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Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is • Bpeclflc,
•Mrs to Civs •stlsfsction.
It » 'smmtm, Lmm, uvJ j/f'AA»rts ti 4
Imr -* aMCsr/rax* It Ceta/rk aod
Or*. *«■••**/ •> r >/H lx. IM Hm4
14«t//rM too B*r.**ft </? 7 **U *-vl ss&*C-
Km; to «M OoUiM to Jr.) vrV/os drags.
Applied l&V, th* &'/**./'..*• »->v/fWL
Lbs** r/» '«n »t 'Jt by
Mil; 7nsl Hiss, W 'iaoU l// moil, **
nr bbotnejii. m w*rrs« it., no. rsr%
Are You Restiess at Night
Atyl harrvm*! by a ooug'.* T -*e
Ba o H/jtvo//u t*/J H/rup. .’. ».. •*
cur# 7<yo »/uvi •**•!/ o/-d a pr'/enut
tod radical cur*, 5/>c, 91. At J. H.
The Best Physic
Whofi too «A(it A ptl/SMS ’■ TiA’. 1A mild
00/1 gOf/tU, •**? tO tAAA AT,/] COftAIO tZ>
Id, Al WA/B 'JA*s (>,»'/,'/*ri*<r. '« HVyfXiACt
aod Ltver Tablet*. Fur •*.* or ail drug
Deserved Popularity
To oar* O>o*tip*l«oo sod .<»•* troob
los by g*&tl/ OY/vlng lb* AO/]
AT.'tiOg AA A tODK V/ U.*! II»*T, VAAA I/Ui*
Karl/ Kiaato 7 he** famous ,iUla pills
AT A mild. pIAAAAOt #id hSf TIiAAA, Out
offset ITA AO'l SUf*. 'lltST Uft I VAf AAI OSA
(e*r coAor y**ra is a etroog guaraote* of
their pz/pulATltr AO/J USAfuiOAAA HoM Oj
I. H. Mr ATS.
Afraid of Strong Medicise
Mao; pw/pl* suffer for years from
roAuajAtU; 'pain* sod prefer to do a/,
rather U.Afi tele* the strong medicine*
USUAiIr given f//f TOAUfOOtiAfO. DOt knO»
log thAt aaicd rAllsf front p*»n r/j *J
Lad simply by applying Cna® a
POID Halm ATt/i Without taking AT./ CTiA/J
icioe Internally. For a«la 0/ Alt drug
gisis. 4
Agenizing Burns
ATA Instantly r»ll*rvsd AO'I perfectly
healed by Buckler/# Arnica Halve C.
Kivsnbank, Jr. of Norfolk, write*
“I Out fit at/ knee drAsdfuli/; that it
blistered sli orsr. Buokleos Arnica
H*Jv* Stopped th# PAITi ao/1 bsslsd It
without S SCAT." Atari hASIA all wounds
sit'] sores, 2bi, At l. If. Myers.
The Sunshine of Spring.
'Hi A AAI to that euros without a a:ar ia
DeWitt’s Witch Haxal Hal yu Cuts,
boro a, boils. bruise* Acid pilos disappes r
before tbo uaa 'if this aal/a aa « nn w o*>
fora ths AuoshinA of ApriTtg. Miaa If. M
M iddlstou, 7 hS»iAM. AA/A “I WAS SAT
loual/ AlfllCtA'l With A foror A//TA tbAt
was vs ry painful, lis Witt’s WiU:h lfsz*l
Halva eursd iua In loss than a wosk.’
Gst ths gAnuinA. Hold b/ I. H. M/orn.
Ch amberlain’s Cough Remedy the
Mother's Favorite.
77,a srxithing and bout mg propArtirs
of this rsntArl/, Its ploosAnt ittsUi And
pr'itupt and pAratAnsnt euros liava itjatl-i
It s fsvorits with j>«wipl»» Avor/whor*. It
Is asuatsiall/ prized by mothors of aujall
ahllarsn, for ryilds, croup And
oriugh, as it alwa/a Affords quick rolicf.
And as It ryintAins no opium or other
harmful drug, it maybe given an ooii
fldsntly to a baby as to ati a/lijlt. For
aala by all druggists.
Poison in Food
PsrhAps you don’t reslizs that runny
P*m priisoriA origin Ate in your f'r*d, but
Aims 'lay you may feel m twinge of dye
Mpsis that will convince you. lir.
Kings’ Naw Life Fills are guAranteed to
ours All sickness due to poisons of un
digested food or rnouey buck, 2-V; nt
I, 11. Myers. 7’ry them.
Maaos the ability to do n good day’s
work, without undiiißfstigun and to find
lkfa worth living. You cannot have in
dig nation or rsonNtipation without its
unsettling the liver and |>olluting tb#
bfo>xl. Much a ivindition may Im* »eet
And <|iilrkeAl and beat obtained by Ifi-r
bins, the beet liver regulator tho world
haa Avar known. Mrs. 11. W Hmitb
writes, April X VML “I us*vl Iferbin**.
and find it ths liAst medicine for counti
pation and rsgulAling the liver I ever
uawl." COo at I. 11. Myers.
That Tickling In the Throat
One minute after taking One Minute
Cough Cure that tickling in the throat
la gone. It acta In the throat not in
tbs stomach. Harmless gi>od for chil
dren. A. I«, HpofTord, |««stmASter at
Chester, Mich., says: "Our little girl wee
unconscious from strangulation during
a sudden and terrible Attack of croup.
Thro# doses of One Minute Oiugh Cure
half an hour apart enaedily cured hrr.
I cannot praise One Miuula Cough Cure
too much for what it has done In our
family.” It always gives relief. Sold
by I 11. Myers.
Grays Trouble Foreseen
It needs blit little foresight to tell
that when your stomach and liver are
badly affected, grave trouble is abend,
unlsas vou take the proper medicine for
your disAAAA ns Mrs. John A. Young of
Clay, N. Y., did. Hhe aayii "I had neu
ral iga of tka liver and Htomach, my
baart was weakened, and I could not
oat. I was very bail for u long time,
but in Klactric Hitters, I found junt
what I needed for they relieved nod
oured me." Heel medicine for weak
Women. Hold under guarantee by I. 11.
Myers druggist, at hOa a leittle.
Fraud Exposed.
A few counterfeit ere have lately Immiii
waking and trying to sell imitation i of
Dr. King’s New Discovery for Conan mp
lion, coughs and colds, mid other in <di
olmas, thereby defrauding the public.
This Is to warn you to liewnre of euuli
people, who seek to profit, through
stealing the reputation of renudiee
which have Imaii successfuliy curing,
disease for over .'IT» years. A sure pro
tection to you is our name on the w < ap
per. Dock for It, on all Dr. King’* or
lluoklau’s remedies, mi all other* are
were imitations. 11. K. IIUCKIdvV A.
Co., (’hicage, 111,, and WimlNor Can ida.
Sick Headache
Tills distressing ailment result* from
A disordered condition of the stomach.
All that la needed to affect u cure Isa
duos or two of CtiamimrlMin'M Stomach
and Diver Tablets. In fact, the attack
may he warded olf, or greatly loMucued
In severity, by tsking a ’dose of thwfM«
tablets as soon ns the first oymuben of
ab attack appoure. Hold by alt drug
Itch I Rringworm
F- 7 Loom. Ky_ rr.>a
Apr., r/x Jjffl ~F je I fi V, It years I
-. w V. a axx'.; li v
uu* mefc, Tzj* .v. vos a/w. -i
sa'lva, I .'.v. v\*»; t'jf y«A£B v, i-s*c
sf \r*A a., rwsrtss I will
'J ■**■.:+** i.i/Y 7 ivtvn I
W V/ OtA -Jt V.At '/■-* «SSg>* .'jAtsVS.
■/ hi. x- ; « - v'. ■ •. v.
tr/ttpsOe; a esl p i Asor iwtl y B->ae
i ios»] V* .xisset teo
'//XI/X4 fur r ;t
curwloe m&rtAij. 9L a*. I
H. Myers.
Give Your Stomach a Rest
Yuo tr*A ur*. '>• digestod
u>') sovut listed v, acy »lb« v>
T'/B. If J*M •V/'iV;'. X »»jW 'yf d.»
•«mt) U*t Kr/fr/. Lrysyet* * Cure It
; /w'4 a.UAX yvu *t'. A-vf giro th*
»v/3.vx « r«iL «.tv 'g t ’/> recup*Y
Ate. UW 'Xi Mr* . f*r gf'yW SU'Xtf
agA.'r. Kodol cures v/ur st/xoact. g*>
v/*Ucf, beut fa p uux. A/ud a.j c
get*.. »*s duO/f/JerA. LA. H/uper, erf Lxt
vie iv-ck, Ky . er.’uet as *W* fee. tbat
KsiArA Dytpepe s 'Jure detsrrree aJI
cry'x'x.eru'istvur. U.i‘. '/tr. f* fine it, u
it t*itri the ~fe *A *nr . Ui* girl vr,e.
er,e «u tturee ;ekr» v.'J Sc* is t//v « j
stud »e her* kept .*. f'/r r-er *y4cst*c.tjy.
but '/f 'jruorse '/r.jy taxes it cx/vr vMt
Acyti.icg d.ftagree* »;U.t,er.' # Fur sa *■
by /. H- Myers
heg r*s with tee sympt/xoa of a uemmoc
there s •sbi.iicesa, sceezicg, w/fe
ter'/At. rxA ftx;t, qu.'.r pulse. uoarAeneoft
so/1 impeded remirkU/o Givefreq /«t
• uua I 'i'/ee* of Bviitr'i'i Horeboood
| Syrup, the child w..s cry fur it) acd at
toe^T.rst Aigo of a cruupy ooogb. Apply
fre/ t uer,Uy fJAilar/J'ft Hcx/w Imc.ircec.l U,
tee throat.
Mrs. A. Vilet, New CasUa. CAj .
writ**, March 12nh, IK;I: “I think Ba;-
Jard's Hureh'/und Byrup a woodarful,
retx*erJy, sod a// p.eaaaa t ” SO:, Vx: Acd
91 At I. H Myers
Commissioners Proceedings.
Bz/erd met porsoeat V/ adjourn a/ant. I
preeeot, Ber/rx/ida, Krx/wleo «iod
On uuAu/tt the following claim wae ai ,
.owe/] ar.d warrant orders'J drawn for
same fi C Gordon, r</w/j work Dist. No.
6, el/yJXi.
Approve'] Bootbly rep'/rt of E. C.
(Jr/ffioo, r'/A/J overseer Diet. No 6
Abowe'J elsims and ordered warrants
drawn on the contingent fund a* follow*
C C Huddleat/m, M'lae f'/r jail .. . ./ %
A N Parrish. lot in bridge fd bill 6 7.*i
A j/pr'/teJ monthly rep'/rt of (iso II
Tnomas, ahe/iff
Allowed claims and ordere*! warrant*
drawn on the ordinary cr/unty fund as
Gao II Thomas, fees . ... H€&
( j*j C Bollard, salary 4b
W A Merrill, dept dual atty . 10 00
(Jo motion IV/ard Arljourneri to meet
Feb 7, at (J a. m.
luamar, (><k/, Feb. 7, BEE*.
On motion the following claims were
allowed and warrant* ordered drawn on
the ordinary county fund as follows:
Ixhmar Klee Co, light* for Jan ... 000
Out West Printing Co, supplies . 27 f>J
Lamar Seed (Jo, coal for county 24 1-7
Geo B Merrill, supplies 33 7.*>
(>*/ D Uobioaon. cash a/iv slam pa (J IA
(ie// D Robioaon services 47 00
Obaa W Duck, elk di*t court 47 70
Fred Dynch, feeding prisoners . 61 33
N H Mclnt/jsh, court sten'/grapher 20 (X)
Ib/bt Kvans, juror dist cr/urt ... 060
John Gibbs, “ *• .... 020
K K Bike, ** county criurt 2 66
Mcluean Bros, learn hire 2 00
K D Ht/me, wit people vs Hie vena H W
W .J. Williams •• S 00
Allowed claims and ordsre'l warrants
drawn on the gen road fund as follow*:
J C Ford, roa/J work id)
Mcluean Bros work 3 60
B A Wilson road work 15 06
Allowed claim and orders'! warrant
drawn on the p»/or fund for coal, Da mar
Heed Co 94.00.
On motion the following claims ware
allowed and warrants ordered drawn on
the Boor fund as follows:
Gao Hollis, burial old soldiar .... .Vi <Xi
Mrs Ida Marker, support 10 00
Geo D Robinson, cash adv poor. (FJ 16
K M Irving, Mdse for por .... 6Vi
Gill A Bon ** ... .3 30
W C Himpeon “ 20 76
W W Jones, coal for poor 6 30
luamar Hdw (», burial of pauper 20 Vi
Bate Dynch, meals for poor 1 00
On motion the County Trees was al
lowed to pay from the recaipt* of his
olllce the sum of 94V) for deputy hire
for the year 1800
On motion the following claims ware
allowed and warrant* ordered drawn on
the ordinary county fund aa follows:
Frad Lee, services as coroner ... 23 66
Wrn Hank. witness coroner case 2 Vi
Otto Con rad, “ 2 V)
John Kuaeoll, “ 2 Vi
Del Mourning, ** 2 00
John Cooper, “ *2 VI
D M 7'itrd«en. ** 2 00
(le«i A Wats'in, jury coroner case 1 76
J M Hoeelton, M I 76
F W Burger, “ I 75
J F Curry, •* 1 75
W K Stafford, “ 1 75
Dan Carl, M 1 75
Mrs l/orana Catlln. stenographer
coroner’s case 9 6 00
Charles Hosg.serv ootrees ax com 42 00
A K Stream, ** ** “ 42 00
.1 H Keulrna, ** “ " 42 00
Allowed claims and ordered warrants
drawn on the separate fun' s as follows:
J H Kerns, road work, district
No. 4 9 0 75
Lamar Lumlie- Co, lumber fur
nished, general road 16 00
HC Gregory, lumber furnlahad,
general road 7 66
SC Gregory, lutn furn dlat No. 3. 606
“ “ “ 2. 1H 60
I H Myers, f'rrn'ld'h’de cont’g f’nd 0 66
rKimtJAltY H
On motion the following bunds ware
O. K. Vincent, road overeeer district
No 1.
II H. (Joleiuan, justice peace, precinct
No 8.
W D. Neeso, Butcher's lioud.
K. C. Gordon, road overseer, district
No. 5.
Fred Will lams, justice peace, preolnct
No. 2.
On motion the resignation of I. C.
Downing as constable was accepted.
On motion J. 11. Frlsble was appoint?
(*d constable to All vacancy In justice
precinct No. 1.
On motion the following appoint
ments were made:
Kills It. Slack, road overseer, district
No. 4.
W J. Hlcklebower, road overaeer, dis
trict No. 6.
Approved the following olalina on a
basis of 02 per cent, and ordered war
rants drawn on tho general road fund
aa follows:
Town of Granada, gan rood appr.slo6 HO
“ Lamar, ** . 7H2 00
|gfln| California Fast Mail
The Santa Fe's new fast p tn r- f'/rCkifonui
v and eeruinlj—that's the *i; ~xuta Fe
) go.
TT* comfortable, though. There are free cLa.r
cam and tourist and standard iltepe*- on this
train. Tw for yon to uj which ;• - ■ *-ake.
'n»e time'# ju*t Die same for all.
I -cave* I-arnar at x. m. daily.
i/uurt CailPwaLs t'kioi >»t* si V.l* p. co . liC s. at! a- *6.
I'<J life* «/■» (a- - * *lla r/o szxxst wr CftlUr/roa anV*.
Tkl vb; It is tbu ibj'/xur. sjv3 * Lai Lexre U Vu s*.
i Lav* kim ittrr.pi »« iiimUn l.ua* yos vx’• V/ naJ. Fra*.
Agent The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry.
Approted bool of J H. Fr obis as
co&alatda justice prec.nc*. No 1
ABpwrd vbe fo L/w ng claims and or
dered warrants dm wo on ordina-y coan
».y fond for asms:
J-* 1 Knoelen. and mileage.sl(j Vi
r J Hsvler. services 16 Vi
W W Reynolds. *' 16 V)
Allowed claim and • >rd» • »-d warrant
drawn r>o **ootlngeoct f ' d as follows:
J c; Ford, '-'eanlng css. p's# . 98 Vi
On root ioo the bid of L H ManvlHe
fo* 917 vii approved. f"r mskior fl'lng
case for c'tnntv judge's (•ffl'v; ss per
plans sprclfle/t bv count* ju-lge.
Dr. A. W. Keebnry, phyaician and
snrgeou. Office* on second floor of
frwrin bnildiog. Kast Main xtrev-t.
The Bulk That Won't Come Off.
Bhe frankly confessed to the young
man who poser the patrons of a fash
ionable photograph gallery uptown
that ahe was too stout, and that she
did not want that discouraging fact
apparent in her photographs. She
naked him to devise some side posi
tion no that her hip*. In a threwquar
tar length, should appear about half
their actual size. He promised; but
wbeo he got hla head under the Cloth
sad peered through the lens the task
did not seem so easy as he had ex
"You have too many skirts on. mad
ame,” ha said. ‘Better take them off
One wIU do. T*here la no danger of
your taking cold here.”
She flushed.
"I have only one skirt on," ahe an
swered. “Oo on with your work."
"But what’s all that around here,”
persisted tha photographer, making a
wide sweep with hla hands around
and below the hips. "What’s all
"That’s me. young man.” snapped
tha woman, "that’a what that la. Just
nt. And If you can tell me any way
to take 'that* off I Juat wish you’d do
K. If not, go on and get your photo
graph before I make up my mind to
•o somewhere else.—New York Press.
Change for the Buzzard.
Dewls Nixon, the Naw York Demo
cratlc politician and ship builder, find*
himself a target for all tne men with
sew nautical inventions. Of latv
there has been a marked run of sub
marine-boat architect*. The other
day, after listening for half an hour to
explanations from a man who clearly
•evored of the crank, Mr. Nixon ven
tured to ahow a lack of faith, which
caused the inventor to gather up hl»
plana and depart In great Indlgna
'These submarine fellows are get
ting on my nerves,” remarked Mr.
Nixon to a friend.
"That chap want* to build a boat
modeled after an eel. I’m looking for
some man to turn up with the plan*
of a boat nalng the duck for a pro
Botype. which can dive and wrench oil
the enemy's hull plates with Its cast
iron bill, and. If caught In shallow
water, can spread Ita wings and (ly
sway, uttering loud and defiant quacks
on a ataam quacker."—Philadelphia
News Gathering on Ice.
M. Durham, one of the best authori
ties In the country on game and the
game lawa, la la the poultry business
on Washington street, near Duane
The other day a reporter was sent to
tAIk with him about the quail season
Thp exigencies of business require
Durham, during the morning
hours, to walk about his store almost
ankle deep tn cracked Ice, used In the
gams and poultry tubs. He wearx
rubbers and doesn’t catch cold.
"Come right In,” he said to the re
porter, "and talk with me while I
work. I haven’t time to stop Just
"Hold on a few minutes.” said the
reporter, “until I run hack to the office
and get my skates.” —New York Press
Many Soldier-Statesman.
•even members of the present house
ef representatives served as soldiers
In the war with Spain. They aro
Charles Dick, nineteenth Ohio district;
Artosta A Wiley, seoond Alabama:
Butler Ames, fifth Massachusetts; Au
gust P. Osrdner, sixth Massachusetts
William Hughas, sixth New Jersey;
Francis b. Harrison, thirteenth New
York, and Wyatt Aiken, third 8out?
Carolina. They ranged In military
rank from private to lieutenant
$112500 for a Prescription.
The large**. sum ever pa;d for a pre
scription, chi.'.iffrfi hands in San Fran
cisco, Aug. > liXiL The transfer in
volved in coin and sVx;k 91 lii-VXI/Ai and
was paid by a party of t/usio«ee men for
a specific for Bright’s Disease acd DJi
betea, hitberv .nearable d.seases.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the epecrfic Nor. L 5, IV/i.
77/ey interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on it* merit* by putting
over three dozer, case* on the treatment
end watching them. They also got phy
sician* to name chronic, incurable cases,
and adminisv-'ed it with the physicians
for judge*. Up Uj Aug. 25, eighty-seven
per cent of t r .e teet cases were either
well or progr*ss.r.g favorably.
'There bein# but thirteen per cent of
failure*, the parties were satisfied and
el'eed the transaction. 7he proceedings
of tha investigating committee and the
clinical report* of the teet cases were
published and will be mails'] free on ap
plication. Address Joh.v J. Fcl/Tojt
o OMPAJVY, 420 Montgomery Ht. San Fran
ciooo. Cal.
R-I-P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good presenption
For mankind
TJzft L-esat par «-: i* eo'/ugb for oaaal occasion*
Thft family bo''.a (CO eaot»jrootama a aupplr
for a J-.iT A draiurivta aali ibam.
Buy th* genuine BromoQuioine a 1
McDesns Drug Store 25c.
FOB TBADE—First-Class Stock
Ranch, in Baca county. Well improved
plenty of water and timber. Will trade
for good alfalfa farm under Fort Dyon
canal. C. 8. Smith.
Waited—A position an cook with a
years experience, or waiter with a years
experience. Address John Gubler, La
mar, Colo.
Learned Judge Decided He Couldn't
Be Claseed as “Human.**
"Private" John Allen has a fund of
■tori** Illustrating the peculiar brand
of Justice that used to be meted out at
Langtry. Texas, by the celebrated
Squire Roy Bean.
Accenting to Mr. Allen, Squire
Bean once sat In judgment In the mat
ter of the killing at Langtry of a
Chinaman by a local character named
Jim An'lerson.
With great solemnity Bean listened
to the evidence offered, of which no
small part was contributed by Ander
son blmnelf. Bean had at various
times during the proceedings consult
ed a book before him. When he
spoke It was somewhat as follows:
“This here book, which is a Texas
law book, says that homicide Is the
killing of a human—male or female.
Furthermore, It appears from the book
that there's various sorts of homicide
—murder, manslaughter, plain homi
cide, negl’gent homicide. Justifiable
homicide and praiseworthy homicide.
Then, sg’ln, there’s three kind of hn
mans, white men. nlggors and Mexi
cans It stands to reason that a China
man ain't a human. If a Chinaman
was a human, a killing of him would,
the court thinks, come under the head
of praiseworthy homicide. The prls’-
ner Is discharged on the condition he
pays for the costs and has the Chink
Wished to Help.
Bhe was a charming lady In the first
flush of maturo womanhood, and th*
glow of pride In her eyes* as she
voyod the bonny, little three-year-old
child whp accompanied her, left no
donbt as to their relationship. By and
by. In the noclable way of well-bred
children, ho had made friends with a
middle-Aged bachelor, who was a fel
iow-pAot'-nger In the train.
“Have you dot a muvver?" asked
the little fellow, after a while, In tha
Inconsequent, not to say personal,
manner of bis kind.
"No." said tho bachelor, somewhat
"Nobody at all to love you and kisa
“No one at all,” said his victim,
growing unaccountably uncomfortable.
The little fellow looked pityingly
Into hln face, and Mien sidled up to hi*
“Mummy,” b« ploadod, "tins him,
Ton he’s got no one to love him at all
—oh, poor man!”
The young mother flushed, tho mid
dle-aged bachelor frowned; but it cen
talnlv was unkind of the other pa»
■ongers to titter as thoy did.—London
Du./ .<b.ti.b*- CDuij.
*UT3wm CxtTßom.
*<,-1 .... IS ua »♦. X Uftus
*- - i i )i ÜB. $«. { 1 4 >. B
f'— ' IU i r %■-■ • ..U Up. B
b Bxx Jo. II !■■
«* IV >. «. r . >.
- J •-ivew Bs.i iii»» >-»cbl
*v-5* »■•.*•<« u>: La Jttu.
'• '• J L«.»« »x ; <-a 1(< b*. Lu
>• rw- ' Amm» fr*tr rvn-- su* ui*2 Pt-am.
• a u* K(x>k «a>: ' uJ.fia »xff»*»
> 2 **: V, * i*s«A mtj v.*xrk»*. UL.-S P;—_x.«'
♦->*-* 5-- ' o-c i: La. vx.xa Um P«ow.
X’Tifi bs*3 Dorn.
- -n-i > - 4 rtan v> U 2eU bi*-S w-„. kwc,
n.-..tA.*-* Cor
Vfc. I i* ujvtji ■ a ? -r.A ««r
f. Lt .'uu *r-i t :rux frvm D«»»f cat
r.*« mwe*fc •/. are«---; ximc:
f-iir- hu PiLsai bs.; v/itj: i>*vfn
><*- i x» bx>3 rtii* tkroegfc to
■—cbt"- c.-. n-i.g» <_ bttvoo freo caaat
6B’ Bx-t P:. ga: t-wv^
> - * i* Bs.i =axh aL tv^n.
r Brrjw Ci-B_* tA_* BXX ’•*- r — »- E~ • »
lO * - ny <r.-.X//-.-. (tAlf* of CBT*
.i;v..n* *-.—e-x-jod bs.3 bx/2 cm«-
Pi_7 U-t»«gwl „VW«t« BS-d
a« '-bu« foi.don fro* to otcoii* to
G. J. Gast:x. l««.t
Postoffice Time Table
The following V. me table will be ef
fect. re oc es.d b'>: Not. 18. l£OA: Mails
c.oee pang east. 12:40 p. m, going east
Bid vert €:3'j Mb:is due from west
1 b. m_ 1 =0& p, m, 3:02 a. tn.; from
east 2-33 b. m_ snl3 p.*oa. *525 a. m.
Office open. Ba. m. to 630 p.m. Sun
i»y» Sto 9 b. n. Money orders and
registry 8 to 0, except oc Sunday.
D. E. Coopes. P. M.
The Denver
la clean, truthful,
reliable and pro*
greulre>> J»
It prints mors news
than any othsr pspsr in
Colorado. It stands for
the bast interests of tha
state and enjoys the
confidence and esteem
of all Intelligent readers
THE New York Herald
-1 Denver Republican news
service gives the only com
plete and accurate accounts
of the Russo-Japanese war.
Special Correspondents at
the seat of war and
in all foreign capitals
MAlL— Postpaid, per month,
WEEKLY Postpaid, per
year, f 1.00.
Wake Up
... Drink...
A Popular Coffee in a Novel
Package at a Popular Price
Per Pound 25c
1 toasted and Packed by
The Independence Coffee & Spice Co
Pueblo. Colorado
. . a.’ ■—■ . - ■
| DoTouWant toSell? j
♦ If you want to sell your ♦
I farm, ranch, cattle or a
sheep, list them with me x
jf you have alfalfa hay £
and pasture land see me. I 2
also loan money on real J
I and personal property. ♦
Itooin 8 Foley Hlock •
tspat 1
Barber Shop aid Batb Parlors
On tfae Corner Nc/rtb of Dn«o*-
A sharp razor and a clean
towel for every customer
Attorney and. Counselor at Law
Office in Goodale Block
A.ttcmey- at- La-nr
Office in Foley Bldg.
Second Floor Foley-Bent Block
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Lsmajl, Co lob ado.
Bscond Floor Coodale Building.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Lamar, Colorado.
Office In Bont Blk., East Main Bt.
Offices in east rooms on second
floor of Irwin Building
2d Floor Blodwett Building
Will receive a limited namber of med
ical, surgical, gynecological and
obstetrical cases.
J. S. HASTY, M. D.
On Second Floor of the Good
ale Block.
Office in N. K. Comer Union Hotel. Honrs 9tc
12 b. m. sad 1 -JU to 6p. m. Gradaste A. T.
Still School. Kirkrille. Mo. Exaimnstioß
end eonsaltßtion free.
Drs.Seabury & Mutchler
Physicians and Surgeons
Eighteen years’experience. Special
attention given to diagnosis, surgery,
diseases .of women and children, and
tbs eye, ear, nose and throat.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over New York store,
or inquire at McLean’s Bros.
Drug Store
Dr. Sherman Armstrong V.S
Experienced in latest treatment
6f all diseases of horses and cattle
Headquarters at McLean Bras.’ Bara
Calls answered night or day
When in need of
which is right in Quality, Variety
add Price, see or write to
J"- O. STI3!EjiLM
Lamar, Colo.
J. W. Mfl6E, Prop.
First-class accommodations for regu
lar boarders and transcients.
at Home
Are you a sufferer?
Has your doctor been unsuc
Wouldn’t you prefer to treat
yourself—AT HOME?
Nearly L 500.000 women hare
bought Wine of Cardui from
their druggists and have cured
themselves at home, of such
troubles as periodical, bearing
down and ovarian pains. leucor
rh'*a, barrenness, nervousness,
dizzines*. nausea and despond
ency. caused by female weakne&s.
These are not easy
Wine of Cardui cures when the
doctor can't.
Wine of Cardui does not irri
tate the organs. There is no pain
in the treatment. It is a sootning
tonic of heading herb*, free from
strong and drastic drugs. It is
successful because it cures in a
natural way.
Wine of Cardui can be bought
from your druggist at 11. GO a
bottle and you can begin thb
treatment today. Will you try it r
In c*»e* requiring «p«<:b: direct. . n».
nMfMv jlt.ub ijmpLom*. Th« Ladle*’
AdvltoiT Dwpt.. The CbBXtBC - rfa.
Medicine Co . CUiusocc*. Tenn.
kill™* couch
wtn Dr. King’s
New Discover/
___ /Consumption Price u
FuR I OUGHB asd 50c &S1 .OS i
W Free Trial.
Surest and Quickest Cure for ail
C. X-EZjT]
Dealer in
Water Rights, Farms
and Cily Properly
A small cash payment
secures an improved
E. M. STEWARD. Prop.
manufacturer of
granite and marble
All kinds of Cut StoneTriin
mings for Brick or Stone
Houses furnished on short
Cream Vermifuge
0 wor i:
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
$4.00 Per Year. Single Copy, 10 Cis.
Sample Copy Free.
iIANBOBR. 47 W. iHTII ST., b’BV YoitlC.
For Colds and La Grippe
Boyd’s Up-to-date Drug Store U
One Minute Cough Cure
For Gough*, CoM* and Croup.

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