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■ SPECIAL p— ———
Wc have plenty of every- OOi| O g Fe OIX kinds specified by the different
thing you need Alj||H (I I OUU l\ teachers You are sure to get
GET YOUR LISTS READY the right kind here
We are headquarters for all the books and sup
plies used in the city and county schools. We have
every book that, was adopted by the school boards
The largest institution of its kind in the Arkansas valley Postoffice Building, Lamar, Colo.
The Fifth Annual Fair
Prowers County Fair Association
Scores Biggest Success in Its His
tory. Splendid Displays and
Good Programs
The fifth annual fair of the Prow
ers County Fair Association has been
held and all who have kept in touch
with these annual meetings are
unanimously of the opinion that it
is improving with age, and that the
fair this year far surpassed all pre
vious ones. The weather this time
was not made to order (unless by the
iceman) but the crowds were larger
than ever before and did not seem to
care what the weather man might
One of the most pleasing features
•of the oooaaion waa the interest taken
The Lamar Register
by all parts of the county and our
neighbors in Bent county, and the
general good feeling shown by all
visitors. There were displays made
in all lines by Holly, Amity, Gra
nada and Bent county, and piomises
made that these would be permanent
features of the fair in the future.
The second day of the fair could
well be called Holly Day as both of
the morning trains were crowded
with visitors from that prosperous,
young city, over 200 ba lges were
printed and distributed amoug these
visitors and still there were not
enongh to go around. They brought
their band and ball team with them,
and did the thing up brown. There
is no half way doins’ about Holly,
or her people, and that is jnst what
has built up such a nourishing city
in so few years there. Granada and
Amity were both well represented
all three days and the big batch of
blue ribbons they took home with
them proves they have the goods
that bring prosperity to an agri
cultural community.
The displays in almost all lines
were far superior tc any thing ever
shown in this section before. The
grounds were in excellent condition
aud the new buildings enabled all
the displays to be housed and placed
in much more attractive manner than
heretofore. The raciug and exhi
bition programs were very pleasing,
and everything conspired to make
the crowd well satisfied with the oc
On the third day Manager W. K.
Winterhalter of the now sugar factory
kindly opened np the promises to
visitors who desired to look over this
great manufacturing plant, which is
almost ready to begin work, aud
mauy gladly availed themselves of
the opportunity.
The large room under the grand
stand was turned into Agricullural
Hall this year and one entire side
was devoted to Class A, the farm
and garden department, under charge
of G. A. Watson. There were large
and’ attractive displays here from
Holly, Amity, Granada and Lamar
and vicinity. There has never been
such a complete display of all the
products of this valley made any
where before, aud it was a wonder
aud marvel to all visitors. A feature
that attracted considerable attention
was the prizes on broom corn and
watermelons which were taken by
the Campbell system farming out
side of irrigation. The list of fine
displays was so large that it would
be unfair to call especial attention to
any one, and next week we expect to
give the premium wiuners, showing
all who participated in this grand ex
Across the way Snpt. E. L. Koen
had gathered an exhibit of fruit
which in its line, was fully equal to
the agricultural display, though there
were f**wcr exhibits. J. O. Stream
won lir-t prize for complete exhibit,
;<ml this covered nearly every line of
fin it that will grow heie. There
were five varieties of tree seeds in
ificluding walnuts aud osage orange.
Amity had a good display furnished
; mainly by Sheriff Thomas. Holly
I was well represented, Mrs. Patterson
[ being the largest exhibitor. Grana
da had a tine exhibit, \V. W. Jones
.if that place having been one of tbe
chief fruit exhibitors of every fair
held here, and his splendid orchard
has been one of the great al tract ions
in bringing settlers to that portion
of the county. Mac. Campbell of
Bent county also made a good dia
play. The Lamar display came
from the many fine orchards here.
John Luke and M. J. McMillin dis
played some excellent pears, some
thing that has been very hard to
grow here. Apples, peaches, plums
and other fruits were displayed in
profusion by G. F. Pearl, Mrs. G. YV.
Bates, E L. Koen, Markham ranch,
Bay McCluve, Geo. Itwiley ahd Sam
Wright, besides a few plates by town
Here also was the Poultry depart
ment and Snpt. Preston Brookshire
had got together the first really good
exhibit of poultry ever made here
All the leading varieties of chickens
were represented and some turkeys
aud ducks. The leading exhibitors
wore: Chas. Wright, J. YV. Carl, W.
Ecton, Bay McKee, YV. E. Friend,
Howard Koen, Chas Pennington,
Prestoe Brookshire, C. H. Moller,
Mrs. F. M. Friend, Mrs. I. J. Dowler
aud Mrs. Nellie Irwin.
In this building also was located
the pantry department under charge
of Mrs. Mitchell, aud the fine array
of delicious looking dainties were
enough to make one try for u posi
tion of judge in the department to
got the tasting privilege.
Over at the new building were lo
cated the Ladies . department in
charge of Mrs. YV'. YV. Cooper, the
Floral department in charge of Miss
Tewell aud the School Exhibit in
charge of Prof, ltosobrougb. These
exhibits have always been one of the
main features of the fair, as the
ladies have more energy and taste
than the men and their work is al
ways worthy of a visit. However
much departments may have
failed in the past theirs has always
been good, and this year the advant
age of a safe building and means of
keeping ont of tbe dirt enabled them
to make it more beautiful and at
tractive than ever.
Over at the stock pens we were
able to liud Superintendents McMil
-1 iii and Mears without any trouble,
in contrast to last year when they
hid out to keep from showing what
tboy didn’t have. This year they
had something worth exhibiting and
not only took all visitors down the
line, but made daily exhibits on the
In the cattle department there were
llerefords, exhibited by Maxwell
Farm Co., Eli. Hobbs and Scott Sc
Dingwall; Shorthorns, YVm. Keating;
Jerseys, E. S. Darrough; Holsteins,
It. Vogel; Aberdeen Angus, J. L.
In the horse department there was
a large variety of animals exhibited
by Chas. Maxwell, Vol. Lavere, J.
O. Stream, Frank McKinney, Bay
McClave, Sam Scarlett, Morris Bros.,
E. S. Darrough, YV. C. McCurry, E.
it. Hobbs aud Fred Lamson.
The first prize in the baby show
was taken by Fern Fenuimorße of
Amity ville, and the second by Dola
Morris, of Lamar, the judges were
allowed to puss incog and still live.
In the bread baking contest the
first prize was wou by Mrs. J. B.
Esgow, of Prowers, aud the second
by Mrs. D. D. Gorman, of Lamar.
For bread made by girls under four
teen, Miss Mabel McMillin took first
prize and Miss Ferner Wright the
In the butter making contest the
usual order was reversed and a man
took first premium, Chas. Lanth.
The second prize went to Mrs. J. W.
Tbe management of the fair asso
ciation and the various officers and
superintendents deserve unstinted
praise for tbe fine work they have
done. All have devoted days of
hard labor to the saccess of the fair
and without any compensation. Es
pecially is thiH true of Secretary
Maxwell who has been at it for about
six months now, and whose work is
not yet near completion.
There are nearly always some re
gretable features to an occasion of
this kind, and one of these was the
failure of the band boys and the
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management to reaoh some agree
ment. There were several bands
hare and lots of good music, bat
many of the oitizens would have
liked to have heard the home band
also. The failure of the two main
events of the fireman’s tournament
owing to a fault of the hose oonp
ling was also muoh to be regretted.
The Lamar team, we believe, was
the best ever got together in the
valley. They won the mile relay
race on tne second day in 3:20 2-5
which is a national reoord, and they
tied the state reoord for the 209
yards tun with the hose cart on the
first day, making it in 24 seoonds.
On the third day they made the run
in 23 seconds, but were enable to
break the coupling, and the race was
declared off, Las Animas also failing.
In the relay race Ross Graden took
the first lap and of coarse opened up
a good lead, and the remarkable
feature was that not one of the ten
who followed lost a foot of the lead
he started with, several adding con
siderable to it. Or. Sayler finished
up a good 100 feet ahead of the
Las Animas man who was second.
The exhibitions of fancy riding
by the Gilmau Bros, of Granada and
the famous bucking bull were both
very interesting and pleasing to the
The base ball tournament proved
rather ene sided, the Garden City
nine being too strong for their op
ponents. The scores were: First
Day, Garden Oity 7 to Lamar 0;
second day. Garden Gity 28 to Holly
4; third day, Garden Oity 11 to La
mar 2. Both the Holly and Lamar
nines, however, were just got togeth -
er for the occasion, and had had very
little practice and no previous play
ing experience this year.
The firemen’s 100 yards foot raoe
was won by Ross Graden with Fred
Roeaorans a dose seoond.
The speed program at the fair
track resulted as follows:
Gieen trot, half-mile heats, beat
two in three, —won by Bernie W. in
straight heats; Dan P. seoond. Hah
linna third, Time, 1:10, 1:17.
Special trot or pace, 2:30 class
won by Miss Spangler in straights,
losa seoond, Capt. Carey third.
Time, 2:27 1-5, 2:28 1-5, 2:20 1-5.
Three-eigbts of mile running, for
local horses —Little Joe won, Dutch
Princess second, Belle Blackwell
third. Time, :37.
Half-mile running—Nellie May
first, Joe D. Second, Jaueway third,
Jimmey B. fourth. Time, :51.
Two and a half-mile cowboy relay
race —Tom Hinote’s string, first,
A. E. Everett’s seoond. Time 4:58.
Free for all trot or paoe, mile
heats —Hello Girl, from Pueblo, first;
Lady Elgin, Colorado Springs, seo
ond; Vesuvius, Dodge Gity, third.
Best time, 2:20 4-5.
Three eights mile running raoe—
Joe D. La Junta, first; Lou Merrill
second. Time 0:30.
Three-quarter mile running raoe
—Graden first,Vasaloo seoond. Time,
Cow boy relay raoe, five miles —
Everett’s string first, Dingwall's
string second. Time, 10:50.
2:35 trot or pace —George Fora
ker first; Arra E„ seoond; Vesuvius,
third. Best Time, 2:24 3-5.
2:30 trot or pace—Willy W. first;
Capt. Carey, seoond; Looking Out,
third. Best time, 2:24}.
Five-eights mile running raoe —
Ailene White, first; Gradon, second;
Castake, third. Time 1:00 1-5.
Half-mile consolation running
race —Vasaloo, first; Fanchon,second;
Jimmie B, third. Time :53.
Three-eights mile running race—
Milly Yonng, first; Nafrag, second;
Nigger Babe, third. Time :37£.
The backing contest resalted:
Bad Tanner, first; Pat Girard, sec
For Baie.
A hay baler in good condition. Call on
or address Granby Hillyer, Lamar, Colo.
WANTED—Starcbers and Ironers, at
Elite Steam Laundry.
For the latest thing in fall hats, call
on Mrs. J. A. Payne.
Your Children's Eves
should be examined preparatory to their
school work. W. F. Noyes, M. D., Eye,
Ear, Nose and Throat. Otlioe in State
Bank Block.

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