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Ely's Cream Balm
This Remedy Is s Specific,
•urs to Qlvs Satisfaction.
It elwasi, soothes, hesls, and protects the
diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Restores the Senses of Taste and Smell.
Easy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed,
large Sise, 60 cents at Druggists or by
Mail; Trial Bias, 10 cents by mail, c
KLY MOTHERS. 86 Warren 81.. Nsw York
Are You Restless at Night
And hsrrassed by a bad cough? Use
Ballard’s Horehound syrup, it will se
ours you sound sleep and effect a prompt
and radical cure, 250, 50c, sl. at I. H.
The Best Physic
When you want a physio that is mild
and gentle, easy to take and certain to
sot, always use Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets. For sale by all drug
Deserved Popularity.
To ours Constipation and liver troub
les by gently moving tbe bowels and
noting as a tonic to the liver, take Little
Early Risers. These famous little pills
are mild, pleasant and harmless, but
effective and sure. Their universal use
for many years is a strong guarantee of
their popularity and usefulness. Sold by
L H. Myers.
Afraid of Strong Medicine
Many people suffer for years from
rheumatic .pains, and prefer to do so
rather than take the strong medicines
usually given for rheumatism, not know
ing that quiod relief from pain may be
had simply by applying Chamberlain’s
Pain Balm and without taking any med
icine Internally. For sale by all drug
Agonizing Burns
are Instantly relieved and perfectly
healed by Buoklen’s Arnica Salve. C.
Rivenbank, Jr. of Norfolk, Va., writes:
W I burnt my knee dreadfuliy; that it
blistered all oyer. Buoklen’s Arnica
Salve stopped the pain and healed It
without a soar.” Also heals all wounds
and Bores, 25c, at I. H. Myer s.
The Sunshine of Spring.
The salve that cures without a scar is
DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve. Cuts,
burns, boils, bruises aud piles disappear
before the use of this selye as snow be
fore the sunshine of spring, Miss H. M.
Middleton, Thebes. Ill* eeye: “I was ser
iously afflicted with e fever sore that
wee vary painful, DeWitt’e Witch Hszel
Salve cured me in lees than a week.”
Get the genuine. Sold by I. H. Myers.
Chamberlain's cough Remedy the
Mother's Favorite.
The soothing end heeling properties
of this remedy, Its pleesaot taste and
prompt and permanent oures have made
It a favorite with people everywhere. It
is especially prized by mothers of small
ohildren, for colds, croup and whooping
eough, as it always affords quick relief,
and aa it contains no opium or other
harmful drug, it may be given as con
fidently to a baby as to an adult. For
sals by all druggists.
Polson in Food
Perhaps you don’t realize that many
pain poisons originate in your food, but
someday you may feel a twinge of dys
pepsia that will convince you. Dr.
aCinge' New Life Pills ere guaranteed to
ours ell sickness due* to poisons of un
digested food —or money back, 25c at
L ILMyers. Try them.
Means the ability to do a good day’s
work, without undu«|fatigue and to dud
life worth living. You oannot have in
digestion or oonstipation without its
upeettimg tbe liver end polluting the
blood. Such a condition may be best
and quickest and beet obtained by Her
bine, the beet liver regulator the world
has ever known. Mrs. I>. W. Smith
writes, April 3, 1902: “I used Herbine.
and find it the beat medicine for consti
pation and regulating the liver I ever
used.” 50c at I. H. Myers.
That Tickling In the Throat
One minute after taking One Minute
Gough Cure that tickling in the throat
is gone. It acts in the throat—notin
the stomach. Harmless—good for chil
dren. A. L, Spofford, postmaster at
Chaster, Mich„ says: “Our little girl was
unconscious from strangulation during
a sudden end terrible attack of croup.
Three doses of One Minute Cough Cure
half an hour apart speedily cured her,
I cannot praise One Minute Cough Cure
too much for what it baa done in our
family.” It always gives relief. Sold
by I. H. Myers.
Grays Trouble Foreseen
It needs but little foresight to tell
that when your stomach and liver are
badly affected, grave trouble ia ahead,
unless you take tbe proper medicine for
your disease as Mrs. John A. Young of
Clay, N. Y., did. She says: “I had neu
valiga of the liver and Stomach, my
heart was weakened, end Ljcoultl not
••L I .wee very bed for A long time,
but in Electric Bitters, I found just
What I needed for they relieved and
oured me." Beet medicine for weak
women. Sold under guarantee by I. H.
Myers druggist, at 500 a bottle.
Fraud Exposed.
A few counterfeiters have lately been
making and trying to sell imitation* of
Dr. King’s New Discovery for Consump
tion, ooughs end oolds, and other modi
•lines, thereby defrauding the public.
This is to warn you to beware of such
people, who seek to profit, through
steeling the reputation of remedies
which have been euccoeefuliy curing
disease for over 35 years. A sure pro
tection to you ie our name on the wrap
per. Look for it, on all Dr. King's or
Buoklen’s (remedies, as all others are
mere imitations. H. E. BUCKLEX A
Co., Chicago, 111,, and Windsor Cau ids.
Sick Headache
This dis treesing ailment results from
• disordered condition of tbe stomach.
All that is needed to affect a cure is a
does or two of Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets. In fact, tbe attack
may be warded off, or greatly lessened
in severity, by taking e dose of these
tablets aa soon as tbe first symptom of
aa attack appears. Sold by all drug
Itch In Ringworm
E. T. Lucas, Wingo, Ky., writes,
April 25th, 1002: “For 10 to 12 years I
had been afflicted with a malady known
as tbe itch. ThJ itching was moot un
bearable; I had tried for years to find
relief, having tried all remedies I could
hear of, besides a number of doctors I
wish to state that one single application
of Ballard’s Snow Liniment cured me
completely and permanently. Sione
then I have used the liniment of two
separate occasions for ringworm and it
cured completely. 25c,G00 and sl. at I.
H. Myers.
Give Your Stomach a Rest
You food must be properly digested
end assimilated to be of any value to
you. If your stomach is weak or dis
eased take Kodol Dysyepeia Cure. It
digests what you eat and gives tbe
stomach u rest, enabling it to recuper
ate, take ou new life and grow strong
again. Kodol cures sour stomach, gas,
bloating, heart palpitation and all di
gestive disorders. L. A. Soper, of Lit
tle Rock, Ky., writes us: “We feel that
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure deserves all tbe
commendation that oan be given it, as
it saved the life of our little girl when
she was three years old. She is now six
and we have kept it for her constantly,
but of course she only takes it now when
anything disagrees with her.” For sale
by I. H. Myers.
Begins with the symptoms of a common
cold; there is chilliness, sneezing, sore
throat, hot skin, ijuick pulse, hoarseness
and impeded respiration. Give frequent
small doses of Ballard’s Horehound
Syrup, (the child will cry for it) and at
tbe'first sign of a croupy cough, apply
frequently Ballard’s Snow Liniment to
the throat.
Mrs. A. Vilet, New Castle, Colo ,
writes, March 19th, 1901: “I think Bal
lard’s Horehound Syrup a wonderful
remedy, and so pleasant.” 25c, GOo and
•lat I. ILMyers.
Stories of Big Games Must Be Taken
With Allowances.
It was formerly quite the thing to
tell stories about big poker games
among the members of Congress.
Much was said about the "Senatorial
game," "millionaires’ game” and the
"Congressional game,” and always we
heard about great bunches of money
changing hands, bluffs as high as the
banks of the Mississippi, and all sorts
of stories.
Frequently the senator, representa
tive, diplomat or rich man was named
and the winnings or losses told with
as much gusto as If they had really
hapened. There were some pleasant
poker games In days gbne by, and oc
casionally some wonderful plays, but
one night, with a few Interesting inci
dents, furnished material for a month
of stories.
Some of those who figured In the
poker stories became annoyed at tha
notoriety they gained and abandoned
poker entirely. For many years now*
there has not been enough poker hi
the capital to hang a story on.
Size of Ancient Babylon.
Ancient Babylon was not such a
great city as some have supposed, ac
cording to H. Valentine Geere, tha
archaeologist. He says: "The idea
of Babylon’s vastness and magnifi
cence, to which we have become ac
customed, has been practically explod
ed. Dr. Kodewey told me that tha
site of the city was larger than that
of any other ancient city; but even
so. the Idea that It could be compared
with London and Its suburbs, which
has been very generally held. Is en*
tlrely erroneous. In point of fact. It
appears that Its walls were not more
than eight miles In circumference.
Moreover, the great palaces are shown
to have been poor affairs after all,
with wretchedly cramped apartments,
and next to no pretensions to archi
tectural style; and the templea wars
exceedingly crude buildings.”
Earthly Glory.
Solomon had glory—
He Isn t living now;
There’s wonder In his story—
He Isn’t living now;
Caesar mounted pretty high,
Charlemagne was prou<T and graatj
Charles of Kngland. my. O. my!
He moved at a rapid rats!
There was French King Louts, toot
Who had nothing much to do
Bave be gay the seasons through—
They’re not living now!
There Is much regretting
By men no live to-day;
They want more than they're getting.
The men who live to-day;
They look across the past and mourn.
They bend to labor and are sad;
They wish that they might have been
To things suoh as some ancients had;
But better far. It seems to me.
Than having Immortality
And being dust. It Is to be
Up and 'round to-day.
—B. E. Kiser. In Chicago Record -Herald.
Food for Japanese Soldiers.
Rice and dried fish are the uniform
food of the Japanese army In *ca;m*
paignlng times. The rice Is first
boiled until it is thick and glutinous.
Next it is placed on a china slab,
rolled out and cut Into squares. The
squares are then placed in the sun to
dry. They become as hard as a ship’s
biscuit, and are ready to be stored. A
certain number of squares are allowed
to each soldier a day. All he has to
do Is to break up a square In boiling
water and add his dried fish. In a
few minutes he has before him a
thick soup, which to him Is very.tfpod.
If he cannot procure boiling watef
he cats his rice square as a biscuit.'
Holman Hunt’s First Portrait.
One day when Holman Hunt, in hla
office boy days, was alone In the of
fice, a gentleman called and asked for
the principal on business. .On the
principal’s return poor Hunt could not
remember the caller’s name, but he
said: “I can’t remember the gentle
man’s name, sir, but this is what he
was like.” And he promptly drew a
picture of the visitor which was so
striking a likeness that the principal
forgot his annoyance in his astonish
A Sickly Joke.
Hereafter the preachers of Atchi
son will be required to diagram their
jokes and give plans and specifications
for their long range figures of speech,
says the Kansas City Journal. One
of them said of a woman recently
that "she ought to go to hell." It
raised a terrible commotion In the
chnrch. Then the preacher explain
ed. He said his Idea was that ir such
a good woman went to hell there
would be no hell.
|njii| California Fast Mail
The Santa Fe’s new fast passenger train for California
Speedily and certainly—that's the way Santa Fe
passengers go.
'Tin comfortable, though. There are free chair
cars and tourist and standard sleepers on this
train. *Tis for you to say which you’ll take.
The time’s just the same for all.
Leaves Lamar at 8:45 a. m. daily.
Other California trains leave at9:lo p. m., 2:55 a. m. and 6:26 a. m.
I’d like to talk with you about oar California service.
Tell you wby It Is better than any other, and wbat there le to see.
1 bave some descriptive literature that you ought to read. Free.
A rent The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ay.
Sandy's First Attempt at Feat an Un
qualified Success.
A Boottlsh gillie was invited by the
laird to take a pull at hla flask after
gaffing the first fish of the day.
"J canna trlnk oot of a bottle." pro
tested the gillie, with a frown of dis
"Aweel, try. Bandy.” said the laird
encouragingly. And Sandy tried—tried
so thoroughly that the laird gazed
mingled awe and admiration as the
whisky gurgled and gurgled out of the
Bask down the swarthy throat, until,
with scarce a heel tap left In It. the
“pocket pistol” was handed back to
the owner.
"Hoot, Sandy, maybe ye were richt
—maybe ye canna trlnk oot of a bot
tle,’’ gasped tbe laird, with a mighty
sigh, "but, eh, mod, ye’d soon leearn!”
—Bailey’s Magazine.
When Cannon Were a Novelty.
There Is an amusing description by
Munro, an old Scottish soldier, of the
effect 6t cannon, when they were new
weapons of warfare. “For a long
time,” he says, "used for the batter
ing down of walls and cities, they
were at last used In the field to break
gquadrous and batatles of horse and
foot. And how eoone the trumphet
did sound the enemy was thundered
on so that they were cruelly affright
ed, men of valor being suddenly tak
en away, who before were wont to
fight valiantly and long with sword
and launce. But now men are mar
tyrised and cut down at more than
half a mile of distance by those
furious and thundering engines of
great cannon.”
Love’s Way.
Love makes the heart so light, so light.
Like thistle-down Its upward flight;
Earth seems so very far away.
And heaven so very near tha day.
Love eomes a-knocklng at our door.
And whisper* all hla cuuning lore—
Care cannot hurt, nor sorrow blight
The heart that love has made so light.
Love makes tha world ao bright, ao
As silvery moonbeams do the night;
Though storms may come and wind* may
Aa through thle weary world we go.
Love sees the sun behind the cloud.
Nor cares If north winds bluster loud—
Bo much there Is that gives delight.
In the world love makes so bright.
Love makes the way so clear, so clear;
No stumbling In the dark, no fear.
The path before me lies so straight.
And at tha and the shining gate.
It 1* *o easy to do right.
Io toll, to hope, to climb the height.
Ince 1 have walked with you. my dear.
Along the way lovs makes so clear.
—lrene L. Dealing. In Boston Transcript.
Will Cheapen Old Violins.
Are we about to witness a slump In
*Btrads” and other old violins? A let
ter received In Rome, from Bucharest,
states that an Italian artist named
Antonio Bonardl, long resident there,
has found a method of greatly Improv
ing the quality of tone In-violins. This
result Is secured by a certain modifi
cation of the shape, especially at the
narrower part, rendering the Instru
ment at the same time more elegant
In form. It Is stated that at a recent
musical conversazione, the Bonardl
Instrument, although made of new
wood, was tried against an old Guar
dagnln with triumphant results.—Lon
don Globe.
Keep Plant In Room With Piano.
A growing plant should be kept In
the room with a piano, says a piano
tuner. As long as the plant thrives
the piano will. The reason that a pi
ano Is lnjnred by a dry, overheated
room is that all the moisture Is tak
en out of the sounding board. The
board Is forced Into the case so tight
ly that it bulges up In the center and
though the wood Is supposed to be aa
dry as possible when this Is done It
contains some moisture and gathers
more on.
An Assumed Right.
It would appear that marriage gives
to the husband in Jamaica peculiar
rights, if one may judge from the re
mark of a native woman who came
to a magistrate to make complaint
because a man had knocked her down.
She closed her complaint by saying,
in an aggrieved tone, "And he had no
good right to knock me down; he Is
sot my husband.” —Woman's Home
Dr. A. W. Seabury, physician and
aurgeoo. Offices on saooud floor of
Irwin building, East Main street.
Buy the genuine Bromo-Quinine a ■<
McLeans prog Store 25c.
$112500 for a Prescription.
The largest sum ever paid for a pre
scription, changed hands in San< Fran
oieco, Aug. 30, 1901. The transfer in
volved in coin and stock $112,500.00 and
was paid by a party of business men for
a specific for Bright’s Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
They commenced tbe serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, 1900.
They interviewed scores of the cured
and tried it out on its merits by putting
over three dozen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sicians to name chronic, incurable cases,
and administered it with the physicians
for judges. Up to Aug. 25, eighty-seven
percent of the test oases were either
well or progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent of
failures, the parties were satisfied and
oloeed the transaction. The proceedings
of the investigating committee and the
olinioal reports of the test cases were
published and will be mailed free on ap
plication. Addreea John J. Fulton
company. 420 Montgomery St. San Fran
oiaoo, Cal.
R-I-P-A-N-S Tabulates
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The K-cent packet U tDoogh for usual occasions
The family bottle (60 cents) contains a supply
for a yaar All druggists sail them.
FOR TBADE—Firat-Claaa Stock
Ranoh, in Baca county. Well improved
plenty of water and timber. Will trade
for good alfalfa farm under Fort Lyon
canal. C. 8. Smith.
Wanted —A position aa cook with a
years experience, or waiter with a years
experience. Address John Gubler, La
mar, Colo.
Mighty Picturesque, but With Hesplt
' able Notions of Hla Own.
An artist in New York has a Moor
«flora servant The artist found him
dancing in a side show at the fair, and
they had a little chat between dances.
It was a one-sided chat for the Moor
kaows little English, though he knew
enough English or human nature to
say that he had been a servant of the
Bultans. Before the Moor danced
again the artist had psked him to be
hla servant
The Moor could not aay, modestly,
"What, in this attire?” for his scarlet
robes and turban were gorgeous: but
he did murmur something about being
dressed differently from American
servants. The artist wanted him as he
was, and said so.
So as he is, in scarlet grandeur, he
waits on the artist’s studio apart
ments. The guests hold their breath
a little when the enormous man in
red enters the room to do the tea
chores. The artist, however, breathes
The Moor has a trick of hospitality
toward his employer’s guests of which,
perhaps. It would, be well for the
artist to break him, as it proves nerve
shattering to the unltlated. He solemn
ly takes It upon himself to greet each
guest, as he or she arrives, with prof
fered hand and the plaintive murmur,
**My friend.”
Perhaps the artist thinks it is better
not to correct the Moor. He is a very
big man, and the artist treats him po
Refuge There en Important Step To
ward Old Age.
Years are but a fool’s measure for
youth, which is divine; they bring cau
tion more often than wisdom, and a
certain belief In the unreality of Joy.
A man ia quickly disillusioned, which
commonly means that he baa set up
his own idea of what things should be
by the side of what things are, and
aulks forever at the result. He then
commits the folly of becoming old, and
prefers existence to life. He clambers
into one or other of the many shelters
that line the way, curlß up within and
smiles pityingly at the young of all
ages pressing on to some end, no mat
ter what, alive to the beauty of the
sky and the clouds and the birds and
the trees, alive even to the beauty to
be seen in one another, breathing
deeply of the air of strength, living
and loving and beloved, until at last
they are made one with nature. But
the heart, like the liver, grows torpid
without exercise; a gradual decay
cornea to the man in the shelter, a
decay from Which he is released, much
against hia will, by death. There are
too many shelters.—Hugh de Selin
A. T. & 8. F.Time Card.
Dally Lamar. Colorado Daily.
Wmtßoumd. Bast Bound.
So. 1 215 a.m No. 2 12 05 a. m
No. ft 1 10 a.m. No. 6 S 08 a. m
No. 7 ft 2ft a. m. No. 8 12 15 p. m
No. 9 a. m. No. 10 p. m
No. 88-Prt 10 00 a.m. No. 84-Frt 12 15 p. m
No. 1 is California express and makes local
stops between Lamar and La Junta.
No. ft is Denver express, stops on flax at Las
Animas. Carries free chair car and Pullmans.
No. 7is the Mexico and California express.
No. 1 and No. 7 both caroy tourist and Pullman
sleepers. No. 7 connects at LaJunta for Pueblo
Colorado Springs and Denver.
Train No. 83 runs to La Junta and will accom
modate passengers for intermediate poiuta.
No. 2 is through California oxpross and con
nects at La Junta with a train from Denver car
ries passenger through to Chicago without
change. Has Pullman and tourist sleepers.
No. 6 is Denver express and runs through to
Chicago without change. Carries free chair
ear and Pullman sleeper.
No. Bis local passenger and makes all stops.
Carries chair car aod Pullman sleeper. Kune
through to Chicajtuwitbout change of cars.
Inquiries solicited and promptly and cheer
folly answered. Descriptive literature and
time tables folders free by applying to
G. J. Garvin. Agen.t
Postoffice Time Table
rviivmvv i
The following time table will be ef
fective on and after Nov. 18,1904: Mails
cloee going east, 12:40 p. m., going east
and weet 6:30. Mails due from weet
12:06, a. m., 1:05 p, m., 3:02 a. in.; from
east 2:35 a. m., 9:13 p. m., 5:25 a. m.
Office open, Ba. m. to 6:30 p. m. Sun
days Bto 9 a. m. Money orders and
registry 8 to 6, except on Sunday.
D. E. Cooper, P. M.
The Denver
Is dean, truthful,
reliable and pro
gressive -J*
It prints more news
than any other paper In
Colorado. It stands for
the bast Interests of the
state and enjoys the
confidence and esteem
of all Intelligent readers
THE New York Herald
.l Denver Republican news
service jives the only com
plete accounts
or the Russo-Japanese war.
Special Correspondents at
the seat of war and
in all Foreign capitals
MAlL —Postpaid, per month,
WEEKLY —Postpaid, per
year, fI.OO.
Wake Up
... Drink...
A Popular Coffee in a Novell
Package at a Popular Price*
Per Pound 25c
Roasted and Packed by
The Independence Coffee & Spice Co
Pueblo, Colorado
i| Do You Want to Sell?!
; | If you want to sell your J
farm, ranch, cattle or *
sheep, list them with me x
ff you have alfalfa hay ♦
and pasture land see me. I Z
| ; also loan money on real J
< and personal property. ♦
11 W. J. MILLSAP |
Room 6 Foley Block ♦
Barber Shop and Bath Parlors
On the Corner North of Depot.
A sharp razor and a clean
towel for every customer
Attorney and. Counselor at Law
Office in Goodale Block
Office in Foley Bldg.
Becond Floor Foley-Bent Block
Lamar, Colorado
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Lamar, Colorado.
Becond Floor Goodale Building.
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Lamar, Colorado. ,
Office In Bent Blk., East Bt.
Offices iu east rooms on second
floor of Irwin Building
2d Floor Blodgett Building:
Will receive a limited number of med
ical, surgical, gynecological and
obstetrical cases.
J. S. HA.STY, M. D.
On Second Floor of the Good
ale Block.
Office in N. E. Corner Union Hotel. Hours 9to
12 a. m. end ISO to 6d. in. Graduate A. T.
Still School, Kirkville, Mo. Examination
and consultation free.
Practice limited to the medi
cal and surgical diseases of
the eye, ear, nose and throat.
Glasses fitted. Office hours
9 to 12 and 2 to 5.
State Bank Block, Lamar, Colo
Drs.Seabury & Matchler
Physicians and Surgeons
Eighteen years' experience. Special
attention given to diagnosis, surgery,
diseases .of womeu and children, and
the eye, ear, nose and throat.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over New York store,
or inquire at McLeau's Bros.
Drug Store
When in need of
which is right in Quality, Variety
add Price, see or write to
T. O.
Lamar, Colo.
J. W. MACE, Prop.
First-class accommodations for regu
lar boarders and transients.
This great stock medicine i 3 a 8
money saver for stock raiser?. It*
is a medicine, not a cheap food or H
condition powder. Though put up ■
in coarser form than Thi-d ford's 9
Black-Draught; renowned f ur the 9
cure of the digestion trouble? off!
persons, it has the same qualitiesß
of invigorating digestion, Ktirring
up the torpid liver and loosening
the constipated bowels for all stock
and poultry. It fs carefully p re .
pared and its action is bo healthful
that stock grow and thrive with an
occasional dose in their food. It
cures hog cholera and makes hogs
grow fat. It cures chicken cholera
and roup and makes hens lay. It
cures constipation, distemper and
oolds in horses, murrain in cattle,
and makes a draught animal do
more work for the food consunu-d.
It gives animals and fowls of all
kinds new life. Every farmer and
raiser should certainly give it a
It costs 25c. a can and saves ten
times its price in profit.
Prrrsßuaa, Kas., March 25,1901.
I have been using your Black-Draught
Stock and Poultry Medicine on my
stock for Borne time. I have used all
kinds of stock food but I have found
that yours is the beat for my purpope. .
■ -■■■■
XiLLthe cough!
*np CURE the UJHGS
WTH Dr. Kings
New Discover?
/Consumption Price
FOR I OUGHSand 60c & $l.OO 5
W OLDS Free Trial. Jj
Surest and Quickest Cure for ell J
Dealer in
Water Rights, Farms
and City Properly
A small cash payment
secures an improved
» manufacturer of
granite and marble
All kinds of CutStoneTrim
ntings for Brick or Stone
Houses furnished ou short
Cream Vermifuge
=431 WORM
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co. j
$4.00 Per Year. Single Copy, 10 Cts.
Sample Copy Free.
Manaqhk. 47 W. 23TU Sr., 2i«W YoiUC. J
For Colds and La Grippe . t
Boyd’s U p-to-date Drug Store |
One Minute Cough Cure
For r might, CqMi —d Crup»

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