practically every taxpayer ib the
oonnty knows and trusts Messrs. W.
W. Reynolds and T. J. Sayler, re
publican candidates for commission
ers, and knows they will give tbs
oonnty economical and faithful bus
iness management No member of
the opposition dares to say one word
against either of them, and this in
spits of the feet that the old Lamar
democratic gang is trading all the
rest of the ticket to get hold of the
oonnty finances again.
The Lamar Sugar Factory.
“The long continued effort to se
sore a soger factory at Lamar has at
last reached snooesa. The American
Beet Sogar oompany has purchased
a tract of land upon whioh a modern
factory is to be bnilt, and the work
of oonstruotion will begin immedi
“Thera is no donbt that Prowers
oonnty will be able to supply a suffi
ciency of materiel to keep this new
factory going without censing any
shortage at the other plants of the
oompany, and the decision to bnild
this new factory is a striking proof
of the snooesa of those already in ex
“Lamar, Prowers county and tbs
Arkansas valley are to be congregat
ed upon this new proof of industrial
progress, end public thanks ere due
to those by whose persistent work
this resalt has been secured.”
—Pueblo Chieftain.
Republican District Candidates.
The two candidates on oar dis
trict ticket who will be elected or
not ss Las Animas oonnty wills are
men of ability and good straight re
pnblioanism and worthy of yonr
Hon. A. W. McHendrie, candidate
for attorney, is a young attorney who
passed the best examination ever
mads before tha Colorado supreme
oonnt, and while young at the prac
tice has as a oourt officer become
thoroughly familiar with the duties
of the offioe he seeks. He is a Col
orado boy and was raised in this
section of the district, so we can lay
as good claims to him as can Las
Animas eoonty. Ha is popular all
over tha district and will make a
snoosesfnl canvass, without question.
Hon. 8. F. White, of Holly, is
candidate for representative from
this district, and will add one more
to Mr. Trailer's long list of defeats.
Hs is an orator of ability, an attor
ney of several years standing and a
successful merchant at Holly for tha
past seven years. He is thoroughly
familiar with all the needs and in
terests of this seotion of the district
and will be heard from in the next
general assembly as one of its lead
ing and moat foroefnl members.
Republican Rallies.
The republican oommitlee an
nounces meeting at the following
places to which all citixens are in
Thursday, Oct. 30.
Amity School House, —Hon. C. C.
Friday, Oct. 31.
Granada Town Hall, —Hon. C. C.
JRssdny, Oct, 34.
Stephenson School Honan, —Hon.
R. E. H. Warren nod Hon. J. K.
Tuesday, Oct, 35,
Paradox School House.—Hon. B.
E. H. Warren and Hon. N. N. Mc-
Wednesday, Oct. 36.
James Schyol House, —Hon. B. E.
H. Warren and Hon. J. K. Doughty.
Thursday, Oct, 37.
Glover Meadow School House, —
Hon. B. E. H. Warren and Hon. S.
F. White.
Sonny side School House, — Hod.
A. W. McHendrie and Hon. Granby
FrldaY, Oct. 38.
Buffalo School House, —Hon. B.
E. H. Warren and Hon. Granby
Saturday, Oct, 36.
Coates School House, —Hon. B. E.
H. Warren and Hon. W. W. Rey
Commissioner’s Proceedings.
Lamar, Colo., OcL 8, 1904.
Offioe of tha Board of County Commis
Board mat pursuant to adjournment,
all members present.
Claims ware allowed sad warrants
ordered drawn on the ordinary county
revenue fund as follows:
J H Friable, feed prisoners and
care of jail slls 00
J A Roeebroufh, sal and mil're 228 80
H B Man villa, repair oo’rt house 800
Board adjourned to meat October 4.
Lamar, Colo., OcL 4, 1904.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
all members present.
Approved monthly reports of H. C.
Murphy, J. W. Bryoe, T. B. Pile, T. E
Downer and E. C. Gordon, overeaers of
road districts Nos. 3,1, 2, 4 and 5, and
waff*®** drawn on rnjd djf
Our Candidate for State Auditor
In Hon. A. E. Bent the Great Arkansas Valley has a fit candidate for
its first representative on the state ticket, as there is uo man in the wbole
valley mors prominently oonnected with its development, or more represen
meat of hnndreds of
thousands of dollars in building other canals. He was one of the leading
spiriU in securing the first sugar factory for the valley and the develop
uient of that great industry. He was the pioneer in giving Prowers county
a telephone system and Lamar an electric light plant. He was a foremost
leader in organizing the associations that have promoted the great indus -
tries of shipping alfalfa hay and cantaloupes from the valley, and the real
estate associations that have spent thousands of dollars in advertising the
counties of Otero, Bent and Prowers, and their great resources. To give s
fall account of the various enterprises he has helped to promote would be
to write the history of the Arkansas valley for the past 18 years, and the
people of this section will show their appreciation of his work by handsome
majorities in each county. To show that this feeling extends to the entire
valley we take the following from last week’s issue of the Rocky Ford En
“Alfred E. Bent, of Prowers county, is a name inseparably coupled
with the upbuilding of the wonderful new empire which Colorado is bring
ing into being by means of irrigation. He is one of the ferewost citizens
of that section in the southeastern part of the state, and in naming him as
its candidate for Auditor the republican state convention paid a tribute to
the man and bis section.
“Mr. Bent has promoted a nnmder of irrigation projects and no single
man has done more to develop the arid region. He is now interested in
several projects of this kind and is a successful business man. Mr. Bent is
a thirty second degree Mason, and is High Priest of Orient Chapter No. 32
R. A. M.”
tricts as follows:
H C Murphy, road work, dist 8. .828 00
P A Eberle, “ 3.. 12 00
C A Turney, “ 1.. 12 00
O E Vincent, “ 1.. 12 00
E'red Gor*e, " 1.. 10 50
JW Bryce, “ 1.. 63 75
T B Pile, “ 3.. 38 60
L H Pile, “ 3.. 21 00 1
Carl Nelson, “ 3.. 900
Charles Kornman, “ 4.. 27 00
Lou Jessup, “ 4.. 3 00
William Preston, “ 4.. 4 50
Albert Gadd, “ 4.. 7 50
William Flaecbe, “ 4.. 30 00
W F Cross, •* 4.. 15 00
T E Downer, ** 4.. 30 00
O I Pearce, “ 5.. 150
Coy Barnard, " 6.. 3 00
R A McKibbon, ** 5.. 450
S Q Gleason, “ 5.. 750
E C Gordon, “ 5.. 16 50
A Kern, " 6.. 300
Alva Dealer, ** 6.. 300
Charles WrigbL “ 6.. 10 60
Tha claim of tbs EL W. English Lum
ber company, amounting to 125.70, for
lumber furnished, was allowed sad war- .
rant ordered drawn on general road
fund it. peymenL
Allowed claims and ordered warrants
drawn on ordinary county revenue fund,
as follows:
Strain Bros, ice for court house. .3 1 00
G C Pollard, sal jen'tor c’rt house 40 00
H H McDowell, serv water com.. 65 00
J C Ford, clean cess pool at jail.. 800
C Frost Liggett, pub com p’c’d’gs 35 83
Granada Times, pub notice teach
ers’ examination 1 80
J F Curry, services September.. 40 00
On motion board allowed the claim of
B. J. Vinton, amounting to 850, for
right of way for public road, through
sw i, section 30, township 22, range 43,
and ordered warrant drawn on geueral
road fund in payment.
Board adjourned to meet October 5.
Lamar, Colo., Oct. 5, 1904.
Board met pursuant to adjournmenL
all members present.
On motion Board allowed claims end
ordered warrants drawn on poor fund as
S C Van Meter, care inj'd pauper $lO 00
J F Curry, cash adv'e’d paupers 57 95
Board allowed claims and ordered
warrants drawn on ordinary county rev
enue fund as follows, to-wit:
F H Uoeacrans, sal and dep hire $385 00
J S Hasty, sal county physician 13d 00
Lamar Electric Co, lights 4 00
J F Curry, cash adv stamps, etc. 435
G T Feast, J P fees, People vs.
Orindrod 6 10
J H Fritbie, cobs fees same case 20 90
N Taylor, witness fees “ 4 70
Ed Mudge, “ “ 2 16
B. B. Brown, Proa. A. N. Parrish, Vice Free W.C. Gould, Cash
The First National Hank
Capital 560,000 Surplus StO,OOC
B. B. Bun. X. M. Brows, W. O. Gould.
1L D. Tkitcul A. N, Faud-b.
tative of the pash, en
ergy, pluck, persever
ence and ability that
have been required to
change the Great Am
erican Desert into an
agricultural wonder
land. He came to La
mar with the first tide
of immigration and for
tbe 18 years which
have followed, and
whioh includes the en
tire period of the de
velopment of this great
valley, there haa not
been a big industry
secured for the valley
or new enterprise start
ed that he has not been
one of tbe leaders in
promoting. He has
built many miles of ir
rigation canal himself,
and secured the invest
W S Hare, “ “ 2 15
Mark Spafford, “ “ 470
Grant Hale, “ “ 7 25
Granby Hillyer, sal county att’y 75 00
Allowed the claim of W. J. Slcfrlebow
•r for road work in road district No. 6,
and ordered warrant drawn on said dls
-1 trict for $77.25.
Claims were allowed and warrants
ordered drawn on the general road fund
as follows:
Jacoway&Cook, blacksmitblng.f 500
J H Newman, road mdse 7 67
W o Lee, right of way for road. 128 00
Board adjourned to meet October 6.
Lamar, Colo., Oct. 6, 1904.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
all members present
Board adjourned to m«>et October 7
Lamar, Colo., Oct. 7, 1904.
Board met pursuant to adjournment,
all members present.
On motion duly carried, board accept
ed tbe offer of M. Strain to pay for
blocks 26, 27 and 28 West Side addition
to Lamar, tbe sum of 40 per cent of the
face of certificates, together with 40
per cent of all sub. taxes, including tbe
year 1903.
Allowed the following claims and or
dered warrants drawn on the special
1 contingent fund as follows:
William Byers, guarding bridge. -$2 00
I C Downing, locating ford 6 00
Allowed claims and ordered warrants
drawn on ordinary county revenue fund
as follows:
Lamar Seed Co, coal s7l 90
Out West Printing Co, supplies.. 60 45
The claim of Charles Hall amounting
to $4.50, for sharpening grader, was al
lowed and warrant drawn on general
road fund in payment.
Board adjourned to meet Oetobei 8.
Lamar, Colo., Oct. 8, 1904.
Board met pursuant to adjournmet,
all members present.
On motion duly carried, board accept
ed the proposal of tbe Canton Bridge
company, to erect the bridge across tbe
river near Lamar at a total cost of $14,-
000, as per plans ard specifications on
tile in the office of the county clerk.
Allowed claims and drew warrants on
poor fund as follows:
W F McPherson, cash advanced.s 1 10
Mrs. Ida Barker, maintenance... 10 00
Allowed<clalms and ordered warrants
drawn on ordinary county revenue fund
as follow!*:
S W Cressy, services wat com'r. .SSO 00
J K Stevenson, serv and mileage 49 00
Joel Knowlen, “ 62 21
W F McPherson, “ 66 20
On motion board adjourned to meet
November 9, 1904.
J. F. CURRY, Clerk.
Some Seasonable Reminders
White Wine Vinegar Spices of All Kinds
i Straight and Mixed
Just what you want for pickling
50c a Gallon /T Bulk and Package
We unloaded this week 300 cases
of canned Sugar Corn, eastern pack,
in three grades. We offer it at
very low prices. It will pay you
to look this up.
Breakfast Bell Coffee v Schilling’s Goods
in i-lb cartons-Fresh ro«st- ((Mju We have just received a lar S e
ed in Pueblo. Best value - shipment of Schilling’s Teas. Ex
ever offered for the money . tracts. Spices, Soda, etc.
Only 25c a Pound Always Good
Only a few sacks of our Dollar
Spuds left. Don’t put off your or
der any longer, as this is positively
your last opportunity to get in on
this price.
Make that visit to Kansas City
on your way to or from the World’s Fair
Stop-over* permitted on ell World’s
Fair tickets issued by the Santa Fe
G. J. GARVIN, Agt., Lamar, Colo., can tell you about it
Election Notice.
<k>cxTT or Pkowkrs. j
Pursuant to th* provisions of Section Twcnty-on* (21) of Chapter Thirty-four (84) of the
General Statute* of the State of Colorado, entitled "Elections." notice in hereby given that n
General Election will be held in tbe several precinct* in said County of Prowore. in the State
aforesaid. on the Tuesday succeed in* the tint Monday in the month of November. A-f>.. IUO*.
to-wit: on the Eighth istb) Day of November. A. D.. 1904. That on aaid day the following officer*
are to be elected, to-wit: ,
Five Preeidential Elector* for the State of Colorado.
One Representative in tbe LIX Congress of the United States of the State at Large.
One Representative in the LiX Congress of tbo United States for tbe Second Congres
sional District. ...
One Governor of the State of 1 olorado.
One Lieutenant Governor of the State of Colorado.
One Secretary of State,
One Auditor of State.
One rotate Treasurer.
One Attorney General.
One Superintendent of Public Instruction.
Two Regents of the University of Colorado
One District Attorney in Third Judicial District.
One Member of the House of Representative, to represent the Coant iee of Baca, Las
Animas and Prowers, to succeed Hon. Granby Hillyer.
One County Judge.
One County Clerk.
One County Sheriff.
One County Assessor.
One County Treasurer.
One County Superintendent of Schools.
One Coonty Coroner.
One County Commissioner for the Fir«t Commissioners District.
One County Commissioner for the Second Commissioners District.
Two Justics* of the Peace for Justice Precinct No. 1.
Two Constables for Justice Precinct No. I.
Two Justices of the Peace for Justice Precinct No. S.
Two Constables for Jnstoce Precinct No. 8.
Two Justices of tbe Peace for Justice Precinct No. 8.
Two Constables for Justice Precinct No. 8.
Two Justices of the Peace for Justice Precinct No. 4.
Two Constables for Justice Precinct No. 4.
Two Justices of the Peace for Justice Precinct No. 8.
Two Coustables for Justice Precinct No. 5.
Two Justices sf the Peace for Jnsttoe Precinct No. 8.
Tho Constables for Justice Precinct No. 8.
Notice is also hereby given that at the General Election to be held on the Eighth day of
November. A. D.. 1904. there will be submitted to the qualified voters of the State of Colorado,
tbe question of amending tbe Constitution of the State: to amend Sections (3). sis (6). seven
(7). and eignt (4). of Article Vlt to amend Sectton three (8). of Article X. of raid constitution, hs
follows, to-wit:
Entitled. “Judicial Department." Section* five (5). six (8), seven it), and eight (8), provid
ing fur consolidating the Supreme Court and tbe Court of Appeals.
Each ballot mast have printed on itt
"For the amendments to Seotione 5,8, f, 8, of Article VI, consolidating the Supreme Court
and the Court of Appeals."
"Against the amendments to Sections 6, 8. T, and 8, of Artiele VI. consolidating the Supreme
Court and tbe Court of Appeals."
"For the amendment to Section ft, of Article VI, consolidating the SupreraeCourt and the
C the amendment to Section 3. of Artiele VI, consolidating the Supreme Court and
the Court of Appeals "
"For the amendment to Section •. of Artiele VI, consolidating the Supreme Coart and the
' OUrt "Again«t tbe amendment to Section 8. of Artlela VI. consolidating the Supreme Court and
the Court of Appeals,"
"For the amendment to Section 7, of Article Vl, consolidating the Sopreme Court and the
(ourt amendment to Section 7, of Artiele VI, consolidating the Supreme Court and
the Court of Appeals."
"For the amendment to Bectiou 8, of Article VI, consolidating the Supreme Court and the
Court of Appeals."
"Against the amendment to Section 8, of Artiele VI. consolidating the Supreme Court and
the Coart of Appeals."
Entitled. “Revenue," Section three (8). providing an exemption of 4200 of personal property
from taxation.
F»-k ballot most have printed on it:
"For the amendment concerning exemption of S3OO ofpersonal property from taxation."
"Against tbe amendment concerning exemption of 8800 of personal property from taxation."
In Wmvxaa Hereof. I have herewith set my band and official seal, at Lamar, Prowers
County, Colorado, this 12th day of October. A. D., IW4.
County Clerk.
I will open a dressmaking establish
ment in Lamar on September 19, 1904.
Have had ten yea-s*experience. Satis
faction guaranteed. Will live in tbe
Rush house, lot 1, block 35—corner Elm
and 6th streets.
Mrs- Maggie Mcßride.
Fine line of Stationery and Books
just io, at McLean's Drug Store.
R-I-P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good proscription
For mankind
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New Plow?
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known makers, Jno. Deere Plow Co»
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and all other kinds of
C. C. Huddleston
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I farm, ranch, cattle or ♦
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