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County Notes.
[From the Holly Chieftain I
Fred Mohl in here again with hin
usual number of lan'd seekers. Fred
■ays he is going to settle the coun
try under the Amity canal with first
class farmers during the oomiug
• • •
J. H Bissell and D. G. Haile of
MoGune, Kansas, arrived here Sat
urday morning with their families
and their personal property prepar
ed to settle on the farms which they
purchased last August. These gen
tlemen are wide awake industrious
famera and we are glad to see them
establish their home near Holly.
• • •
F. L. Hamp has filed on a home
stead one mile south of the river.
Two years ago there was a number
of vacant claim * in that vicinity but
land has since become so valuable
that everything has been taken and
now the only way one can acquire a
title to any of this section of (Jolora
do is to put up the dough.
• • •
W. M. Wiley returned Monday
morning from New York City, where
he has been for the past month con
ferring with the eastern officials re
garding important improvements is
to be made on the Amity canal, the
reservoir system and other property
belonging to the Arkansas Valley
Sugar Beet and Irrigated Land
Company during the winter and
• • •
[From tbs Grenada Timea.J
J. B. Trailer was dowh from La
mar, Friday.
• ••
Until Saturday, the sugar beet
shipments from Granada were over
6,000,000 pounds.
• ••
H. V. Irving had the good fortune
the first of this week, while hunting
along the river, to kill a large wild
cat. He is very proud of his “cat
skin” and says be would have had
two but the other one could move its
feet faster than be could.
Tax Levies.
The board of county commission
era last week made the tax levies for
the coming year, and while there are
some raises from last year’s taxes
they will be found small The state
levy is the same, 4 mills as hereto
fore. In Lamar the tax levy is 7
mills more than last year, the in
crease being 2 mills county levy, 2
mills city levy, 1 mill school district
levy and 2 mills for the Union High
School, a new tax. The various lev
isa for Lamar are as follows:
State tax 4 mills.
Ordinary Co Revenue 7$ mills.
General Road Fond 5 mills.
Interest on Bonds £ mill.
General School Fund mills.
Poor fund £ mill.
Special Bridge Fund 2 mills.
Special Contingent Fund $ mill.
Outstanding Indebtedness 2} mills.
Judgment Fund } mill.
Total county tax 22 mills.
Current expenses 8& mills.
Special Water and Water works
14 mills.
Interest on Outstanding Bonds 5
Streets and Alleys Fund 2} mills.
Total Lamar levies 30 mills.
Disk Nos. 2,3, 12, 14, 19, 24 and
25, 2 mills.
School Dist. No. 14, 11 mills.
Total for Town of Lamar 69 mills.
The towns of Graiieda and Holly
have certified no city tax for the
year, and the total school district
levies in the various districts are as
follows, including special funds, in
terest in bonds and sinking fund:
Dist. No. 1 15 mills
“ 2 11
« 8 14 “
“ 4 15
“ 6 2 “
“ 6 61
« 7 15
•• 8 121 44
“ 9 1
« 11 ••*•7
12 8 “
•« 18 6
“ 15 11
- 16 15
M 17 5 “
The Lamar Register
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Union High School No. 1, lira.
Breeders are Interested.
No event in live stock circles has
attracted so much atteDtiou in recent
years as the horse breeding experi
ment about to be inaugurated at
Fort Collins under the direction of
v the Bureau of Animal Industry. It
is not ho much the experiment itself,
*.B the fact tbat the government has
at last adopted the policy of breed
ing experiments. When the Bureau
of Animal Industry was first organ
ixed in the Department of Agricnl
ture investigation of breeding mat
ters was one of the prime obiects,
but as the first work required was in
relation to sanitary matters, gradual
ly there has grown up the idea that
t'uis was the sole end and aim of the
bureau. Even Congress considered
that in authorizing the appropria
tion last winter for this experiment,
they were inaugurating a new policy,
aud there were plenty of statesmen
who opposed the whole proposition.
But the policy ha 9 been inaugurated
aud it is safe to predict that within
a few years this branch of animal in
dustry will be the principal work of
the department, and sanitary work
will be a side issue.
Horsemen interested in the exper
iment about to be inaugurated and
the plan decided upon to construct a
model American carriage horse from
Standard Bred trotting stock is meet
ing with general approval. Mr. M.
H. Tichenor, probably . the leading
carriage horse dealer, trainer and
breeder in thia country, has tendered
to Prof. Carlyle the nse of bi 6 sls,
000 carriage stallion, which is ad
mitted to be one of the finest horses
of his type in the world. The com
mission authorised to select the
foundation stock for the experiment
is be ng tendered the use of some of
the finest and most valuable mares
in the country, and there seems to
'be a general disposition among horse
men to lend every assistance to the
government in making the experi
ment a success. All realise that it
is the commencement of a new fam
ily of horses that in the future may
make this country famous. It also
mepns that the time is not far dis
tant when instead of importing mil
lions of dollars’ worth of carriage
ornciJLXi wEisrsr'APXiai or peotstees ccttntt
horses from Europe, this country
will be exporting to the whole world.
When this experiment is well un
der way it is expected that an ex
periment or two in cattle breeding
will be started. This oountry has
never yet produced a type of cattle
aud it is believed that a type could
be produoed that would much better
fit natural conditions than the differ
ent breeds imported.—Record Stock
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to investigate the pages to which she
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California,” by Jessie Juliet Knox,
aud “The Staudford University and
Its Girls,” by Sarah Comstock, Stand
ford, ’96. The unfortunate music
lover who has had a Wagnerian af
ternoon ruined for him by chatter
iog neighbors, will heartily appro
ciate “At the Matioee,” a monologue
by Harvey Peake; and the observing
man or woman, who has watched the
wonderful contortions of which the
human countenance is unconsciously
oapable, will concur with Bertha
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Beauty.” “Our Winter Boarders —
The Downy and Hairy Wookpeck
ers, by Craig S. Thomas, is a charm
ing bit of nature study, aud “A Din
ner of Herbs,” by Temple Bailey, is
a capital New Year story in which
two widows, two bachelors and a
bull-dog take prominent part.
“Pleasant Sitting Rooms,” by Mary
Kilsyth, shows how to combiue com
fort and attractiveness in the living
room. Id the faneywork line there
are “Initiating Household Linen,”
“Filet or Gitterfcyl Enbroidery,”
“Hand made Sweaters,” and “Rib
bon Decorations,” and in addition to
the captivating midwinter fashions
there are three pages of “Character
Costumes,” suggestive of novel garb
for fancy-dress occasions.
Fort Lyon Canal Meeting.
Although the attendance at the
meeting of the stockholders in the
Fort Lyon Canal Co. at Las Ani
mas on Monday was very large the
session was the most harmonious
one for seyeral years, and proves
that the old factional spirit has died
oat and good sense, friendship aud
business judgment are now in com
mand. Over 85,000 shares were
represented out of a total of 94,000.
The old board of directors were
reelected with the exception that
President Messenger refused to
again serve ou the board and Dr. J.
8. Hasty was elected a director in
bis place. The board now is B. T.
McClave, D. B. Nowels, J. 8. Hasty,
D. Mclntosh and J. J. Cooper. The
board met after the session and
elected the following officers for the
ensaing year: President B. T. Mo-
Clave, vice-president D. B. Nowels,
secretary Frank Kreybill, treasurer
D. Mclntosh. The superintendent
and attorney have not yet been
chosen bat it is probable that the
present incumbents Messrs. Burke
and Lubers will jvmain.
A committee of two each from
Prowers and Bent counties and one
from Otero, consisting of C. M. Lee
D. B. Nowels, H. L. Lubers, W. A.
Colt and E. H. Bradbury, was select
ed to investigate thoroughly the
queetious of reservoirs aud water
supply and make a report to the di
rectors of their findings. The reg
ular assessment of 22} cents per
share was voted.
An important resolution was
adopted regarding the development
of the King reservoir instructing the
board to either effect a compromise
with the A V. 8. B. & L L. Co., or
posh the suit to quiet title so the
work of development could proceed.
“Best Bargains in Colorado.”
It is decidedly refreshing to read
the predictions regarding the future
of Colorado in particular, and the
United Btates in general, made by
Robert Warren, an English capital
ist, who has just finished a six
mouth’s tour of investigation of this
couutry, aud whose conclusions are
published on another page of this
paper. Mr. Warren came here look
ing for investments in railroad and
industrial securities for himself aud
associates. He has had business
connections in the United Btates for
twenty years, and knows it thorough
ly. His plan is to bay prospects
rather than present values; that is
Remember the
with his newly selected stock of
Well selected Presents in Jewelry and Novelties
for Ladies and Gentlemen at* Myers Drug Store
to invest in securities which have
promising futures. He is oontent to
wait for years for dividends if there
is reason to believe they will be
sufficiently large when they do come.
“Jnst at present,’’ he says, “specu
lators for value will find the best
bargains in the Union in Colorado.”
The last two years have squeezed
the water out of securities here, and
there is nothing left but value.-*-
Colorado Springs Gazette.
Sure Thing.
it is a mighty good thing that
there is no immediate danger of all
the states “gettiog together” aud
comparing “first prizes” won at the
Saint Louis fair. If they should
tbere’d probably be a rough house
nearby.—Loveland Reporter.
The Home Going Time.
The Christmas Holidays are the
favorite time for family reunion,
when the children, scattered widly,
gather under the home roof-tree
for jolity and thanksgiving. Ap
preciating this fact, the Santa Fe
has made unusually liberal holiday
rates this year.
One fare for the Round trip to all
points on the system regardless of
distance. Tiokets will be on sale
December 24, 25, 26 and 31 and
January 1 aud 2, good returning un
til Jan. 4, thus allowing a ten days
visit Make that visit to the old
folks NOW.
For further particulars call on or
address G. J. Garvin, Santa Fe Agt.
Lamar, Colo.
Curfew Notice.
Beginning Deo. 15th the fire alarm
whistle will each evening at 8 o’clock
blow a single blast as a curfew notice.
By order of the Town Council.
C. W. Hicaton. Clk.
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